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Council Grove Courier from Council Grove, Kansas • 3

Council Grove Courier from Council Grove, Kansas • 3

Council Grove, Kansas
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CEOWLEY'S A THE INDICATOR DF2Y GOODS STORE, The Always Busy Store. As Spring advances, Business quickens and Bargains Fresh and New are Pouiing in upon our counters. O. M. REESE, irooeries and Provisions, Table Supplies, Fruit, Queensware, GLASSWARE, IN FACT, A FULL.

LINE OF GROCERIES. i Country produce taken in exchange. Give me a call and you will receive a square deal and the best goods. We can Save you 20 per cent on Clothing. THE- Combination Suit! Men's Suits.

Here's where you strike oil! Whenever your needs prompt you to investigate the various stock of goods offered for your patronage in the men's suit line dot't forget to remember that here you'll lind nothing but this season's goods and fashions. Apart from price, there's considerable pleasure in being well dressed, and that pleasure multiplies as you discover that garments here in place of being higher in price than elsewhere are in the main considerably lower. There is no need to take an ax and beat you over the head to show you The "Viking" Suit. Boys's Suits. In knee pact suits you'll find not only the greatest variety the town but also the lowest prices quoted.

Why should you be compelled to pay a greater proportionate price for children's clothing than is paid for men's! We've endeavored to preserve the unities and have marked our children's clothing as reasonably as we have marked the men's. That you should avail of this is but natural we marked the prices with the intention of persuading you to break away from the old fashioned habit of paying more for it than it is worth. Come and see our stock before you, buyyou'll not regret it and if you don't buy KU Kit nA SL'J n-A W.4 KA t-a tin KiX Kil r. 1 r.i tH fia sra r-s u-u K-a tela sva r'-A USA fi-ii fj'A nst r.A tilt fj en ii4 rA rA r.A rsa r.A ka uu rm pa Tail mi Hit ta ma r.n LTJ y.n EES EM tZA ta eoi U.i ca EDS T'A C1 WC3 EES ca SiOt R-S En 6Ti r-A GROVE HOTEL It. A.

Scott, Proprietor. Rates Per Day. Meals 25 cts, FIRST CLASS MEALS CLEAN BEDS. Everything Cooked by Steam the new process. Give us a call and you will be satiafie.1 with tke manner in which you will be treated Kenieuiber the place The Orore Hotel.

urr- Mmfm extra W'm Double Elbow. Double Seat. Double knee. All wool S4.50 Two pairs of Pants, Stanley Gaps and patch Pieces for Only $3.50. the advantages to be derived from trading here.

On the contrary, it will be an easy matter for you to discover the mistake that you'd be making by tot dealing here. The thiDg is so plain that wo fear no competition no one else has such a stock and no other house in town dare mret tis on the score of prices. $498, $5 00, G.f4, 50, $9 $0.88, $10.00. Neckwear. You'll have a tiresome search and a hard time to fiud what you want if here it will be because you'd rather pay more for your goods and deal with some old friend who has always been supplying your needs in the clothing line.

Any price and each lower than common with any house in the city. 98c, $1.23, $1.48, $2.48, $2.98, $3.98. Men's Hats. If you think you can do better, just try it. Your decision is what we re BROOKS BRO'S; PROPRIETOR Union-Livery Stable Union Street, North of Bridge We carry a full line of Mother's Friend Waists for boys, all prices from 50c to $1.50.

Our stock is always complete with the celebrated "Topsy" fast Hosiery, double knees, for boys and girls. Gall and inspect our mammoth stock. A. S. CROWLEY.

you cant find it here. Many novelties and all the season's staples. All good, but quality varying with the price. 19c, 21c, -ISc. Underwear.

Ia the weight that's now most needed; in the best of makes only and at a good deal less than older stores would ask. 43c, garment. Oona.3a.Cil Q-rove, Kansas, ly upon. We can give you better value in hats than any other store in town, and know it, and if you give us half a show we'll prove it to you. 49c, 74c, 93c, $1.24, $1.48, $198 $2.48.

Working Shirts. AVhafc all mechanics need for comfort. Good 50 cent values for 25c. Silk Handkerchiefs. If we dida't want to make your acquaintance rapidly we'd mark these 98 cents, because they're worth it; as it is they go for4Sc.

Now buggies, new robes, sleek in fact everything new and fint class. Treasonable rates and fair treatment to all. Rings. Zir.A Every jeweler in the city handles the same rings ut 1.50. We sell for 25c.

Another week of offerings that will brighten the faces of Shake and Mike's Experience THE EAST SIDE GROCERY, Dealer in Staple and Fancy KAST COUNCIL, GROVE. A complete Stock of Staple and Fancy Groceries always kept on hand; Country produce taken in exchange. Cash paid for Eggs at Stenger's Cash paid for eggs at A. T. hundreds and prove as refreshing to the atmosphere ol domestic economy as these April showers are to the budding Yel, I did not knows how good a foliao-e.

man veels until I shoined mit the Li a nee. Best Paint on earth at B. R. Scott Sons. I tell you how it vas.

'Yen The Indicator Dry Goods Store. Council Grove, Kansas. day ven I was going mit the street You can get cash for your eggs at Mundorff's. O- EE- FUL L-IN3, up, I meet's my old friend Shake. Says ho "Mikie aie you loofin' for a yob?" And sbnre says I.

Yel says Shake let's shorn mit the Liance; don Ise sure we can get a yob. For in their order dey have a goat, and de LOCAL NEWS. -PROPRIETOR- Et ta opera house to-night, Friday May 41 h. D. G.

Webb, of Kansas City, is here on a visit for a few days. K. A. Gailbraith, White City, was in town Tuesday. J.

T. Butler went to Ottawa on business last Friday. A car of white oak posts just re-J ceived at B. It. Scott Sons.

man dot rides de goat gets a yob for Camera Fun opera house, Friday night, May 4th Fresh bread kept constantly on hand at the Star Bakery. For choice Leghorn egga call on J. P. Morgan, Council, Grove Kansas. Judge Nicholson left for Ft.

Scott Thursday to attend the XL S. Circuit loife. Yel so Shake and I 6hoined mit de Liance. Bernan Tattler. A lovely rain Saturday night.

Our Beman Photographer is at work once more. W. A. McCoy made a flying trip to Emporia Tuesday of last week, returning Wednesday. A new barber shop is the latest improvement at Beman; a first-class hair cut for ten cents.

Kellie Cro-zien, Proprietor. W. A. McCoy has commenced to dig a new well in Beman. Ben Roswurrn and wife, was visiting his brother August south of the Grove last Sunday.

Mrs. B. C. Woodard was visiting Mrs. D.

L. Slack last Sunday. Fruit is not hurt as bad in this neck of the woods as some people feared. Mis3 Cora Woodard spent Saturday and Sunday with her uncle Johnnie. John Woodard lives on a farm near Warren Center and says farming is the best thing he can do unless he joins Coxey's army, A little stranger is stopping with Mr.

and Mrs. Wm. Furney. He came April 24th, and weighs ten pounds. Fond parents, great mast be thy joy.

To gaze upon that bouncing boy. Yel der stood dot vone big goat: East Side Meat Market Sast Council Grove, iTaasaS, Nothing but tbe best beef used. Steaks, rorsts or any kind of meat' you wish put up in the best style. A trial will induce you to become regular customer At the old East Side stand. and de name of dot goat vos Shoney Uourt.

Sherman. Dey had quite a cumber of other moighty good goatp, but dis J. E. Wiley of Dunlap made this office a plesant call Saturay. A bow and arrow is given with each boy's suit at Best Brigham's.

B. R. Scott Son report a splendid trade in farm implements this season. Miss Cory Leechman, sister to Mrs. vas der zamplo.

P. P. McGathan, ia visiting ia the city this week. Preston Little boarded the Mo. P.

THESE ABE SOME PISE ITEW Points in tho Passenger morning for Populist Central Committee Meeting. The Central Committeemen of the various townships of Morris county to gether with ail others interested in tli9 populist cause requested to meet at the court house in Council Grove at 2 o'clock Saturday, May 12, 1894 for the purpose of setting a date for holding the county convention to elect delegates to tho State and Fourih Congressional District Convention and to transact such othr business as my properly come before the Hireling. J. C. Padgtstt, Chairman.

C. T. Phillip, Sec'y. Ritchie Items. Chas.

Beeeon has left S. V. Riley's and has gone up the creek like most othej spring fish. Anthony Claybaugh Las jssi completed an old fashioned single shovel plow and intends to farm like he did before the farmers began to use mortgages on their land. Mrs.

Bolton made a trip to Kelso last Tuesday. Oats, as a rule, are not making a promising appearance. Chinch bogs are invading some of the fields. Quite a number of our little maids have found new hats and they look real cute. S.

V. Riley says that he is going to study a little mora about Joseph and hi3 family and would like to meet all his neighbors at Sunday School at 2:30 pm. Dext Sabbath and discuss the matter whether Joseph -had a moral right to centralize the capital of Egypt into the hands of one man. Got the Wrong Girl. A knock at tho back door of Mr.

Watkins residence on May night was a signal fts-r the several young men on the corner to catch tho hangers of the May basket supposing the two ladies that were just then passing by Just received a fine line cf low cut ladies bhoes at Steners. J3y J. M. Brown, of Wilsey, was in the city on business Saturday. Harry Persons, i the Register, was drilling on our sidewalks Mon.

day. C. W. White, of the Strong City Derrick was shaking hands with old friends in this place Monday. Al Mark's team ran away Sunday, wrecking the buggy.

Fortunately the occupants nor team were injured. B. R. Scott Son are offering a snap in buggies and Dick Rauey and Henry Miller have each caught on tc one. I I Deering BINDERS Kansas City.

The delicious strawberry ia now on the market and will be a useful arti Brooks Bro'a wish to purchase some good brood sows with pig. For further par ticulars call at their barn. Just sold one ear of Grlidden barbed wire, but another has just been received. B. R.

Sctt Son. cle in holding festivals. Never so icDg as vos I lived did I see de loike. he had a record so long as me aria, asul it read some vay loike dis. Dis is my most noted and beloved son.

He doeB quite an extensive business in country, but his main office is mit his fndtr Shoney Bull. He am a moity foin poy. He does any ding I ask him to do. I has an other moighty foin son his name am Shumbo. He am de largest of de herd.

It takes a soighi to keep my Shumbo: all do he am so good to him fader. He got de bonds ishued ail right by tlia assistance of This Year tiat wa should Lite to Show The Farniers. There is more eteejf and less cheaper metals than in any other make of binders Mrs. G. V.

departed Wednesday for an extended visit in Iowa with relatives and friends. We have also some of the finest cultivators in the Call on us for novelties in the inplement line. F. T. BEPIRING, Council Grove.

Parkerville Pointers. Miss Annie Coffin of Wilsey spent last Saturday and Sunday with Miss Clara Monroe, Frank Marks was ia town Saturday and called on the barber to have removed a six weeks crop of beard. The rain Wednesday evening came in gocd tim9. It will cause vegetation to put on a more thrifty Last Saturday being teachers examination, quite a number of aspirants from all parts of the county were presei. For dyspepsia or stomach derange-mentn, no other remedy can be found so pleasant, prompt, and effective as Ayer's Cathartic Pills.

It is hoped the farmers may be blessed with an abundant harvest this season. It will sustain life if the bottom is knocked out of the market. J. W. Lillie, of the Star Restaurant is always on hand with the best bread of anv bakery in the city.

He is hav my son vetoed dot silver pill and see'e dot noding passes un ing a fine trade. less it vas ia favor of him fader. I see's I elect him an oder term: LUMBER! LUMBERS Badger Lumber II AS JUST RECEIVD A Car Beach of Oak Posts Oak Lumbal Mr. Victor Kingsbury of Hering-ton visited his parents Sunday. The Western Hotel! is doing a lively business in the way of transients as two or three trains stop for meals.

Miss Lida Winten of Herington is visiting friends this week here. Mr. J. Kingsbury and wife were at the Grove on business Taesday. Some sneak thief broke in to Harvey Skoggs store Saturday night and carried off quite considerable amount oiclothing, shoes and pocket knives.

de boobies am getting tired of de vay he am doing. So I shust bring in my oder son Yilliam McKisley. He is a moity foin son. So I shust keep shanging poys to suit do beobles. My son Shon i tell you vot he does.

The Bonheur Bro's are untiring workers and will give the result of their labors a grand showings at, the opera house to-night. Albert Clymer and John Nicholson had one of their regular weekly scraps last Saturday. Clymer has a black eye and John a few finger nail scratches on his face a3 a result. We mado quite a voyage through the country Sunday and found the wheat and oats looking fine. Corn is about all planted and a great many fields is up almost large enough for cultivation.

We furnish you material complete to build House, Barn, Stable or Fences. Louisville, Portland and Plastering CemeDtP, Lime, Sand an Hair. Paints, Oils and Brushes which we will sell fou regui. Mra-'LukeSiage ia seriously ill. Mrs lbinson visited her brother E.

A. Cantrell, the Evangelist, will preach in the Christian church in Wilsey on Saturday evening May 5th on Sunday following at 11 o'clock. All are invited to attend. Quite a number of High School students of this place, attended 6ome doiDgs at -HeriAgton in connection with the High School of that place 5ast Thursday and Friday. As the name indicates, Hall's Vegetable Sicilian Hair Renewer is a re-newer of the including its growth, health, youthful color, and beauty.

It will please you. J. V. Walker of Dunlap, made us a pleasant call last Saturday and swell Mr. Kiik Patrick by MissGleasbn.

A. MOSER. Cashvtf. L. 11.

BRIlillAM, 4H'tCMt men suddenly caught one of the ladies in his arms the gill which he i had caught proved to be the wife of one of our citizens. Be more careful next time Erie. W. H. WHITE, President, li.

R. SCO TT, Vice-President. He had de greenbacks destroyed, vitch vas de beobles and he had bonds issued as a banking basis. He also got silver demonetized, vitch makes me gobs of money. He makes dem ignorant beobles beliefe dey can't issue der own money backed by the government; so he has dem to use my gold at 3 and 4 per cent.

I usei to have to bay $1.03 for vilver, since son Shon got it demonetized I gets it at 70c, I has it shipted to Europe and have it coined into India rubies, and exchange it for India vheat therby cuts de brice of American vheat to compeat mit India. Yel ven I reads so far, I got so mad shnst loike blazes. I shumps me on The right party well up in the science of cooking is wanted at the Grove Hotel. Call for further infer-, mation. Cantrell went to Pittsburg, VVeduesday.

He will have his library shipped here and will fix up neat quarters at the Grove Hotel. Ex-county Superintendent Pirtle, of Wilsey, was in the city last Friday. He feels jubilant and says the people's party has gaiaed in Elm Creek township. J. C.

Riley ofMunkers creek, made this office a pleasant call last Saturday and reports all the corn planted in his vicinity, and things general look prosperous. He also swelled our confidence to the tune of one dollar and say'a the Courier is the only paper now in Morris county, J. L. Williams, living six -miles north of town, was a shori waller at our office Wednesday jgsd says crops look well and that fee has just finished planting seFercty-five acres of corn. He handed ss the names of J.

C. Mc-ConnelL. J. A. Laws and Solomon rovers Bank Wilsey News.

William McClnrg, who has been sick for three or four months, was in Wilsey this week; we are glad to see him about again. Rev. Hamne? wnile at Clement C. D. Hornbeck, of the Independent, in a scuffle last week, got badly knocked out and was in town Society jNotes.

The M. E. Oiiurch, South, gave a social at ihe residence of Ijena Mikels Wednesday eveng, which was well patronized and enjoyed by all Misa Kittie Peck will entertain the Columbian club at the residence of Tuesday, with his arm in a sling looking for a printer to take charge went to step off the train while it was in motion anq received quite a shake MORRIS COUNTY 2 DEPOSITORY Capital Stooir paid in, 20,000.00. of his paper. Look Here: Wolcott's Pain Paint for the relief of all pain, A trial will convince you that you cannot afford to be without it.

Sold by H. C. Doud, Agent; also on sale Sfcebbin's drug store. The Bonheur Bro's entertainment Does a general banking Issues drafts and nxcsrf on the principle cities of Europe ed our treasury to the tune of another subscription to the Cotteieb the nly wide awake paper in Morris Co. Preaching at Christian Church Lordsday afternoon at 2 o'clock.

Subject, per request, "Do the Spirits of the righteous enter Heaven at death." AJ1 are cordially invited. E. A. Cantkell Pastor. "'A wolf in sheeps elothing" the -substitute offered by tie "cutter" as being just as gooI as Ayer's Sarsapa-rilla.

II yo don't want to be bit 4en, insist ttpoa having Ayer'a Sar-aparilla, even if it is a little dearer. Depend on it, it will be cheaper for you in the end. We had the honor of waiting on A. MOSEB, JE. Jacob J.

W. Dcwi W. H. B'jaixe. A.

W. HlNCUMAN. at the Etta opera house to-night Fri B. K. Scom- C.

B. TYmTrNG. James Vatkiss. Most, who ordered him to add them io oar large and increasing list of subscribers. 'Many thanks up, and is now under the doctor's care.

Bgtq to M. Peddycord near Wilsey on the 30th a girl. School closed at Wilsey Wednesday, Mr. T. A.

Nichols has taught aj good schooL Miss Belle Dyer has been visiting Miss Allio Hamner. Miss Clara Monroe was visiting at James Coffin's Sunday and Mouday. Jake Berry is painting in Wilsey. Mr. William MoCallidter has about finished tho rock work at the creamery.

The Odd Fellows of Wilsey celebrated on lasi Thursday. They had a supper, and we are informed a good time. Miss OIlio DeVere is hero from Greenwood County visiting with her brother-in-law, Mr. Riley Marshall Bad family. niL BROYE MM 1S day May 4th will be unquestionably the finest our citizens will have tire oportunityof attending this year and these who miss it will mak a great mistake which they wiil afterward regret Ed.

Courier Some time sgo I saw an advertiseeaenfc in the Republican for a cat which the editor stated had dot goat's back, plants me hands into his long shagy locks, shobs me spurs into his thieaving flank, and says I yoa iias Jd is into bondage and the zoup iwanse by your thieving vays. And by de eternal got ve vill use you as ajBast of burden until we reach de sphere from vich we came. Yes we got a yofe. and that yob is to rid dis country of de Esaus and de Ho am getting tired already, but we shan't let em p. We are rideing em through vid out feed, and ven wo gets through mit him, he may know how a hungry jan, veels.

Millinery at Cost, I wish to say to the Ladies of Coua cil Grove and vicinity that ia order to close out my stock of Millktery, I will sell for the next GO days at abso lutriy cost. My goods are Iresk and cew from the eastern market. Asking you for an of my atosk before feuj4iig, I ant Seespectfully Mr9- Ll27IK Pkvffjr. her parents, Friday evening May 13. Pete McGathan and wife, Dick Scott and wife, Walt Leechman and sister, composed a jolly fishing party Wednesday.

A great time and plenty of fish is the ehering report. The spelling bee and social at the Cady Music Room was aa interesting event. Frnk Lower as first and Mrs. Cady as second carried away the honors on spelling. It was given for the benefit of the Benevolent Society and the total receipts amounted to over $16.00.

The cake and cream were pronounced delicious. Onef the most delightful events of the season was the reception given Friday evening at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Bswes by Mioses Richter, Gassett, Weigand and Bowles. Refreshments wicre served and the participants were royally entertained with, music, jest and games of amusement, which was expressed in kind words of appreciation by the jotty party upon- retiring.

Monday T. B. Haslam presented us witha-Iat he has just finished of the city Lament, Oklahoma, which we pronounce a firBt-cl ass piece of work. The town is growing rapidly and has the promise of soon being a fiourissaing little city. Since it was surveyed, just a few months ago, there ha3 been tha following business enterprises located there.

Two general storss, one livery stable, 'feed lumber yard, one flrng store, one hotel and other lines of business a railroad has also been surveysd Ihrough the city limits. W. R. STALEY, Manager, Fine Granite and Marble Monuments At Reasonable Prices, A fine liae specimens alivays" on ha4, Kotaisg Siif firstclass material 'used and work guaranteed. If de4 hf anv kind of marble work irive me L3te4 gA cO 'the following delegations -of young ladies last Monday, Miss Minnie Barth, Miss Aanii-a Phillips, Miss Flora Yadon and Miss Laura Rob-berts.

Yes tbe ILadies as well as the Gentlemea re catching on that the Coubieb office ia not only the Btost popular news paper office ia city, but tkat its compositors as well as the proprietors" are pJeqsnt acd slrayedf away from the office, I think I csq give him cine information ssbout it. It may not be his cat, but I am ehure it is not mine. It is a malteesfeotfi ears frozen off. Tail full length. think it is a republican cat as st Is always mewing and acts like it had lost confidence ia all the ether cats.

A Plants for Sale. Bweet potato, cabbage and tomatos sow ready. Orders by mail properly filled. Call ea or address, B. R.

Pulliarn, Council ner jVIain Union Streets entranpe of Trid;.

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