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The Protection Press from Protection, Kansas • 4

The Protection Press from Protection, Kansas • 4

Protection, Kansas
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THE PRESS. CHAIN JWJ'ECTlON MARKET Tliere is a great ileal aid on the subject i tins dojlur, "uiof 11 expressed' Many lu-kuowlidge tliat thjro is error lu tho jreseut system but Corrected by tjm Board of trade every THE rilKSH ITBL18JUNO COMI'ANy Euterd nt the Post Olllee Protection Kau. us Second Class Wail they argue that Kpemilation iu money tho same us iiny thing idso will always exist. at rglimt'nt has about us much reason as the little negro COJVHIiRC'AL E. PBOP'U.

COLDWATKll, KANSAS. This Hotel furnishes lirst class accommodations at the popular prices. Vou are invited to call when you come to Coldwater and make this. Hotel your headquarters. Good dinners foi the farmers when they come to town, always JULY 10, 1891 whose duty it was to shine up his mas HANTA FE IIQUTE ter's boots.

On being criticised by hi master for failing to black up the bool ho contended that thcJo wn? do use of Tlmo TaIlo 0. K. V. B. R.

1'KOTECTION, KAN. Effect May 551st, blacking them ns (hey would soon huvo to be blackod again. Tho master tau Friday. (Wheat No. 2 Soft i3 ot, 3 4 .57., Cora ppra 70 Oats 25,.

Potatoes ,00 Onions $1.00 Eggs 0e per doz. Butter ...........80 Meats Dry ght tho little negro "the point" by uot East Bound, Mail, Express Freight, giving him anv "'thing 'to eiij 0:53 rc answering his question of West Bound. Mail, Express Freight why ho did not get his meals by tho .5:40 p. ra rejoinder, that it was of no uso to eat as ho would simply get hungry again. Hound trip tickets sold at reduced There never was a paragraph of law races, ovory uay in mo jyiu.

O- II. Smith, Agent but what has had its transgressors, there never will be a la.v that will not IVotlce. Important. bo disobeyed. But does that justify tho assumption that because the law is BU FOY BUSTED FOY ED Ed M.

fOY has sold 48 Headers and B'riders and still he's in busiu-sx, Walking, Bjdiog and Gang Plows, II Variety of Disc Harrows. WIN FIE PliESw DRILJA LJJVSIJVG WAGONS, Flour to Exchange for Wheat Tl.iere will be a call meeting of the disobeyed that a corrupt law must bo enacted in order to legalize the traus: F. A. I. Sub Ordr No.

2307, at the Go to Ed. M. Foy the rustling bov sehoolhouse in Protection, July where you can sell any thing you have gressors? certainly not. he present 1S, at 2 o'clock P- M. Let every ruem money system lgalize injustice and that for sale and you can buv any thing in the hardware line from afoollupick up.

ber who is interested' in our great is why we oppose it. We waut a law in cause be pn hand. I heir is important behalf of the workers and against syc business to be' transacted. You oau IandM ophants and blood pnokers. Tho law that turns families from their homes Joseph Graham, of Fnstinni, fin.

not afford to stay awav. Come. V. T. Holland, Pres.

Cihs. Mvehs, Sbc'y. and sends destitution through the laud uau iuu ma nogs ine other morn ng ana was leaning on tho fonco wnth- wrong and a new law is necessary in ing them eat, he leij-, somet. ing order to justify the laborer and punish thesh.vlock. Down on such insignili uuuuu(j ouu uiiroisinir mm in a peculiarly earnest way about tho HARDWARE, COAL, FEID, cance tiivo us a dollar mat meets tne demands of labor, save the bread ear iaco and neck.

Ho saw ut once hat he had placed his elbpw about midway ners ot theland from mwrcilcss usurers. pn tho body of a king snake several feet long and was holding him fast Oat meal at Blounts New iiats at IJIqujfts. New shoes at Blounts. A good rain Sunday night. Queensware at Blounts.

Cauped goods at Blounts. Flake hominy at Blounts. Choice dried fruits at Blounts. down on tho rail, ns one would suppose, both ends of the snake The public is frequently warned by loose, they ct up vigorous capers the medical profession of the danger apoui Mr. bcaham's countenance.

HARNESSES AND A frljLL STOCK OF LUMBER AT LOWEST PRICES, DqtiH Forget the plao tQ sell your Wheat. which lurks iii the practice of dampen ing the gum on envelopes with the tongue, aud notwithstanding the many Irj-lng Hone Leave. Nfew slippers iust came at Blounts. A lomona (Cal.1 woman has de- yisod a process for drying rose leaves Tim- Shields loaded 2 pars of wheat so as to retain their fragrance, and has cases of virulent and serious di senses espeoialy of syphilitic type, which have been traced to such an origin, the this week. secured a market for all she can pre- pure wnn a JNew lork firm.

practice is still almost universal. Ed. M. Foy, shipped the first car of Among attempts which Jhayc been A Harbor's Sign. A barber at Coxsackio, N.

in made to provide a means of escaping the necessity of licking the envelope, is an automatic-lock envelope, whicu stead of the traditional barber's pole. displays a mowing machine blade has been patented. On the flap of the painted rod, white and blue as tho em blem of his calling. wheat from here monday. The Superintendent informed us there will be a freight train put op in a short time.

Look over our advertisements and you will Sjud the place to buy your goodg Mr. Chas. McLaughlin is playing the in our office this week, JOHNSTON, Flour and Feed Dealer. Hghest price Paid for Grain. envelppe are two projectings flanges and all that is necessary to close the envelope Is to fold these flanges by dearly denoted liues and insert lie Hap, thus narrowed in a slot, whereupon the folded flanges automatically lock themslyes, and the envelope can Fills by the Wholesale, A iaay oi Jacksonville told are- porter that she swallowed one box of pills each week for sixteen years.

Ihere are twenty-five pills in a box not be opened without Uojug tcP-P- and she has consumed the contents of Lawns, Challis Outing cloth, silk mitts etc at BJounts. 832 boxes 20,800 pills. For each box she paid 25 cents, making a total Ed.M.Fov received a car load of spent in tho sixteen years of $208. An Edlaon Idea. Mr.

Edison has some singular, ideas Lanslnc wacons yesterday, a so a car Cost of i ISaronet. pt corn. vr a regarding dress. Ho says, "I wear the same thickness of outer garments the In one of London's fashionable cm a phurches the preacher made an appeal year round. I never wear nn over for Harness, to the effect' that a certain baronet fio to Mill Shnitiso saddles, and Groceries.

coat. It is big. heavy, clumsy and of little value as a protector against cold. was. through no fault of his own, in debt to the amount of G0, and had HAVE "PEN ED A SHOP Go to the Misses Hakes Goff when The air can get in under it in a umber of places.

I Increase or- deprease no means of paying, Consequently in Coldwater for hat truuings; all the congrega tion were called upon to tho number of my undergarments ac Drovide tho amount required. cording to tho temperature. Every kinds oi millinery done to order, in On Edt Main ISIrect, Cold vater, Kansas, and i ra prepared to the latest styles. At the annual meeting for the olec- morning when I get out of bed I open tho windows of my room and try the air. If it is warm or mild I put on my undershirt, if cold I put on two, and if -ALL KINDS OF tion of officers of Protection Alliance No.

'2567, tho following officers were V. T. Holland, president; 1. E. Hillis has beeq quite iu de mand lately.

Ho has helped al the boys out of tight places which they get very cold 1 put on three. D1 A TYT A VTT T5" Chas. McLaughlin, vice-president; A Frog-Bird. Thomaa Marshall and Fred Grace, Chas. Myers, secretary; H.

M. Winn, leotrer'; H. E- Ross, assistant-lectur of Newoastle, were out hunting- er: Joe Hill door keeper; Joe Mor frogs the other day apd captured a. ton, assistant-door keeper- Art Van-Wey, steward; Mrs. J.

YY. Ross, chap lain Joe Morton, treasurer. Thono-h croature not described in the books. It is a frog with winers and a tail something like a fantail pigeon. It weigh9 exactly nine ounces, The wings are composed of elastic-like skin, and into upon hrst starting out with their engines.

Tommy it a good engineer. K1 graves and family and J. W-. Gyavpa who have been Residing in Oklahoma for the last two years arrived here to-day. They yepovt crops looking fairly well in some parts and in others not so good- Ver-jly it is pot a land flowing with "milk and honey." A.B Cook sold lr McMinimy a gang plow of the John Deere patent to day.

lu the near future will make all Machinist work a specialty. Justice of the Peace Ollice Shop. I Respectfully solicit a share of tho Patronage. AS. A.

GREEN WALT. uho attendance was not large, the in terest manifested clearly shows that when stretched out measured nine the peoble are awake to the conditions that surrond then, whtt-h are perilous inches from tip to tip. When the frog-bird is in the water the wings and tail fit closely to the body and are hardly in the extreme to the toilers of our land; and also, the relation they bear noticeable. to their brothers of humanity, in the tath of life. They plainly see written unloading a car of on every hand, in glowing letters these Leory Baker is coal for Foy.

heart-rending terms roysKTV, desti- my THE L. ryuoN, chime! and, if you will but loqk about ou, you can not fail to ob One afternoon mv hub and serve in yet more pathetic Words For want of oouupittiou, Strolled up into the Printing Oflice, HOW, MISERY, IIUNGEK. COLD They see their neighbors, daily, being driven For a half hours recreation. or, about to be driven from homes to become wanderers in the world! They Mrs- please set one line of type, can not keep their thoughts from drift I'll be obliged to you, ing) the future! What do they behold? And F- will you please rend the proof A Wholesale House wrote to one of their traveling men, who was out in the wild west, the lullowjug: tlLet us know if you are still with us-" He wired them 11 1 should say I am. Send me $200.00 Now the only difference 'twixt that, man and the SPOT CASH STORE Is that the people do know that we are still with them and that we want them to send us their choice Produce and Cash in Exchange for HONEST GOODS AT Why.

they see the products of their You've nothing else to do. many toilsome and weary hours pas-ivs into control of a few heartless The type jt all got upside down. "Lords" of humanity, "who would bar And would'nt stay quite level, A.B.Cook has a comical look on that line looking fix of his. But dont get scaled at that Jie only wants you to come in and take a look at his fine line of Groceries Queensware Drygoods anb Notions, when in Proectiou, the place to, buy goods, Mrs, Sadie Rayl stepped into our oflice and ordered the "Press" sent to her mother way back in old Va. Sup.

port your home paperfor it will do you and your home, more good than a dozen away from home can do. Mr. A. H. Baker of Santanta valley made us a pleasart call yesterday, and ordered the "Press" while here; he has just finished harvesting 180 acres of line wheat; and just finished shearing his flock of 1173 sheep.

Mr. Baker is one of our most prosperous farmers ahd shepherds. ter their souls for a moss of pottage!" And frankly I said in my heart Witness that awfnl shudder list to I pity a printers devil! those pitiful crys for bread! Can you not hear it? God, pity those child F. snvs this word needs a and ren! Is there an escape for the mass I mean it needs a Then he looked up at and said; of posterity being born into this world I pity your devil too as serfs and tenants, if the course of euman progress is hot revolutionized? In future if I write for the Who Can they blame? Is there not And see tl type is not set level; need of a vast amount of thought and I'll not be mad I'll only sigh, AT BLOUNT'S timely action on the part of the For the printer's little devil..

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