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The Lane Light from Lane, Kansas • 8

The Lane Light from Lane, Kansas • 8

The Lane Lighti
Lane, Kansas
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0 NEW PAPER THE LANE FAIR A Better Display Than Ever Before had Here. NEW ENTERPRISE NEW BUSINESS The JFolR So Mere! THURSDAY THE BIG DAY, Devoted expressly to the interests of Lane and its vicinity. A Cheat Interest 'Taken la the Special Premiums. SO 19 THAT. Atony Strangers Visit the City who were Never Here Before.

8IG STOOP GOODS -AT BRICK FRONT. Shelves and, h'i Id Bui lis npHE LANE LIGHT is the paper for the people of Lane and vicinity. JL It will tell you what your neighbor is doing every week in the year, the news you are especially interested in. Special features will be local news; what our neighbors in neighboring towns are doing; correspondence from all potnts in franklin, north-east Anderson, north-west Liqn, and south-west Miami counties; State news; general news; agricultural news; miscellany and short stories; legislative and congressional news when these bodies are in session. We don't dabble in politics, but should you want a political paper, we can furnish you one in connection with THE LIGHT at very little more expense.

Here is a part of our clubbing list. Kansas City Journal, $1.25 Times, (Twlce-a-Week) 1.73 Leavenworth Times 1.25 Topeka Capital 1.60 Kansas Farmer. 1.75 St Louis Republic 1,85 Topeka Aavocate 1.85 Now York Weekly World 1.65 Toledo V- St. Louis blobe-Democrat 1.8O Chicago Inter-Ocean 1.70 Kansas Democrat 1.45 We can save you money on any paper or magazine published. Place your ad in THE LIGET at once.

It will reach every home in ten miles of Lane, and assist in building up the paper, the town and your trade. Bring in your job work, we are prepared to execute it in neatness and dispatch. THE LIGHT, Lane, Kansas. Counters Full. Bi was centered, and to which the people looked for the greatest amusement.

They were as follows: Purse No. 1. $60 Trotting race, 8:00 minute claas; mile heats; best two in three: Boen' Almont 1 1 1 Dora Farnsworth 2 2 2 Byron 8 8 8 Time: 2 AH 5 Purse No. $60. Foals ol 1890; mile heats; best three In five: 1 .0 0 Freestone 2 2 0 0 Dr 3 8 8 0 0 Tanglelot ........4 4 4 0 0 Time: 2:44 Purse No.

S. $50 Half mile dash; running race: Limber Jim 2 flty Violet .1 Tricky pt Lady 3 Time. :51. Purse No. 4.

$35. Special; Pacing; best two in tferee: Country Girl 1 1 Cyclone 2 2 2 Time: 2:40: 2.34, Purse No. 5. $60. Trotting; 2:40 class; Mile heats: Boen's Almont 8 3 8 Harold Patchen 1 1 1 Dora 2 2 Time: 2i5J? 2-404; 2:394.

Purse No 6. $40. Running; three years and under; best two in three: August Girl 2 1 2 lift MftMtM 2 LadyC :...3 8 Rocket 4 3 0 Flossy 5 4 Time: 1:03. Two races on account of not being filled were declared off. The game of ball between the Lane and Beagle nines for the $5 purse at the fair, was played Thursday, but owing to two of the players for the Lane nine having to leave on the west bound train, it was agreed that the game should be twenty minutes before train time, the game to be as it then stood.

The following is the score by Lane 4 0 -9 Beagle 1 1 Friday the game was between Lane and Rontoul, the Lane boys again being the victors, and the score standing as follows: Lane ..4 0 8 2 7 2 2 7 1-28 ..2 0 4 0 0 1 1 1 0-5 The shooting match for the special purse of $15, drew out nine contestants, and much interest from the crowd Friday afternoon. The score was aa follows: L. Brewer 111101010110010-9 A. D.Pierce 01110100001011 0-7 Martin 10 110 0111111011-11 P. Peterson 00110100010000 0-4 J.

Oarlyle 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 1 1 1 0-7 B. Brewer 11010111011000 1-0 T. Lowery UOUlllOuOOllO-9 Fred, Hurl 0 110 11011010110-9 E. Cumings 1010 10 111110 010-9 Oard of Thanks. The management of The Lane Fair Association wishes to return their thanks to the superintendents of the several departments, for their diligence and efficiency, and prrticula ly to the lady managers whose work excelled anythmg heretofore exhibited or displayed at this place.

James Jenkinson, Gen. Supt. Home-Seekers' Excursion. The Baltimore Ohio Southwestern Railway is now selling excuis.on tickets for homesoekers, to po nts in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, llorida, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisana at onew fare for the round trio. The, dates of 'these excursions are October id, November ('tb, and December 4th.

Tickets w.ll be good for twenty days. Home-seekers' tickets are also being sold to points West and Southwest; dates of sales being September 25th and October 'Jth; good returning withifj twenty days. Literal stop-over privileges will be granted on all tickets. For rates and further information, apply to agents B. O.

S. W. or address Goodrich, West. Iasg. Agt, P.

O. Box 264, Kansas City, Mo. J. Chesbhocgit, Gen'l Tasa Agt. Some Largest Things, TUB largest prison the United States is located at Jeii'crsou City, Mo.

Tiierh is a pear orchard or garden in the isle of Jersey containing sixty thousand pear ti'oos. Tim largest poach orchard in the world is at Elownwood, which Contains pjeven, thousand trees. A measuring four feet in circumference and weighing fifty potintls is on exhibition at the Nov' Whatcom (Wash.) thumbcr cf commerce. Tun largest order for a single atlvcr-tjscujjjnt in one paper, before war, was given by the FoirbanisS Seal? Company to the New Yorli T.rilrano. and it amounted to V.itcn thousand dollars.

Tin: Mrs. ICing. of Corpus Christ 1, the cu'Vt'i. ieeu of Texas, of 15,000 2-year-old t.tccrs Li the largest single order for cattle ever filled in Toxas. The wasSS J.000.

Mrs. King's ranch lU 8900,000. And they are going at such prices lhat everybody buys. Just notice the throng of peopb going in with empty hands and baskets, and coming out witij arm loads and baskets ivell filled. Then you will be convinced that IIIEWIVS VEICK FRONT Js the Flaw to Get Big Bargains, They are there, come and be convinced, Business at the Brick will be better than ever was known in a Jjaos store.

Why? Because goods are cheaper and a bigger stogk to select from. Bee the great crowds that visit the Brick Front That is evidence enough to support what we pay, New customers are coming every day. They want to spend their cash where it will go the farthest and get the latest and best goods. Our pew and full line of Boots and Shoes Is now in, and those Boys and Misses School Shoes are out of sight. Those ladies Shoes are the biggest bar gains ever offered in Lane for the money, and those Boots you will certainly buy at sight, and those Rubber Snag Boots can't be beat.

JJpw then just look at the THE TIMES' CAMPAIGN RAT is an arbitrary word used to designate the only bow (ring) which cimnot be pulled 08 the watch. Whatever may be said of the success of the fair at Lincoln Fark, during the past week; only one general conclusion can be drawn and that is, that many strangers were brought to the city who have perhaps never been drawn heie before, and in this way introduced ourselves, our beautiful park and many advantages, together with our trade advantages that will be an incentive to bring them back again to trade. We talked with many stpaogew who were surprised at the fin samples of grain, th great array of fancy work, iiuit and flowers, cattle, hogs, horses and other stock that had been brought together the short time that had been allotted to working up the fair. Thursday was the big day of the feir when between 1,500 and 1,600 people were on the ground, and all seemed to be enjoying themselves in the cool shade of the trees, In watching thfl races, viewing the exhibits and taking in the ball game. Friday the attendance was not so large, but was a pleasant crowd (hat seemed to have come out for a day pf recreation and pleasure.

Taking into consideration the close times, the attendance was all that could be expected, and the order on the grounds- was good, and a credit to the management and police. No disturbance of any kind was brought to our notice, and but one or two were seen that were in the least under the influence of liquor. Gambling devices that are usually thick on the grounds of our country fairs were not allowed to enter, and no one was fleeced out of their money by sharks and sharpers intruding their presence upon the grounds. Muci interest seemad to be taken in the special premiums, and especially the painting lessons offered by Mrs. Addie Martin for the best cake baked by girl under 16, and best pie baked by girl under 12 years of age.

Five entries of cakes were made, and the prize was carried off by Miss Eva Vent, a little 12 year old girl living east of the city. Two entries of pies were made, Miss Minnie Brown, 11 years old, being the lucky one that will get the lessons. Several entries of corn were made, but A. L. hite was the gentlemen that drew the special offered by The Light, and he will for the next year read the best paper published in Franklin county.

Also Wm. Ensel who had the be6t half bushel of wheat Four 5-lb. lots of butter competed for the special prize offered by J. H. Hlelep, all of which were exceedingly fine, but Mrs.

J. W. Wright was the lucky otje and will wear the $3 pair of shoes offered. The fruit display was exceedingly fine, and shows what can be raised in that line in this county. There was sixty-one entries made in this department and the premiums were distributed between Chas Floyd Martin, M.W.

Lby.W. H. Hamacher. L. W.

Glinkman. Bart Ford, J. W. Weight and Mrs. Smith.

In the; pantry stores there was also a large number of entries, the greatest number, forty-one premiums being carried off by Mrs. Chas. Glink-man, although several others had splendid jellies, preserves, etc. there aud shared the honors with her. The art department and other parts of the tabernacle.

was crowded full of articles that deserve special mention would our of it, bufteing crowded for room we will only stop to mention the fine shells from the western coast exhibited by Warner Burks. About sixty entries of horses of all classes and grades, was made, a great many from the farms around this place and was a show of the excellent gradeB of horses we can afford. The cattle department was represented by Jerseys, Herfords and Uur-bams, and the premiums wero carried o'T by Henry and A. ailing-ford on Jerseys and Fred Sparks on Pui'hams. There was a good lot of hogs, the pens all being full and premiums we tfrkeii by A.

Davigon, Gus Parker and E. 'Ihomas. There were thirty-two entries in the poultry department covering nearly the whole list of breeds, which made this one of the finest poultr shows ever held at it his place. The premiums were scattered among several diSerent breeders. The racing was one of the attractions of the fair in much intep- The Kansas City Times Here's the Idea The bow has groove on each end.

A collar runs down inside the pendant (stem) and tits into the grooves, firmly locking the bow to the pendant, so that it cannot be pulled or twisted off. EVERY DAY TILL JANUARY. 1, It positively prevents the loss of the watch by theft, and avoids injury to it from dropping. IT CAN ONLY BR HAD with Jas. Boss Filled or other watch cases bearing this trade mark- Dry Goods All watch dealers sell them without extra cost.

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Do ot be de. r5--3gsE33fiM eelved by thone lltiPOwM at PiKil Wholesale Address THE TIMES, Kansas Cm, Mo. TAKE NO OTHER. It (a the PEST. There is nothing JUST AS QOOD.

The K-ralled Sample copies free. SCO. Midline Vhlch Ihcy advertise tor ttfO. Line, there your eyes fall upon that Shirting at only 5c a yard, and a little better grade at jc, and still a better one at jSJc. Then there is that LL Unbleached Muslin at 4c who ever heard of ii? And that Bleached Muslin, full yard wide, only it's going out by the bolt too.

Then there is those beautiful Press Ginghams, only 8Jc, and that Indian Head Canton Flannel, 8c, and those Blankets 65c a pair. Now do you wonder at each a throng of people pouring in and out of the Brick Front. In our Grocery Department You will always find a complete line of the best and newett goods and loioetst prioes. Salt Meats and Lard always on hand. Also the best Flour that is made in Kansas, at $1.10, $1 30, $1 0 and $1 70 per hundred.

Pure Shorts, oc. No. 1 gait, 45c per 100 lb. saek $1 25 per band. Dairy Salt, ajc per lb.

Bring in vour produce, we int it. Highest market-price always paid. Ste that bulletin board that hangs against the Brick Frpnt before VOu sell your produce. san now be bought of or our ikftlr (or from SI O.OO to 81S.OO. COPYRIGHTS.

We make a larfro variety of these cheap marhlnei for throw who can nut otforil to buy the BEST. Tliejr are put uuely liiiirhcu or carefully made the new home; hot WH GTTATIAVTEI5 KVKUY ONE. and onr piarante in good. We have nn-nu In nearly every town wler you can (ret Instruction, needle, or repalrj, Wrlta for Our Kew Price fl' not he Undenold, We want Tonrnrilsr. If not for the Bert, for our neit rt.

And if prices, JiUeral terms and square deuUnq will win we (ret it. WR WIM, DELI VE'l a machine at Tour home for examination, De ore purcliailnir. free of charge. Writeat ouue. JVgw Price Itist free.

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them tent free. Also a analogue ol mechanical arid scientific books sent free. Patents taken through Minin, Co. receive special notice lu the Scientific American, and tints are hronpbt widely before (lie public with' out cost to tbe inventor. This splendid paper, issued weekly, eleeantly Illustrated, has bj far the laivest circulation of any scientiSo work in this world; a yer.

Sample copies sent free. Building Edition, monthly. tiM a year. Slnpla copies, cents. Every number contain bean, tlf til plates.

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