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The Hatfield News from Hatfield, Kansas • 3

The Hatfield News from Hatfield, Kansas • 3

The Hatfield Newsi
Hatfield, Kansas
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fSOO.OOO by the present Congress. The wnrk was hvini? the track for the Inshore WIT AfrO fflJMOR. Ii It that no one ean arras Ik Important Decisions. tn the case of the state of Kansa el rel. letty.

which will extend a height of 5 feet flight of time; but who is there wh ft not able to stop a minute? Life, S. B. Bradford, attorney general, vs. the board of county commissioners of Haakell Tke stern of a departing forryboat county, tbe syllabus is as follows: above mean low tiae to rne aisuince o.ow feet to the connection with the jetty commencing at the shore line. The appropriation will also carry the jetty proper a distance of some 5,000 or 6,000 feet farther into the Gulf, makir a complete jetty wall four miles in leajith, which will carry it within two miles of the crest of the bar.

The following proviso contained in sec more polite than that of the other boat It always returns the bow. Sjyrsxjsws Advocate. tion 1, chapter 128, of the laws of 1887, is ot unconstitutional or void. The proviso Or of the main questions of fkt reads as follows: Political. A lively meeting of active Kepubliavcs was hold Monday evening at the office of Mims Keep.

The attendance was large and the interest general. W. R. Hopkins was chosen chairman and P. Toombs secretary.

I. M. Taylor was appointed to purchase 250 torches for the rally of the lGta, and Messrs Jones, Myton aiid Bish were chosen on a finance committee to arrange for the occasion. They were instructed to furnish two dozen flumbeatix. W.

R. Hopkins was elected marshal of tho day. The following committees were choten: Assistant marshals I. M. Taylor, Harry Hubboll, George Semmonp.

Ou" ho semeu J. Coverdale and I. N. It will take about 10,000 car loads ot tock der by United States CoMmissloner" Than-houser, who regfetted the Inability of Mr. Eby to be present, and then introduced Mr.

W. P. Campbell, of Wichita, candidate for aw-ociate justice of the supreme court. On coming forward Mr. Campbell at once went iuto a discui-sion of the peusion business and the president's vetoes in connection therewith.

Following the pension business, to which he devoted half an hour, the speaker branched off to the tariff, settling Mr. Blaine to his own satisfaction in short order. At the close of Mr. Campbell's address a few remarks were made by Judge Martin. Tonight tho program embraces a torch-light procession followed by a speech iu the Opera Hoive by Judge John Martin.

Democratic candidate for governor. age in regard to some men, la ae. What they live on but Why they IWa Provided, That no bonds except for the It is when a man has beenmentiraal to complete the present contract. ine use of clay coro has been discontinued, and the remainder of the jetty will be built of solid rock and the inner portion rip-rap, covered on the slopes and top with block rock, each rock weighing from two to five tons. erection and furnishing of school houses shall de voted for and issued by any county or township within one year after the organization of such new county, under the provisions of the act.

In the newspapers as "one of our moss prominent citizens" that he begin ja stay out late nights. Lift. Under this proviso a newly organized "Did Ton sav Ton were fitting? fn county cannot legally vote for and issue At Ardmore, a town in the territory, bonds in aid of a railroad company within one year after the county ha been south of Purcell, pays the Arkansas City Harvard?" "Yes, I can stand a docat beers already and expeet to make twenty before September." Ibsjf Toptcs. McBe h. On reception A J.

Abbott, A. P. Mark Antony is in the grocery taaV "An irrigating company, Incorporated undf the laws of the state to construct Ioombs, Geo. V. Uiner, U.

J. Jones, H. F. Mason, G. L.

Miller, Charles Aldraeh, O. V. Folcotn, D. A. Mims, Traveler, at a depth of 18 feet a vein of coal was found over five of excellent quality.

Of course this cal will be better at a greater depth. The pitch is toward the northeast and at an 'angle of about eighteen degrees. The crop-pings of this coal has been tr iced along (he surface for a distance of nine miles, ness at Atlanta. Probably ke keepa good stock of taffy and chewing-gTm to draw the Cleopatronaare. BprimOf and operate a canal for irrigation, water Wiley Brown, M.

A. Calhoun ana John field Union. works and manufacturing purposes, has Speer. Edison's agent Wouldn't you lffcjs the power with the assent of the stock On Iiiuitw Ulee UtuD airs unio u. holders, to sell and convey to another irrigating corporation its right of way, canal, to buy a phonograph? It will store of everything you say and repeat ittoyesiv Want one? Omaha man No; got Mullins, Miss Flo.

Davis, Miss Liilian Craig, Mrs. Milton Brown, Mrs H. P. Myton. and with the present prospects no one can personal and real property it the same is tell what the future may bring forth.

One thing is crtuin, the coal will be work wife. Omaha World. Lshers W. J. 13 urges Warn rreston, done goood faith and not for the purpose of delaying or defrauding creditors." Link Fulton, Charles Moon.

T. U. Carter, We have reached the time of Teat 0. R. Jaycox.

lhe state of liansai ex s. ti. Brad when the young man whose income tt That Rifi4 of -Wa? Ttie ntuouipt'd entrsnee into Denver by Uie San'a Ke railroad over the Denver Circle railway or Denver Santa Fe road, hits been the subject of unfavorable among the oituens residing on the west tide ot that city, and long and numerous bate been the complaints euter by them to the city council, condemning the road a public nuisauce. When the Denver Sauta Fe bought the Circle road, aud in turn leased it to tho Atchison, Topeka railriad anil proposed to bring a trunk Hue in ovr those tracks, the residents of that portion of the city rose as a nun, umder the leadrrship of K. Lam-Iwrt, end rested against such actum on ttie part of the Denver Saiit re or Atchison, I'opelca fe Santa Fe railroad, setting forth in their complaint that the Waild'tig of a trunk line in portion of the city would cut 'off mean com-tuuit ation between Waat and Ma' Denver, and materially damage the growing industries and blight the bright prospects no hpes of her stiuiuclieat and most tf.flueniiai citizens, depreciate the value of property owned by a class of men who can aot well affod to have such inroads made apon their homes and in their family cir-les; that the majority of the population that portion of the city wer-j men who wned their homes, and the damage which would necessarily result from the building of a trunk line, would injure the value ot real estate in that locality to the extent of 11,000.000.

Believing that the greatest benefit would 8crue from united effort, the property wners organized under the name ot the West Side Protective Association and appointed a committee who proceeded to investigate the matter a ad inquire into the legality of the right of way. The result of ttat investigation, which was most exhaustive in its character, resulted in the finding hat the Circle road, aa per stipulation in its charter, did not occupy the right of way granted by the city council of Denver at the time of the laying of the tracks, but occupied another street, viz: Third avenue, which they had no right of way. Tne association then petitioned the city council, through its mayor, to compel the Denver Santa Fe Railroad to remove their tracks from Third a enue, and further frayed that the road should not be granted any further right of way other than the flue they now occupied, and that they be stained from laying their tracks upon the original right of way, in view of the fact that they failed to comply with the agreement in the first place, which made the On Transparencies W. S. Smith, Louis ford attorney general, vs the Western E.

Payne, J. C. Kitchen, A. R. McCartney.

Irrigating Canal company. Judgement ed, but to what extent remains for future developments, but the prospects are very encouraging for a large coal bed of excellent quality. The Santa Fe company has considerable machinery on the grounds for mining and prospecting purposes, a limited to 125,000 can send a few flowers to his fiancee without depriving himself of the neoeseitiea of life. 2Jsr Log cabin J. W.

Weeks, J. H. Stevens, for defendent. Sam Preston. per's Bazar.

On children Mrs. Lowery, J. Hartland, 8. Special.

The W.O. Kirch caaie home May from Denver where he had trone to seli a carload of sweet potatoes of his own raining. The caiiiaJ netted him, clear of traveling and all other expersee, $4-i0, and represented the pn duct of a little less than two cres of ground. The cost of rai-iug the two acres of sweet potatoes did uot, Mr. Finch says, exceed 825 rer acre, which leaves a net profit, for the eeanon of $200 per acre.

He raised ten acro of sweet potatoes this season, and the whole patch will do equally as well as those already dujj and some will yield still better. He will ship his entire crop to A number of others in this one equally well on sweet p'1 jough there are but few patiliv-o laie as Mr. Finch's. This will prove to be one of the best crops raised here Veause it never fails to yield and the western market can not possibly be overstocked, but prows better from year to year. Sweet potatoes cannot be grown in the country about Denver, nor in Utah or any of the mountain regions, hence our big crops, which are preferred above all others on account of their fine quality, will always be in demand at good prices.

A direct railway connection with Denver would be a gold mine to this region. Tom Got a toothache? Why 4osrt Lingenfelter C. W. Aldraeh. one hundred horse power hoisting engine, peoples' convention met here on Saturday On arrangements rierceviiie, a.

n. Warner, Geo. W. Wright, E. G.

O'Brian; you hare it ont? Bob -Well, I doat mind having a leg off but a tootk. last. Kendall, Hartland, Kearney and scales, are here ready to be moved into the mines. The coal has been tested by experts and in every case pronounced Sherlock, Q. S.

Boyd, John Speer, M. F. Tom Well, hare a lee osT, Hibbard townships werefully represented, then it will take your mind (be: 44 delegates being present. Lakin and Griggs; Knauston, W. A.

ilopKins, u. Eder. Robert Wheeler: Terry, William of the best quality. tooth. Life.

South side townships were not represented Miller, E. C. Adams, A. L. Ely; Pleasant "Mabel Appleton," the pet of the la The convention was harmonious and the The Democrats supnsed themselves in the size and success of their demonstration Valley, John Fuse John bunco, J.

Derk; Hiarh Prairie. Andy Huls, J. G. Kaisley, following ticket was nominated: Capt. C.Wallace; Plymeil, Geo.

Moore. W. ti. i -x Mr. Tom Appleton of Common weal avenue, was taken Tuesday to Dr.

At Watte and had four teeth extracted aauf the nails of her paws manionraoW on Saturday evening. CThe display on the streets was admittedly a success, but it W. Johnson, of Kendall, for representa Myers; Mack l. U. mun, jamesuraig, tive; F.

M. Kelly, of Kendall, county clerk: UlarS: l)e i oras, ueo. Miner, unas was enthusiastic, only when the U. Uichmond, treasurer; D. A.

An Boston Paper. Allen. hurrah came from Republicans. By accur drews, Register of deeds; W. H.

McCor- 'John," said his wif (they were mick, probate judge; Capt. J. W. lirown ate count there were in the parade 176 A convention held at Ulysses, Grant district clerk; Capt. W.

B. Logan, of lights. The were about fifty boys in it and county, on Saturday nominated the follow Hibbard township, J. J. Clark, of Kendall a sleeping-car berth), "for goodnaaf sake, wake up!" ha-what's feW matter?" "You are anoring so, pa pie will think we're off the track." New Tork Sun.

they were for the best part backers of the ing ticket: township and D. K. Loucks, of deerfield, for commissioners; J. A. of Republican cause to guess from their hurrahs.

In truth there was but but little yel Omaha, for county attorney; Cyrus Rub sell, county supreintendent of schools; W. Skagnrs And so McGswrrie waa eja ling for Cleveland. On the Main street feated? I thought the majority of hfc W. Womnelt Surveyor; Dr. (J.

W. march the President's name was sounded Richards Coroner and J. E. Duckworth ward were his personal mends. Treasurer T.

M. Bland. Probate Judge G. A. Underwood.

County Clerk W. F. Collins. Clerk District Court W. W.

Pierce. Register of Deeds John A. Buckles. Sheriff B. E.

Morris. Surveyor-C. W. Quick. Coroner Dr.

J. H. Lucas. County Attorney T. W.

Marshall. Supt. of Public Instruction Fred Sheriff. but once, while there was general whoop That was the trouble, iney But they thought ho wasn't it for for Harrison. The transparences read, Kov.

H. Honnel, who always eomes to eee us when in the city, says the Larned Eagle-Optic, called on Monday and gave us some items of interest which he had gathered during his trip on horseback of two hundred milea in this and adjacent counties. He finds the corn crop south of the Arkansas much better tiian on the north, except occasional fields. The counties west of Hutchinson on the south office. Tid-BUs.

"Keep therascels out" "Free lumber for Why should people kick because busi Time, 3 a. m. Mrs. Smith Ii Kansas," "Vote for the like. ness men branch out in other cities to make money to bring back to their homes? in deepest black.

Mr. Smith (e I hb sentinel band headed the process B. Brown. County Commissioners H. H.

McNett, There is no reason on earth for it, nor ion and a fife and drum gave interludes ing) What do I s-seer la m-moora ing? For whom for which for what Mrs. Smith I am in mourning fee OJU late Mr. Staita. IsaVfla, There was a fine display on main street. A.

Ewing, George Robinson. The Cincinnati ticket was nominated a week before, and has been published in should it receive any encouragement from any quarter. Take, for example, the well One half of it flared in front of Mixon'i sido can sustain all their population and known firm of Colter, Stevens A Co. On Ihk Sentinel. stock, while a part on the north side will He CIO n.

and the lams tnnoi and was theJemocratic part. Ed Lauck bought a lot of Roman candles for the Republican boys and these were touched off lm, Tt isn't kfc July 3 last, they started a branch store at temporarily seek other fields till spring. Representatives of the Union Labor queer, is it, Edith, that one should fla4 for Harrison in front of Leibfried's party met in mass convention in Good Trinidad, Colorado. Since that date they have received in cash from that branch house Twelve thousand nine hundred The Opera House was jammed when The mortgage busineua would have done little damage had this year's crop come up to the promise of July, bnt even a failure eleotno kisses when ne goes -spare Ingl" She "Yes, queer, indeed, Mr. Standoff, when the lady's aeffatiro ft Hon.

John Martin spoke. He was wild with unfounded assertions in his talk and Templars' Hall, in this place Monday. It was decided not to place a county ticket and thirty one dollars. In addition decended to all forts of demagoguery. He positive.

-Judge. in part evan, has caused many to become discouraged, and of these the Uuion Labor to the cash received the Colorado store has is a plensant speaker, although not in in the field, but to make a careful and systematic canvass of the county in the inter Customer (to drugget) Gimme a big dose of whisky and quinine. TV party largely gather their numbers. Stock been the means of enabling the firm to dispose of a large line of summer goods ooks well, ana irrigation lor luxuries and est of the state and national Union Labor ticket. A permanent county central com which would otherwise have been held maiana.

uruggisi ourrj, iul wa'ra tint ant of auinine. CuitOSSOt certain suppoi is being pushed to the front along the river. At Spearville and good voice, but for his gross misrepresentations and buncomb would be accounted a good political orator. Most of his speech was on the tariff, and he did not fail to bring out the whisky-flask-tobacco-overcoat episode. This brought out a mild over until next season.

Well, gimme the whisky without tk quinine then: I've got to do eesae mittee was selected, and A. C. Wickam and N. H. Smith elected chairman and aerreturv resriectivelv.

The cimoaiirn The interest in the meetingof the Amer thing or I'U die. Aei Jar am. vicinity the great Eureka canal is In practicle operation. He was charmed by seeing rapid streams flowing along the ridges, and new laterals being made in all directions. Next spring will work hiss from one Quarter but was soon drown' ican Coursing Club, to be held at Great ed out by a leading Democrat starting an will be opened by speaking at Pierce ville on next Thursday.

S. J. Ramsey, of this "Ah, Clara," said a young urgaam rafter hosDital hours) as he sank upas Bend Oct. 12th to 20th, is Intense. Grey applause, i he speatcer rehashed thread wonders along this canal, it is a prac bare falshoods about Gen.

Harrison and city, officiating. his knees, "would that I aould gaia hound men and dogs are arriving daily. ticle matter to extend this great enterprise warmly endorsed the administration of One gentleman drove across the country possession of your neartl" "xoo eaa Mr KawWinna "runllari Clara nromntlt. to many other regions besides those re Cleveland. The case of the state of Kansas oa the from Omaha with eight dogs.

Judge Martin and party took an early butblushingly; "and without giving ate relation of the attorney general against Kates of one and one third have been hxed dinner Sunday at the residence of lion. (J einer eitner. ivrm mm. Wallace county and its officers, for the from all points in Colorado and Kansas. F.

M. Niles and left ut noon for Larned. ached by its present main canal, which in its windings from above Cimarron to a point west of Kinsley, is nearly 150 miles long. Its laterals may reach thousands more, and like enterprises will no doubt be inaugurated till the Arkansas river will contract between the two null and void, tie the city council granted the prayer of the petitioners. At this stage of the proceedings, says the Denver JNews, when Mayor Lee was about to follow the instructions of the council, the Denver Santa Fe filed an injunction against the city, restaining them from carrying into effect the orders its council, and City Attorney Shafroth was instructed to appear for the city, while the citizens of West Denver employed Sullivan and May to assist him in fighting tke case.

The case came to trial in the taperior court last week, September 28 and 19, before Judge Roger. The railway company, by its attorneys, lit forth that in the year 1883 the street referred to by the plaintiff in their com-plaint against the railway was a part and portion of the town of Fairmount, a town-ite Incorporated under the laws of the state of Colorado, and being now subjoined to the city of Denver the plaintiff as-. tames the obligations and responsibilities of the town of Fairmont that they legally taad lawfully occupied the street aforesaid. At this juncture the attornys for the city of Denver brought evidence showing that the year of 1883 what the defense purported to be the town of Fairmont was in reality aa addition to Denver and therefore portion of it; that the county commissioners of the county of Arapahoe did not 2 any time previous to their occupancy of street refered to grant them right of way, and, indeed, were not vested with Ben power or authority that the property 1 i reality belonged to a corporation known and styled the Denver Land and Improvement company, and that a meeting of the board of directors of the, company had aever been called for the rpose of granting such right of way, and that were even uca the case, the permit to occupy the street by authority of the Denver Land and Improvement company was not legal, inasmuch as the street was the property of ae citv of Denver and under its immedi purpose of having it adjudged an unor Hothlng else Is so calculated to i a man's iTmnathias as thesilfht The club nai secured the services of Fred Nash of Detroit, Mich, and of R. D.

ota ganized county, was argued and sub Judge George D. Orner returned from Williams, of Lexington, as judges. young man's painful effort at anooa-ecrn -whila ha is acratohins his brow mitted on October 3 in the supreme Rabbits are more plentful than eyer and Topeka and Kansas City yesterday after be utilized to its utmost capacity, not court. Johnson, Martin a Keeler re a grand big meeting is assured. only in its surfrce flow but iis deeper one noon.

He spent several days in Topeka last with the hand with which ho woalt hare tipped his hat to a young lad aha hadn't out him dead. Judge. in the lower quicksands. week among the old soldiers, and on Sat presented the plaintiff and Thomas D. Hamilton, G.

C. Clemens and Wateia, Itev. Honnel tells us that he made the Last Saturday evening between 9 and 10 urday evening addreseed a large Republi trip spoken of above for the purpose of 'How much of that 110,000 hava o'clock the agent of the Prairie Lumber Chas Tilotson the county. Both sides loosing after tne interest ot ms mission can gathering in Kansas ity. He takes a very aright view of Republican prospects have leave to file additional briefs by Company came up street to mail a letter.

work, and on his Indian pony Jesse. The pony has a history of wonderful adven October 17, but the case was submitted, throughout the country, basing his opin Upon his return he found that same one had entered it during his absence, gone aow, George? You only got it two months ago, yon know." Well, I had $8,000 an hour ago, but I don' knew how much there is left sow." "Whyr "My wife has jnst gone en' a shopping expedition." Nebraska State Journal. lures. He is a beautiful bay, about half the size of a draft horse, and for eight years has carried his rider in his mission ions on letters he has seen and received from prominent men In and it is hoped, fro the great interests involved, that an early decision will bo reached. through the moaey drawer and safe which had been left open, but found noth both Indiana and New Tork.

He work, having a record of over thirty thousand miles. Two of the trips across 'Have too. kert track of young- It appears in short that Wallace cjunty ing, ine thief entered by window which had been left unfastened, and went says that In Indiana the Republicans the state and back, with side lines make Baboony lately? At the rate he'a go was organized In 1888. It is elaimed have never befoiebeen so enthusiastic and each a thousand miles. Many churches out through a door on the other side.

have thus been started far away from There was no money in the building at the ell organized as they are at the present that the organization was fraudulent, that there were not sufficient inhabitants railroad lines. time. ing on be 11 soon do senousiy moor, rassed." "Embarassed? Nonsa'siot You don't know the man. He asked me for a loan of a hundred this moraine without the quiver of aa eyelid." -Life. time, and those who are well posted in the state feel confident of carrying it for Har to organize it.

Several times after its organization it was treated by the legis- The Chicago, St. Paul fc Kansas City During the procession Saturday nigh rison by 30,000 plurality. As to New Irture as organ zed. some one fired a rocket from tho east side Railroad, formed within the last six month In May, 1875. it was again recognized from the Minnesota Northwestern and of Main street which went through one of "Aw, Cholly, have yen seen Awlgoa.

eon this morninff?" ChollT (ia a husky as a valid organization by the legislature establishing a court in that county. Later York, in a conversation with Dr. McGlynn that gentleman insists that the electorial vote of the empire state Is sure for Harrison, and the only question now is that of the Central Iowa lines, and commonly the windows of the "Iron-clad" building whisper) "The pooah boy ia dead in the year a suit was brought the supreme court to disorganize it on account on tbe corner of Main street and Grant avenue. In a minute the interior of the known as the "Diagonal line," is now represented in Kansas City John Christion, ate supervision and control; and at the time mentioned by the defence, when the original right of way was granted by the eity council of the city of Denver, there was no record made of the "yeas" and "ny" or any record of the vote at all; of its fradulent organization, an agree majority. He says It has now passed the "Jjeadi ny, oia cnappy, wn tins him, aw?" "Nervous shock.

Doal ye know, he bought a suit of elothov and the coat didn't fit." Lined the commercial agent of the company. A room was in a blaze, and a number made ment was had among the attorneys that a 50,000 notch and predicts that it will reach judgement disorganizing it should be en' ninty-nine year lease lias been obtained by 75,000. ne belives it to be a life and Journal. this company of the track of the Wyan tered. It is claimed that mis was done at the instance of the Kansas Pacific to a rush for tbe hre department, but no alarm was turned in.

Constable Bowser took in the situation, ran up stairs, and soon put out the fire, without further as death struggle with Governor Hill, whose Wifa fa finafianA. wka has BOSSl dotte Northwestern Road to obtain defeat means political death. It is con escape taxation, and that the supreme and at the same time and at the same meeting there were spread upon the mln-utes of that meeting no item or paragraph felling who was present and who was absent at such meeting, and that therefore the vote taken at that time was null and connection with Leavenworth from Kansas sistance. ostensibly to church) I was so sorrf not to go with you this morning, John, 1 court simply entered the judgement, witn- ceded that Cleveland and Hill cannot both out inquiry or suggestion as to the purpose City. It is intention, howerer, of the directors of the rcuo ai a branch be A young Kepubliean of prominence on but! resiiy aianj ieei ooio.

nwi there many there? Husband No, the carry the state. If Hill carries it he will be the leading presidential candidate in "void and the right of war illetral. Saterday night bet a young Democrat of tween the two d' hir short time, or motive. Subsequent to this Judge Osborn was enjoined from holding court there, in proceedings had in the supreme court, and under a state of pleadings it is claimed, which would have had the same 1892. Thus it will be war to the death grandstand was only about nan or 0.

yes, a fair congregation for ha prominence as follows; That Harrison At the conclusion of the argument by the attorneys for the city, Judge Rogers took the case under advisement and so it between Cleveland and Hill, aud the Re and to I f- ttensio from Kansas City to i.r. Lastwefk a branch will carry Indiana 925; that Harrison TOSt. publicans will carry the state. effect, if it had been Shawnee county. was opened via Conception, to Oma will carry New York 25; that Harrison will carry Connecticut 25; that Harrison will carry New Jersey 825; that A consignment of Democratic eandi- The Richfield Republican reports the ha and St.

Louis. The terminus is at St. Joe, and cars are there from sfetM and politicians reached here from following: "The people of Richfield and Harrison will be elected $25; total $125. Then the state on the relation of the attorney general commenced suit in Trego county against certain officers of Wallace county; to oust them on the ground that it is not an organized county, in which suit the county was successful, and which judgment it is claimed was obtained by vicinity probably remember well one Dodge City at 1 o'clock this morning. this over the Council Bluffs road.

The company now covers all points on the Missouri River from Kansas to Omaha and all points beyond. The Pacific coast bu iness 1 he det was not the result of a heated argument, bantering or bluffing but a A. Booth, a somewhat erratic individua T1 party consisted of Hon. John Martin, quiet wager to back up opinon. candidate for govenor; Judge Campbell, is camea on over me ortnern ana iana the cullusory conduct of an attorney.

sftadidate for associate justice of the Su who came to the city about a year since and remained through the winter, then going over into Colorado where he ti ed on dian Pacific Roads via St. Paul and the In a matter submitted to the board of Union Pacific by way of St. Joe and Coun In 1879, thj legislature passed an act declaring by the first section that the cil Bluffs. This line, though new and county was not organized bnt further on railroad commissioners by the mutual agreement of the Union Pacific and the premd Court; B. J.

Colver, of the Kansas City Timet and Hon. C. K. Holliday, Topeka, who is on his way to his post aa secretary to the United States a claim and where he has been since. The report was brought in Wednesday that he comparatively unknown is rapidly spread' weather.

Neu) Tork Sun. Mr. McDude What a woadsrttl thing is space. Miss Ethelt Tho Immensity of it quite fills my brain. Mis Ethel (sarcastically) So I should laa agine, Mr.

McDude, from the naturae your conversation. And a blinarC stood between them during tho fs mainder of the royage. Ocean. "J-John, d-dear," she sobbed. "d-dl yon over think how near death is to aSf Wh-what would you ever d-do.

J-Johs if I should d-die?" "Well," said Joha, musingly, "I don't know aa I had era thought of it before, my dear, but aow you speak of it my first impression to that I should, bury 5omensO Journal. A man out West fell ia a dead rain the other day and the people though at first that It was heart tieeea Afterward the man recovered, and was found that ho had sent far plumber the day before to do a litCU anil tha nlflmber had OJOSM ing its branches throughout the temlnrv Chicago, Kansas Nebraska Railway com had been shot and killed at Boston, Colo. in the act required suit to be broubht to determine whether it was fraudulently or-ef'ized or not. In two subsequent rears ti legislature established courts there' west of the Missouri. Among its plai by another man.

The cause which led to panies, by whih it is sought to determine and fix the liability for a collision of the legation at Venezuela, and tho local committeemen who wnt to Dodge to escort the victors here, namely, Hon. S. Than- the shooting is said to have found its ori when it should be organized. set fourth in its charter, filed nearly years, is a system in Kansas, embracing several important lines, including a branch through this portion of the country, and through Finney county. trains of the two companies named.

gin in Booth too great interest in a The county of Wallace and the city of woman who was the mistress of the mur Armstrong, on June 11, 1888, resulting in kouter. L. Alexander, L. C. Martin and Wallace are at present floursbing and derer.

Booth always seemed to have need a county organization. Back of this H. 3. Boyd. coLstitutiooal weakness In that direction injuries end damages to their engines and cars, the board finds that the two railways litigation it is claimed by the county, is The friends of Syracuse in Hamilton Judge Martin is the guest of Mr.

Than-kooeer. Mr. Holliday of Hon. Walter But It seems the public was not wholly against him, as the report says his mur the fine Italian band of the Union Pacific to destroy it for ecunnmic reasons. A should bear an equal part of the damage, derer was taken by a mob and hung.

county met in peoples' convention at that town Friday and placed the following large amount of testimony has been taken Claary, and Judge Campbell and Mr. Col Probably the community had no use for tv. of E. L. Alexander.

For years the organization was kept.up; deeds recorded, marriages celebrated by its any such men and made the murder of one Thb Sb5TT2el ought to hare said yesterday in fefering to its delayed letter from Tne meeting at Dodge was a rousing man an excuse for disposing of the probate judge, scrip issued, and if the punctually at the time he said ha w3, Somerville Journal i eve, so the Democratic boys say. Lakin that it was not the fault of the county organization is set aside it will A areat manT men liviir fa uutettle many things. Shortly after 1 o'clock Tb Suttksi. poetofSce here. A number of Thi Saw Mrs.

Mary Arnold, the old lady who fen from the wagon into the irrigating The case is full of matters of interest eountry hare whitewashed atonal Tin el staff can roach for this. Band made its appearance on Main street and rendered a number of selections, after and certainly of great importance to that ditch a few days ago, died in the city county ticket in the field: Representative J. W. Bishop. District Clerk W.

H. Humphrey. Probate Judge M. Dunlevy. County Attorney George Gitty.

Superintendent of Public Mise Lizzie Culver. Cimmiasioner 2nd district Wol- mer. Po'itically, it is said, the ticket is pretty evenly divided. The clerk and county attorney are now holding the same etleee. and were renominated.

people. yesterday evening from her injuries. vkich it filed into the open house, which Profrwor Robert Hay of Junction City, the sides of their roads that they WTJ i know just where the roads ere la Co dark. Some of them who onto heart lata from etty club would add to that? faneral safety aad eomfort if tV-y1 would here tho aawso aoad wt- I he old lady was 78 years old. The The work of making Gal ye ton a deep water port commenced on Wednesday is engaged in gatnenng facts for an article on coal, gas, and alt bore in Kan funeral will take p'aee tomorrow ofteraoon kftd been very tastefully decorated for the cession.

The first loor was toon comfortably filed, and after another selection at Zo dock, from the residence of her sas. He Ends that ever 1154,000 has morning on the extentionef the Govern laAIWa. daeg htar Mrs. Jesepkine Iranr. Vt tke mk tne nteetrnf tn caiMI er- sent jetty work nnder the apvTOpriatien ef erpeasTee! la sk keies..

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