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The Inman Independent from Inman, Kansas • 2

The Inman Independent from Inman, Kansas • 2

Inman, Kansas
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.1 7 VMammmm imp 'mm wwii i Says They're Socialists. "Yon uood'nt to think that $9X0 will make mo rich, I liav3 got lota of $25 Reward money." D. F. Hon. A.

Smith, "Farmer" HI! Smith, of McPheiMon, is in the city Depp Bunb completed lust week, thy thresh til 2200 to-day, Kansas, Inman, bushels of wheat. To a Journal representative who Ar thur Marshall, who hua boon attending school in Indiana, for the met him this ulternoon, he said: "In our judicial district it has boootuo necessity for us to throw away party past year has returned homo. C. Aschman. --Last Thursday a little Ron of lines and uuite the different tdomonts against the pronounced socialistic Is nothing iu comparison with tho prices that aro being OFFERED AT John Weisthaner's, Summer and Fall Goods Sold Regardless of Juoob Raiuer fell and broke hits arm below the olbow, Pi'.

Craves adjusted in ideas advocated bf Judge Dostor, CIJICAOO, ROCK ISLASD PACIFIC KY. Taking offoet March W31, tfulm on tin Ronk Inland will arrive and depart as follows: Traims East, inaivn, iihj'aut. No.M. Mall and Kx p. jOsMpin No.

64. Local Freixht, M.22 Mall and Kxp, OOWam. No. 9H. Fast Freight, 04:10 am.

Trains Wist, ahiuvr. dkpai1t, No. 21. Mail and Exp, No. ZX 63.

Looal Freight, pra. Ko. 97. last J'jWam, t. Kan it, Auot who will be the alliance candidate the fracture.

Williams threshing engine fi.r judge. "Tho 'ight this fall will be anti CI broke down last Tuesday and they sociulif is a vt ry utrong had eosiderable trouble get' ing it in e-iciali aud has a good following working order agau. Fred Hoefor is making prepar Tho conventions have not been, held, but Lnoion Earlo of our county will 2 ations for the sorghum bi ukoii, und probably the oitizen Mudi'luto for is having large evaporating pan judge." made at A. J. Meyers, "Are the alliance people gaining I.

0. 0. F. Inman Lodge iSo. 379.

Meets every Monday Night Jlumljoi'i are cordially Invited to attend. S.A.IK), I Noble Grand, II, C.Siuktt, Seorctary, mw in your section Just received a now stock Ciuthing and Dry Goods, Caricos iu endless variety. Mitts, Parasols, Gloves, Hosmy, Uudonynre and in fact every tlntigf kept in a iirst-cluua Dry Coods House. Also a fine line of Groceries, Fruits, Vegetables, Etc. Misses Lwurette Rrrm and Elian Loidigh, of Hutchinson, wore visiting at the residence of Mr, aud Mrs, "I believe that they polled their largest vote last fall and that they are now loosing steadily.

There is Heira tho latter part of the week. 1 We noticed Isaac Rlopl'enstein a mL no reason in the world why a farmer A.O.U.W. Inman Lodge, No. 289. Meoti every Saturday Sight.

Yisitlng Brothers inrltia to attend. GllO llDI'MBJBR, J'HKODOilB pEItNHll. Master Workman, Rocorder. few days ago walking in no decree should he a socialist and that in what a S3 i mm that may be called erect, and upon an ftHiance man really is. They make KT.r making enquiry we learned that he had boon digging potatoes.

ft great mistake when they oppose the towns and cities. I Bhould like to see a large city iu every county in the state. The more non-pro G. S. Gray, of McPherson' reDroHontinP! tie Kansas Farmer Fire Insurance, was in the city yea ducers wo havB near us tho better J.


meets every 1st and 3rd Tuesday evening of aeh month at their hall, Oor: main and C'ontor Sts. over Meyer's Hardware Sto-o. Pieroe, Commander. A. H.

T. A. CO terday and to be up with the times made the Independent a call prices we got for our products. The better class of farmers are beginning to see how they aro injuring their Murry was displaying quite a Hub. Order No.

27 designates that tha A. II own interests by fighting tho town "relio" in one of the show wiado'vs f. iUcot on Thursday evening on or ..11 it. 1 aud are now coming back to the old of Rootzel's harness shop Wednesday Il3 party. 'JL'ouoka Journal, Aug.

22. morning, but it was not long before ymivin fut muotx ueu iuvui.a, at xauiaiii ai N.W, Bridgons. fi, Q. lutj. Sec.

Prei the owner of the called for it and told Tom to go climb a tree. 55 Perfect tusioo and pcrfoot health result CHURCH DIRECTORY. PERFUMERY from the use of Do Witt's Little Early Risers, a pcrfoot little pill.For Salo at Joan Pankbatx METHODIST EPISCOPAL Chuioh beld in Shcool House. Services every two weeks al 8 o'clock m. You ncvor tried Do witt's Little Early Risers for constipation, bllliousnoas, sick hcid-eaolio or you would not have Uioko disease), For salo by John Pankrati, SUNDAY SCHOOL Every Sunday at 10.30 Raven Black Harness Oill at J.

Roeteels. o'clock a.m. N. W. Bridgens, Supt, SOAPS, OOMBS AND IIRnSHES, TRl'SES, SUPPOUTEUS.

SHOULDER BttAC FANCY AND -TOILKT ARTICLES, STATIONARY AND WALL PAPER, PUTTY, PAINTS, OILS, VARNISHUS AND DYE STUFFS Patent Medicines, Etc- GOODS SELECTED WITH. CARE AND WARRANTED I also have in collection a Carpenter Shop. Repairing of all kinds, bring in your old chairs, tables, and have them repaired. PRAYER MEEXINU Every Friday evening Rev. H.

Clark, Pastor. Summer goos, and all other goods sold cheap The Co-operative Plan. THE COMMITTEE ON ESTABLISHING; STOKES at J. P. Roetaels.

I.M. C.A. Meets every two weeks at 8 o'clock p. u). le Witt's Sarsaparilla destroys such pois THROUGHOUT THE STATE WILL KEPOET ons as scrofula, skin diacaso, eczema, rheuina I'AVOHVBLY.

-AS REPRESENTED, MARKET tism. Its timoly use srves uiauy lives. For TorEKA, Aug. 25. The committee appointed by the alliance salo by John Pankrati.

W. L. HAYDON, iCB WSKK 'Slot DO a 1 12 12 1 1,25 Those Fire Brick ate firist-class Wheat -Cra Oats Better Eggs Potatoes per iu Ilega per owt, -DEALER IN- cheap and durable at 4,35 FlyiXcts at J. Ea-tznls. People with impure blood may he said to exist, not live.

Life is robbed of half its joys Geo. M. HOFMEIER, when the hlood is with impurities and A J. MEYER disease, Corrcot this condition wits De Witt's commercial convention to investigate the scheme for establishing co-operative stores throughout the state under one general management has decided to report favorably to the convention which will most in Saliun October 20, the day before the allianco state convention. It now develops that this plaa originated at tho Nationul Farmers' Alliance convention at Ocala laet December with a Washington man named Wilson.

A short time afterward the National Union with a capital of $30,000,000, was organized in New York for the pur -Caroentcr Centra Dry Goods, Groceries, Clothing. Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, Notions etc fiSirnigoest market price paid forpioduoeia exchange for goods." Sarsaparilla, it is reliable. John PankratJ, ant, i Till) 1 1 .11 Office comer Main and Harvey Streets. JWL eave orders at Meyers Hardware Store" JllllULlUML Patronise those merchants that advertise in your home papor. Kansas.

Inma, We can not afford to deceive you. Contt Wm. Hollor. Headquarters for ihe best Farming Machinery of all kinds Manufactured. I am Agent for John Deere Plows.

donee ii begotten by honesty. t'. Lit tie Early Rinors are pills that will eon scip ation and tick headache at John Prukratz. ONLY $1. i ONLY pose of putting the gigantic co operative scheme into execution.

It is said that $3,000,000 were subscribed to the stock and paid in at that time. KANSAS. INMAN, For Sale. For Sale A good Business Lot The company decided to operate on Main Street. Cheap.

Subscribe 1 oDly in states where the Farmors Alliance hud a thorough organization, and after looking them over carefully H. W. JOHNSON. DEALER IN H. SlL LETT.

FOR THE eon tig Mowers, Fifty acres of fine grass, En 11 Independent. quire of T. S. Pierce 3 1-2 miles decided that Kansas promised the best results, as there were more people here who belie vod in the principle of co operation than in any other state. Only such states will be west of Tuman, Carriages, Biio-cries and Carts WHIPS, BLANKETS ETC' Rhf-aibing promptly done, Ikman, Kaksat.

Investigate their morits. Do Witt's Little PER YEAR Early Risers don't gripe, cause nausi a or pain PER YEAR which accounts for their popularity. John I PaukraU says lio would not run a drug store without theso little pills. operated in as can get the indorsement of the State Farmers' Alliance, and Kansas will be the first to do this. The fccheme of the alliance exchange company in this state, it is thought by its promoters, is a pretty certain indication that; a retail establishment conducted upon a similar American Coach Oil at J.

P. Roe- Great Western Real Estate tzels. 1 1 Aicd would be pleased to have my friotiha call and ex amine these goobs, wheather wishing to buy or not. Remember I am Agent for THE ACORN STOVES AND RANGES. My stock of General Hard -ware is full and complete, aud prices have been REDUCED to correspond with the times.

Your Patronage is Respectfully Solicited when in neod of the Hardware Line. Evamiuethe following Goods at plan will also bo successful. Association. Has for Sale the following property in McPherson County. This Prc perly is free and clear of all encumbrance, and Title Perfect.

Remember that Henry Heim always on hand the best Build' Stone that can be procured. TVTO. 1SK. Th Woat of the Northwest and METEB. Inman, Ea Southeast of the N.

VV. Township Isaac J. Harms. Fancy White Shirts Crescent made at 90 cents, Fancy Striped Henriatta at 35 Russian Robe Calicos at 8 Groceries and Dry Goods as cheap as anywhere. Range li.

120 Acres 10 miloa east of Lindsborg on the Just a few mora Flynet If that nr going at cost at J. P. Rcezel D. F. K.

All rolling but not broken, and could nil l)o oultivntod, good sou and raises vory heavy crops of hay, watored by an unfailing sprinE, 1'rico $12.50 per aoro. NO. 1RB. N. See.

1H T. 17 R. 2 Kill acres As it has Decome necessary i'or uu to purchase some new material for seven milos from Lindsborg. 10U acres tillable; liii acres in cultivation, rolling prairie land, house, stable, Audgood well. Price 812,50 acre.

our office and to pay up oui old wash NO. 187. N. K. Sen.

21 T. 17 160 aCrei Nino milfl from Iiindiborg, Good 40 nrtreJ we will have to call our for a few f. All who are tultivMtd. goea wen. rru per acre.

NO. 188. Ee.4i and HXN, Seo.H1 1 18 acres. Nino mills from If you have any choice fruits any kind to dispose of, see W. Haydon, before you sell it.

receiving the Independent and wish to A. T. F. H. R.

land rolling nearly all till 1 if. fl able, good soil, 60 acres now in cultivation, watered by well and creek, 189 and 190 with ihis would make fine ranch. Price 515,00 acre. continue will please call at the office and drop your $. in the $lot aud $ee $mile.

PERSONALS. J-esse HaU was in the city Holiday. Cbas. Albin mado a trip te Elyria Tuesday. Dr.

Fanola was up to McPherson Saturday, J. O. Moon, of McPhersou, was in the city Monday. Jaa Eakina und wife were up to McPherson Monday. Capt.

G. W. Eakiias was np to the Hub Wednesday. Chas. Wheeler Sundayerl with his parents at llarion.

Leon Depp made a trip to Kansas "ity last week. Constable Walker of McPkereon, was in town yesterday. J. D. Colwell, of Ailing ton, was ou our streets last week.

Curtin Rothrock, of Groveland, was in the city Monday, i H. W. Everest, of Hutchinson, "Was in the city Tuesday. Born to lacob Ediger and wife a large fine girl, Aug. 27.

Vick Conoghan, of Sporta, was on our streets last Monday. W. Graves had a severe attack of cholera morbus this week. Mr. Thompson, of the C.

R. I P. was in the city Wednesday. W. R.

Carter, of Grooland, was a pleasant caller Monday. Master Bert Haydon is able to got about with the aid of The Rock Island corpenters will complete the seotion house this week. NO 1S9. N. S.

W. and N. 8.E. Soj. 4 1 For Sale.

R. 18 acres, nine miles north of Galva, on tho Santa Fo Railroad, rolling land, good soil, nearly all tillable, 40 aores iu cultivation 300 rods hedgo fence, watered by springs. NO 194 N. E. See.

5 T. 20 R. fi -100 aore 2i miles from Windom on Sauta Fo Hrilroad 120 acres tillable, good quarter of hay land, no improvements, good farming district generally well improved, Price per aero. AH of the above lands sold for oash, balance on long time at 8 percent iutcTost. FORD COUNTY.

NO. 195 N. U. il See. 19 T.

28 R. 21-100 ores nice and am othe, 40 aores in cultivation aud in wheat of which purchaser gets X. Price $5,00 nor acre. Ouohalf down, balance in 3 years at 7 percent. ThU land is olet and title perfect.

NO. W. N-K. Sat 10 T. 29 21 -100 aores 3J mil sonth of Buoklin C.

It, 1. A P. R. fi. This a splond id tarm.

School Houo on onaiiomor, i'tioo per acre, a small n-cumbritnoe on it but will make itcloar. NO. 197. N. B.

Sec. XI 29 21 -100 ivore all nice smoth land can all be oultivatd, no bettor farm in the county. Prioe $7,00 per aoro. One half cash, balance in throe yoars at 7 percent. This farm is clear and title perf oor- Also lOo udres of good land in Morgan Co.

Tcnn. no enoumbrance, title norfedt. 980 aores in Urethett Oo. Ky. This land covered wi'h tin timber, 20 States for HYDRAliMO WASHKll, Best Washeron oartli, ona working machine with aeeh stater Good town lota inilueUlin, Kas.

We have laud in the following Counties in Kaneaa, Grove, Sing man, Lane, Ness Norton, Pnillips, Rawlins, Scott, Sheridan, Sherman, Thomas. Also have good land in South Dekota, Iowa and Nebraska. If you don't see what you want write us.when writing please refei to numbers. Call on or ad lressa Capt, TI. Sillel I Bucklin, lvansa i Don't storm tho system as you would a fort.

If hold by the enemy, constipation, persuade it to surrender with Do Witt's Little Early Risers. These little pills are wonderful convinces. John Paneratz, agent. Price $12,50 per acre. NO.

190 N. See. 5 18 2-100 aoroB, XOO 'Acres of fine farming land situated on the Northwest quarter of Section (15) Township (21) Range (5.) Five miles from Inman. There is a bargin in this farm, and to be sold at once. Daniel Dauber.

nino miles from Galva on Santa Fo K. It. good black loainy soil, all tillable lovel oretk bottom, and gently sloping land, snail houro, watered by creek no land iu cultivation. Price 412,50 per aore, fi NO. 101 N.

S. W. and N. W. Sec 27, 18, B.

2 -120 acres 3 miles from Galva on Santa Fe and C.R.I. 4 P. Railroads, All tillable, 60 ir itiniM-iiVni'i'li Ih in ir i-nfiii i-m-i--- -I i' "j-nrtjt-i. acres valley and tSO acres rolling land, grw heavy crops of grass awl hay, good locality watered by fine spring. peracro.

Tne Kansas State Fair Association will hold its Annual Exhibition at Topeka, on the litb, 5th, 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th of Sep timber. The Chicago Rock Island and Pacific Ruilwawy will carry free, all Agricultural, Horticultural and Mineral products," in suitable quan-ities intended for exhibition in then-Display Depot on the grounds. Exhibits must bo put in packages, and labeled with the name of the Station and county from which it is sent, and if desired tho name of the producsr. T. E.

Kane, Local Agt. NO. 192 N. S. W.

and W. S. E. Sec. 11 nt liii 'V Vor8JO.OO.iK tph he world.

lf i jjilvj iminkeeper. Wammtlb T. 18 2 -160 acres, ive miles norlh of Galva I if -v. 1 -a solid oohD huntlnr e. -Y''l'V4U'iiJe(lth locality can tecurc mm on Rock Island Railroad, Well located, good soil, lufl rores bottom land in cultivation bal i.

tvi Yt ff Tfi''. it'fp tfirether with or Urn This is exact copy of The "MERRITT'S" work, It is equal to that of any High Priced Typs-writer. Relieves fatigue from steady use of pen. Improves spelling and punctuation. Interests and instructs children.

The entire correr pondence of a business house can be done with it. Learned in a half hour from directions. Prints capitals, small letters, figures and characters, --78 in all. Price $15, complete- I r-r ndv luftbi'' lineoflloiiHv hold ance rolling, small frame house nnd stable, timber sufficient for house us, watered by ereok and springs. Prioo $16,00 per acre, All the work yo NO.

193 N. W. XSoe6T, 18 R. 2-160 acres or H. C.

Sillett, teed do fa to ahev wuitt wp spnti yoo to thowi fiHyrjit; friirntUand neifflihoraftiirt those about you. -iwavrepiivitl fit valuable trade lorn, wh'r-h hni-H for Nicn once startt-d, and ttiui we rt repaid. We twv nil exprvw. vtvltrlit, fte. fr you know ail, vou wmild Iik to worR lur u.

you eim fram 8ao' to iiO ju-r wk ut) npwirti. Addna i dioo Se Co. liuv 1 JJ, Vkti Uuud. Slftku seven milos from Lindsborg, on U. P.

li nearly all tillable hih land, good soil Innian Kansas Frioe $12,50 per acre. i.

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