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The Paola Record from Paola, Kansas • 1

The Paola Record from Paola, Kansas • 1

The Paola Recordi
Paola, Kansas
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J. W. King of Louisburg Off for Camp Bailey. Personal Mention. Mrs.

Ilattie Bachman of Olatbe Co. 50 men strong and under was in the county seat Tuesday. CAHP PHIL SHERIDAN ia the guest of relatives in Paola. Tickets on all regular Frisco trains will be sold for $1.00 for the AT round trip Sunday to Kansas City. You can go to Kansas City on PAOLA, KANSAS SEPTEMBER 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 1904 any of the regular Frisco trains for $1.00 Sunday'.

The return trip is good for that day only. The Baptist Young People will give an ice cream social on tbe lawn A. Department IMI at Mrs J. E. Hill's this, Thursday, evening August 18th.

All are in- vited. We will pay 50 cents a bushel for peach seed, this years crop, deliver First Ml of Annual Jew G. A. R. Myrtle Estl of Louisburg was in Paola visiting friends last week.

6. Masters oi Hillsdale was in Paola on-business Friday of last week. Mrs. F. M.

Hnghes is convalescent from, an attack of malarial fever. Valter Cannon of Kansas City is here visiting his grandmother, Mrs. K. I. Nickerson had a load of feeders on the Kansas City market Wednesday.

J. W. Vermillion of near Fon-tanna was in the countv seat on business Saturday. Buxton's Band will give one of their delightful concerts on Friday evening in the park. Mrs.

Dr. W. L. Elliott went to Spring Hill Saturday to visit relatives for a few days. Miss Helen Gleason of Chicago is vuiting her friend Miss Ethelyn Williford this week.

W. C. Moyer of the Interstate ed at any depot in Miami county. The Miami County Nurseries, Louis-burg, Kansas. I heavy marching order, left their armory at 11:30 o'clock Monday morning to take the Missouri Pacific train for Topeka.

Captain W. II. Tansey was in command. First Lieutenant C. W.

Ricketts and Second Lieutenant I. N. Bryan are with their company. Besides their guns, tbe men carry their blankets, shelter tent, knapsacks and canteen. The company arrived in Topeka at 4 10'clock Monday afternoon and weut direct to Camp Bailey at Vine-wood Park.

They will be in camp until the 24th. While in camp the boys will draw regular army pay, that is the privates will be paid at rate of $15.60 per month. Corporals $18. per month, Sargent $21.60 per month, First Sargent $30 per month and the commissioned officers $4, $4.50 and $5 per day. Frisco System Excursions-Boston and return Aug.

11,12 and 13, account the G. R. Reunion, $31.40. Portland and return Aug. 15 to 18 Homevisitors rates to Ohio and Indiana Sept.

6, 13, 20, 27, and Oct. 11 very cheap. Special summer tourist rates to Michigan, Minnesota, New sYork daily until Sept. 30. Colorado common points, $17.50 round trip, daily until Sept.

30. San Francisco and return on Aug. 15 to Sept. 10 inclusive only $45.00 round trip. Homeseekers rates on 1st and 3rd Tuesday each month to many points one fare plus $2.00 for round trip.

For further information call on or address B. M. Long, Agent. The annual Sunday School Con vention in Stanton Township will be held on August 28th. J.

C. Montgomery is clerking at Boxley's during the absence of Will Miller at the Topeka military encampment. Mrs. C. A.

Cross leaves today for Detroit, where she goes for a three week's visit with her mother and sister. llev II. S. Vauxego was in Kan-sas City Tuesday evening where he addressed the Western 1 Colored Baptist Association. S.

D. Condon Co. haye a stock of all sizes of casing and I and 2 inch line pipe on hand. The weather man at Kansas City reports that Sunday was the hottest day of the year. The temperature reached 96 degrees at 3 o'clock p.

m. Lieut. Col.C. S. Flanders left Saturday for Topeka to take charge of the camp of the First Keg.

K. N. G. until the arrival of Col. Met-calf, Secretary Floyd of the Miami County Fair Association wishes us to announce that premium lists can be had by calling at his office or upon application by mail.

Preparations for a big crowd at the A. II- T. A. picnic in Simmon's grove at Louisburg on August 31st are being made. It is expected that there will be fully 3,000 ucople present.

The Presbyterian church social Thursday evening upon Dr. Mc-Gogney's lawn was a most delightful affair. The crowd was very large and the receipts amounted to about s537l 00. Buxton's band furnished the music. Col.

John Wentz the auctioneer will have an announcement in the Record. Col. Wentz is a first class auctioneer and can furnish as fiue 10,000 PEOPLE COMING Special Rates on All Railroads For Rights and Privileges Apply to GEO. P. LEAVITT, Paola, Ks.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: J.H.Phillips D.H.Johnson J. W. Tatham Grange Picnic. The New Lancaster Grange will hold their regular annual picnio one-quarter of a mile west and one half mile north of New Lancaster, in David Kirts' grove today. The following is the program Music Lacygne BaDd Welcome address F.

Conner Song. the Grange Institute Notes. Enrollment last year 212: enrollment this year 227 and Btill there are two weeks and 25 teachers not in. Mrs. Latimer went home last week on account of illness.

A number of teachers are buying the International encyclopedia for a reference library. When school teachers on a salary of $35 per month can afford to pay $85 neaity uo. was in niawathaon business the first of the week. Herman Churchill of Osawatomie was in Paola' on Business Monday and Tuesday of this week. C.

II. Lewis of Fontana was in Paola a few hours Monday looking over the political situation. Maggie Woolridge and' Hazel Huffman of Lyndon, Kansas, were visiting friends here last week. September 16 and 7 are the dates for the annual county Sunday School Convention to be held in Paola. Len Bradbury is planning to build a new home in theeast'partof town.

It will be a modern six room cottage. Mrs. Harry Pickering and daugh Among thoso who are attending the Grange picnic at New Lancaster; today are Judge Wilson and family R. II. Montgomery, Geo.

Hamlin and family and D. M. Ferguson. Frisco System will sell tickets to the World's Fair City for 16.00 for the round trip on each Tuesday and Thursday during August and September. Watch for these popular excursions via a popular route.

The following ladieB enjoyed an all day picnic at the water works Saturday. Mrs. C. S. Flandeis, Mrs.

McGill, Mrs. Isley, Mrs. Barkhurst and daughter, Mrs. Jones, Mrsf W. Miller, Mrs.

Morgan and daughter, Miss Ruby Flanders of Spring Hill, Miss Staley of BucyruB, Mrs. Gillespie and daughter of Warrensburg, and Mrs. File. John McCrow the negro who is in jail charged with stealing Dr. VanPelts horse was taken before Justice Kent Saturday for his preliminary hearing, and was bound over to the district court in the sura of $500.

McCrow of course could not give bond and was committed to jail. An effort will be made, to have his case disposed of while court is in session next week. Delinquent taxes will be due the 1st of September. County Treasur-er Taylor said the other day that never in the history of the county had the delinquents bien so light. There is still out-standing less than one and one half per ceut of the 1003 taxes and this will be reduced to at least one per cent before Sep.

tember 1st. John May of Stanton township returned home from Colorado last Thursday. Mr. May bad a narrow escape from being on the ill fated train that weut into the gorge near Pueblo. His Colorado friends prevailed upon him staying another day and joining them ou a fishing trip, otherwise he would probably J.

T. Willard, State Agricultural College. Music 1 By the Band Miss Stella Fleming Song. By the Orange Music By the Band. Doll Drill.

Litble Folks Dinner, 12 m. to 1 30 p. m. Music By the Band for something to aid in the school work, they should have the en references as any man in the business, xle can be found at any time couragement of the school boards by a supply of some of the much Paola Wins Again. In one of the cleanest games of ball of the season, Paola defeated Hillsdale last Friday by the score of 9 to 0.

The features of the game was a tripple play by Paola. They also made two double plays. Ran-del pitched a good steady game. Hillsdale only secured two hits off him. Score by Innings.

Ethel McDonald By Sixteen Children Recitation Hoop Song at the citizens bank in Paola. J. A. Forseman, a former Paola the Grange needed apparatus necessary for effective school work. ter Nellie of Fontana are visiting at Hon.

A. P. Reardon By tbe Band Miss Ada Hoover boy, and W. C. Moyer, of Coffey-ville, have opened the Interstate Address Music Quartet Address Superintendent Hall does not Realty Co.

othces in the secoua Btory of the Wilgus building, occupied by the Paola clothing Co. They the home of B. M. Long in Paola. Mrs.

C. Gillispie and little daughter of Warrensbarg, visited her sister Mrs. V. Barkburst last week. Minis, State Agricultural College the Grange will deal in oil lands and leases, al Paola 12 0 111 Hillsdale 0 0 0 0 0 0 30 00 Band Concert believe in allowing his left hand to know what his right hand does in bestowing gifts upon his friends.

In other words he sleeps while some one ransacks the pockets of his pantaloons for loose cash. AllHB KUhlA FlAtidera rif Snrmnr so tire and accideut insurance. While working on the new building at the Ursuliu's Aceadamy Thursdav, Jacob McGill accidental The kindergarten work exhibit ly fell from a door ud broke his Hill and Miss Staley of Bijoyrus spent several days last week with Mrs. C. S.

Flanders. Mrs. W. Humphry went to Kaunas City Sunday for a weeks visit in the study room from No. 57, collar bone.

Mr. McGill fell only Miss Kate Ferguson, is good and about four feet but struck upon a pile of rock. lie has brokeu this same shoulder several times before Batteries. Paola Randel and Harris. Hillsdale West and Fisher.

Umpire Howard. Without Bail. John Casey who murdered J. G. McCoy in Paola on Monday of last week was bound over to the district court without bail, at the preliminary hearing Thursday afternoon before Justice Kent.

The hearing was held in the court room and a large crowd was present. S. shows what an enthusiastic teacher can do in a crowded country school. and consequently the accident is even more serious. Most of the instituters went home S.D.

Condon Co. have put in a stock of fittings, valves Inst Saturday, two weeks being as long as they could keep away from home folks. wun ner eniiaren, Harry rce-man and Eudell Humphry. J. E.

of Oklahoma city is here looking after his interests rep. resented in' the' branch Piersol shoe ore. Mr. Piersol was at one time located here. Mrs.

Prudence Campbell will be-in the erection of two houses in etc. The work of Miss Green, from Rev. II. S. returned Marshals of the Day George C.

Land, Ed Nichols, W. H. Sanders and W. A. Hopkins.

President of the Day, F. B. Conner. A large number of Paola people drove down this morning to enjoy the day. Cut the Weeds.

The council of Paola has passed stringent weed ordinances and it becomes the duty of every citizen and property owner to begin the war on the weeds now. Every street, every alley and every vacant lot should be looked after, A glance down the side streets from the square shows patches of fank weeds in every direction. Paola will in a very short time now be entertaining several thous and visitors and there is absolutely nothing that speaks better for a town than clean, well kept streets, and wcedless vacant lots. Tbe county might set the example by cutting the weeds on its own lots. Let na act now.

A little effort on part of each one will make a different looking city. Thursday from Lawrence, Hiawatha and Hosed ale. At Lawrence be attended the Central district association of Kansas Colored Baptists, at J. Shively appeared as council for Casey. The hearing occupied all the afternoon, but nothing new of importance was brought out.

The Hoover Bro's was a success and a large number of teachers took advantage of it. The use of water colors will be of value, especially me ease pari or town in the near Hiawatha, he lectured before the men had been drinking and quar congregation of the Second Baptist in nature work, Geography and Language. relled and that was all. Church, on Tuesday evening at 1 toned ale he lectured before the Teachers in Supt. George's read Shilo Baptist Association of Miss ouri.

Sunday Schools at Bucyrus. The Ten Mile Township' Sunday School convention held at Bucyrus last Sunday was largely attended ing classes new view from which to present the work to reading classes next year. Supt.George is a specialist along the lines of literature and those who have had the privilnge of his instruction are especially fortunate. and in every way a delightful and n6t be at home enjoying good health. Mr.

May contemplates leaving Miami county in the near future for Colorado. A change in tbe firm of Rickcttt Tolman occured Saturday when C. A. Tolman sold his interest, in the business including all accounts to Harry Handel, Mr. Handel assuming his new business relations with the firm at once.

Mr. Tolman has not fully decided upon bis future busiuess course but plans lo go to Kansas City. Tbe new firm will he glad to see all old friends and maty new ones. Tliey will take the best possible care'of all. Tbe Paola ball team left Wednesday for Wavcrly here tliey began a scries of live game with the Wavcrly team.

Tbe tint game was played Wednesday afternoon. To. Special for Oil Men. The Piersol Shoe Co. has just received a large lot or Genuine Elk Skin high top shoes for wet work.

Prices from 13.00 to $6.00. Real Estate Transfers. helpful gathering. At the noon hour all gathered at the grove aud future. She will occupy one and rent the other.

Foster E. Wentz arrived today from where he has been for a year past, for a short visit with Jiis father, Col. John Wcntz, the auctioneer. J. F.

Bradbury left Saturday for a three weeks visit to his old home at Skowhegan, Main. Mr. Bradbury had not been back to his old home for forty five years. J. II.

Petty has built a dozen tine comfortable park benches which will be placed at the fair grounds during the reunion, afterwards they will become a part of the city park I roperly. Mrs. Luther Minted ami daughter Carrio went up to Olalhe Saturday for a few days visit with friends. Mr. Minich went up to spend the da with them Sunday returning on The Outing Club is very kind in enjoyed a big basket dinner.

Addresses were made by J. F. Barn hill J. T. I light, Geo.

Cbappell and Following are the transfers of offering its grounds to the Insti tute for evening amusements and others. The music was one of the delightful features of tbe program. games ami the members of that club have the sincere thanks of real estate in Miami county lor the week ending Inst Saturday, as furnished by Register of Deeds Laiul: N. W. Miller to W.

H. Campbell It 7, 1 hlk 1 Jones uhdWUioa It II Mary Q. Crane add 0wUmle a I ISO E. J. Haughey to Eliiabath Dunn n'l It 4.

5 blk 9J Pala SO Vm. Schwartz, who has been very low with typhoid fever, is some better. Among tho oil wells shot this week were the Wellsville Oil Co, two miles west of Wellsville on last Thursday which made a fair showing; II. Sage's well on the Black the teachers for their hospitality. Miss Rose Gigax-nnd Mr.

Harry Harris were married Sunday at J. Haughny to Leo A.lllncliman an jo Itt 4, 5, blk 84 Paola Paola. Miss Gigax has been a E. Devon of, Osawatomie was io Paola yesterday and made the Rkcord office a pletsant call. Alfred Quincy of Washington is home for a short visit with Lis father tn Middle Creek township.

Divorce cases have been tiled in district court by Mary tac vs Will iam Lee and by Nora B. Smith vs Otto Smith. successful teacher and the Insti H. Cbandlrr and wife to Walter Barn pt ne 11-IM-3 latra and wire to W. D.

It 1 blk Panla farm IS miles south-east, Sunday light showing; Cedar Valley Oil Co. on the Day farm south-west of Mil an John Brans ctal to Frank Una 1 1. 1, I Mirhlal O'Kiwfe and wife to Mary 0'- the evening train. SKk day and tomorrow the teams will play double header games. Waverly people are celebrating the eighth annual gathering of the Ohio' Association and a big crowd is In attendance.

The line up of the Paola team is as follows: cothorn, West, pitchers. Harris, catcher; Brandon, first; linker, sec otid; Evans, short; KmhUr, third; Dorland, left field; Clarke, center Bryant, right field. tute wishes the happy pair a prosperous voyage. A tine gas well was struck on the Tom llogan land south of the Ccmetary this week by Mr. Mills' drillers and the gas is being connected into the Paola mains.

This is one of the best gas wells in the field. II. B. Watkins of Fontana gave a very interesting ami ii.structive tulk in the Methodic church at Fontana t) a crowded house last Sunday evening. 1 1 in 'subject was KwfM aw ZMft-B 3.

R. Kanffmaa and wife to Rubble K-IS-S Gra W. Borders and wifa to R. 1. Cook nH bw ne J-17-II 3.

W. Bryan a oil wlfa to Bryan Blilly Its 1, A. blk III Paola Judge Sheldon wilt convene court Monday. Tbe jury will come at Paola, with a showing of 35 feet of sand and a pnnsible production of 75 Imrrels kt day; On Monday for the Denver Co. on the Brisco Robinson farm near Spring Hill, fair; S.

W. Gillis' Tuesday on the Stockwell farm near the Bcclw lease, strong. aa this time and the regular docket will Imi cleared up. Some 20 jary Blln N. Cm it on ami litt.twml to Kuicne PeMMidoa lla 10, 30 blk I m.

Life Insurance Tim Cost of KtomalLlfe." vnnen are for trial. IB.

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