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The Orwell Times from Orwell, Kansas • 1

The Orwell Times from Orwell, Kansas • 1

The Orwell Timesi
Orwell, Kansas
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1 Oirh 'if'' JX JLJLJL-J Yf)L. II. ORWELL, II0T)0E)IAN THURSDAY, SEIEMDE It 9, 1M(k Subscribe ifor Tlie (Times. Till TJJJES, NOTICE TOP. PUBLICATION, fnd PfHae Mrned Kansas, yd 1MHH Jejtmore Acade Manufacturer and Binder In Harness, Collars, SADDLES, LINES, BRIDLE HWE.ATPADS, SLY.

NETS, H0H8B BLANKETS, AO, jaTSllop Wltil Bill Kltll. SjJeureIlp, Kansas. Great St, Loui.s Fair Programme! OroutPt, WiisFttlr Pot. 4tli, ai. eontiniMs 0 Ih k.

$78,000 is ufWwf In 0Hh pni'uilnmM, tii he (lintrihiijocl nmong tho mliiliil-oin IIui-nm, 'Cattle, Shei'p, Bwineaml Poultry; Maoliinery, Muclianical ami JuiluxtHiil IJInplays, Works of Art, Textile, abrics, l'roi(uoo, Fruits and Vgtub(e4, (ieologiuiU and ('Immtoid S(ieci-niens, 1 1 ZOOLOGICAL OAnDHK PAIR OKpOND. The collect ion of Wild Beasw, Dirds and Reptiles on the (Tioiind of the AxHoriation compares fitvombly with any Zoologloal iiarden in the will bo opened free to fill visitors to Die Fair, Numurousadilltionshare been made ti this d'ipnrtiiu'nt, and it is now complete In all itaiiMuHit. -i KSW IKP11UVEMENT8 ON FAIB QCOUND. Sixtv-five nrres' have been lidded in the ground, and (500,000 exiendcd in improre-ment comprtsin a full mile race conrw, 700 new horns stalls, 500 new cattle stalls, 800 sheep Joliq llorlnib i B. V.

(imlfeey, 7 if at, Buqknei; Valley Inv's't, Go. LAD AND LOAp Capitol Stock $50,000, OlHoe South Side of Square, JEJTMORE KANSAS. Wltfflj in Kinhley go to L. J. BENEDICT'S I Boarding house.

Boarding and lodging on reasonable terms. Located just north of depot. KINSLEY, KANSAS. Perry Proprietor of tho "STAR" Livery and Sale STABLE! JETMORE, KANSAS. First class lirery on short notice at all times.

E. JOHNSON, PROPRIETOR OF Livery Stable KINSLEY, KAN. Terms reasonable and satisfaction guaranteed, Give him a trial and be convinced. J. A Ellis.

NEW GROCERIES. Our Stock is full and complete in every particular. We have as good an assort ment of Ctm A IT! AND- FANCY GROCEETS. As was ever brought to Hodgeman Co. We buy and sell for spot cash! and thereby give our Customers the advantage of Low Prices.

Country Produce of all kinds taken at the highest market price in exchange for goods. If you have anything to buy or sell, oome and see us, We handle the Magnolia, Globe and RED BALL brands of flour, C03DIERCIAL HOUSE; a avilliams, tbop, ORWELfi, Hotlgeman Kansas) This house has lately' been opened to the of the traveling public reispectfuljy' Cliarges reasonable. 4 Sniiiniit Wouse T. K. STIDHAM rroprietor Centrally located, respecting both bus iness of the town and railroad depot; This house has been' lately refitted and refurnished.

Good aeciiraiuodations and low prices, 0. A. Morris, J. MOBBIs: Late ItegistHr U. Land Office.

MOBRIS ATTORNEYS AT TAW. LARKED, Practice 'before the State 'onrts. the United States Land Office, mid Departmental at' Washl uigton. Bkokeus in Real Estate and Stock Ranches. A large list of choice lands in one of the best Jarniina and stock raising regions of Kansas' for sale' on''ea(y terms.

A. SHELDON, Attorney-atrLaw "NOTARY FUBJJC. "Practice in all State and Federaj Courts. Orwell, Hodgeman Ks. A.

L. PAGE, CITY BARBER, Kinsley, Kansas. Does all kinds of work usually done in first- class Barber Shops, such as hair catting, shav; ing, shampooing, sea foanii)ig anil dying. W. S.

KEXY0X, Attorneyrat-Law Ileal Estate iND Land Broker. JETMQItE, KAN, With Exceeding Will a man try to malj.e Hciman'9 Double-Header Stables at Spearville. Whore he can get a GOOD Kig. He hastln Best Stables in tlie state and Corrals for a thons and head of stock, andfi good cook house in connection. Baled hay Jiind feeil of all kinds (or sale All kinds of Btock for sale or trade.

When in Spearville, gp tfj HUFFMAN'S. CITIZEXS' DAXK, PAID UP CAPITAL $75,000, DIBECTORS I W. Almack, Wm. Finn, (J, JS, usl), J. Massey, C.

F. Hyde, Wm, Corigdon, J. M. Cox, T. R.

Hazard, H. Goodell, Mayo, K. Rogers, SWIFTNE'S Notice. Is hereby cl ven that tile followlni named settler has lilod notleeof his intention to make final proof in, mipurt claim, and tJiet fcaid proof will be made before Tho Heitister or nocHiver at larjiisl, on hpt. li, 1BMU, VU: Jonathan K.

hignim K.NoUiUO for tho North Weat nunrtw Bee 20. Tti. Hi. 8 It 21 W. He names the following witnesso to prove hi continuous residence cultivation of, mid landfVizt itienrge P.

Nicholwin, Bar-win Tqnkipson, Vm, Walton, Miss Ada Nicholson, all of Orwell, V. Hodtfomnn Co, nan. ji9, W. H. 4 llegister.

NOTIC FOB PUBLICATION, Land OUloe ot Lamel, Knnas, i July 81. 1880. Notice la hereby given that the followlne- named settler has Sled notice of his intention to make fimd proof in support of his claim, and that eaid proof will be made before the Register or Itoceivrr at Lamed, Kanvas, on 1 FepUunber twenty-fourth, lnoti, vizt liichani J. ttuuker, for the south euxt-nuartor 8to. Uiirty-five, Tp.

twenty-one 8 Rg. ttventy-ont weBt. Ho names the. following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon, and cultivation of, anid land, vii: John Limbangh, Henry Bare- lett, c. r.m, John Lenox, an ot Hrowrut Urove, r.

Kiinsas. A U. W. lirownlee. lU'Kister.

NOTICE FOB PUBLICATION. Land Office nt Lamed, Ks, Aug. 11. 1B88. 1 Notice is horeby given that the fullowing- named settler hint tiled notice of his intention to make final proof in support of his claim, and that said proof will be made before tho Register orneceiverot Latn'Hl, on Sept.

twenty, ninth, 1886, viz: 'John H. AlcWhirt H. E. 85i', for the quarter -sec. thirteen, tp.

twenty, three, 8 twenty-one VV. He names the fullowing witmws to prove his continuous residence upon, and cultivation or, sum land, viz: I'rea. Lwipold, JN. reps. L.

hnstinnsen, Jr A. Villiniiw, all of Kin Atl'welve, W. K. Brownlee, KeiiiKter. NC'Mi lOB 1'UBLICATIOK.

Lund Office at Larned KanHaa. Aug, 11. 1886. Notice is hereby given tliat the following- olmwl aettler has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in support of his claim, and tiat said proof will be made bfor the Register ot Keoeiver U. H.

lianu Ulnceat Larnexl, Kan. sas. on Uent. twentv-nine. 1886.

viz: Fred LeoKld, D. 8. 6381, for the 8 quarter quarter sect, one, tp. twenty-three 8 of twenty-one west. He names the following witnesses to prove nis continuous residence upon, and cultivation of, said land, viz: K.

C. Meyer, Joseph Ray, John Peters, John Metcalf, all of Browns Grove, Pawnee Kansas. Alwelve, II. Brownloe, Register. ALIAS NOTICE.

U. 8, Land Office, Larned Kansas August 7, 1886. Complaint having been entered at this office by Byron li, Frestage Hodgeman county, Kan sas, against the hairs and legeal representatives of Carl Henry Otto deceased for abandoning Homestead fcntry No. 84SJ5, dated Larned, Kan sas, May twentyfirat, 1884, npon the half nartor, quarter quarter at hot 1 Beo-Ion 7, Township twenty-one south range twen ty-two west, in Hodgeman county, Kansas, said Byron H. Prestage alleging that said ''arl Henry Otto died in the fore part of August.

1885, and that since his death his heirs and legal representatives have whi.lly abandoned said' tract; that they or any of them Have failed to reside npon or improve said tract or to cultivato the said tract or any part thereof or cause tho same to be done since tlie decease or tite said an ilenry Otto. That said tract is not cultivated by said heirs or legal representatives or by any of them or by or through their direction and they have failed to cause the same to be done since the decease of said I'arl ilenry Otto np to the present time. Wit a view to the cancellation of snid entry the said purties are hereby summoned to appear at this ojice on the btli duy of November, 1880, at 10 o'clock a. m. to respond and furnish tes timony concerning said alleged abandonment.

Aug' 19. W. H. Brownlee, Register, NOTICE FOB PUBLICATION. Land Office at Larned Kns, August twenty-first, 188(i.

Notic3 is hereby given that the following- named settlor has hied notice of his intention to make final proof in support of hisclaiin, and that said proof will be made before the or Keceiver at Larned Kanns October 4th, 1886, viz: James B. Mitchell D. 8. No. three-thousand four hundred and twenty-six for the N.

E. quarter of sec. twenty Tp. twenty-three, 8. of ltunge twenty-two W.

He names the following witnesses to prove his continues residence npon, and cultivation of, said land, viz: (ieorge ermond. 8. Troutman, 8. A. Sheldon, W.

Urayes, all of Orwell P. Hodgemun County, Kansas. A twenty-nfta. W. It.

Hrownlee, Register. NOTICE FOB PUBLICATION. Land Office at Larned Has. August twenty-first, 1886. Notice is hereby given that tlie following- named settler has filed notice of Mb intention to make final proof in support of his claim and that said proof will be made before Register or Receiver nt Lnmed on Oct.

4th, lHSfi, vir: George- llermond, H. E. no. nine thousand two hundred and sixty-six, for the 8 quarter jf sec twenty-eight, Tp. twenty-thaw, 8 of entyrtwo W.

Ho names the following witnesses to prove ids continuous residenoo upon, and cultivation ot, said land, viz: 8. Troutiniui, 8. A. Sheldon, .1. B.

Mitchell, and W. Graves, all of Oi-weU P. 0. Hodgeman Co. Kas.

A. twenty-sixth. W. K. Brownloe, liegistei NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION.

Land Office at Larned Kansas, Aug. 80, 1886, Notion i hereby given that the following- njmicd Mettfer liaH tiled notice of his intention to ake iinid proof in support of his claim, and that said proof will be made before the Register lteociver U. 0. Land Ulnce, at Lamed, Kan sas, on Out. 22, 1886, viz Austin Sanborn, U.

S. 6758 for the south-east Beet. 23, Tp. 21, 8. K.

28 W. He names tha following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon, and cultivation of, said laud, viz A Blancluird, Andrews, t'oker, WUlard Kaymor, all of Hodgeman P. Hodgeman Kunsas. 8 11. R.

Brownlee, Register. NOTICE FOB PUBLICATION. Land Office at Larned, Kansas, Bept. 8, 1886. Notice is hereby given that the following- named settler has filed nottce of his intention to make final proof in support of his claim, and that said proof will be made before Register or Receiver, Larned, on October 0, 1886, viz: George Rouscher, D.

8. No. for the N. W. Section 10, Tp.

23, 8. of Range 21 W. He names the following witnesties Ui prove his continuous residence upon, and cultivation U0 PrJIl ANNI'M, CASH AI'VAkC Offloial Pauer of tjie Qourt3r, P. R. IIazaip, Piiophie'ioh.

I A.T.,S,P. TIMETABLE, KI.N'SLliY TUA1KH 00) Nd IAST. Trains. Arrive. Iave New York Enres No.

4. 2 KM) f. aUiuitio Kxpress, Nb. 2. 4:2 a.m fhrongli Freight, 10.

10.16 t. w. Vast Freight, Nu. 8 i 8 A. Way Freight, No.

14,.. 8:10 A. jif i TBAINH HOI NO WEHT. Colorado No, 8 12:45 F. V.

1:05 M. Han FrnncKico No, 1 1 1 p. M. Through Freight, No. 9.

9:17 P. Vast Freight, No. 7. 11 :18 P. Mi Wny Freight, No.

2(40 p. HI. Central time 83 minute, fastef than- olar lime. Way freights carry passenger. I ft WEAKEVILLE: Day Passenger arrive from tlie went from the east 2:14 p.

M. i 1 The night passenger trains seldom stop. Local. Freight, carries passengers, arrives, go ing east, A. going west at P.

V. ANNOUNCEMENTS. hereby announce myself as a candi twite for the onlce of, Probate Judgp, sun joot to the decision of tho Dumocruti 'County Convention. A. J.

Mi) Williams. I am ft candidate for the oilice of Conn ty Attorney, subject io the decision i lie Democratic County Convention. 1 F. 0. Thomas, I announce myself as a candidate for the office of Probate Judge, subject to the decision of the Democratic; County Convention.

F. B. Haun. Local Happenings. Cool nights.

Plenty of rain. Lewis' Lye at Tho danco was failure on aooount pf the rain. Henry Wurdoman offers his farm for sale, Miss Carrie Blake is very low with malarial fever. For Sale. Canary birds, Enquire at the Candidates are all rustling.

Tri-inaries on the 15th. Cheese at The patent medicine man was in own this week. Mrs. Geo. Blake h18 gone to California to visit friends.

Watermelons, sold on the streets this week aj; 25 cents per dozen. On Wednesday and Thursday Hodg-man county was visited with, one jf the finest rains of the seasqn, A. B. Barthel came in from Valley Falls on Sunday. Mr.

Bai'fchel returned with his. family Monday. Now is the time tq sow rye for winter pasture. One acre of rye is. worth five ton-of hay to winter stock.

S. N. Wood has sued the parties who held him in confinment for $62,000 damages for false inprisonment. Henry fjoott, of the Scimitar, W- D. Pratt, of tlje Reveille, F.

B. Haun, P. at Jetmore, and I. D. Jessup, called at Thb Times office on Friday.

There are good clubbing faculties-at Orwell for attending the high school. Board and all expenses need not exceed one dollar per week. Tuition free. The fnttia office js indebted to Richard Sheridan for a mess of very fine beats. Mr.

Sharidan is one of the old time farmers that never fails to raiwe a good crop. The republican candidates come down to Sterling aad ask, ''don't you want a railroad?" We are going to get you one right away. Gentlemen, you can't play that game but onoe, Where do you keep all your railroads anyway 1 We call the attention of our readers to the announcement of B. Haun, as a candidate for the office of Probate Judge. Mr, Haun has been a resident of Hodgeman county for the past nine years and is well kiown to all the old settlers as an honest, upright young man, whom they would all be glad to honor with any trust he might ask for at their hands.

His business qualifications are good and The Times believes that he would perform the duties of the office faithfully an i m-pai-tially. As Bdemocj', he stands at the head of his party, in Hodgeman coun- JETMQEE, KAS The Institute ill open October 4th, 188(5, nn'4 will offer all thj advantages of eqstern schools of like griiuos, KRCf. UTEN. TUIMARY, ntEPARATORY. NORMAL, jJI'KIXKfJS, ACADEMIC, AND JlCSlCAL courses open and rqady fyr accseptance, Text books materials fr-o.

Acadora- ic course extends beyond sub-freshman year in Ktute University. Tuition low. Board can le Jmd at 82 per week. The normal course is especially fitted for all perrons intending to teach, and every one so intending la cordialiy mw ted to como and join us. For further partii'liliii'N address W.

II, Miller, Trir oi al. Pefure James Whili- J. If. Charlie itarker. tilr lt.loyfee'i;f I'l-iiif, ir.

ar.l hir MtMlii'itwm t'omi'v, KpJIflK OP ATTACHMENT Said defendant is hereby notified that on the 23d dav of ngast, 1836, an order of attachment for the sum of 42,46 was issued by the above named nstice of the Peace against hi.s goods and chatties in the above entitled notion, and that the cause will be heard September 27, 1H86, at 2 o'clock, SL, at my office in Sterling Township, said county. James Wbiteside, J. H. Steele, Justice of the Peace- Plaintiff. For Sale.

A good improved farm 480 aores. Good house; stone stable; corral; windmill; J6Q, acres under jfencej 120 acres under cultivation; all bottom- and watered by the Saw-log creek. En quire at The Times office. A qiJANOEFOB 1'OUNG PEOPLE, Those who feel the great importance of a thorough business education should pursue a course of study at their own homes, under the guidance of the Uryant Stratton Buuinpss Collogo, of Buffalo, N. Y.

This plan of home study gives per feet satisfaction and is largely patronized. Send to the alove address for announce-ment containing full particulars. For Sale. A good improved farm of 160 acres; 95 acres under pultivatiqn; good well, and two good springs. Also timber claim of 160 acres.

Price, part cash; balance on lpng time. S.A. Sheldon 1 have several choice pieces of school laud for stdej part cash, balance on long time. S. A.

Sheldon. 1 For Sale, rHomestead relinquishment; good house; stable; well; 20 aores in crops; team; wagon; buggy; 2 sets of harness hogs chickens, and a lot of farm implements. Enquire ut The Times off- ce. A nice bunch of cows, heifers and calves for sale. Enquire at The Timss office.

I make oans at lower rates of inter est than any firm ip Biodgeman county 3. A. pheldon. rFou Sal. Good improved, farm of 160 acres; also, timber claim, 100 aores under cultivation.

Two good frame louses and two goo 1 wolls. Four miles from Oll'erle. Enquire at TtfB Times A few choice business lots on Maiu Street at $150 each. S. Sheldon.

-For --ICO aewof ndiool Innd with all improvements; team, Implements, and a good spring of water, A GOOD BUSINESS INVESTMENT. We venture to assert that no other in vestment will produce Buch good returns, throughout life, as a thorough knowledge of Book-keeping, Business Forms, Pen manship, Arithmetic, Business Letter Writin etc. It will prove profitable, every day, in all kinds of business. These branches can be learned at home by mail, rom the S. Bryant Stratton Busi-ness College, Buffalo, N.

Y. Send for their Aunounoemoot. and swine pens, a poultry tioune for 01.0 fowl, twt-nty-etglit new Kxhimlion tlails and Vnvil-ions. Applications for stalls (Jr pens should be made at once. Backs pirusb KNTtiKfl clusx sept.

1. Kaces' will take pluce every 'Way on 'the new mile rare conrse, the horses contending being liie most celebrated in the OttAND ILLl'in NATION. During the entire weelc tlie street of tlie city will be illuminated by 500,000 gas jets intermingled with hundreds of calcium, incandescent and arc electric lights. VHLtD PnoPUKTS PAOBAXT. On the night or the Tuesday.

October 6th, the grand nnnmd nocturnal pngennt -of 'the "VKILHH PROPHI-yr," comprising 85 fluat. will be given, at an expense llumsands of dollars. lKK.TI,Y HKnCCKD ttATKC, All K.iilroafi and Coniritiit's ha 'lit'riiulv iiih(Ip a riAi rif oin' fare for the round Irip duriiig the cihIk' week. A PfBIJC 1IOI.IDAV. The mnninipitl authorities have agreed to ilc-ilare Tlinrwfav nf Fair week a holiday to all.

itoomnud bitnrd for 210.0) phiw(h have been providtd for, at in-allv ivdmvd COMMP.llCI tXCII The Merchants', Cotton, Wool, Mechanics' and Real Estate will be open, free to all visitors. spooial arnrngements with the St. Louis Fijr, any of our subscribers will receive a copy of the premium'' list and pro gramme, free of cbargo, npon addressing Fes-tus Wade, 708 Chestnut Street, tit. Louis, Mo. Money to loan on real estate at The Times office.

Good, fishing in the Sawlog since the raia. Orwell vs. Jetmare, Saturtjay tha 11th. Look out for a good game. S.

Troutman, this week killed a rat tle snake measuring four feet and four inches in length. The many friends of G. A. Williams, of Sterling have for the past few days been tslking up his chances for the office of Clerk of the DiHtrict Court. We have not learned whether or not Mr.

Williams has consented to euter the field. The game of base ball played at Middle Branch between the Orwell aud Middle Branch N'mes resulted in favor of the Middle Branch boys. The score stood 39 to 8, After the game the Or well boys were invited to partake of a supper, which they did, and came home well pleased, notwithstanding fliir (lnf their defeat. There will bo a large number of pu pils attend the Orwell high school dur ing thp winter term. Everything is being done to make it the best school in the county, and with Supt.

Waver as principal the school certainly must suc ceed, Miss Newport wilL have charge of the primary department. The campaign has begun, pr at least we suppose so from the indications. A leading candidate passed through Orwell reoently, with a large box in the front part of his carriage marked: "Stomach Bitters," t'The Great Liver Invigorator and Kidney Corrector." HoweVBr, it might have been as protection against malaria. A petition is being circulated and very numerously signed, at Jesmore, asking the probate judge to revoke the li-sences of all druggists to sell intoxicating liquors. Another petition is in cir- ulation, and being signed by almost all the inhabitants exoept those that are candidates for oulutt and do not want to com mit themselves, asking the probate judge require druggists to soli bottled beer twenty i.vijtfi buttle.

This lil.t move supposed to bo in the interest of can- idiitea and for the utiriiose of nvlncina tmpaigu expenses. lied man, Sheriff of Hush coun ty, was at Orwell on Tuesday, looking ten bead of horses and colts and the otiug Liny who Hiom in rharge. The hordes were, stolen 'from tho tiorlh de of Bush county, by a gnl who was- moviag slowly towards the Indian Ter- tory with the outfit. She had, when last seen, a light spring wagon without any seat. Was driving two of the horses and leading sii head.

The other two head were colts, and following. Several parties, saw her and talked with her. She was apparentl not more than eigh teen years of age, quite small in statne and rather modest appearing. Sheriff Redman was within three or four miles of her several times but she changed her route so often that he finally lost all trace of her. Ther was a party of four men, all well armed, who stemed to keep close to her track and was believed to belong to the outfit.

It is presumed that the thieves were from the I 'dian Territory and were making their way officers: W. M. CONGDOX, President; J. AL. MACK, Viee-Prwideiit; T.

K. HAZARD, Caxliler; E. H. TENXV, At. Cashier; J.

M. MASSEY, Secretary. Money Loaned on Real Estate and Personal Security! fSPDo a General Banking Busineee, SEDGWICK, KANSAS. I have several pieces of flue farming land for sale at prices so low that they cannot fail to suii, 6, A. Sheldon, of, sal land, viz: neper Lesley, John 11.

Mo-Whirt, Kichard Sheridan, Ben Levi, all of Or we P. Hodgeman Kae. 9. W. R.

Brownlee, llcgi'iter, acK..

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