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The Kalvesta Herald from Kalvesta, Kansas • 3

The Kalvesta Herald from Kalvesta, Kansas • 3

Kalvesta, Kansas
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Mm. II. A. Magerinan in vwiiiiiy at Hodgeman County Herald seven, it was captured and immediately shipped to us as they had heard that Jetmore. SUDSOSM TOZER, WELL, WE ARE HERE! Bulworlptlou SI.

BO Pur Year III Advance. Come to town early ou the Fourth we were in need of something of the kind for this Fourth of July, and they knew Mr. Burn urn could not raise the -the- Entered at th post office at Kalvesta Aw. as second class trull matter. large sum in cash which we had to pay and stay all day.

Mr. Plumber Uurriuou has his dwell ing house for him. Some of the hair was rubbed off his side In coming here as wo could LOCAL XOTES. not secure a car huge enough for him Agents for Bale of town lots Arkansos Valley Town and Land Company at Wf are also prepared to do a general REAL ESTATE business. Parties having Deeded Lniids for sale ov Relinquishments of any kind to disnose of will find it to their advantage to call and see us.

Our tarms are low as the lowest. Those wishing to buy will always find us ready to give them rare bargains. Also Money to Loan on Real Estate. An eating house will be openod next without touching his sides. Oats are beginning to ripen.

weak by Mr. It. T. Adamx. We hereby notify parents to keep Come to Kalvesta to celebrate.

their children out of dager by putting Prizes will be given to ilia successful contestants on the Fourth. them on the roof of buildings and high places, but everyone ought to Mr. J. F. Ilor.ocks has purchased a Office on corner of Broadwuy and Sixth streets, Kalvesta.

Kas. come as it is the only johauce in a life Early potatoes are nearly ripe enough to dig. 1 School close next Friday lor the summer. new drilling machine for his blacksmith time, and we expect to take every pre OLD RALL 0LD IlELIABLE With a Full and Complete Line of STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES, Flour, Meat, FUli, etc. We handle all grades of Second to noue.

Come and see me. I Will Meet Any Competition In My Lino This far from the railroad. shop. caution that he will do no damage. i Manager, Musio for the dance on the evening Another publio well is being dug on of the Fourth, will be furnished by Annual Meeting Broadway.

Everybody will be in Kalvesta on the Fourth. Of the Stockholders of the I(ulvsta Town Company, Look Here, Hark in and be convinced that I can make you A' LOAN at 9-4, r' Fire grades of Wlnfleld flour at Har rison's feed store. Last Friday afternoon the annual stockholders' meeting of the Kalvesta Fourteen more loads of lumber for town company was held ut the Hotel Herbert. W. II.

Coats, of Topeka, the lumber oompany. secretary of the Arkunsas valley land That is 9 per cent interest and 4 per cent commission, or a straight loan, just as Mr. il. C. Burnham has purchased a and town company, represented that company at tho meeting.

The follow you want it. CAE! GET YOUR MONEY QUICK! ing officers were elected president, Alden Spear, of Boston, vice president, K. 11. Hudson, Kalvesta; I do my own inspecting which costs you nothing. Just try me or confer with secretary, W.

II. Coats, Topeku; gen-epal agent, It. M. Spivey, Topeka. Directors S.

Tozer and It. R. Hud son, Kalvesta W. H. Coats, Topuka; those 1 haye dealt with.

GEO. Ii. CHILD, Notary. Public; Kalvesta Kansas. Messrs.

K. T. Beagle und John Spuwr. Choice green cofl'e," four pounds for 1 1 i B'you, 28 fourteon pounds light brown sugar for $1 at Steele Kennedy's. The new public well is situated ou the corner of Sixth ond Broadway.

Messrs. Thomas Odor and K. T. Beagle are digging it. Strangers in town should not fail to visit the stores, tee the new goods and get prices.

Don't Btay away because you are not in need of anything. The dealers are always ready to show goods. When in need of molasses call on, Steele Kennedy and try their Tennessee sorghum or buckwheat drip syrup. Mr. Jerome Kennedy, of Hamilton county, brother of Mr.

A. V. Kennedy, of this place, is iu town. Mr. K.

says that Hamilton county is in a bad fix over the county eeut fight. They held an election and failed to agree on the result, consequently thre are three sets of county officers, The dispute is now in court. The gentleman also states that tho desirable land in that county is now all taken, the sand hills alone remaining vacant. Those who must have government land are crossing the state line into Colorado. Mr.

Keiiuedy is now plastering Steele Kennedy's new building. He may remain here some time. HOTEL HERBERT! Kalvesta, Kansas. J6QT The Best House in Ilodgraan County. -g FURNISHED IN THE BEST STYLE Everything E3ew.

A First Class Accommodations. Good Sample Room. W. TODD, Proprietor. Alden Spear, Boston, and one lot on Laurel street.

When in need of flour or meal call on Steele Kennedy. Mr. David, Ballard is at work on another large building. Quite a delegation of Kalvesta people yisited Jetmore on Monday. Cod fish for sale at Steele fc Kennedy's 10 cts per pound.

The corn Crop is iu an excellent condition. It will be the principal crop this year. Mr. A. B.

liuttdn has the contract to dig a cellar and lay the foundation for tho sixth street block. other gentleman whose name we could not learn, The capital stock was increased from $10,000 to $30,000. Messrs. 11. Ii.

Hudson and N. S. Tozer were appointed a committee to look after the water supply, to secure men and machinery to sink the prospecting well, and to advertise the town. Secretary Coats, in company with other directors, looked over the town, examined all public improvements and vioited the Herald. Everything was found to be a prosperous condition and Mr.

Coats expressed himself as being well pleased with the outlook. oney to Loan on Land! The Future County Seat of Garfield County. At Low Rate of Interest. A few choice pieces PRICE OF LOTS IN KALVESTA. of Land for Sale, also Relinquishments, Home Corner lots on Broadway, $250 lots Nearer hj two and a half miles to the center of the county than other town.

stead and Timber Claims. All kinds of papers next to corner, $200; intermediate, HEAD OUtt PRICES. made out. Contests before the U. Land Office $150.

Business lots on Poplar and Burns McNabney have given their store building another coat of paint. They will have a new awning also. Flour and meal, corn chop, bran and everything usually found in a first-class feed store, at Harrison's. A two-story block is going up on the corner of Sixth and Broadway. The second story will be fitted up for a hall.

Farmers are still breaking and plant ing corn. Corn that was planted after the 1st of July, last year, yielded a good crop. It in expected that the railrond will reach Jetmore by the middle of August und Kalvesta may see the cars before the 1st of October. Walnut streets corner lots, $75 in successfully Acknowledgements side lots, $00 residence lots, same price. Residence lots on Spruce and SQT Organized by the people.

fits bite selected by tho people. fiST One-half the slock owned by the people. Skif And supported by the people. Olive streets corner lots, $50 and $00; inside lots, $10 and $50. Residence taken, etc.

G. W. TODD, lotary Public. Kalvesta, Screen wire 22 cents per yard. Well buckets with chain 45 cts.

Gasoline 26 cts per gallon. Kails iu quantities at a 4 cent rate. Barbed wire $4.70 per hundred vv't. The Osborne Steele mower $60. Wagons from to $08.

We will meet thy competition in our line. Burns McNaunuw lots on Chestnut street corner, $50; inside. $40. Office at Hotel. W.

L. BROWN. K. ROUNDS. It is in fact A People's Town.

Fourth of July. 111 DRY GOODS, Ii A VESTA'S FIRST CKLEHBATION. 50 -HEW BUILDINGS nut lib mm, Preparations for the big celebration still continue so that everything will D. Curtis, guarantees satisfaction 'with all parties that make proof before hiui. Contracts have beendrawtT for the sale of two lots on the corner of Fourth and Broadway, opposite the hotel, and one lot north of Mr.

N. S. TosterV new building. Those who wish ,10 enter horses for the races on the Fourth, should be on hand early. Bring your horses and ponies anyhow, whether you enter them or not.

be ready when the time comes. Ihe Now going up most of them stone some two and three stories high. The prettiest town site in the state. The most liberal lovm Company in the state. stands and platforms will be built the last of next week.

A fine flag will be made for the occasion and a martial CONTESTS SPECIALTY. GrAJEtTXEHX CITY. ZELA.TTSA.S. Mil, EMINENCE did not shave the county down to suit her location but made her location to Buit the lines. band has been secured.

Mr. S. J. Huss reports that the G. A.

K. boys will be present und take part in the parade and. other exercises. The programme published last week will have numer Support EMINENCE for County Seat and you Another dwelling bouse goes up under the supervision of Mr. A.

J. Bare. We failed to learn the location of the house or the name of the party for whom it will be built. ous additions. The parade starts at 10 o'clock a.

headed by the G. A. Ii. and conducted by Mr. J.

F. Jorden, Down with High Praees! Sellers ft Co, BOOTS SHOES, marshal of the day. Grampus, of which further notice is given below, is a new will never regret it. C. J.

JONES, Presidsnt. LYEMd KAUGLE, Sec'y. DEALERS IN and novel feature of the parade. After parade the speaking is in order. The music committee have Bpared no time or trouble selecting and preparing Eilert's extract of tar wild cherry, will cure Asthma, spitting of blood, difficulty of breathing, hoarsness, croup coughs, colds and the various uff'ections of the liver and stomache.

Sold by Fry Co Jetmore Kansas. IMTS CAPS, General Merchandise. music for the occasion. Mr. D.

Spencer has consented to read the Declaration of Jndependence. B. F. Godfrey, of Jetmore, county at and Messrs. 0.

W. Crow and Fred Ochs-rnan, of Eminence, passed Kalvesta early in the week. The gentlemen report that a big meeting will be held at Eminence on the 2d of uly We carry a complete assortment of everything in our line. WE SMILE AT COMPETITION. JETRSORE KANSAS.

Gents' Furnishing Goods. We have on hand and for sale as good a line of Farm Implements Hardware As the Market A fords. "a Messrs. B. Adams and David Ballard made final proof before District Clerk Curtiss, at Jetmore, last Monday.

Mr. J. J. Fulkerson proved up the following day. These gentlemen are among the early sett era in this vicinity.

Parties desiring to make final proof, will find 3. G. Curtis, Clerk District Court at Jetmore, an agreeable and generous gentleman to transact your Also a general assortment of torney of Hodgeman county, will deliver the oration. Mr. Godfrey is well and favorably known as one of the finest orators in the county, and needs no introduction.

The grounds will be so arranged that all who bring their dinners can find comfortable places to eat, either in families, parties or all together in a crowd as they choose, The whole afternoon has been reserved for amusements of all kinds wheelbarrow races, sack races, catching the greased pig, croquet, base ball, etc. The horse races will bring out the best horses in the county. Also pony rues. In the eyening a dance will be given by Messrs. M.

S. McNabney and Plumber Harrison. Free lemonade all day. It will be a day full of enjoyment and fun for everybody. Come to Kalvesta, have a good time and go home happy.

This is our first celebration and it will be a good one, There will be a parade of the G. A. 2V. Thompson and Weir Plows, Harrows, Listen, Cultivators and Breakers. The and Bain Wagons, Disc Harrow, and in fact antthing from a Plow Share to the.

Finest Carriage made. Also Full Line of Hardware. Will Duplicate Dodge City Prices. Call and see us. Burns McNabney, business.

tf C. P.M. NILES, W.S. KENYON, J. P.

ATKIN, President, Vice President. Cashier. Hodgeman County Bank. JETMORE, KANSAS-Capital $50,000.00 The only Incorporated Bank in Hodgeman County. The business of farmers and merchants in the "West End" Respectfully Solicited.

GROCERIES Kansas. Kalvesta, A picnic will be held on the grounds of I. It. Dilley, on the Buckner, on Saturday, July 2d. Everybody is invited.

The beautiful trees along that stream together with the jolly class of people and living in that neighborhood, make it a QUEENS' WARE, pleasant place for picnics. Mr. M. P. Christy, of northern Gray county, was in town Thursday.

Mr. David Ballard, CONTRACTOR BOLDER. Estimates cheerfully furnished. Satisfaction guaranteed in every particular, DAVID BALLARD, Kalvesta, Kans. Christy formerly lived in the best part R.

boys, on the Fourth of July at 10 o'clock a. m. martial band wilt bs of the Illinois corn belt and never had finer corn at this time of year than he Patent Medicine, etc. provided for the occasion. All old soldiers are invited to be' present and Fruit and Forest 2FL EES! I am now prepared to take orders for Fruit Trees, Forest Trees for timber culture, Vines, shrubs, Evergreens, representing the La Cygne Nursery.

I am in the business to stay. I represent a reliable firm and I guarantee ail stock to be as represented. Support your home men. I am starting a nursery here near Kalvesta and as soon as il can be grown I shall be able to supply my customers with'j'home grown stock. W.

H. Lltson, Jr. has this year. Other crops are looking well in that neighborhood. take part in the exercises.

All who have muskets, bring them. There will be a drill In the afternoon also. By Order of Committee. Persons wanting pure liquors for medical purposes should call and get Highest Market Price paid for Produce- -A- BxRB. Contractor and Builder.

Work done strictly to order, with neatness and dispatch. Duffy's pure malt liquors for sale at Fry Co's, druggists at Jetmore, Kansas. tl First National Bank. (Successor to Garden City Sank) GARDEN CITY, KANSAS. CAPITAL, PAID $50,000.


MERRIAM, Cashier. W. Si. BISII, Asst. Cashier DIRECTORS: NILES.


NILES. JOSEni COVERDALE. The Oldest and Strongest Bank In Western Kansas. We respectfully solicit the patronage of the people of Southflettoro Kcm Kansas. Kal Vesta, Kalvesta is the place to buy fireworks and Fourth of July supplies.

The grocery dealers ar shipping it Steele LOOK OUT FOR GRAMPUS I This wild animal which formerly roamed the unknown regions of Africa where it lived in its untamed glory, feeding on crocodiles, alligators, elephants, wild Indians, etc. One night it made a raid on a village of bavages and after eating about eighty-three the ballance escaped. Hearing of it the English government sent a troop of 600 soldiers to capture it, and after it had killed 102 men and wounded sixty- fit- large orders of goods for a celebration, as well as fresh supplies of confection ery, fruit, etc. DR. G.

P. MOORE, Physician Surgeon, KALVESTA, KANSAS. Residence one and a half miles north-east of town. Calls promptly answered. Kennedy J.

F. HOROCKS, Blacksmith. Sharpening plows, 15 cts. Horse shoeing, old shoes set, 15 cts. to 20 cts, each.

Oiher work in proportion. Boans, 5 cts. per pound tomatoes, two cans for 25 cts; apple butter, 10 Cts. per pound. Steele it Kennedy.

Civ Us a Call. -a.

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