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Weir Journal from Weir, Kansas • 8

Weir Journal from Weir, Kansas • 8

Weir Journali
Weir, Kansas
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THE FAVORITE LAXATIVE 3NE CHURCH ONLY. no caustor great alarm Large Number of Defective Children an Old Phenomenon, Now More Evident. The enormous number of defective school children should not alarm us too Dad as it all is, there is plenty of evidence that it is an old, old phenomenon as old indeed as man himself but now more evident steps are: (1) Fnlth. (2) Obedience to thft- Invitation te self-sacrifice. (3) The carrying out of that sacrifice day by day, faithfully, unto death.

(4) A share in the resurrection "change" to glory, honor, Immortality. Let us. then, lay aside every weight and every besetting sin and run with patience this race and secure our full membership in the Church beyond the veil University Notes. Sunflower a Weed? That persistent question, "Is the sunflower a has finally been put to the University of Kansas for settlement. "The farmer is the final arbiter," says F.

H. Billings, professor of Botany. "It is he who decides when a flower becomes a weed. No court nor University nor botanist can make the decision. When a flower hampers the farmer in his work or has a pernicious effect on his crops, it becomes a weed." One at Night Makes the Next Day Bright; No Charge if it Doesn't Because of its extremely gentle and affective action, Rexall Orderl ies have become the most popular Remedy for Constipation.

We are so positive that Rexall Orderlies will do all that is claimed for tbem that we positively guarantee to hand rack the money you paid us for them upon your mere reqnest, it our are not entirely satisfied. Rexall Orderlies are eaten like candy, are very pleasant to the do not gripe, cause nausea, or aty other annoyance usually experienced when ordinary cathartic? are used. Rexall Orderlies have a positive regulative effect upon the bowels and tend to provide permanent relief from Constipation and the myriad of associate ailments. Besides, they help to over come the necessity of the constant use of laxatives to keep the bowels in normal condition. We honestly believe there is no similar medicine so good as Rexall Orderlies especially for children, aged or delicate people They are prepared in convenient tablet form in three pizes of packages.

Prices, 10, 25 'and 50c Why not try them at onr risk on our guarantee? Remember Rexall Remedies can be obtained in this community only at our store The Rex all Store W. J. Allen. Cornor Main.and Washington Weir City Kans. Sterilizing Liquids.

Perfect sterilization of liquids by means of filtration only seems to be made possible on a large scale through a proeess originated by two French scientists and reported to the Academy of Scientists at a recent meeting. It is known that membranes of collodion have the property of re taining all the microbes in a liquid filtered through them. But they are very fragile and therefore impractical outside of the laboratory. By re-en forcing the collodion membrane with a fine wire screen Imbedded in it, just as a pane of glass is thus re-enforced, the two scientists constructed a filter not only strong enough for practical purposes but so effective as to exclude even molecules of salts dissolved in the" liquid. Well Informed.

"There goes one of our greatest explorers." "Ycu don't say!" "Yes. He knows where the sock department is located in a dozen department stores." If the child starts iu its sleep, grinds itsteeth while sleeping, picks at the nose, has a bad breath, fickle appetite, pale complexion, and dark rings under the eyes, it has worms; and, as long as they remain iu the intestines, that child will be sickly! WHITE'S CREAM VERMIFUGE cleans out the worms, strengthens the stomach and bowels and puts the little one on the road to health and cheerfulness. Price 25c per bottle. Hold by W. J.

Allen, iflrst published In the Wesr City Journal fiept 29 1911 Notice of Appointment-Administrator State of Kansas I County of Cherokee ss In the Matter of the Estate of Par-Ion B. Smith late of Cherokee County, Kansas. NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT Notice is Hereby Given that oi the 29th day of A. D. 1911 the undersigned was, by the Probite Court Cherokee County, Kansas, duly appointed and qualified as Executor the estate of Pardon B.

Smith late Cherokee County, deceased. All parties interested in said estate will take notice and govern themselves accordingly. W. J. ALLEN, ARE OTHERS FALSE? i fChurch of the Firttborni" Paster Russell Points Out tho Truo Church nd Asks Respecting Othert Tho Biblo Testimony on tho Subject.

Chrittjana of All Creeds Assent. Brooklyn, N. Oct. 1. Pastor Russell's 1 s-course at the Brooklyn Academy of Music today was beard by a crowded bouse.

lie bad closest attention to bis discussion of the question, "Which is the True Church 7" The vast audi ting appeared satisfied that the true Church had been properly located. The audience, so far as could be ascertained, was composed of truth-hungry peo-, pie of all denominations. Undoubtedly the question discussed has been a -vital one for centuries. Some claim that never before had an answer been jfiven satisfactory to Christians of all denominations. His text was, "The 'Church of the First-borns, whose names aro written in heaven." Heb.

xii, 23. Scriptures were cited in proof of the speaker's contention that the Lord Jesus and the Apostles never organized any but the one Church, and the histories of the various denominations were referred to as proving that all present-day Christian denominations were non-existent a thousand ago and hence none of these denominations could have been the one referred to by the Apostle as the "Church of the Living Timothy iii, 15. For a time, said the speaker, each of the various denominations In turn protested against other teachings and claimed to be the one Church of Christ which had been for centuries lost sight of. At one time these various denominations fought each other, persecuted each other even unto death, each claiming that the other was a false Church and that itself was the true one. More recently, however, the Christian mind has broadened and deepened until now w5 clearly see that God has saintly people in practically all denominations.

The One Catholio Church" Tastor Russell freely admitted that the Roman Catholic Church could prove her existence long centuries before her sister and daughter organizations, but he disputed, nevertheless, that the Church of Rome could prove her identity with the Apostolic Church of the first century. On the contrary, many of the teachings of the Church of Rome differ radically from those of the Church of Jerusalem, represented by the Apostles and their New Testament writings. And as for the cere monials, usages, customs, no one at all familiar with the two could suppose them to have even a close relationship. The only conclusion we reach consistent with the above facts is this: That the original Church which Jesus and His Apostles founded was a catholic one that is to say, a general or universal Church, and not a Church of Rome, a Church of England, a Church of Sweden, a Church of Germany, nor a Greek Church, but a universal Church a catholic or general Church, l'rotestants In general recognize this and hence in their confessions generally claim to be "The Holy Catholic (universal) Church." The fact, however, la that none of these churches (Roman, English, Baptist, Presbyterian, etc.) is catholic or general, because none of them Includes all of God's people. To admit that any one of these religious bodies Is the catholic or general Church of Christ would be to admit that It includes all persons recognized by the Lord as being members of His Church.

We cannot, therefore, admit that the term catholic belongs to any of these denominations, not even the Roman Catholic. The catholic Church of Christ the one which includes all who are truly His is not a human organization, and Its role or rostra is not Lept on earth. To it alone apply the Apostle's words "The Church of the First-borns, whose names are written In "Household of Faith" This family of God, begotten of the Holy Spirit, are one with Him in Spirit, in purpose, in intention. Tbey have the "Faith once delivered unto the saints" faith In the Father, faith In the Lord Jesus as His Son, man's Redeemer; faith In the Holy Spirit of begetting, faith In the exceeding great and precious promises of glorious things to come, and bey have the one baptism into the Body of Christ, which is the Church. Some of them may have seen and may have obeyed the proper symbol of this one baptism, while others may not.

But all these recognize the true baptism and all participated therein baptism Into Christ's death. Romans vL 3- If we so see, let us strive to attain Dembershiu in the, true Church. The ft'ASTQg KUSSlLp because there are more people. It is less in rural districts, though still and as the population is now largely urban, it is quite natural that the proportion of defectives Bhould increase, though as a matter of fact there is no evidence that it has, Big cities are modern affairs and that is why their phenomena are being discovered, but the accounts of-London some centuries ago showed a deplorable number" of defectives, probably far greater in proportion than In New York now. Though it is appalling that there should be nearly a quarter million diseased school children, yet the defects are of minor things, while formerly they were severe.

The seat of most of the trouble is said to be malnutrition, but it is not nearly so bad as in European cities of the last century. That Is, the new facts must not cause undue pessimism, but rather the reverse, for they show that though there is an immense preventive work ahead of us, the progress made in a century or even a half cen-j tmj ua.a utcu C1JUI1UUUS. UpumiSm is in place, even if we are sure that perfection is unattainable. Moreover, our preventive work is rapidly becom ing more and more efficient now that we are learning the exact conditions' and their causes. American Medicine.

CHRISTMAS DAY OF 1 Printer's Lad, Waiting for Copy From. Masson, Spent Holiday in the Author's House. I It happened that sad Christmas, tide of 1SG3, when Thackeray lay dead and all the London papers were busy with his name, my father received a hurried little note from Edward Levy after Levy Lawson, the present Lord Burnham asking him to write the article for the Daily Telegraph on" Thackeray's death. I found the note not long ago among some papers. It was dated "December 25,, 1863," and asked my father to "do for us today a leader on the present condition of English literature apropos of the death of Thackeray." And there was a postscript: "The bearer will walk about the country till you tell him to return for copy." The story of that littlerinter's devil and how he spent his Christmas day in our house in Flnchiey road has been handed down in the family annals.

He may, in obedience to Lis employer, "have taken a little walk about the wintry Hampstead or KI1-burn fields, but he most certainly and sensibly came back to eat his Christmas dinner; I believe he was with us all day. It must have been quite late at night when the parlor maid, so the story foes, looked into the study with a ratner scared race and wnlspered to my mother: "Please, ma'am, the devil has been sitting by the kitchen fire the whole evening and cook says hadn't she better give him a hot supper now?" Miss Flora Masson in Cornhill Magazine. Pale Faces Pale-faced, weak, and shaky women who suffer every day with womanly weakness need the help of a gentle tonic, with a building action on the womanly system. If you are weak you need Cardui, the woman's tonic, because Cardui will act directly on the cause of your trouble. Cardui has a record of more than 50 years of success.

It must be good. 1-1 Tho Woman's Tonic Mrs. Effie Graham, of Willard, says: "I was so weak I could -hardly go. I suffered, nearly every month, for 3 years. When I began to take Cardui, my back hurt awfully.

I only weighed 99 pounds. Not long after. I weighed 115. Now, I do all my work, and am in good health." Begin taking Cardui, today. Take ibflln) Don't trifle with a cold is good advice for prudent men and women.

It may be vital in case of a child. There is nothing better than Chamberlain's Cough Remedy for coughs and colds in children. It is safe and sure. For sale by all dealers. Broke 900 Necks The officers of Cherokee county raided two joints down rA our neighboring town of West Mineral one night last week and captured a barrel of whiskey and nine hundred bottles of beer.

The officers broke the necks of the bottles, in fact broke tbem a'l over, while a hundred thirsty people looked on in silence. The officers are making it very uncomfortable for the Missouri wholesale men who are at the bottom of these Kansas joints. There are poor fools who are running the places for tbem. A valuable dressing for flesh wounds, burns, scalds, old sores, rash chafed skin, is BALLARD'S SNOW LINIMENT, it is both healing and antiseptic. Prices 25, 50 and 91.00 per bottle.

Sold by W. J. Allen. Stubb's Funeral. When Montgomery and fcis train of booze wagons that he captured on the line passed Frotitenac there was a bunch of miners gathered near the Mystic theatre who were speculating as.

to what circus was passing through town. One old german who had been in the joint bus ness years ago put all their doubts to rest when hi told noddin, but shtfst de advance guard of Stubb's fu neral nest year." Lame back is one of the most com mon forms -6t muscular rheumatism. A few applications of Chamberlain's Liniment will give relief. For sale by all dealers. First Baptist Church.

Services next Sunday, Sunday School 10:00 a. Preaching 11:00 a. Mission Daisy Hill 2,00 p. B. Y.

P. U. Preaching p. Workers, Tuesdxy 8,00 p. Prayer Service, Wed.

p. Ladies AM, Thurs. p. Mens League, 1st 3rd Thursdays each month Amoma Class, last Thursday each month p. m.

A cord'al invitation extended to all. Methodist Church Directory Sabbath School 10 a. Preaching 11 a. Junior Epworth League 2 30 Epworth L-tague 6.45 p. Preaching 7,30 m.

Teachers Training Class, Tuesday 7 30 p. m. Ladies Aid, Wednesday 2 30 Prayer Meeting and Bible Study Thursday 7.30 p. m. Choir Practice, Friday 7.30 m.

F. M. Taylar, Pastor. Music Miss Eleanor Waddle will receive pupils in music at her home on east Pine street. Miss Waddle is a graduate of the Northwestern Conservatory and for two years a pupil of Ludwig Geotze, Music Master of the University of Leipsic.

Both phones No. 90. Thu9 does the University; gracefully side-step and refer the case back to the farmer. The controversy grew out of an effort of the Kansas City Health Department to have the sunflowers on a vacant lot cut down, on the ground that they were weeds. The owner a Kan-san, protested and carried the case to the courts The football battle betwe Kansas and Missouri will be fought out this year in the, "enemy's country" at Columbia.

Coach Shervvin the Dartmouth player who is now putting the Kansas team in shape, has introduced many features of the Eastern style of play. Registrar George O. Foster began today his twenty-first year of service in the University of Kansas. He has seen the University grow from a school of three buildings and 631 students to an educational plant of twentT one buildings, with Mr. Foster has met officially 11,968 students.

Professons Young and Mitchell of the University of Kansas notified that their text on Algebra and Geometry just from the press of, Macmilla-J, has been adopted for all teachers courses in the United States. Biliousness is due to a disordered condition of the stomach. Chamber-berlain' Tablets are essentially a stomach medicine, intended especial ly to act on that organ; to cleanse it; strengthen it tone and invigorate it, to regulate the liver and to banish biliousness positively and effectually For sale by all dealers. First published iu the Weir City Journal Oct 6. 1911 Notice of Final Settlement The State of Kansas HJ Cherokee County, In the Probate Court In and For Said County In the matter of the estate of Fran cis Dooiey, deceased.

Creditors and all other persons interested in the aforesaid Estate, are hereby notified that at the next regular termof the Probate Court, in and for said to be begun and held at the Probate Court Room, in ColumbUH County of Cherokee, State aforesaid, on the first Monday in the it'onth of November A. D. 1911 I 6hall on the 20th day of apply to said Court for a full and final settlement of said estate. J. N.

Dodson, Administrator of Francis Dooiey, Deceased. Columbus, Kansas, Sept. 27 A. D. 1911 Remorse.

An agent in a flourishing western town -writes as follows regarding pangs of conscience experienced by a former loss claimant. The claimant's method of easing his mind Is unique and possesses the advantage of economy. The letter is as follows: "We had a call this day from the Rer. formerly of this city, who had a loss with you in 1892. He wanted to know the amount paid him on the loss, which he thinks was only a paint damage of from $12 to $14.

He now concludes that it might not have been right for him to have accepted the money for the painting, as he says the building really needed painting at the time. He would now like to hare the payment which was made him considered a donation from you." of of of 1 1 A.

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