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Real Estate Register from Junction City, Kansas • 2

Real Estate Register from Junction City, Kansas • 2

Junction City, Kansas
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H0MEKTKAOS l-'Olt SOLDI BUS. SOLMEK'N HOMESTEADS. The following ia a full text of the inulruc 1U lions forwarded from the General Land Office Tho following bill passed tho House, and fs now ponding before tho Semtto committee, with a prospoct of becom IiVNCrAGJ' ICY, lo all Registers and Receivers, in regard to JUNCTION CITY, March, 1S71. i 1 s. entries of homesteads by soldiers on the al ing a law.

We should not be surprised s. w. if the passage of this hill would induce 50,000 immigrants to eomo to Kansas ternate reserved seel ions of tho publio lands along the lines of railroads lo which lands have boon granted by the government: during the coining season A lin.i, to enable honorably discharged DKf'T or the Interior, Gen'l Land Office, August 8 1870. Qkntlemkn: The following is the 2oth soldiers and sailors, their widows and orphan children to acquire persons having Ileal "Kstatc io dl should have it advertised in tuu Ileitis! er. Wo ninko no ilmi-go until It is sold, unless the property Is withdrawn from market before expiration of linn- agreed upon.

Persons luaviutr Property for mile with us must state the length of time It will be left in our hauds. We will place no property on our llts whleh is in the hands of any otlfi'r agent. We charge live percent. commission on all saletMinless a special agreement is otherwise made. Commissions will he charged on pmieriy hen sold, if through our instrumentality, or that of our paper It was brought to the buyer's not lee.

If A sale is lost throunh any fault of the owner, our r-ommtss-lou must he paid as if lite sale was made. section of the Act of Congress approved July homesteads on tho puhiie lands 01 to, laiv, entitled au act makine appropria tho United Mates. i He it That every pri attorney and receive a patent Ibr one quarter set-linn of laud as provided in section 1 of this act, and shall bo entitled to all the bonefitsof said first section, or liable to all tho provisions thereof except as to he actual resi-deuce, and that all act and things required to be done by said homestead settler, by said first section, may be done by said agent or attorney, provided that no sucdi agent or attorney shall act as such for more than one person at the same time. Skc 5. And he.

it further enacted, That all declarations and proofs re-quired under this act, and the former acts granting homsteads to actual set-tiers, may he taken before the Judges or Clerk of any Court of Record in the United States, or in any State or Territory, and when duly authenticated under the official seal -of such Court, shall be of the same force and effect as if taken before the Register or Receiver of the proper land office. tions for the support of the army for the year ending June 30, 1871, and for other purposes," viz: vato soldier and officer who has served Seu, 20. And be it further enacied. That in the army of the United Stales dur every private soldier and officer who has served in the army of the United States dur ii.g the recen; rebellion for ninety ing the rebellion for -ninety days, and remained loyal to the government, and every seaman, marir, and officer, or other person, who has served in the navy of the United Stales, or in OF ST. LOUIS.

BRANCH OFFICE: JUNCTION CITY, KANSAS. on: (iurchix. Wo cotii i ii no below a description of cliiircbcH. which shows that there is plenty of room for church-going people in Ibis vicinity The Protestant lOpiscopaJTurch in Junction City was organized in 1858. The present edifice was finished in and furnished in 1870.

It is built of magnesia limestone, with black walnut pows and furniture, and after plans drawn by Mr. Upjohn, the architect of Trinity church, New York. It is 00 feot by 25 in the clear, has a deep and elegant recess chancel, and a tower near the northeast corner. The chancel window, a large and beautiful triplet, is in memoriam of the Rev. D.

Tyng, oldest son of the venerable S. H. Tyng, D. rector of St. George's church, New York.

It was presented to tho parish of Junction City by the parish in Philadelphia which Mr. Tyng was serving at the time of his death. The costly and handsome communion vessels which the parish own were a present from Mrs. of Chicago, a sister of the late IX A. Tying.

The church stands within a large enclosure, owned by the vestry, and is entirely fiee from debt. Its seats are all free. It was consecrated by the Bishop of the diocese on the Oth of May, 1870. Tho Kev. Charles Reynolds, I.

under whose ministry tho parish has thus far developed, still officiates as rector. days, and was honoraely discharged, and has remained loyal tho (Jovornincnt, including the troops mustered into the service of the United States by virtue of tho third section of "An act entitled an act making ap propriations for completing the de the marine corps or revenue marine during the rebellion for ninety days, and remained loyal to the government, shall, on payment of the fee or commission to any Register or Receiver of any land office required by law, be entitled to enter one quarter seotion of land, not nineral, of the alternate reserved sections of publio lands along the lines of any one of the railroads or. other publio works in the United States, wherever publio lands have been or may be granted by acts of Congress, and to receive a patent therefor under and by virtue of the provisions of the act to secure fenses of Washington, and for other approved February 13, 1802, Sec" G. And be it. further enacted, and every seaman, marine, and officer or other person, who has served in the navy of the United States, or in the marine corps, during tho rebellion, for ninety days, and who was honorably discharged, and has remained loyal to Subscribed capital Cash capital Mug lu percent, on Surplus Cash assets ,078.27 JAMES STREETER, W.


Streeter 4 Rankers. A. C. Pierce Keal Estate Agent. John K.

Wright Fanner. Druggists. I. M. Striekler Merchant.

A. fallen Merchant. the shall, on with the provisions of an act entitled 'an act to secure homesteads lo actual settlers on tho public and the acts amendatory thereof, as hereinafter modified, be entitled to enter upon and COLONIZATION'. Tho following from the New York Tribune furnishes nome good hints to colonizers and colonies. We would Hooner recommend immigrants to visit Chicago or St.

Louis, to gain information of the West, than New York city, and wo are of tho opinion that a reliable land agent can rcuder great assistance and give valuablo information to those who contemplate coming West: "To establish a prosperous and contented colony is no holiday amusement. It taxes all the powers of a man of experience, judgment, virtue, and enterprise. Hut there are hundreds of men who are equal to tho task, and to all such men as Mr. Stewart we Bay, You want, first of all, a leader, and in order to obtain a leader you must organize, i There are thousands who look to a colony as travelers across Sahara gaze upon a mirage that glimmers on the burning edge of their horizon. Buffaloes on a Kansas prairie in early spring will look across the plain, and the grass two miles away seems much thicker and greener than where they are grazing; they move on.

and find on arrival the same scattered tufts, thin but sweet, and requiring equal mastication. To ull such we say, human nature is always human naturej whether in a New York village, on tho plains of Colorado, or where tho rich globe is washed by Pacific waves. The poor ye have always with you. And always there will bo grumblers, men who expect a dollar's worth without paying the dollar, and dreamy men who sit on the The Methodist Episcopal church, of A semi-annual cash dividend of 50 er cei t. on the cash capital was U.t-lareil and paid Julv 20, IS7U, aud January 20, 1.S7J, receive patents for a quantity of pub-lie lands, not not exceeding 160 acres (or one quartor section), to bo taken in compact form, according homesteads to actual settlers on the publio domain, end the acts amenaatory thereof, and on the terms and conditions therein prescribed; and all the provisions of said acts, except as herein modified, shall extend and be applicable to entries under this act, and the commissioner of the General Land Office is hereby authorized to prescribe the necessary rules and regulations to carry this section into effect.

Hud determine all facts necessary therefor. By these provisions in homestead law of the 20th of May, 1862, and the acts amendatory thereof, are modified so as to allow entries to be made by the parties mentioned therein of the maximum quantity of one quarter section, or one hundred and sixty acres of land, held at the double minimum price of $2.50 per acre, instead of one half quarter section, or eighty acres, as heretofore. In case of a party desiring to avail himself thereof, you will require him to file the usual homestead application for the tract desired, if legally liable to entry, 10 make affidavit according to the form hereto annexed, instead of the usual homestead affidavit, and on his doing so allow him to make payment of the $10 fee stipulated in the act of 20th May, 1802, and the usual commissions on the price of the land at $2.50 per acre, the eutry lo be regularly numbered and reported to this office in your monthly homestead returns. Regarding settlement and cultivation, the requirements of the law in this class of entries are the same as in other homestead entries. Very respectfully, Your ob't servant, (Signed) J.

S. Wilson. PATRONIZE HOME to legal subdivision, including the al ternate reserved sections of public lands along tho line of anv railroad, or other public work, or other lands sub Examine the following FIRST-CLASS companies: ject to entry under the homostoad this, city, was one of the first organized in this part of the State. The building is plain stone one, with a good bell. It was erected in 18G7, and cost there is no indebtedness.

They havo an Excelsior organ, worth $200; I). G. Proctor is chorister. There is a fine Sabbath school, with an averago attendance of eighty-five. It is intended to repair and ornament the church in tho spring.

domestic" recipes." To Pickle Cucumbers Green. The object is to pickle them in vinegar without first brining them. Pickyour pickles, and selected to taste, fresh laws of the United States, wherever PJICEN I NSIT KA NOEOOM PA Of Hartford, Connecticut. public lands have been or may be granted by acts of Congress, provided Assets NO.VE BETTER IX TlfE VXITKD 8TA Tf'S. that said homestead settler shall be allowed twelve months after locating his homestead within which to com menco his settlement and improve LOJMLLAUD INSURANCE Of New York.

That tho Commissioner of the Gene ral Laud Office shall have authority to make all needful rules and regulations to carry into effecttho provisions of this act. CHEESE AS FOOD. The experienced dairy editor of Moore's Rural New Yorker, in discussing the value of cheese for food, in answer to some objections upon its extensive use therefor, says: Cheese is not an unwholesome food, when "eaten in quantity sufficient to make its nutrition felt." The fact is very clearly proved in the case of the English laborer who, when abundantly supplied with cheese, can get along with little or no other animal food, and retain his health and strength. Cheese is a great blessing to poor people, who cannot afford to use other forms of animal food. A recent letter from a correspondent in Paris, speaking of the scarcity of animal food, 8ay that living upon bread and rice, I am faint from morning till night, and that no one can imagine what the privation from meat or cheese is.

without they try it." It is admitted that cheese eaten in small quantities, is beneficial "as a corrector of other food," and yet this consumption, it is claimed, would not help the manufacturer much. Now the cheese manufacturers would ask for nothing better than such a consumption of cheese, if it were general among the people. Say that each individual should take only one ouuee of cheoBo per day, or a third of an ounce at each meal, simply as a "corrector of other food," and this small quantity distributed among our forty millions of inhabitants would make an annual consumption in the United States of 910,000,000 of pounds, or nearly tour times tho product annually made in the whole country. But suppose we deduct ten millions of inhabitants as non-consumers of cheese, and allow only half an ounce per day for the 40,000.000 of people, and wo have an annual consumption of cheese amounting to 312,000,000 of pounds, ments, and provided also that the time from the vines, with half an inch of Assets ,750.000.00 PH CEN I I NS It A N(-E JO PA affidavit. Lani Offick which the homestead settlor shall have served in the ariry, navy or marine corps, as aforesaid, or if discharg of having mv unnlinutmn No.

for an entry under ed on account of wounds received, or the provisions of the act of Congress, approved top rail of a fence or an empty dry-goods box, and are eloquent and able in tolling how things oujrht to bo done. stem, cut with scissors or knifo handle careful not to rub oft' the little prieklen; lay them carefully in the jar, or pickle tub, and pour over them scalding hot vinegar, spiced or otherwise to tasto, with a tablespoonful of salt to gallon of vingar little alum, say a piece as large as a shell-bark walnut, to a gallon of vinegar, May zw, iu-', ana aesiring io avail uiysen oj the'25th section of the act of July 15, 1870, in regard tojand held at the double minimum nrice of $2.50 per acre, do solemnly swear disability incurred in the lino of duty, then the term of enlistment shall be deducted from the time heretofore required to perfect title and provided yet do nothing. Now if of that I am tho ident ical who was in company coinmnuded by cap- in the reeiment of further tlmi any Iiomostcad settler as tain in the war of oommanded br in actual service for 1861 that I continued will improve them for the taste of ninety days, and have remained loyal to the Of Brooklyn, N. Y. Assets ANDES INSURANCE COMPANY, Of Cincinnati.

Assets $1,200,000.00 LAM AR INSURANCE COM PAN Of Chicago. Assets over GREAT WESTERN INS. OOMP'Y, Of Chicago. Assets over tl ,200,000.00 government; that satu application, J9. is made for my exclusive, benefit, and for the a.T,rtfla aniiifil nnttlement and cultivation.

some. Let the pickle tub be an opaque one, and be kept in tho dark aDd cool; spread a muslin cloth over the top of the pickles in the vinegar, and see that the vinger covers the pickles well. pnd not directly or indirectly for any other aforesaid may assign his homestead certificate within twelvo months from the dato thereon to any citizen of tho United States over twenty-one years of age, or person who has declared his intention to become such, who has not previously availed himself of the benefits of the homestead and pre-emption laws; and said assignee shall succeed to all the rights of the said eereon or persons, ana mat i nave not Here tofore had the benefit cf the houiesled law. Sworn to and subscribed this day families is collected rapidly or prowis. ououaly, ihe probability is that you get more than average of restless persons, grumblers, schemers, dreamers, Btory-tellers poor timber for a pattern community.

We advise an association of about a score of persons, and no more, at first. A single man, able bodied and industrious, who has 8200 at interest, should Le eligible; those with families should have more. Exclude all soft-handed men. You want no lawyer or clergyman or doctor or jeweler at first. When you do want them it will be remarkably easy to secure their ser- of The vinegar may need rescalding or renewing after a week or two, which before Register or Reoeiver of the Land Office.

Approved Signed J. D- Cox, Secretary. Department of the Interior, August 1870. mast be left to the good judgment of homestead sottler, but no such assignor the housewife. Tomato Pickles.

Slice half a peck of a homestead certificate shall there after have the right to avail himself of CONTINENTAL INSURANCE Ol 'iC York. Asset of green tomatoes very thin sprinkle over them half a pint of Halt; slice half a dozen onions and large peppers full growu, hut before they have turned red; add these to tho tomatoes; this actor other acts heretofore passed granting homesteads to actual settlers, nor shall such assignee have the right vices. Let each member hold himself Where the party was a regimental or Btaff officer, or was in a different branch of the service, the affidivit must be varied i form according to the facts of the case. asaf-Farmers are foelinj' juhilant over tho prospect of a splendid crop of wheat. Bailey, who is good authority, says wheat is not winterkilled.

to acquire any other homestead tinder let them stand twent3'-four hours, then which is still about 100 000,000 of in readiness to advance his share toward the location and purchase fund. In sending out a leader yon need a man of many fine qualities. Let him first of all come to this city and get pounds more than the whole country drain them porfect'y free of he liquor orbrine; mix with them one tablespoonful of black popper, one of alspiee, one KANSAS INSURANCE COMPANY, Of I-avenwortli. Assets NATIONAL INSURANCE COMP (if Hauiilhal, Mo. Assets 327.9ti3.S general information about all parts of Jl HON ITV DIRECTORY, produces.

Now we should say. that a half ounce of cheese per day would be a very small ration, and yet if the de of mustard, half a tablespoonful of said acts provided, however, that no patent shall issue to a homestead settler or his assignee who has not resided upon, improved and cultivated his said homestead for a period of at least two years, except as provided in section 4 of this act. Sec 2. Andhe it further enacted. That any person entitled, under the provisions of the foregoing section, to enter cloves, and the same of cinnamon all finely powdered; to this add a quarter mand for oar home consumption of of a pound of whole mustard seed; stir all well together, and just cover with cheese was 100,000,000 of pounds above our annual production, it would help manufacturers of cheese amazingly.

Christian Leader, good cider vinegar. Boil this mixture a homestead, who may have heretofore. "AMERICAN CENTRAL" until the tomatoes are cooked through, stirring often to prevent its burning, Tomato Vinegar. Take one bushel of ripe tomatoes, mash them in an Indies (Hfliciftt upon tilt claAiw uf profii at 1 he same rut en jw ultier funipantea, and itt policies are worth onf-half wr cent uiort to lh polit holder than tbottfuf any other company, tor the rraaon flmt it pays all dani-ag by lightning whether Are ensues or not, and it luttKes are jmyaMe ftH noon an the proofr are marie. Euos in Winter.

To have a supply of ftvsh eggs in winter when they are proverbially scarce and high, will well repay a good share of care and attention, liens should have a warm, sheltered placo and be well fed, not omitting animal food if you would have them lay in the winter. Eggs at this open tub, add one quart of molasses and, thoroughly mix the whole to. gother. Let the tub stand several days, requently stirring the mixture. When a decided vinegar odor is given entered under the homestead laws a quantity of land less than 100 acres, shall be permitted to enter under the provisions of this act so much land as, when added to the quantity previously entered, shall not exceed 100 acres.

Sf.c 3. And lie it further enacted, That in case of the death of an' person who would he entitled to a homestead under the provisions, of the first section of this act. Ills widow, if unmarried, or, in oaso of marriage, then his minor orphan children shall be entitled to all the benefit enumerated in this act provided, that if such person died during his term of enlist CITY GOVERNMENT. Mayor Hobkrt O. Rizkr.

MartlmlVAVIKI. MoCl.BAHY. Viiy Ctrrk John Kklakky. Hty AUomryJ. E.

Edmundsox. Treasurer Stbkkter. City iuiitieerA. V. Piekc k.

CITY COUNCII First Ward Alderman M. E. Btkwart, J. M.Browiv. Second M.

Kki i.kv, Y. Hoffix. Third -John Millkb, A. Pray. Justices or tkk Peaok and Poi.k Maoistratks.

G. F. Gordon. A. C.

STic-Kmr CHURCHES. Catholic Fourth Street. Kev. John Fogarty, Pas. tor.

tiervieei every alternate Sunday. Eft-lMXit-AL Curuel uf Fourth aud Adams, ikv. Charle Reynolds, Rector. Service every Sunday. Baptist Jefferson street, between Sixth and Seventh.

Rev, M. I. Oage, Pastor. ComuREoational Corner Fifth and Adams. Rev.

I. Jacobus, Pastor. Services every Sunday at 11 o'clock a. and 1 p. ni.

MKTHomsT Corner Eighth and Jackson Streets, Rev S. W. Lloyd, I'astor. Services every Sunday at 11 o'clock a. u.

Sunday school at 8 p. m. Pkesbttkrun Brown's Hall. Rev. John A.

Anderson, Pastor. Services, every Sunday at 11 o'clock, a. m. and 7 p.m. Prayer meeting every Wednesday evening.

SCHOOLS. Public Schools (Graded) Rev. M. IX Oage, Principal Select School Jefferson Avenue, between Ninth and Tenth streets. Reuben Cox, Teacher.

SOCIETIES. t'aion Lodife, No. 7, A. F. 4 A.M., ftreeter A Htrlek ler's ulvck, Washington Avenue.

Jej-ufialeui bneaiiipmrot, Ko. 12, 1. 0. O. Nto-der Stickler's block, Washington Avenue.

KronUcr Lodge, No. 25, 1. 0. 0. meets la Streeter StrickJer's block, every Monday evening.

Life Boat Lodge, No. 155, 1. 0. O. meets every Saturday evening in McClure's Hall.

All are Invited to come abuasd the boat, and sail with its over the smooth seas, lor sre mcaa to make our meetings pleasant and profitable. Members of the Order from abroad are always welcome. Lizzib M. Underwood, Sjc'y. E.

Bow en, W. C. T. ii season sell high, and may be bad by off, the juice should be strained from the pomace and put into casks. Vinegar thus made is equal to CONTINENTAL" those who havo a warm hennery, par the best.

the country, the respective merit, claims, prospects and discounts of each. He will find those whose observation has boon wide. Then returning, let him meet the members and report in ill on each situation, and let the choice be by vote, tho wives and sisters having equal voice. This ought to silence all criticism. Buy or engage land enough for forty or fifty farms, and as soon as your choice is fixed establish two or three fundamental laws one excluding whisky, one establishing co-operation in some things, and especially in the matter of fences, and a third requiring all purchasers to improve within two years Then throngh the press make known your plans and invite a correspondence from all who approve your principle.

You will not then receive letters from idlers, and Rchemers, and grumblers. You will have a foundation well planted, on which you can build a community to your mind. The colony, rightly conducted, a great clement of power and progress, it enables the weary work of a generation to be condensed within the upaee of a twelvemonth. It is for pioneering what the rail-car is for travel, the journal for general information, and the teltgraph for swift messages. We ay, by all means use it.

But, like all agents, it is liable to be misapplied, and lion Id be invoked not without ditcritniuatioii, judgment and Returns, an mi ail three-fourths of its profits to its pank'iwting policy bolder. Ittrit yar it returned sixty ter eettl. of the premium paid, tially under ground, with a sheltered, southern exposure, so that the sun can shine in upon them give them dry sand to wallow in, and no observer Raised waffles. One pint of sweet milk, a heaping teacup of butter, three egg's (yolks and white beaten can fail to sec how happy they can separately), a tablespoonful of thick brewer's or half a penny's worth of ment, the whole term of his enlistment thus be. made, and how richly Ihej-will repay the care and expense.

shall be deducted from the timo herdt It a lo insure I 1, 1. 1 ft II I KC And SCHOOL HOUSES J-'nr a term of years en the fnrtaluietil lan. Christian Leader. o.The Michigan colony is rapidly baker's yeast, one quart of flour one quart of sweet milk; beat all together and let it riso till very light, and then bake. Serve hot with butter and sugar, or plain, according to taste.

To niT mn of Fmes. The smoke arriving and finding homesteads in this vicinity. They are an enterprising and intelligent class of people. No feai of failure ir? this country for such immigrants. pXLMKll CALLEN, CASH STOCK MEN.

he fore yoa insure, fall at the office and examine the lofore required to perfect the title. 6 Sec 4. And he it further enacted, That even- private soldier, arid every seaman, marine and officer ho served in (he army and navy lor the said period of ninety (lays, and i now inscribed on the pension rolls of the United 8tatcs, or is entitled to be so inscribed on Account 'of wounds received or disabilities incurred in the line of duty, may in lien of tne right, privilege, and benefits hereinbefore conferred, -Htr upon by an agent or 11 fric'K Muffins. Two teacups but termilk, one of thick cream, or if of the dried leaves of a pumpkin, burnt on a bright fire will cause flies to quit an apartment or it will kill them. Birds must bo withdrawn before the operation, and persons should abstain from going into apartments immediately after, as the smoke causes bead-ache.

Journal of Chemistry. Measrs. Palmer 4 alien having null the livery bust-Desa, have now tureed their whole attention to the increase of their general stock business, Tbey are constantly buying and selling stock of all kinds and grades, and keep on hand a large and varied assortment, and do strictly aeash bnsinesa. Office, stables, sbeds, and corrals, on Tenth street, Junction City, Kansas. Mbl-4at none, three even tablespoonfuls of melted butter, four eggs, half a tea-spoonful of soda thicken with prepared flower as thick as waffles.

Which shows the standing of all Ihe companies repre seined at Jnnt tion i'Hy, Kanw, H. V. PIERC lnsuraoee Age ut. Ottce with A. C.

riLRCE. marl-tf.

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