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The Kalvesta Herald from Kalvesta, Kansas • 2

The Kalvesta Herald from Kalvesta, Kansas • 2

Kalvesta, Kansas
Issue Date:
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CONTEST NOTICES. every other necessity, Every dollar or Hodgeman County Herald. PUBLICATION NOTICES. nsitrly so, will ho expended lier- now PoUorlptloo Vl.ffO Per Vour Iu Advance, liiind Office at Garden city Kansas. Deo 7 IbHtl.

Notice Is lnirchv given that the hllow-liilf named settlor has filed notice of bis Intention to make tlual proof In support of Ills claim and that mli.nrool will be H'tiiK- before tin: Judge or In Ids absence the clerk of the ili-trlct court at Jetmore Hodgeman county, Kansas on while the country is new ami money scarce in then-unity for labor. Thousands of persons would have been ylad Land Office at Garden Cily Kutisas. Oct. 22nd. I8S6.

Complaint having been entered al this Olliee by Martin Shaver against Stanley Wood tor abandoning his home' stead entry No. fj()4U dated at Garden -ay- DOND FUCATE, Land Office at Garden Oily, Fans. Nov. 2(1 IKSli Notice Is hereby given that Hie following I limed '-eilli has tiled lr th ol his liiicntloii to make I) i ri I proof hi support of h'M el. dm it said proof will be made la-fore the or ill his nb-eiiue the Clerk ol the dlsliict co rt at ICLL vesta.

lohavo had work Inst summer at $1 'lb to j'l 00 per day and from $301) to $-100 FRIDAY, .1 AN. 14, tor teams They will necessarily have Jan. Jllst 87 viz; Milton Sliten 17U for the lots 4 hf aw ur sou SI tp 211 rg 2d Ho names the following witnesses to to employ from one 10 two hundred men continually on sections and at ni'iio I co kail 1 7 1 It '87 viz. Annie Hallow I) for I lie sw qr sec 4 tp ill fii w. She names the I'o I ln lug witnesses to City Ivans, JNnv.

14th. IJS.S5 upon Hie sw qr section 21 tp 23 rg 2a In Hodge man co. Kahsas with a view to the cancelation of said entry; Ihe said parties are hereb.t summoned to appear ai this ollioeon the 19 day of Apr. 1887 at lOo'oloek tt to respond and furnish testimony concerning said alleg-dd ahstidoment. pro his conliuunv.s residence upon anil cultivation ol said hind William their yards, all of which will spend their money among us mid will give us market for tunny uf the products of prow hercontlimous residence upon and RAILROAD BOND3.

Election February First. What Shall the Kcxult Be ciililvttlou of mI I Ian I vu: il Itoud HI III KANSAS MuUile Frank HarnesUias. hagcrty Frank klnUad'i All of Kalvesl.i Hod. email co kans 32 C. F.

M. Niles. Keg, ur farms. On the 1. tlay of next February tho 20 S.

Thanhouser liec Gen lleinen way Henry Gardner Teciers II of' Huckuer po Hodgeman county, special notice to Henry Kolton, 31 O. F. M. Nuns. liKU.

long talked of bond election will In The first cheek Jay Gould ever held in Hodgeman county, tlie object received was foi seven dollars, and of which will be to vote aid the Chicago, Kansas Western railroad, he gave man fifty cents to tell him what to do to get it cached. Lund Office nt Garden Cltv Kansai, Ssept. 24th 188ii. which proposes to enter the county This town is in the geographical centre of the west half of UODOEMAN COUNTY, KANSAS, and is iu the heart of as fine a farming disti iotas cau be fouud in Southwestern Kansas, is, without doubt, the Irani the east and build a line viu Complaint having been entered at this Olllcc bv William Kunnioiisiigaliist Win 10 IV.iej for abandoning his homestead that occasion he has had the nerve to enter a bunk all alone and present his paper totne paying tell Detroit, Land Oltico at Garden City Kansiis. Deo 7tb 18811 Notice Is hereby gtvuu Hmt the follow Jetmore through the county to the Free Press, wist line.

The lime hits come wlien ii is the duty of everv citizen entitled to the right of sufferage in the county A mass contention of the Green- Lund Of at Garden 111 y. Kmik 2l 18SII. is herebv given that I le following named set ller has tiled notice ol his intention to make II i 1 proof support of his 1 1 1 1 i it ml th'it said proof will be made before Dist uoutt at' Jetmore Hodgeman co, Kansas, on Jan 17 't7 lniASahhi for ihe III ne qr und hf nw cjr sec IH tp 211 rg 2(i lie names Ihe following io prove his continuous residence m.on anil eiiliivatlou ol saiil land viz Charles Hag eriy Kdivard Mine Anihurs .1 llauiiltou All of Wlttri.rJ UoUgcniali entry No, da'ed Ltirned March 24tb IS7D upon the no tjr sec 14 tp24 rg 27 In llodgtmrii I'miniy lun. with view to the canccll I'ioii of said on try the said parties me hereby summoned to appear at his office on the 4 day of Mar 1887 nt III o'clock a in to respond ant) lurnisli testimony concerning said ulh g- lug lunned settler has filed notice of hl-tiiifiition to ma lo final proof in support ol bis claim and that said proof will be made belore the Judge or in his absence I'lerK Dim, tit Jetmore Kansas on Jan Hist Willits II f)7tiN lor the sw ip- sec tp 22 rg 27 to decide upon the mutter und this bnuVers of Hut 7ill congressional district will be held Dodge City on Thms- decision should be made before the day of election.

Neighhnri should get Til II III II lity January 27th 1SS7, for the purpo-e lie nan est loliowing wilut-ssus to ed uhiiuiiuiiuieiit. of electing dulospite lo lliu tiicliiiintl together find consider the advantages prove Ids uonllnuoiis resilience upon and 24 Thanhouser Kcc. convention to ho lu nt Cincinnati on citliivaiioii ol said laud vizi li Wad- Ha well as the dUaduuntiiges Hint would low i dark no Mc Join, ell 11 An February 22d 1887. for the purpose ol nttturtilly arise from the result of I he il rows All ot kulvustu llodgeuiun Co co. MlllS, ian-as.

perfecting the organization of it new political organization ill Niles, Reg. election, being in favor of the proposition. They should consult eiich others 32 Nllcs Heglstcr Lund Office at Garden Cltv Kans, Nov. 2 'I8iij. Complaint biivlnp been entered at this interest as well an.

those of their own An exchange tells its readers how Uf course no one can deny thai a rail to mind their F's in the following para I'llce by Henry A Miigcriuiil' against John lloah'tlcrforahaiidoiiing his home road would be uu advantage to the Land Office at Garden Gttv Kas Nov 2(! -1886. Notlcic Is hereby given that the follow Ing uaineil settler has lilcd notice ot bis intention to make final proot In support il disclaim anil that said proof will bo nude heloie Judge hoilgeinau co stead entry 0240 made i.l Careen City county notna'ter where it would ''Persons who patron inn papers shou'd Knnsis and dat' tl Nov. 19 '85 upon the A little money invested in town lots, will return immene profils within few months, and those who buy hums or town properly, and upon the same, will find to a certainty thai to them will be: located, To those living a distance ol sy qr sec 20 tp 22 rg 20 hodgeniaii eOiuily ksii-ns. with it view to the can pay promptly, for the pecuniary prospects of the press have a peculiar power from three to ten miles away from it at Jetmore lloiigeoiii il count) kansason cellation of said entry; coutesiant alleg It would be almost useless to attempt in pushing lorw ir-l pub lie prosperity. ing that the saiil Join: hoslctler lias wholly abandoned said tract, that hell ,8 to figure the profit they would derive Health, Wealth AND Happiness.

Liintl Oillao at Garden city Kttn. Sept 2lsl 1888 Ihe following named setiler has tiled notice ol Ids luteiitinn to make Ileal proof in support of Ills claim and that said proof will be from Hand those living even in th -remote parts of the county would i 7 1 1 1 hi viz! II L. 128(1 lor the nw ijr seo 2d tp 2f rg 2J He names the follow ing witnesses to prove his coot, minus rci-idcucc npou and vultivu; ion id said land viz; 1 Dilley Finckuey llecver Henry all of Wlttrup hoilgeinau co Kansas. ill C. V.

U. Kilcs, lieg. If the printer is paid promptly, und his pocket-book kept plethoric by promptly paying patrons, he puts his pen to paper iu peace his paragraphs are more pointed, he paints his natures of passing events in more pleasing col made before or l'cceiver at Gar well feel the advantages and we would venture the assertion that if it could lie that the road could imss within do i City hans on Jan 15th 'H7 viz tieo. never made rcidence thereon since mak In said cutty and 1 1 said tract i not settled upon and cultivated by said par ty as required by law I be said parties are hereby summoned to appear at this office on the JSIih day of April '87 at 10 o'clock a in to respond ami furnish testimony concerning said alleged abandonment. 35 0 Nilks Keg.

Louie li 0o2u lor the lie or section tp of rg2'J He names the fol three or five miles of each individuu place of residence, that at least riini ors and the perusal of his paper is a low ing witnesses to prove his continuous rcsutenci! upon and cultivation of said tenuis ol (lie voters ot the Cmtnly lauil viz Clias holfiniiii fc HI fleliruler pleasure to Ihe people. Paste this piece of proverbial philosophy in a prominent place wheiv all can see it. would support the proposition. The KALVESTA is a new (own just i-tfirtirig, and is destined te be one ef the best cilie', in the West lor business of alt kinds. Being centrally located, the is in the line of- Jacob Job'.

son John Johnson All of only point on which any man Htand Kati liU hoJgeiuan county kansas ALSO Lur.1 Office at Garden City. Kan? Nov 2iilh 'SO. Notice is hereby given thai the named settler has tded notice, ol his For industrious, intelligent, energetic that wn Jnivg an opportunity to interrogate on the' subject is, that lie is Land Office at Garden City insas. Dec. iJlhlSMl Charles rieltitiler 31711 for the sw qr sec 20 tp 23 south of range 28 intention In make li'ial proof iu support ol Ids claim and that said proof will be men not ah aid to work, the thing to doistocome to Kansas.

Millions of uncertain as to where the road will be Compliant having been cuteied nt this made lieforc or lulus iib-cno: located, lie tells us if he thought it lie names the following uitnesses to acres of hind in Kansas want tilling. would take such a route he would vote the clerk of the district court at Jeiinnro llo ge.iiiaii co. kansas on 10 '87 olliee tiy red. M. Gordon against Will-him (ierhird lor ah iiidouiiig his home' stead entry fi85S, dated Garden Chy kan prove liiseontitiNOus resilience upon and cuiiivatou ol said land viz Charlton mill' Let the.

millions of bauds come and for the bonds, but it' it takes another hlyter li f8U6 lor the sw qr man (itorgeS coble l'cckeiilaw J.icol) Johnson all of K.iitliff uoi'gciuau Co KS I'fC. Io Isho upon the nw qr sec 21 tp lill them. No better soil in the world. It is absolutely unsurpassed for fertility route he wiil But, and the route he is sec I tp ti rg Zl He 'iiunes the tollowing witnesses to 2.i ol rg 2o In lloilgeuiau oouoty kans. wiih a view to the eaiicelhition of in favor of is the one that SEVERAL RAILROADS, that will all probability come through Hodgemnn County and oil! undoubtedly make her an objective point.

THE CIIICAfiO KANSAS A ESTERS HAVE ALREADY SURVEYED THROUGH TUETOWN. As prove nis continuous rc-hleuec upon and and blesses the husbandman a and times for his care. Why live on is nearest his plane of rosi deuce th said entry; the said parties arc hereby cultivation of said land viz; John Davis siiinmoiicd to appear at this office on of course is all good. We can censure small starving, uiuro Licuve farml Noi-inan 1 arkcr John ISiuililii liilph Kiinns all of Chiwsou liodguiuaii io kansas. the 19 day of Jul '87 at 10 oclock a to jio man for working for his greatest interest, but if we cannot get it where respond and liirmsh testimony concern ALSO Charlton iiofinan 313(1 for Ihe lots 3 4 it hf sw qr sec tp 23 rg 28 lie nainesthe loliowing witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon und cullivatiou of said laud viz Geo ri tJohln Deliruler -lacol) Juhnson ri Pieken-faw All of Halclilf Hodgeman Kis 21 Niles Keg 31 Niles Reg lug said alleged atialuloiiiucut.

3fi S. Tliaidinuser. Rec. and fret and toil your life away when Hodgeman county offers its thousands of arces of rich land where competance and even riches is secured in a ft brief years? What considerations can hold the intelligent young man to the. day points and white lands of eastern states when the black soil of Kansas veiids ten-fold more from ouefourlh of time and exnen-e? A.

MA.lTTTCTTJIvMIsrC3- PLi. CXI. She calls the Attention of Canitnl'sts, ns water can be had in Vitmlane. Land Olllcc at Garden-City Fsnnis, Nov. 4ih Notice is hereby given that the following nan.

ed settler has tiled notice maKC final proot in support ol his claim nud th ahl proof will he unfile before," the' Judge or in his uhM'noe the i h-rk ol Disirict Court at Jetmore Kansas, on Jan. '87 viz; Jolt i I. Charter li 10 11140 for the nw we will be the greater gaimr, should we not look out for what is next best? One thing in our opinion is evident. The road if built, will choose the niot practicable route. The route that is the cheapest, the route that will control the largest patronage, as well ai the route that will shut out to the greatest advantage any and all future competition.

Now the matter stands as to which route (hat may be. Let us consider. First, the road must come to Jetmore, from thence to some point near the western line; now which is which, with the coal fields and large scope of territory, which the railr'-'d will connect her with, will give her special advantages iu this direction. Land Olliee at Garden City Kans. June 5lli 1880.

Complaint having been eniered at this olliee by Feidiuund Ihlenfeld against Liiiniin Uunius lor ubnudon-ing his 11 Ji No. 77U1 dated Lamed Kansas Aug 13 'S3 upon the se qr sec 30 Ip 23 rg 25 in Hodgeman County Kans. with a view to the cancellation of said entry the said parlies are here by summoned to upsearat this office on ine loih day of Dec '8li at 10 o'clock a in to respond and furnish testimony concerning said alleged abandonment. Land Office Garden Cltv Kans, Doe 7 18.SU Notice Is hereby given that the follow Ing mimed st-tller litis f.led noticeof his intention to make final proof in Support of bis claim ami that saij proof will be made before the Probate judge at Jetmore hi.dgeinau co. kalis on Jan 24 '87 viz; I' Station! 32112 for the sw qr sec 5 tp 23 ig 27 The new laud lull thai passed the hou-e during the last session of congress and was amended in the.

senate, which provides for the repeal of the preeinpiion and timber culture laws. Initialled to bfconin a law, as the con- qr sec 27 tp 2H rg 2" lie names the following wltr.csses to his continuous lesldenee upon and cultivation of said land viz: Fre, I5aic house I Forhlor A Mori Is John ike lion All ol liuckncr UudgBiuaii Co, kansas. The social, religious, nnd edncntionnl interests of the town are being rt- lerence committee ol the two houses fully looked after and every thing will be done to make: lie names the following witnesses Io could not agri-eon the senate amendment, will in all probability be taken plane hi Continuous residence upon ami eiilliv.ition id said land viz. James NILFS, 20 Niles Reg the most practicable route? For on individual to look over the two surveys the one up Buekner creek and the other across the hills, Who is i( that has ever observed the course of road generally that woul not say that the Gardner Noah Cheiioweth Kalves'a it)i and an ngretnient reached during the present session, so thai it will he come a law. The bill proudes hat all kans lioliert Stanley It Hawk Ha Ka! Vesta a Desirable Place In Which To Live.

iti ua kansas 32 F. M. Niles, Keg. bona fide claims legally initiated before the passage of the bill to repeal may be perfected, also those having contested aims with the purpose of entering Land Olliee at Garden City Kansas. An-.

I'Jdi ISSti Complaint having been entered at tills under the present law will be de- With the glowing prospects of being mrred that Dodge City olliee by Colbert Huruh against Kd- Times. Lund Olliee at Garden Cliv Oct. oth. Notice Is hereby given that the following settler hasiiled notice of his Intention to make Im proof in support of his cl. din and that said proof will be made Inn ore tnc Judge or iu his absence the clerk Dist.

Hurt, at Jetmore gtinaii county lians. on -Inn. IStli 'f7 viz; Nathaniel I nzer for Ihe li hf lie qr and se qr of no qr and lit qr of se qr 13 Ip 27 lie names the following witne-X'S to prmc his continuous reshk nei) upon and waid f'helps who made II No. Those who have been desirous of llSali dated Garden city kans Sept. 7 '85 tiiou the se qrsci! 2.1 rg 2i in A County Seat! obtaining information in regard to making preemption and timber culture lliiilgeuian co.

kans. alleging hat ili-fen int has abandoned said laud and Chang Land Office nt Garden City, Kans. Jan. 0' 167. Notice i hereby given that the Iollow ing named settler has filed police ot his filings, that have contests pending cd is residence Ihcrelroniior has never cstahli-hed Ids residence tliereoni lor which cannot possibly have a hearing intention to make filial proot in support ciilltvailon el stun I- rank l'ri--e for some weeks, will no doubt be hichiv more than six moiillis -inee the filing of bis iiflidavit With former is the natural one, Nature her pelf has done half the grading as it were.

Coming that way can Htiy on-hut those jealous of our growth for moment say but that it will oome to Kaivesta. Already three surveys hn passed our little city. The grade slakes on one is set, and with a railroad and our bright prospects for a county teat can anyone doubt our prosperity? With a railroad and a flourishing town in your midst farmer we ask can you measure the advantage it will oe to you? Your lands today are worth from $700.00 to $1500.00 per quarter. Give us a railroad and finurshing business centers and how soon men of money and enterprise will be ready to pay you from $2000.00 to $1000 00 for the same land. Of course many may say that the road will come as quick with As well as the leading business centre of West Hodgeman, Kalyesta has ao.

ft)ward Kline Jonathan nlmuioiis Chas. Iiagcny. All ol Kalvesta po Hiidj-'einan rival. pleased with lie above explanation a view lo tl.e coiicellation of said entry co has. Ihe said parties are lituchy summoned to of the situation.

q.pcar at Ibis office on the 22 day of Feb 31 M. Nilks, Keg. of Ins claim, ami that said proot will lie made lieloie the Jmige or in his absence the Clerk I Court at Jetmore Hodgeman count) Kansas on Feb. 19 V7 viz: John Hill 11 44U for the sw qr sec 11 tp 24 rg 2(1 w. He names the following witnesses to prove his coniiiiuoiH resi-ience upon and cultivation of salu land A It -lin es Kiiivard Lvinaii John iStiuarr I'lu- 9 at 10 clock a into lespoml and furnish testimony concerning Suidallcg Cd abandonment and ohaiige ol residence or fi Mure to nstablisli resiiiein-c.

II, t. SI'. Join: A it v. forFhiintiff, 37 11 Nibs Ucg HOW TO COME, Buy your ticket for CIMAURON, over the A.T. S.

F. R. il. At Cimarron ekney all of Wittntp Hodgeman co Land Olllcc at Garden (Jity Kans. Jan.

ti Notice Is hereby g'veu that the iollow kallSaS. C. F. M. Nilks, Register, The man or woman who is evpr alive to tie faul that in life hinges on the noticing of every detail that-is calculated to accelerate or retard the progress of mental or fintncial growth, whether they will either be benefited or not by precedent or experience is for the progressive mind to learn to gtasp or set aside.

It is not necessary for one to become observant in a prying or offensive way in order to reach the of lame, but it is ex enquire for the KALVESTA HACK which leaves Cimarron at 2, P. M. on ing mimed settler lias ii il noticeof hi- intention In make final proof in support out as wun me nonets, vm we tor a Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday of each week for Kalvesta. moment think such a proposition en ol liur ciaiin anil mat sahl proul will he made before the Judge or in his ah-ence the e'erk Dist. Court tit tinore nodge- Land Office at Garden City ins July 20th' lS6 titled to our consideration, or such a initn co.

Kans. oti r'eh. 21 '87 viz; John thine possible we would sav: defeat Complaint having been entered at this Olliee by John Paris i imt -Will 15 iliehard II No. fur thesw qrsic the bonds. We cannot think but what 20 tp 2.i rg 2h w.

iam A Summons, for abandon mg his homes'ead entry No 4li42 dated Gar He names the following witnesses to prove his c-oul unions re-i leucc upon pedient that every one should cultivate the power of grasping events that a' it might prove a dear lesson to us. We want a railroad, sre needing one, den citv, nana. uct. izili Uion Come Early! cultivation ol sail! land viz: James 11 Land Office at Garden city Kins. (i ISS7.

Notice is hereby given that the follow, ing allied settler lia tiled notice of hn lirown Win Brown Augustus Guthrie the nw qr ot sec 30 tp 24 rg 2S in lIodgHiuiiti county kansas. with a view hourly being wrought and learn the best means of applying such happenings to hi or her welfare. By carefully lo the cancellation of said entry; con intention lo make hnal proof iu support of WUtriippo Hodgeman CO. Kansas Jesse lieriiti of Uiickner kans. 37 NILLS, Register.

of his chum. aim that said proot will in testant sll-ging that, the said William And secure the rise in value of lots, which will surely come to every investor. noting oursurroundings and the rela made belore the or In Ids absence A Summons has never built nor cau-e i are anxious for it, and while this is true, other counties north of us are' just as anxious, needing thorn just as badly and are ready to bid for then). The road is completed within a stone's -h row ot onr county lina at Brown's Drove, near the uortheast corner of the clerk of the district court at Jetnion to bo limit a house on said tract tions we bear to them, will in ft short land at iiny time since date of sa time he considered wonderful No entry and he has never had a residence on said land at any lime whatever matter what your occupation may be vou will in the end lie benefited ieyond your most sanguine expectations Tho said parties are hereby summoned to appear at this Office on the Kit li Hodgeman county Kansas, or, I'eh. 19 'b7 viz George Eihnistoe.

II 142 for the sw qr sec 1) tp 24 rg 20 w. He names the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon and cultivaiion of said hind viz: Kdward l.vinan A Jones l'incknev ol kans. I'nrny of l'trdy villc all of liodgeinan county kansas, 37 C. F. M.

Niles, licg. day ol Nov at iu oclock a to respond and furnish testimony con cerning salb allcgad failure. 24 Niles Reg Land office nt Garden Cltv. Kane. Dec 3 18s.f, Notice is hereby given that tile following named settler lias filed notice oS'lii turer.tbin io iiinke tiicl proof iu support of Ills claim and that salt! proof will be made before the Judge or iu bis absence the clerk district court ut Jetmore Hodgeman county kans.

17ih '87 viz; James A Dickcrson li 2433 for the sw qr sec 22 tp 22 ig i He name the following witnesses to prove his n'iniious residence upon and cultivation of said viz; Win lieatv Stout li Campbell I' rimtlli All Ividdei ville iioilgcuiao Co kansas. 32 Niles. the county. The object is to builds trunk iue through to Denver, If we defeat the bonds will our patronage be sufficient to entice tl8 road to leave iu direct course to come through nur County, or will they not take (lie Ness und Lane county course? There they would attract patronage from an opposing road, while here they would be infringing on their branch south of us. We can see no inducement for the road to come through the county except the bonds thoy ask to he voted.

And again, if we can get them to Jetmore, No country has a finer climate, No town a brightei future before It OFFICERS: II. N. HASELWOOD, Prest. E. J.

BEAGLE, 1st. Vice-Prest. G. W. TODD, 2nd.

Vice-Prest. J. O. APPLEBEE, secy. N.

S. TOZEH, Treas. Land Office at Garden City kans, Oct. 21 1S8H. Complaint having been entered at this Office hy William Phillip" against The following report Irom tho house committee on ventilation and acoustics, is not appear creditable on the tastes and cleaiihncss of our lawmakers.

The committee says: "The great American habit of expectorating is hilly 'exemplified on Ihe part or members of this branch of tho lawmaking department ol the government, end your committee reluctantly, mournfully, but tiimlv, confesses its inability to measures which, will put an end to this reprehensible practice, a practice that lowers the dignity of this august assemblage, and imperils the health and the well-being ol the servants of ICmilV Caldwell deceased her heirs etc lor failure Milh law as to llm her culture entri No 3432 dated at Lar neil kans June ft upon the nw qr thence through the county, another sec In 21 zl in imiigein in co. kans. with a view to the canccll alien of Land Office at Garden city Kansas. argument that induces us to think they will select the Buekner route in that by doing so they would shut of) sal I entry contestant alleging that said Emily caidwel! deceased her heirs executor have wholly iihaiiiiodeil raid tract for more Hum one year since making said entry that 'aid tract is not culuval the republic. Attention is directed to the feci that there are in this chamber Land at Garden City, Kas.

Sept 2il Sli. Notice is hereby given that ihe follw lug named seiller has filed notice of intention to make final proof hi rt ol hi- daimuiul thai said proof will be made belore Lang, probate judge hodgemau county at Jeiiuiire Ks. on Nov IKth viz: Ja'bi'Z Oil li Apilele IKS lur the lie qr si-c tp 2.1 rg lie iiaines Ihe following witnes-es to prow his continuous residence upon and cultivation of said land viz Geo Vv 1 odd t.has. liasliali V. Child Alaurice liiirnliaiii Allot liuekner kiinsas.

Special notice to Martin A Parker ALSO John Motley for tbesw qr see 1 tp 23 rg 2li be names rh following witnesses to prove Id- continuous resilience upon il uultivalioii of said laud viz; Ferguson Jas Jonlou Geo Todd cuas Fonts All of Buekner Kas 21 C.F. M. Nhks, Keg. ed by lid pirtii-s as required by law and that 6be KmilV Caldwell failed the second two hundred and sixteen nickle-ptaied to break five acres ami failed lie thin! DIRECTORS: G. W.



J. O. APPLEBE1. topi int five acies of timber and tailed II. X.

HASELWOOD. K. U. HUDSON cuspidors, lurnished by the niunificcnoe Nov.2;th IhSG Notice Is hereby given thai following-named setiler is filed notice of his internum to make final proul niippnr; of his claim, and th it id proof will he made lieloie ilie Judgi or hi bis absence the clerk di-tri. court ar Jetiuore Hml gein.ui county kans oh Jan.

19 87 viz Gordon 11 lor the. se qr sec 10 l23 rg 25 w. He names the following witnesses to prove hisoonliiiiions residence upon ami cultivation of sfld land viz: Allen Han-nap George Hannah es Grant II. urn Ad of Ituekuer Hoilgeinau county kansas. 31 Niles.

Register. of the nation, with the sole design ol the locrin jearro pi.uu nveacri-s tun ls-r or cain-e the same to be done and any other road that nugbl come to Jetmore from taking that route. Besides the advantage that we would receive in the way of increase in the value of our property, many more jnightbe enumerated. One of which the cost of transportaton from the the road south of us which averages about two dollars per thousand, on our fuel alone, each an every family wonld save six to ten dollars per year, being employed for the purpose for thev have not now five acres of timber growing then on Die Said parties are hen-hv eumnioiiel toapiiriil this nt tier on the It" iy of April 87 al 10 o'clock wiih regard to the Town Cuiiktif which they are provided, but for some reason unknown to your committee they are ignored, and the perforations in the brass ventillators are employed All communications from parties desiring information town promptly answered. Address, Secretary, Kalvesta Treas.

Kalvesta Hodgeman County, Kaasaa. a lo respond iiu-l furnish testimony conceriiMig said alleged lailurc. 26 C. lies, Ueg. receptacles ol expectorations, Jjijuidf on our lumber, flour, meat and I.

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