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The Inman Independent from Inman, Kansas • 3

The Inman Independent from Inman, Kansas • 3

Inman, Kansas
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Miss Ada and Mrs, Monroe Sample, The Odd Fellows will have a public LOCAL NEWS. of Medora, were shopping in the city entertainment on next even Nl Hi INDEPENDENT. last Saturday, Chas Cade of llig Lake was in town Wednesday. Notice-Do not insure your prop I'DJtNITUltE. (JARPETP, Guaranteed to represented or I monsy rt- Scv funded.

1 ALL HANDo? wVj MADE and fs A BEST OAK Af illl a i Bear us in Mind AW-' it Ha when in nkkd of anything in If wVWv v. II rt i i ing at the school building. The programme is not completed consequently we can only give an outline. The Lodge and visitors will march from the depot according to the rules of the order, headed by the Inman Coronet Band, to the school house, the evening will be iutersperced with music, rec Did you receive any valentines. S.

A. flusn was In town Wednesday. When are we going to encorporate. Jas. Garrison is working on the section Marquette, has seven secret socletias.

erty against Fire, Lightening or Tor- SILLETT CLUDAS, Raniltr teed. until you have consulted our Local agent II. C. Sillett, The wheat, corn and stock market State Insurance Co. Chas.

Follows the genial Tubs has been very brisk this week. itations, speaking and tableau. The procession will start as soon as the John Pankratz has a large force of player iu the McPherson band is now men working on his cellar and building. evening passenger train has arrived. eleotrian for the electric light plant.

There ia a considerable conflabbery S. A. Bush was up to the Hub Henry Delfs was in the city Wednos- about fuBion maong the political partis Notice to Subsct.hikks: It seems near impossible to mail your papers without missing one or two each week If we are to escepe the winter of 92 day To avoid this we well place a few ex Next Nonday is Washington's birth. it will go down on the pages of History as one of the mildest koown to it oldest inhabitants. -Dry Gmd and Clotaing-.

i PERSONALS. N. It. Carter, was a caller Wednesday. W.

J. O'Neil, of Grove-land was In town Thursday. J. I). Ediger, transacted business in town Thursday.

David Nickel and wife was up from Uurrton Wednesday and Thursday. D. H. is in the butcher business and pleased to state that he is prospering. Miss Greecwuy of Hutchinson is visiting1 Mr.

and Mrs. Theo Perner. "Farmor" Smith was iu, town Saturday. NqbU Murdock may havfe dav. tra copies with the Postmaster So when we have missed you just speak Johuny Caudle was in town Tues to him and he will hand you a copy, J.

A. Lynn formerly principul of he Superior school clot-ed a very sue day. cestui terra nsar McPherson. Mr-l'hersonhada small fire Monday, It is not our wish for you to miss your paper, therefore we take this plan. Always, when you have been missed, ine property was insureu.

The two Johns was ti: to fee 9W4M: 1 11 1 H' ti I ud Mo VASV Il BEDROOM SET, PICTURES oy BUY If FRAMES, TRUNKS 'Vy direct 11, AND VALISES. jyr THE 0 MANUFAC-i 1TB jT II AND1 ffln We ah carry a full line of save three! dsdertaieis M. K. HOLLAR, o- Hi First-Class Carpenter Swp in Carpenter and Painter. Connection.

tN.MN, KANSAfc Ml N. W. Bridgens was at our county Saturday Hambricksnd Ciindle. inform us of it. seat Tuesday.

The Misses Kingley's of Little We are gl to state that Mel ward John Weisthaner bought 1800 bushels Valley Nownship was in this city Eakins is improving. of wheat Wednesday. Honest is been a farmer and stone mason. But a rustler and is one of the best business CharleB Dauber was a plensenc call we have never Been him wiih blue overalls as was Jihe 'Farmer" men in the county espeeily the squarest We notice by the McPherson Repub er Sutnrday. Chas left us the for lican that there is a letter directed to his second years reading of the Indk' fENDJiX'T.

Miss Emma Bitcholtz remains uncalled for. Huoton of Medora was delivering wheat in town Wednesday. N. It. Carter, was in town Wednesday, and of course made us a call.

We liaa the pleasure of receiving a call from It. Hutchison. Call again J. R. Billy and Senate Young, have been working at Galva part of this week.

John Pankratz has receive $1000,00 worth of new goods, Groceries and Ml We see Jack McFall and Geo. Mi REPAIRING OF ALL KINDS NEATLY AND PROMPTLY DONE. Sprague is again lodged in the uer hjldimg soma what of a priva te Qrv. W. A.

LYON, McPherson jail, as stated iu another conversation Tuesday, from what we part, of this issue Sheriff Freeborn went could understand it was in regard to to Stafford in answer to a telegram and 3DBTINST. chickens. ASCHMAN CO. ifter arriving there the person held there was found to be Sprague. 207 NORTH MAIN ST We have purchased new type and employed more help and now we propose to place before our readers one best local papers in the county, and as to "enticing oilers" we have arranged with the publishers of all the leading papers of the United States.

We can furnish you papers of any creed, agricultural, educational, or scientific an a greatly reduced rate. As we have not the space to numerate them, one offer we may announce is, the Iowa Home-ktead, (a 24 page agricultural paper,) Toi'eka Capital and the Lndkpfn. devt for 2,00 per year. The Lindsborg News is complo I lit Over City Pharmacy. meuting Inmah on her success of cot- The Medora correspondent to the 15 'r Mcl'lll-IiSON.

KANSAS' ting an elevator Bro. Eberhart we Fred Goeller and Henry Knacksteadt made a business trip to McPhearon Wednesday. review, and with the assistance of its proprietor have gotten up a few lines that they point to with pride. I'oor have ono elevator and one under con W. YOUNG, struction is the second.

Wnnted: Farms to rent. little polluted fool, he has to aeknowl etijfe that he is not mentally correct. mm. H. O.

Sillett assisting Pankratz PlCTURli '1'BAMS. John Schrader of Buhler is on the stone work of John cellar. BEDROOM ETB. wauon making rRnairinKo'' nil kind. Shop Cor.

Main. Communicated. Brother Willard Thomas, wil for the Christian Church at Gr W. S. McKiuney of Little Valley was in town Saturday.

and btf 1 preach ivcland Station, for the ensuing year, comeuc JEON DEPP, John Weisthaner our "rustler" slopped 2 carload of hogs to Hutchinson Tuesday, ing 21 18D2. Preaching the third PUBLIC SALE. W. L. HAYDON, Sunday in each htorilh.

All are cor School Keport. big lake. Pupils enrolled Si i Avarage attendance 40. ShifciteBS ha1 caused much insularity and tardiness. Pupiles still contiue to be earnest in their studies Seven scholars passed the Midterm Notary Pablio dially invited to attend.

-DEALER IN- the undersigned will sell at public Messers Klopfenstein, Weisthaner Writes ami iicknou ledges Deeds, Mortgages and Affidavits. ve would intorm the iuodora cor sale, at niv residence '2 miles north of irnes and Sillett attended the I. O. O. respondent to the review, the corres INMAN, KANSAS Lodge at Hutchinson Tuesday evenin examination with good grades.

Nettie poudtnt the Indhpexeant may be of hi 25 the fair sex an I knows right from mmm akchobc- 1st Bill 3cft tOi, ColU its. wrong, more in one minute than you All the members of the I. O. O. lodge at this place are requested to bi present and participate in the pa rade.

Dry Goods, Groceries, -Clothing, Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, Notions Etc. l'Hi'fieBt market price paid for pi rxluco iii exchange far goods." The following described property: 6 Head of hows, consisting of one .1 in a.l of your lifetime. year-old horse; one brood mare 9 years old; one span of Xormau mares II W. K. Cary of Ualdwin Kansas rep resenting the King Cactus oil liniment and 4 year old; one span of mares Our village blacksmiths sire having lots of work at pesent.

The farmers are getting their implements repaired up for spring work. Co. was in the city Wednesday even hi Bridgens ave 90. Five will take the preliminery examination for County graduations to be hold Feb. 24 inst.

The Jeff aaonian Society has exnlted a number of good programs. Wash iDgtoa and Longfellow's birthdays will be oelebrited this week. grade Edna Pucker best iu musclar movements iii writing and rndimenta of vocal music. J. 0.

Cade beat in finger movement. Best eeseys Emma CollenB and Carrie Kil linn. In Grammer and History, vear old; 15 head of thoroughbred Mr. Cary en forms us that he has sold shorthorn cattle, consisting of 5 cows, 1S00 gallons of liniment in ten months (will be freKhsoort, with calf by thor- J.J. KLASSEii.

'i, LV- ill, mrhbredbull) 2 twe vear-old steers; 4 A 1 1 Hi f)ur boom seems to have come to steer calves; 1 two-year-old heifer; wmmmmmm tiiv, it, runirtred that, a two-stor, On account of the bad weathCr the work on the foundation of the new elevator has been shecked for a time work will commence agam next week. DEALER IN heifer calves; 1 bull calf 11 months old brick building is to be erected in the (elegible to record) hogs; (poland china near future. 12 brood sows (all bred to pedegree 1 iu Minnie Stansial and Mary Nuby In Geography and Anihraatic Bert Stan Just received a nice line of Dry tloods. Prints, Ginghams, Cheviot tin boar) iZ sow shoats; oiu wason'; double set hsrness; 1 buckeye mower mm eel In grade Harry Hull and Ning Carter and L. P.

Blancet, returned from a two weeks overland trip to Oklohoiua. Ning says he is well pleased with the prospects of Oklahoma. 1 deere corn planter with cheeh roWer Robert Bridgons are thobest through entire grade. Cora Nuby seem and manv other hangs too numerous to mention. In grrde class Cesaie Cade Dress Goods and Trimiugs etc, at Hauions.

Mr. Win. Harry of the Kansas (irain and live stock Co. was in the city Wednesday. If you want to 25 to 35 per cent oil purchasing your goods go Building And Well Rom" FOR SALE CHEAP.

and Enoch Packers. Class Frank TERMS OF SALE. and Cossis Stunsel. Visitors this term Several of McPherson's hoodlums raised old Ned last Tuesday night. The marshal was without avail.

Thev cut A credit of ten months will be given 40. Best deDortment this torm EUa on all sums over $5. $5, and uudi- the lectric light wires and leaving part to Eassler Bros. They will sell you Collins. It.

N. l. cash in hand, iu'r cent discount for of the city in darkness. essh. A bankable note will be requir ed, a rebate of 4 per cent on all note The Moit Original Stove of Modern Vines! An Open or Cloied Stove in an instant at will.

Rich carving: and modeling! Beautiful art and portrait tiles in colors! Automatic blower! Lavish Nickel decorations! IWiccd to unaftectedbyheat. Safety hearth fender, with handsomely carved nickel foot-rail attached. The acme of ingenuity and utility. Absolut i safety and absolute cleanliness with an open grate fire. A powerful heateT of great capacity and economy.

Keeps fire over perfectly. Creates a sensation wherever exhibited. Nothing to equal it. Each atove guaranteed to give entire satisfaction--. The most brilliant and elegant creation in Franklin stoves.

A sanitary heater with chcerfuVness and solid comfort, TERSTCCCE, COHMANN CO. Manufacturers, Louisville, Ky. paid on or ueiore August y.o re bate after that date, Xo property We would be glad to receive weekly communitation from Monitor, anyone wishing to furnish ns items from that district can get the stat ionary by calling at our ollice over Rasslers store. piMETONft- be removed until "iVrnis of Sale" have been complied with. ODY swings independent from tne (rear or axlb, making it absoIuU'lj frco from horse motion.

GunrmteRd tn riAa aa pnv -is mv fmii.vhnni..i We tall the attention of our readers this week, the large display advertis-ment on the supplement of Ilassler as found in this issue. They have received worth of winter and spring clothing. J. S. GRAVES, M.

D. Pliysician imd iiron. vehicle. Gear all steel and wrought iron. Sontran hp.

rnicnrl nr lnwprn The Medora" correspondent'' to the review says; "When your eyes get tired reading the Independent soak them with barb wire liniment." The com-positon of the above article is nice is'nt it. Young man, you should have your pa look over your few squibs before you 'send them in for publication No doubt barb wire liniment would be good fur the eyes, especially your own. Again it would take anenormoue supply of liniment if their eyes should get tired, as we have several readers. At this nate we have 6:35 readers of the and 4'J of them renew-their subscription for another year That accounts for their eyes getting tired. You are too small a fry for us lo waste space on.

out removinfj bolts, so as to adjust to heavy or lifrht weipbt The best looker, the Easiest rider, and the best eellinR vehicle in the world. Manufactured ly Th teuckeye Cart barlMin Contraction eorond by Tea dbtltwb Mtcnt elttims. nt to manufacture tor prioea aedtornli, BucksyeCart Co. Coarlarton.K S. JO's Uuva Store.

S. OniVk's A INMAN, KASSAri L. HYDE, THE BLAIR. a dollars worth if goodn which you cannot buy any whore else less than 1,25 The only way to ascertain is to test their marits. Come ot come all tied see for your self.

Mr. Nelson and Brcse Eukius took loads of furmture to Lindnborg for A. L. Clnreon. Wm Montgoraeiy wo in the city edn'esday evening.

Lou Jones of McPiiers ui wuh in town Thursday. T. Watt Grovel rtiul Center was the city yesterday. Haydon pays the highest market price for butter eggs and in exchange for goods. Bros has ordered 50 eases of shoes.

Rassler are the leading clothiers Of this city. Hitlf Car load of furniture at Asch-mans Cheep for cash. Crambarries at Hayon's. Kussle Bros, havt received large stock of Hats Cups Boots Shoes and Dry Goods and Clothing. Which they sell cheaper than any other store iD the city.

Fred Hoefer wus np to ike Hub Monduy. If yvu wailt a "g6od suit of elothi go to Haydous. Chas. Rasslers watch was stohsii one night this week. Upon it was that one of the "boys" had it but gave it up without any resistance.

Charly was much worried at lirst but soon caught Plasterer on to the joke and laughed with the PIVASTERI.Vfl, KALSOMININQ "CHIMNEy ballance of the boys. bliluiu; (kmax, Kansas, Dud Xew Rev. Hartsock's right hand -Optical all-kinds. ftlSPAlRINtl OP CLOCKS Zi JKWKLRY LIVING PLU CKS MUSICAL ISTRU ill' NTS. j- 3-ALL WORK (JVR P.

G. KRCEKEP Tucker. Drs. Tukcer A. H.Hobinson.

"Robinson man is thinking seriougly of getting married, Dud needs a good wife to help 4 tnm and keep his house in good order as Dud is batching now. AVe wish him a nappy and prosperous wife. Wilcciji Block, eornor Nffc!" i mxI Sherman ata. HUTCHINSON, KANSAS. Married.

At the residence of the brides parents Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Robertson, in Little Valley fjwrisiilp, McPherson county Febufary, 18, 1892.

William A Elmer, of Union county-Oregon, and Miss Dora B. Robertson, McPherson County.KansAe. Prompt ly At 12 .110 the marriage ceremony was performed, and after numerous congratulations, the awating guests, (of which there were about sixty) partook of one of those splendid dinners, for which that neighborhood particular famous. The presents were numerous, and Some iuite costly, showing the 'Vsteeii Much the young couple are 'held by their Neighbors aiid acquain When in NcPherson last Monday we called on the county ofiiceis, Dr. Robinson will be at Dr.

ge found them up to their ears in work uraves omce in inmxn, uanras or but never too busy for the accommo the following dates, aftd will ftop Co onij'ono clay each time. dation of the public, The county had Janm.ry 27. 1892. Fobuarv 24 a more cortous and pleasant set of March 23, April '23, May '20, June 15 officers as it has at present. July Id.

10, Septomiier 1 October 5, November 2. and Doce mber28. fi Henry Heim is building au addition t6 the room occupyed J. Roetzel. Buy your Boot and Shoes of Hay don.

Henry Wischee and family and Henry SnacksteaDt and farh'ily spuet Sunday 'fend Mond iy with 'friends at Vk 39 Sheriff Freeborn passed through the city Tuesday evening on his way to Stafford, the authorites of that place have a man under custoday, supposed tances. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer expect' to 'skirt for Union county Oregon, in a few FOR SALE ONLY Br days, where a farm and all its attending KLOPFENSTEIN, be the nothrious thief Sprague, at ucPner8ont A pintles await the young and happy bride 'lV'i'r many friends unite in wishing J. P.

ROETZEL mis v.nung we nave noi. leai smu wenier ittib in' 5 Ihem peace, prosparity and happiness. or not it was ne, it is nopeu inai ne is captured, that he may be, left until the jury can cast his last for the furl re, Inman, -Kansas BEST.f bEiXER MANUFACTURtB -OF- DKAI.KE III A MAXUFACTUBKR The authurities of Guthrie Ok. raded Embodies Eve ryDejirable Imptovement several farm houses in the vicinity of MANY LXaU I VEXY OWN The loud month ngitutors 'ji the People Party Advocate, Who quit'fhe newspaper busineMS very abrupt Writefe from Kingman trying to niuke a clei.n breast of every thing Their story does not seem to go dbwn. I havE a numbar of persons who want iai ms to rent, Have yon farms for Bale br rerit if bo I cu find you partus for either C.

Sillett. (i'ut)irie on the 17th and foiirWl nearly a rarload of stolen goods. knew Ik riffles Blankets and Whip Chas. Rickman publisher of the Advocate deservs no small amount of praise and has earned a large ehromo. During Chas.

collection wift the Advocate he stuck to it lik'eVlc'aeh, has shared its joys and sorrows aiitl meny times when the Advocate was ithout an editor, he "hiimps hiuiself anir'makes they had unearthed one of t(ic worst gang of cmiuttiters in the west, Bates -Bros, have been arrested. thous I SEE OB FARM ands of dollars of spurious money have Saddles, Bridles and Blankets. Agent iov LKOX'AKU'j MAl.b S.Ut. been put in circulation, waf rents ate Farm Isnd i KoicWr lit 'for half other. 'the iS3'ue On'tluib, tmrKiWeortfls -forlamis.


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