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The Paola Record from Paola, Kansas • 6

The Paola Record from Paola, Kansas • 6

The Paola Recordi
Paola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

NEW LANCASTER. Misses Cora and Lizzie Ellis start Wednesday for St. Louis to attend SUMMER CLOTHING REDUCTIONS. the World's Fair. Mr.

and Mrs Ewin were inDrex el Thursday. Hot Weather Bargain Sale At Piersol's Mr, and Mrs. Wvatt Ilazlewood from northwest of Paola, were vis iting at Jesse Purdy's Sunday. ineiu. a.

will srive All our Summer and Spring Suits We an ice cream supper Thursday night Miami county's1 greatest shoe sale is now in full blast at the Big Family Shoe Never were greater values offered. This sale is a Karvesf rfor economical shoe buyers. for the members and their families, have reduced in price from $1.50 to $3.50 also for the young men and the. lass es. per Suit.

We can now give you a good The Grange decided Saturday night to nave a picnic somen me in The Cream of Our summer stock. durable Suit at $5.00 that sold at $6.50., August but have not vet set the 5,000 Pairs, date. A $7.00 Suit now, was $8.50, An $8.00 K. II. Montgomery of Paola, Is down helping to invoice the stock at the storo.

now, was $10.00, and so on, in proportion, up to $20.00. Reduction in Pants, 25c to l. a. iiarnnni ot aola came down Monday morning to turn over the post ofhee. Mr.

Lemon, mana $1.50. Now is the time to Buy. ger of the Grange store will be our postmaster now. Women's Oxfords $3.50 values at $2.95 and $2.65 $3.00 values at $2.45 values at $1.95 $2.00 values at $1.45 $1.50 values at $1.25 I lot Ladies strap sandals at 89c lot Children's slippers, 35c. 1 lot Children's slippers, 9c During This Sale You Can Purchase Men's Oxfords, $3.50 and $4.00 values, $2.95 and $2.65 This line is without equal at $3.50 $3.00 and at 1 .95 I lot Misses and.

Children's slippers, 79c Every pair of Boys'; Misses' and Little Gents' Oxfords and Slippers must go at this sale Dirt Cheap. New Lancaster vs Block played a game of base ball at Block Sunday. The score stood 18 to 0 in favor of Block. New- Lancaster will have i I "ED. MITCHLER, The Clothier.

Straw Hats at Your Own Price, to whip up a little. The Ladies of the Chapel church will give an ice cream social Satnr day night, July 30. The C. P. A.

lodge meets Satur day night. They arc planning for These include every style you could desire in Tan, Black, Patent or plain Leathers. You get the Goods at the Price Advertised at a picnic. Railroad Time Table. M.i.

Fred Packard was in Osawal- No Dull Days. As usual we dropped in on Pei-ker Scheer Tuesday to solicit an ad for the Record and were met with the statement that thev otnie Suuday to see the ball game played by Oawatomie and Garnett. Piersols- A. A. Nichols went to Osawato- mie Monday to meet his sister, Miss Ethel.

had no time to write an ad. This was something of a poser, for around the square we had met Occasionally every woman rubs it with a good hit of complaint that in on her husband bv complaining? "times were dull," so we could not low hard she has to work At chison Globe. refrain from a bit of an inquisition and as a result, concluded that though this firm may he "off the An Atchison woman was once in Frisco System Excursions. St. Louis and return during the fair-15 days $10.30: 0 days season tickets accommoda great danger of her life.

In fact, the square, tliey are yet "on the man who sat next to her was killed, square" and that helps. and a dozen were killed around her. Uur inquiry brought foth the The best flavoring extracts ob-tai uable are made by Dr. Oyster. Four generations sat down at dinner Sunday at the beautiful home of Mr.

and Mrs. C. M. MoKoor. In the party were Mrs.

M. G. McKoon, her dajghter, Mrs. E. T.

Fowler of Paola, and II. T. Fowler of Kansas City, son of Mrs. Fowler, with his wife and throe She says that in the instant of terror, 25 cent stationery for cents at the Miami Book News Co. G.

II. Sherman watch maker ani jeweler. Fine watches for sale. A nice line of hand painted china at sacrifice prices. II.

Sherman. A new coat otaiut brightens the roofs of the Brick plant shops. The Paola brick works have just finished burning a kiln of brick for fac that in their bakery last week she didn't think of her soul, but re-glutted that she hadn't on her best they turned out 2,395 loaves of bread and a corresponding number tions reserved advance with a week's notice. Pittsburg, and return July 24 to 30 inclusive $3.20. Colorado summer resorts only $17.50 round trip and cheap round trip rates to many summer resorts.

Horheseekers rates to mnnv noints underwear so that her corpse would PAOLA. KOBTH BOUND. No, Mail 8:15 p. it. Ni.

11)4, K. C. Kxpre 5:31 a. in. No.

110. Moteor 6K.5 a. in. No. Klrt.

S. E. Limitml 8:33 a. in. No.

V). K. C. Special :28 p. m.

N.KmW.lFnrfl,tJ:J-:S: SOUTH BOUND. No. 101, Memphis Passenger 12:21 p. m. No.

103, SpriiiKtield and Joptin Ex 1 a. m. No. 10R, Meteor p. ni.

No. 1H. S. E. Limited 7 p.

in, No. 107, Fast Mail 3:14 a. m. NV. Ic.l PARSONS DIVISION, M.

K. A T. Ry. NORTH BOUND, No. 12.

Kansas City Express, daily 8:20 a. m. No. 14, Kansas CityMaii, daily p. SOl'TH BOUND.

No. 13, Texas Mail, daily 1 :40 p. io. No, 11, Texas Express, daily 10:45 p. in.

ot pies and cakes. Their butcher children. There were just fourteen in the party which was probably business is growing daily. Good cattle, are hard to tfind, but they have just bought, from "Uncle Dave" nnd Lute Heflebower, a full car, 24 head, of the finest butcher the new Presbyterian church. Dr.

W. G. Price, Dental Rooms, on 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each make a better appearance. unity hangs close arouud with a woman, and is never frightened awav. Globe.

The latest thing in the advertising Hue comes from Wellington, where of one of the most unusual erathe month, one fare plus round Price bldg-Nortlitast corner square ings, trip. Boston, National G. A. stock, which was to be delivered A very small crowd heard Hon Jacou one of the town en rpiinimi Anomst 11 10 1 'i Aaron Jones, Master of the Nat ional Grange Patron of Husband today. Scarcely any one in Miami county but knows that this means good meat.

Heflebower is only 831.40 round See the' 3 undersigned for further rates nnd "bc 1 dul" sel1 ry, of South Bend, and Hon Loeul Freight m. a term synonimous with the BEst CATTLE. I aoout any con- E. W. Westgate, Master of the State Grange, of Manhattan at the Tlje above trains leave the Frisco station.

B. M. Long, Jt. Annt. full information tem plated trip.

J. C. Lovriex, Kansas City. We hope that by next week the opera house VY ednesuay afternoon 15. M.

Loxii, hut he had a large specimau of the bellinaker's skill hung up in front of his store with a rope attached to the clapper, and the eud hanging within easy reach. Whenever he made a sale to a customer he ian? F0NTANA. Both gentlemen made able talks Paola. Paola, Kansas. rf-tf My Vision Rlnewer will surely cure sore eyes and make old or weak eyes strongi, Dr.

Oyster. The Paola band, under the leader, ship of Dr. Bujftou gave a very delightful concert' io the park Friday evening of last "week. All $1.50 and $1.25 rented books at the Miami Book, it News are on sale at 75 cents. Now is the opportunity to get some good books cheap.

Work on the foundation for the new Presbyterian church will bein today. The church will be built rush mwy he over and Teiker Scheer will have time to write us an ad. Missouri Pacific Excursions. on the grange and its work, which should have been heard by many more. The Kansas state grange I i Kosebud 11 JU81 88 a C0liauotor Kates to opening of NORTH BOl'ND.

N. UK 3:1" l. m. No. KM a.

r. No. 140 10a. m. No.

life 9:05 p. in. SOITH BOUND. noes on a irouev car. uurinsr the lands let o.wi meets in Paola in December.

sa c. Kate one m.t,!,--! uusy U0lr8 or me day lor Beveral on Mrs. Ballinger who lives near fare. days tne bell rang a good deal of Plum creek school house was J. E.

Maxwell was at Williamsburg, Kans. yesterday on business. Found: Near the Wagstaff farm south of Paola, a Indies black shopping bag. Owner can have same by calling at the Record office and pnj ing for advertisment. the tune and every time it rang it No.

101 No. No. l.T.i. lourist tickets' to Colorado and AI p. m.

1 a. ni. .12 oi. thrown from a buggy near the cor I 1 reminded everyone within hearing mu oic uu vu saie.

JiomesecKer ner of Cramer's farm south of town distance that there was something rate 1st and 3rd Tuesday to many by J. II. Petty and when completed yesterday, and seriously injured ttlLSOALE. NDkl fUWXD. doj'ig in the bargain line up at Eu- pumiB.

rur iiuormaiion can at will cost about $13,000. One 6houlder was mashed and sev- ac. depot. It is quite likely that more wheat eral ribs broken and she suffered the sale any. Mail and lireeze Nu.

a 4 am p. m. No. lol 5:47 a. m.

No. iih m. j. ut i ac. railway lias now than usual will' be planted in Miami internal injuries which may prove on salo tourist tickets to numv John Kobinson of Spring Hill.

co iv mis tan. a erea many oi ns kimjii has brought home with him poims in lowa, Minne the farmers plan to turn under fields to Cramer's and Dr. Wortheii sum sota, Pew orlc, Wisconsiu and "Om outh America a piece of brie in which they could not eet a stand moned to attend her. A boy that Ohio at greatly reduced rates. Stop U-brac that few itcrsons would care No.

Ik 12:10 ii. ni. HOl'TU BOt'ND, No. lol 12:10 p. m.

No. Ii 12 at) a. m. No. Ut m.

For purticulun an to puciul call on or aiMrm B. M. Losii. Agt. J.

C. Lovhikn, A. U. P. Ant, Kaosan City, Ho.

of corn and put them in wheat. was in the buggy with her was over allowed at St. Louis for lo live with, though he was willing J. W. Fleming' of Jackson coun- thrown out but not injured with tv.

Kansas, and his son Seth. are Lh.e exception of a few scratches. aayi, limited to October 31st to auU did pay lor it. It is the return. I ununified head of an Indian woman Signs of Failing Vision Manifest themselves in various ways-Persons with normal eyes see to read with greater distinctness when they hold the book from 12 to 14 inches from the face.

If you can't see plainly at this distance consult us. We correct all defects of vision and if you neecTthe services of a doctor we will Irankly tell you so. C.H.PAXTON, Jeweler and Optician. here visitiugahe' Flemings of Mi- lne was damaged. Harvest rates to Kansas and Ok- from the Amazon, and there is no ami Townsnip." J.

W. Fleming There was quite an exciting run ahuma iioiiiiit are now on sale at telling what us age may be. The Mo. Tiio. railwav.

One cent ner natives along the head waters of the was formerly county superintend, away Monday. A. Wishropp's cut of this county. black driving horse was hitched to mile, or more people on oue Amazon are i.lepts in preserving the ticket. as.

rsKvuix. Audit. bodies ol their dead by a peculiar Remarkably low prices on ink are a wagon and one of the clerk being made this week by the Miami delivering groceries with him Book News Co. Baukers ink in and carelessly left the spirited horse process in which they are greatly Fourth Less Fatal. assisted by the dry climate.

The nint bottles formerly sold at 40 stand while he was taking some For a number of years past the mummies seem to dry out like raw cents now 2 5 cents: Keller's uuart groceries in. The horse made LliKMgo ribiine has inadu a spec hide, yet the features are preserved remarkably well considerins the lauy oi eyiiccting and compiling bottles now at 00 cents. Buy now. daMh for home scattering groceries T. A 1 1 ti.

anI parts of the road wagon as he 10c statijttk'd of Fourth of July caus- skull nnd bones of the face are re altiH. Tlio Tribune's fiirures for moved before the Itrocess bee-inn A. J. White residence in the east wa' total part of town lant week. Pat Hoiran wreck.

an'1 1,10 tinned up some but no one was hurt this year are not complete, but they In Mr. Kobinson' specimen of this show a gratifying decrease in the art the feature are described by the number of accidents, due to the de. Spring Hill New Kra as extremely who formerly lived there removed W. W. Plemiiiing'sdolhery team to the house lately vacated by in.

an away Friday. The team started lermimMi uourse laKen oy tne autli- lire like and the hair lona and Mack lodd in the first ward Your Forttrne told by MADAHli NORTHROP. Marvelous Palmist, Card Reader and I from Mr. Flemming's store nnd ran Paola people will be glad to Itear oriup 01 many citie and town to and streaked with gray. The head restrict the celebration to safe and is so perfect that its exhibition in KANSAS CITY DIVISION'.

EAST BOO.VD. No, So, IipbI Frnliflit, tnlxwl 71 a. m. No. IIS, Local Fniiht p.

Di. MT IK P. No. 49, Lial Krn(lit. inlxml 8:20 p.

m. No. 117, Loral ProiKth 9d p. m. J.

V). Pt Mi'HKKT, Airnnt. up the alley. he team collided that J. J.

Coughlm, nscj road with ishropp Benson 'h de sane ineinoils. I his year there are the window a Snr'nnr Hill di ur? master and family will return short livery wagon standing at the rear of only twenty five dead, 1,134 iujur- store has crenied a sort of gruesome ly from Kansas City to make their their store and carried wagon and eu auu a loss of sciisatioa in that little town. Mai Clarovoyant. luture borne in 1 aola. Lough horse fifty feet more.

Turn ins wnereas, last year the figures umm- ami Ureeze. lin has rented the Phillips property ed up forty eight dead, 8,341 injur soum at the postomce the team Yor can't tret alomr wilbout (he in the east part of town. broke away from the wagon and en, ana a properly loss reaching Advice on All Matters. GIBSON BUILDING. Southwest Corner Square.

J. L. Fuller and Charlie Boone KEroiin, Subscribe now. over So the decrease in ran into the hitch rack on the returned Sunday from Chictgo south side of the park where it the fatalities and property 1 oss is about flu per cent and of injuries where they went to see the races. A Bfc Bargain.

was stopped. No one was injured Mr. culler says the Paola horse, uo per cent. For 1 lie next few dnvs the Word was received in Paola last Black Ace won two races time with Paola Pottoffice Bulletin. Tli followihil nrlimlnln 11111I rtllii nrn now lorrn! I'lMtiilllrA friiiii u.ji.

Tliroimliout the country a move. will fFcr nnv one fol- week that Mrs. Susan Kit bad died case and is in fine form to go after i i at the home of her daugUer, Mrs. l. Ki-nnrai duliv-rjr Himlow, "Ml in.

some of the big purses offered in mem nns ueen started Tor the up- lowing coiiiDinations lor the sum pression of the more objectionable It "he year. Tlie rate on Lou lluggiiis at Mt. Ayer, lows, I nftllt.r unifTr WIIHIOW. a. m.

Uth AU it. Siiiidnyi and holiilu feature of the gloriou Fourth and the Mail find Hrcc.e )r llie iCnn the hast. A meeting of the druggists asso Mrs. I litz had made her home io Miami county for about twenty 1. fT A 1 It t.

t.n.......H 1..... If I ill, till SW p. n.inoriil oVIiwry win.liiw. 12:20 p. in.

to 1:20 p. Alio front iliHir omn Siimlun fnini to 7 p. iiio i-iivri in i ru.i iv uoiiceaoie. ii aii'i nun never iM-iore im-cii ialioii of Johnson, Linn and Miami the Good work is kri-t up we will equalled in Miami counfy. Send years residing on a farm two south of town until the death of her i I ii ii i n-ini mwn aim nwuiacioii.

no not rmpilrn tits I'lMtiiianu'rorrliirk lo IiuihI mail out of lurk hox' roiiliniiiMHlv. mi iiIkmwmm. ti, counties waa held here 1-nday of ihj iioio io iook lorwara willil'" mninr uixi ici tw IKKI your ofkn. WnmiHt colli-t nil li ninu wiLliln Jal week. Among those present more real enjoyment to the celepra- name our rnpiIIy grofnjr list.

husband who was killed by accident. tii ilnjrn of tin- llrit of i-iirli iiinirlnr. were: Messrs Bartleson of Icasan- Mull will not bivn to rliililrnn an lion of the occasion of tho birth of Mail llrccw, ally falling from a load of hay and youiiM to bikn Ram of it. I on I 1 lon, Hnenp of Olalhe, A. C.

our nition than for year past, i 'i rru ureaiiing hm neck, about 13 yean ARHIVAI.N AMD UK'AKTKKK Or MAIL. Harvard of Louislmrg, Max Jlex of WORLD'S PAIR ROUTE. onecu uie uar wiien tne mix shooter ago. Since that time Mrs. Kitx has Hotltliorn Frlooo SHHa.

ontana. I he local druggists en made her home most of the time and ahot gun brigade will nop. i i MIKTII Sill HP. WiwtJTn Mo. Pan in.

NiirtlMrii ami hiiiturii. all Hoinl r'-HO 11. in 11 tcrtaincd the visitors at dinner at Kiiiim l'unla Ki ci.rd iii iiiicn uj more ies ear spniiirii I IK) 1 00 either with iMrs. Lou Hoggins or Mrs. J.

W. Wren of thi the Commercial bote Hfwlnlia. Kalt- i. nun iodymangling demonstration. Sontli.

vKalr 2.1H m. Moiitlinrn rlro 4 i. 111. 31 ill Kff aim. ftnt vnliirn Aiilw ill tin I '11 1 11 No.

82. K.r. Kxpn. No. 2.Caliroriiiu No.

'olnniilo Kxim No. i K. C. ami Ho. Kim.

Mall. No, 3rt. (', ninl (i'l H'inl amiiii I.OO lAmn oik. iitm miiij tu.vv i 1 1 iiinera was neiii At ail. jvr 11,.

7Ba. m. 11:47 p. 111. 4f2 p.

m. 133 p. m. on Monday, July 25 via Frisco sys- Sunday and the body taken to Ohio tern. fast train and interred bv the side of Lit dm Mutilliwmt Mo.

I'iip 4:20 (. III. SiMp 111. Mull" rloo 5 in 11 Ip-foro ilnpnrturu, unit all niidit inn 1 1, (itum at p. 111.

Jinriil ilnlivnrjr rnrrlnrn I'm to nt ni. ami C. Weekly I'aola lb-ford lii.Liiiif A y. I 1 II viwnv t.vuui;iwiiuii mannas uenscu uusuanii. irs.

miz leaves 25 l.N) 2-1 I jnmn 11m 1 in riiwa a I I ill. I lm nirriim arn: No. linn 2. J. yf.

Wr-m; No. 8. I N. TniiiliiiwMi: N'u. 4.

W. Krnnk I). aair Jr; U. ('. WVfklv Ktar t'ity with fast trains for St.

Louis, many relative and friends in Mi-giving passengers their choice of ami county to mourn her death nnd routes- from Kansa(City to St. Lou- her pleasant visit to Pnnl. will l.D rtwlolliri- now in lnillilliiK iiortlifiMl of ronrl HllllTII ASD WKHT. No. 31, ItiN kanil Ho.

Kan. Kxp m. No, 3.1. llollnUi arroiniiHNliitfon a. m.

No, 47, Kim. anil Ark, Mull -49 ni No, 8, f'olorailo Kxirn p. m. No. California I.IihIi.kI 8:13 p.

Jaa. Nktlos, Ak-hi. NOSTRIKU Youatlllcan get that (Jood Home Made Itacon at Meuaer', Hast Side Square. I'aola lli'conl union. Iltimr A.

Vktkh, Mnlhiitf ('lurk. li. M. hiadlr tnissed bv them. I.OO Ma hi M.

I'l-rk. A. Hi.m 11a O11.1., A't I'. n. UiMWoaiH.


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