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Real Estate Register from Junction City, Kansas • 1

Real Estate Register from Junction City, Kansas • 1

Junction City, Kansas
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1LLEEMOVEINTWO WEEKS 0. 11. CARVER, Heal Estate Jlcgista, making wire fence and hear so many disparaging remarks all because the fenco is not properly made, (for wire THE REAL ESTATE REGISTER IS Pl'BLISHKB MONTHLY, AT JUNCTION CITY, KANSAS. C. R.CARVER, MERCHANT i will make a good fence, and it must of JOHiSr GROSS JIM BLIDSO, OF TUB PRAIRIE BELLE.

Will remove his i A. C. PIEKCK, Editor and Proprietor, TAILOR, EXTENSIVE STOCK The following is the latest from the pen of AOENT FOR Col. John Hay, of the Mew lorn Tritiiine, OF whose Little Breeches but lately found its ''V And dealer in way into every paper in the lunu. Our lead ADVERTISING KATES.

The Reoistkr has a circulation of five thousand copies monthly, and being distributed gratuitously along the leading routes of travel, and the counties ol central and western Kansas, it ati'ords the cheapest and most, extcntive range for advertisers in this country. A limited amount of advertising will be received at the following rates 1 column 1 year $60; 6 months 1 45; 80; 20 ,6 ui. 20; 15 12; ,8 Cards 5 lines or less 1 yr 3 notices 15 cents per CLOTHING, ers will not hesitate to pronounce it good: Wall, no 1 I can't tell whar he lives, Because he don live, you see; Leastways, he's got out of the habit Of livin' like you and me. IVbiir buve you been for the lust three year Thai you haven't heard folks tell How Jimmy Bluilso passed in his checks HINGER Hats and Caps, Trunlts, S. N.

FURNITURE Valises Dealer In necessity bo made, at least until the hedge be grown, for there is not timber sufficient for the purpose in otir State). Then the thousands that are comin' here should have the advau-tago of something better than, tie poor excuses' of wire'fence they see all over the State, "and 1 purpose giving the best information I have been able to gather from sixteen years' observation -and experience in Kansas with the wire fence. 1. Set your corner posts 2 feet in thu ground. If there is no knot-on the end of the post, bore with a two-inch augur, insert a strong pin, tamp well with stone, your post leaning out a littlo.

2. Brace with a strong stick 12 feet long, the end on the ground resting against a strong post set 2 feet deep; both ends of the brace should rest in notches, so that it cannot slip out. 3. The next important step is to secure the post to stretch the wire with. Thi should be a stick that will square 6 inches (or a two-inch oak plank will do), face down on both sides to 3 inches thick, set on the line INTO the NEW BUILDING.

CENTS' FURNISHING GOODS, GROCERIES, PROVISIONS, Product and Quemsware, Flour, Salt, Grain, Fred and SEWING 1 I. CI yahington Street, eJOHlSr GKROSS SEVENTH STREET, JUNCTION CITY, KANSAS, Four Doors North of Seven! Has now on hand the largest and most COMPLETE STOCK OF P. KELLOGG, V. Dealer In FURNITURE FRUIT CONFECTIONERY, MUSICAL INSTRU- JUNCTION CJTY, KANSAS. Jniy Washington opposite Hale House.

In the West. augly Janly B. R. KIEHL, HE IS SELLING AT PRICES WHICH LIVERY, SALE and 1 R0CERIE8, PROVISIONS, WINES, LIQUQRS, Shippers supplied by JOHN E. ROSS, Tomer of Washington and Eighth streets, Junction City, Kansas.

CANNOT FAIL TO ATTRACT THE IMMEDIATE ATTENTION OF Proprietor of your fence, and in the middle, if it CASH BUYERS. be 10 rods or 100 (I have set 100 rods well with one post), set your post. 4. Bore your holes through the cen S. PIERCE, Omnibus Line A FEED STABLE.

"deputy COUNTY SURVEYOR, ter of the post (if for four wires), the And agent National Live Stock Insurance Company, of bottom one 1G inches from the ground, LIVERY, Ijawreuce, jvuusub. Junction City, Kansas. SALE the next two 10 inches apart, and the last 12 inches. This makes your fence NELSON, C. J.

C. BLAKELY FEED STABLE. 4 feet high one-half inch holo is large enough. PLAIN AND ORNAMENTAL PAINTI3, 5. Set the rest of your posts 3 rods 8th bet.

Adams and Jefferson, Junction Citt, Kansas House, sign, fresco and carriage painting executed in the best style. augly Having purchased the entire interest of the Having just completed his SPLENDID NEW BUILDING, He can display to great advantage his IMMENSE STOCK KEEPS CONSTANTLY ON HAND METALLIC BRUIAL CASES AND IN 8. Washington Street, JUNCTION CITV, KANSAS. jau7-ly apart thinnest edge out so that you The night of the Prairie Belle? He weren't, no saiiit-lheni engineers Ts all pretty much alike One wife in Natohei-under-the-Hill And another one here, in Pike. A keerless man in bis talk was Jim, And an awkward man in a row But he never flunked, and he never lied, I reckon he never knowed how.

And this was all the religion he had To treat his engine well; Never be passed on the river; To mind the Pilot's bell; Aud if ever the Prairie Belle took fire A thousand times he swore, He'd hold her nozzle agin the bank Till the last soul got ashore. All boats has their day on the Mississip, And her day come at lnst--The was a better boat, But the Belle she wouldn't be passed. Aud so she come tearin' along that night The oldest craft on the line With a nigger squat on her safety valve And her furnace crammed, rosin and pine. The fire bust out as she clared the bar, And burnt a hole in the night, And quick as a flash she turned, and made For that wilier batik on the right. There was running and cursing, but Jim yelled out Over all the infernal roar, "I'll hold her nozzle agin the bank Till the last galoot's ashore." Through the lint.

Hack breath of the lnirnin' boat Jim Bludse's voice was heard, And they all had trust iu his cnsscdneBS, And knowed be would keep his word. And, sure'i you're born, they all got oft' Afore the smokestacks fell And Bhidso's ghost went up alone In the smoke of the Prairie Belle. He weren't no saint but at jedgment I'd run my chance with Jim, 'Longside of some pious gentlemen That wouldn't shook bands with him. He setn his duty, a dead sure thing And went for it thar anal then And Christ ain't a goin' to be toe bard On a man that died for men. For the Real Estate Register.

PRACTICAL VIEWS ON OltCHAKD PLANTING AND WIRE FENCES. Skiddy, Feb. 12, 1870. FaiExu Your Heoisteu continues its pleasant visits, filled with interesting reading for tbo resident as well as im migrant. -The article on tree planting, by Mr Davis, contained valuable information and if his advice was followed by persons planting trees, there would be fewer mistakes.

In addition to what ho says on or will not have to boro through much wood. Staples are not sufficient; one- Good Xayery as can KT.vilT, BROTHERS rTLIAtf DIETER, BARBEH SHOP, First door south of the Hide House, Junction City, Kansas. half inch holo is large enough. C. Make rollers 21 inches in diame BE rOUHU la the old eatablishtd ter and inches long; boro ith a bit ANIEL MITCHELL, largo enough to pass your wire through COUNTY CLERK, REGISTER OF IEE1S, ANP Land agent.

IN THE WEST. augly 3-Abstracts of Title furnished. tbo center; then with a one-half inch bit boro three boles through tho roller between conter holo and ends; one-half inch pin 6 inches long for each II. NIK IRK, CARPENTER BUILDER, roller, and same sizo for lever (13 inches long), one for each post. JUNCTION CITY, Kansas LIVERY STABLE OPPOSITE THE PARK, Invites his friends and the public to call and see Iilm, promising ttie BEST TURNOUTS IN THE CITV.

7. Keevo your wire first; unroll by KKKI.KR. OEO. DRKCSELL. kRECHSELL BEELER, walking backwards; commence at the D1 EVERYTHING! JAS.

STREETER, Wholesale and retail dealer in EVERYTHING, JUNCTION CITV, KANSAS, Has always on hand a Urge and raried stock of Woodenware. Hardware, Groceries. corner (secure well), then through posts to center from corners (both Terms, Reasonable. Especial attention paid to Boarding HORSES. wires go through same holo in center wagos CA.WAOK si(ir Corner of Adams and Seventh streets, Junction Cily, Kansas.

Special attention paid to all kinds of repairing and horse shooing. AU work t(, post); then in rollers; stretch as tight as possible, bend up, and cut off wire. HEADER, 8. Bore inch holes on each side of Will execute all kinds of HORSES and STOCK of ALL KINDS, post, so that your roller will rest on pins to be driven through remove one-half inch from the center of your post, so that your roller will rest on tho pins and against the outside of the post it should not touch in the conter. BLACKSMITHING.

All sizes of "thlnible-skeln" Iron axle and spring wagons. Manufactures Buggies, Uuckboards, Ac. SPEIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO MOWS. JrJNCTION ClTT, KaNSAB. Iron, steol, nails, Coffee mills, Glaae and putty.

Sorghum mills, Paints and oils, Curry combs, IXM-ks and hinges. Horse brushes. Building paper, Queensware, Axes and picks, (ilassware, Spades shovels, Karthenware, Plows AcultivatorsTinware, Bellows A anvils. Tubs, buckets. HORSES Boarded by tbe Day or Montk, 9.

stretch 3-our wire by tho uso of your lever and pins so that it will C. PIERCE, A. carpenters toois, asn Doartia, vibrate like a nddle string your roller works liko a shaft in boxes. Table cutlery. Real Estate Azent.

has for sale Junction City 10. Cut 60ven sticks for each length SOLD AT a.tjctio:n II. B. KIF.DL. Cor.

6th and Washington JUNCTION CITY. Jniy Well buckets, Well wheels, Broom handles, Broom twine, Feather dusters, Whisk brooms. Washing mach'ns, Clothes wringers, Mop handles, Plow handles, Wooden measures. Door mats, Hate A pencils, Whip stocks, Whip iashes, Sugars, coffees, Teas, spices. Syrups, driea fish, Pickled fish, hams, Bacon, shoulders, Salt, crackers, Canned and dried Fruit of all kinds, Pickles, sauces, Maccaront, Tobacco A cigars, Toilet soaps.

And insured tbe best ef eare and careful GROOMING. Brooms, brushes, Axe handles, Rolling pins. Butter trays, Butter ladels, Bey the 4 snathes, Garden rakes, Hay rakes, Churns, Flour selves, Kaueetts, Kegs all sizes, pock el ao Chains 4 yokca. Harrow teeth, Wedges, Cable chains, Files and rasps, Hammers, Hatchets, Hand paper, Emery paper, Hope A cordage, chard plauting, I would add that grafts from first hands cost $10 per J. C.

BLAKELY. thousand. These can be grown as easy property, land of the Kansas Paeiiic Railway company, Agricultural College lands, Old Slate lands, private lands, and Missouri, Kansas A Texas Railroad lauds. IMPROVED HARM.1, IMPROVED FARMS. Will Bbow property and furnish abstract of title to purchasers, free of charge.

JAMES B. MORRIS MA1X AND HACK USE To Marion Center, leayes Junction City on Monday and reaches Marion Center Tuesday leaves Marion Center on Wednesday, and arrive, at Junction City Thursday, of each week. The liesl of acconiiuodatious furnished, marl-tf of fence six of them 3 feet long, and one 4 feet. This is the center, and rests on the ground; the other six do not touch the ground. Pawpaw or buckeye are best for tbo short sticks, as they will not split when tho staple is driven tho stick resting on the ground may bo most any hard wood.

These sticks are from 1 to 2 inches in diametor; put on inside the fence, janly Beans and peas, Knot ana ieaa, Powder and cans. Barter, hominy. JAND LAWS AND RULINGS Machine oils, Corn and oats, Axle grease, Lard, flour, Soap, candles, Cheese, JOHN P. SWEXSOX, Agent for as corn set in rows 3 feet apart, 12 inches in the row. Some care must be taken when they first start to keep the weed down with the boo after this the cultivator may be used freely until August.

In October they should be taken up, the roots pruned with a SCANDINAVIAN EMIGRATION. with staples -tho top and bottom ones driven through and clinched, and the ATE8 OF PASSAGE middle ones left so that tho wire will DRlf GOODS AND CLOTHING, Alao agent for Bnckeye Mower A. Reaper, render through easily. A SPECIALTY OF THE JUNCTION CITY UNION, Published every Saturday by OEORQE W. MARTIN, Register V.

ft. Land Office, short knife, and superfluous wood re- A fenco mado as 1 have stated will TO AND FRO SWEEPSTAKE THRASHERS, turn cattle, if they havo not been educated by bad wire fences. If they moved then heal in banking the dirt up and making it firm about the young Shawls, silks. Socks, drawers, Tickings, calicos, Undershirts, yarnsLinen shirts, Dress trimmings, Wool shirts. Men noes, alpacas, Cassimere suits, Business ana Neck ties, Press suits.

Collar and cuffs, Overcoats, pants, Overalls, blouses. Blankets, buttons, Braids, jeans, Balmoral skirts, Cassimerea, Canton flannel. Crash, CarpH warp. Carpets, oil cloths, Cottonades, combs, Penirus, drills, Flannels. And all kind, or FARMING IMPLEMENTS.

trees. In the spring your ground should be put in good condition carlyj coats. Umbrellas. Hats and cans. Buck gloves, Kid gloves, ct your trees 2 feet apart iu rows 3 JUNCTION CITT, KANSAS.

Boots and shoes, Hubber coats, Overshoes. "feet apart, cultivate thoroughly again BY THE Satchels, vafises, Alio agent for E. B. Ferrii, Bra. A celebrated wagona.

Represent! the beat Use of ateamera front all parts of Europe. Junction City, Kansas. Jamr Ginghams, gloves, Linsey, Mosquito bars, Quilts, cloakings, Gents' furnishing Trunks, till August; then take up again in gooos. CUNARD LINE OF STEAMERS TERMS, 12.00 TEB ANNUM. October, carefully trim and Leal in, and your trees are ready to set in or- -VT- .1 I ctiaru.

ion nave a mousanti oi tue best varieties. While have been growing them you have had time to An KrHtuirrtg Iirnl Paprr, Rrjmhlirm in Pvlilirt have, then, in addition to what has been dono, drive three short posts (to each length) in tho ground; then with a staple secure tho bottom wiro, and they will not get under. Cattlo will go over a five-foot rail fenco and never attempt your four-foot wire. If it wero not for occupying too much space in your valuable papor, I would show why posts 3 rods apart aro better than 8 feet apart, and why the center is bet ter than the corner to stretch the wire. But should a further discussion of the mioject be desirable, I am willing to answer questions or give all the information I possess with pleasure at a future time.

The cost of this fence, with posts at twenty-five cents each, is about fifty cents per rod, and if the wire is kept stretched properly, will give satisfaction. I have used No. 9 wire, but would prefer No. 8 a size larger. I think it will pay in the end.

S. J. Willes. get your land in order; have read, if not some standard work on the sub fJlHIELE BCHIMER, Manufacturer of and dealer In Furniture, Mattresses, Upholstering, looking Glasses, Picture Frames, Cabinet Work, Of all kinds, MADE TO ORDER. UNDERTAKING.

4o.f Ac. Agent for the AMERICAN POWDER COMPLY And ROCK RIVER PAPER O. Special Inducement, fie red to ronntrf nerrhanta. Produce of all kinds bought and sold. I CORNER, ject, the horticultural and agricultural From New York to Queenstown, Liverpool or Glasgow WO 00 From New York to Antwerp, Havre, Rotterdam, Harlingea or (troningen 35 00 From New York toOothenlierg.C l.riiltiaBia,Cipe.

hagen, Manheim or Paris i 3 00 From New York to Bergen Stavenger or Drutheiin 42 00 Children under twelve, half fare; tinder one, free. From Liverpool, Queenstown, Glasgow or Londonderry, to Junction Citv, Kansas 3 65 Children under twelve, haV price; under one 8 00 From Gothenlierg. 'Ti Copenhagen to Junction City, Kansas fifi 65 From Stavenger, Bergen, iJrotitheiin, Manheim, or Paris, to Junction City, Kansas. 68 65 From Antwerp, Havre, Rotterdam, Har ingen or Uruningen, to Junction ity 64 65 A. C.

PIERCE, A cent. THE SETTLERS' ORGAN. journals, attended conventions, and HOOK AND JOll PRINTING have become educated, so that your orchard will be a. shcccss; and it has cost $10 in cash. But I sat down to say something about wire fence.

I am interested, for I see bo many mistakes made in Ezeruted Neatly and Promptly. Onr facilities are not surpassed br any establishment JUNCTION CITr, KANSAS. Washington Street. Junction City, Kansas. tnar-tf jan-tf is the State out of Leavenworth, Lawrence or Xopeka, Janlr.

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