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The Dwight Weekly Sun from Dwight, Kansas • 3

The Dwight Weekly Sun from Dwight, Kansas • 3

Dwight, Kansas
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Drugs, Paints, Oils, and Window Glass, Headquarters for Mixed Paints, Jenkins Don't miss Shafcr special cut rates on clothing. THE DWIGI1T SUN. IT SHINES KOH PURELY PERSONAL. Squire S. LeBaron was over Bo- Gash Oompany Store man Tuesday.

ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR. Jas. Varner, of Parkcrville, was in town Monday. 0. A.

J. Marks, of Council Grove, us Issued every Saturday from the A. U. W. Hall Building.

in town Thursday. Mrs. M. LoBaron was suitorlng last week from a relapse from her former illness. Our county fair is in full blast this week with splendid weather and a large attendance.

Shafer Jenkins will exchange you goods marked away down below cost for produce, The bagpipes struck town last week Dealers in Orain and Merchandise. You will make money to get our offer on grain. We are in the market. Win. Taylor and wife took in the faL? at Wichita this week.

Agent Brady and wife returned from Enid, I. T. last Thursday. MANAGER. C.

LOWER, County Superintendent Edgerton was present at the republican rally on last Find squeezed "Roy's Wife" and "Highland 31ary" to a frazzle. Monday night. Miss Mamie McGiflin and Mrs. L. P.

If you want clothing cheaper than Chicago, Hook Inland A Faolflo Railway Time Curd. EAST BOUND. Local FrelKlit No. 32 S.Ofl a. m.

Htock Kxprtws Ni). 118 p. ni, Thrown Freight No. 7:12 p. m.

Mall Kxpresa No. 4 2 43 h. m. Mall Express Ho. 2 1 :05 p.m.

No. 4 dally except Sunriny nlgbt. Kansas City refrluerator on No. 98 Wednesday. WEbT BOUND.

Local No. 31 p. m. Fast Freight No. 9fl 2:60 a.m.

Fast Freight No. 05 6:06 a. m. Mall Express No. 3 2:06 a.

inr Mall Express No. 1 3:32 p. m. No. 3 daily expectiSunday night.

Chicago rerrlgeratoron No. 32 Friday. All train carry paHseosers exeunt Nos. 05, 96, 09 and 03. H.

11. BRADY, Agent. tVoufd 'increased' Demand For Sliver. The fujtion of the Silver party whioh believes that under free coinage at 16 to 1 the bullion value of silver would be raised to Its coinage ratio with gold says that this will be done by reason of the greatly increased demand for silver. It is alleged that this additional demand will mako the silver dollar equal in valuo to a gold dollar and that, there-lure, thore would be no repudiation of dubts or loss to savings bank depositors, holders, of insurance policies, etc But while they talk of an increased uso of silver money under free coinage the silvorites do not attempt to show how or why more would be used.

We have now over $030,000,000 in silver money, of whioh almost $560,000,000 is full legal tender nnd $76,000,000 subsidiary coinage. That the limit to the amount of the latter coins that will circulate has been reached is shown by the fact that over $15,000,000 is now idle in the treasury vaults, there being no doinand for it in business. Of the 431,853,041 silver dollars which have been coined only are in circulation, the remainder being represented by silver certificates. Wore it not for these certificates it is doubtful whether one-half of the total coinage would go into circulation, as tho weight and bulk of the white metal make it unsuitable for general use. It must be remembered that under free coinage no silver certificates would be Wilkes attended church in Council Holzsclwlier rer before offered in Dwight or else Grove last Sunday.

where, call on Shafer Jenkins. Issac Keene and wife of Wilsey, -visit ed with Mr. and Mrs. KrappC near town on last Sunday. Go and buy yourself and your boys a good overcoat at Shafer Jenkins at half what you will pay elsewhere.

W. H. Doddridge, of White City, is THE DRUGGISTS, Mr. Ben Swenson, of Antelope, left this week to enter unon a course? of shipping the. Pierce corn which has study at the Manhattan college.

SECRET SOCIETIES, KANSAS. JUNCTION CITY, R. Gold and son, S. Keene and im been cribbed in town, consisting of several thousand bushels. Butcher were among the crowd of good Republicans who heard Charl le -We are Headquarters For Everything in the Curtis last week in Alta Vista.

Equitable Aid Union. wight Uulon No. 500 meets every first and third Weduesday of each montn. Wm. u.

iswrnson, Pres. Miss Bertha Lb Babon. Secretary. S. A.

Sargent dropped in quite un Our Adventist brethren closed a very successful series of meetings on last Saturday night; the attendance each evening being quite large. Ohio township will poll the largest expectedly from Cincinnati, Ohio, on last Friday p. and departed Sunday. Line, Drug While here Gus disposed of 80 head of steers. Sherman Camp No.

035, M. W. A. Meet every 1st and 3d Saturday night of each month, at their lodge room in the school house. Visiting neighbors ulway welcome.

O. K. Day.V. C. T.

A. Quinn, Clerk. issued, all that the government would do being to stamp the metal brought to ANTELOPE ITEMS. Mr. Louis Frist of Herington, visited the mints and return it to its owner.

Under such a system the total amount of silver used as money would be strictly limited to the quantity of coins which go into general circulation. We now have almost $9 per capita of silver at Mr. Amthuaer's last Sunday. A. O.

U. W. Lodge Meets on tbe 2d and 4th Saturday evenings in their hall over Houlshoiiser's grocery store. Visiting brothers cordially welcome. J.

T. McLbaW, M. W. H. Phelps, Recorder.

Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Kalsomines and Paint Brushes. Our Prescription Department is at all times in the Hands of Skilled Pharmacists. Mr. Claud Swain returned from Wa- mego last Saturday money in its various forms. We cannot We hear there is to bo a wedding in use more subsidiary silver, or winch this vicinity in the near future.

a'epublieart vote ever polled in its history this fall. Every day witnesses mew acquisitions to its ranks. W. C. James, from Iowa, has leased Wm.

Waddle's home farm. He will occupy D. It. Kilbourne's lower farm till March 1st and then move on to the Wao'dle farm. Eig ht troops from Fort Riley will be in ian.p in Topeka during next week and wi.U give public exhibitions every day.

his will be a great attraction durin the week. Flack is suffering from loss of hogs by cholera. A. Nordeen lost heavily and it is hoped that Mr. Flack's loss will be light.

There is no other cholera i tnown of in the county. there is already too Nor is it possible to force each man, woman and Miss Emma Knudsen has gone to L. F. Wilkes Post No. 86, O.

A. B. Meets at tbelr post room In the city school building on the 1st and 3d Saturday ot each month lu tbe evening. .1. F.

Thomas, Post Commander. C. L. Thomas, Adjutant. M.

LeBaron Junction City to learn dressmakintr. child to use over $9 in silver coins. The thing is absurd. Indeed it is doubtful whether we would use more silver Master Fred and Miss Bess Tegmire of Junction City are visiting on Music than Mexico, where under free coinage the per capita circulation is but a littlo Run. Has added to his stock more largely than ever before, and now offers TV.

B. C. Meets In pot room In city school building on tbe 1st and 3d Saturdays of each month. Mks. P.

Wilkks, President. Mrs. Will O. Swbnson, Secretary. over $4.

And in this country superior Messrs. Charles and Bon Swenson were visiting in. Manhattan this week. banking facilities make metallic money less necessary than in Mexico. Some of the people of Antelope con The belief that free coinage would template taking in the reunion and mako an unlimited or even an increased festival in Topeka next week.

demand for silver is therefore a delu sion. It should have no weight in the Mr. Peter Itolinan visited at Mrs. discussion of the 16 to 1 proposition. Swenson's Sunday and Monday, returning home Tuesday.

Why Capital Takes to the Woods. Listers, Aermotor "Wagons, Harness, Cultivators, Harrows, "Windmills, Buggies, Mr. Louis Amthauer and sister Miss COUNTY TICKET. Representative J. M.

Miller County Attorney. P. Morehouse Probate Judge John Applinton Supt. Public Inst. E.

Leatnerwoyd Clerk of Dist. Court C. G. Moore Commissioner 1st Dist A. Moser Jr TOWNSHIP TICKET.

Trustee C. Lower John Swartz Clerk J. E. Olson stable, Rosa attended a dance out near Herington on last Monday eve. We never knew until recently that our huckster, Jim Houlshouser, of The da after the election when all the shriek ers for free silver suddenly the untry will feel that sweet blissful con 2nt that comes over a man at midnight hen his tired body at last falls asleep.

We are i a re. eipt of an anonymous elating to more depredators on the chic ken coops in Dwight. In order to insure publication in the Sun the name of he writer must be given. Bear thi in please. We heard a pi omin ent Populist remark last Saturdi vy he might in the course of hum; in events beg bread but never would ask any man for his vote.

How difl. erent from the rest of mankind, and oh, how strange, how true. Dwight, could talk Swede, but he can to a frazzel. Miss Lettie Bailey went to Junction City last Saturday to remain a few weeks. Judge Parsons, of the White City Register, was in the city Wednesday.

A Rock Island special will run to To- School commences at the Antelope Slielf Hardware Cook Stoves and everything else Cheaper than ever before. This is a fact. Call and see. next Monday. Mr.

Emory lloyle is to be teacher. Miss Rosa Quinn visited with Mrs. N. D. Swenson on last Saturday DWIGHT, There seems to be a very great demand for farms to ent.

If owners would leave their name with C. S. Le A Flea For Wood Money. If it be desirable to make money out Baron in Dwight they ould very soon get a tenant from the many who en There seems to be quite a lot of amusements going on this week, consisting of socials, dances and political rallies. It keeps us a hustling to attend them all.

Hubert, Willie and Miss Rosa Quinn visited on McDowell creek last Sunday. Aktelopeii. quire of him for There would of cheap material for the sake of having it plentiful, why not make it of wood, which is cheaper and more portable than silver and which also is not con be no charce for inform ation, either i lit? to tenant or landlord. peka Monday. Due at Dwight at 8:30 a.

m. G. K. Day has been doing some paper hanging at the Grandview Hotel this week. Quite a number of our town people are taking in the fair at Council Grove this week.

Comrade John Sinoote was mustered into the G. A. R. Saturday by L. P.

Wilkes post No. 86. Dr. Breckbill was called to Dickinson co. Thjlay to attend a sick brother.

The Dr. expects to return Saturday, Recollect our Kansas blizzards will soon be here, lie wise and secure some good warm clothing from Sbafer Jenkins which they are selling away below actual price. Several of our free silver brethren together with a sprinkling of Repub fined to a few bloated silver mine own ers for a source of supply? Farmers and Mr. George E. Kyner, the popular chools over county superintendent of in Geary county, was in tov rn day night the guest of Mr.

candidate Mr. Kyner is the Republican 1 which is to succeed himself this fal and Pop conceded by both Democrats ulist in Geary county. Dwight Grocery common sense to the rescue I Let us no longer have free silver, but free wood dollars, for our cry. Thus could farmers and manufacturers afford to pay great wages to workingmen. Why cannot our government place any value it chooses upon metal or wood? Has gold any value except what we and the people of other nations choose to give it? Let England and other nations make it what they choose.

What is that to us? Are we not a nation of 70,000,000 of people and quite sufficient unto ourselves? Let other nations stagger under a golden cross, but let us have plenty of money and liberty. Josefhus Jones. The Sun was ordered ma aled last week to Miss Carrie Le Bi iron, 730 Union street. Emnoria. and to Miss Lottie Forsy the, Manhattan.

These licans went to Alta Vista Wednesday evening to hear Messrs Stewart and Flehurty show up the shortcomings of young ladies are attending c. mege in these Republican cities. Also Mrs. the G. O.

P. S. Lower, Lone- Beach, Cal. he Sun is rapidly reaching out. Durbon Bros, over at Junction City are receiving their holiday lines; have The Republicans of Liberty town just opened up an elegant line of china- ship are going to have a grand i ra Uy at ware, cups and saucers, bread plates, Is the cheapest place in town to purchase your Groceries, Salt Meats, Canned Goods, Cigars, Tobacco, etc.

We invite you all to call and inspect our stock and prices. Produce wanted. We have also recently received for your inspection an elegant line of Gents' Furnishing Goods suitable for Fall and Winter wear; also a full stock of Loots and Shoes. the Antelope school house the might Plant Trees. Should not the good people of Dwight and the people of the surrounding' country, in fact, consider the matter of tree planting? Now is a good time to begin.

The time to quit will never come. Once in a great while through the country a nice growth of trees is found. Note the large growth of evergreen on the old T. A. Quinn place, over northwest.

Evergreens are noted for their slow growth; but on Mr. Quinn's place is a grove that is a beauty and worth more than money. Supposing the planter had never planted because they would grow so slow? Are homesteaders (all of us are making homes) all so selfish as to cheat their own children of the shade and the comforts from the foliage and growth of trees because trees grow slow? It is a', shame; everybody ought to plant trees. In this arid region, once known as the Great American Desert, yet where plant life developes so rapidly and comes to such a high state of perfection when once well started; where barren wastes can be transformed into orchard and forest growth, augument-ing rainfall, retarding evaporation and thus creating natural reservoirs, tree planting and tree culture are most significant. Loads of black-walnuts are grown on the black-walnut trees planted by Mr.

Le Baron on his farm. Thousands of walnut trees are now bearing that were planted by settlers vases that will interest a lover of after the big doings at Topeka. are soma to dedicate the flae, t'aat will fine goods. Call and see them. L.

A. Ramsour, the popular photog- TatlViOt" Alfa A l' L' 'i t.anQiiDaf tlia adorn the County ISuper. 'n tendent Kyner, Hon. W. S.

Roark an elemenev of the last wpk. others will be present and assist in tlu The Silver Craze. Make the people think that wampum's good as gold, Indian arrow heads as well, quaint seashells old, Continental buttons anything, you know If the government should only stamp it no. Make 'em think "the gold reserve" is all sham, And that sllver'll make 'em "happy as a clam;" Make 'em think that Unole Sam oan make one, two, Then you'll clearly push the silver humbug through. But till then I'll think the people will have sense, As they read, to seo through all of this pretense, For the tempting worm you're trolling through the brook Has within it a most dangerous silver hook I Charles H.

Talcott. exercises. Notice will be given of the PROP. J. L.

HOLSHOUSER, wasun able to be in Dwight this week, but he will be here during next week. Please notice Mr. Ramsoar's ad. in the Sex this week. The Rev; David Brook was at Kan Livery and Feed Stable sas City, last week attending the 37th convention of the Diocese of time of holding this rally which will probably be in a week: or ten days.

I The people get terribly excited ovt jr politics, two gentlemen went to a pol i-tical speaking a few nights ago a Hickory Ridge. One went horse back the other took his Httle boy along. After the speaking they got into a dis- -cussion and kept it up till they got home. Tho horse was left hitched to a tree and the little boy asleep in the corner of the fence near by. News- Journal.

Kansas." The Daughter's of the E. GOLD, Prop. of St. Paul's Kansas City, entertained the clergy and lay delegates Eas. Dwight, with a superb lunch, each day the con' vention was in session.

GEORGE E. GUDGE, Undertaker and DWIGHT, KAS. Graduate of the National School of Kansas City, Mo. Has constantly in stock a complete line of Wood Cloth and Metallic Burial Caskets, Burial Robes, Linings and Trimmings. All Calls Promptly "Answered EIJJGANT HEABSE FUKSIS11ED WHEN DESIRED.

Fine Turn-outs There is not a silver standard country in the world in which gold circulates or is used as money. We will certainly go to a silver basis if we try the 16 to 1 experiment Possibly we may scare gold away and go to a silver basis before the experiment really begins. Will some "friend of silver" tell us how this will A. F. Strohl, wife and daughter Gertrude; Mrs.

Jamison and daughter Villa of White City; Mrs. Ziegler, of Coffey now living. Are they sorry they ever and- Reasonable Charges planted? I think not. Let us all plant Even if tree planting is a gift to the future yet is it blessed. "Gifts which grow are best; hands that bless are blest." Plant i us more money, lower interest or I etter times? Can we expect silver to i more for us than it has done for il exico, India or China? B.

BREOHB1LL, M. D. Shafer Jenkins have marked their B. Hotel Depot presume that there has never been a newspaper on this green footstool that mentioned all the local happenings. It is often that some one goes or comes that we do not see.

It may thus happen that the sanrb family will thus be missed several times. They get the impression that the editor does not want to mention them; now this is generally a mistake. When it comes to local news we are anxious to find it and it matters not whether the parties are friends or not. entire stock of gents ready made clothing down to a live and let live figure. I Ivory increase in price checks con- i 1 1 PHYSICIAN and SURGEON.

Over Post Office. If you go uncomfortably clad its your sum ption. reopie Duy less wnen gooas cost more. Decreased consumption meat lessened production, or, in other county, and Miss Florence Strohl, of California, were guests of Geo. Gudge and wife last Saturday.

This pleasant gathering was in honor of Mrs. Gudge's birthday anniversary. An enjoyable time was had by those present, as it was a sort of a family reunion. Shafer Jenkins have determined to close out their mammoth stock of gents' furnishing goods, "boots and shoes. A full line of rubber goods, Ladies' shawls, capes regardless of cost.

These goods are marked in plain figures but realizing the preiient financial conditions we have concluded to cut and slash these goods for the benefit of our patrons. Don't mass this out rate Bale. own fault. Go see them R. Butcher, Prop.

Kansas. WIGHT, Clarence Lower has repaired his plat form scales and is now ready to guarau wordi less employment for labor and capita 1. How will injuring industry J)U. First Class Accommodations. tee exact weight to both purchaser and brrngj Prosperity? GEO.

W. MOORK, PHYSICIAN and SURGEON. seller. Whei i Biz inches make a foot, when diseases of Men's work shirts, both wool and cotton, light and heavy, will be sold eight ou ces make a pound and when a pleasant vacation at Schenectady S. Douglas Brooks has resumed his studies at Hobart College, Geneva.

Ladies rubber gossimers at Shafer Jenkins away below cost. 16 quart) i make a bushel, then 60 cents Special attention given to Children. Dwight, regardless of cost at Shafer Jenkins. See them. will mail a a dollar.


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