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Stanton County Journal and Progressive News from Johnson City, Kansas • 1

Stanton County Journal and Progressive News from Johnson City, Kansas • 1

Johnson City, Kansas
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Stanton Bounty 0 I A 0 And PROGRESSIVEJMEWS No. 41 Vol. 15. ohnson, Stanton County, Kausas, Friday, April 3, 1914. L.

A. Jinks and Aaron Kearn and the big fuel oil tractor is going to certainly earn its keep this season, so Mr. Burkholdcr, the BUT LITTLE MANGE HERE COVERSKENT INSPECTOR FROM HAKES 14 HO. PROOF Our old friend Arthur Tuesday hornswoggled Robb, Unc'e 1 Sam out of a 160 acre tract of Jffi SOUTH OF ARKANSAS RIVER Tp, rn buffalo grass prairie, by the pro- i He was on Ins way home from cess known as; a commufaion1 th.e ove-1 Syracuse with two loads of oil ey were perambulating our streets Saturday. Mr.

Henry Bearman made a trip to the railroad this week for feed and supplies. Fred Zick sold his broom corn at Syracuse the first of the week for $70. per ton. ment cattle look- nrnnf F. Clark and Lpvi'1 wsycwtvio me iracior ana neiaiKS very inspectors was i ing through the tie of south enthusiastically over ihe fine crop Deever assisted and D.

Clerk Scott committed the whole thing to writing. Mayor Tom Smoot of Roanoke Public Sale I will offer at Public Sale on MONDAY, APRIL 20, 1914 At my farm, 2 miles east and 1 miles north of Konantz, Sale to commence at 1 0 o'clock a. m. the following personal property: NINE HEAD OF CATTLE One black Angus cow fresh soon, One red Durham milk cow, fresh, with calf by side; One Durham and Angus milk cow, 4 years old, fresh soon. One 2yr.

old heifer, heavy with calf; Two 2 year old heifers; Two yearling heifers. passed through Johnson Tuesday on his way south. Hamilton and Stanton last wee prospects they have on the ranch in order to get posted on mange this spring, conditions. He expressed him-; He sd wed a patch of rye last self well pleased with the results: fall, which he says, looks fine as of his investigation, having found: silk in spite of the winds and only three cases of mange sou sand storms. All the other farm of the river, east of the state ground on the ranch ha3 been liHe- thoroughly disced and did not blow during the past extremely Otto Phillips, of the Fisher Dr.

Smyser, the Painless will be in Johnson City 10. He will be there in (adv.) neighborhood made a trip to Syracuse the first of the week. The Johnson Literary, owing to the light attendance of late, windy March. SOKE LOSS BV BLACK LEG Mr. Burkholder, for an exper- due no doubt to the measles, has stopped operations.

Reports are coming in of losses! jment. will sow some of the new GOOD MEETINGS AT BEAR CREEK The revival meetings in the Bear Creek school house, begun last week by Rev. Peacock, ate arousing a good deal of wholesome interest in that neighbcr- -Mr. and Mrs. Cyphers, who by black leg and many of ourj Japanese millet, supposed to be stockmen are talking of great drouth register, and will ating.

So far the loss has bean aiso som fpterita. besides have spent the winter months near Plains, are again in the Two Shoats, weigh about 75Ibs. country, hood and Mr. Peacock reports a light but with the general thrifty our usual crops of mii0 kaflr and very gratifyingattendance. We condition of our stock this spring cane.

Notwithstanding the largs understand that the meetings aid the change from dry feed pump that is on the will be brought to a close tonight. grass, it looks like a risky i ranch, Mr. Burkholder is going thing to run chances, vaccm-; to appiy dry-farming methods al-ation, after all, is uot a cure but together and he is confident they only a preventative. wjn win jn order to 00sen lne I subsoil, thus preparing a moist-OLD STANTOM IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR fl ure retaining seed bed. he had Dave Pointer and his right made to his own specifications, hand man.

CharW Rrmvn mo- i some subsoilers to be attached to Charley Brown was circulating Arthur Capper's petition Monday and getting about every body to sign it. Harry Bearman returned from Manhattan and will spend the summer working on his father's ranch. Lots of broom corn going to Syracuse now. A buyer from Lansing Mich, is the cause and the price has come up too, About 4 doz. hens, mostly Buff Plymouth Rocks.

FARM IMPLEMENTS One Kingman two-row disc sled, Kingman disc cultivator, Monitor Disc, One-horse wheat drill, Black Hawk two-horse corn plan ter, Two section steel harrow, Single row Deering qorn binder, Single row corn drill, Walking lister, Feed Grinder with extra burrs, Set of carpenter tools, one Will pay $11-per ton for bones till the first of -May. (ad) D. E. Billiard, Syracuse. GOING ToTrOOP.

Arthur Pottorff, who filed on the Fred Deever claim northwest of town, came in Monday to make application for commutation proof. Art and his family came here during the early part of 1913 and have made many friends who regret their leaving. his gang listers, which will breakup the sub soil to a depth of ten tored into Johnson Monday taking in 4the sights. Dave has wintered one of the finest bun- or twelve inches. He use3 thes tractor to pull two listers and ches of white faces in the county John Noble, who got thumb hurt a short time his ago, and the general appearance a- Plants the seed with a two horse broom maker's outfit, 80 feet bout his ranch is a good testi-I planter hitched behind the lister.

1 inch pipe. was in town Wednesday to have Dr. Hoover dress it. mony what brains, industry and economy will accomplish in west-' ern Kansas. You never hear I JOHNSON SCHOOL REPORT GETS ENGINE TO IRRIGATE Our well driller Ed Chapman, Addison Stewart, and Charley! One sewing machine, Washing and tell Report of Johnson School for- this week disposed of one of his Dave cuss the country Streeter, of the southwest corner of the county, transacted business in Johnson this week.

machine, nine dining room chairs, 12 foot extension table, Heater, Cook stove, Iron bed, two Kit gasoline engines to Ed Lake, who every body he's going to leave, lives just over the line in Grant Homer Allen, of Morton Coun-0unty. Mr. Lake will use it to chen tables, Cupboard, Clock, Dishes, etc. ty passed through Johnson Wed month ending "Mar. 27-1014.

I Pupi Is Neither Absent jNor Tardy. Anna Brydone. Earl Herrickr Clare Hoover, Zelma Hoover, Marie Norlin, Comely TERMS: I il oplcs All sums of $10. and under pump water for an alfalfa field. He has a dug well, cased with twelve inch "casing and he proposes to use two pumps with a walking beam.

Mr. Figart, who has successfully used this sort of an outfit with a lift of about 100 feet, says it works like a charm. EVERY DAY ITEMS OF INTEREST. cash, on sums over 1 0 nine mo. credit will be given on bankable nesday with a fine young jack, which he and his father bought of L.

A. Inge of Syracuse. Mr. Mrs. Julian came to town Wednesday, Mrs.

Julian to nurse her daughter, Miss Waivie, who has the measles and George to go back home and try batching a while. Margaret Williamson. Owing to poor attendance on yy note, bearing 1 0 per cent inter est. 5 per cent off for cash. G.

S. Greger, Owner. I account of the epidemic of meas-' les, the regular monthly exam-! inations were omitted. Mary H. Alexander, Teacher.

J. D. Barmore, M. E. Marple Market your poultry while the prices are high.

(ad) Auctioneer Clerk D. E. Bullard, Syracuse. FOR SALE. ARTHUR STONE INTO HOT BUSINESS Arthur Stone, who "owns a ranch in north Stanton, last week bought an interest in the Thomas MR.


G. R. Hickock, formerly of Ulysses, at present located at Satanta, on the new railroad, and Mr. Swartz, also of Satanta, were in Johnson Wednesday on business. These two gentlemen came bout also 5 sows, due to livery barn at Syracuse.

Here's! Johnson, Mar. 31,1914 Stanton County Journal Johnson, Kans. If agreeable to you will you farrow in May. Roy Hack. hoping.

County Commissioner Winger and son Jim were in Jnhnson on QMAI I PAY AT SVRANISF? busing Monday. Uncle John ij'iHi mi ii imiii sm to our office to renew old acquain- please publish the following, as-tance and in the course of con-lWe believe in your paper the We are informed that the night and. his good wife have just returned from a well earned vacation trip to central Kansas, where they visited with friends and relatives. At Hutchinson they looked up the Kriegh family, versation the doctor informed us that Mr. Storey, second vice-president of the Santa Fe, as news will reach those interested, in time so that they can consider the amount due them in mak- clerk at the Harvey house at Syracuse was taken sick with the small pox early this week.

He was at once quarantined and the ffl Hot" sured him positively that the pro ing their levy. The Board tliot entire Harvey House fumigated. who are doing finely, including jected route west from Satanta, t'lis distribution the best method grandfather Kriegh, one of the BANK FURNITURE MOVED ONCE MORE Once again the fixtures of the pioneers of Stanton county, who is as hale and hearty as many a man half his age. Johnson State Bank have been shown on the new tb es, f0r the benefit of those who uric will be built without "Of inally paid the money, Storey said, "it may be Roanoke Twp. Mar.

30, 1914" some time, but there is no doubt Board met in reguar es3ion. that this road i 1 be Balance left in Falkenstein Fund Now ought to be a good time after au accounts were paid, a-toletonr Industrial Club comemounted to This amt alive, so as to be ready to Make; wa, divided amonc School Dis- moved, this time building and all, and, so we understand, this WILL SINK BIG WELL time to their permanent location has a fine John Jones, who opposite the Norlin store. Dob Lucas and Rufus Norlin place in the snanow war.r cisr under advisement any proposals tricts No. 4, 5, 32 and 2.1 in pro-trict in the east part of the cour-. made us by the company.

Let's pc rtion to amount 0f land in old were supposed to be bossing the job, but they complained that a- Jimmie Clark transacted business in Johnson Saturday. J. N. Frazier and wife were Johnson visitors last Saturday. Billy Smith made another trip to the railroad for freight this week.

Arthur Stone and Bob Buhrer delivered broom corn in Syracuse Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. C. L.

Bennett of south Stanton were Johnson visitors Thursday. Falkenstein Twp. School District No. bout every man in town tried to ty, was here Monday looKing ior get together. a driller equipped to drill a twen- i ty-f our inch well, for irrigation 1 FADMIM fiW A RIP.

QP.AIF i 7 iruuunu vii uiu uvnu. nurnoses. The depth to watir, qualify for their position. Our expert plasterer and stone mason Charley Randall and his man 14.73 73.63 55.26 32 20 Friday (otherwise 'Shorty' Patterson), are at work putting the foundation under the building, at Mr. Jones' ranch is between BURKHOLDER OF THE R'iNCH wmluh3 water MS OF TRACTOR FUNK unlimited quantities.

It is only! Down on the Wathin? ranch, a question of a short time a short distance south of ihe there will be a number of irriga-1 Stanton county line, ii.lng ac If the treasurers of these districts will send me their names, amounts due will be sent to them. IL A. Russell, Rc.anoke Twp.Clk-P. O. after which they will re-plaster Will Pizel moved house from tfoe Clyde Markham claim to his it, so that it will soon be ready rwh thin wrk, for occupancy.

t.ivities nre on in Brood earnest tion plants in this county,.

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