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The World Brotherhood from Dodge City, Kansas • 3

The World Brotherhood from Dodge City, Kansas • 3

Dodge City, Kansas
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vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv DER STATE NEWS NOTES A Condensed Report of Important Events That Happened In Kansas YSIOAN Pfi. vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvVvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvw AM SEP Lightning Killed Five Calves. Holton Man Fell Forty Feet. Feeding Farm Hands. Every farmer's wife knows what tremendous appetites farm hands usually have; but while they eat well they work well, too.

"Here's a good suggestion about feeding farm hands. Give them plenty of Quaker Oats. A big dish of Quaker Oats porridge with sugar and cream or milk is the greatest breakfast in the world for a man who needs vigor and strength for a long day's The man that eats Quaker Oats plentifully and often is the man who does good work without excessive fatigue. There is a sustaining quality in Quaker Oats not found in other foods, and for economy it is at the head of the list. To meet alb needs, Quaker Oats is packed in regular size packages, large size family packages and hermetically sealed tins (for hot climate).

5 HIS REAL WOE. Taking Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound Columbus, Ohio. "I have taken Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com Norton.

During tho recent storm lightnlg killed five fine' calves belonging to M. G. Gleason, on his farm six and a half miles north of town. Three other calves were more or less hurt by the same bolt, but are recovering. The animals were all in pasture and lying in a loose bunch along a wire fence.

Holton. Sherman Smith fell from a cliff forty feet high at his gravel bank and landed. at the bottom in a bruised condition. He was looking over the top when he lost his balance and toppled over. On his way down he struck a ledge which broke the' force of his fall.

His collarbone was fractured and he was severely bruised and shaken up. Orient Extension. Done. pound a change of life. My doctor told me it was good, and since taking it I feel so much better that I can do all my work again.

I think Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound a fine remedy for all woman's troubles, and I never forget to tell Spend $4,000,000 at Galena, Wichita. The Orient railroad has been completed from Sweetwatar, and through passenger and freight traffic will soon be establish-' ed. The new extension is 90 miles in length. Work will now begin on the extension of the line from San Angelo to Alpine, Texas, where the Southern Pacific will be crossed.

To Sell a Town at Auction. Sallna. The beautiful little town of Galena. The Spring River Power company, the largest furnisher of electric power In the middle West, has just announced its intention of adding four million dollars' worth of improvements to the present holdings. The new plan, including the forming of a new company to be known as the Empire Electric, is to erect a large steam plant just north of the present holdings which will generate twenty thousand additonal horsepower.

This amount will be four times as great as, that now turned out. The company, by purchase, has just come Into possession of a tract of land known as the Rains property on which the new plant is to be constructed In addition to the power plant which is to be equipped with the latest and heaviest Westinghouse material and will construct a steel bridge between Lowell and Rlverton, which will cost nearly fifty thousand dollars. Shipton, located, nine miles northwest of Salina, wil be sold at public auction Wednesday, October 20. Its owner, S. Irwin, a prosperous farmer, intends moving to Texas.

The town-site consists of thirty-three acres The town consists of a few dwellings, one store, grain elevator and a coal yard. my friends what it has done tor me." Mrs. E. Hanson, 804 East Long Columbus, Ohio. Another Woman Helped.

Graniteville, Vt. I was passing through the Change of Life and suffered from nervousness and other annoying symptoms. Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound restored myhealthand strength, and proved worth mountains of gold to me. Tor the' sake of other suffering women I am willing you should publish my letter." Mrs.

Charles Barclay, B.F.D., Graniteville, Vt. Women who are passing through this critical period or who are suffering from any of those distressing ills peculiar to their sex should not lose sight of the fact that for thirty years Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, which is made from roots and herbs, has been the standard remedy for female ills. In almost every community you will find women who have been restored to health by Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.

K. U. Installs a Linotype. "Why so glum, old man? Won't she return your love?" 1 "No. But the worst of it is she won't return the presents I gave her!" Repartee In the Bright Family.

"The newspapers are making a great. stir about men's disinclination to marry," remarked Mrs. Bright. "The Bible saysthere are no marriages in heaven," commented Mr. B.

"And what has that to do with us?" Bright laughed. "Perhaps they are figuring on having a little heaven on earth." Overcoming Tuberculosis. Statistics published by the Imperial Gazette show that in recent years there has been a steady decrease in the number of deaths In Germany from tuberculosis, and especially from tuberculosis of the lungs. In urban centers the death rate per 100,000 fell from 226.6 in 1903 to 192.15 in 1908. Lawrence.

The operation of linotypes will be taught in the University of Kansas school of journalism at the opening fall term. A linotype of the latest model has been purchased and will' be Installed some time month. A. linotype operator will be an' instructor in the school. Millers Make Protest.

SICK HEADACHE Positively cured bj these Little Pills. They also relieve DI tress from Dyspepsia, In digestion and Too Heart Eating. A perfect rem edy-- for Dizziness, Nam sea, Drowsiness, Bad Taste in the Mouth, Coat1 ed Tongue, Pain in th Side, TORPID LIVER- CARTERS OlTTLE WlVER PILLS. 8lHlMH.IlrfllfilJ Many a man's honesty has saved him from becoming a politician. Dike for Atchison.

Atchison. It has 'been announced here that' the government may build a huge dike above the Atchison bridge to protect the Missouri farms from encroachments of the Missouri river and divert the current to the draw span of the bridge. If congress approves the plans the dike will cost $100,000. A report is to be made to congress by Capt. Edward A.

Schultx of Kansas City. A small dike, built above the bridge a year ago, was partly destroyed by high water last spring. They regulate the Bowels. Purely Vegetabla SMALL PILL. SMALL DOSE.

SMALL PRICE. Genuine Must Bear Fac-Simile Signature CARTERS ninTLE II IVER CHILDREN SHOWED IT Effect of Their Warm Drink in the Morning. i A year ago I was a wreck from coffee drinking and was on the point of giving up my position in the school room because of nervousness. "I was telling a friend about It and she said, 'We drink nothing at meal time but Postum, and it is such a comfort to' have something we can enjoy drinking with the was astonished that she would allow ihe children to drink any kind of coffee, but she said Postum was the most healthful drink in the world for Inspects Clay Center Shops. REFUSE SUBSTITUTES, Townsite Opening Newtown of TWO BUTTES, Colorado, will be Wichita Forty-two millers of Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas attended a meeting of the Southern Kansas Miller's Commercial club, which was held here.

They have decided that the Minneapolis millers are trying to work out a department ruling on the 'new tariff 'bill to the detriment of the millers of the Southwest. They say the Minneapolis millers think they can get an advantage if they can get the secretary of the treasury to frame a reduction which will permit them to mix flour made from Canadian whtat and flour made from Kansas wheat and report it under the drawback provision. They point out that the Minneapolis millers are a "cuter" in the law which provides that imported' goods may be manufactured 1 in bonded warehouses and any waste material or by-products thereof may be sold for domestic consumption if duty on the waste material be paid. Bran and shorts are by-products of wheat and the Kansas millers' say the Minneapolis millers are trying to get a reduction which will-permit them to import Canadian wheat, grind it in bonded warehouses and mix it with flour made from Kansas wheat, selling the bran and shorts in this country and exporting the mixed flour and getting a rebate on the duty paid or-, Jginally on the Canadian wheat, under, the drawback section. The millers decided to hold a meeting In Newton on October 28, at which time all of the congressmen of Kansas and the two1 senators will be requested to be present to consult concerning the matter.

A similar meeting will be held about the same time In Oklahoma when the matter will be placed before the congressional delegation from that state. The southwestern millers believe they have found a clause in the law which will stop the practice of "the Minneapolis millers and this will be presented to the congressional Clay Center. John Kleinhans of the state health department, spent a few days in Clay Center inspecting sanitary conditions in this city, at the hotels, bakeries, school houses, eic. After his-inspection he stated that Clay Center the cleanest town of its size in the state of lie said that Clay Center had the reputation among traveling men and others over the state of being a very clean, fine town, and he had found in his inspection that the reputation was well earned. opened October 22, 1909.

Priority of selection determined by drawing. Town surTded by 23,500 acres of irrigated Carey Act and lands, betides vast area of finest grazing land in Colorado. Ground floor opportunity foi every kind retail mercantile business. Full vnr .1111 nllTTff children as well as for older ones, and information on application, me iwu ouuea IRRIGATION RESERVOIR Lamar, uoioraao that the condition of both the children and adults showed that to be a fact. "My first trial was a failure.

cook boiled it four or five minutes and it tasted so flat that I was in despair but determined to give it one more DEFISHGE ecfd VafsrStarsh makes laundry work a pleasure, 10 oz. pkg. 10c W. N. WICHITA, NO.

41-1909. QUICKEST WITH SAFETY trial. This time we followed the directions and boiled it fifteen minutes after the boiling began. It was a decided-success and I was completely won by its rich delicious flavour. In a short time I noticed a decided Improvement in my condition and kept growing better month after month, until now lam perfectly healthy, and do my work 9 Elect Officers and Adjourn.

Parsons. The Kansas State Laund-erers' association closed its meeting here. The last day was saddened by the announcement of the death oi President C. E. Newton's father at Emporia.

Mr. Newton left for Emporia at once. The meeting goes to Wichita next The visitors saw the city In automobiles. The officers of the as In the school room with ease and pleas CURE ure. I would not return to the nerve-destroying regular coffee for any- money." Read the famous little "Health Clas For the baby often means rest for both mother and child.

Little ones it too it's so palatable to take. Free from ooiates. sic," "The Road to Wellville," In pkgs. "There's a Reason." sociation are as follows: President, C. E.

Newton, Iola; first vice president, C. W. Oswald, Hutchinson; second vice president, L. E. Abbott, Concordia; secretary and treasurer, C.

II. Matthews, Topeka; II, Topelia, Ever read the chore letter A evr one appear from time to time. They fire gantae, true, fall Qt bomnn All Drusg'mla 23 cMit..

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