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Semi-Weekly Star from Williamsburg, Kansas • 1

Semi-Weekly Star from Williamsburg, Kansas • 1

Semi-Weekly Stari
Williamsburg, Kansas
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12th. I will pay'you cash for all of your old rapers. C. A. Grippm.

Dr. V. G. L'Higwond, the, Dentist, will niiikn regular visits to Williiuns-l)iir on WethieKclny of each week, Oilice with Dr Uecd. A liberal reward will be paid for the return of my mammoth wire stretcher.

B. C. Fogle. Dr. G.

D. Beyerley, Veterinary, will be hi Williamsburg oa Saturdays only until Sept. 1st. If in need of him call 702 Harris line. THE GRADGERRATUN' 0' JOE.

Way down crost the meadow sin' cow-lot, Thr paths made bv cattle an' sheep. Where, cooled in the shade by tall elluras made, The old crick has curled up to sleep; Down there where the wind sighuu' mingles 'Ith prattelun waters at play, -And (he coo roo coo of the turtle dove too, Seeps in from th dim far away; Down there by the banks of the Wilier In the spring where the sweet-williams grow 'Twas at this place 'at he air the time used to be The home of our little boy Joe. My oh flow long ago. Nope; none 'o you couldn't knowed him, Way back there in seventy-four. When ldy an' me concluded 'at we 'Ud edjicate Joe, rich or pore.

I mind how we skimped, scrnped an' worried, An' how our first Christmas was dim, An' how mother cried when we had to decide, We couldn't send nothin' to him. An' nobody else dreams the sorrow 1 'At ldy an' me'd undergo, A It von' that waly all alone ever day. A vearnun' mi' 'Jon, un' fer Joe, IlighO, Long ago. So ldy an' me went together, To hear little Joe gradgerrate: Little Joe, did I say? Meant big anyway: He spoke on the subject of "Fate" An' my! but but the "effort was splendid," The folks said' at set by my side, But I never hyurd aseteuce 'er word An' mother jest broke down an' cried. I hadn't the heart fer to ask her What was the matter, you know; Fer Kelt she'd 'a' said: "Our baby is dead, I want back my own little Joe; i Our Joe Of Ion? ago.

So fuller me down thro' the cow-lot Thro' paths nude by cattle and sheep, To where in the shade by the tall ellmns made The dd crick is into sleep; Where sighs of the tired breeze whisper To quiet the waters at play. An' the dreamy coo coo of the turtle dove true Frightens care-phantoms Fer I like to set hyur a thiiikuu' An' usinr the waters 'at play What's come 'o he dear little boy 'at played here In the days 'o the long ago? Our Joe; Hi ho! AVilliam Allen White Mr. Dave Sutherland returned from Kansas City Saturday night. George Griifin went to Ottawa Saturday and stayed over Sunday: Charles Swift is out of the Bank now, taking his vacation. The Commercial Club is well under way with their plans for the big labor day picnic.

The Williams: -burg band will furnish music for the two days under the leadership of Charles E. Gormlyof of Ottawa. The business menof town will offer various prizes for different prizes for different occasions. Something will be dong every minute of the day. They are pushing it as hard as they can to make it one of the biggist and best celebrations ever held in Williamsburg.

DIG PICNIC There will be a bisr Sunday SchcVl picnic next Fridav at Foo-Ipr pond. The Methodist Sunday Schools of Agricola and Central have been invited and a good time is being Every body is cordiallyinvited. Mf. Chas. Trabert purchased a Buick auto from M.

F. Getchell. Mr. Getchell had two machines. Walter Price came in from western Kansas for a few days visit with home folks.

Henry McKay was a passenger to Rantoul Saturday evening. He returned Monday George Poage- went to Waverly Monday morning to have some dental work done. Charles Trabert and M. P. Getchell went to Ottawa in the auto Sunday.

Miss Pauline Pearson and Miss Nettie Cornell spent Monday visit ing friends at Waverly. Miss Rosetta who has been here visiting Miss Cary Cay the past two or three days turned to her home in Waverly Monday evening. Well I do wonder if that fellow brought the picks and shovel back to the place he got thein. He certainly had enough warning. Howard Farney cam; in from Richmond Thursday evening and spent Sunday with friends at this place.

He returned Monday morning accompanied by Roy Kirkland, Raldo Brown, Charles Davis and 3ruce Scjtt. Earl Claypool- made a businesft trip to Baldwin Saturday. Mr. and S. B.

Weiduer motored to Ottawa Saturday afternoon. ph, but it takes work, you say. Yes it does, though you dou't want to be a drone do you? And think of the attraction it adds to a place, to speak nothing- of the beneficial after results besides. You can take a good road for in stance how much better that road would be if all would cut the weeds along their adjoining farms. And looking at the matter from a moral standpoint, is it right my dear friend and neighbor that you allow the weeds on your pre-mises to grow.

and adjoining you is a neighbor who tries to exterminate the weeds on his place? Of course it is not an entire success, and you do wrong in -my judgement by not doing your duty; first to yourself as well as to that neighbor. HOfVUEWOOD OTTAWA REPUBLIC. Mrs. V. II.

-Scoville has been sick for the past week. Mrs. Ainos Shaw was shopping-in town Priday evf ning. Mrs. Altman and Miss Bessie were Ottawa shoppers here Friday.

Prank P.rune'r 13 putting a new roof on part ot the Gidden home. Mastar Carlon Greeir'has been quite sick but is better at present writing. A brother of Mrs. Prank Bruner from Lawrence is visiting here fora few days. Messrs Will Bruner and Will Fredericks went to Princeton Satur day afternoon.

Mrs. Susie Plank spent the day Thursday with Mr. and Mrs. Plank in town and did shopping. Mr.

and Mrs. Frank Cary, Elmer Altman and Fred Moon attended the picnic at LeLoup Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Scoville from near Princeton were doing business and visiting friends here Fridav.

Mr. and Mrs. Owens have been hayingxa very sick baby for some time. It has the cholera infantum. Dr.

Kinney of Galena, was here Friday looking for a location and was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. W. Iv. Green.

Miss Clara Wickey of Priucton and Miss Bessie and Elmer Altman spent Tuesday evening at John Fred ericks. On account ot the rain Wednesday morning the picnic at Mrs. Eatons which the Ladies Aid had planned had to be given up. Miss Bessie Fredricks who has been in Ottawa for the past two weeks visiting came home last Saturday. Her grandmother Mrs.

Ford came home with tier and will stay here for a short visit with her daughter Mrs. John Fredricks. The FraterualAid of this place invited the Williamsburg lodge and their families down to a reception last Thursday evening, The reception was held in Scovill's hall and a gen cral good time was had by all. The visiting. brought their drill team.

The team came on a hay rack and the rest ot Hie lodge came in all oils of conveyances. The drill which they gave was fine aud was try much appreciated by all who saw it. Refreshments of icecream and cake were pcrved. Much interest was manifested by those present and 12 applications for mcmberi-hip was the result of the evenings onkiUrimmnt. Curiosity killed a monkey.

We have noliccd that a big fat red nosed men always have better eats on trams." than women and children. 4f The "Star" still twinkles. Some women love at the rate of a man a minute. Common sense is by no means so THIS AN AGE OF SELFISHNESS? Well, we hope it might not be so, ceverless a person is inclined to be skeptical if he be informed that he is mistaken. You can find a class of people that are always butting into places that rightly belong to their neighbors.

Yes, let the other fellow look out for himself. And probably he could, though it is better for you "Mr. Forward" or you would fiud yourself in the sphere that you belong no doubt you will laud in such a place eventually. It does not pay in Pie end to further your amis by questionable means. Better do the right thing by all.

The two articles "Let's Annihilate the Weeds" and "Is this an age of Selfishness" were written by a subscriber to the Star. The social given by ihe ladies of the Episcopal church Saturday eve. at the school hall was a grand success both socially and financially. We wish to thank one' and all for their kindly assistances and assis-' and patronage. The proceeds amounted to $21.40.

The musical numbers seemed to be highly appreciated. Rer. and Mrs. II. Cook came down fiom Ottawa Yesterday eve-niug with-S.

B. Weiduer in the automobile. Mr. has secured a position with "The the leading wetLlv cf Evauston, Illi nois, where I12 will attend school next year. Tor Sale a No.

1 family milk cow. Z.FjiIj. its I I Dr. G. K.

'Janes 12. A. Clumbers I I CI lit GUARANTEED ft A certain young fpn'Jenian in town walked up to a small kid on trfe streets yesterday aud said "good morning," the boy said Dr. Servati us, a former residents of this place, spent Saturday here. Mr.

Horst Young of Yorktowu Iowa is here visiting his friend C. A. Grippin. Messers. M.

P. Gctchell, John Trabert, and John Keys, autoed to Ottawa Saluiday. Miss Nettie Cornell of Ottawa, came down Saturday evening and 'eptnt Sunday with friends here. Miss Lola Cramer went to Ran- toul yesterday morning to spend a few days with the Welton girls, Miss Ester Towle, cf Kansas visited over Sunday with friends of this place. Mr.

and Mrs. Mathews, of Ottawa spent Sunday with Mr. and Mis John Claypoo). Quite a crowd from here attended thi ball game at Agricola Sunday a ter-noon. Mr.

Dave Sutherland's brother from Centre lis i visiting him this week. Mr. P. A. Voiles, of Chicago was here taking outers for Pall Clothing Saturday at the A.

P. Deb store The 11a tlan girls are the proud possessors of a fine new piano which they purchased last week. The Ice Cream social given by the kdics cf Lphcrtal church Sat-Saturdiiy night was cjuite a success Hammocks, Ham mo-ports, Croquet Sets turd all summer Cooils at co st. West End. WILLIKOOHG STATE BANK.


Ed Kuntz are the proud parents of a baby girl. Mr. W. T. Todd was a Richmond caller Saturday.

Masters Frank and Alfred Sigler returned to their home in Richmond Friday. Grandma Slringham weut up to Emporia Thursday to visit her brother there. Dr. Janes was in this vicinity Sunday. Miss Mabel Buehner up to visit her brother aud also attend the LeLoup picnic this week.

Remember the Central Thursday August 12. picnic Mr. and Mrs. McDaniel went to the Harris picmc Priday and Saturday. Norton Elriughniii was a dinner guest of Gerald Todd Thursday, DIRECTORS, "go, The iello asked him why he always carried hishead down so, why dout you walk with your head upright like me, the kid looked at him 'a minute and said "was you ever in a wheat field when it was ripe? The man said yes.

Well, said the kid, did you rotice some of the heads stood ami some hang down. Those that stand up have not got any grain in them Ted Owens has made a shoe shining stand and is now doin(" business on the street. Shine 'em up boys. Jeuy McCury came home Katur day night and peut Sunday with i i i menus unei relatives nee. He is running the Wavcrly section now for a short time.

W. S. Piuley W. M. DeVore t': ii i' R.

C. Clcveiiger. This bank has conformed with all tho ro-quirementa of tho Bank DjpociLor Guaranty Law and 1 AEL DEPOSITS WILL 111.

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