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Junction City Republican from Junction City, Kansas • 3

Junction City Republican from Junction City, Kansas • 3

Junction City, Kansas
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Herbert J. Humphrey was appointed county L. M. GREENO, attorney of Davis county last week by Judge Nicholson to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of J. F.

Peffer. Herbert Is a brilliant young lawyer and the Reflector is glad to see his ability so publicly recognized. Abilene Reflector. tiot, CREMATION. Editors Rkptomcah: Why am I a believer incremation! Well, there are several reasons.

I will tell you briefly an Incident of my life which may throw a little light on this subject When I lived in a eity in Michigan, some time ago, the grave yards and cemeteries were for a long time being robbed of their dead, to be disposed of under the knife of the medical and sur FRIDAY. NOVEMBER 13. 1888. The Arizona Weekly Journal-Miner of Nov gical students. I remember once while walking by a 'cemetery about midnight I saw two men ember 4, 1885.

says "Hon. A. W. Callen writes that his company has about thirty men at work preparing for placer mining when rain comes. We expect to hear of big results when this company starts up, as the diggings are conceded by all to be very rich.

coming over the fence with a sack of something whicn appeared very heavy. I had never heard of grave robbing at that time, and couldn't think what they were doing. As the men were There is a disease among the hogs about For Sale Two good work Horses. Ziegler. PILES PILES! 1 PILES! A sure cure for Blind, Bleeding, Itching and Ulcerated Piles has been discovered by Dr.

Williams, an Indian remedy, called Dr. Williams' Indian Pile Ointment. A single box has cured the worst chronic cases of 25 or 30 years' standing No One need suffer five minutes after applying this wonderful soothing medicine. Lotions and instruments do more harm than good. Williams' Indian Pile Ointment absorbs the tumors, allays the intense itching, (particularly at night after getting warm in bed), acts as a poultice, gives instant relief, and is prepared only for Piles, itching of private parts, and for nothing else.

At Anderson's. 100,000 bushels of corn wanted at the Badger Lumber Yard. going my way, I halted until they got within )33ce on 7th St, Junction City, Kae. Et5rAll work neatly and promptly ioae and warranted. Teeth extracted without pain by the ns of Nitron Oxide Gas.

fifty yards of me, thinking that they espied me Ogden, and especially the shoats, that baffle the best farmers of that section to make out what it is. They say it is not the cholera as the symp long before, but they had not, for as quick as toms are not the same. It makes sure work when it gets in a lot of young hogs. It seems as if nothing will stop It. O.

B. Heath attended the Wright sale Monday. For Hard Times. THE REPUBLICAN He informed the Repxjbijgan that "Gladys" has had her calf and that it is a heifer. It will be remembered that O.

B. sold the calf if it was a heifer to Burnham of Manhattan, for $400. He wrote the Burnhamns this week that the calf was their property. Land Sales. M.

S. Better to Margaret E. Better, 498 acres. Price $109. W.

Baker and wife to J. B. Wadleigh and wife, lot 11, block 6, Cuddy. Price $168. H.

P. Jones to Warner Washington, lot 14, block 35, Cuddy. Price 40. C. H.

Manley and wife to Wm. Baker, lot 11, block 6, Cuddy. Price $25. J. C.

Kennett to Jonathan Koether, lots 3, 345, 402 and 403, ward 3, Bacheller. M. E. Schnell to Moses Waters, lots 13 to 36, block 62, railroad addition. Callen Trovinger to Henry Barton, lot 2, block 14, Cuddy.

Price $40. Ingalsbe Tolen to W. B. Clarke, blocks 4, 5 and 6, Railroad. Price $6,000.

J. S. Montgomery and wife to A. C. Pierce, U7H acres in special sec.

13, town 11, range 5. Price $3,130. Carl Maass and wife to C. F. Wetzel, acres in section 4, town 13, range 6.

Price $10. Louis Maass and wife to C. F. Wetzel, small piece of land in section 4, town 13, range 6. Price $5.

W. T. Spears and wife to Mabin Barton, lots 9 and 10, block 7, Cuddy. Price $70. Davis county to Chas.

Larson, lots 15 and 16, block 22, Cuddy. Price $14.22. August Roediger and wife to John Roediger, 80 acres infection 7, town 11, range 5. N. F.

Greene and wife to B. Rockwell, part of lot 18, block 21. Junction City. Price $2,850. Martha Kynarton to Gertrude Bryant, lot 13, block 1, junction City.

Price $500. Ellen L. Jackson to Maggie McSIurray, lot 15 and lot 16, block 30, Junction City" -Price $1,700. M. Rait and wile to C.

Rait, lot 1, sec. 34, lot 2, sec. 27, a sec. 28, a of sec. 33, town 11, range 5.

Price $4,000. Chas. Bouchage to George Wilson, acres in sec. 13, town 11, range 4. Price $329.

TJ. P. Ry. Co. to Patrick Doyle, 80 acres in sec.

31, town 12, range 7. Price $390. A. McCoy to B. R.

and Daniel Kieiilv-ibout 420 acres in sections 8, 17 and 18, all in town 11, ranges. Price $6,500. B. J. Panton and wife to M.

M. Panton, all interest in lot 14, block 62, Junction City. Price Herman Salmons and wife to Henry Snell, 160 acres in sec. 24, town 13, range 5. Price $2,000.

O. L. Adams and wife to Benj. Opsal.lots 17, 18, 19 and 20, sec. 18, town 13, range 8.

Price $1,075. ILLUSTRATED MONTHLY The new iraps of Junction City, with addi tions and territory adjoinining, drafted by P. V. Trovinger and J. B.

Callen and lithographed by the Topeka Lithographing company, are completed and can be seen at the court house. The maps are owned by the Topeka Lithographing and can be procured at $5 each. sMAGAZINEs With Twele Cirt Pap.r Patterns of year am selection and of any size. Both Publications, One Yeab. It Is a handsome map.

S. A. Haseltine patent solicitors, Homeopathic medicines for sale, wholesale and retail by Drs. Yogi Allen. 129 tf Money to Loan.

A. C. Pierce can furnish money on short notice. Good real 'estate security required. Call at A.

C. Pierce's office and make application at once. 134tf Immense stock of fashionable spring and summer suitings, at W. It Cassil Co's. CITT AND COUNTY.

A. D. Schach has a nobby delivery wagon. J. B.

Callen went to Abilene this moraine J. C. McNamee and wife are In Topeka this week. The weather during the past week has been lovely. The first snow of the season tell yesterday morning.

The soldiers were paid oft last Friday and Saturday. Leave orders for Topeka Steam Laundry with B. Ward. Dr. God dard has opened an office over M.

-E. Clark's store. Mrs. W. W.

Dunlap is visiting in Florence and Emporia. Mrs. as. Culbertson and children are visiting In Topeka. Mr.

and Mrs. Phelps, of White City, are visiting in the city. Stone masons should read the notice for proposals in this issue. J. H.

Franklin honored the Republican with a visit last Monday. Mr. P. A. Peterson and wife and Mrs.

Baskin are visiting in Riley county. W. H. Mackey, sr of Eiley county, attended the Wright sale last Monday. There is a notice in this issue to the owner of lot 16, block 37, Junction City.

Jim Duffy can be found at any time by telephoning to No. 19, Junction City. Prof. Robt. Hay is in Manhattan this week attending the Academy of Science.

Geo. Schmidt has opened a second hand and pawnbroker's shop on Seventh street. Mrs. H. A.

Todd is enjoying a visit from her youngest sister, of St. Louis, Michigan. E. L. Edmonds, of Carthage, is in the city visiting his brother, Geo.

H. Bower. P. H. Bower, of near Milford, returned from the southern part of the State Wednesday.

J. C. Scott and Fred Barnes attended the field trial of bird dogs at Abilene this week. M. E.

Clark, C. F. Ziegler and A. D. Schach have new ads this week.

Also A. C. Pierce. Born To Mr. and Mrs D.

S. Lukens, Wednesday evening, Nov. 11, 1883, a 12 pound girl. A good "stone sidewalk has been put down on Adams street in front of John Davidson's house. H.

H. Brigham and wife have returned from Morris county where they have been visiting friends. C. Cummin gs, who has been in Topeka for the $2.60 (TWO SIXTY). Springfield, send us the following list of patents which were issued to citizens of Kansas during the past Week Albert N.

Bender, Man-sas, stove polish. Rebecca A. McDaniel, Burr Oak, preserving compound. James H. and T.

Mitchell, Wellington, adjustable shade for windows. flEMOREST'S THE RES Fred Mann moved into his new house this they saw me they dropped their burden and ran for dear life. I walked up to the sack and there beheld a corpse's feet sticking out the end of the sack. I didnt stop to make any further inspection of the corpse, for I was very young and the sight of a corpse at midnight and alone made my hair raise, and I ran as fast as my feet could carry me into the city and informed the marshal, and he detailed two deputies and we proceeded to the cemetery. There we found the corpse in the place where it was dropped.

They took it to the undertaker's and it proved to be a friend of mine that had been buried two days before. The robbers or body snatchers were caught and got a term in Jackson penitentiary. From that time on I have never passed a graveyard without a shudder. I am in favor of anything that will prevent the unholy desecration of a grave. Cremation is the revival of a custom that ought never to have been discontinued.

It is the destruction of a business which is as unnecessary as it is nefarious. There are plenty of unclaimed bodies which can be used for the purpose of dissection without the robberies which are constantly taking place. I am in favor of cremation as a prevention of grave robbery. But I am in favor of cremation for other reasons. One of the most fearful things abont death is to know that your body is to waste away in mortification and corruption.

That which in life associates with the rest of mankind, in death becomes repulsive and unsightly. How much more pleasant and satisfactory it would be to look upon the bright, clean ashes the remains of one you love perhaps. There is nothing repulsive about that! Nothing suggestive of the fearful thoughts which death and burial call into association. Then think of the poisonous vapors and gases that are given off the body in death. Think of the thousands and thousands of bodies that are yearly put under the ground to waste away and throw off dissolution, poisons and diseases.

They must escape somewhere. They must find their way to the surface to mingle with the air already laden with infectious germs. I believe that the most ol our contagious diseases spring from this source. And believing that, I am in favor of cremation as a remedy. The vapor given off durin? incineration, when life has left the body only a few hours, cannot be so dangerous as the vapors which collect during mortification.

When we shall have done away with burying grounds we will have done more than all the health boards in the country to ward off contagion. Cremation is one of the necessary features of a civilized government. week. The house contains six large rooms, is S- PIERCE SS CO, Are offering Special Bargains in Musical Goods. JUNCTION CITY, KANSAS.

several closets and a splendid pantry. There is also a large cellar underneath the house. The work throughout the house is first-class. Stone has the contract for painting and is just putting on the finishing touches. Fred has one of the Subscribe For The Republican.

neatest homes in the city. The Thanksgiving turkey is beginning to M. W. KELLER work horses for sale at .34, John Marsh to J. W.

Morgan, Ji sec town 13, town 8. Price $1. Two good Ziegler's. think an era of prosperity has dawned upon the farmer. His craw is always full and he wipes his nose upon the end of the hay stack and steps around with unusual alacrity.

He can well afford to do so, for he must soon say: "eat, Of all the Magazines. (CONTAINING Stories, Poem and other Literary Illustrated ivith. Original Steel 2orl ngs, Photogravure; Oil Picture and fine Woodcut; making it the Modti Magazine of America. fJkch Magazine contains a. COTTPOX 9SS.E5-.e?fl?P? the holder to the selection ot ANT PATTER? illustrated in that nwber' and in AN SIZE.

DEMC-RESTS MONTHLY Is Justly entitled tlie World's Model Magazine. The Largest ta SSfS'in to Circulation, and the best i oUar Mag-azine Issued. lSwl tie the Twenty-second year of its publication it is continually improved and so extensively as to place it in the front rank of FaHT Periodicals, and equal to any mafaakiaT It contains 72 pages, large quarto, 8 xll iachea. elegantly printed and fully illustrate iS Usned by w. Jennings Demoreat, Hew fork.

AND BY SPECIAL AGREEMENT COMWJUB Tie Repulcan at $2.60 Per Tear. MONOPOLY BUSTED TO STOXEA1ASOXS. drink and be merry, for we can naught expect but to die necks tweak (next week.) Eossvihe Lyre. News was received in this city Tuesday of the J. N.

Yager to Sarah E. Eldi idge, lot 10, bloek 36, Junction City. Price $800. John Ehrsam and wife to Sophia Hentz, y3 sec. 11, town 11, range 4.

Price $2,500. W. B. Clarke and wife to Annie Horn, lots 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10, block 7, Clarke's addition. Price $600.

Augusta Mann to Ernest G. Sprenger, lots 13 and 14, block 9, Railroad. Price $350. W. B.

Clarke and wife to M. K. Kitterman, lots 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, block 3, Clarke's addition. death, at Baldwin City, of Miss Cora Emick, daughter of U. H.

Emick, of Clay Center. Miss Emick was nineteen, and was a student at the Baker University at the time of her death, and would have graduated at this term. The deceased had many relatives and friends in Junction City who will be pained to hear of her death. Price $625. Same to same, lots 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.

block 3. Sealed proposals will le lewived at mv office the court house until r4, 18S5 forthe building of a second-class stone sidewalk in front of lor 16, In I ck 37, Junction City. Kansas, in the manner according to specifications provided by ordinance. i. City Clerk-Junction City, ov.

7, 1885. Go to Louber for cheap Coal and Enterprise Flour. DR. FRAZIER'S ROOT BITTERS. Frazier's Root Bitters act strongly upon the Liver and Kidneys, keep the Bowels open and regular, make the weak strong, heal the lungs, build up the nerves, and cleanse the blood and system of cverv impurity.

Sold by J. C. Anderson. Price $1.00. past three months, returned home Sunday Clarke's addition.

Price $675. A.C. Pierce Is in receipt of a letter from a Same to S. W. Fenton, lots 6, 7, 8.

9 and 10. morning. The Council Grove Republican says: "Mrs. substantial business man of New York, who has block 2, Clarke's addition. Price $700.

large milling interests In that state' making in Same to Fred York, lots 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. block 5. Henry White Is visiting friends In Junction City quires in regard to the price of corn. He stated Clarke's addition. Price 8500.

this week." HAND STORE. Bkdopatzsa. THE I.OST KITTEN. Same to Robt. Messing, lots 1.

2. 3. 4 and 5. that his company uses about 50 car load a month. Mr.

Pierce is doing all in his power to secure Rev. H. D. Heir, of Chapman, has been tend block 8, Clarke's addition. Price $500.

ered a unanimous call by the Congregational church of this city. Same to H. W. Thiele, lots 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. this patronage for this section, and if he Is successful it will greatly benefit the farmers of Davis and adjoining counties.

block 5, Clarke's addition. Price $500. Having leased the building formerly oeupied by A. B. Stephens, the undersigned is prepared to buy and sell second-hand goods, of all kineVs.

A series of evening meetings are being held in the Second Ward Chapel, conducted by Revs. Tenney and Foster. Mr. Eber Pearse, of Coopers town, X. is In the city.

Capt. Pierce is showing him the advantages of Davis county. Same to Alex Brown, lots 7, 9 and 10, block 8, Clarke's addition. Price $237.50. Same to Kate Dawson, Vi lots 7, 9 and 10, block 8, Clarke's addition.

Price $237.50. Same to F. S. Wallace and G. W.

Ela. lots 16. 17, 18, 19 and 20, block 7. Price $525. Same to Geo.

W. Winans, lots 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10, block 6, Clarke's addition. Price $550. Same to Flora B. Winans.

lots 1. 2. 3. 4 and s. Mrs.

Mary A. Livermore, Queen of the platform, will lecture in the Universalist church Nov. 27th, 1885, under the auspices of the Dorcas Society. Subject: "The Boy of To-day." Rev. Jos.

Cook, at Tremont Temple, Boston, said of her: "Mrs. Livermore is the queen of lectur-esses a lady whose eloquence has had a larger public recognition than that of any other woman in ancient or modern times." Dr. Jackson's Indian Eve Salve is a certain site and efficacious remedv for inflamed, weal Jr granulated sore eyes. Cooling it effect-. It arouses the secretions, opeii-the tear duets and ns ml restores thr failing eye sitiiit.

Pr.ce 25 ots. erboz. Why will you chill whenyou can be cured for 50 cents? Collin's Ague Cure is warranted to do it! No other physic is needed as it acts directly upon the Liver and cleanses the stomach of all impurities. On good scurlty and a general pawnbrokers bus iness transacted. Died In this city on Wednesday, evening, Nov.

11, 1885. of paralysis. Phillip Gregg. The BY FRANCES E. GEEENO.

Dear little kit, asleep on the mat, Seems dreaming of gloomier days, When she had nothing to eat but a rat And no time for sweet winsome ways. When she was only a little wee mite She had a dear mother to love her, A cute basket to sleep in at night, And a nice warm cover above her. She had little sisters and brothers To play with from morning till night. And to get ahead of the others Was her great joy ana delight. But they were put in a box one day And carried away towards the town, To a vacant lot beside the way, And there all alone were put down.

No mother, nosupper.nobedbuttheground. The night was dark it snowed, they were And wandered around and around, cold, Their little hearts full of grief untold. mil' i GwacEwics a jja 0 i iS "6 pip) I Eg funeral took place at 10 o'clock, to-day. EXPSESa The "No Name" club gave a very enjoyable impromptu dance at the Bartell House last night. The Italians furnished the music.

The herdqnarters of my citv express has beem moved from Lockstone's store to my new Inflation as mentioned above. Give me a call J. 6. SCHMIDT. Jr.

block 6, Clarke's addition. Price $550. Same to Minnie E. Houghton, lots 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20, block 3, Clarke's addition. Price $625.

H. P. Jones to Geo. A. Clark, lot 9, block 6-3, Junction City.

Price $70. H. C. Newhall and wife to Frank H. Brooks, lots 1 and 2, block 63, Junction City.

Price $600. County Superintendent McDonald left for Baltimore, Maryland, last Saturday to visit his parents. He will be gone about three weeks. FOET KII.EY SOTES. Important.

When you visit or leave New York Citv. sav Kairgage im ssage and Carriage Hire and stO at the Urand Union HoteL opposite Grand Central Depot. Elegant rooms fitted up at a cost of one mil lion dollars, reduced to Si. 00 and upwards pel day. European plan.

Elevator. Restaurant supplied with tie best. Horse cars, stages and efe rated railroad to all depots. Families can liv better for less money at the Grand Union Hot than at any other Orst-class hotel In the city. Dr.

Jackson's Root and Herb Cordial Is ex-actly what is needed to purify and vitalize the blood, strengthen and restore the sufferer health and vigor. For sale by all dealers. Bartell House has received some extra fine oysters Standards and Selects direct from Baltimore. Those wanting oysters and celery The morning came, but it brought no relief, The Ekpubijcajt prefers to be the organ of the progressive euchre players than the organ of the saloon keepers. We have had many compliments for the manner in which we get up our local page.

The Republican contains more legitimate local in one week than our plate neighbor does in a month. Tittle tattle, or not, the Kkptjbljcas seems to be causing the editor of the plate sheet considerable trouble. As a class, editors of the country newspapers have done and are constantly doing more for their state and its welfare and progress than any other set of mn in its border. The country paper (in many respects it is unjust to speak of it as a country paper) is a great educator, a should call. The paymaster has come and gone.

He ar Eev.H,W. Stearns and Elon S. Clark went to rived here on last Friday and paid off on Saturday. Everything went off smoothly; no rows The moet popular Weekly MtTOpelmH to Kienoe, chimes, encinaeriac iliaiiuienai Lawrence Wednesday to attend the state meet ventiona and patent, ever publiahad- ing: of Baptist ministers. They expect to re oer luumratea witu epienau publication fnrnishesamost vi turn this evening.

of information which no neraon ahonld he wit or eacn in trying to nna its momer Had only added to their grief -By wandering from each other. This one, bit bv-does, chased by boys, -Starved, nearly dead, came to me. I have given her all my toys; I wish I had the other three. Mama, don't she says, one's enough. I think it was wrong to take them away From their mother and treat them so rough, When they had no place to stay.

I do not believe God loves a man That would treat an animal like that; And some dav, according to that great plan. He will suffer as much as iny cat. Poor old plate sheet! It is on its last legs, The popularity of the Scrarrmo finch that ita circulation nearlv Mna Parlor Grocery and breathing very hard. It would have died other naoers of ita class combined- Prion. great comfort, and a great advantage to every lonir ago but for the importation of subsistence 5 car.

Discount oOlnbs- Sold by ell aeaailajjall. 1UNN a P.bhshers. No. 361 Broad way. 3.W.

For Chills and Fever, Ague, numb and tisi flay aTiieKemittent or Intermittent Fever, i any disease of a malarious muure, use Collin Ague Cure. It is au absolute and positive ciu-thoroutihly cleansine the svstem of all germs i nalarial poison, acting directly upon the livt-. -nd bowels. Every bottle is warranted tocun-or money refunded. Price 50 cents.

Sold bj all druggists. from Kansas City. community. The money paid for it is the best Investment in the long list of family expenses. Globe Democrat.

or quarrels. The troops seem to vie with each other to see who could keep the most quiet. company, 6th cavalry, left here on Monday. Their destination is unknown, but it is supposed they will go to New Kiowa. The dress parade and concert was well attended on last Sunday.

Among our visitors we noticed the smiling countenance of Associate Editor SoutUwiek, of the Republican and his family. Mr. Southwiek made his first appearance on occasion and expressed himself thnsly "It was the finest thing I have seen for The proposed ball which was to have been given Thanksgiving night by the fire depart We see by the papers that Miss Jessie Patter annnnaaannsannprmctieefcefcy the Patent Office and hare at anaiil more than One Hundred TMW- China Store ment has fallen through. The boys could not son of Junction City was elected Begister of Deeds of Davis county. Sliss Patterson was agree among themselves.

A SOCIAL EVENT. Miss Ella Sclioshusen went to Junction City for several years the chief clerk in the post office and was very much liked, and undoubted- As a sprttis inetiicui-- lo ruiairani strengt! en the stomach and promote a healthy appeti" and build up the system and restore the wastc energies, uothint; equals Dr. Jackson's Root an Herb Cordial. For delicate females it stands without a rival. Sold by all druggists.

Suuday, where she will visit for some time secnriDi- to inventors their righta years, and the hoys behaved splendid consider ly will make a good register. Her opponent, United States. Canaan, ens-iane, i' fAMin coantn Her sister, Miss Matilda, is also visiting in that city. Wamego Reporter. A 1 Fred Barnes, the present incumbent, was one Information as to obainillaMU shenr-fnllr roan without eharce.

Bn4 oosaa af of the most popular young men in that county, tmw fna. Patents obtain Dr. Jackson's celebrated Root and Herb C'. dial, for strengthening, invigorating and pur. fviug the blood, for sale by all druggists.

Marriage of Mr. Ed. E. and Miss Minnie J. Armstreng.

Perhaps one of the most pleasant affairs ever occurring in Topeka society circles took place at the. residence of Mr. and Irs. Fred McDonald, Xo. 247 Buchanan street, at 8 o'clock last evening, wherein Mr.

Ed. E. Gauo and Miss Minnie J. Armstrong were united iu matri which makes it a grand victory for Miss Patter They say she is not seventeen To this she certainly swore Well bet our old hat she has seen Summers at least twenty-four. son.

Alma Enterprise. throog-h Mann a Co. are noticed in Uw i SeMmaaan American The adTantwof SBb wUefm well understood by all persona whe wjsAIe In Davis eounty Miss Jessie Patterson ran as ing the close proximity to pay day. Ord. Sergt.

Daley sent over to town for his "family" carriage on last Monday and you would think he was a second Vanderbilt when he took his seat behind his fine pair of sorrels. All is lacking about the wagon is the Daley coat of arms a pick and shovel. We went the rounds with Mr. Larrcour, post engineer on last Monday, and we were surprised at the amount of work that has been done within the last three months. The quarters, under construction are assuming vast pro ivy.

OOae an Independent candidate for Register of Deeds, The Emporia Republican says Miller of Keeps constantly in stock the most complete stock of Groceries, Glassware, Qaeensware, Wood Willowware, Lamps, Chandeliers and Lamp Trimmings Ever shown in Junction City. Don't fail to Call and Examine our Stock And get oar prices, when in the city. AitniCaX. 3Q Broadway. Its Tetftv beating the regular Republican candidate 386 Junction City, hns rented the room formerly oc mony, Dean JSiieroy, 01 tae cuuiun, officiating.

votes, and the Democratic candidate 299 votes. Miss Patterson is the brave, industrious little cupied by Lewellyn Nelson, and will open up a stock of dry goods therein." Both of the interested parties are well and Collin's Ague Cure, for Chills, and Fever. Dumb Ague and all kindred diseases, is surpassed by none. Sold at CO cents a bottle, and eery bottle warranted. Dr.

Jackson's Blood and Humor Syrup will positively cure all eruptions, ulcers and bad sores upon the body, face or limbs. Will thoroughly cleanse the system and blood of every trace of diseases that have their origin therein. Cures the Rheumatism, Salt Rheum, and Canker and is recommended by the medical profession all over the country. Price 81.00 per bottle. Sold by all druggists.

"The Junction City Union is known in the re favorably known in this city. Mr. liano lor some months past has occupied a very promi Land Surveyor. girl of a good Republican, the late postmaster at Junction City, and should have been- nominated by the Republican convention and indorsed Dy the Democratic. The people seem to motest township of the state." Wonder what saloon keeper the Anti-Prohibition club sends nent and responsible position in the Atchison, portions and by next spring we will have a post vorth looking at.

Mr. Larmour deserves great Estates accnratelv surveyed and planned. Topeka Santa Fe purchasing agent's office, the plate sheet to in that township. credit for the way he is keeping the different contractors down to their business. have corrected the mistake made by the two conven tions.

Champion. Jake Callen has. about 50 stands of pure and is regarded as a valuable man In that department. Miss Armstrong is a sister of Mrs. Maps redrawn.enntracted or enlarged, and every other branch of the surveving business execute with punctuality and expedition.

Office eve Clarke's Bank, Junction City, Has. Italian bees and during the next thirty days he WE BUY AND SELL ALL MARKETABLE McDonald and greatly admired py many tnenas J. F. Peffer, who recently resigned the county will sell 25 stands at $5 each. Purchasers have Malowsf.v.

Council Proceedings. for her social manners and Intellectual abilities. privilege of making choice in apairy. attorneyship of this county, to remove to Wabaunsee county, left this week for his new home being a lady of fine accomplishments. Council met in regular session November 6, COUNTRY PRODUCE Only a few friends of the family were present 1885, with mayor chair and councilmen all present except Mr.

Stebbins. Journal ot Oct. to witness the happy event and partake of the where he will open an office. Mr. Peffer was a citizen of Davis county for about 20 months.

He was elected to the office of county attorney "Heap high the farmer's wintry hoard; Heap high the golden corn; No richer gifts has Autumn poured From out her lavish horn." H. H. GRISWOLD, W. J. FRAN.KUN, A.

ttorn Office with A. a Pieres, 2 and 9, 1885 read and approved. elegant repast served by Mrs. McDonald directly after'the ceremony and congratulations. Mr.

and Mrs. Gano, to Hue pleasure of their mauy before he was a resident of the county eight A communication to the mayor with forty-two And always pay the market price. Bring along anything you have to sell, and we will make it an object to you to trade with us. There was a wreck on the M. K.

T. near signers asking him to cause the crossing at the months with a rousing vote. He made many friends during his residence Injunction City, JUNCTION CITY, Parkerville, Wednesday morning. Three cars admirers, will still continue to make Topeka their home. were thrown from the track, one of which was and established a very good business.

The Re DEN I1 After the wedding supper had been served, torn all to nieces. No one was injured. SHERIFFS SALE north end of the depot to be kept open, and en-! dorsements thereon from the railroad officials stating that it would not be practicable to keep said crossing open, owing to its dangerous location, was read; no action was taken thereon publican wishes him success in liis new field of labor." We sell the Best Brands of Flour Dean Ellerby rendered a very heautuul ceremony in the baptism of the infant son of Mr. Mrs. J.

E. Blades, of Junction City, who was On last Sunday a very destructive fire started State of Kansas, l.a summoned here last week on account of the and Mrs. McDonald, upon the closing of which COCKTir OF DAVIS I IN THE STATE OP KANSAS. JUNCTION CITY, KANSAS. lentl Parlors over M.

W. Keller by the council. illness of her mother. Mrs. Cleek, returned near the northwest corner of section 18, town.

16. range 35, supposed to have been caused the guests departed with many wishes for the In the District Court of the Eighth Judiths! Reports of the city officers for October were home last Saturday. Council Groye Guard. longevity and prosperity ol their host ana District, sitting within and for the county aa4 state aforesaid: read, received and ordered filed. by sparks escaping from the engine of the noon W.

Gerhardt spent Sunday and Monday hostess, and Mr. and Mrs. Gano. Topeka On motion the grade for sidewalk along east Bv virtue of an order issued out of the District with friends in this city. He informs us that Stockmen are Invited to try Daily Commonwealth.

Court sitting within and forthe county of A book of 100 page. The best book for an train. A terrific from the northwest helped the element along, and for a time it looked as If everything would be swept in its TepapeR lanvrariciiie business all over his territory is much better side of lot 20, in block 20, in Junction City, is to be raised 5 inches so as to correspond with DltttC Ul Jl.iUli, VI (It UU SAII RDAY. NOVEMBER 28. A.

D. 1883. than it was a year ago and is still improving. Commlssioner's Proceedings THE CRYSTAL ROCK SALT track. The loss so far as we have learned was sidewalk on Sixth street.

RTlSIfIK8uJt' be be expert-is as wiiiq enoed or otherwise. At the hour of 2 o'clock p. at the eoart door, in Junction City in the county and, state The county commissioners met last Friday The Schubert Quartette were greeted with a some 20 or 30 tons of hay belonging to McDon A petitiou to have gully on 18th street, in It contains lists of newspapers and estimates and canvassed the vote cast at the election held fair audience at the opera house last Friday ald Bros, and F. L. Glover, a straw stack for S.

aioresaia, oner lor saie ana sen to the nignett bidder for cash hi hand, subiect to a claim af Just the thing for all kinds of stock. railroad addition bridged, was read and referred to committee on improvements. Nov. 3d. The official vote appears elsewhere in evening.

It is pronounced by many the best at defendant S. Van Wickle in the sum of five H. Mitchell, 20 tons of hay for S. C. Strunk.

All the hay, corn, and straw and perhaps many traction that has appeared in Junction City this this paper A committee consisting of Messrs. Davidson, Fee bill of judges and clerks of lection allowed season M. W. KELLER CO. dwellings would have been destroyed had It not been for the efforts of men and teams who Lawrence and Bower, with city clerk and city attorney as ex-officio members, were appointed Alex Johnson's bouse, In the northwest part and ordered paid; amount S1T7.50.

hundred twenty-five and ninety one hundredth dollars ($525.90 with Interest at 8 per cent from Sept. 21. A. i. 1885.

the following real estate to-wit The west half ot the east half (w H) of section thirteen U31 township thirteen (13) south of range seven (7) east of the sixth princi of thftcost of advertising. The advertiser who wants to spend one dollar, finds in it the information he requires, while lorhim who will invest one hundred thousand dollars in ad-vertlsing, a scheme is indicated which will meet his every requirement, or can be vtade to doto by slight change easily arrived at by cor-respondence. 149 editions have been issued. Sent, post-paid, to any address, for 10 cents. Write to GEO.

P. ROiVElX. A NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING BURF.AU. The clek was Instructed to advertise lor the partly held it in check. Herington Tribune of town, was burned last night.

We understand he bad no insurance on It Alex is a de to make recommendations relative to the compilation of tiie city ordinances. county printing and the county medical practice Prof. Rosedale delivered three lectures In the serving colored man, and we are sorry to hear pal menuiau, we saiu real estate le De sold as commanded by said order ot sale. for the year 18S6. On motion the petition of B.

Rockwell and 25 M. E. church ot this city this week, and illus of his misfortune. The county attorney was instructed to com otherB for a second class stone sidewalk in (10 Spruce St. PrinUDg House sq.j, Aew xorK.

trated with costumes the life of the people of The eastern papers are all publishing the BRO. front of lots 11. 12, 13, 14. 15, 16, 17 and 18, C. H.

TROTT 0 in case of Adda M. Scott against Richard VT. Waits. Marrietta Watts, John Alien and Taa Wtckle upon appraisement wade on Oct. Zl A.

1885 by three householders and resident ex Davis bounty, duly summoned and qualified. mence suit against H. H. Mead for the recovery of raouey In bis bands, being unclaimed fees Palestine. The church was crowded to Its utmost capacity each night, ana the great item: "Kansas ladles nave started the lasnion STOVES PUBLICATION NOTICE.

collected by him while clerk of the dist rict court. ot ridlDK cows instead of horses for exercise. Given under mv at mv office In Juuailn est enthusiasm prevailed during each evening. block 37, in Junction City, was granted and clerk Instructed to advertise for proposals for construction of second-class stone sidewalk in front of lot 16 iu said block 37, The resignation of John D. McDonald clerk of This all grows out of the fact that a little girl City this 22d day of pet A.j, iSi a- -5 He Is a highly educated gentleman, and he has Milford township, was accepted; appointment out at Clyde took a ride on a cow.

State of Kansas, Cocstt or Davis, 88. In the District Court of Davis county made a very enviable reputation by his lectures to fill raeancy deferred until January meeting, Claims amounting to 251.85 were read and Offer for sale at low prices a large assortment of Farmers might do well to try this piece of ad on his native country. His knowledge of the IF YOU ARE GOING allowed. vice from an old Kansas farmer: He says he Arrangements have been made for a Union J. J.

Blattner surviving partner of the late firm Holy Land Is practically unlimited, and as Westminster and World's Jewel An ordinance appropriating money for the Thanksgiving service at Universalist church at oi uiaimer cc uiaseiy, i tainim, vs. Annie Bland, Defendent. -to put a stop to the heating of wheat by mixing with each SO bushels a bushel of salt, and that speaker on Palestine and the customs, manners and daily life cf Its people he has no equal. 11 a. 111.

Rev. McXabb wUl preach the sermon. payment of claims allowed was read and passed. Council adjourned. rpHE defendent, Annie Bland, now residing in A thanks offering for the worthy and needy this also keeps the weevils away.

Utah Territory, is hereby noti FLORIDA, Financially and otherwise the lectures were a success, and the gentleman will be greeted with fied that she has been sued in the district court of the city will be made, and E. F. White, Mrs, feWrig Papers, lis First Premium at World's Fair, New Orleans. Geo. W.

Keynolds permitted ns to look at an O. E. Campbell. M. E.

Clark, S. M. Barnes, McDowell Creek. Corn husking is the order of the day. Miss Ella Wood was on the creek visiting Irish potato this week which was raised by Mr.

a large audience if he ever returns to this city. of Davis county, Kansas, that the plaintiff filed his petition and affidavit for attachment in the district court on the 10th dav of TO THS K. B. Steen, B. F.

Hastings and Hunter are Geo. Stephens. It weighed two and a half pounds John K. Wright's sale of loo head of cattle, at November, A. IX, 1885, against the following committee for learning who such needy are.

and was the largest Irish potato we ever saw. friends and relatives and returned last Friday. wobt iT)S his farm, east of the city, last Monday, was very and have in charge the distribution of money real estate aescrioea as touows, town: uots 2. and 3. in block 12.

in Cuddy's addition to the Can any other county in Kansas beat it? There was a quilting bee and a dance at H. well attended, and the prices while not high GOLD PENS, SHOPPING BAGS, and other contributions made 6r this purpose. Johnston's Thursday evening. A good time Street Price-Wheat soft 75, hard 66, corn 20 were very good considering the hard times. city of Juuction City.

Davis county, Kansas for the recovery on a promisory note executed by Any one knowing of such needy will please re was reported in spite of the bad weather. All B. Heath got about 25 head. Dustin Sands and and 22. rye 35, oats 20.

hay at, eggs 15, butter 5 Basse Burners Thes are, without exceptiop, the finest Stoves made, and will take LESS FUEL Than any other Stove. The latest designs. port name and facts to some one of this com. the boys and their best girls were there to do 20. live chickens dressed chickens 6c Jack Taylor 10 or 12 head each.

Milton E. ORLEAIIO, the said defendent to the said firm of Blattner Blakely in the sum of $21.12 with interest at 12 per cent, from date of note, and that unless the said defendent answers the same on or be mittee. ample Justice to the supper. Clark bought all the yearling heifers and Paul per pound, live turkeys 6 1-2 per pound, TOYS AND NOVELTIES. Miss Kate Litchenham has returned borne Or to any any point south, and wlah New Arrivals.

Kramer purchased all the yearling steers. dressed turkeys Sc per pound, nogs fore the 26th day of December, 1885, judgment and decree will be taken against her as prayed from Wamego where she spent several months To Mr. and Mrs. John Oberg, of Junction City, Married, At the residence of the bride's There were several other purchasers who invested to some extent. Promptly at 1 o'clock a visiting relatives.

on November 3, a girl. ior in tne pennon. 165-tf J. F. Peffkb, Attorney for plaintiff.

mother, at Field, Kansas, on Sunday, Nov. 8th, substantial lunch was served to which all present To Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Pickering, of Junction Thomas Roper has been on the sick list, but 1885.

Rev. J. W. Vlnnedge officiating, Isaac C. did ample justice.

Taking it all in a1! the sale was City, on November 6, a girl. we are glad to say that he Is almost well again. Moon of Junction City, and Miss Bachel A. THE MISSOURI PACIFIC RAILWAY a splendid success. J.

G. D. Campbell cried the To Mr. and Mrs. Chas.

Fassee, six miles west School is in good order with Miss Shenneras Atkinson, of Field, Morris county, Kansas. Offers unsurpassed advantages to the traveling public in the shape of fast sale, and of course everything passed off in of Junction City, on November 9, a boy. teacher. P. N.

Hicks returned from New York Tester. A complete stock of good style. Stockmen should remember Mr. To Mr. and Mrs.

Dave Clemens, of Junction Jewel Base Burner FOR SOFT COAL. Tb only perfect Stove at this kind made time, elegant equipments and superior day. His father came with him and will spend. Will Poole has sold out and is going to leave. Mrs.

C. Litchenham's baby burned its hand to have a pleasant trip, you will need to be informed as to the best, quick est and cheapest route. The Memphis Short Route south, with its Through Buffet Sleeping cars Kansas City to New Orleans, its Free reclining chair cars Kansas City to Memphis (and being over one hundred mile the shortest line to the south) is practically the only line from Kansas City, the west and north-west, to all southern cities. No other line runs through McCoy's sale next Monday. See Campbell for Citv, on November 11, a elrl.

accommodations. Tins great line, em bills and particulars, To Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Steffen, six miles west bracing 6,029 miles of road, runs its the winter In Junction City.

Newt, says it rained an the time be was gone and that mud is knee deep, and the streams In New York State the other day by upsetting a cup of hot coffee on it. of Junction City, on November 12, a boy. Got. Martin has been requested by the presi WiH HID EEj7 OiD trains into the great Union Depots of St. Louis, Kansas City, Hannibal, Atch dent and secretary ot the "Farmer's" National New Book Store.

arc all bank full. Mr. Wysse has a eousin visiting him. Mrs. Thomas Irvin has moved in to Mrs.

ison. St. Joseph, Umaha, rarsons, uenl- congress, which holds its next session at Indian T. S. Hand Co.

have opened a general book Albert Miller attended the fat stock show In Gates' old house where she will stay this winter. apolis, Indiana, on the 3d of December, 1885, to and stationery store in the room just north of son. Ft. Worth, Mineola, Taylor, Sau Antonio. Galveston, New Orleans, and Tiiimi Citv last week and bought "Autumn Topsy Wopst.

Of Latent Style appoint two delegates at large, and two from Heating CtoTJCD Of evpry description. Brerybndy CM Clarke's bank. Their stock is all new, and con Bose." a thoroughbred Eose ot Sharon cow. all other of the principal cities of Mis each Congressional district in this state, to at care between Kansas citv and ew tains all the latest novelties to be found in the Davidson Hansen wish to an He also purchased a calf. Mr.

Miller Informed tend said convention. It ft expected to have (ultra in quality, style ana price. eastern The firm is composed of Orleans. No other route can offer bl nounce tnat tney are reaay to es souri, Kansas, uoui-iana and Texas. Their Coaches and Baggage Cars are of the latest and finest make, that the Oiflords bought six three calves at the same sale.

wideawake gentlemen, and those desiring any under consideration, at this congress a number of questions of special Interest to the agricul- The change anything in their line for corn thing In their line should give them a call. J. I. McNamee will sell at public auction, on turistt or this unti7, among them toe qution I g- of r-pobucait should watch for I at market price. Ibb-t of Agricultural' education, the relation of the the announcement of this firm next week.

YTt--1V rd Thursday, Nov. 1, 18. at his farm on Lyons 1 IstfaaJ ii-i UU Ml. I mile wmthwett of Junction City, signal service to agriculture, and the making of NOTICE TO OWNER LOT 16. The Bkptjbucak has recently added some Davis eounty, loo gooa grade catue I the commissioner of agriculture a cabinet officer, and luxurious Pullman Palace Sleeping and Hotel Cars are attached to all through trains.

The novel Buffet Parlor Cars are run on day trains, and reclining Chair Cars on night trains, between St. Louis and Kansas City. The rates via this line are always as low as any other, and direct connections are one change of cars from Kansas City -to Jacksonville and other Florida points. There is no good routs between the West and the South. Ask your ticket agent for tickets vis the ilemphis Short Route.

Write for large map with Time tables, showing through connections mailed free. J. E. LOCSWOOD. BLOCK 87, JUNCTION CITY.

C9U FursisLia Goods cf Et- stating of milch and stock cows and t-yaarold ete. It Is desired that those appointed should excellent new type to Its already well selected assortment, and those in want of first-class Job cry attend. The governor has not yet selected any Notice is hereby given that the city council work at reasonable figures will find It to their one, but wants to find representative fanners of Our tsim MldrtMr exdaiiesi "The Junction of Junction City, Kansas, did at its meeting held Nov. 0, 1885, order a second-class stone interest to call and Inspect style of work and the state who will agree to attend the meeting. CV Castes, tekitewatu tfce riotet towip mf'mr--i f-a.

-wA-n SArfWa ivWaA wVaw4 made with express trains of other lines sidewalk tone ttutit in front oi untie, in diockct. In Junction City, Kansas, In the manner and nsas, In tne manner and if appointed, we would like lo see such a man as Wm. Cutter appointed as a delegate. He is at Junction points. A paper filled with progressive euchre parties I ei tae state." Aim it nsst nve gwee rea-uaer I ami InCJtsCy ttrntmi tiaat ita editor known i rzxA tnia tar tie fr.rtr'nta of G.

P. according tc specification latlous provided by ordi- p. CAU Utf USkk. x.V, I is iwefermMo te one C2M wtth swtaUii few ion ef the most suhstatt tlal and trait e..

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