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Macksville Independent from Macksville, Kansas • 1

Macksville Independent from Macksville, Kansas • 1

Macksville, Kansas
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II. PIMEISi i mm '5 Store is duck Full tar Growing Crops rare F.1EN 7 "A DEALERS IN Z-a-uLm-loer, I-Saidwaie, raxm Implements. all lIncLs cf ji AND THE DAMAGE ffl 111 CELLAR TO GARRET- With the Largest and Best TITAHiA Wf FOB LADIES. STRICTLY GTRiCTLV GARDEN SEEDS IN BULK. CHEST C.F3ADH Asserted Stock of General Merchandise Ever.

Brought to Maeksville. Ammunition and Sporting Goods, Table and Pocket Cutlery. ID FBAiE Parties. who insured their growing crops against damage Ij hail last year with the Farmers' Alliance Insurance and lost the crop, received $3.00 an acre, at an expense of 171-4 cents per acre. I will atttend at Maeksville on Saturdays' to receive applications for Insurance.

JAMES 0'UEILL, Aent. For the convenience of parties living East of town, and iq Richland and Clear Creek townships, Wm. Carpenter KTiTrmn of all descriptions, ol an Styles, Whips, Collars, Fly Ms, Sweat Pads. Lar Robes, etc. His Stock of Clothing is as CUSHION and PNEvf.lATiO -TIRES Warranty With Every Wheel SEND YOUtt ADDRESS FOR CATALOGUE Harness Oil, 60 cents per gal.

Former price 80 cents. Lubricating Oil, 50 cts Gasoline, 20 Kerosene. 20 Large as any. in tin County Suits From $2. to $18.00, will receive applications for insurance.

1 OVERMAN'S 1 ri3 I 13 THE PEOPLE'S SENATORIAL CONVENTION, ed. The damasre to property will foot Maeksville, Kansas. Oi-r "OF up about 500,000. On the same night Lira A delegate convention of the People's the little town of Harper was Tisiteu In tti party of the 3(ith senatorial district, consisting of Barton, Kice and Stafford counties, in Kansas, is hereby called to meet in Great Bend city, on Friday, Chicago Market! SXJH.X-JSSID- by a tornado. Several people are reported tilled and a number badly 'injured.

The town was almost totally destroyed. Many ot the people are in destitute cirou instances and assistance has been asked for. 'SLB ant cf nil- and tii-r. no la a fp.HVfil raedicat- nent for dims- fa ef nose, July 15th, at 11 o'clock a. to nomin Big Line ci Dress Goods Flannels, Cotton Flannels, Muslins andlYarns.

His Boots and Shoes Speak Keef Constantly on Hand a Good Supply of Fresh ate a candidate for state senator, and to elect a senatorial committee for the ill I I and Salt Meats, South Main Street. mi. i Jiisin- nto 'he best 3 next year, and to transact any other legitimate business that may come beforo the meeting. The basis of representation is one delegate for each 100 or major fraction thereof, cast for J. F.

TT A OTrSVILLE KANSAS to VVillita for governor, in 1890, which gives iv tk ssat cfiiioe i sfcay-Fevor. 1 prescribe it ia vie' For Themselves Go and Hear Them Talk! E. Turner, the following apportionment: Barton, 10; Pace, 15; Stafford, 10. D. T.

Aehstkong, H. T. Smith, Secretary. Chairman, 1 foi a Will i Any Kind of a Hat, or Mitten You Want to cur Ii Manual, t'inucioa'" i. Tto--3C ol Co 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 i I DEALER IN Staiole arid.

Fa, 0.037- G-xoceEies IDriecL cSc Ca-ec HPlo-u-r, etc Highest market price paid for produce. An exchange produces the following, which is only too true: "Man, borr of woman, spanked by the hired nurse and jerked bald headed by the cranky schoolmasters, and attended with a varied and select assortment of troubles. He lingers on luxury's lap until his parental ancestors fires him out to begin his battle with tho world; he- starts a newspaper, his friends premise to support him but he finds that promises, like three cent lamp chimneys, easily broken. IE he does not pitch into the Prohibitionists, "liberal" patrons cuss him, and if he does, his ''lrgh morality" friends stop the paper. If ho refuses to be sociable with Tom, Dick, or Jack, they will say he is stuck up, and if ho makes intimate with everybody, they will say he is courting public favor.

If he publishes all the news, they say he is getting too fresh. If he does not make personal of every one in town, they feel slighted, and if ho does, he will finally run across some man whq does not h'ke to be personalized, and get bis head punched." Jekey Simpson was re-nominated for congressman from this, the Seventh congressional district, at Wichita last Tuesday by acclimation. He had no opposition in tho convention and will have very little opposition at the polls next November. Full at Line of Groceries, Bed Rock Prices. xln- KANSAS MACKSVILLE, ARE.

20 NiUEHT? .1 Chester I. Loxg, of Medicine Lodge, the home of Jerry Simpson, was nominated on the Republican ticket for congressman from this, the Seventh congressional district, at Kingman last Wednesday. The fight in tho convention was between Mr. Long and J. W.

Jones, of Hutchinson. Mr. Long was nominated on the first ballot. E3TAELISHIED iS63. These are FIAKO HAM alone acts-ate ths tone.

OTHER maker's Produce MM JAYHNXEY, MACKSVILLE, KANSAS a talk and think more about CASES. We have a bv which the felt PHYSICIAN AND DRUGGIST, covering i.HitiAi.NS elastic and uncompressed after vears cf HARD PLAYING. Ad oilier hammers iret AtATTtD DOWN DnnL line an old wlAi i'KL-SS, end soc.i yield Carries a hi Line COUNTY CONVENTION. tinny tone': not u.i;s!c. hirrn "I 1 -f iv The rer.

on vhv nisnr. on the crtiiittv-tus, irifor-n. vi-; a 11 1111s ei. This, the Seventh congressional district, has beea carefully canvassed by the leaders of tho Republican party. Such men as Hallowell and Peters were smart enough not to enter the race against Jerry Simpson, as the knew there was no earthly chanoe of defeating Lira.

They were willing to let that honor go to Chester I. Long. They would much rather see the statpsman" defeat Mr Long than to enter the race against him and be then.selves defeated. 7 ZS Caveats, and Trade-PIarks obtained, and pH Pat- ent business conducted for moderate Fees. 5 jO'jn Omcs ts Opposite U.

S. Patent Office Sand we can secure patent in less time than those 5 remote from Washington. Will attend calls at all hours, from City or Country, Office in Drn Store. OPPOSITE POST OFFICE. Send model, drawijy or with decrin- 4 The following county ticket was placed in nomination by the People's party county convention at St.

John last Saturday: For representative V. M. Campbell was the unanimous choice of convention. Mr. Campbell is well known in Stafford county, having served two terms in the state legislature, and wi'l this fall be elected a third time.

For district clerk E. J. Westgate, of this city, received the nomination on the second ballot. Mr. Westgate ia also well known and that lie will be elected and fill the office in an able manner goes without saying.

For school superintenent E. E. Benefiel was nominated on the seventh ballot. J. B.

Hilmes was re-nominated Stioa. We advise, if patentable or not, free of charge. Our fee net due tilt patent is secured. i A Pamphlet, "How to Obtain Patents," with Jcost of same in the U.S. aud foreign countries 4 sent free.

Address, KANSAS MACKSVILLE, sru vc 'v' Piano is vo 1.. EL) i chosen, pav the fr-i OUR PL-confidence. AND, viLi-thcr; cc We own I Opp. Patent Office, Washington, D. C.

k9 aaiaa tpv i in mi Mi i 1 liilkJOJ "f.ES rv. '5 The observance of Decoration Day appears to have been more geaeral year than on any Memorial anniversary snco the ceremoui.d was instituted. T.cports from all over the north, and from Kansas in particular, show that tho graves of the noble dead were decorated as never beforo. It is cheering to know that while the asperities of the civil war are rapidly vanishing, the nation still holds its I rave defenders in grateful remembrance and remains tmo to the great cause for which they fought and died. AS A rz.

so urSE: people Is the Cheapest Place in 5" SENT for probate judge on the third ballot. Mr. Hilmes is the present probate judge, and so far has given entire satisfaction S3 an officer. For county attorney O. C.

Jennings had no opposition and was re-nominated by acclimation. Mr, Jennings, ,13 county attorney, has faith, fully filled the office for nearly two i 4-, 4 'M .1 li.J i own. to nuv TnEr.E should be no politics in dealing with a petetion presented to th senate, by Senator Hiscock this week. siTied by some of the most prominent oit'zens years, and like the balance of the ticket, is sure to be elected next November. Tin entire ticket is a good one, and one tint the People's party cf Stafford county may feel pronci of.

The convention was a very harmonicas a'air, and everything passed off smoothly. O-cocLs, end. Slioss, THEY ALSO OAHEY A FULL LIiTS STAPLE AND VE PAY FREIGHT If you do no; keep it. We think you will keep it It pleases evervbocv. It is an honest piano.

It is the WING Piano. You may have a preference for some other make. Still you are a reasoning creature, and open to conviction, r.o doubt. The question is too important to of IS'ew York, members of all political parties, calling attention to the ear rr FAITGY GEO0SEIE3, FLOU2. of foreign born cit'tens in New York, and asking that a committee be appointed to inquire into the metlious of these vxWa, conducted by polit'cal bosses, ultii the ail and conoivpnoe of jn.les with elastic consciences.

Neither party ELOW ARE A EWPRICES: Fcr Your Comfort. Travelers to and from Utah will pleased to lenrn that Pullman si ee DOTS now mn fhrnn -h. v. ir' GEOCEHI1 rr.r be settled without due tho-jcht- Years of satisfaction or of regret c-r jr i'cl. 2) Ib3.

Sngar, -ti i. I Uiuv come wita a pie r.o. Does it veer well? The WING 1 Lno does. i "Look before you lean." Dress rials, 'M gai'tfcss of the charge of rj.i-n voters to order by tin's in The more dialen't the attainment rf American ei.Keust'p is made the f.ore hi-h'y it be (l by those lso chtria it. 3 ilv i i i--.

3- change, bctwen Chicago and Santa e. Colorado and F.v Grands Western lines west bound Colorado Spri. gs, and enst 1j-ind Colorado Springs and Denver. The true scenic pleny to ee Mar.itoa and sie'sity. Double daily passenger service Denver Oicn.

cf rrirs.i Snti Fe 7' ticket a for r'srr- In.porte.l I 2 Cms ion.aKvs. OV st 3 poKncl Cmi Orstw. NORTON BASSETT, Agent A TrKiEt, Whatever piano you there are piano secrets vou oucht to knew. Our free bock tells Send a postal card for it. It rzzj you to buy a different piano.

We take that risk. We also tell yen the nearest dealer re-! C2T a WiNGTi-no. Itisv-cr'S 'I, dj "done Fri Vz tin U. fin 1 to ixrt. b'ij rt.

is the rric 21 Z.vz.i:..

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