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The Kansas Fraternal Citizen from Valley Falls, Kansas • 7

The Kansas Fraternal Citizen from Valley Falls, Kansas • 7

Valley Falls, Kansas
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Far Reaching as a Social Factor. MEMBERS AND OFFICERS RADGES -jutul na iwminiiui i mum ujuiwT' MEMBER Members Department In this Department we want every member to feel free to express himself and herself and help build up this best Insurance order in the State. First Meeting of Goddard Assembly Ko. 140. 1 Bt A 4 i The trip was made in automobiles.

All enjoyed the visit and assured the members at Goddard that they would be pleased to return any time and assist them in conferring the work on others who may become members later on. The growth of Goddard Assembly No. 140 is most remarkable. Deputy W. W.

Black began work there less than one month ago and has secured more than forty applicants, all of whom have taken up their certificates: These new members are of the very best families in and about Goddard a bright bunch of young farmers and their wives and other young people throughout that community. The officers of Goddard Asstimbiv are: President, W. C. Schnoor; Vice President, Mrs. Ella Harvey; Secretary, Mrs.

Laura Graves; Treasurer, W. W. Graves. The social value of insurance protection causes it to take rank with the greatest institutions of modern society. It stands pre-eminent among social agencies for its far-reaching value to the family and the community.

Although its existence has been brief, as compared with church and state, it has already established its right to rank with them as one of the three great institutions that directly promote the welfare and prosperity of mankind. This social value of insurance protection lies largely in its character-making power. It possesses vital elements for character molding; it emphasizes sobriety and total abstinence. It may justly claim a place in social uplift, because it makes the individual outlook hopeful. Our protective system exalts economy and thrift; it promotes patriotism and good citizenship generally, and Roosevelc has recently declared that, "In working out the great problems that confront our nation, we must depend largely 'upon the sentiments which actuate and pervade the fraternities, viz: the brotherhood of man and tne sacredness of home life." By th'i side of his declaration let us place that of the great Prime Minister of Canada, Sir Wilfred Laurier, who sometime since, to the representatives of American fraternities, spoke these words: "Your societies are accomplishing great material good, a national and international good.

They are breaking down the barriers of prejudice which have' existed between the states and the people of different tongues and nations. They are realizing the dream of the old Scotch bard, when he sang: "Man to man the world over, And brothers be all they." 1 i Ifc ii I 1 I if rf 1 i 8 1 ti Uil lilt 1 The Pessimist w-K. rffc. A i i Between thirty-five and forty members of Goddard Assembly No. 140, all written by Deputy W.

W. Black, met in the Odd Fellows Hall at Goddard on the night of June 11th. The officers and drill team of Wichita Assembly No. 4 went to Goddard and put on the work. After the Assembly was installed and charter delivered to the Goddard Friends, all present enjoyed a most excellent supper, prepared by the lady members of the Goddard Assembly.

All of the work was done by the officers of Wichita Assembly No. 4, President Mrs. Ida Cline giving the obligations and lectures in the most pleasing way. Friend Mrs. Cline is president of the largest Assembly in Kansas, and the members of her Assembly are proud of her work, which she has committed to memory.

The other officers who assisted in installing the new Assembly and initiating the many candidates were: Vice President 0. C. Herron, Chaplain Jas. B. Blazer, Treasurer Mrs.

Delia Black, Conductor Mrs. N. A. Herron, Assistant Conductor Mrs. Nellie Greenamyer, Guard Mrs.

Anna Quigley, Sentinel E. Dean Miller. Captain 0. A. Warfield had charge of the drill team and Mrs.

Eva War-field furnished the music for the meeting. Twelve members of the team were present and did most excellent work. All present were greatly pleased with the drill team's uniforms. The members of the drill team present were: Mrs. Helen Offen-stein, Mrs.

Vina Smith, Theodore Mou, Miss Anna Mou, Raymond Fowler, Miss Alta Salisbury, Gussie Bertrand, Miss Flossie Warfield, Henry Offen-stein, Miss Hazel Offenstein, Claude Corbin and Frank Offenstein. Other friends who accompanied the Wichita party were Mrs. J. B. Blazer, Mrs.

A. Salisbury, Mr. J. A. Sharp and Mr.

J. L. Baley. JL infill I 5f Of all the cranks, the crankiest is the chronic pessimist. He is always whining like a half starved dog with a tin can tied to its tail.

When the sky is beautifully clear, he is positively certain it will dry up and there will be a scarcity. When gentle rains begin to fall he laments and is afraid' the crops will be spoiled. He is always expecting some great calamity or misfortune of some kind, or being laid up with rheumatism. No matter how rosy the apples look or how juicy the pears, he is afraid they are wormy at the core and can't be kept until Christmas. The country is going to the bow-wows, and everybody is a dirty, dishonest rascal.

His own peaceful and progressive town is all right, but he is convinced that it will never improve much. The high church spire is a notable landmark, but might fall some day and do great damage. He enjoys excellent health at present, but is sure he won't live long and he shouldn't. The world would be much happier without such cranks. X-ray Democrat.

Bryan on a Watermelon. I was eating a piece of watermelon some months ago and was struck with its beauty. I took some of the seeds and dried them, then weighed them, and found that it would require some five thousand seed to weigh a pound. Then I applied mathematics to that forty-pound melon. One of these seeds put into the ground, when warmed by the sun and moistened by the rain, takes off its coat and goes to work.

It gathers from somewhere two hundred thousand times its own weight, and forcing this raw material through a tiny stem, constructs a watermelon. It ornaments the outside with, a covering of green; inside the green it puts a layer of white, and within the white a core of red, and all through the red it scatters seeds, each one capable of continuing the work of reproduction. Who drew the plan by which that little seed works? Where does it get its tremendous strength? Where does it find its coloring matter? How does it collect its flavoring extract? How does it develop a watermelon? Until you can explain a watermelon, do not be too sure that you can set limits to the power of the Almighty and say just what he would do or how he would do it. The Prince of Peace. Cut is exact size and fac-simile of badge.

Very artistic and serviceable. Badge of mourning on reverse side. PRICES F. O. B.

HUTCHINSON. 12 and each 25 and over 75c each SO and over 75c each 100 and over each 250 and over 65c each 500 and over 60c each All orders must be accompanied by personal check, bank draft, or money order, and sent to J. B. Blazer, State Secretary, Hutchinson, Kansas. To the Member Who is Not Getting His Paper Regularly: Fill out the following Blanks all of them cut this coupon out and send it to the Kansas Fraternal Citizen, at Valley Falls.

Price List of Supplies to Local Assemblies Name in full. To what Assembly do you belong? Name of Assembly Where did you pet your mail Start a saloon in your own house. Be the only customer. You will have no license to pay. Go to your wife and give her $2 to buy a gallon of whisky, and remember there are C9 drinks in one gallon.

Buy your drinks of no one but your wife, and by the time the first gallon is gone she will have $8 to put into the bank and $2 to start business again. Should you live ten years and continue to buy booze from her, and then die, she will have money enough to bury you decently, educate your children, buy a house and lot, marry a decent man and quit thinking about you. Atchison Globe. Application Card, Preliminary, Trea Application Blanks, Medical Free Ballot Boxes, (Without Voting-Ball), 91.00 Cards, (Personal or BuslneNi with K. F.

C. deslsrn) Per Hundred 1.00 Envelopes, (With K. F. C. Deslrn, per 500, S.00 Envelopes, (Extra lleuvy, addressed to State Office) Per 25 IS Gavels, (Good Quality, Polished Oak,) each 2 Letter Heads, with K.

F. C. deslrn, per 600 OO Pass Reports Books, each 60 Pass Report Blanks, per dosen 60 Reinstatement Blanks Fre Seal, Official for Assemblies, each 1.2S Secretary's Combination Record A Minute Book, each 1.71 Secretary's Receipt Book. (Receipt ta Members) 15 each. Two 26 Secretary's Order on Treasurer 15 each or two (or .26 Transfer Cards Fre Treasurer's Cash Record, each 1.26 Treasurer's Receipt to Secretary, 18a each or two for .26 Pins and Buttons, Gold Flated, .26 Pins and Buttons, Rolled Gold, each .60 All the above sent Express or Postag-a Prepaid at prlees named.

J. 6. BLAZER, Stato Secretary, Where do you want the K. F. C.

sent Street address or R. F. He sure to spell all names clearly and always ghe street or R. F. D.

If you hate any. As soon as the word that he is elected reaches the man who is running for office he becomes a candidate for another term. Jay House..

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