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Junction City Republican from Junction City, Kansas • 7

Junction City Republican from Junction City, Kansas • 7

Junction City, Kansas
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ROCKWELL COIFLLXPsr Twenty Bales Pluali and Cloth Garments We are showing alarger line of I'liukand Cloth Garments this year than ever 2hey are the latest designs, and the stamp of beauty rests on every one of them. Our styles are corrects the Jit of our Varments perfect; the linings and trimmings rich. Oar prices are right. We make a specialty of Infant's and Children's Clanks. invite your early inspection, and would suggest that you can select better styles ami get better fits no to lhan)ater in the season, when our stock becomes broken.

A'ove-UltX tn. Ladles' and Misses' Jackets. Genuine Foster Hook Gloves for ladies and gentlemen, in blacks and colors, every pair warranted not to rip first time putting on. Men's driving and working gloves, in all qualities, just oiened. Nice cotton batts 12J1C per roll, best value for money you ever saw.

10 bales at 10c. 10 bales at 15c. Flcishcr's German knitting yarn in all colors; this is the very best made, long fibred and very every skein branded with Flcishcr's name. Look at our all wool white blankets, per pair; incy win pieasc you. DBS.

1RL 35 IS 3L, RAILWAY MOTIM. OO TO PHILLIPS TO DAVIS Report of Onuwr. To th boeorabl board ot county eomsniukin rs of Geary county, Kanaasi ttrtwlia I submit mv n-uon tar in Dlalrirt Court Darket. CaiMUUL CASK, nul of Kansas B. Harvey i lttor case, but ot Kansas VI fl Rain.

The M. K. T. ioom at rtraoea alll toes ba The officers at tbe canteen spend Ibelr IcUurt lighted by electricity. II.

C. Croes, receiver of the Missouri. Kansas. time In duailng on lb perfumery buttles so as to bave everyibmt la good ship upon tin re stale ot Kansas vs II. Hici maedat su- Col.

Phillips Cballengoi Jobn Davis to turn of Foley. press court. Texas road. Mrs the eipeodiiurae of lit road la Tsxss lor the eight months ending July I last war lpu in eteoas of tbe cross BUM ot Kan las vs James WbUei snlade- Capt. Jacob Ambcrg, of Howard.

Kant, was tbe guest of the coraiuindlusj ofllccr, Csp- edlog September JO. Ujo. Tti health ol tb county for lb aaal quarter ha bean romparv lively good. bate had no epidemics or endemics ol any kind. 'Thirty.

nv birtts bav been reported to this owe during the past quarter; twenty four female and eleven male, bowing over two frmalrs la una him. C.H.BASKIN OLDEST DRUGGIST IN GEARY COUNTY receipts. Joint Pucnwon. 8ATDEDAY, OOTOBES 25, AT O'CLOCK THE DAY BET. lain Iklry.

last Monday, tUAt of Kansas, rl. vs Adam Clark and fpit HcuubliYiiii, The Missouri. Kansas It Texas read did tb largest caltle-haullag bullosas last month that llarveyj uunor cam. Fort III ley is about lb deadest place In Amerlra at the present lime. There is nothing But of Kshaaa, ral, vs Anal Irwin and any one road ever did oat ot Texas, and tbs prospects for October and November are that going on and Ibe tew mm alto were left b- Andrew yachlmani liquor cam.

FRIDAY. OCT. 10. ISM. blud wben not emagrd la doing guard duty but of Kansas, ral vs Louis Blckerauau deaths bas been reported fur tb quarter, trim tb following eautes: Hummer complaint, typhoid fever, Inflsmmailon of lb bowels, teething, eonietiion of lb Will Mr.

Davit Come to Timo or Will it will be still carter. spend tbeir time In taking a Unto bunk til Hue liquor CAM. OKI DOLLAK rtR YEAR. Ho Crawfish? PredJaggard took J. R.

Dorothy's run as route agent for the Paeiae Kinross Co. tram There Is big proapectol lively times tt I lie stale ol Kansas, si ret vt Mary McLaughlin: -FOR- post tbis wluter. It Is reported Wat ttis young oraio. lypoo mtiartal lever, pneumonia. convulsions.

child birth, i. Alliance Ticket. If Titer Came Together It TVIU be the her to Junction city and return, oo rrtday. while Mr. It visited blends here over night.

officers of the cavalry sad artillery will Oman T. Tcmnletoo I'lark nl ilia lllatrlrt Court Olraauo rheumatism, hemorrhage of lungs, I a po p. Us a dramatic club and during tb long winter HlBffMt Event of tbe Campalga The Old Tows will bo full of reopls. rred seems to be equal lo all emerge ocle la the liquor ease. Male of Kansas tt tel.

vs Jaa. Hughes, A. II. Kartell and U. W.

McKolgbt) liquor case. Btattot Kai'tas es rl vs L. A. Trine, A. II.

Bartell and G. W. McKulgbt. State ot Kansas, rrl, vs Maud Foster; any, 1 1 gaileiits, maraa-saut, parapUgea, paralyait. express bullosas, and we will not ibe surprised 8uprlnlpndrui ol Schools i.

Km1iit tfeonlv Attorney J. V. Humphrey Probate wine lid. Ferrell I.ait week stated toat wt had written lo PURE DRUGS, lo bear of his appointment la lb near future to Of tb twenty -seven drat hi renorted. unm months give us several entertainments.

There Is nothing to prevent us from bavins; one of the finest dramatic clubs In the service. Tbs material Is good and all that Is required It some on to start the thing going. Lieutenants Col. Phillips In regard to meeting Hop. John some blgb position by hit company.

Council Grove Republican, bawdy bouse. Davis in (olnt debate at some future date. Our of intra was under two years of age. bat Is needed Is a correct knowledge of the bygone of th nursery and such proportionate mortality Bute ol Kansas ex rel vs Moll) Leigh i baw- Mrs. J.

K. Horniby, of rarsoos, arrived In Nicholson. Brewer or lloulosoo, might be In' dy bouse. the city last week oo a visit to Iher sister. Mrs.

dared' to organize tbe clubss of the in bave Btat ot Kansas vs. Matilda Marshall; bawdy I'KKHONAL. W. I. Allan, ol tletlna, (H la tlie elly Salur dir.

tieo. IUmli-y was up front Manhattan Buo-day. iDiani wouia rapidly eerrease. Our city and county Is lo fair aauiLan emuttiinn John U. Itlelv, of Munkret creek.

Mr, and Chemicals and Druggists Sundries. bout. Mrs. Ilornsby were formerly blgbly respected peopt are gradually educatlug Ihr mar Ives up bad experience. Itoll of Honor Btat ot Kansas ex rel vs Ueorge Peg lu; liquor ease.

ua unuar anowiroge ot tneir surroundings. Tbey hsv begun to recomlu the fart tii.t Aim. resident ot Morris county until about seven years ago. when Mr. H.

secured lb position of messenger for tb I' seine Eipreat bis run Slate ol Kansas vs Albert Mosk; murder Sheriff and Mrs. Mackey are In Toka to Of Kuterptlse school, Clark's creek, Kansas, for tbe mouth ending, Sept. St. Names of pu as depends upon material causes wblcb to a second degree. day.

being oo tb M. K. Ik T. from Junction City lo pils bavin attended twenty days In tbe month rUueot Kansas vs Cbarles MoCutcheooi at rarsoos, which latter place moved bis Augusta Fox, Dollle and Oracle Avars, Daisy Mr. L.

O. Pariugliy and daughter! Rose and Uabrl took In tbe big dolus at Topeka Ibis tempt at rape. State of Kansas ex rel vs. uo. Simmons and Kates, Frankle McGinty, Augusta, and Annie Brunswick, Bettle and Peter Asinussen, Verdle area measure toey can eontroll.

Most diseases ar due to th water we drink, tb food we eat. or the air we breathe, Then look lo your water supply, food supply, and keep your surrounding clean, and yoo wiu bav pur air to breathe, then laugh, grow fat and be happy. family about tv years ago. Mr. Uornsby.

by faithfulness and close attention to business, bas become on of tb most valued employes ol bis B. Harvey i liquor suit. week. Mrs. James Krtorr la visiting friends In Iaw.

Family Recipes Carefully Compounded. Berry. P-lia and Amei Oldsy. Stat ot Kansas vs Mollis Leigh: selling company. During his seven year connection Pupils per cent in deportment ualsyEs- fence.

liquor. tes, Verdle Berry, Maggie UcJajr, Auxutta HI its of Kansas vs. Harry Toller selling with tb raelfie Express Mr. H. bas lost but one week and two osys.

Council Grjvt Republican. C. F. Klrflrr went down to Kansas City yr terday. Brunswick, F.ila Olday, Walter Asmusten, liquor.

P. DAl'OIIRRTV. M. D. October I.

ISM. County Health Officer. Burglary and Safe Irs Bermant and Jim Grant's safe was burg Btat ot Kansas vs Catharine Irw Calvin Frank Langulu, Willie and Ralph Oliver. Pupils so per cent and above la scholarship Dr. Daugherty returned from Bt.

Louis yes Kansas has more miles ot railroad than all Irwin and A. A. McLaughlin; liquor cm. terday. tb New England slates put together.

nas Gracla Ayars, S3; Verdle Berry, 91; Dolus Btat of Kansas vs Alfred E. Greene, J. O. MS WASHlKGTOJf D. H.

Sutherland and J. B. Callen are In To- Welsh; liquor case. Ayars. Augusta Fox, Joseph ltoux.

Annie and Frankle McGinty, Augusta and Annie Bruns list more miles than tbe Empire state ot New York, whose wealth and population surpasses Kansas lour to on. 8b ha more than the peka to-day. State of Kansas vs. Mary McLaughlin; sell ing liquor. Miss Kate Gross will return to-morrow from Kansas City.

great stales of Pennsylvania, Iowa or Texas. wick, 90. L. V. 11 A AC Teacher.

Republican Meellnsra. Junction City, Kansas. Bute of Kansas vs Cbarles Kotb; attempt at Kansas to-day has S7M miles of railroads. Mrs. Wm.

Keller Is Visiting friends at Court- rape. Illinois slone surpasses ber with woo. Next land, Nebraska, comes Iowa with IJU miles. Following ber Is let Ur reached Col. rbllllps at llerlngtoo on the Sib and be forwarded us lbs followios open letter which reached its yesterdsy afternoon, and copy ol which was Immediately mailed to Mr, Davis: ax or LgrrkK.

linn. John Davis! Mr: 1 obwrve from a paragraph In your paM-r, which somebody baa liuiurd rue. that 1 drrlliird a ehalleyg to tmt you. There Is crrlaiuly no arrant for such auumptlnn. On the contrary you certainly declined lo meet me.

I in Monday, Kept. a. 1 learned that a meeting nt the people would be held at Logan (irove, Wednesday, Oct. 1, In your county, and sent gentlemen to ask your consent to a Joint discussion ol the questions presented to tbe people then and there, and I authorised the cbalr-mau ot the county Republican central committee of Geary eouuty to challenge you la a mare formal manner. No answer was reoelved to that proposition for some time, and not until alter my appointments bad bean made by the committee and advertised.

1 received a little printed slip allien set that you not invet me at lgaa Grove, but that a meeting might be Died for tbe evening ol Oct. 1 at Junction City. On that dav I spoke by appointment at Hanover at 2 o'clock, and at Washington at 7 o'clock, and of course It was Impossible to be there, and 1 so advised the gentlemen at Junction City. I alM challenged you and Mr. rVfler giving you personal nonce at Manhattan tbe Kriday before that I would dlsruas with you at ballna on sept 2.

I traveled all night mm my oilier appointments in tbe north end of Hie district to be there, Was first Informed that It was determined I should not speak, but some members ol the alliance came and said I should come over to Oak 1'ark where the mooting was held, aud that 1 should be beard. I went there and took notes of your somewhat remarkable propositions. Vou commenced talking alter dlnuer aud talked until 5 o'clock. I believe you talked the last hour against time, and until Judge lilgbtmlre bad come ou the platform. I nus preventing the iieopie from calling me to reply to you, or discuss with you.

Now sir, I have to fill my engagements, but will divide the tune with you at such point as you will name before the tflh or I will meet you at Junction City on tb.e evening ol Saturday. Oct, 23, as I speak at Chapman at o'clock that day. I spraa at Clifton Oct, 22 at o'clock; at Blue Kapids the Win at 7 o'clock; at Scatidia the I.Hh at 7 o'clock, or you can see tbe list of published appointmeuts, 1 thing It would bave been fair have permuted me to speak onoe also at your meetings, but that bas twice already been declined. I am astotilshed that tne people's fiarty should seem to fence out the memtwrs ot Heir organization from free discussion I have named a date far enough ahead to give ns both nlentv ol time to arrauice our other meetinits so Stale ot Kansas vs Jobn J. Miller; larceny.

State of Kansas vs Cbarles E. Dealing; In Republican meeting will be be lit nt the lol-lowlng places, and wiil besdilresstl liy Thomas Dever and others. Let the Republicans In the neighborhoods mentioned turn out In lull force. The countv central coiuinllteemnn In the pre EVERYTHING James McNamee Is Id Ht. Louis atteuding Ibe exposition.

formation unlawful intercourse witn female under II years of age. cincts named will please maae au utoewary sr- Z. Miller went down to Humboldt, Kansas, Pennsylvania with then comes Texas wltb K.M0 miles. During tne three years from las to law. Inclusive, Kansas constructed 4533 miles of railroads, which Is more than any one ot tbe twenty-seven of her sister stales In the Union who have a greater mileage of railroads than larized last Friday night or Saturday monilng to the tun of about The thieves before commencing operations on tbe sale visited the blacksmith shop of Frank Patterson and stole a number of tools with which to help them In their work.

Entrance was effected through a window on tbe south side of th building. The safe, on of lb common flr proof kind, was opened by drilling to tbe left of the dial, after which a punch was used. It was a very neat Job of work and tb gentlemen who did It deserve credit for tbe artistic way In which they performed tbelr task. It was plain to be seen that It was not tbe work of amateurs and It may be lb same party of professionals wbo bave been working Hutchinson and other towns In the tut. It would be well tor parties owulog sites to put a neat card on the door stating the amount of the contents, or els leave the door open; It might be the means of saving the safe from destruction.

AT THE Tuesday morning. CIVIL DOCK ST. Bice, Stiix Co. vs M. F.

Mickey et al. lore- Ueorge Brown, ot Kansas City, Is visiting closure. relatives In tbe city. rangriueuis, Mtllord, Saturday, Oct. 12.

Junctlou Ciiy. Monday, Oct. U. Humboldt. Tuesday.

Oct. 15. Onggius, Wednesday, Oct. 16. Wetttitate, Thursday.

Oct. 17. Antelope, Friday, Oct. 10. Uy order commute.

Gko. W.CilASK, Chairman, Adda M. Ucott vs H. H. 8wank et pet.

Kansas built In these three years. Conductor pence Humphrey Is enjoying a ans. CURIOSITY SHOP. HEADQUARTERS short lay oft at boine. Council Proceeding.

JUMTIOX ClTV.KAK., Oct. 3. 1890. Council met la regular session with mayor Mrs. Edward Greeley, of Manhattan, Is visit Bob Wilson et al vt Sumner W.

Pierce. H. U. Swank ys Ellis Walton et aL Alliance Trust Co. vs Tbos, E.

Davis et al. h'ew Eogland L. T. Co. vs John H.

Moore ing Minis In tbe city. Republican Meeting at Mllford. and council present, exoeptlng Mr. Barnes. Hon.

8. 8. Asbbaugh and Col. W. U.

II. Frve Ms. and Mrs. lustin Bauds bare returned et al. Journal of meetings held In September was from Ibelr eastern trip.

read and approved. Hlnman and Shaw, executors, vs James will address tbe citizens ot Mllford, October 30, at 7 p. m. Both gentlemen are Rood speakers and should be greeted by a large crowd. Lyman MoCarty Is In tbe city visiting bis Tbe council proceeded to canvas tbe returns foreclosure.

Frank Patterson will thank the gentlemen brother, II. C. Mccarty. of tbs special election held September 30, tsso, George L. Miller vs Ida Blue, alias Ida Craig.

Mary J. Johnson vs A. J. Callahan et aL North W. Mfg.

Co vs 0. F. Essoin et al. One of the latest schemes for swindling tbe lion. U.

W. Winans and Master Wesley AND COAL OIL. kindly If they wiU return bis sledge. He says a man who will steal a hammer or sledge from a poor blacksmith will steal the bread from bis children's mouths. in tbe Third ward for councilman tor period ot unexpired term ot 8.

W. Pierce which resulted farmer who "noret lias time to read" beats Do- Stout spent Sunday In the city. as follows, vltt Cbarles H. Chase received 36 Jas. K.

Cuibertson vs W. A. Wood Mowing Mrs. and t. B.

Kennedy and daughter bave bemlan oats all hollow. The gllb-tongued agent goes to a farmer ant makes a bargain and Reaping Mfg. Co. returned from. Hew York state.

with him to furnish him cinnamon beans, some' Hon. John Hessln, of Manhattan, was Cisper Melsner vs Daniel Jones et aL John W. Ellis vs Henry H. Whiting et al. thing new, Just out and tor which there Is a TKLtfPHQIf MO 27 A.

P. TROTT, 7 Street. Ira Bermant says the safe Is Just as good as It ws before to keep books lu. A Distinguished Visitor. Ex-Governor Harvey came over from bis farm in Riley county last Friday and Client a few votes and Herman Roesler received 23 votes, whereupon Cbarles H.

Chase was declared duly elected as councilman from the Third ward for unexpired term. Mr. Chase being present was duly sworn Ijto oftlce and assumed bis duties. called here Tuesday on legal business. great demand.

In the produaUoa of etnnaniuo Augii.t and KraaaS H. PietrlCk lalt lo St. foreclosure. 011, which Is extracted from tbe beans. The Louis Sunday to take In the exposition.

beans are worth S20 a bushel, and be will agree Lafayette Franks et al vs Carrie F. Franks. Henry Green vs Rob Henderson, executor. days with his brother, Dr. Z.

T. Harvey, of to give the farmer for each cinnamon tree Chris. Kassebaum and wife, ot Industry, were that they will not conflict with this joint discussion. Very respectfully yours, Vim. a.

1'HiLLirs. Tbe mayor appointed Cbarles H. Cbase on all committees where th name of 8. W. Pierce Lafayette Franks vs Robert Henderson, exe visiting friends In the city during tbe week.

cutor. It now remains to be seen whether Mr. Davis RICHARD- appears. Dr. Phillips was down from Sallna Wednes Jobn G.

Lockbartvs Bentley Kelly, etal; grown from tbe seed be furnishes, when It has reached the growth of Ave feet, and be will bind the contract by a good and suOlclent bond. Tbe seed beans tbe farmer gets are common red beans, saturated with cinnamon oil which sel day and honored tbe Republican with a call. for dismissal. A petition signed by a H. Trott and 12 others asking tbe council to cause a second-class sidewalk to be constructed on th west side of will bave pluck enough to meet Co), rbllllps.

We sincerely hope ba has tbe courage that he boasts, but doubt it very much. II be should Mr. and Mrs. J. J.

Blattner visited friends In this citv. Tbe governor visited tbe exposition on Saturday and was highly pleased with Morris county's exhibits. Although not as bl" a man as Cleveland, tbe governor holds a tender spot In the hearts of the old-timers who were here wben he held tbe reins ot government over tbe sunflower state. Of tbe homy listed tillers ot tbe soil none were gladder to meet tb distinguished visitor than Ji. Uuffaker C.

P. and A. B. Dewey vs W. H.

Mackey, St. Louis during tbe week and attended the dom reaches a growth above six Inches. The Adams street from the sooth aids of Second farmer will wait a good, while for tbe return of sheriff. Theo. Welchselbaum vs James W.

Forsyth. Bank of Enterprise vs W. H. Mackey, E. and 8.

J. Phillips. accept let there be a generous turn out, and let both be given a gentlemanly heanog. We await Mr. Davis answer.

street to the north side ot Fifth street was referred to committee on improvements. Geo. n. Bower was called to Carthage, the (20. Another swindle is an alleged plow sharpener, and Is aptly named, as tbe farmer Tbe monthly reports of tbe marshal, police Monday by a telegram, announcing the deatb of bis mother.

Jobn Marsh vs Tyrrell et al; foreclos who uses it gets his wits sharpened. The A lllg Cattle tlrm. We met M. Foss Tuesday. He had Just re and tbe Hon.

Charles Columbia, who helped shape our state's destiny wben tt tried men's souls. And as tbey watched Morris county ure. agent" pretends to leave it on ti lal, only tak Mrs. A. B.

Churchill and mother came down John Marsh vs. Christopher L. Cox et al; turned from an extensive trip through tbe from Abilene Wednesday to visit witb friends tor a few days. foreclosure. counties ot Morris, Dickinson, Ottawa, Clay' horses making tbelr mile In 2:22, from theam-pltbeatr the Judge's fine farm was In full view.

Peter G. Aldrlch vs Robert Berry et al; fore ing a receipt for it, but tbe writ inn turns up at a bank in the form at a note for from sio to tis. If tbe above mentioned agents come into this neighborhood they will get hurt. Some of our farmers who were "done up" by "grocery" John Parnell, the efllcient prescription clerk Riley and tbis county purchasing cattle and hogs for the firm of Foss Co. Tbe firm con closure.

David H. Gregory vs. Angelina Newman; at Sargent's packed bis grip and struck out for St. Louis Monday. foreclosure.

agents are not In tbe humor to be trifled wilb. C. W. Babbago returned Sunday from Chi and between beats tbe governor's attention was called to the four-ton mlllett, fifty bushel com, and fruit trees breaking down with tbeir loads of luscious fruit, where only a few years ago the Kaw Indians had tbeir tepees snd the finest horse In tbe Kaw nation could be bositht for thirty pieces of copper. Council Grove Ropub- sists ol M.

H. Foss, John K. Wright and J. R. Young.

During the past three weeks Sir. Foss has purchased and placed on tbe Wlngfield farm on numboldt creek nearly 600 cattle oue, two and three year olds and about 350 stock bogs. Married Rev. D. J.

Hurley performed the cago where be had been for a week buying a neat stock of jewelry. Mary A. SchneU vs James F. Schnell; divorce. W.

T. Alexander vs. George W. Wright, Mary If. Leach vs John C.

Leach divorce. Reuben Eralck vs Mary H. Raymourand John ceremony last Tuesday that made Patrick O'FarreU and Miss Mary King busband and Wm. Gormerly came In from Liberty town Judge and superintendent of water works were read and ordered filed. The monthly and quarterly reports ot the clerk and monthly report ot tbe treasurer was read and referred to finance committee.

The committee. on Improvements submitted tbe following report: Your committee to whom was referred the petition ot J. Copley and others for sidewalk (second-class lumber) on west side Price street between Tenth aud Eleventh streets would recommend the prayer ot the petitioners be grauted. o. 8.

Govs. J. G. 8TOKBS. On motion the report of tbe committee was adopted and tbe clerk Instructed to advertise for proposals for same, providing owners refuse to build walks.

Claims to the amount ot 1596.61 were read and allowed. An ordinance appropriating money for tbe payment ot claims allowed was read and passed by tb following vote: Ayes, noes, 0. Coun-cllmen present voting In tbe affirmative. Council adjourned, Besides these be bas on bis farm In Morris county over 250 head of cattle and 200 bead ot wife. Mr.

O'FarreU is too well known in this Raymour. ship yesterday and Joined tbe Immense throng community, where he has lived ana worked as a Rudolph Blattner vs Kansas Central Agricul which weuj to Topeka to see the president. tcan. A Reliable Cough Syrup. We have been fortunate enough to bogs.

It Is tbe Intention of tbe firm to go Into the cattle and hog business extensively, and miller In C. Fogarty's mill foranumberof years, tural society; foreclosure. Cbarles A. Soutbwlok, at one time half owner for tbe Republican to sav much about him. The Old Reliable Saddler tan still be found at his old quarters on Washington st.

where he has been for the past 25 years. Harness of all kinds, styles and prices, whips and everything in the Saddlery line kept constantly on hand. Give me a Call. RICHARD BROWN. of the Bei'Ubligak, but now editor of tbe C.

Dycbe vs J. F. Bell; damage. 8. 8.

Lang, vs G. Glancey et al, mechanic's secure the agency for Beggs' Cheery they are now preparing tbe foundation for an Immense business. Every member ot the firm is well fixed financially and bave the money to His bride Is a daughter ol Patrick it Ing, one of tbe oldest settlers in tbis county and a young Riley Regent, wis a visitor In tbe city Monday. wnit-n eyruD. it is trustworthy medi lien.

Mrs. James C. Culbcrtson and children left lady who is a favorite with all who know her. Morebead 0. Kennedy vs H.

W. Pugb et al; brauch out" extensively in any direction they toreclosurs. Tuesday for Pennsylvania where they will spend some time visiting relatives and friends. see fit. A large cattle ranch on Humboldt Is cine, and we guarantee every bottle sole! to give entire satisfaction.

We would be pleased to hare our customers give it a trial. Sold by A. N. Miller Co. Anna M.

Vorhees vs James Douglas et al; bound to help the farmers In that part of tbe Mrs. Wm. Clark has returned from an extend foreclosure. Cen. Kans.

Loan A I. Co, vs O. Heath, et, ed visit to eastern friends. Her daughter, Mrs. al; foreclosure.

After the marriage.ceremony tbe happy couple went to the residence of the bride's father on Dry creek where a bounteous repast was served to a large number of invited guests A number ot valuable and usefifl presents were presented and tbe newly married couple were tendered a fervent Godspeed on their bridal trip which will be to St. Louis, after which they will be at borne to their many friends October 13, Tbe Republican tenders Mr. and Mrs. O'FarreU Levi, who accompanied ber mother, also returned at the saino Jimp, fiacklin's Arnica Salve. The best salve in the world for county and give them a good market lor tbelr bay, corn and fodder.

All the cattle purchased are good smooth native steers, and there Is no danger ot any of the diseases so common to Texas and other cattle shipped here. We wish the firm success. W. B. Clarke vs E.

R. c. Harris et al; fore Amusement. closure. cute, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, Herman Roesler and family, William Zlege- lever sores, tetter, chapped hnnds W.

B. Clarke vs Marlon F. Mickey, et al. Julia Lawrence vs Roselous E. Lawrence; lascb and family and Mr.

Younkln and bis family were tbe guests ot Fred Scbmedeman, of divorce. chilblains corns, and all skin eruptions and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give Clark? breek, last Sunday. Old Grizzly Badly Hurt. Last Thursday tevening Hon.

A. W. Callen its best wishes. Louts vs iMInnie Schlicben- Mrs. A.

L. Barnes, and daughter Wilfred re satisfaction, or money refunded. Price malr; divorce. while watering bis thoroughbred stallion was kicked on tbe side of the bead by one of tbe loose horses In the lot. The blow was a vicious Edward Pears vs.

Ignatz Slsseck et. all turned from Kansas City Friday evening. Fred went down after them. He was fearful "tbe zo cents per box. or sale by C.

H. Ward. foreclosure. lights would be blown out." one, and tbe only wonder is that did not kill eaulE. F.

Shartan vs. Louisa G. Shartan; I am a candidate for re-election to the ofllce Mm. The entire left side of his face, as well John Ball, of chapman. In a letter to this divorce.

of trustee of Smoky Hill township. as his left eye. is black and blue, and be is Tbe Republican and Smoky 11111 rivers are lower than they have been in a number ot years. Gus Stokes says he crossed the Smoky bill at Fogarty's mill wben the water did not cover the soles of his shoes. Jake Callen remembers one time wben be ran from school and walked from William Cutter's to Fort Klley In tbe bed of the Republican without seeing a drop of water along the route.

Two more weeks of dry weather will.leave both rivers as dry as a "holy roller" contribution box. minus five double teeth. Mrs. Callen was office says: "Enclosed find subscription price for the best paper lu Geary county." John Is one of tbe many who make the same remark. John Clark vs Jennie Clark; divorce.

Alice Snyder vs E. C. Snyder; divorce. W. Clarke vs Wm.

A. Lower et al; tore- dOHtr inrri.E. Window Glass at Wards. Solid Silver Friendship Rings with standing in the yard at the lime of the accident and rushed to ber husband's assistance, put tbe closure. C.

W. Spurlock, G. F. Little, J. K.

Wright, Brodboll Flowers comedy company opened a weeks engagement Monday night In tbe opera bouse wltb "Esmeralda." Every seat In tbe house was filled and over fifty people were standing in the gallery and as many more on tbe ground floor. Tbe company is an excellent one and tbe hearty applause they received on the opening was well deserved. F. Gollghtly Hubbard as "Old Roges" was tbe favorite from tbe start and the assistance be received from his side partner A. Howes, wbo played Dave, was tbe finest we bave seen tor many a day.

There Is nothing would be tragio about either of these two actors. They are both borb comedians. Miss Helena Secor in the title roll rendered ber part In excellent style and elicited great applause from tbe large audience. Miss Jennie INichols made a decided bit as "Nora Desmond," Miss Jennie Bowen played the part ot "Mrs. Rogers" In a most exemplary and pleasing manner.

Charlie McElhaney has the ability of making a first class actor, and the part be took as "Arthur Estabrook" was excellent In every particular. Take tbe company all round and It will be a bard matter to find an aggregation of people wbo are so universally liked wherever tbey go as Brodboll Flowers' CM Sarah E. Marshall vs Joseph M. Marshall; Capt. McClure, daughter and granddaughter.

bangles 35c. B. Starcke Son, 7 th st. horse In bis stall and assisted Mr. Calleu to the bouse.

Dr, Nix, a near neighbor, was summoned, and rendered valuable services in re Mrs. Linton and sons, Mrs. John E. Ross, jr. divoree.

Cen. Kansas Lsl( co. vs samuei stump and son took the noon train yesterday for ducing the swelling and deadening the pain. A etal; foreclosure. Wadleigu sells $20 lumber at 12.50 C.

II. Ward carries the only Cea, Kansas L. I. Co. vs Jobn A.

Mitchell T. A. Reynolds was among his friends here a Republican scribe caned on Mr. uanen yesterday. He was resting comfortably as could be expected under the circumstances, but Is etal; foreclosure -THE- couple of days during tbe week, He reports complete line of glass in the city John Marsh vs Edward G.

Stevens; etal; We like to smell a gurgling laugh preserved In alcohol and laden with second band whisky. It revives us and Intoxicates us. Still we are trying not to become a helpless slave to the appetite for strong drink in this form. There are other forms ot lntemperanoe that are more seductive than this one. Mrs.

Reynolds and the obildren well and tbe foreclosure. suffering considerable pain. He regrets the accident greatly because It was bis intention to rest of the Junotion City colony In Chicago as well and prosperous. Bill Caldwell vs F. 8.

Wallace; debt. Henry H. Palmer vs Jobn H. Swenson; et al; DRUGGIST Fine Gold Set Kings. B.

Starcke Son. If you want any Boots and Shoes, make a thorough canvas of the county in tne Interest of Col. W. A. Phillips, the Republican Mrs.

H. 8. Clark, who has been visiting in foreclosure. Richard Brown vs J. W.

Arrlngtour petition candidate for congress, and is afraid this mls-bao will keep him confined to the bouse until after election. to quiet title. I have a few left that I will sell at wholesale prices. J. 0.

Hkaton. tbe city, left for Gilmer, Texas, Tuesday morning for a months visit. Mrs. Geo. A.

Clark and daughter accompanied bee as far as LeRoy wneretbey will visit for a week. Kukendall, Jones Co. vs F. Miller et ai; comedy company. Every member ot the com debt.

It was a Neosho county fanner who seat this mixed order to a Chanute merchant: "Send in a sack of flour, five pounds of cole and one pound of tee. My wife gave birth to a big baby boy last night, also Ave pounds of corn starch, a screw driver and a fly trap. It weighed ten pounds and a straw hat." Will Try New Business. nn Mnaea. who for many reSTS faSS E.

Tillson is prepared to lurnish D. J. Moyer who studied medicine for two Annie HcNamee vs Michael McNamee. Thomas Lane vs V. personal dam the people of this city with the finest.

been a resident of Manhattan, will next week years in the offlce of Dr. Hays, Is now completing bis medical studies at tbe medical university of Ann Arbor, Micb. The number of stu ages. meats for Sunday dinners. Fansler A Laxmore vsJohn A.

Keam etat; Window glass and putty at the low mechanic's lien. dents attending the university tbis year will move to Junction City, where he nas purcnasea an interest in the hardware store of John Davidson. For a long time Mr. Moses has been a contractor here, and together with his r. Ruiae.

has erected many large build probably reach 2,400. Tbe number of new stu est price. A. N. Miller Co.

Nellie Feathers vs Wm. J. Feathers; divorce. C. L.

Nicholson Tt T. 9. Harklnset al; me dents already registered in the literary depart-mept is over 450. chanic's lien'. Fine Watches and Jewelry.

B. Starcke Son. Louis Hauserman vs F. Zlegler; debt for ings In Manhattan and other Kansas towns. Mr.

Moses gives as a reason for moving that his children are now of school age, and that he will better be able to give them educational Ex Cor. Geo. W. Slick will speak at tbe opera rent. Fob Rsnt A house Thursday evening, October 16, at P- n.

Green Bros, lecurlty Co. vs Dustin oanas 4-rcom house. Call on S. W. 407 tf and wife; foreclosure.

A little misunderstanding between two young men at tbe Central hotel the other night resulted In one ot them being badly 3ut np. It is rumored around that there was a woman at the bottom of It. Tbe aSalr lhas been settled and peace and harmony once more exists ou the corner of Seventh and Jefferson streets. Wben a young man is overworked and he feels old age crawling along before Its time a bottle or two of "Cod liver oil" Is the greatest medicine In the world to bring back tbe bloom of youth to tbe laded cheek. For further particulars inquire of F.

Hibbard, at tbe Bartell boose. Weighed in bonest balances no man on the Barn on premises. Pierce. lacmiies wnere ne uaa iiuu. than where be is necessitated in being so much E.

F. Bradford vs. H. W. Devmney ei ai; Republican county ticket will be found foreclosure.

of a nomad, as was tne case woue canuacuug, Go to Tillson's market for your Robert Pierce vs T. A Culllnao damage suit C. L. Nicholson vs Wm. Guthrie et al; tore- The Republic Is sorry to see Mr.

Moses go, as h. nnut enmervatlve gentleman and has pany Is a lady or gentlemaa as tbe case may be both on or off tbe stage. We might go on and write a column article about these people but tbey do not need It; their work shows for Itself. The orchestra connected with tbe troupe Is without exception considering Its size tbe finest that ever visited this city. Every man Is a soloist and their selections are of the kind that pleases everybody.

Ira 8. Christy, the leader, Is one ot the finest violinists in the conn-try and has received very flattering notices wherever be has performed The tour Wlttleb brothers, L. W. F. V.

and A. are all musicians of tbe first class and richly deserve the applause they receive from tb people. Tonight Mr. F. V.

Wltttcu will render his celebrated clarionet solo, Robin Adair, between the first and second acts, Tbe company have been playing to good houses the past week and we hope tbe opera house will be crowded to Its utmost capacity to-night and to-morrow night. A Bad Accident. Foreman Richards, of the brides gang, with bis fores while riding on a band Monday evening were struck by a light engine and thrown Into a ditch. Richards and one of bis men were seriously Injured. ltesd tbe advertisement ot the American Tailors to this Issue.

Bygel, tbe manager, will treat you right if you will caU, James Freeman and Miss Maggie McGinty will take each other for better or worse on or Sunday roasts. closure mechanic's Uen, done much toward the upbuilding of our city. about October 21. Manhattan Republic. Avery Planter Co.

vs C. w. Greenlee et ai. Bob Wilson and Jennie Wilson vs Daniel D. Wagon Cows Offljffi Plenleers.

A party of ladies consisting of Mrs. N. F. J. J.

Bonand, of Clyde, Ohio, wants the best paper in tbe county. He will read the Republican from this time forth. Josephine McDonald vs Flndlay A. McDon ald; divorce. Greene, Mrs.

James Ketner, Mrs. W. H. White, Mrs. WiUfam Lockstone, Mrs.

F. L. A. O. Baker et al vs Geo.

at. uross, regiswr Durland. Mrs. P. V.

Trovinger, Mrs. C. T. Ho. 1 liumber at 12.50.

Window Glass and Fatty at Ward's. Lowest prices, goods warranted as ot deeds and others. Finest lino of gczit to fco fcqsj in lfc? city. Barrett and Eugene, Mrs. J.

Copley and children Bennle and Joe, Mrs. K. Wright, Mrs. M. E.

Clark vs. Geo. Heidel et ai oeot, Louis Hauserman vs C. F. Zlegler-Kennedy st Kennedy vs C.

D. Smith. Western and Southern Mercantile Associa Bram Crawford, ot Junction City, was up Wednesday. He Is contemplation our blgb school as tbe place for the future continuance of bis studies. Dean Franklin, ot Junction City) Is enrolled among tbe students of tbe Dickinson county high school.

Chapman Courier. Take tbe Kansas City Globe-through tbe campaign. A good Republican paper three months, Sunday and dally tor 11.25. Subscriptions received this Office. M.

W. Keller, Mrs. J. N. McClung and daugh Joe Dreyfus of the Palace clothing house has something to say to our readers tbis week.

What Joe says can be depended upoa. Read bis ad, The "No Name" club gave a social bop In Hauserman's ball Friday night. Teltzel furnished tie music wbieb was ot a very blgb order and greatly pleased tbe Jovial crowd who Wert is aueadauce. represented at B. Starcke Son, east Seventh street.

41 9-4 tion vs Brnmm debt. shnni vinitor rto bad boy) "My ter Miss Jennie and Miss Grace Ketner gave a picnic last Friday at Greene's grove la honor of Mrs. Pickering, mother ot Hrs.P. Greene and daughter Margarita. Tbe day was spent la Rubber Faint at Ward's.

Best eon, what branches do yon -pursue?" Bad bot "I dmrt pursue any: the teacher does all tie Cbas. G. Fasse et al vs Fred Local. Mary U. G.

Lawrence ot al vs Jobn Farr. THY WATER QTJBEN SOAP. on earth. having a Jolly good time, fnMin 1.

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