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The Kalvesta Herald from Kalvesta, Kansas • 3

The Kalvesta Herald from Kalvesta, Kansas • 3

Kalvesta, Kansas
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irv Itulii. ltuli), Uuln. Hodgeman County Herald. MONEY I MONEY! Information regarding th') Fair and Exposition you are cordially reipiuttud lluimnl fuller I'ro-emplori anil l.iinii Owium of Wiint IJiiillfitiiinn County, A nioe gentle rain commenced falling Hi tht Herald Company. to write tolfin.

11, WEBSTER. Secretary uud Genera I Manager last Tuesday ovoninR about 4 o'clock VM. M. HUM), liilllor And MmiKr. Kunaus City, Mo.

and rained almost incessantly for That you moy know where to deal, with whom to deal, and how to deal, we ask a notice to the following facts For a Quick Loan, CALL ON- Tho Hodgeman County LAND LOAN CO. We ran make good terms and rates as can be had in the county. Loans mudo nnd closed in very short time, oighteen hours with frequent showers Entered at Jhiekucr'i post office as second class mutter. Finn! Proof Notions. Intervening up to the time of going to as you look over the pages of your pi per: We are representing the old re- LOCAL yOTKS.

press. This will now give our fanners a good opportunity for putting out a Land Office at Lamed Kan. AUG. 2nd 1880 Investment Comnany, in the west half of Hodgeman county. large wheat and rye crop this fall, and Notice Is hereby (riven that the follow will also allow them to turn sod tor lug named settlor bus tiled notlco of his Our Company needs no lauditory eulogy pronounced upon it us most every man next year corn orop.

The people of Intention to make final prool In mipporl WE ItEFEll TO OUU PATliONS, Attend the primaries next Wednesday afternoon. J. M. Bryan wont east last Monday ou an extended business trip. of his claim, and that said nrnnr will be Western Kansas have boon blest with made bolore .1 A Lang Probate Judge from Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin and Michigan, has brought with ot iiodgouiaii Uo, nuns, at.letmnre noilga a favorable season for the maturing ot all kinds of grain.

You loose BOND HOOD, LAND I LOAN BROKERS. Also Isuraiice Policies Written in Responsible Companies. We have Orders from the East for phicinp nr. Unlimited iimount of Furm Loani at the Lowest rate of Interest of any Firm in Hodgeman Onnly. Will Loan Money to I'KOVE UP, and make loans on Deeded Lund at Lowest Rates.

Collect Money and pay taxes lor nonresidents. We Do cur own Inspecting, Thus Saving all Vexatious delays. man Co. kilns, on September ioih l(j viz; John Kur.lin I) 8 NO. 7KW for the him the memory of the Lombards' fair dealing, liberal terms and quick returns no time in preparing the way for next Pension papers can be legally executed by calling on ft.

W. llovey, at sw qror sec 2 Tp 22 of range 24 Ho year while the most favorable opportu names the following witnesses to prove from their eastern house. They are Also Dealers in land, large and small truots. m-m CITY LOTS FOR SALE Do not fail to see us, if you want lund, lots or a good loan on short notice, Hodgoman County Land and Loan Company. JETMORE, KANSAS.

nities exist. hlsvoiitluiioiis residence upon, and mil Hodgeman Centre. here to do the same by the farmers of tlvatlon of snld laud viz: Morton Zim Hodgeman. In order to plaoo our in Knimlng Aoouuts merman Barnard Ewing Shannon Evrett Rail killed a rattle snake last Saturday evening that was about three ducements more vividly before our peo. pie, w9 will say that we have the fol linrwcll.

ull of Jetmore nodge man co kanfiis. 14 W. It. Bhownlkk. Keg, lh house wifo should avoid'this as feet long and bad eight rattles.

lowing advantage over any other Loan Company doing business hi the Money! Moneyl Moneyl Ten per cent straight call and see us she would a serpent. She is not usually either the wage-earner or the paymaster in the household. She gets whut she wants on credit, because there is no particular trouble in getting it. She Land Office at Garden City Kans Aug. 27 1880.

county. IIOVEY HARBISON. 1st, Wo have but one mortgage and Notice Is hereby given that the named settler has tiled notice of his one note. D. W.

Lesh of Mont Ida was in town Intention to make final proo In summrt does not appreciate the size of the bill 2nd. Your note is for only six per fanufacturer of the IR.OID Office with the HERALD Office, Tuesday. He like avery other sensible man was highly pleased with Hodge thus conoracted which grows with the cent interest. of hi" claim and that said proof will be made before iteglster or Hcceiver at Garden City kans. Nov.

10th 'S viz Win, Thomas 1 5084 for the the se or sec 2 to 24s rg 27w He names the 3rd. Four per cent of your interest is HODGEMAN CENTRE. KANSAS phenomenal rapidity of a snow-ball running down hill. Spend only what money you have in hand. Don't buy defered until the maturity of the note lollowlnif witnesses to prove his contin without compound interest.

re un. lions residence upon and cultivation of anything on credit. Don't becin house 4th. We can tell you to a dollar how Hardware! Hardware! keeping on a credit basis. The wife much you get to put in your pocket.

said laud viz Alclxiwell i 15a rues Christie Beth Banks All of Clm-aron kas Special notice to Augustus John who buys on the book is a continual 5th. We pay you your money the day you sign your papers, ston 18 CF Sites Reg drag upon the energiesof her husband, (t is damaging to the peace of mind of man county. Attend the primaries next Wednesday afternoon, Geronimo has surrendered, but Bro. Imus is as pretty and charming as verand there is a smile about him which is difficult to express. All persons knowing themselve indebted to S.

J. II usb by book account will call at once and Bottle the same at our office in Hodgeman Centre. Bond As Hood. 6th. We got your final receipt for you 10 to 30 diiys sooner from the land both husband and wife, when the air is full of the constant echoes of the office than if thev were sent there to be stuck in a pigeon hole.

Land Office at Garden City Kans. fij Aug. 31st 1880. Notice is hereby given that tha follow little bills forever flying home to roost. Under such a system of expeditures Besides: Wo are residents of west The Best Plow in the West, nnd keep all sizes constantly on hand and do all kinds of Plow work.

Wagons and Buggies Repaired on short Notioe. All work Warranted to give entire satisfaction. Shop on Main Street, Kal Vista Kansas. ing-named settler lias filed notice of his neither can understand or keep in Hodgeman county. Our interests are intention to make final proof in support mind the limitations of the provender your interests, and yours, ours.

When of tiis claim, mid that said proof will be made betore A Lang Probatojudge at fund, or how much may have been paid out and how much may have been laid Jetmore Hodgeman Co. Kans. on Oct. Boston HardwareStore No.9, Main St, Offer Special Inducements in Hardware, Stoves, Tinware, Granite Ware Ranges, Gasoline Stoves, Cutlery, Guns, Gunners' Equipage, Farming Tools, Rakee, Mowers, Wagons, Harness Fixtures. Wind Mills, Plows, Corn Planters, Listers, Tar Paper, Building Toper, Garden Seeds and Seth Thomas' Clocks.

ALSO A Tinkering Jinner, we talk we talk to your interest, when we work, we work to your nterest, and when we vote we vote to your interest -IStU. viz: Andred T. tlowden D. S. So.

up for emergencies Sedgwick Pantagraph 2450 for tliesw qr, sec 10, Tp 21, south A llluw From Iteaveii. Respectfully BOND HOOD. Attend the primaries next Wednes-lny afternoon. Lumber can be purchased for less money in Hodyernan Centre thnn it can be bought in Dodge City, freight added: If you don't believe these facts call and be convinced Hovev Harrison. ot rg 2o w.

He names the iollowing witnesses to prove his continnous upon, and cultivation of, said land, viz: ira Winter. S. P. Thompson C. C.

Blinn, Some days ago the IndianapolisSmiW They Always Hltc. J. C. Bowen, S. B.

Gilmore all of Kidd- A good looking, well behaved stran erville P. O. Hodgeman Co. Kans. 18 CFM Niles Keg Parties desiring quick loans, should call on the HODGEMAN COUNTY ger had been stopping in a country town in this state for three or four days, when one day, as a dozen men were hanging around the hotel doors LAND AND LOAN COMPANY of Does all kinds of General Blacksmithing, -For Lumber and Hardware Go to- Land Office Garden City Kans.

July 24th '80. Notice is hereby given that the fol lowing named settler has filed notice of a humble youth with white eyebrows and lowered head passed along, leading a calf. Both traveled as if it were an evey day thing, but no one thought ot his intention to make nnat proot in JUNEAU'S LUMBER YARD, Where you will also find a complete stock of Doors, Windows, foldings, Cement, Plaster Paris and Barb Wire. Satisfaction Guaranteed support of his claim and that said proof will be made before J. A.

Lang, probate this until afterward. Judie at Jetmore Hodgeman county Kansas. Hodgeman Centre, "Boy!" called the stranger from the kansas on September 21 st 8b viz, contained the following remarkable story aid to have been related by a Pan Handle railroad engineer. That gentleman is quoted as saying: Three or four days since a thunder storm passed over Bedford Junction, and the hail which fell did great damage to the crops and. fruit.

One farmer walked over his farm viewing the damage, and finally said: "God Almighty did this! If he were here oonld cut His heart His arm was uplifted as he spoke, but as the words fell from his lips disarm was paralyzed, and he was unable to move it. In a few moments he was so paralyzed that ha could not walk, and he sat down on the spot where his blasphemy was spoken. He lost all power of speech, and when his friends went to him, with the intention of carrying him into the house, they were met with a repellant but ur.forseen force, which prevented them from approaching nearer than about twenty feet. Those who attempted it were tin hotel steps, "what do you ask for that S. Sparks JJ S.

No. 2290 tor the se qr sec 34 tp 21 rg 25 He names the calf?" followinc witnesses to ppove Ins contin Paint, Glnss and Building Paper. Large stock to select from. Yard South Santa Fe Depot. Address II.

JUNEAU, P. O. Box, 155, Dodge City, Kansas. uous residence upon and cultivation of said land viz, Woolard Daniel Ross Jetmore or Kal Vesta. They do their own inspecting and furnish the money as soon as the papers are signed.

Attend the primaries next Wednesday alternonn. Every body that desires to stare on a beuutiful young man should go and gaz.e on Bro. Imus of the Jetmore Sitings, or if living at a distance you can procure his potograph for five cents, which will defray postage and packing expenses. 11? purchased the interest oi my forme'rpnlrtner G. W.

Small in the drug and grocery business; I res pec t-, fully call the attention of all those lowing themselves indebted to the old firm to call at their earliest convenience and -settle their account. E. Rail. "Won't sell him." i' How much does it weigh?" Nigh upon 160 younds," It can't be. Gentleman, I'd like to Geo Child John McMullen.

Special notice to Samuel A King, all ot Jet F. W. FISCHER, NOTARY PUBLIC, Land Loan Insurance more Kansas. C. F.

M. Niles. Reg, wager that I can come nearer that calf's weight than any of you." W. L. BROWN.

R. ROUNDS. A dozen citizens got up and walked around tha calf and squinted their eyes and mentally estimated. Then a sort W. S.

Wright, M. D. of pool was formed to scoop the stranger, and $25 was contributed. There were eleven guesses to his one, and able to reisi the temptation to flee, they ranged frnn 147 to 15S pounds. panic stricken mid they agreed that the sensations they experienced ware the most terrible, and beyond the pow Physssian and Surgcssi, He guessed 158J, and when the animal Contest Cases before U.

S. was placed on the scales the stranger er of words to describe. The report of CONTESTS A SPECIALTY. CITY. KJLITSjS.

was only two ounces short. As he raked the pot and the boy and the calf passed on a man drove up in a buggy and called out: Land Office a Specialty. the matter was extensively circulated and hundreds of people go by trains and by vehicles to witness the sight of a man upon whom the curse of Heaven hns fallen in such a terrible manner. lloosier Democrat. REFERENCES This 'ere game has been played all Office No.

20, Main Street, Dr. I. N. NorrU, Birmingham, Iowa. FRY MINTON oyer the country, and its time to move on somebody! Where's the villain? Dr.

P. N. Woods, Fairfield, Iowa The severity of this su Timers extra ordinary heat seems at lat to lmve been broken, and lias given way to utii' 's centle zeypher of chilling bree. may not be very occur, ate in our predictions but it is certain' Jv very pleasant to don a chango of garments for the time being We were not aware that Martin L. Shaver held any malice toward us until a few days ago, when he presented us with a fine water melon, making another valuable acquisition to our melon contributors.

Martin is one of Hodgeman county's most generous men, and we tender our sincere thanks for his rememberance of us. Wunted To lie Kellereil. Dr. ,11. J.

Mohr, Prof of Anatomy. Kansas. Hodgeman Centre, II. T. Cleaver Trof of Obstetrics, of the "Il6re I am," answered the stranger.

"I arrest youl Get into the buggy." His satchel was ready and he got in Keokuk Med. College. II WW 11 and it was a whole dv before the vil lagers found out that the man with the buggy was a confederate em ployed to All Calls attended Promptly 'Day do that very thing, Detroit Free Press or Night. Ilarlnn, B. F.

Godfrey. Pies. Treas. F. C.

Thomas, Secy. BUCKNER VALLEY INVESTMENT CO. Capital Stock, $50,000. Kansas City Inter-State Fair. And Exposition.

SEPTEMBER 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18. Keep a full line of everything pertaining to a first class drug store. Pure Wines and Liquors for medical purpose only. Physicians Prescriptious CarcfuSly Compounded. Jetmore Kansas The arrangements have all been perfect ed for the I'ortlicoinniiiig Sixteenth An nual Kansas City Inter State.

Fair and Exposition, which will far surpass any Attend the primaries next Wednesday afternoon. W. Devore left for his home firaysville, Ohio last Monday. He took advantage of the low price of real estate and invested quite largely in Hodgeman county lands, which no doubt will yield him a handsome profit in a few years hence. He was well pleased with the country and thinks ol returning this winter.

heretofore held. I he magnificent grounds in which the Fair and Exposi tion will be held has undergone a year's GODFREY THOMAS, ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW, Will Practice in the Courts of tho 16th Judicial Dist. 1333. iaaa -TI-IEI- KANSAS CITY TIMES improvement Buildings, commodious and oriinaniental, have been erected am Gregory Steele, nothing that art or money can do have been spared to add to the conveiilenc, DEALERS IN Offices on South Side of Public Square. Jetmore, Kansas.

uud conilort of exhibitor and patrons The premiums this year for the iuir and position have been increased to 00, and la the speed ring alouc in premium? will be given, G. W. Hovey, W. J. Fuller, HOVEY FULLER, which assures a large attendance of the noted lioroes of me V.

The speed ring alone wilt be an attraction well worth more than tliu price of admission. The races are not leature of any one Attorneys-at-Law, During the terrific thunder storm that came over the city last week a little 8-year old boy living in the northern part of the town was awakened, and called his mother, who was sitting in the drawing-room down stairs. She sat with him awhile, and told him he need have no fear, because God took care of little boys, and would not le the lightning hurt them. i'ButGod is away up in heaven," said the child. "Yes" replied the but he is here, too.

He is staying rijjht in the room with you. He can protect you but I cannot. As long as God is here you need not be afraid. The child was quieted, and the mother left him and went back to the draw-room. Pretty soon there came another deafening clap of thunder, when the boy crawling out of bed came to the head of the stairs and called again: "What do you want, George?" asked his mother.

"You come up here and stay with God awhile and let me go down stairs," was the reply. Washington Capital. Kunsas lly Comparison. The vast immigration which is now and for several years past has been flow ing into western Kansas is something unheard of in the developements of a new and uninviting country. Never before has such a chango been wrought in so short a time.

A territory that but five years ago" was a barren and desolate waste, inhabited only by the cow boy and his accompaying herd, is now the peaceful homes of thousands of contented and happy farmers, who, resting in the bosoms of their families, can look about and see a land of plenty. But do the many settlers who have recently honored the soil of our fair sister Btate with their presence realize what a vast empire they have placed under their fet, in immensity and in the wonderful fertility of its soil? There are but few people in Kansas who know that within its boundaries can be placed the states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachuelts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Delaware, and Maryland, and still there would be a very considerable area left. Sumner county alone can contain the state ot Delaware and its V10, 000 people and have 130 square miles left, l'iie new influx of inhabitants has more room than it realizes in which to grow. C. Times.

0. C. Steel and wife of the firm of Orogory Steele at Kal Vesta was in town last Monday and gave the IIhkald a pleasant call. Mr. Steele reports business very good in the new town of Kal Vei-ta.

are glad such is the case for they are deserving of the confidence and support of everybody that desire square dealing. Attend the primaries next Wednesday afternoon. A special election of this school district will be held at the new store room on the 15th day of the present month for th purpose of relocating school house, size and kind of house to be built, also to nuthoriz the purchase of seats. Every voter in the district snould come and yote, there may de no cause for complaint hereafter. Keep a full supply of everything in our line, and constantly increasing as trade demands.

Also a oouiplete and full line of glassware anil queenswure. ighest market price paid for country produce. Call and see Us. day, but from Monday to Saturday, each day will have a special attraction. The display of agricultural Implements will Practice in State be the largest ever seen in the U.

S. since the Ccutenial lixpOiition at Phil 11IH1I and Federal Courts. adelphia, The premiums in the cattle uud horse departments have been adjus WE WILL 1)0 OUR BEST TO PLEASE YOU. KAL VESTA, KANSAS. ted, added to, and will bring together Hodgeman Centre, Kansas.

an aggregation of imported thoroughbred uid line stock such us the world has plliiiii Hillilili ifiiifiiii never seen. Monday, Sept. 13, has beea set apart for childreus day, when all J. P. Keady.

W. T. Keady, children under fourteen years ol age will 1)0 ad in i ted free, (when accompanied by Ibeir parents or guardian,) and a pony ICeady Bros. -DEALERS IN race and other features nave been arran netl lor to entertain the little folks. The facilities for reaching the grounds have Thk Kansas City Timer keens nhPHd GROCERIES, FRUIT of Kansas 'it y.

tlie most prosperous citv in th United States. The Times uuiMinif is just i omplrted, and is fully equippd with new iierfeelinK presses, new type nnd a HoiiIiIk plant of nnw niiLPhinerv. beeh Increased, and a specially low excursion rale to visitors has beuu made by-all rcil roads running into Kansas City, some of which will run special trains. Hovey Harrison Real Estate agents. Claims located and lands bought and sold.

Insurance and loan at lowest rates. CORRESPONDENCE SOLICITED. Also Dealers in All Kinds of Lumber, FLOUR, FEED PRODUCE. AND CONFECTIONERY. Sylvester Evans, an old resident of Hodgeman county, called at our office on Wednesday of last week.

He always gives us some valuable informatio He tells us (hat a farmer on Sawlog, in the vicinity of Z. D. Connell's place, on Sawlog, dug a well 1 10 feet deep, going below the blue shale, when water gu Heed np and filled the well with thirty feet of water. Id the same vicinity another well was dug and going belowthe blue shale, water to the depth of nineteen feet was reached. Many farmers have dug wells to the blue shales and ceased digging.

The opinion is pretty well obtained that water can be had in abundance by go Tub Times neviT lacs. As a newspaper it The fact is, nothing has been left un ih uoner man evur ami is rapidly increasing fn eirrulation. It rovers all the rirh territory ot whli Kansas itr is tho tmda Glassware Miter, and has no eiiuul us an advertising medium. done by the Fair management that can be thought of to make this the most pleasurablo event ever oflerid to an appreciative public. The Association Is prepared to take care of all who come and it Is no exaggeration when we say there will be each day on the grounds BT MMfc-IN AO VANCE P06TA0B PAID: Dtilyand Sunilyt one $10 OO Iailv tuid Kumlity, six months 00 Mimday, Wwinfi'lftvanil Friday fi uo The huudur limi-it (douldu number), one 2 OA Queenswurc Crockery Etc.

Th Weekly Times, one year 1 OO Blue frout West Main Street. frem seventy-live to one hundred thous A4dni all oomniunioutinot to THE TIMES, Kansas Citt Mo. aathortzed to receive ubaoriife. ing below the blue shale, no matter of and people. For particulars and other DODGE CITY KANSAS what thickness.


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