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Miami County Advertiser from Paola, Kansas • 4

Miami County Advertiser from Paola, Kansas • 4

Paola, Kansas
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yfe have received the last number of Visit Mrs. Childres' estaDiisnment i lies a me editorial on aoyeain. Stephens, Stephen "The Song Messenger of the you desire anything in the millinery line. Having for a new trial courting your Root 4 Cady, publishers, Chicago. It is She ha received a new supply or nenneis i gacond wife one of the moat yaluable publications of J.

Stephens Sons, called the "Latest Agony. Tha ef hogs la these United Advices from Europe Say that the depo-1 stetes, that is to say of the four-limbed the kind now on our exchange list, and ought to be in the hands of every lever of music. It contains all the late and most AUCTION AND sitionof Louis Napoleon from the throne Species, is estimated at 38,000,000. of France is likely to eceur almost im Human happiness consists in being per- mediately. I fectlr satisfied with what you have got CommisioiiMerchaiits popular ballads, operatie selections of all kinds, and very many beautiful and useful pieces which can be obtained by address Ground coffee adulterated with ehiccory and with what you have not got.

Ire now opening a Terj large and well selected stock tf ing Boot Cady, Chicago. The weather of last week may have been may be easily known, by springing a litUa ef Hon pure water. The coffee be-; Also Dealers in admirably adapted to ducks end dande The Odd Fellows of Lawrence are pre THE ADVERTISER LOCAL "MATTERS. ifrlTal and Departure of Trains Kansas City end Cameron R. R.

i lay Express, 6:55 9i SghsBieae 430 Bay Freight 6:00 ra 6:50 TJnioa Pacific BaiTway. Mail 4:35 pm 7:58 Mixed' 650 C.F. S. -It Leave Kansas City Arrive at Olathe Leave Olathe ArriveatK.C. 3Pm C- B.

and Quincy E- B. Kansas City Chicago in 82 hours. Pullman's Palace Drawing Boom Bleeping coaches on all night Close connections with the east. MieMaraa Central X. ing slightly oily will float, whUe the ehic lions but not -very propitoua to coming Foreign paring to have a grand celebration in that city on Monday, the 6th day ef July.

The cory will sink and give tins to me wwr. corn or paper collars. and Domestic Dry Goods -H Martin, a farmer, living in Col. Hovthas commenced a libel suit ladies ef Lawrence will furnish a sumptu AU. A av Anderson county, has a field of Wheat Ugainst the proprietor! of the Ottawa Re- 0UI dinner, and propose making It one of which he thinks will yield fifty bushels to public the grandest occasions ever 'Incased in that city An address will be delivered at lOOFr GOODS the acre.

Who aays the Border Tier coun A negro by the name ef McDavis, living ties of Kansas will not raise Wheat 3 o'clock r. by H. D. McCarty, B. W.

in Mound City, killed a man by the name Army Clothing, G. M. at p. m. there will be a festival at of Given, with an ax, a few days since.

There is considerable complaint in re-trd to the irregularity of the mails. the hall, and at 9 o'clock a grand ball will Jealousy was the cause. New and second hand furniture. NOTIONS, take plaee at Frsiier's Hall. Arrange These complaints come from different por If we are not mistaken, there is an or ments have been made with all railroad tions "or line siaie.

Citizens from Paola will find the above dinance prohibiting the indescrimirate shooting ef fire arms in this city. Let it companies to convey visitors to and from Georgs? goods 69 per cent cheaper with ns than any Popular route frm Chicago to New York 1 Tnolo-Tid. Four "Express passen The Typographical Con Tea Uju in session be enforced. other House west oi ot. iouis.

jtegmar sale days, every Tuesday, Thursday and Goodo Lawrence at half fare. Visiting brethren are requested to bring their regalia. ger trains leave Chicago trajns daily. at Albany has passed a resoinuon as There are several streets in the main nouncine the act of the Congressional Clothing' and Furnishing Hilt 8, Caps, Boot 8, Shoes, part of this city that need the attention of We call especial attention to the large "Absence makes the heart grow fonder of 'somebody Saturday. Give os a call.

444 Main Street, south of Postoffice, KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI. Juue5thl869-3m Printer in employing Douglass, an alleged the Street Commissioner. Iet them be number of local notices which we give to Ynunir. as a Brie is a fore and "rat." well cleaned before hot weather seta in. the popular house of Huff A Quimby, after Quite a number of Swedes arrived in The enterprise of this house strongly We return- thanks to Mr.

Large, of the after that is, he has four and is more. this city yesterday, direct from the father recommends them to the trading com Faola Soda Water Factory, for a box of his C. W. Carr, land. They are buying horse and wagons munity.

They are live men, and carry on Equality means being a little richer, mineral water. All hands drank to his t.nttop IruiV ino. finer dressed and more and fitting out for opening new farms. health. Thev make honest, frugal, industrious a live business, and their growing trade is me vide ace that they understand how to conduct their busi ness.

They are as liber favored generally than your neighbors, It is stated that the foliage of trees in DEALEJ TS citizens. Mnnr thincr that never came back the England is larger, deeper and darker in al in their dealing as they are in using Toads are the very best friends ef the color, than in this country. Perhaps sc AGENT FOR GR0TER BAKER'S SEWIXG MACHINES. NORTH SIDE OF THE rPBLIO SQUARE, 3D DOOR FROM THE CORNER, PAOLA KANSAS. printer's in and we will wager onr little gardener.

They are the uncompromising AGRICULTURAL but xre will stake eur last stamp that ours interest in a future state of rewards and broken word, the sped arrow, the past life, and the neglected opportunity. Our lady readers will find a splendid assortment of millinery goods at the fashionable Bazaar over Laws Bros' drugstore. is greener, gayer and more gorgeous, toes of insects and worms, and aid materially in keeping these pests in check. Pro punishments that Huff A Quimby will at Implements, The office of the U. S.

Express Company tect them carry them into the garden, no distant day oecome two of the leading merchants ef Paola. and never drive them out or injure the is now in the building formerly occupied by J.R.HubberdACo.,Bankers. MrBowen FARM MACHINERY To nr corns hold vour feet near a A young man, living on Wea, "illiterate We are nleased to announce to our eiti- has charre of the office and is a clever hot fire until the eorns pop. This is said to be a sure cure. but polite." on beinz invited to attend a cens that Mr.

Large has opened a Soda of best most ImproTed kinds, aad accommodating gentleman wedding, sent a note in response saying, The Public Schools of this city will close Wholesale and Retail dealer in and Sarsaparilla Manufactory in this city. This is something that we have needed in From every appearance there will be a "I regret that circumstances repugnant to the acquiesce will prevent my acceptance large crop ef hay this year. The time for in about two weeks, fortwo months vacation. This will suit the juveniles. to the invite." Paola for a long time.

Persons who are fond of soda water, ale or porter, can now be supplied daily by leaving their orders mowing and reaping is not far The grass fields never looked better than at Whether dropped eggs a a dish are ae- We see that the lieuor dealers and bar PAOLA, KANSAS. 1R. niQkln turns an the point as to where present. A few -days of warm sun, with keepers of certain towns wherein the Sun at the Arcade Saloon, or applying at the they are dropped into your stomach, lap, day traffic in beer and spirits has been STUBBLE PLOWS, BREAKERS an occasional shower, will ripen theclover, and bring the hay crop to its full maturity. factory, near Taylor's blacksmith shop.

Mr. Large has been in the business for a number of years, and thoroughly under or on the floor. Celery and onions are now recommended abolished have commenced proceedings against editors, compositors and others whose avocations call for Sunday employ In laying back furs for next winter's DIAMOND, n.ranna with weak BerveB. We are of stands all about manufacturing He use, don't rail to put pieces or eampnor among them, to keep out the moth. Cam the opinion that the latter article is a surer ment will deliver to private families in any part Double and Single Sliovel Plows, of the city when orders are left as above phor is universally used by furriers for remedy for a weak breath.

What thouehtful creatures boys are, Dr. John Doy, a notorious character who WALKING AND BIDING directed. Bead his advertisement in to this purpose, and is therefore considered resided in this State, in 1859, recently day's paper. the best. Furs should also be opend and Cultivating Plows, Corn Some of them have already commenced tnriniin haj-rels and boxes for bonfires committed suicide by taking morphine, at aired frequently.

Cractnell Biscuit, Cream Biscuit, Battle He was convicted 0 on the Fourth of July. CORN PLANTERS, GRAIN DRILLS, of producing an abortion, and would B. Snyder has received another lot of OUgar isiscuu, variety racners, A patent has been obtained for the man- been sentenced to the penitentiary bad he Fine Dress Goods, to which we call the Lemon FlC NlC, FlC SlC and Mac font nra of water-proof paper. It will be Reapers and Mowers, WOODEN WARE, not taken his own life. es pec ial attention of all who go trading to- (-1 SnaDs.

fresh from manufactory no uncommon thing, by fmd by, to carry a quart of milk home in a paper sack The Olathe Mirror says that a boy by the new novelties in the dress line unique and name of Fleming, living a short distance from Olathe, in taking some mules home If you wish to make yourself agreeable wherever you go, listen to all the trials handsome. Ladies don't forget Snyder's The largest stock or drags ever Store, to-day, but call there WAGONS, THRESHING MACHINES. fc Qf 6" rawbtdksm in -tll eastern marketand goods and troubles of ethers but never relate from the pasture, thoughtlessly threw th" shipped over the Railroad, came to rope around his neck. The mule started Capt. L.

Green, traveling correspond your own. Laws this week. the run. when the boy was thrown to ent of the Lawrence Republican Journal' At no moment of difficulty does a hus the ground, and dragged some distance, Fanning Mills, Com shellers, are warranteil as represented. Orders from.

passed through this city last week, looking Furniture The mammoth fur- band, knowing his own utter helplessness after the interest of that paper. The draw so closely to his wife's side for assist nituro establishment or b. w. the rope forming a kind of noose around his neck. When taken up he was in sen.

sible, and died in a short time. Journal is a lively, wide-awake, outspoken ance, as when be wants a button sewed on Datij, on Peoria street, two door paper, and we recognise it as one of onr HOES, RAKES, SHOVELS and general farm ontiitiag. Having nad several rears esperienee in We are of opinion that a husband can west of the Postoffice, is turnxn most valuable exchanges. readily foot the bills of a wife who is not afraid of being seen footing the stockings An exchange says: No business man who will send printing away from his own out more goods, finer goods, and There are now six legal holidays' every inert sow six tent uoiiqiti every a distance promptly attended to. Cask paid for country prduce.

Northeast corner of the square, Paola, Kan- i i hJLr a cheaper goods this spring than were selling implements, ete to farmers and residents of Miami county, I know what they want, and can and will guarantee satisfaction. of her husband. county, that can be done in a reasonably satisfactory stvle at home, is deserving of to wit Christmas, Kew Tear, Washing- ever before offered in Paola. He It is stated that the new issue of paper money of all denominations, will be ieady Give me a call just off the southwest habitation in a ciliaed community. It ton's birth-day, Good Friday, Fourth of Jg gelling SOmO very" heavy bills corner of the square, south of the Court for distribution to the public by the first July, and Thanksgiving Day.

This year House and Methodist eburen. through the county and there is no is safe to measure a man's intelligence and public spirit, by his interest in aad aid given to his county paper, just as it is and of July. the 4th of July, faHs upon 8unday, but in establishment in Southern Kansas accordance with the custom, Monday, the It is stated that the destruction of prop that can compete with his. He 5th," will be observed. ertv by fire.

in the United States, thus far long has been a safe rule to judge a community by the paper which it is supposed the sum keeps and manufacturers none but Agents for the celebrated. "Buckeye and McCormick Mowers and Reapers The Best in Use. C. W.CARR. It is propose! to have a grand celebra in the present year, has reached of $17,000,000.

to support. the best, aud we are pleased to tion over the completion ef the Railroad Chicago Lumber Yard, Southwest of the M. E. Church, Paola, Kansas The women of Topeka are reorganizing God intended all women to be beautiful I Bridge across the Missouri, at Kansas City, notice that ho is doing ft smashing their Suffrage Association. This time on fUtT.rda.v- Julv 3d.

Great nreparations as much as he did the roses and the business. Give him a call. none but women are to be admitted mem are making for the reception of invitea! morning: (dories; and what he intended Picklecl Oysters, new thing, guests. We thank the managers for an they should obey his laws, and cut indo W.E.:LAWS&BE0S. invitation to be present.

lence and corset Strings, and indulge in sylendid lunch at Huff Ulmbj'S. freedom and fresh air. If or a girl to ex VIasbiib. On the 13th E.M. i--- lfT(HlA nffor hatter Tnnninfr.

TU. MAT MILLER and Miss JUCUIlttlU iliVXMMiv pect to be handsome with the action of her lungs dependent ja the expansive nature of a cent's worth of tape, is as absurd bers. Wheat harvesting has commenced in Texas. The crop is fine, but in some sections of the State slightly affected by rust. Farmers in this county will commence harvesting in about a week.

A common practice of using pads or sheepskins under a horse's collar, is objectionable, eopecially in warm weather, MARGARET McGUIRK. all of Miami I rjareraina than tor other h) 66 in DEALERS IN eountT 1 -C' of. oot- wan Vinr- tt. An T)nllr I Vlfcj as to look for turnips in a snow bank or a which is something new-it being the first cnasea as assigueo a erne, at full grown oak in a little flower pot. I money we have received for such a notice low figures, and there 13 no reason RotailBrnggists We have a city ordinance which pro since our connection with the Advertiser.

wtT tneT Bhoalcl not under sell other hibits rapid driving and riding under pen alty of a fine. We have not heard of the city treasury being the recipient of any Sash, 7 Lathe, Shineles biding, Anderson County, has associated with him UOIT UimOJ nave juai. rcuuiv- fines lately on this ascount. And yet fast Mr. Korris, in the Dry Goods business.

We ed a large invoice 01 splendid Cigars driving and riding are not nnfrequent oc congratulate Garnett on getting hold of i tobacco, amons the brands of because it accumulates heat and makes the breast tender. So iking summer showers at all hours both day and night have visited this part of the country just as they pleased for the last ten days until we are of opinion that enough is as good as a feast. The receipts from internal revenue just now amount to over one million of dollars per day, and will probably continue to so until the income tax, now due, is paid, which wtll not be until the first of July. currences. Young men ride their horses at a two-forty rate through the streets such enterprising merchants and clever I nnn T.TWr,n.

FiralPnenfRnO TimCr NtYTrV Doors, Blinds, and Builder's Material. .1 t. index that Garnett ULWlAiUW a-r wv j.uoy without reference to, or thought of, the danger to children walking or playing on is a livetradin point, and assumine an I fir them at manufacturers! importance second only to Paola. rill job the streets. The wonder is that many children are not killed.

Let our authorities enforce the ordinance on this subjec prices. According to an eld nollen, people sleep KANSAS. MifrtilAr A CrOTTCll have on iaum, much better with their heads to the north than any other point of the compass. For against every offender, no matter who ha We heard one of our merchants the i I iV ..1. ma ohaan oa hp is other day complaining of dull business.

uauu ii v-v-r mHisY BUY OF IMPORTERS, THERE invalids it is highly recommended by those who have given it a practical test. Upon looking the county papers, we found cheapest, a very largo and well SO by saving several profits. They man- Do not fail to read advertisements. The he did not advertise aud of course the It i. insisted that there are known to exist hected BtOck of Dry Goods, Grocer- fij.tjr.

i from the n1 XneJ person who takes a newspaper now a -days, Opened in Pol by East side of Square, Next door to City Bakery. fact accounted for the want of milk in that cocoanut. and ne electa to read over the advertise great electric currents, always crossing in jes oota an4 Shoes, Clothing refunded for any impure drug sold by one direction around the earth, and that! I them. mS-tf i ii.i. I i a a i nr Arv ments, is apt to lose much valuable infor mation.

The advertising patronage of a PAOLA NURSERIES. ous way connected with this electric agent. They are offering special inducements paper indicates not only the enterprise of There is a city ordinance requiring the building of sidewalks on certain streets. We notice that the work on the walks on the north end of Pearl street has been to cash, buyers. They have on nana the city and county where it is published, reiearnnewoireasury P.rwea.

CaH ia f. I iuu unrroia jLiswa uu w. abandoned. What's the reason of this? business men are possessed of vim and go denominatioil, of ftional currency, and figures surprisingly low, by the bar Sadies, Harness, Bridles, Collars Cannot the ordinance be enforced aneaaauveoess. duow us a cuu- jmU, nntM.

TIiii munity who don't advertise and weH- v. n- Jjittle Henry had been taught that he show voun community where business is jsmnui Tnih.l Evervthinff yon Want and most Whips, i mile North of town. was made of dust. As he stood at the window, he saw an eddy ef dust raised by stagnated. The man who advertises in a meantime no further issues of small notes have to be an economical liver, can liberal yet discreet manner, is sure wae or cuency wni be made from the old Jan5'owU' bo bad at Haff Qulnity's.

Propagators of the wind, and 'exclaimed, "Ma, it looks just now as though there was going the lead of his neighbor who don't spend plates. This will be likely to make 'change' Manufactured t0 order on the mast reasonable terms. WELL AND CISTERN DIGGER. a cent for printer's ink. It is also eonced- scarce, for a month or two.

another little boy made." I am now prepared to dir. wall, and ce ed that the man who advertises keeps a One of the most popular conductors, and Henry 6. Wools, editor of the National ment wells and cisterns, in the best manner, and noon reasonable terms. I can be larger, better and more complete stock of Apple, Pear, CHERRY. PEACH PLOT, otherwise aa extreme accommodating Democrat, published at Jefferson ville, In- goods, and sells them cheaper than the found at Han kins'.

Grocery Store, or at T. gentleman, ia J. H. Toaaat of the Me. dianalrnpped into our sanctum this week, man who don't advertise.

If yon want DEALER IN S. Haley's Hat Store, Paola, Kansas. JunelVlw. WILLIAM K. JUDSON.

LAG. B.S. He has bad long experi- cood bargains, call on the man who adver m.n fmiU. Evergreens. Ornamental lie is traveling through this State inTesting a little of his surplus money.

The Demo ence ia nanaiing a train or ears, ana tises. trees, flowering shrubs aad plants. iwiavxi tt- IffanlM instead of cultivating a pompous regard crat is one of the best papers in the State OTICE la hereby given that petition usage dcuso a su.o People are frequently put to great in of Indieda, and we gladly enter it upon IN will be presented to the Board of in larpe Quantities. for his position, he baa a kind aad mild way of answering the convenience by being summoned to attend our exchange list. Paola, May 1st, leoa.

County Commissioners of Miami County, of conductors, and ftt their July session, 1889, asking for a thousand annoying or conductors, ana i jni questions usually asked Court as witnesses. Of course when their testimony is needed there ia ao way of There is no place in the State improving tnxlin. 1ia nuunri with th utmost I mA MimiiuiiMii, at the south line of I r. i Mi.mi nnnntv. at noint 120 rods west of R.

F. STIGER, remedying this, but when persons are as fast as Paola. Kew houses are looming up in every direction, and most of them ClothiDff, Hats and Caps, GOODS, urDsiniiT. sop. i otbmihm I ih.

uinlh Miit corner of section xe. town his position upon the road. 10 north on the summoned to attend ia cases concerning which they know nothing, and are there substantial buildings. There at present under and not yet commenced, Horses as a general thing get too much ESXS north oae half St. LOttlS, Miami COOntf KanSBS, by put to great loss and inconvenience, it about twe hundred dwelling houses most liiii.

tA Tf a man loses 1 tinn line to the north line of said sec- is exasperating. We have seen business livaiua ssuv SW wm ewHvw I iTiATtM vmL oa a lid ection line ou of them will be completed by the middle Dealer ia men have to hang around a court room for nisnas wnue anvmg n.snor V. thence north 10 rods to the half August. niaborse to pay for it. ir ne runs into o.

than ee west on a week, waiting for a case to ceme en, and nnlli.r wkmb tnrVmvh his own ear el MS. I on ml. tA tha west line of said The friends of the college at Baldwin v. m.k. 1 ,1 A.

thaiiM nnrtll OS Ilia section im a ess City are making extensive preparations ao iickb uw I Dry Goods, when finally they were called they would probably be dismissed from the hex after a single question had been afced them, because they knew nothing of their own If hi. bors. or stumbles, he ear as practicao ennu. If bis horse slips rieht. for the commencement exercises, which mn wt Yi tw xxi ssi av gets licked for It if he dees anything, he June 19-3w.

MANY CITIZENS. will take place on the 24th inst. A sumptuous dinner will be prepared and ready in knowledge of the case. The people who gets licked for it if he don't do envming he gets the same. A great many horses EOAD NOTICE.

take cases to Court are frequently of aa ig Groceries opposite poet office, Paola xcUaabl fcind. without I know Ma sieht" mere thaa their drivers, NOTICE is hereby given that a peti-tiom will be presented to the Board norant, the college ball at 12 o'clock. An entertainment will be given at the new church in the evening. A. grand time is antici raent or discretion, and their attorney and if they could change places with them, ot County Commissioners ot Miami uouny, society at large would be gainers, and ao should take some plan to discourage them Vanaaaattneir JUiVSessionsaiBK ivr pated, would horses.

1 from summoning every body they know. vacation ef so much or tne roaa ma rum rtn the northwest corner ef aectiea 13, The Topeka Record says Charlie Collins, Deputy TJ. S. Marshal, yesterday arrested We were almost asleep after dinner on The Old Established tawnahio IS. SI.

thence dne sootn The following simple method, it is said, I sr a sT-. Waa I ETC. 4lannila AVAV lit An mil LIMA DIBIDEsmiMX 1 Aflft XDlie. ftUU IHUlHsVUMI 1 two men from the plains by the names of will keep water almost as cold as ice Let same a read described aa follows: Comaene-ike aenthweat corner of the north J. J.

Ccdlery and G. W. Van TUlbnrg, tne jar, pitcher or vessel used for water. I SHALL keep a complete stock or Pry Goods Groceries, Drugs, 1. i.

11 interesting Iteme Ia a sea or excaangea, when the following eympathetio screed caught on onr hook, and not only wsvkeaed charged with misappropriating; Govern be surrounded with ene or more folds of meat onarior muua si. thence doe east 1 rods-thenee men property. They gave bail for their tt A TJivrniss Sr. SADDIiBRiT SHOB. coarse cotton, to be constantly wet.

The eonstanttyon band, am determined nee of the Mississippi. My appearance before S. Commissioner eTiporatioa of the water will defy com petition. nn hnt what ia of far rreeter Impor due north one-half mile to intersect the to be undersold west carry off the tLt-JT. MWicthorouihtarelearinesanie route lsntirelynew it to tance, settled a theological difflcilty an tnAieacingatthe Iwm the bigl lothertropi- easly era, which had pn salad eiher emi- corner of section JJ, township goods fos produce.

to be undersold west best market price ra Ilanbaek, next Tuesday. Charlie took two beat from the inside and reduce educe The best Plows and nralea from them and has them in WOIQ nnint. T. Tadia. and nthar tront.

it is other farming implements constantly oa 18. ranee 31, thence doe east one anile to stable. -al climes, where Ice cannot be produced, I nent philosophers beeidee entrselvee. intersect the public thoroughfare. solid settler Paola, Ivawsas MAN CIT1ZEK8.

ivi. T.t mavnUand I a startlins? stunner, but 8U Miami Co, KntM Junel9-3W. I .1 mi VIA were riding around the square in the buss, laborer hava at his place of employment struck ia me louowmg NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMENT. Notice of Final Settlement. a.

J. stiTea atumnted to nass two pitchers thus provided, and with lids logics and asked a nmr annie. Xve selected ia herahv riven to all creditors rOTICI is horeby given to all credit-1 i a.aJ tlx 1 or covers, one to contain fresh water for by with his natch horses, whereupon they A data La lain her in eetinC it. BOO was Li3i ore aad others interested in the ee- became frightened at the sound of the la Thomas Scott deeeesed, that we will apply teAe of Williana drinking, the other for evaporation, nad wifa eJf ni, boeotn the joy of his heart he can always have supply of cool the apple of his eye his darling little e-- mw I a a Ska gMWw Hf I StlTll lalDDlT. inn 10 1H rftlSIISJ VVWI VI Mianui wwn)' trumenta, and made dash to get away, honey but pura aa a flake K.M at lB.

nl- u-. lMa. for a final It Kansas at it sitting on Monday the tb water in warm weather. Any person oaa rha kivf off the dash-board and other Harness, Saddles, Briddlea, Halters always Imiii y22tf SX SIOB OF TBB SQOiRK, PA.OW, snew, and as beau ti rules aa ang 7 o( EiUte. day of July A.

D. lbol tt anniil he refuse her anything Bi mhiubmi bi im I How oould he refuse her anything no th. bov. TortunaUlv some test this by dipping a finge ia water, and nne standina- aeer bv. got bold ef the holding it in the air en a wena day after leonldn'tand he didn't i and for one, wrt.anv.

I BEBECA SMTTH, lla Executors.) Administrator. June, and prevented them from doing doing this three or four Umes fce will and never blamed him slnee i ten in wt. wi.k a red-beaded girl at school." further damage. finger unoomfortaWT cold Hat' Store, South side of the Public Square, Graham Flour at Haley's.

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