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Belleville Democrat from Belleville, Kansas • 3

Belleville Democrat from Belleville, Kansas • 3

Belleville, Kansas
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THE EAST SIDE AHEAD! HANJEY, PBALER IN The tresber now sings a more cheer NEW GBOCEKY, ful tune than was lately piped by the croaker. It is ever thu9. JEWELRY AND SILVERWARE. In Collins' Drug Store, Belleville, Kansas. WITH WAT HE LOCKS, Watch Cleaning an.

rveoairing a Specialty. Mrs. J. R. Burrows, of Des Moines, MBiseu locals under this head will be harmed at the rate of tin cents per line for Srst nscrtion, and 6 cents for all subsequent insertion.

All locals leitin until ordered ont. Iowa, daughter of Mr. and Mrs- T. C. S.

Cooper, is expected this evening for a visit to her parents. NEW AND FRESH GOODS, Everything New and First Class. V- P. Tine Card ARTS Passeneer train A. M.

P. M. Accommodation THE 1I0SMAL. We are indebted to Superintendent Bullen for the following list of teachers registered the first two days: The telephone station has been moved to the New Republic hotel. The seoond nine is out of luck.

On Wednesday the kids beat them by a James A. Smith, of Rose Monday and left us some of the need ful. He reports every body happy in his part of the county.Heis agoodlevel headed democrat and of course is prosperous. Birthday Party? Last Thursday evening the softly colored light from numerousChinese lanterns flickered and danced over the spacious lawn and piazzas of the residence of that prince of good fellows Ed. Hallowell.

The NOTICE. Al' oersons owing us, whose notes Viola Wagner, H. H. Canfield, or accounts are past due will please call and settle the same at once as we score that would use tip all our figures to give. occasion of that fete was the twentieth Mary E.

Beecher, Chas. Humphrey, aniversary of the birth of his charming C. C. Canfield, Nettie Steed, Anna Steed, Sarah Ireland, Clara Duskin, B. E.

Personett, Maud Mclntyre, Leah Blankenship, Jennie McPherson, Arrangements are being made to have a grand time at the coming reunion. Tents have been engaged for all that will come. Remember the dates and make your ar TEA, COFFEE. SUGAR, CRACKERS, CANDIES; SOAP, East South Corner of the square, Belleville, Kansas. G-ive XJs A.

Call. J. S. E. J.

MITCHELL. May Wilber, Laura Munger, neice Miss LeotaHallowell who has been desire to close up our business bv bept. Ist. Howell Bros, Teams began Monday morning haw-ling bridge timber in every direction. ains will be running in he' Septem mvss PassenecJ train 8:35 V.

M. Accommodation 6:35 P. M- B. M. TIME CARD AT CHESTER, Sast, 13 7 and 8:41, a.

m. West, a. and 5:50 p. m. ARRIVALS AND DEPARTURE OF MAILS.

Arrivals Railroad. Departure. p. m. p.

m. 8 a. m. 2 p. m.

Mills close one-half hour before eparture. gCANDIA BACK LINE DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAYS. Arrives a. m. Departs 2 P- NEW TABER AND CUBA HACK LINE.

(Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.) Arrives p. m. Departs 8 a. m- CRAINV1LLE AND CHESTER HACK LINE. (Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.) Arrivs-6 p.

m. tDepart3-8 a. m. TIAGO AND BEPUBLIC HACK LINE. (Tuesday and Saturday.) Arrives-i 1 a.

m. Departs-1 p. m. M.J. Alwens, P.

M. visiang here the past few weeks. Every thing promised an evening of rare enjoy Elder F.M.Rains will preach in the Christian church at Chester, on Sunday, August 28, at 11 a. 3 and 8 p. m.

Tables will be provided for. dinner on the ground. Come and bring your baskets well filed." We received the above from L. Wright with request to pub Edna Talmadge, Jennie Thomas, Cora Jellison, rangements and be here to have a big time. Nora Harriss, Joseph Boyes, ment.

But alas! the fates were not pro pitious. About nine o'clock a furious storm of wind and rain arose and eontiu Wm. Stubblefield, Annie Stubblefield, There will be a public sale of house hold goods on the street Lillian Alexander, M-mie Nelson, Annie Fulcomer, ued with unabated violence for several Grace Walker, ber I5. J. S.

Davenport, one of the solid democrats of Rose Creek, was a pleasant caller Saturday at the office of the only truly good. Chas. E. Shull, six miles south of lish. Backward, turn backward, Time, hours, effectually drowning the out doors C.

L. Christie, Lena Eppler, features of the entertainment. Ouly about in thy flight, give us a trost again just for tnnirrVit T'm sr wparv of weather so hot Church Directory. BAPTIST CHURCH. one half of the invited guests had assem Belleville, wants to sell all or half of his bled owing to the very reprehensible practice the Belleville people have fallen finely improved farm.

A great bargain the sweat is produced would fill a bright pot; weary of collars that wilt like a rag. day afternoon, at three o'clock. The goods are all new and nice and will be sold without reserve. Ladies especially invited to examine goods. Democrats, read the call for the county convention and see to it that your township is fully repiesented.

Let us have the largest county convention ever held in the county. Come and bring wives and children. for somebody. Ivy C. Eppler, Hattie Wade, Mrs.

Josie Smith, Belle Walker, Alice Moreo B. B. McCall, Elvira Spillman, G. W. Currie, K.Riesh, into that of never going to an evening J.

M. Beecher, Maud S. Mills, Jennie E.Mills, D. Howard, Math. Collins, J.

G. Isenberg, Nettie Moree, Ada E. Spillman, Edman Perry, Tena Dickerhoof, Bertie Peake, Daisy Weeks, OlieMorris, Clara Thomas, weary of toiling away for the swag. A snowstorm or blizzird would go very nice gathering until after the mail is distrib NOTICE The real estate firm of Hardy Cun uted. Those who were fortunate enough CHOICE GRAIN AND STOCK FARMS, CITY PROPERTY, IMPROVED OR UNIMPROVED, FOR SALE CHEAP AN ON EASY TERMS.

put me on ice mother, put me on ice. ningham was dissolved on the 11th day to arrive before the storm, were delight Preaching every Suntiay at 11 a m. and 18 in. Prayer meeting every Thursday at 8 Cove-nan? meeting Saturday before fir Sunday in each month at 3p. m.

Communion scrv.ces first Su. in each month at close of morning sermon BeguUr business meeting third Saturday March June September and Dece mber at 3 P- m. Annual church meeting second Saturday in Jan. at 8 rn on are eorStally invited to attend services. PRESBYTERIAN CHUBCH.

Services everv Sabbath at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sabbathsdfool at m.

FS nesday at 7:30 p. m. Mite society Tuesdsj evening. Ladies Missionary Society first Thursday in each rnonth at jp.m. A dram Steed.

Pastor. M. E. CHURCH. Services every Sabbath at 11 a.

and P- m-Sabbath School at 9 45 Prayer meeting Thursday evening at 7:30 p.m ShackslfokD; Pastor. of July 1887 by Jas. Cunningham with fully entertained with conversation and a A fellow in Scandia was bitten by a rattlesnake, and his life was saved by his Ivy Cooley, Arthur Black. drawing. James Cunningham.

Eva G. Shaw, musical programme in which Miss Hallowell was the leading performer. She was the recipient of many beautiful presents drinking a quart of real old apple-jack It is privately whispered that when he re ''Mosquitoes breed in shallow water" Mrs. T. T.

Glasgow, May Glasgow, Now is the Time to Buy. Fifty miles of Railroad to be built in Republic County this year, this will increase the value of very much. For choice bargains call at my office directly west of court house. Correspondence Solicited. Farm Loans at Lowest Rates.

1 .1 T.C. Taylor. Hankie Workman. says a medical writer -ana rneir song is alized that he recovered he eagerly asked Amos Pierce has bought the residence on south Commercial street built by Mr. Thompson.

He is having it repainted and fixed up until it is one of the fin est residences in the city. He will move into town next Wednesday. Jennie Sprague a warning of malaria." Yes, it's bilious "Is the snake dead?" and being told that it was not, cried out, much relieved: "Save it! I am going to raising snakes." chief among which was an elegant solitaire diamond rirg given by a number of her friends. Elegant refreshments were served and at a late hour the guests dispersed with kind words on their lips nd gratitude in eir hearts where they abound. Mrs.

John Hallowell and daugh ter returned Friday evening from a protracted visit to relatives in Iowa. John Corn 30 cts. Hogs 460 The Normal has been doing work this week and the students are Misses Janet and Mary Becchcr entertained the young peoples society of endeavor at their home on Tuesday N. Squires, of Liberty, was in the BOOTS SHOES! WE HAVE A COMPLETE LINE OF ALL KINDS G.H Miles C. L.

Lorkinj, W. H. Yornoll lennie Manning C. C. Ccftolaj Bertha Terpcning F.

E. Bugbee, Gertie Whincomb, Mary Clark, Katie Mallon, G. Culver, F- P. Harris, Ada Long, all enthusiastic in their praise of the in Wednesday. evening.

Music and games together with towards Mr. Hallowell and hb estimable wife for heaving provided so delightful an entertainment. Noah Wood, of Republic City, was Ida M. Vinton, Nora Helwick, Birtie Johnston, WT. T.

Howard Feddenuan Hull Stella Gibbon, W. A. Blaine, Chas, Hoch, Tudor Charles Mav Meeker, T. E. Wimer, Emma Hall, F.

S. Long, Hathie Mouroe, Babcock, Mande Baker, Siede Harding, Beaty, H. M. Stephens, Ilena Elder. looks happy.

The election to grant thrf right of way torongh the city to the Rock Island was held Tuesday. There were only seven votes against the proposi.ion. in the capital Wednesday. structors. Prof.

Wm. Strieker is the conductor and Prof Ford, Wright and Superintendent Bullen instructors. The county commissioners have tak en the advice of The Democrat and ordered new posts for the chain around T.r,Vips hair nouds at Johnstons Board of Commissioners'; Office of County Clerk, Belleville, Kansas, July 29th. I887. light refreshments helped to make the occasion enjoyable.

The prayer meeting sustained by this oiganization is held at 6.3o every Sabbath evening in the Presbyterian church and a cordial invitation is extended to all young people to be gallery. Alexander Maekie, one of the most successful farmers of the county, was an Christine Hedrick, Delia Bahcock, Emma Scott, Maggie Myers, Eureka Carpenter, Alva A. Stephens, It will always pay you to buy from an EXCLUSIVE HOUSE, the square. When this religious weekly fastens its tow line to any needed inv provement Something has gotto move. The Normal began its session Mon Pursuant to the law the Board of County Commissioners of Piepublic county met at the office cf the County Clerk on the date above the purpose of canvassing the election returns of the election held in Albion, Belleville, Cortland, Elk Creek, Richland and Scandia appreciated caller at this office Wedms-day.

Mr. Maekie is always welcome. DISSOLUTION. Notice is hereby given that the firm of L. B.

Hall and J. L. Wray under the firm name of Hall Wray, in Republic county, Kansas, has been dis Cijrars -xnd fubaceo at the Postoffice Book Store. -1 Mrs. Mayoard, of Montana, is in the city the guest of Mrs.

N. W. Wells. Mrs. W.

P. Weeks returned Mon Jay evening from her eastern visit. Ladies hair goods at Johnston's gallery. Machine needles at the Postoffice Book Store. day and from present indications will be the most successful in the history ot the ADonisyParty.

Donkey parties are getting to be all the Townships, County of Republic, State of We have repeated the inquiries of late, relative to the corn crop. As near as we can corn crop in nearly all parts cf this county will be excellent, excepting a rather large belt of the southeast part, where the corn is almost an absolute failure. From our exchanges we taking the state as a whole there will be more corn raised than for rao-e in the cities, and for the benefit of WE BUY IN LARGER OUANTITIES AND WILL SELL WITH A CLOSER MARGIN THAN ANY MAN IN TOWN FOR CASH OUR MOTTO IS QUICK SALES AND SMALL PROFITS; LIVE AND LET LIVE. 3d DOOR SOUTH OF POST OFFICE. X.

W. BETHARD CO. Successors to I. B. Hall Co.

county. Everything possible should be done by the citizens of this city to show the teachers that we appreciate them. Kansas, on the proposition made to saia township by the Chicago, Kansas and Nebraska Railway Companyto subscribe tithe capital stock of Railway Com solved by mutual consent, L. B. Hail retiring and J.

L. Wray assuming all liabilities, collect all accounts and continuing the business at the old stand. DiteJ July L. B. Hall J.

L. Wray J. A. Lacsy last w-sek sold the north forty acres of the old Zarbell place for pany and issue the bonds of said town C. B.

Kyser, of Lincoln. was in the city Tuesday. There is -not a town in Kansas that ha3 finer streets than Belleville. those who may want to indulge in this kind of fun we will outline the" leading features. It will be understood that incidental elements of fun will be introduced as the play progresses.

First the lady of the house paints the portrait of a doukey on canvass, omitting the caudal appendage, without which no picture of a don key is complete. But a tail made of gaudy E. A. HALLOWELL, many years. We have no to despair.

Lincoln (Ks)Democrat. I'd like to ride on a Polar the massive ice floes roll.I'd gallop along in the regions hitch to the nor them pole; I'd harness my bear with a ships in payment therefore in sums named in a public proclamation said proclamation being held on the 20th day ot July, A. I). 1S31, and for the further purpose of transacting some unfinished 0,000. He also sold $1000 worth of lots on Perkins addition worth of lots on Shnonds addition.

The real estate boom is just beginning 'o begin. Charlie Baldwin leaves tomorrow for Junction City toindulgein the pleas urc of a chicken hunt. We should think he would stop in Concordia the prairie chicken roost on the sidewalk and jack rabbits run through tfee streets. ribbons or other suitable materials is pre I have now rented Dad Allen's shop and am now ready to do ail kinds ot blacksmithiug and woodwork, plow and machine worL a specialty. All work iruaranteed.

I am agent for the celebrated J. Y. L. road plow Maufe. Co.

at Concordia. B. J. Payne, If you to sell your farm or city property, list it with Y. R.

Turks. The finest thoroughbred Jersey bull west of the Missippi river cm be found at Hogatcs livery barn. The state line reunion will 'be held hrnnet.r. seal, to a sled that was made of business. There were present and participating 1 ice, and my girl and I would hurrah and wheel around the snow in a glee so nice And wed keep it up till our et were I froze, and the bear had eaten the sea', The narched and Dummy; eartli 25, and 26.

August 24 pared, with a bended pin attached that it may be easily fastened to the canvas This is hung in a proper place, and when guests are assembled and the portrait is duly guests retire to an adjoining room, carrying with them the moveable tail of the donkey. Then each echoes the immortal sentiment expressed iu said meeting, S.M.Edwards, chairman and commissioner 1st district; commissioner 2nd district; John F.Wells commissioner 3rd. district, and II. Ol Studley County Clerk. Upon examination ot said returns the Commissioners do find that the votes cast at said election are as follows, to-wit: Closing out at Cost, up our minds to dis- and a long pale icicle hung from our nose, like the claw of a rooster's heel.

Cheap Lumber Having made The Cuba Pilot is in favor of a coun ty fair. That is Tijjht Bro. Bennett. Enlih Spavin Liniment remove all Hard" Soft, or Calloused Lumps and Blemishes from horses, Blood Spavin Saowipv. Snvir.s.

Sore and by the Governor of Korfh Carolina to the Governor of South Carclina. The cellar for the extension to Powell's opera house has been completed and Has The Only Set of Abstract Books in the BELLEVILLE, REPUBLIC KANSAS, THE OLDEST Real Estate Agent in the aunty. Established in 17 continue business at this place we offer TheRepublic comity old "settlers re in turn is blindfolded and sent into the room where the painting is ocated, with instruction to attach the donkey's tail to its proper place. The effect is so ludicrous that there is no end to the fun. our entire stock of lumber and building material at cost for cash.

Those about to build or wbocontemplate doing so this coming fall or winter would do the foundation will soon bo nmshea Who will be the next to start. union will be held in James Van Nat-ta's grove in Jefferson twp. on Saturday August 27. Judge Borton. of Clyde and E.

B. Towle of Belleville will address the setters. Short speeches may be expec well to purchase. now as we can save For. Against.

Maj. Albion Township, 106 35 71 301 31 270 Cortland IU 9 13s Elk Creek 100 13 87 Richland 185 30 I05 Scandia 2G0 38 222 you a large percentage umj icgjui retail price. Howell Bro. Belleville, Aug. 10, I887.

I also have a number of very Desirable Residence Lots in my Addition the city of Belleville. Terms to purchaser. 200,0001 No. 1 brick for sale at Kazebeers yard 2 south of Belleville at reduced prices Call and see me before purchasing else-WGrc. A.

Kazebeer. PUBLIC SALE. The undersigned will sell at Public Swollen Throat, Cuihs, etc. bave SoO by use of one bottle. Every bottle warranted by.

G. W. Collins, Drug -gist, Belliville. Ladies hair goods at Johnston's gallery. You will find a list of the school teachers in another column.

All persons indebted to Mrs. E. S. Caswell, will please come and settle. A female Evangelist in Indiana is telling the girls that no five men in a On account of the railway cordem M.

IHUBBARD-President. M- HVBRARD, rr.ehi AMERICAN EXCHANGE BANK, BELLEVILLE KANSAS, ted from others. A good time is expec ted and a general invitation is extended to all. County pers please copy. R.

P. West, President. W. P. Peake, Secretary.

Letter List of nncall-1 jr 1-iturs tj ini 1 in the Office Belleville, Aug I2, 1557: Ladies List. Conwell, Miss Kelly, Mrs. Ella Kasper, i ary Novak, Miss JIary Shover, Mrs. Elmer E. GENTLEMEN'S LlST.

Sale at his farm Ginilcs north andll miles west from Belleville on Wednesday Aug. 24, 1S87, at 10 o'clock the following property: 4 brood mares all with foal; 1 sucking colt 4 months old; 6 fresh milk cows; 4 cows will be fresh this fall; 1 bull 3 The said Board do Mud that the propositions are carried in tlie affirmative, and the County Clerk is hereby ordered the journal entries ot the order-j and decisions of said board. The board then proceeded to audit and hundred are good enough for them to marry. The girlsgo right along marry ing, however, and every blessed one of'em thinks she gets one of those five white sheep. On Saturday lat the Chester base nation proceedings the city lias a number of nice s.xtall houses for sale cheap.

For particulars inquiiecf the Mayor or Coun cilmin at once. The republican county convention allow claims to Judges and Clerks of elec years old; calves; 30 head of stock hogs TRANSACTS A GENERAL BANKING ball club played the Belleville second nine and defeated them by a score of 39 to tion for the townships of Albion, Belle Clark, Connelly, Looker, N. Ferguson, Daniel lUnderson, Harry will be heldOctober 3, to nominate county officers. You may as well save your 1 nearly new Ketchum wagon; 1 spring wagon; 1 Lister; 1 stiring plow; 1 harrow Itch, prairie mange, and scratches of every kind cured in HO minutes by Woolford's Sanitary Lotion, This never fails. Sold by G.

W. Collins, Druggist Belleville. Brick! BricH The undersigned has plenty of the best quality of brick for sale 1 mile east of Belleville. Come and see. Geo.

Cochler. Republic has more handsome school 40. hen the clubs are taken into consi Low, JaSpcr Lomrwell. J. L.

Miller, H. Phillips, J. P. Pulver, Will Randall Jefferson Stevens, Howard M. Vance, John C.

Wheeler, Cee 3 1 breaking plow; 1 corn shellcr; 1 walking cultivator; 700 lbs. barb wire; 100 posts; 1 hog rack; 1 water tank; 2 set double harness; 1 Sterling organ, new time and talent, gentlemen, for you are sure to be defeated. FOR FARM LOANS, At 8 per cent, straight and no commis Persons calling for above will please say adver- trsed, giving date, MAXJ. ALWENb, P. M- COLLECTIONS A SPECIALTY.

Interest Allowed on Time Deposits. Correspondence: National Bank of the Republic, New York. American National Bank, Kansas City, Missouri. ville. Courtland, Elk Creek, Richland and Scandia.

The Bond of Davis, Steele Co. for the safe delivery of all moneys deposited with said bank by the Treasurer of Republic county was approved, said bond being in the sum of Eighty Thousand Dollars. There being no further business, the board adjourned sine die. J. T.

Hough is bound tok-jep in sigh! 1 cook stove; 1 heating stove; 1 sewing sion call on Y. K. Parks. deration it was a great success. Anything iess than a hundred runs would be away P- As soon as the post-office robbery at Scandia was discovered Tom Little tried to call up the sheriff by the use of the telephone but the old tiling was bucking and wouldn't work, Tom yelled" hello" of the band wagon and is determined not machine; household goods of all description, sixty acres of corn in acres of oats iu stack.

to let the town grow away from his ability to do the work for the whole county marms" than any other county in the stale. Mr, Hogan, of Jewell open a novelty store in! Vdy's block the coming week. Special Sale! Down they go! Today we commence our July Clearance of all Spring and Summer Goods at reduced prices. Lawns, seersuckers, mulls, suits, india lines, checks, and parasols. if neccessary.

He now has in his barbershop three elegant new chairs of the latest Terms. All sums under $10 cash All sums of ten dollars and over a credit 'hello," until he was hoarse. He had a 'hello'f a time all by himself. pattern, a fioe marble top wash stand, a of 18 months will be given at lo per Tas levy for 1S87. Office of County Clerk, Belleville, Kansas, Aug.l, 1887 good supply of new razors.

He has hired two of the best workmen that first class cent interest the purchaser giving note Also reduction on ladies' kid shoes and slippers. Men's and boy'e plow shoes at cost. Men's kid tie and button shoes at with approved security. 10 per of The Journal says if Mr. Wilder gets the republican nomination for treasurer he can beat any man the democrats may FOR SALE.

Two lots and blacksmith shop near depot. Enquire on premises. 'f he buildings on the Rock Island wasres will procure. Joe is hims elf one for cash. A.

James. Belleville, Kansas. Pursuant to law, the Board of County Commissioners of the county of Rspub- of the best workmen in the state and by a reduction. We must reduce stocs De- select. If that is the case he should be Josiah KindTj Auctioneer.

lic, State of Kansas, met at the office of doing good work has built up a fine trade. fore invoicing, and make room for roods. Come early and get bargains. nominated without fail. It would be a regular Die nic.

We wish Mr. Wilder A County Clerk on the date above named Butter, eggs and chicken wanted, and proceeded to make the following levies Original Notice. Tight of way are being moved off as fast as possible. 1 A. Pries has a fine span of mules and he wants to trade them for a span of young mares.

GREAT BAAGAINS every success in the convention. CHOLESAMOEBUS. Culver, Bowker Co. cn each 8100 valuation for the year 1887 In the District Court In and for Republic County, 1 State tax -4 Special Attention Given to Collections. FARM LOANS NEGOTIATED.

W. D. Church, of Chester, was in Eveiv person is liable to sickuess Kansas. Amberrella-Breashear vs. October Term, Charles Breashetr, Defendant.

Notice Summons by Publication, County' tax 85 Information Wanted. S. W. Browo, of Union county, Kansas, left his home and family on the night of August 1, 1887, and, at this time, all search of him has proved fruitless. The cause of his de parture is attributed to a temporary ab berration of his mind.

He is 5O years old the city Tuesday and brought with him fcU hranv pnod natured lauh. It there Poorfund tas -10 every one is subject to sudden attacks of bowel complaint during the summer Buys and sell foreign and Domestic Exchange. Drafts issued on the prlncipalcltiri of England an 4 in farm and city property at the office of Bridge fund tax -25 thaT have" Tsuedin the" Ismct Europe. Al.o agents for the National Lino Steamship Tickets sold to and from th. principal is a happy man od earth his name is Court within and for the County of Republic, in the I 0f Europe.

Y. R. Parks, wt side or public square x.i i'ED. County bond tax 05 months, in its mildest forms it is distressingly painful, and when severe; unless pioperly treated, it is abs lutely Twelfth Judicial District, 01 the state ot 1 fADD F.SPrtMnP.MTR Firsr Natil Want. 1 T5l inn.l Church.

Road tax 30 ciaimin- from you a divorce on the ground of deser-1 TJanu Beatrice. Bank ofCommerce. Kansas Citv. Mo. the Butter and eses.

Will ps danserous, there is but one remedy in tion and falling and refusing to provide tor ner, 1 The rates for the several townships weM weighs about I5O pounds, and is about 5 and you are further notified mat you mns answer 1 or demur to said petition on or before the K5A day I Maak highest market pries. Culver Bowker Co's. WP ainF ThaT canwavs be in WearS made subject to change by the township boards and are as follows; 01 oeptrmDer, 1007, or saia peimui: win uc no rm. and mdirniAnt. rendered tnereon as nraveu lor depended upon, that is Chamberlain's and is blind in letteye.

Anyone know ill saia petition and a divorce granted laid plaintiff! Bro. Curtis, of the Wayne Register was in the city Monday looking at the wonders of ihe greatest railroad center on earth. He gave us a pleasant call. NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION. The firm of Brock McCullough Our solid democratic friend J.

S. itn such other and turtner reuei i in equity 1 Albion hew Cholera and Diarrhoea Kmeay. ing his whereabouts will comer a lavor on usticu she may be entitled to. Price ouWednesday brought us in a fine never fails and is pleasant ana saie, hig famiiy by telegraphing at once, at our Beaver Attorney for Plaintiff. Geo.

W. Collins. lot of melons. Thanks Sold by .40 .30 .20 .50 .60 Bellevillo expense, to The News, Republic City, Root, Doran Co. photograph all Kansas.

George Wells has just returned from Big Bend will dissolve partnership on or before Aus-ust 15. All parties knowing them. Cortland the cyclooe swept west. Republic coun their wors, monuments, neaastones, am. had not a thousand 5486.

NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. Land Office at Coxcordia, Kansas, .40 Elk Creek selves indebted to them will please cal and make settlement. and an parties oruenng irom men, wu. bookag the editor wcnt on his jour McINTYBE McCALL, having purchased a T() Tr or 25 lulv i. 1S87.

Fairview Brock McCullough. receive one pnoiograpn oi tneir wor and he gamj wUh a guen an(, en Vntlce it herabv itiven th2t the following named I .30 uil.r has filed notice of his intention to make final Parmingtou ot charge, extras at very reasonaoie. attnr ty is good enough for George. FOR RENT.

Three good houses. Enquire at Davis, Steele Co. A BIG BARGAIN For sale cheap house and two lots iu proof in of his claim, and that saidprooti .20 rates, all work-warranted. Call and see He boarded the train at the dead will be made before the Probate Judge ot Kepubiicl couulv, at Bd'eville, Kansis, on Auirusl 26, I887; NEW ELEVATOR. Dealar In.

GBAIXT. FL0T7B, FEED AND COAL 25 Freedom Grant Jefferson DRY GOODS MOTIONS, them, nortn sine or rumic square. lot nicht.a seat on the trucks refusing, and vlx hamuei w.vrjiver, n. n. 107, mr 1 1.

Section 2 Town South Ranee West. .30 .50 .40 I am now ready to buy all kinds of Liberty Lincoln The Scandia Journal says: "A good ne tried to hide himself out of sight while many farmers are cutting up their corn tne Dogs 0f the train was snoozing. Few Xte namOS lllO lUHUWlll truuimsn ma continuous residence upon and cultivation of, said land, vi: Maten Haworth, of Haworth, Republic Kan? Wm. Haworth.

of Haworth. Republic grain and will pay the highest market Simonda addition known as the.Groff property Inquire at Chicago lumber .25 Norway 1 11 conn'y. Kansas; Aron Engle, of Cuba, Republic I for feed. The fact is the crop is a total were the blessings that passed his lips, as price, aee me Deiore you sou. Richland county, ivansaa; wm.

orow uic, um, yard. failure." Such statements do a county he reacne(i fov his round dollar; already Yours Respectfully, county, Kansa 3ANUAU A7aW.Ja uvBjwm NfcW spring goods arriving daily, Rose Greek Scandia -5 more damage than a grasshopec raid, and fancy he felt the grip.of the brakeman Piopow to Unook thi Bjtton sat We know that if yoa will call and examine our GOODS AND. PRICES, Yoa will buy, for we can tad will nil yoa James Smith, Free Delivery to any part of Belle Unioti "30 call nd see bow cheap we will sell them Culver, Bowker Co. more especially wnenxnere is noi a woru upon his collar. And they tired him oil Washincton I AO ville.

of truth in it. We don see what com-1 wuh a sickening tlni'1, his ei4v didn' White Rock N. W. Wella and son who were so NEW RESTAURANT. HiYlnir-opened rat a ion a man uau mm iu uemg auvu i.

cover the journey, and no t.u a gnu as On Monday night the postoffice at Belleville Twp. R. R. Bond Tax A5 lereraly injured by a runaway last week, Chamberlain's Colic. Cholera and he struckothe mod, on the face of the fat Scandia was broken -into and robbed of Freedom Twp.

R. Bond Tax 5 again able to be around HESTACHANT The levies were also made providing Diarrhoea Remedy as skillful prepared I attorney. From "Lawyers vs Editors for the especial treatment and bowel 1 by A Man. about $500 and stamps. Capt.

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