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The Dwight Weekly Sun from Dwight, Kansas • 3

The Dwight Weekly Sun from Dwight, Kansas • 3

Dwight, Kansas
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A PECULIAR CASE. THE WIGHT SUN. Rockwell OWNS A UNIQUE DESK. An Enterprise flan the Possessor of a Writing Cabinet as Wonderful as Jacob's Coat. Thos.

McNeal, of Enterprise, has a Do ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR. Issued every Saturday from the A. 0. U. W.

Hall Building. Merchandise Grain Co. desk made by A. D. Sauer, of Detroit, that is quite unique, says the Enterprise Journal.

It is composed of 20 kinds of wood and nearly every one has a history. The knobs are of apple and the seeds from which the tree was grown was brought to unio irom KANSAS RAILROADS. What the Statistics Compiled by the Kansas Railway Commissioners will Show. The annual report of the state board of railroad commississioners, which is now in the hands of the state printer, contains some Interesting statistics concerning Kansas railroads. These statistics wf re prepared by Chief Clerk James Senter of the board and were taken from the reports 'of the various lines as submitted recently in accordance with the'law.

A summary of the totals follows: Capital stock Issued and out- NtnndliiK for entire lines Funded debt, entire lines Current llahHttloB, entire Total cupitnllziitltm Total capitalization per mile Total gross earnings Operating expenses Income from operation Income from other Total income Income less all expenditure Dividends paid rnns earnings In Kansas Operating expenses In Income from operation ill Kansas 11.211. 5111.011 Chicago, ltock Ilnil ft I'aclflo Kailwny lime Curd. EA8T BOUND. Local Freight No 32 .08 ft. m.

Ntock Express Ni.08 0:49 p. in. ThroiiKh KrelKbf, No. 06 7:12 p. m.

MhII Kxprexs No, 4. 2-43 u. m. Mull Express 2 1 in. No.

4 dally except Suiitlay nllit. Kansas city refrigerator on No. 08 Wednesday. WKbT BOUND. Local No.

si 5:01 p. m. Fast Freltiht No. 09 a. in.

Fast Pn-mht No. 05 a. in. Mall Hxpremi No. 8 2:00 a.

mr Mall Express No. 1 p. m. No. 3 daily expect Hurduy night, ChlcaRO refrigerator on No.

32 Friday. All trains carry passenger fxiwnt Nos. 05, 06, 09 and 08. 11. 13.

BRADY, Agent. Pennsylvania by Mr. McNeal's 'grandfather 100 years ago jait spring. Ti panels are of hard muple and the tree was saved from a forest fire many years ago by being covered. The mouldings are of pine imported from the Black Every oat, Cape Jacket A Cheyenne County Farmer's Mania for Stealing Harness.

The dispatches of Monday tell of one of the most peculiar cases of kleptomania we have ever heard of. William Altinan, a prominent farmer of Cheyenne county, has just been taken to the state penitentary to serve a two years' term of larceny. The circumstances surrounding Altman's downfall are very peculiar. He now owns a big farm in that county, and has always been regarded as one of the prominent men of the county. In some way he was seized with a mania for stealing harness.

Within the past three months more than twenty farmers have been robbed of harness. It took some time to, detect the thief. Finally Joseph Moore, another farmer, solved the mystery by catching Altaian carrying off his harness. His arrest followed, It was then discovered 'that it was Altaian who had been doing all the stealing, lie confessed that he stole harness merely for pastime. Every time he would steal a set he would take it to his farm and burn it, and throw the buckles and castings into the well.

For this reason it was extremely difficult to locate the thief. Altman declared that he' could not help stealing harness. lie said that it might be a good thing for him to go to prison for awhile; it might break him of the habit. The court gave him two years. His case has excited much sympathy among the people of Cheyenne county.

Forest of Germany. The frame is from a tree from the old McNeal homestead near Marietta, Ohio. The drawer pulls were made from the same stick as was the gayel used by Farmer Smith when ho was speaker of the house. The top See Oudge. of the desk is composed of 14 kinds of wood and different colors and grains Taxes paid In Kansas 175.20 are so arranged as to form pleasing contrast.

In it is wood from Kansas, in the house for Ladies, Misses and Children at Our merchants enjoyed a big trade this week. Columbus Holshouser is still confined to his room. Call and see K. L. Clark's new cutlery and other new goods.

21-tf Discount per cent (The foregoing -figures represent results from the operation of all lines doing business in Kansas, except the Missouri, Kansas Texas and the-Kan-sas City, Pittsburg Gulf, which show no proportions for Kansas.) Number of persons employed on railroads in Kansas during the year ending June 21,497. Paid said employes during the year, $10,225,994.04. Average paid each individual per day, $1.02. Number of passengers hauled in Kansas, 3,703,824. Average revenue for each passenger, See Gudge of the Spot Cash Store for prices in any line you want.

Will Jennings returned to Manhattan Tuesday having severed his connection the Spot Cash Store. Harve Brady is again Totalled as night operator at the depot. T. W. Quinn was sent to Willard.

AN INSURANCE CASE. Get you size for the 1.25. Missouri, Indian Territory, California, Texas and Old Mexico, in addition to the ones heretofore mentioned. In one part of the desk will be seen a bullet shot into it by a flint lock rifle scores of years ago. In workmanship, design and the peculiar combination of woods from which it is constructed it probably has a position without a rival in the state.

Kaffir Corn for Africa. Local grain buyers in Ottawa county have received orders during the past ten days from export grain dealers in New York to purchase large quantities of katlir corn. The seed is to be shipped to Egypt and other African countries. Experiments have been made in the dark continent with various cereals and kaffir corn seems to show the best results. The natives there propose to go to raising it extensively and they have to get the seed for a start in the United States, Kansas is one of the chief kaffir corn producing states in the Union and for that reason the exporters are looking this way for seed to supply the demand from Africa.

The Fifth district is the garden spot of the world, and the wheat and corn center of the universe. Shafer JenkiDs prices are the best. Give them a call. Bound Oak and other stoves for sale cheap at K. L.

Clark's. Call and 1 see them. 21-tf Ed. Boyd had some candy swiped at the depot this week. He also lost a turkey.

Ed. is out of luck; others seem to be in luck. WIFE DAUGHTER or SWEETHEART before the 24th and be happy Average earning per passenger per mile, 2'4 cents. Tons of frieght hauled in Kansas, 13,027,873,873. Average revenue per ton $1.40.

Average revenue per ton per mile, 10.35 mills. Number of tons of grain hauled, entire lines, (1,560,243. Number ot tons of live stock, Number of tons of bituminous coal, entire lines, 7,002,970. The above figures comprise 55.28 per cent of the total tonnage of all commodities hauled. ACCIDENTS TO PERSONS.

Killed Injured. Employes 147 I Wo Passengers 27 Trespassers 285 Others 42 JC.s) Last year 502 Total mileage lit Kansas, 8.774.IW. HE WANTS FIGURES. a urur nrnrri i Mr. J.

W. Kendall, Frank LeBaron and A. C. Castleberry handed us in the cash to advance their subscription for the Sun. Thanks, K.

L. Clark has greatly reduced the prices in her line of roods. Call and 21-t( Subscribe for the Sun which shines for all mankind. Only one dollar a year. Johnny McLeavy was on the Kansas City market Tuesday with a car load cf hogs.

He expects to bring back a car load of feeders if he can catch the market right. Rev. Gregg conducted services in the )t' A. O. U.

W. hall last Sundav eveninsr. INLW UIICOO WOUld make a useful present. The Result of an Important Case in Saline County. A very important case has just been tried in the district court of Saline county.

A Mr. Luner had a policy for $2,500 upon his house and $1,500 on contents, in The Glens Falls Insurance company. The property was destroyed and payment was refused upon various grounds, among them that the assured claimed in proofs of loss that all the goods were his, whereas most of the personal property belonged to his wife and her child before he married her. The court held that the husband did not have an insurable interest in the personal effects of his wife and child, notwithstanding his policy was designated as the "popular form" and mentioned "'family wearing apparel, home fittings," and excluded all evidence relating thereto. The jury found that there was no fraud upon the part of the assured and returned a verdict for something over 83,500 against the company.

It is just such treatment of the interests of the assured thnt has caused the bitter feeling so prevalent in Kansas. The above company's agent wrote the policy, accepted the premium from year to year without discovering any flaw in the policy, but as soon as the property was destroyed an effort is made to beat the policyholder. Such companies deserve to be barred from doing business in the state. Drop in and see S. F.

Utley's new stock of leather and harness ware. 22tf The Sun and the Topeka Mail and Breeze for 81.55 a year. tf Miss Segra Nelson came up from Kansas City Wednesday to 6pend the holidays. Another "human ostrich" has made his appearance in Kansas City. His name is Evans, and he claims to have taught Whallen, the "human ostrich," who died recently in Kansas City after undergoing an operation, "the business." Evans delights in eating nails, granite, glass, tacks, etc.

If he could swallow the Populist party wonder what effect that would have on him. 20 per ct. Discount We ara requested to say that he will preach every other Sabbath evening in the same hall. Everybody cordially invited. on all Novelty Suitings.

a nirnnx; rtimionniiii a hpa Let Those Who are Posted on Geary County Send In the Facts. A Kansas Dooembcr 15. The University Geological Survey of Kansas, working under legislative authority, early in 1898 will issue a report on the mineral industry of Kan sas, covering every product obtained by any kind of mining, smelting1, or quarrying operations. The report will be printed by the state and will be for free distribution, the same as the other reports of this survey. Kansas for years has had an official and accurate report of her agricultural and animal industries.

It is now proposed to make a somewhat similar report of the mining industries. In order to make this report complete in eyery respect the hearty co-operatjon of all interested citizens of the state is S. F. Utley has anything you need to fit up your old harness. 22-tf A nice lot of stationery at the post-office.

Some elegant boxes for Christmas presents. Get your writing paper and envelopes now at job prices. 21-2 Holiday goods at K. L. Clark'6.

She has bought a nice line of cutlery, notions and other goods useful and valuable. Call and see them. 21-tf Largest and Best Stock of Xmas Goods in the City. Repairing neatly and promptly done. ivi enn I unnio 1 ivino i all.

1. Rockwell Merchandise anil bin Co, Master Bernie Quinn is quite sick. Forty pounds of tallow are gradually melting away in the form of a lighted candle. Everybody is requested to Walter Starcke call at the Spot Cash Store and make a guess how long it will burn. A present will be given to those who JEWELER.

Junction City, Kan. guess right. One door north 1st Nat. Bank. An exchange says that a countryman walked into a newspaper office to advertise the death of a relative.

What is your charge? he asked of the clerk. "We charge $3 per inch." "Oh! 6aid the countryman, I can't afford that. My friend was 6 feet 3 inches." WT. G. Swenson was transacting business in Junction City last week.

transfering from the Rock Island to the Katy in White City he had the misfortune to step in a cattle guard. It being quite dark, he received a shaking up which causes him to limp Pure Drugs, Skill, Fair Prices, Courteous Treatment. This is our motto. On this basis we solicit your trade Wo buy but one grade of everything the BEST. Our stock of paints is complete we have all shades and every gallon is sold under a positive guarantee.

Soda Water Cool, sparkling and refreshing, made only from the purest fruit juices. Our prescription department is at all times in the hands of skilled pharmacists. Miss Lottie Forsythe came up from Manhattan college to remain until after the holidays. solicited. Every interest and every locality should be properlyrepresented.

Statistics regarding the larger products such as coal, zinc, salt, can readily be obtained. But statistics on stone, clay, sand, mineral paint, and all lesser products can only be obtained by a generous help from the individual citizens. Each county should also take pride in reporting the productions Blackemithing and Wood Work. Satisfaction Guaranteed. of her own, for to a certain extent it will be injurious to a county to have but fraction of her output included Bo There will be no school during the holdiays.

Will Rankin and Dick Butcher were in Council Grove Thursday. Our valued correspondent from Antelope missed us this week. Snively, the Topeka Paper agent, was in the city Wednesday. E. E.

Rathbone, of Herrington, was in town Wednesday shaking hands with his old friends. DWIGHT, KANSAS. THE DRUGGISTS. Bartell Block, Junction City, Kan. in the report.

The importance of this last statement will be seen when it is considered that these reports will be sent all over the civilized world. There should therefore be a true and definite statement of what each county has actually produced in 1897. VAll not every interested citizen of our whole great state kindly assist me in gathering these statistics by mailing to mo during1 the last week of December or the first two weeks of January a complete report as above indicated. Yours truly, Erasmus Hawortii, Prof, of Phys. Geol, and Min.

U. of K. CHARLES SIMMONS, House, Sign and Carriage Painter. The DWIGHT, KAS. B.

B. Gudge, of White City, is helping in the Spot Cash store this week during the rush. Council Grove's oil wagon was in town Tuesday and tanked up our merchants. Mrs. T.

A. Quinn and daughter, Mrs. Green, went down to Topeka Monday. i Quinn is undergoing a seige of neuralgia this week. W.

G. Swenson and wife will eat Christmas dinner with Mrs. Swenson 's parents at Wanamaker, Ks. C. LeBaron The genuine Round Oak pleases.

See the name on the leg. Sold by K. L. Clark. tf.

Your plants will not freeze if you have a genuine Hound Oak. See the name on the leg. Sold by K. L. Clark.

Last Saturday evening was the election of officers by our Woodmen 4 neighbors, of Sherman camp, No. 635. following officers were elected V. Geo. C.

Boyd; A. J. II. Nichol; E. R.

E. Keene; Clerk, T. A. Quinn; F. P.

Crowell; Otto Beeling; John Myerj Managers, A. G. Keene, C. L. Thomas.

MacCuryear. Dr. B. Breehbill was elected delegate to the grand lodge. Your plants will not freeze if you have a genuine Round Oak.

See the name on the leg. Sold by K. L. Clark. The old year is fast ebbing away and will soon have passed into oblivion.

With the birth of the new jear will be horn many new resolutions. Wouldn't it be a mighty good ide to stick in one among the many of your annexs to those formed on New Year's day something like this: "I will love my neighbor as myself; thpt I will speak evil of no one; that although of a political belief based upon anything to down the Republican party I will, as times become more prosperous, hoard my spare shekels and invest in a patent lightning kicking machine which I will use on myself for voting last fall against McKinley and prosperity." wight Grocery. REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE C. S. LeBaron has arranged to pur-chrse the M.

LeBaron farm that is to be sold on the 29th, and to pay the cash for it, if anybody desires to buy the farm on time. Any reasonable time will be given to a time purchaser. Now is the time to buy one of the very best farms around here. Look after it. 21-2w While in Junction City call at the CAPITOL for courteous treatment, tf John L.

Uptos. Jordon our nay dealers, pay the highest market price for good hay. See them. 10-tf Our furniture department is complete from a baby carrage to a folding bed. Spot Cash Store.

For artistic pictures of real: merit and true to life, see H. S. Day for sample and price. 4w Have yon seen Shafer Jenkins large and increasing fall stock of goods? KAN. DWIGHT It's owing altogether how flip you are with dice as to how much your Christmas turkey will cost you.

Peace on Earth good will to men. Christmas tree at the St. Paul Mission Monday evening. Melvin Kendall is suffering from a mashed finger caused by a well pipe falling on it. Andy Nordeen was on the Kansas Is the cheapest place in town to purchase your Groceries, Salt Meats, Canned Goods, Cigars, Tobacco, etc.

We invite you all to call and in spect our stock and prices. Produce wanted. We have also recently received for your inspection an elegant line of Gents' Furnishing Goods suitable for Fall and Winter wear; also a full stock of Boots and Shoes. Livery and Feed Stable R. J.

GOLD, Prop. DWIGHT, KAS Fine Turn-outs and Reasonable Charges City market Friday with hogs. not, wny not. For Homeseeker's Excursion dates via the Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway, and information of their tourist sleeper arrangement, address G. A.

Mcllutt, D. P. A. 1044 Union Kansas City, Mo. Shafer Jenkins are making daily additions to their large stock of poods.

Lem Kraapf and Wallace Laquel were transacting business in Junction City Thursday. Call and see them. No trouble to show PROP J. L. HOLSHOUSER, good..

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