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Miami County Advertiser from Paola, Kansas • 3

Miami County Advertiser from Paola, Kansas • 3

Paola, Kansas
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REPPORT OF J. T. IIAl'GHEY, There are now fire parsons in Fort nrirrn a TiTrriD rpTcen Special Election 1X1JD fJU XilbllOXjIb Stephens, awaiting trial at the next term of the court, which convenes next Monday. LOCAL MATTERS. The County Board were in session during the week, listening to grievances presented by overburdened tax payers.

The rain apparently being over, or having ceased for a week past, farmers are cutting their grain. Much of it however, has to be cut with old fashioned cradles. Bonds in Ala of the Railroad Arrival and Departure of Trains TREASURER MIAMI C0UXT Y. The following is the report of J. T.

Uaughey, Treasurer of Miami County Kansas, for the year ending June 30th, A. D. 1809, showing Receipts and disbura-ments from, July 1st, 1SC8 to July 1st, 1860. Amount Amount of Cash on hand, July 1st, 1868 f9089 09 Amount of Bonds, (Kansas State,) 4150 00 Matured Coupons 219 00 Road Receipts, 23 03 i--' Kansas City and Cameron R. To the Voters of Miami Cotnty! Snyder's addition to Paola has been jurisdiction of the city extended over it.

Celebrations were held on Saturday last at Lancaster, Osawatomie, Miami and Walnut Grove in this county. W. R. WagstafF has been absent for some days in Cherokee and Crawford Counties, on 'business connected with the Mo. R.

G. R. R. W- "EL Cicely 06, Arc now opening a very large and well selected stock tsf Foreign and Domestic Whit Woood, whom all the old settlers of, the county will remember, and who was a gallant Captain the Tenth K. V.

called on us during the week. He is visiting his old home at Oaawatemie. Whit is a genial soul and everybody gives him a warm welcome. 13512 02 Total. Amount of State Tax collected for S037 31 See the Proclamation o'f Sheriff Rainey, gover-ning the special election on the 5lh day oi Angust next upon Toting bonds to aid the East and West Road.

O- OOD 186, County Tax collected for 1868., Foil Township tax collected for 1868 Township School tax collected for 1863 District School Cash for 1868 Bonds State School, 1SC8 Road Cash Died at the Alms House in this county Windsor. He was well known here. He died a victim to an insatiable appetite which has ruined thousands before. He was an inocent and inoffensive man, whom etherwise might h-are been a good citizen, had it sot been for the fell destroyer ruin. 11132 00 364 50 417 49 288 15 16335 78 1450 06 3590 25 1762 45 ll2 22 3594 84 918 83 94 61 Ground has been broken on the corner for nest the M.

E. Church, on which it is contemplated to erect a building for coacty purposes. Road Receipts Pauper Penalty Advertising NOTIONS, Clothing and Furnishing' Goocl.g Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, $52027 67 Total, Cast off hoop skirts are now painted, inverted, and used for waste paper baskets. We are gVad they are of 6me use which will dispense with the skeletons being thrown in our sltcets. AtVunt collected on assignments, 8691 89 Dosites 2777 60 Redemptions 9644 12 Fines Strays 4c.

557 16 Matured Coupons, 240 00 Del. Per. Prop' from Sheriff 1365 03 State Sup's. Warrant, 3914 94 Sale of School Lands (Frin 1411 42 (Int.) 1317 61 Quieen A novelty in silks is a new color recent, ly im ported for dinner dresses, and called coralle. It is very brilliant in gas light, resembling a delicate shade of flame color, with light and dark flashes.

There is theology ia the idea of the little g'rl who wished that she could be good without obeying her grandmother. She said it was easy enough to read books and pray, but it was hard to mind grandmother. We see by the Fallon (Illinois) Ledger that a young lady, at a graduating exhibition in Canton fkfcently, delivered an address upon Shakespeare's epic. "Sweet are the uses of adversity." If the young lady extracted any thing sweet therefrom, she it.justttiro ahead of us. We have had the vse of adversity for about twenty years, but never extracted anything sweet from it yet.

Call and see the sew furniture which S. W. Davis has in store. To those who are furnishing their homes, Mr. Davis offers unusual attractions in Furniture, Pictures, Frames, and all theparaphanala that is required in a household or adorns the parlor.

His rooms are one door east of J. T. McLaughlin's Grocery Store No. 5. Anderson have on in s'ore a fine stock of Groceries, and No.

1 flour. Also a few hundred pounds of choice Bacon. They are selling salt a bargain. Dont forget when you are buying a large bill of Groceries that Anderson can sell them at lowest river fignres. AGENT FOR GK0VER BAKER'S SEWIXG 3LICIIIXES.

NORTH SIDE OP THE PUBLIC SQUARE, 3D DOOR FROM THE CORNER. PAOLA, KANSAS: Total, $30928 77 Amount Paid Stato Treasurer, $18167 84 County Orders canceled with int. 59119 03 rati per a .4423 25 State School funds disbursed, 3453 80 County funds disbursed 211 05 District 16657 63 Township 287 49 Townehip Tax funds disbursed 27161 Road Tax (Cash)' 13S1 86 (Receipts) 67 95 Expense, sale of Schowl Lands 127 17 Funds on Deposit disbursed, 2362 89 Total, $76532 07 RECAPITULATION. Amount of funds on hand, July Day Express, 6:55 5:39 a "Night Express 4:30 pm Day Freight 6:00 pm 6:50 pm TTnibrX Pacific Hallway. Mail 4:35 pm 7:50 pm Mixed 6:50 ta ClF.

S. B- Leave Kansas City a ro Arrive at Olathe 59:45 Leave Olathe 1:15 p. Arrive at K. 3pm and Quincy H- B. Itansas City Chicago in 22 hours.

Pull-Thao's Palace 'Ura'tving Room Sleeping coaches on all night trains. Clo3e connections with the feast. Michigan Central E. Popular route from Chicago to New York -and New England. Four Express passenger trains If ave Chicago trajns daily.

The Day We Celebrate! is rapidly be-" conling the day we don't celebrate. The greener nature ia the better the looks. This rule does not at all apply to human beings. Let us have peace as the fellow said when ho locked np his wife in the coa cellar. Iteversible paraBols, which close with the lining outside, are the newest things tout in that line.

It has been discovered that some ladies use paint as all fiddlers do. rosin to aid thetn 5n drawing a beau. The fixed fact that politeness costs noth-Ing does not cheapen its valaewbesrdes it is an investment that always pays. There is cotnaien'dahle disposition amongtnsr residents to paint and spruce up their places, as any one may note by a promenade around town and cat-aline concerts, which are now held nightly, are not appreciated, owing to the lateness of the hour chosen iy the performers. It is impossible to look at the sleepers in our churches during summer services without being reminded that Sunday is a day of rest.

Our post-masters should be among the most intelligent in the country, since a great portion of their time is devoted to letters. Those who go fishing now will not go in Vain, however inexpert lliey may be for if catties will not bite, they may to certain that mosquitoes will. If you pass by-a, store these days and notice the clerks sitting on, bexes outside fanning themselves, you can bet your boots they do not advertise. An agricultural paper states that by mixing hops with the ordinary food of cows, the yield oi milk can be greatly increased. We think it would make milk a Etti-e beery 1 Three hoisrs out Lovers Lane last Thursday, in a meeting of two hearts with but a single thought said to haveculminat-d in a matter-of-fact matrimonial engagement.

Straw head gears and linen harness for jihipeds are now in full fashion while Notice is hereby tven to the qualified electors of the couaty of Miami, in the Stato of Kansas, that, a Special Election will be held in said county fi Thursday, 5th of Aug, 1869 atwhich special election thefollowi'ng proposition is sub mi' ted for the ratification or rejection of the electors of said county, to-wit Shall tho county of Miami subscribe the Fum of Two hundred and Tirtsnty-five Thousand Dollars (8225,000) to the capital stock of the Kailroads bere(n after enumerated onth'o express conditions and annexed, and issue the Bonds of said county in tho sum cf Two hundred and Twenty five Thousand (225,000) in payment of said subscription of stock aforesaid; said Bonds to be made payable in thirty years after their delivery, Lej-ing interest at the rate of teven per cent, per annum, interest pay-aUb annually said capital stock to bo Subscribed, aud said Bonds to ba issued ia accordance with conditions hereto annexed, in tho following wit Tho county of Miami to subscribe One Iluudrcd Thousand Dollars to the capital stock of tho Paola and Fall IUvcr Railroad Company, or its successor, or that Company, in which in the future tho said Paola and Pall Paver Railroad Company may become merged, or with which tho Baid Paola and Fall IUvcr Railroad Company may become consolidated, and issue the Bonds of said county in payment of such subscription to the capital stock tbcrjof to tho amount of One Hundred Thousirid Dollars said Bonds not to be delivered 1o tho said Paola and Fall River Railroad Company, cr to iis successor until the said Company or its successors shall have constructed and operating a first class of Railway irom Paola via. the town sito of Osawato-mio to the Southern or Woitcrn bcui iary of the county in tho direction of Garnett, Provide! That no longer lime than until tho 1st, day of January. A. D. 1871," shall bo granted said Raihoad to construct and operate saitt R-ail-road line.

The county of Miami to subscribe Ono Hundred and Tweaty-five Thousand Dollars (125,000) to the caf ital stock of the PaoU and State Line Railroad Company, or its successor, or that Company to which in Wholesale ami Retail dealer in hfs. mi mass 1st. 1808, S1351Z uz The Bank Note Companies are now printing their portion of the fractional currency notes, namely Five, ten, fifteen twenty-fire and fifty cent notes and some of the new currency is already floating around. Summer suns are visiting us with some of their smelting power and it is supposed that the grumbling of our croakers about cool weather is the cause of it. We hope they are now satisfied, and will hereafter hold their tongufs.

If the idle drones who live without work, and they are legion, wish to know the value Total collections since July 1st, 82956 44 1868 Aggregate, $96468 46 Amount Paid State Treasurer 18167 84 Countv and Pauper Orders can celed (with interest) 33542 88 State and Countv School Orders Cashed, 3C64S5 District and Township School, Township and Uoad 18649 "3 of a dollar let them carry bricks up a lad. der to the third or fourth story of a build ExreB3e on Sale of School Lands 127 17 nlh Funds on Deposit Paid out 2302 89 ing during ten successive hours, one of Jame3 JH. Phillips The irrepressible James of yore, now located at Burlingame, Osage County, and the Prosecution Attorney of the County. James was warmly greeted by his smilos beamed of auld lang syne. made the reception speech as he seated himself in his ld familiar office next "door" to Nicely's.

He simply remarked that Miami skies were "serenest." James will some day be prominent in Kansas. He has already filled positions ef honor and trust. "We wish Well his fortune, and hope that Osage skies may be screner. We desire to say a friendly word abont the Eioyakiu matter to a very few who appear to be his friends. We have no ob these hst days then they'll know.

The Calaboose, like tlie Postollice, we 576532 07 3 536 65 4150 00 249 0 67 03 Aggregate, Cash on hand Bonds, (Kansas State,) Bonds Matured Coupons, Road Receipts Distr'ct School Bonds, 116 Tl fear ia destined to be moved about ad Hbitum. It already has a second abiding place, but how long it will remain where it is, the Lord only knows how long. Aggregate. $19936 39 The Treasurer's Report for the year end ingJJnoe 30th, 1868, shows, that, (as Trus-teei the present incumbent held SI50 The celebrated Mineral and Sar3aparilea Water manufactured here by Mr. Large is meeting with unprecedented sale.

It is a jection to your differing with U3 it i3 00 Railroad Bonds. On the 19th day of June A. 1869, I delivered to K. Coates President of the Aloi River, Ft. Scott pleasant and wholesome beverage.

Orders may be left at the Arcade Saloon. Gulf Railroad Company $75,000,00 of the WOODEN WARE, My stock is always of the very best that eai? he had in the eastern luarket, and goods arc warranted as represented Orders from a distance promptly attended to Gash, paid for country prduce. Northeast corner of the square, Paola, Iail- Baid Hoods, (atter detacuing tnerctrom all We looked long an4 lingerifigly for the matured Coupons.) which Coupons are hereby presented for cancelation. All cf your privilege to do so but it must be done respectfully. AVe don't propose tht threats and insinuations shall go unnoticed.

If we have to make a defense against tfc-em it will be at the expense of some ngly truths being told, even if they are hid aWay in the dust of years. If Boykin has any defense let him come fwl "make it, and so far as you are con- elegant eclipse which astronomer promised us on last Tuesday miming but we which is respectfully submitted. J. T. HAUGHEY, County Treasurer.

coulden't see it. A fair friend of ours says it was a total and not a partial eclipse and for want of better proof we are forced to endorse his opinion. The Teachers cf the County will reccollect that the District Normal Corned, wo don't think you have any Somebody whom we do not know, says Institute for this District wil! be promenaders who do not seek the shady thing to dt with it. The season for creek and river bathing is now at hand, and it is to be hoped that people will not indulge in this summer at Wyandotte commencing July 27lh and continuing three Tho that if the wicks are soaked in strong vinegar for twenty-four hours and thoroughly dried before being usd all smoke will be avoided, the wicks will last twice as long, and increased brilliancy sieeoftbe street are not considered as smart as they might be. A-correspordent 'Oregon, writing to a the future the said Paola atd State Linellailroad Company may bocemo luxury with recklessness.

Many constitutions are badly shattered every summer by Oouoty Superintendent cf Wyandotte County assures mo thatamplo provisions will bo made lor the en tertainment of teachers during the rncrgcdjOr with which the l'uola and Stito Xcine Railroad Company may too much bathing. Bathing is a good Will he obtain ed. Let sosie of ouf house-; keepers try it. thing employed in moderation; but if im VJ I a WJj.niuo Bjuiiig mittedbyhim in that State, simply remarked at the close that "his next letter would contain some account of Boyakin." moderately enjoyed it is a dangerous pas Stringent orders have just been issue?" b-jcomo consolidated, and issue the Bonds of eaid county in payment of said subscription to paid capital session of tho Institute. The Gulf time.

Only the most robust and soundest 'Chicago Luinbcr -Yard, Sotithwest of theM.JE. Church, Paola, Kansas DEALERS IN by the Internal Revenue Department that, system can long stand daily immersions after the expiration of the time limited in stock of the t-aid Pacla and State! in a creek or river without becoming impaired. Persons, afllictcd with organic disabilities should not bathe oftener than Railroad charges only half faro to thoso attending. Teachers should be aware, that the meeting will be of much more importanca to them than any county institu'e, a3 tho the notice for the payment of Government taxes, the Collector -shall in no instance be permitted to remit the penalty of five per cent, for non-payment, no Line Railroad Company, or its successor, in the sura of Ono Hundred and Twcnty-fivo Thousand Dollars (125,000) Seventy-five Thousand Dollars (75,000) of said Bonds to bo issied and delivered when the said Paol and Ssate Line Railroad Couip or its successor, shall have best and most practical teacher of every other day, and in no event, should they remain in the water longer than ten or fifteen minutes. Any indulgence in bathing extending to half an hour -(which ia more frequently the rule than the ex ception) is highly in jurions, although the injury may not be immediately apparent.

Mr. Bourne, not the one "from which no iravelere'er returns," but the gentlemanly -agent of the tT. S. Express at this place, has brought order out of chaos, and since the TJ. S.

have established an office at this point, express matter comes by express, and not nine days after the old slow coach arrived, as it did under the Carpenter regime. Last winter W. F. Boyakin delivered lectures here in which he was severe upon the Editors of the Press of Paola. lie eaid they were surrounded by gross immorality and never said a word.

Wonder matter what the txcuse tor such defaults may be, that Ed. HeiskiU, who has been connected with the North Mo. Railroad, will be located here permanently the county will bo present and conduct the exercises. At least twenty five teachers and friends should be constructed and hare In operation St first class Railway from tho eastern boundary of the said county of Miami to tho city of Paola, in faid WANTED A Girl to go to Kan in the interests of the Road. If any of our readers desire to take a ride over this fine Bead, and it is the nearest route to St.

Louis, from Kansas City, let them spply to Mr. Heiskill here and they will get all desired information. sas City to do general house-work in a small family. Bost of wages Lathe, Shingles, Siding, Sash? Doors, Blinds, and Builder's Material. county and not until then.

Fifty Ihousand Dollars cf sa.d Bonds to paid. Xone but American or Ger if he don't think we have had a word to ear about "gross immorality. Vill tome man need apply. Inquire at this office to-day. be issued and delivered to sai Hail road its 6aid Railroad Company, or its successor shall have constructed and have operating the said Railroad from Paola to the western boundary send him a copy of this issue? Stop at the cool fount at Laws Bro's.

Drug Store, and taste of their excellent $oda cold as the rocky cliffa on Troneo's When you wish, to select house hold furniture, always go where there i3 a mammoth stock, far then hoary brow. They have the finest soda of Miami county in tho direction of Opened in Paola by 1 fountain in the State, and we believe it ex you will lave a chance to get a good cells in dispensing dewy ncetar. The cost of the fountain was some $500 con Ramble or ride out into the glorious country every morn. Those who are confined in town through the day will find our splendid suburbs most refreshing and instructive places to visit, now that the grass is about fit to cut, grain is coming to head, and all is beautifvl. Truly, lovers of nature should not loose this opportunity and take trips into the country.

Don't fail worth a cent "Brick" Pome-roy has placed the business management of his papers in the hands of C. P. Sykes an experienced publisher, and. now devotes his entire time to the duties of the sanctum, where, relieved of business cares, he is making his giant weekly, Tomeroy's tain tog many improvements end adding Ottawa, and not until then, Provided That tho said Paola and State Line Railroad Company shall have no longer time than until the 1st day of January, A. 1871, to construct and operate said Uailroad from the eastern boundary of tho bargain.

Davis' stock is tho most complete in this part cf tho State. Ho buys his goods right from first hands, and there no reason why present from this county. A little energy used by each teacher willj send that number and prevent many regrats after the meeting has passed. Carrs leave Paola at 5 A M. and 12 K.

Ask for excursion ticket. I. f. Supt. Pub.

Inst. Miami County. Challenge Washer ana Wringer. Kansas Stato Insane Asvlum, May 1st, 18G9. Messrs.

S. W. Palmer Co. Your Challenge Washing Machine and Challenge Clothes Wring er has teen, in use for some time in this Asylum. They have superceded all others.

They are a perfect success. I can cheerfully recommend your Washing Machine Wringer, and any man that knows the true vilue of one and is the head of a family, and is too stingy to buy ono for his wife, ought to wash his own dirty shirts. C. 0. CAUSE, Snp'V Tho above named Challenge much beauty over the old style of foun lainB.

Sheriff P.ainey desires all who are in he should not offer bargains. No. arrears for delinquent personal taxes to county of 3Iiami to the said city of 5, Peoria street. take notice that he will attend promptly East side of Square, Next door to City Bakery, Sadies, Harness, Bridles Whips, To ho suited in clothes, always commences on Monday next, and receive it. This is the last call he will make.

go where you can find a man who i'aola. JMectors voting on the proposition must use written of printed ballots, upon which shall be endorsed, "For Railroad Subscription or Against Railroad Subscription," as the electors may prefer. Said election to be held" at tho usual places Democrat, the most readable paper ever printed. It is sharper than the La Crosse understands how to cut to fit. Democrat ever was more than red-hot, and full to the brim of laughable humor Klasson Sherman's is just the place, for they keep the best cloths in the city, aud thoj stiivo to please ous articles, Saturday Night chaplers, and of voting, between tho usual hours of Manufactured to order on the most reasonable term.

those peculiar editorials none others can voting, by the usual orhcers, in tho usual manner, and returns to be all who leave orders with them. or dare write. Send for sample copies, or subscribe by sending for it to the editor or North sido of the square. Faola. mado in accordance with the general ekction laws of tho Stato of Kansas.

Aud it is further ordered that a publisher, P. O. box 5,217, New York City. He pays five hundred dollars cash for the largest club sent in before the ICth For repairing of all kin is, go to Washing Machine Wringer is for DEALEtt IN notice ot said election, with copies the shop of S. B.

Simmons, oppo Sale at J. J. Luce's Paola, of September 1 The reports of Pomeroy's site the Baptist Church, lie keeps only the best of allows failure are simply stories started by those who do not like his giant paper or his red-hot style of editing a paper opposed to bondholders and official corruption. Kansas. Any one wishing to purchase rights fur the eale of the Challenge Washer and Wrlngerj will address E.

F.NiehOlS Paola, Kansas. The next will be a levy, and then addition 1 costs will be added. The days of grace are ended and we advise all to heed this We have arrived at that delightful season -of the year known as merry harvest, when all our friends in the country will be busy flinging about the golden grain. A 8 many of our farmers are preparing to use the reapers we would caution them to be careful in working about the knives while horses are attached, as we are called upon every year to record some painfulaccidents by carelessness in handling reapers and mowers. The editor of the-paper is absent at Leavenworth, where we hope he will be kindly cared for.

The citizens of that town, need not fear to trust him, as he seldom takes anything away which he cannot carry. He is known by his bash-fulness I and timidity, especially when asking any one for money, yet he seldom refuses a large donation. He is strictly temperate, and the members of the craft in the Call office may ask him to drink with imnunitv he takes his in a- class. nothing to leave his shop wi'hout it pleases his customers. The Republican says the time to have of thi9 be published for thirty days in the newspapers printed in Miami County.

Attest II. RICE, Ch'mCo. Com. D. Cupids, Clerk.

State of Kansas, Miami County. I hereby certify that the foregoing is a correct coppy of the original on file in my commenced an exposure of Boyakin was Ia another column will be found tho advertisement of B. Sliydcr, Dealer in Dry Goods, Notions, etc. That this house is one of the best when he was "on the' Democratic ticket last fall for an important office." We Clothing, Hats and Caps, GOODS, TRUNKS, TRAVELING BAGSScVALISES opposite post oflice, Paola think the Republican was rather unfortunate in making any allusion to Boyakin's in the city, is proven by the fact, politics, because if they will examine the article we publish this week, taken from Witness my hand and that it is nearly always crowded with customers. The goods are all new and were selected especially for the Portland (Oregon) Herald' they will Jj.

S. official seal this luth day see that Boyakin was superlatively "loil," and had about as much business on a ot une A. Icb'J. the trade of Aliami county. The Democratic ticket as the devil would DANIEL CHILDS, County Clerk.

shelves are now full of everything in tho dry goods and fancy notion have at a sacramental feast. Boyakin's name did appear for one day upon the Democratic ticket last fail, but it was Great Central Boute East MICHIGAN CENTRAL AND Great Western Railways. Arrangement For 1809. rnrains on tho MICHIGAN CENTIAL JL Will leave Chicago from the great Central Depot, foot ot Lake street, at 4:20 a. u.

mail train, Sundays excepted fast ex press, daily 0:30 p. night express Saturdays and Sunday excepted. 5:15 P. fast New York Express, stop at Michigan City 7:20, Nilea 8:33. Kala-tnazo 10:40, Marshall 12:05 A.

M. Detroit 3:40, London, 8:40, Hamilton, 11:50, Toronto 3:50 P. Supe naion Bridge li5; Bnf falo, 3:00, Rochester 4:25, Syracme 7:35, Rome 9:20, Utica, 9:05, Albany, a. m. NewJYork 7:30 a.

Boston at 4:00 p. ro. Pullman's Elegant Drawing-Room and Hotel Curs are attached to the train, and run through from Rochester, connecting at that point with sleeping cars upon the New York Central Railroad, running to New York Qity without change. Tarticular attention is ca'led to this train which leaves every day. Passenger lev-ing Saturday arrive in New York at Monday Morning.

It ia particularly veil line, and it is only necessary to ex placed there by one man only, (the editor of the paper knowing nothing about the amine them then, if you don't purchase we'll think you are hard to man supposed it all right). The Rcvernd gentleman declined the profered honor of his patron aint, and informed him that J.l).:nO.M15EOK, Manufacturer and "Wholesale Dealer ia LEAF and PLUG TOBACCO CIGARS, PIPES, No. 510 Main street (west side between he waa "loil" Republican Radical Virtuous "that bis whole life had been tie requested us to say something about him when be left, and we have done so. Notbelngesed toVriteing for newspapers, we hardly know what to say, but presume he had so objection to the truth being told. He told us before he left that he was not in favor of Carney, only under, certain circumstances, which was not altogether clear as to His orthodox belief in a future state of rewards, is measured hy Ike reward he is offered for his services, "lie it happiest when he's happy and saddest when he's sad." He is not.

likely to deceive 'any one in Leavenworth, from the fact that but few opportunities are now offering. We hope to. see him return to the boosom of his family where there fcre two, and perhaps there will be on some other occasion, as we have hut little knowledge The Old Established HARNESS SADDLERY SHOP, Paola, Kansas spent in the interest of the radical We don't think it would need an affi Simmons is now manufacturing wagons and buggies in the best style. lie is prepared to fill all orders left with him, and guarantees saliafaction in every case. If you want a wagon or buggy that will davit to prove Boyakin to be a "Radical," because when a man becomes as demoral Kiflh and Sixth, KAKSA8 CITY, Order filled All goods war-intcd.

inavl-lT ized as Boyakin it is safe to bet he's arranged for the traveler desiring to rennm run easy and stand well, giro hiafy radical. It is not the first instance of ran fver Sunday at Niagara Falls. i -m ji ti the kind that radicalism has produced, call. well and cisTKHN Dura. YGjxJJSTlXEiJElJS ctxxdL lEnGStEEOLji However, we cannot Me that his politics ffUouu r.

3i. j. ruin is ine ncguiur jjustern connection from Kansis. Henry C. Wenlworth, General Western rassenger Aeent.

Chiceeo. has anything to do with it, and the fact wu.1i. ana ce is only the more to be deplorea that Harnessroav.Eri(clleSj Haltm alwayg hani- rf writing for a newspaper, and might such a man ibonld have a connection There will be sabbath school i. the Presbyterian church (Thomas' new building) comor Pearl and Peoria streets every Sunday morning at 9:15. Bay something not exactly true, which is ment fells and cisterns, the bes aud upon reasonable terms.

I can be found at llkins' Grocery to re or at T. a. lUt SUre, raola. JuuclU-3w. WILLIAM K.

JUDbQ. EAST SlDlrt, II. E. Sergeant, General Superintendent Chicago. II.

KENDALL, Ccn'I Agent. f'9. 27 LcavcttworU1, Ku. not in accordance with our well known iy22tf with any party. Will you have the jus tice to say that Boyakin denies ever be longing to the Democratic partv At )M flvANf veracity previous the vicisitades of a printing office..

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