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The Caney Chronicle from Caney, Kansas • 6

The Caney Chronicle from Caney, Kansas • 6

Caney, Kansas
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1(1 1) AY, JULY 12, 1912 TAFT MEN THIKD IN KANSAS. All hough Attonicy-Goneral Jackson Tiie Graduate's IaTestments. haa stated the Tuft electors could be kept off the ticket lu the primary this should not bo dojio. Why not put up rrogreNttlveii are the Republican party, ROPING RECORDS MADE AT DEWEY YV. A.

White Says. Children Cry for Fletcher's The graduate will very shortly make some rather serious investments. She may Indeed make them next week, without loss of time from the end of both the Tuft mid Roosevelt elector and theo let the Republicans at the primaries decide who should be tli school days. Or she may take a few weeks or months to rest and catch her electors oil the Republican ticket. If breath after final exams and com both factions had an opportunity to IN 29 SECONDS COWrUXCHEB ROPES AND TIES A STEER MM vote, there could be 110 complaint mencement, before she turns her mind to serious things.

But sooner or later, she will have to take up this question the Toptka Capital speaks thus along the same Hue 1 Ui-k of Investment. txCongiessuian Chas F. Scott of And the Investment she has to make Small Crowd Saw Contests at Dewey Second Day but Better Enter taiumeut Wasfiivcii the Spectators. The Kind You Have Always Bought, and whl'-H lias been In use for over 30 years, has borne the sinaturo of lola thinks that if Republicans exer Is of her time, her talents, herself, else a preference lu August of voting and has been made under his per- for the Roosevelt or the Taft caudl very important investment, yo usee, and one that she ought to be most anxious shall yield her a good profit in the sonal supervision since Its infancy-. 44StfK Allow no one to deceive vou In 1 Ms.

dates for electors and if the Roosevelt electors are nominated then the Taft years to come. ticket will be unable to get on the No The story is told of a prominent New York man, that when he first started vember ballot and Injustice done to those Kansas Republicans who lu business, he was offered two posi tions. One was in a banking concern might desire to voti for Taft and for Sherman in the election in November If euch is the case the Taft men at a not very remunerative salary; the other proffered at the start a much Emporia, Kansas, July 6. William Allen White said today In the Emporia Gezette under the heading "The Kansas Contest." "There will be no third party in Kansas unless the Taft Republicans desire to put a third ticket in the independent columns. The Progressives control the machinery of the Republican party, they control It by the primary votes of the rank and file of the They have a set of Roosevelt electors, a candidate for United States senator, a candidate for governor and for congressman in practically every district and the progressives propose to hold to that party machinery when they carry the coming August primaries The rank and file ot the everyday Republicans in Kansas have a right to their party machinery, and no national committee can take it away fro mthem "The need to hold the progressive organization we have won Is emphasized by the fact that the national Republican committee has become the autocratic dictator of the shell of a national organization that the Taft Repu'a licans now hold.

That committee four years from now can steal another nomination, just as it stole the Taft nomination. Moreover, there is every reason to believe that this new national committee will do it four years from new as it did it last mouth. For the national committee has made a rule that gives it a right to expel any member of the committee who disagrees with it and to appoint someone to fill higher salary. But the banking post should take measures to preveut that situation from arising. This can be All Counterfeits, Imitations and "Just-as-good" aro Experiments that trifle with and endanger the.

heaUU I Infants and Cldldren Experience -against Experiment. What is CASTORIA Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Taro-gorlc, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other 3fareotio substance. Its age is Its guarantee.

It destroys "Worms and allays Feverlshness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates tho Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend.

GENUINE ASTO I A ALWAYS tlon had a future which the other had not and he decided to invest for the done in two ways: They might uom. inate the Taft candidates over the can future. His position today shows the wisdom of his choice. didates for Roosevelt in the primaries If they have sufficient votes. Or, if uot they might do what they propose In the same way, the graduate should look to her future.

Social life Is all very fascinating for awhile, especially the Roosevelt Republicans do, print the Taft electoral ticket on the ballot to a young girl. But will the life of a in November by petition. That, as society woman entirely satisfy her? last resort would enable anyflian lu Stenography seeems an easy and quick road to earning a living. But Kansas who desKad to give his support Bears the Signature of 1 A diminished crowt, one scarcely large enough to fill 1 section of the great grand stand thai seated 30,000 persons Thursday, saw the third day events yesterday fthe Early Days Amusements association's annlversaiy celebration The entertainment, however, was better even than on the previous day for the riders and ropers were unhamperd by the stlffwind that made exibition poor and considerably bettered all their records. Although he did not place as leader in yesterday's events, Henry Grammer, the Kaw, Oklahoma, roper, today holds the best average of the twenty two contestants and is in a fair position to win first money The finals today will determine the winners.

Aviator Kantner repeated his flight in a Bleriot monoplane, on schedule time for almost a half hour and executing dangerous maneuvers. Following are the scores and averages of ropers; Yesterday's Roping Winners. M. Holcomb, 29 sec. E.

M. Burgess 31 sec. B. Wler 34 sec. Winners on Thursday.

O. Lowrence, 37Va sec. Henry Grammer 40 4 sec. K. Hale, 67 Leaders by Two Days' Average.

Av. Time Henry Grammer 37 5-8 B. Weir 42 3-4 O. Lowrence 43 3-4 to Taft and Sherman to do so in the what about her future as a stenograph November election. There is no dan er? Is it enough? Is she specially fitted physically and temperamentally ger, therefore of any Taft voter losing his opportunity in November to support for stenographic work? bis favorite candidate.

Further, by this belter arrangement what is probagly a small minority In Dressmaking and millinery may not seem remunerative enough right at the beginning. But years hence, as an authority on dress, as a woman who creates the truly beautiful in apparel, The Kind You Have Always Bough! Kansas will not dictate end determine the entire action of the party, as was the vacancy caused by the expulsions. done in Chicago "Heretofore the state central com In Use For Over 30 Years THC CENTAUR COMPANY. 77 MURRAY TRCIT, NEW YORK CITY. would she not be satisfied? The innvestment the graduate may make in the next few months requires mittee could fill the vacancy, but now the vacauy is filled by the national 2 It might be a chivalric thing for the progressives in Kansas to hand over the party to the defeated and discredited reactionaries, but it would be hardly politics and it would be an un a long look ahead and a searching look committee itself and a satrap is set within.

She should look to see what over each state who bears no relation ALASKA WAS SHAKEN Seattle, Washington, July 8. Vio- to the state sentiment. This is highhanded" oligarchy. A self perpetuating fortunate day for Kansas if this should she wishes her years to yield. And then her investment should he ot this nature.

She should look to herself to lent disturbances lasting from 12:01 to 2:06 A. today were recorded on be done. It would be done by the sim autocratic ruling body is established Worst Earthquake Ever felt tliere lasted Forty Seconds. pie process which the reactionaries are the seismograph at the University of see what she is best fitted to do, so by this national committee which now that her investment shall not be a fail Washington. The heaviest shock was makes it imperative for the Progree-, now desparately urging that is that the progressive candidates for elector from 12:06 to 1:15 with the most in sives to fill their local organization, should withdraw.

tense shock between 12:06 and 12:12, and to go into this fight with Theo If there is any withdrawing let it at which time the needle ran clear off dore Roosevelt as the leader. This we be done by the party itself in its vote the paper. will do in Kansas. CHRONICLE PAPER IN CARLOAD SHIPMENTS "The Taft electors and the Roose in August. Let no individual anticipate that action.

Leave it to the Republicans of the state, they will all be velt electors are up. They will he on Fairbanks, Alaska, July 8. The most violent earthquake ever known here took place at 10 o'clock last night the earth rocking continously for forty second Less violent shocks occur-ed during the night. Louis Anderson, foreman of a. mine on Dome Creek, was killed as the result of the earthquake.

He was suffocated beneath a huge slab of earth that the quake loosened from the roof of the mine. Permanent alteration of the climate of the Alaska coast cause the opening of new fishing banks of untold value, and the eventual closing of Bering ure and leave her a bankrupt physiaal-ly and financially. Unfortnnately, the most important investment of all, that of wifehood and motherhood, a girl cannot choose for herself. This may be the investment she most desires to make, the one she realizes needs the most conscientious preparation for, and the one which, if she does eventually decidde for it, upsets all her other investments. Yet she cannot lift her little finger on the affirmative side.

The only power she the primary ballot. The thing for out to vote in August. Republicans to do is to rebuke the theft of the presidential nomination by strait are among the scientific proba bilities now being investigated as KEM0YE RESTRICTIONS. naming the Roosevelt electors, nomin result of the eruption of Mount Katmia ating Stubbs and Capper and the Pro According to the dispatch received a month ago gressive congressmen and thus per by wire yesterday from Congressman petuating the progressive organization for which we have been fighting for Campbell, the oCmmittee on Indian af has in the mattter is negative. Since a fairs has favorably reported the Re A carload of paper was shipped to the Chronicle and a Cher-ryvale paper and the Chronicle shipment was received last week.

The shipment was the largest ever received in Caney and is for the Chronicle Daily and the Weekly. The growing circulation demands increased print paper. The big shipment was paid for spot cash and advantage taken of the discount, thus enabling the Chronicle to print as cheaply as any paper anywhere. The Chronicle is the only paper in the city which is printed entirely in Caney. eight years.

It mu6t not be stolen by man chooses his career, and continues it, whether married or not, but a wo moval of Restrictions bill to Congress the monstrous combination of big bus uess and peanut politics that in run man must usually alter her whole plan and there is hope of action being taken before the adjournment of Congress. of life if she marries, it is very illogi ning the Taft campagin. Thi6 bill provides for the removal of No new party in Kansas is needed cal that the initiative does not rest with her. But at present, it doesn't, restrictions on Indian land immediately south of Caney in Washington and but the men who have stood shoulder to shoulder to make Kansas a free state must get out to the primaries and defend what they have won and keep The only thing a girl can do, if she changes her plans, and marries, is to Nowata Counties, Okla, and the pas sage of the bill means much to Caney. look to this investment most carefully, It is the most important she can make, YOUR RPOSPERITY MEANS OUR PROSPERITY The banks of a community thrive only in the same degree that the people of the community thrive.

want to help you to gat along will. It Js to our Interact to to to. Start a small account with us and we will help you to Increase It Call on ni when we can be of service. to, you In any capacity. Every possible aid should be extended this bill.

If you have a friend of in- the state from the combination of reactionaries and Democrats who allied themselves in-the organization of the She needs to safeguard it in every kluence or acquainted with congress She needs to study whatever has VICTOR YOST IS DEAD. bearing upon it state senate last year with the Stand-pat republicans to defeat progressive But whatever the decision shall be men, write or wire them Immediately. It will take but a moment of your time to make you thoroughly conversant with the situation and there is every in the next few months as to the in legislation. City Brother of Yost Sisters of This Died in Coffeyville. vestment the graduate shall make, she The reactionary Democrats fought reason why you should act, for your should not look upon the matter light under Wilson's name last year.

They own good as well as that of the com ly; but she should gaze with search Victor Yost died this morning at 11 lined up with the Curtis wing of the munity. Congress has not long to con ing, critical eyes into the future years o'clock of dropsy at Coffeyville. He Republican party then in the senate sider this important matter and now is Remember there li ne account tee small for us to handle and appreciate. The Home National Bank and see what just investment will and if they win in Kansas under Wil the time to give your aid to this move has been ill some time. The arrangements for the funeral are not yet prove in the long run most profitable son's banner, will make the same old ment.

Barbara Boyd, in Heart and Home alliace that defeated many of the de made. The restrictions should be removed Talks. mands of the progressives made In Victor Yost is a brother of Misses and all should aid in a movement so poteiat for our future welfare both party platforms two years ago. Lizzie and Myrtle Yost, proprietors of the Yost photograph gallery on Spring FROG IN WOMAN'S STOMACH. The progressive causecan be maintained only Jby voting with the real progressives, men who have bourne the brunt of'battles without flinching or street He never lived in Caney but is known here.

TO CUT THE WEEDS Washington, D. July 6. A live frog that crawled and clawed and tKssm nr nrzi wsa ms we -j Chairman Hansen says "Cut in Sys croaked lived for nearly a year in the INTERCRBAN EXTENSION compromising. stomach of Mrs. L.

V. King, of Dean PRACTICALLY ASSUED. "It is not a new party but the de tematlc Maner." Chairman Hansen of the Improve Wood. 8 1 1 TO 8 1 5 WALSOT KANSAS CITY, MO. fense of what we have, that is needed in Kansas just now Roosevelt is the Rpnnhiinan nominee in Kansas.

He Officials of Company have Surveyed After clawing away at the lining of ment oCmmittee of the City Council, The Old Reliable Deetor-OWeet In ace aw4 Ion cast locateel. regular Graduate In Madlclna. and Selected RIght-of-Way. eW40Tin' Special practice the woman's stomach until it was raw ESTABLISHED 1SS7. war ax yaara in tvaneas viy.

must have the support at the pri with pain almost strangling her as it Anthomad lial 'a Cknale, Rinrous and Special Diseases. traat maries of 'everv patriotic citizen in Bartlesville Examiner. Officials of State, to climbed into her yiroat and fairly re stated today that the weeds would be cut all over the city. Some people had begun to fear that the annual swatting of the weeds was to be forgotten this year, but not so, avows this state." Oares faareuteed er messy refuodad. All medlolnes furnished read; for uae bo aaraarrarlixlartoua medloleued.

No dtnlon from business. Patteutiatadlatatae ducing her to a living skeleton, it was the Bartlesville Street railway announced last evening that it is very finally extricated by physicians ot the I ttaated kraMll aad express. Medicinal sent rrsrywaare, frea from breaker. I Crbart lew. Over aO.wO eases oured.

Ace and azperleae are Important. State your APPROVED BY B00SEYELT. emergency hospital. They used a Chairman Hansen. "We are going to I ease aaa sena lor lerms.

uonsuuaucu net-- ui aonnaaniiai, puraonany er 07 latter. fikely that the Dewey interurban line will be extended to Caney, Kansas, the large stomach pump. start in cutting the weeds immediate Hydrocele and.T"""! work to be started and to be well un The frog is now preserved in alcohol. ly and in a systematic manner. One der way beiore com weatner surveys It Is a weak colorless wrinkled shape street will be cut at a time and in this Seminal Weakness Sexual Debility, offi folllsl and eaeesa causiag nliflit lokses aad tost of aazual power, pimples and Meteaea en the face, confused ldeaa anil fere etfulaess.baahfntMBf aad sTeraion to eoelaty, eared fot life.

I stop nlj-ht New York, July 8. Roosevelt headquarters made public here today this telegram Colonel Roosevelt sent to William Allen White at Emporia, Kan for the extension have been completed less specimen and bears faint resent' way we hope to cover the whole town." and the right-of-way paralleling tha blance to the normal Jrog. Its legs Phimoelex aars without jaia l-IiimOSIS or dauer. Kook free. I nrlrffln Knlarredrelnalntba variVUbCIO acrotum.cmigingner-tous debliity, weakness of the sexual ays-tern, permanently eured without paia.

ClnlilllfS Thai terrible dlseaae. In sypilllie, all l.t 'ormsand etagee, aured for life. Ulood.poitsnlng and all pi ivate diseases oured. Ttfirtlf tor both seies-H pagee. 7 are long and scrawny and thin as tooth J.

B. TRUMBLY DEAD. loaaea, restore sexual power, nerve aca bralaaower.enlaree and struts; then welc picks. It measures all told about sev Santa Fe practically obtained. Announcement also was made a short time ago that the $600,000 required for- the construction of the road had been arranged for through the sale aid make you ror marriage, oeua er tree book and list of guesllona.

en inches. Passed Away This Afternoon After a "Our appeal nationally is pf course, to all men of progressive principles regardless of past party differences. The Just as it was breaking out of the Three YYeeks' Illness. faMa.aBM Radically cured with a AriOIUre oewlnfalllble Heme Mnfl Alai Treatment. No lu-eallH e.truaiei.t, nopRln, no egg the tadpole was swollowed by Mrs, pictures, w(ihfulldescrtptlot) of above diHranex.

the crtciauaoure, aei.t sealed in plain wrapper free. i tar Sill tali Hoi far tat bfctnittti tt OssUln. FrscMuseum or s.NATOMYFcit Mn Only action locally must be guided by the needs of the local situation. In any of bonds. Word is received this afternoon as datsatloi from buiinees.Cure guarantee t.

The extension according to present King in well water last August Weeks passed before the woman realized that there was some living animal in her Boelt and lint of quextlonsireo-neutaeaiea. state where there is no real Republi The Chronicle goes to press of the death of J. B. Trumbly. He died at can party I am entirely content, that plans will start from Dewey terminus and go directly north through Co-pan where an enormous power plant stomach.

She consulted doctors but the local organization should call It his home in the east part of the city this afternoon after a long illness. they laughed at her. self by the name of Progressive Democratic If that Is the local desire and if Last spring the frog now reaching Mr. Trumbly is an old resident of Is to be erected. The fourteen miles between the present end of the line and the proposed terminus Is nicely they support the national progressive its full growth began to climb into her throat and nearly suffocated her.

It Caney and is well known here, having represented the Osage Indians at the electors. "Where, as in New York, New Mexico and Colorado the local organiza divided by this town and in it buildup 0-operations will center clawed away at the membrane until she several times nearly fainted wtih pain. Still the doctors, when she told ciTai Avccit without Tim Snm yt tsr adSca ruan Air iiiiBijtjtrx The officials declare that in the tions of both parties are both hopeless council at Washington, D. in the land controversy. The funeral arrangements have not been completed at 'this hour" The At-wood-Caiinder Undertaking Parlors have the arrangements in charge.

last three months tra necessity lor them of her fears, only laughed. such a line for transporting passen Two months ago, Mrs. King declares, gers and freight has become more cer the frog began to croak. She distinct- ly boss ridden and reactionary then we must have a straight progressive ticket from top to bottom, independent of both the old parties. "Where, as I understand to be the irlAnSerwon! C---7.

a ear. Irk MH. O. H. Melander.

rslda. heard It many times and her rela tain than ever before. The route to be adopted will serve some of the richest oil territory in the world and will tives bear her out She went to the emergency hospital WlliC witaame axeratem. aaue, jtfmp ea atv ettoa qiethot. aetikar aek ear reeelre a aWtaf 4 Tea I open up what promises to become a and the frog was pumped out of its hid A avewtej case in Kansas, South Dakota, California and other states the local Republican organization is progressive and PWaaeea, eaeept Gaaeer, treated aaaer aoaiai ire.

FA aaml 0 great agricultural country ing place. Later The funeral will be held at the deceased's former residence tomorrow, Wednesday, afternoon at 3 o'clock, Rev Harmon Allen of the Caney Methodist Church officiating. Friends of the family invited. Burial will be made at Pawbuska, Okla. The frog lived ten minute in a tub tySITE TODAY.

IT WHJL PAY YOU OH. 17. O. RHODEQ lllOXttZJ Just one month left In which to cam of water. It croaked and sang Just represents the principles for which we stand, I hope that they will be able to make the fight locally for good govern- paign for the primaries.

like any regular frog. Then it died..

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