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The Caney Chronicle from Caney, Kansas • 1

The Caney Chronicle from Caney, Kansas • 1

Caney, Kansas
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An CANEY ONIC VOL. XXI NO. CANEY, KANSAS. FRIDAY, MARCH 23 1P06 SUBSCRIPTION A YbAR CHR LE TO PROBE MATTERS or AFTEX THE SHERIFF POLITICS AT HOME "Rcltfltoue matters (N these days, when holdups are everyday occurrences, it is worth something to walk the streets with empty pockets and yet be able to pay your bills as if your pockets were bulging with gold. Come in and if there is anything ab)ut an account that you do not understand we will be pleased to explain to you THE CANEY VALLEY NATIONAL BANK GOT MARK KILLION CANEY IS ROASTED Bullies From Other Towns Run Up Against it Hard DECENT PRESS TAKES UP FIGHT Even Distort Caney News to Make it Appear Caney is a Bad Town Out of town toughs ran up against the real thing in Caney on excursion day, and we are surprised that decent newspapers are jumping onto Caney officials because they wouldn.t let them run the town and everybody In it.

One complaint comes from Winfield who bent one Howard Compton, the acKnowieagea uuuy or me town, over a. i 1 on me excursion. oe piain aim 1 i 11 -11 not proiane uorapion raisea oeu an the way over, and Marshal Bishir was warned that there would be something doing if Compton got oad. When Mr. Bishir was called to the train it was to take charge of Cumpton.

He told the big bully to come with him and he refused. Bishir chugged bim a couple times with his fist, and Compion was good the rest of the time while in Caney. Another howl came from Sdan. 1, moves. lompKins came over uave time in his own sweet way.

He was disappointed. In Sedan he may be in the habit of running the town; in Caney City Marshal Bishir has, it may be, a foolish idea thai, he draws his salary for handling such men, and when becomes in contact with such fellows as Tompkins he bandies them. It is probably an oversight on the part of the council that he is not provided i aii r. wim gloves. xomtiKius put up bis appeareuce iu police court Monday and judging our city marshal by himself, supposed lie (Bishir) mck it in bis pocket.

But he didn't. And promptly Monday morning the forfeit was turned over to Judge Buckley, and the case is properly docketed ml page 67 of the police ducket. The Cherryvale Republican got sore at something and willfully distorted and article in the News making it appear that the officers of this city cruelly handled offenders, when it was clearly and plainly written marshals in the Territory outside Caney's jurisdiction. If toughs comes from other towns to Caney, they may expect to get such treatment as they are looking fir; at leaskthatls what would-be-bad men at Caney have learned to expect. A Big Pump A pump weighing twenty-two tons was unloaded here last Sunday and taken to the tank farm.

This was all in one piece, and required three teams with a three-wheel-block and tackle to lead it onto the wagon. Jutt think of one wagon holding a 1 1 County Attorney and Sheriff go to Wlnfield to Investigate Coroner' Finding Independence Reporter: County Attorney Thos. Wagstaff and Sheriff Pruitt left Saturday morning for Win-field to look into matters pertaining to the death of Ralph Paris, which occured at Caney last Monday. The county attorney will go over the evidence brought out by the inquest conducted by Coroner Cooper and will probably examine a number of witnesses, among whom will be the companions of the lad on the Caney trip, especially those who occupied a place in the jail with him. The case is attracting much atten tion and if half the stories are true that are told, a thorough investiga tion will bring some startling revelations.

On his return from Winfield Mr. Wugstaff will go to Caney and inter view the officials and jail physician. He proposes going to the bottom of the affair and if anything criminal has occurred will prosecute them at once. a later account in the same paper reveals something of the other side of the case. It reads thus: County Attorney Wagstaff and Sher riff Pruitt are still investigating the cause leading up to the death of Ralph Paris at Caney last Monday.

The.v returned Saturday evening from Win field, where they examined a number of witnesses who testified along the same lines as the evidence given before the coroner. At Caney, the evidence gleaned shows that the party in which Paris was traveling had been drinking heavily, and that though the boy may have died from a blow of some kind it was caused by his falling around while drunk and not that he was assulted while in the custody of the officers, The officials have two important wit nesses to examine yet and unless something other than what is now known develops, the county attorney has found nothing to justify him in causing the arrest of anybody nor can he place the responsibility upon any person other than the bov himself, Made ihe Well Hot A correspondent who visited the burning gas well last week writes ti the Atchison Globe: "The heat warming the ground to such a degree that the farmers are profiting. Lettuce and radish seed put in the ground at 6 o'clokk last night had sprouted pushed through the soil and matured by seven this morning and thousands of teams are engaged in hauling the products of this immense hot bed to market. All sorts of experiments are being tried. One man planted pota toes and in six hours he not only had potatoes big enough to dig, but the heat went on and cooked them so that they were baked ready for the table.

Eggs laid within two miles of the well are hatched within two hours, and all tie incubators in this section have been thrown away. Watch fur lie Caney gas well incubator. The iv me is sure to be attached to the next incubator invented. The flames were shooting np so high at noon today that fear was expressed that the heat in the heavens would cause those ho were the to wonder if they had reached the other place." Doing Quite Well The Caney Glass Company shipped live cars of glass last week to Denver, Colorado, and Minneapolis, Minnesota. They get out five cars his week to the same points.

The plant will be shut down Saturday and Monday, setting blocks. Next Saturday will finish the seventh month this fire without a break or a bobble. This not only speaks well for the management, but also for the class of workmen they employ. So far, the company has shipped 100 cars of glass this season. This has averaged about $1,500 to the car, or $150,000.

Now if you know the cost of production you can readily see the profit in the business. Besides what has been shipped out the company has piles and piles of glass yet to be cut, and box upon box ready to ship. PHOTOGRAPHS Your pictures will be strictly up- to-date if made at our studio. Call 4 on us for Bromide Enlargements, I Copying, etc First door west of; Christian church, Caney, Kansas, i 4 i TOSt iMSlerS, lb Photographers. will This to are at 7 7 last It of of of in in 1 9 a i 7 9 9 3 7 3 7 9 9 3 3 7 9 7 9 9 7 9 i Coffey ville Negro Wants $10,000 Damages for B.lng Arrested According to a disDatch sent out from Independence, Sheriff Pruitt, along with his posse of are in great trjuble, which is likely to cost hem the sum of $10,000 to get out of, besides costs in the case.

The dispatch is as follows: Sheriff Pruitt, his former deputy, John Palmer, Nate Smith, Chief of Coffey ville police, W. N. Adams of Coffey yi lie police.mrl Thos.Miller.ehief of Coffey ville lire department, have hern tued for $10,000 damages for false imprisonment by Eob't Liggii.s of Coffe ville. Last spring a negro crept into the room of a p.ominent whifJ women of that city and not only criminally as suited her, but miitiulated her also. It was the third occurrence of that kind within a week and the white population of that town was stirred to white heat.

The negroes form a con siderable portion of the population 1 od 1 hey at ooce armed themselves uid commenced parading the streets rouble. White and colorec together at fire depart iicin In- idqua'-'ersone nightand la'ei' same night a gang of i.egrin. ctll Miliemui on his porch and In ulieii him. When I he sheriff weiil lotiie town in ext ra policemen were sworn in anr very negro carrying a gun was takei mo custody. Jacx Charle much, II Brown, Win.

and Isain Connelly, Joe Persley and Rober i.igginswere arrested, charged will 1 citing riot, and all but Liggins wen evicted. Working on the Hill Work on Caney's new mill is being ushed rapidly, and soon we will have mother new industry. Wm. Blackledge' has the mill rite and G. W.

Wood the mason work, while Franks captured aptured the lumber bill. April Fool Dinner. Watch for the menu next week. Harness Repairing Atwood Carinder have put in a Itai 'e-s repair shop. First-class work I.

all times, bv a first-class workma-. iVELL STILL BURNING he Big Gas Well Still Master ot the Situation RIED IT AGAIN YESTERDAY Three Efforts to Get the Hood Over the Well Failed The new hood was ringed up last Monday and promptly at the sij; was given to swing it towards tin well. It took just five minutes to gei i lie hood over the well and lowered At one time it looked as though the iood would 'opnleover, but it wa "tmghtened up, and the llames can in under the bottom of the hood in beets, and could not be put out, a.1-iiey easily were when the first hoou is put i n. The work of ballasting down tin hood vxiih dirt, rock, scraps of iron were emit inued ail afternoon ano niylil, and was given up next morning and a new hood ordered. The boon pole of the crane was melted down in just nine minutes at' it was swu.iu into the flames.

When ii was und that the rffor was a 1. Hire the 'work Mie hooii was beyuu. When taken I ii w.s uiid 1 it he hood wa.N injur i ry 1 le, and it. was rleeidfi to liy again. The was p.

ad ed up, ami 1 In h'-ocl put on bri inn yesterday, time being a failure The eft rt, wil'. be renewed just soon as ihe new hood, being made a Cherryvale can be completed, which will probably be tomorrow. Summer McQurllen will make dull scissors cut as good as new for 10 cents. A Chicago Alderman owes his Election to Chamberlain's cough Remedy. "1 cau heartily and conscientiously recommend Chamberlain's Cough Bemedy for affections of the throat and lungs," says Hon John Shenick, 220 So Peoria Chicago.

"Two years I ago during a political campaign, 1 caughMfcold after being overheated, my throat and I was Anally- impelled to stop, as I could not speak aoud. In my extremity a friend advised me to use Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. I took two oses that afternoon ond could not believe my sense when 1 found the next morning ihe inflammation had largely subsided. I took several doses that day, kept right on talking through the campaign, and I thank this medicine that I won mv seat in he Council." This remedy is for sale by Dr. A.

M. Taylor Republican and Citizens Parties Both Hold Ward Caucuses DELEGATES TO CONVENTION Judge Flannelly Will Get the Vote of Caney Solid The Republicans met in the various wards Wednesday evening and select ed delegates to the county delegate convention at Independence to-mor row, which will select delegates to the state and conventions and to the judicial convention atCher- ryvale, to nominate a judge. The del egates to Cherryvale will be for Judge Flannelly's renomination. The delegates are as follows, the last named being the delegate to the judicial convention: F1BST WARD ALTERNATES JB Marti a Frnd Tbornburg Woods SECOND WARD Gilbert liraden McCoy THI RD WARD 1 ha llson .1 A Rmlur i Mreker rr.m WARD .1 Ii Mnrsliall No alternate DELEGATES Urifhteu A Utterback Vm Horn Or V. It McCoy (I I rk Ihiunu 1 II Wnrk I rilltl' 'Instructed Tor Khuinelly CITY T''KKT Nominations for one member of hoard of education and councilman I' rom each' ward were as follows: Fikst Wakd Councilman, Woods: School Odneal; Woods, committeeman.

Brighten, Chairman; Woods, Secretary. Second Ward Geo Perkins, Councilman; Geo Braden, School board; Gilbert, Committeeman. Dr McCoy, Chairman; Hanna, Secretary Third Ward Bradley, Councilman; Cayis, School board; Geo II Wark. Chas Wilson Chairman; Balcom Secretary Fourth Ward Dodson, Councilman; A A Carnine, School board; Barr Chairman; Marshall secretary Citizen's Party The Citizens met in the different wards Tuesday evening and selected candidates for councilmen and mem-oers of the School board. The fourth ward caucus was overlooked, and they got together Wednesday afternoon.

The nomination3 were as follows: First Ward Chas Todd, Councilman; Warren, School board; B. Ayers, Chairman; Martin Sec'y. B. Ay res, Committeeman. SECOisD Ward Arthur Hofmaister Councilman; Charlton, School hoard EJ Buckley, Chairman; II uarr Secretary.

Third Ward: A Summer, coun-silman, Dr Blewett, school board. Franks, chairman, II Barr, secre-taiy, Franks, committeeman. Folktii Ward: Everhart' councilman, Dr Rogers school board. Bljickledjie chairman, Dr Booker Everhart, committee man. Charles Todd has withdrawn as a candidate in the first ward.

(las Well Stopped School The influence of the big gas well the Methodist College at Win for a day. it happened this way: Several of the professors from the college came ier on the excursion train to see the li, and stayed over until Monday, xpi cting to get oack on the regular rain. When the conductor came around the professors, with many it hers, handed him the excursion icket, but he would not take them. They insisted, and he told them he take them as far as Niotaze, and vire for instructions, which he did, ind got an answer that he would get instructions at Sedan. When the train readied Sedan the sheriff and deputies were at the depot-and all who could not or would not dig up were taken off the train.

Most of the professors as well as many others, did not figure on staying over night, and had spent their money, so had to wait at Sedan until they could get the necessary funds from home, and the school could not run without teachers. In Self Defense Major Hamm, editor and manager of the Constitutionalist, Eminence, when he was fiercely attacked, four years ago by Piles, bought a box of Bucklen's Arnica Salve, of which he says: "it cured me in ten days ana no trouble since." quickest neaier or Burns, Sores, Cuts and Wounds. 25- cents at all drug stores. The ladies of the Christian church give a pus social, in Truskett's building just west of Barris' meal market. Friday evening, March 30th.

Proceeds to be applied on parsonage debt. Come and help in a good cause. Regular services at the M. E. church Sunday morning and evening.

will be the closing service of the conference year. The pastor will start conference Tuesday, March 27. You cordially invited to come. E. G.

Coons, pastor. Presbyterian Church: Sunday-school' 9:45 a. m. Preaching at 11a. m.

and p. m. Teachers meeting Tuesday at p.m. Prayer meeting Thursday at p. m.

You are cordially invited to come to our services. LaTiieo Iobe, Pastor. A Still Trial The quietest trial ever held in polict court was up before Judge Buckley Saturlay. A mute, W. II.

Wisdom, bad been a disturbing element among the mule-, and had threatened to shoot J. Martin. The mutes of Caney are a unusually quiet set of people, and li not like the racket, Wisdom had bee, making, so preferred charges againv him." However, they did not get i rightcourt, and he ws discbarg was probably intended bring hii. before a justice of the peace and ha him put under pe ie- inmn, but mistake theygot him into police court. When arrested a little pop gu; pistol was found on li is person th; wouldn't have made a dent in a but 1 1 bull, but it was a gun, and people don' like to have a fellow with any old kin, a gun fooling around them.

In Society Independence Reporter: The hon Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Allen on soutl Cth street was the scene of a ven pleasant gathering on Thursday evet ing when their daughters, Mrs.

J. I Ulackledge of Caney, Mrs. Li Ilia Ivahn of Illinois, and Mrs. Hoyt. Catt Chanute, entertained their fonm friends.

Each lady invited her nw coterieof chums and each entertaiiit a different room. A sumpluoi- dinner was served at six o'clock', dining in a separate room Mr Blackledge returned to her home Caney Friday morning, and Mr Kahn and Mrs. Cates left for the; homes Eriday evening They wei raised here and each had a host friends who were glad to welcou them bo 1 e. The Penalty of a Kiss A little chap 111 one of the wtr grades is paying the penalty of stayii-i a portion of every noon, just becatis his girl was so sweet he could not it sist the temptation to steal a kiss. That is real cruel of 1 he teacher.

How long, at the same rate, would 11 take her to nay the penalty of eac kiss she lias willingly permitted to 1-stoleti? And she didn't thinkil either, and o'i suppose she coiii find an.vone who would aigu the cast, should she try natural life lime. In ihe lime you renovai jour hoii'-e Whv not youi body Rocky Mountain Tea ui nninirii ies, and enrichi- lie biood and tern. Uo cents. punlies lie cot in Dr. A Tailor Some People Think nun We will not sell the piper if we do not do the decorating.

Such is not the case. If you have your own part ic-ular decorator it does not make any difference 10 us, aswJare going to sell our paper regardless of Whether we do the Work or not. I would be pleased to show you my line and ask you to compare prices with out of town competitors. I can sell cheaper than from samv pie books every pattern I show you in stock, and prices right. Call and see for yourself.

HOAfil AM H' 1 V7VJ U-rvl YJ Wall Paper and Art slore I 2nd door west of Gas Office. j.e-y-.9-Te 9 Me was Captured at Copan and Taken to Nowata Deputy Sheriff Blshir got word Saturday that Mark Killion had been arrested at Copan, and he and J. Guilkey went down to get him. As was expected, Mark refused to accompany them without requisition papers, so he was held under a fugi tive warrant, and taken to Nowata, where, to give the language of the U. S.

marshal, "he will be held until you come fur him." Mr. Bishir Immediately took the necessary steps to get requisition pa pers, which came Tuesday, and Sberifl Pruitt went down to Nowata Wednes jav evening aftpr him Mark was wanled a Caney on the charge of "feloneous assault" on the person of Charles Smith, a boy about seventeen years old, whom he struck witn Bun at Graves Graves' liverv barn several weeks ago. firs. John J. Hopps Dead G.

B. Atwood received word from J. f. Hopps at Lawton, Oklahoma, the first of this week that his wife died there Monday, March 13. He did not stat the cause of her death.

Mrs. Hopps will be remembered by her mttnfr Hunnv frlonrio ac jn oTAollant. lady, and a true christian character When here she was a member of the Baptist church. TOO MUCH BUTTER Council net in Regular Session Tuesday Evening ONE ORDINANCE WAS PASSED Sewer svstem and Water Works Extension Discussed The council met Tuesday night in regular session, with all members present Franks and Barr coming in late. Probably the smallest batch of oills that has ever come before the council was allowed, while one account was laid on the table because it had too much outter in it.

It was a bill for groceries for a small-pox patient, Bad showed that the family had bought a pound of butter a day for several days The health officer was instructed that small-pox patients owning dogs must keep the dogs under strict quar-intine or have them killed, he to communicate the same to the patients. A petition is out for a sewerage In the business portion of the town; ana it was found that the proposition t0 Vote bonds for the improvement of the water works could not be voted up0n at the coming city election, jaw requiring at least twenty days notice. The water works superintendent has been having trouble with Walt II" ana me city aixoroey was lustrucieu totr me an recommendations. car load! But it was a monster wagon Connelly and the Glass plant. He and strong enough to haul the big was instructed to collect water rental pump to the station on.

The Stan- fr0m Mr. Connelly or shut off his sup-dard surely intends making the Caney piV) and the water committee was in-pumping station the best in the west, structed to call upon the Glass com- And, by he way, it is rumored patJy and flx up with them, they intencTputting in a refinery here, The city ordered City Attorney but that is just rumor nothing reli- work to settle costs in suits appealed able, so far as we have heard. to district court for several years back. Accident at Glass Plant The city was stuck for the costs be- F. P.

Ashley who works in the box- cause of worthless bonds given by the lag department at the glass plant, defenders of the city's peace and dig-met with quite a painful accident nity. Monday. Reports from the city clerk, city He was sawing a piece of timber, treasurer and police judge, were read when piece of it flew off striking and approved, him on the upper lip, and cutting An ordinance granting the right to through to the bone. The force of the Kansas City Long Distance Tele-the blow was so great that he lay un-jephone to set the poles necessary conscious for about forty minutes. Dr.

to get Into the Caney Gas office, was Rader was called and dressed the passed. wbuid, and Mr. Ashley is alright, bar-1 Dr. Aldrich, city physician, presen- riniran awful sore lip. ted some resolutions intended to bet- tar thn eanirarv vinrlir.lnnn fif thp. Fob good 7-room now in ttruilev addition. Up-to-date In every respect, inquire 01 cnuu Lumber Co. a. Bros..

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