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The Orwell Times from Orwell, Kansas • 1

The Orwell Times from Orwell, Kansas • 1

The Orwell Timesi
Orwell, Kansas
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ORWELL 1 IMES VOL. HODGEMAN THURSDAY, MAY 13, 1080. NO. M. -vV- Subscribe for Tlie Times.

ROAD NOTICE, THE TIMES, Oroen Ridge, May 12. Houses fences and trees were jmolisked here by T. S. Haun has sold, one-half of his interest iu Jetmorofo Judge J. C.

Strang and Rep. Edwards. The reported price is $10,000. We are glud of this sale for II. W.

WINCH, Manafucturer and Dealer In Harness, Collars, SADDLES, LINES, BRIDLES, SWEAT PADSj FLY NETS, TtOnSU 1ILANKETS, aC, XySliop with Blue Nlgn, Hjiearville, Kansas. 1.50 PElt AXXI I'ASH IN ADVANCE. Official Paper of the County. B. Hazard, ritorniKTOii.

K. Shkldos, I'l'DLiHiiKa Haci; Line, from Kinsley to Jet-more, via Orwell, carries 8. MAIL. MIIITK 11:80. PKPABT 11:80.

Tuesday, frturwlay, Thursday, Friday. 8tniilay. Fare from Kinslev to Orwell, fll from Qnrelfto Jetmore, 75 from Kinsley i Jetmore, $1.50. Express and other arnull packages curried at reasonable rotes. II, Y.

Fiedler, Proprietor. A. T. TIME TABLE, KIX8LEY' TRAINS OOINO EABT. TrniiiH.

Arrive. Leave Now York Express No, 4. 20) v. M. 2:30 P.

aj Atlantic Kxpross, No. 2. 4:25 A. Hrongh Freight, No. 10.

10:16 P. Fast Vn-lffht, No. 8, 8:116 A. Wsy Freight, No. 14 8:10 A TI1AIN8 OOINO WEST.

Colorado Express, No. 8 12:45 P. M. 1:05 P. M.

ftan Francisco No. 1 11:49 p. at Through Freight, No. 9. 9:17 P.

M. Fast Freight, No. 7 11:13 P. Way Freight, No. 2:40 P.

Central time 88 mlntites faster than aolai Imp; Way reights carry passengers; SPEAREVILLE: Day rasaonger arrive from the west 1 from rjioeast 2:14 p. M. The night prtssengor trains eoldoin stop. Local Froight, carries passengers, arrives, going wist, 7 A. going west nt 4:10 P.

M. Local Happenings, IJ Plenty of rnfn; Fine warm weather. District court thi week. Democrats should organize, A little rain is needed just now, Wooden ware at Hughes Bros. Big dance at the Orwell Rink May, to.

r-Jettnore filled to overflow court week. The market is well supplied with, wild onions aud sun fish. Frank Manville has sold his claim find gone to Nebraska. Salt pork and flslx at Hughes Bros. Rev.

Kenyon will preach every two nt tho school house in Frefeh cows are in good Steele and Mitchell caught a fine lot hi surilcers, tnat averaged three lbs. each. We have just reoeved a full and complete stock of groceries. Hughes Bros. J.

W. Crawford, one of the bright lights of Edwardo county, was at Orwell ou Tho Bcv. Weaver will preach at the school house in Orwell May 23d, at 4 o'clock P. M. The committee appointed to procure supplies for the Sunday school, have ordered papers, hooks etc.

from Chicago. James G.t was in Orwell this week visiting friends. Mr. Breaksy has sold his property in Ford aud located, permanently at Dodge City, where he will engage in business. A meeting was held at the school house on Sunday at 2 o'clock P- for the purpose of organizing a Sunday School.

The attendance was not very large, there being probubly thiijy persons, who proceeded to organize, by electing A. J. Weaver, ut Iis. Fannie Fetersou, Secretary, ana 8. A.

Sheldon, Treasurer. The secretary was instructed to correspond with the Rev, George, Presiding Elder of tUe district, with the view of getting the necessar legion leave and papers. There is plenty of material here to work on. and lw gyod Lord knows they need it. All should tarn out and help the good work alon.

The Times is indebtod to Ben j. Williams Trustee of Sterling towj- ship, for the following statement of the taxable property in Sterling township in 1886, Of tiro plaoe nf rousting of Viewer, anil Biifteyor view, snrrey, and locates public Honil, and to persons to apply for damages, oto. 1 Btatb of Kansas, IIoimkman To whom It may concern: Whereas, application hu been made, by petition, to theBuard of County CommiHeioneni of Hodgemnn County, Kansas, for hwating a public Huad, as follows, to-wit: Tl place of beginning of said road tlie cor tone nt the cor of see Hb, l'p VI, ot W. Tlie Intermediate points north on tho it Una butweoa range 23 and 24. And the place of tsrmiiintlon ot said road the oor stone but we 28 and 24.

and Tn 20 and 21. Ami whereas, H. I. Linn, Henry Eberly and Jno, Hsughurroad viewers, and G. G.

Loiering Coumy Surroyorof said county, hate been appoint! aad ordered by said County Commia- sionon to view, snryey, and locatflsaid roan, Trp-flfore, you hereby notified that said T. -i nnu surveyor win pnicwo no me xirui day iri Jrine 1886, at 9 o'cliwk A. at the plso of btkirminii of said road, to view, surrey, and locate said road, and perform other duties as are required of them by law. And unless you file a written application for damages sustained, and compeneation claimed, with said viewers, gmnjra uoacription of thspreminos on which yon claim such damages or compensation, yonr application for and recovery of the same will be forever barred. Dated April 25, 1886.

E. LftwrericP, County Clerk Notice for Publicaion. Land Ofline at Lamed Kan. Anril 24. 1886.

Notice is hereby given that tlie following- named ni'tllcr has tiled notice of his intention to make final proof in support of his claim, nnc that snid proof will be made before clerk of Disi I'ourt at Jrtinore, on Juni' In, loob, viz Thornton York II. E. 9444 for thcN. W. Sect u.i rr oa a no xv He names tjie following prov his continuous rosidence upon, and cultitutlon of, said land, via: Clias.

Litde, W. Eineriok. rwis HailowJ D. M. Jeseup, all of Orwell county, Kansas.

Apr 29. W. R. Brownlee, Hegintet. N0TIJ FOR PUBLICATION.

Land Office nt Lamed. Kas, April 15, 1886. Notice is hereby eiven that the followine- named settler has tiled notice of his intention ti nnks final proof in support of his claim, am -lint said proof will be made before the lU'gistf i or Receiver at Larned Kansas, on Friday Juni 4, 18S4S, D. 8. No.

thi if iWnrltlrou IT 1 OK OH lln. IT J'4 TT IT 74 buu I bu itnug- He names the following witnesses to prov, his continuous residence upon, and ciiltivatioi of, said land, viz: F. Lepole, II. Riley, Thou. Asher, John PeatB, aU of Browns ttrove 1'uwnet-county, Kansas.

W. P. Peter atty W. R. Brownlee, apr.

Ti jtegiswr. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. Land Office at Larned Kae. Miv 4. 1886.

5 Ncttce is hsrobvi eiven that the followirc- nuilcu sottier Las fcJed notice of himnteBljon i. make final proof in support of his claim, ant iliat said proof will be made before the Regitrte jr Receive); at Larned Kansas, on Juno 18, l8t vi: Eberhard Querbach D. H. No. 6010 fo tin 8.

W. Sec, 27, Tp. 22, 8. of R. 22 W.

Min8 the following witnesses to prove I) .3 continuous resilience upon, anu cuiuvuuon of said land, viz: P. M. Baldrey, Orwell P. SI, M. Blunt, Middle Branch P.

Cv, Uodgtmiu ounty, Kansas, Wm. E. Ornbbs, Browns Grov 0., B. F. Towns, Larned Pawnee county, Kansas.

il. 13. W. R. Brownlee, t'reeknd i Doughty attys.

Bigister. NOTICE Timber Cultiue U. 8. Lund Office Larned Kas, 410 May 5,.1886. Complaint having been entered at this Offict by Thomas J.

Anderson Hodgeman against Thomas D. Levering forfallttre' to 00m-ply with law to Timber-Culture Entry No. 6H19 dated Lnmed Kas. Jan. 28.

1884, upon tb, E. Yt N. E. )i 8. E.

Section 15, Township 2S, 8. of Range 2H in Hodgeman county, Kansas, with a view to the cancellation tnid entry; contestant alleging that the sait Thomas D. Lovering has failed to break five acre hn acres or any portion of the said tract ron the data of his entry the present tihte, cause the Same to be done and said tract now raw prairie land and abandoned by said Lovering the Baid parties ars hereby summoned to appear at this Offioe on the 25 day of June, 1880, it 10 o'clock A. to respond and furnish testimony concerning said alleged failure. W.

R. llfgistor. Money to loan on real estate at The Times office. For Sale. 160 acres, one mile rorr Orwell.

Price $800. Enquire nt Thi Times office. Fbr Sale. Two very desirable tim ber claims. Enquire at The Times omco.

A fine young American inure for Enquire at The Times office: A nice bunch of cows, heifefS and nalves lor saie. rjiujuiie ui mr, office 7A few choice busincsR lots en Main Street fit 8150 each. A. Sueuwn. -r-A Homestead relinquishmelii to ale.

t'nCo $75. Enquire ot Tm imes office. 5 -rFpr Sale. I have for sale a first- class two horse sorghum mill and ai evaioraling pan, 4 by SO, feet. Jatnes Whiteside.

-r-1 have several choice pieces of school land for sale; part cash, balance on long time. 8 A. Sheldon. Fob Sale. Good improved farm oi 160 tferos; also, timber claluii 100 cree under cultivation.

Two good frame honfie'S and two good wells. Font? mile? frtftfl Offerle. Enquire at ThB TtMB office. i--For Sale. 100 acres of school knd, ith all improvements; team, hrplemen'e.

and a good spring of wateV. the severe storm of yesterday, but no lives were lost. Rolln, May 12. Messengers have ar rived with information confirming the re. port that Vichy Springs, twelve miles north of here, is a total wreck.

Person. ally there was no damage, but escape was miraculous. BOARD OF THAI jnfSPBNDS. Chicago, Ma hrd-The effect on the board of trade ha V'aeu to practically suspend business, '1 board has subscribed $10,000 to the id of the families of tho dead and woUnded officers. RAIDIKO ifBXIC'SllOLDIBBR.

Austin. liny 4. A band of Mexican soldiers crossed into Texas on the 1st 200 nilles below El Paso, and drove back into Mexico 275 head of cattle belonging' to the ranch of J. 0. McComb.

Redress will be eonght through application to congress. KANSASOlrtf'S CYCLONE. SEVENTEEN PERSONS KILLD AND WOUNDED. Kansas City; May 12. Search among the ruins at the different buildings where hucIi destruction is seen on every hand, -aa kept tip all afternoon yesterday and until midnight last night.

Willing innds worked without tiring, with axes, row-1ars, shovels and everything aoces-able, aud cheors went up from the crowd as people were rescued from debris. Tin iries of the youthful prisoners who were jonftned under the rribbiBh at the Lath-op school house basement, w'ere piteous and many a stout heart wept as they heard the pleadings, but could render no immediate assistance. Mothers and athers were frantic wiali grief, not kpow- ng wnetner tneir ctmaren wouta oe brought out dead o'r One man atally injured by a falling missle, as he ushed madly into the ruins to save his by. The work ceased at midnight, but was -esunied this morning. All the children iave beon rescued from the ruins of the ehool house, tho bodies of some of them being horribly mangled, almost beyond recoenitioni Three men who were work- ng in the overall factory are still miss ng and it is supposed they are yet in he ruins.

Notice to Contractors. Sealed proposals will be received up to 2 o' clock P. Juno 22nd A. D. 1886, by E.

E. Lawrence, county clerk ot Hongeman county, annnt for the erection and completion of House and jail building and jail cage on Jlock Three (3) in town of Jetmore according uo planian specifications for same prepared by R. fareons and Son, architects and snperin-indents. Bids will be received in bnlk for the Court tlouae and jail building, and separate for the cage. Each bid must be aocomanjed by a certified jheek ia the sum of Five Hundred Dollars ($500) that the bidder will at once enter into contract and give a Bond snretios for the faith-ul execution of the work according to plans ind specifications.

Plans and specifications can be seen on tie in office of tlie county clork of Hodgeman ounty, Jetmore, Kansas, and in the office of Architects 227 Kansas Avenue; Topeku, Kansas. Bids be addressed to 8. Eakin and on- loreed, Proposal for Hodgeman, county Court llouee and jail building, or Proposal for Hodge- nan county Jail Cage. The Board of County Commissioners reserve right to reject any or all bids. Aattest skai, 8.

J. Eakin, E. E. Lawrence, Co. Clerk.

Chairman, Proceedings of Board. of Ooilnty Commissioners Jetmore, May 6, 1886. Tho Board of County Commissioners ot Uoilg-man county mut the above date in special session. Pansent, S. J.

Eakin, Chairman f.I. D. GoH, G. W. S.iu'lors, Commiseiunors; If.

1,. Peck, County Attorney, and E. Lawrence, Clerk Tlioniiuuusof the last meeting were read md approved. Tlie Hoard proceed! to iiiU( tlie bourls of 810,000 for Court iloam and inil. This ncompliHhcd the Board tlien es-' uin-d mod-'Li Court 1 Upon nioCnn Boa.d ndjooriied (o ihep Court licriee und jail work in va! ious portion jf the sbitc, Tlmrsfiay May.

13, 1880. Board met pursuant to adjournment all tneni- bijrs present. Upon motion it was ordered that n'otlce contractors for sealed proposals lor building Court Honse and jail be printed, hi the Orwoii Times, official papsr of th county, for fonr tion- secntiVS weeks. s' trpon'motton the bond of T. CJ.

rloWle, Jds-tice oMWPoaoe of Mflrena TowiWhip was hp-proved, llpon motion Boafil adjourned. tfeEAL E. L. LaWrence, t. CBunty Clerk.

Kansai City, May Journal' Nevada, special The damage to the streets, building's and culverts by the storm there to'day will reach $10,000. The Missouri Pacific IrhCk was washed ont in several places between there and Fort Scott, which, will interrupt trains for twentv- fouf Ltfttrs; None Foa Pcbucatiox. Land Othoe at Larhod Kansas, I April 16. 1880. Notice Is hereby given tliat the following named settler has filed nolle of his Intention to make final proof in support of bis olaiiu, and that ukul proof will be made before the Kegisti or Keciever U.

a. Land offide nt Lartisu Kas. on May HI, 1886, vie Augustus Hildebrand D. S. No.

68GSfortheft. W. sect 11. tn 23. ol Range 22 lia names tlie following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon, and out livation of, said land, vis: Preston Roush, John gtonberger, ('.

li. Brent, W. Oregg, all Of Orwell, lloilgeman county, Kansas. A 23 W. R.

Brownlee, Register, Notice ob Publication. Notice is hereby given that the following- named settler has tiled notice of his intention to make final proof in support of his claim, and that said proof will be made before Ji A. Lang, Probate Jndgf, at Jetmore, Kansas, May 15, 1886, viz! IH. t'ollniuh for the BoutluweBt a ol Sec. 86.

To. 24. 'l'L He names the following witnesses to prove his continuons residence upon, and cultivation of, said land, viz: Janles M. Coffmari; ttf Bpeare- ville, Ford county; Hast, John liar lan, Jetmore, uansas. Sllohatil Coffman.

When id KinsIet go to L. BENEDICT'S Bonding house. Boasting and lodging on reasonable terms. Located just north of depot. KlftSLKY; KANSAS.

The ihorongii-brbd Hamblotonian Stallion DEXTER Will make the season ending July 1st at Fiedler's lianch. Four miles north of Orwell', H. fieiJeeb, Proprietor. Hughes Bros. NEW GlOOSIlES.

Our Stock is full and complete In every articulan We have as good 'do assortment of STAPLE -AND FANCY As was ever brought to Hodgeman Co. We buy and eell for spot cash! and thereby give our Customers the advantage of Low Prices, Country Produce Of all kinds taken at i. the highest market price in exchange for goods. If you have anything to buy or sell, come andsee us. We Handle the Ma and RED BALL teandfe of flour.

lU OHNSOir, PROPRIETOR OF Livery Stable KINSLEY, KAN. Terms reasonable and satisfaction ran teed. Give him a trial and be eon GROCEM'S it insures us a couple of railroads surely. These gentlemen know what they aro do ing, and see in Jetinore a prospect of a lnriie und prosperous city. We almost feel like putting ont our rooster in honot of the consumation of the bargain.

Reveille, There is no mistake about it. A genuine boom, has struck Jetmore, COI'RT NOTES. There will be a special term of the District Court in June. The School Dwlrict No. 9 case Was at the cost of the plaintiff, The following foreign attorneys were in attendance during the term.

Sutton and Sojier, Dodge City; Nelson Adams and J. W. VanWinkle, Larnod; Geo. S. Redd and H.

E. Bortoft, Ness City; M. D. Mank, Kinsley. In the absence of Judge Strang, the Hon.

A. Abbott was elected Judge pro tern. Mr. Abbott is ons of the ablest lawyers in western Kansas, and by h'i-prompt and impartial ruling gave entin satisfaction to the bar. I make loaus at lower rates of inter est than any firm in Hodgeman county A.

Sheldon; to whom it Mat concern, Notice is hereby given that the Com- missioners of Hodgeman county, Kan sas, will nieet at Jetmore on Monday, Tuns 7th, 188(5, as an equalization board. and all p3rsohs focL-ng themselves aggrieved by the assessors returns' can ap peal and have all errors corrected. E. Lawrence, Co.unfy Clerk. THE OUATOlilCAL C9NTEST.

Lawrence, Mav 6. The twelfth annual inter-state Oratorical contest bo hveen representatives from the fc'tates Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebiaska Kansas a id Colora do, was held in University hall to night. The first of $75 was awarded tr Mr. E. C.

RitHher of tho Beloit college. Wisconttin. The second prize of $50 W8t awarded to Mr. H. RuwL of Oborht college.

The attendance was large, many visitors being p'resene from a distance, and the contest was a' good ono. For relinquishment; good house; stable; well; 20 acre; in crops wagon; buggy; 2 sots harness; hogs; chickens," and a lot of farrr implemen'l Enquire at Th'k Times office. LAST NIGHT'S KIOT. Chicago, May 5. August Spies, editor of the Arpeiter Zeitung, the Anarchiste organ, A.

R. Parson and Samuel Fielding were the speakers at the meeting last night which ended in a riot. During the progress of a speech a squad of offioers marched close tq the epsker't; stand: Borne one shouted, the Almost as soon as the, worbs were uttered three bombs were thrown from the stand into the squad of officers. They exploded instantly and five, policemen fell. Others: were Wounded, and several of the socialists did not escape.

The police retorted instantly with a volley from their revolvers. The rioters answered with theirs, which they were well provided with. The mob appeared orazed with a frantic-, desire for- blood, and poured volley after volley into the midst of tho officers. The latter fpught gallantly, and n't last dispersed the mob imd cleaved 4 market plana. Immediately after the fi ret oilit-cr; who wero lc-t't standing drew their revolvers and fired round after round in the mob.

Large numbors of thfe Ml, but as they dropped were immediately carried to the rear and into tho dark alleyways by their friends. "rtimato the ram)iie can; bo gi. the polico at the De Plains eUf.i' station' ntale that fufty fifty of wounded. TWre are forty five wounded officers and men in the county hospital. Three officers will die of their injuries.

The others- are Very low, For Sale, A. good improved farm 480 acres. Good Bonae; stone stable; corral; windmill; 160 acres under fence; 120 acres under cultivation: all bottom- and watered by therSfW-log creek. En quire at The Timesi office. Butte, M.

T.j Mat Knights of Labor Utah Northern, branch line of tf Union Pacific to Montane, orde'ted a strike of the brakemen on ac count of the dissatisfaction over the' re cent method adopted by the company of grading pay according to the number of miles run instead of the uniform rate of per month. COMMERCIAL G. A. WILLIAMS, Piior. 0EWELL, Hodgeman Kansas, This house lifts lately been opened td the public.

Patronage of the traveling public respectfully solicited. Charged reasonable. Summit House, T. Z. STLDHAM, Proprietor, Sprarrvllle, Kanwfi Centrally located, respecting both business of the town and railrond depot: This liotise has beon lately refitted and refurnished.

Good accommodations ana low prices. MoimiM) J. W. MoBnn: Late Register U. 8.

Land Office, M0REIS M0EEIS, ATTORNEYS-AT -LAW LABNED KANSAS. Practice before the Stato Courts, the United States Land Office, and Departments at Wosh ington. BioER8 in Real Estate and Stoc Hkscrkh. A large list of choice lands in one of the best farming and stock raising regions of Kansas, for side on easy terms. S.

A. SHELDON-, "notaK publIc, "Practice in all State and Federal Courts. Orwell, Hodgemai1 Kas. A. J'AGE, CITY BARBER, Kinsley, Kans.w, Drs all kinds of work usually done in fiift Barber Shops, mioli as hair cutting, shaving, shampooing, sea foaming and dying.

W. S. KENYON, Attorney-at-Law Real Estate AJfD land Broker. JETMORE, KAN. With Excelling 0 Will a man try to make HUFFMAN'S Double-Header Stables at Spearville.

Where he can get a GOOD Rig. He has the Best Stables in tlie state and Corrals for a thoua. and head of and a good cook honse in connection. Baled hay snd feedt aU kinds for sal All kinds of stock for sole or trado. When in Spearville, go to HUFFMAN'S.


E. Bush, J. M. MaeBey, F. Hyde, Wm.

Congdon, J. M. Cox, T. R. Mayo, R.

Rogers OFFICERS ttlNODOX, President; J. Wv AL MACK, Vice-President; AZARD. Cashref 8- TtNNlfi AMI. fjastier; J. MASSEY, Secretary.

y- 1 -it Money iLcaneci on Real Estate and Personal Security! ''1' tFDo a General fianMhg Buflincw 01T7T1 0Y.V IriliJDi rKSSOJfAt PBOPtBTY. No. At. Pries Val. 1,101 cattle.

14,930 00 291 hoax 29 8,539 00 ,44 male 48. 1,895 00 8,977 sheep ,58 2,82600 133 hogs 27100 256 A. implements 10 50 2,683 00 82 wagons 18 1,08100 29earriaRc 22 615 00 Aggregate Tln of other property 1,799 00 Total value personal property 89,401 00 Legal exemptions 10,400 00 taxable 2 00 Seal estate 167,799 68 al 58.

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