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The Richmond Reporter from Richmond, Kansas • 5

The Richmond Reporter from Richmond, Kansas • 5

Richmond, Kansas
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Richmond reporter pub. co. EAST INDIAN DERIS. Inflated Buffalo Skiun aa a Mean of Crossing Rivers. Ever since the time of Cyrus, and how Pnblbihed every ThumdHy at inclimoud.

Kae. T. S. RICE, Editor. much earlier nobody would now ven- C.

E. Putnam Give 5 per cent: discount for cash on all their stock of LUMBER, HARDWARE, AND Subscription IL25 per year iu advance. AOVBBTISIKQ BATES. One column one year. $100.00.

Local. 5c. per Une each Insertion. All locals will remain In until ordered out at 5c per line. TIKE CAKD.

-WW make their prices as low as 5 the lowest. North bochd thaiss. No.B 2U4 21 220 South bohsd trains. No. 201 203 215 2:07 p.

m. 3:47 a. in. 4:45 p. m.

p. m. 12::5 p. 12 a. m.

8:25 a. m. W. F. Tyler.

Agent. M'CREA GILKEY, O.K. Flour at McCrea Gilkey's. -DEALERS IN- General Merchandise. We carry Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps and everything usually found in" a store of general merchandise.

KANSAS. RICHMOND, Dr. Dicker was here Tuesday visit-friends. C. R.

iris'don was at Harris Tuesday on business. A. D. Sowerby went to Missouri Monday on business. Percy Maise, of Ottawa, came down on bis wheel Saturday.

Mrs. Schaub is yisitmg her daughter seven miles north-east of Colony. Try a loat of our bread and you will have no other. Fresh stock of groceries at Carson Bros old stand. John Spaulding is enjoying a lay-off for a few days.

O. K. flour at Carson Bros old stand, ninty cents a sack. Miss Edith Spencer, of Ottawa, returned borne Wednesday. Mrs.

Martin and children returned to their home in Ottawa Monday last. Two bicyclists were down from Ottawa yesterday. Mr, Iligdon is finishing up a nice line of monuments fr October delivery. Master Ray Langley has hied him-away to the country to visit a few days wiUi his grandpa. Mr.

Avery, of Ottawa, was Jiere Tuesday looking after Lis town property. Mrs. Sbaulding and daughter from Lawrence visited with X. M. and John N.

M. Spaulding is the proud father of a bouncing big boy. He looks ten years older as the result. The Messrs, Cooper of Ottawa were sash-shaying with some of our town girls Saturday. Master Harry Stewart was taken with a serious spell of cholera infantum yesterday.

Butcher Maxwell will move his family to town soon, lie will probably occupy the Henderson residence. The K. of P. boys had a lively meeting Monday night and will not throw up their charter was suggested. E.

Gault and G. E. Putman went to Ottawa Monday on' their safeties and returned on the noon train. Mins CorH Hester who has been visiting Ida ami Lillie. Jj-pencpr returned to her home in Ottawa Monday.

Datner and Waiter Cooper and Miss Nettie McCutehen of Ottawa, spent Friday o'l lant week in Richmond, the gueHt of Ida and Lillie Spencer, Take a look at our Mowers and Horse Rakes. They aie the best in the market. W. II. Sturdevant.

Yes, Congress. is iu session, so Let all your doubts dispers 'Twill make times much better if It does not niake them worse-. The Santa Fa will sell round trip ticket to Hutchison during the G. A. R.

reunion, from August 15th to 13th, for The Santa Fe will tickets from Richmond to St. Louis for $7.10, to' St. Louis and return for to St. Louis and return, thirty day limit, for $11.95. ture to guess, the' people1 of Asia have used inflated skins of animals as boats.

The practice may not be so widely spread as formerly, but in India the skins of buffaloes still serve the natives for their wherries. They are called debris. Their weight is not above sixteen pounds, so that they are easily carried across the country from one river to another. The cost of a deri is quoted at three shillings. An English traveler relates his experience with these boats as follows: The skins used for this purpose are those of bullocks, and they are stripped off in this manner.

An incision is made in the back part of a hind leg, almost the whole length, and the skin being flayed off from the hock upward is turned forward. It is like the process technically termed "casing a hare," except that the skin is cut through below and round the knees and hocks, the legs being left adhering to the body. The hide is then doubled up and buried for a few days, in order to suffer so much decomposition as will favor the separation of the hair, which is rubbed off by the hand or a blunt wooden knife without the abrasion of the skin. The skin is then turned inside out, and the eyes and other openings are stitched up. It is then turned back again, and the main incision is sewed up with thongs of rawhide.

The open ends of the limbs are tied except one, which is left open as a tube by which to inflate the skin. The thin tar procured from the deodar and other species of pine is then poured into the skin and shaken until the flesh inside is well charged with it, and the skin is then well tanned exteriorly by steeping it in an Infusion of pomegranate husks. When required for ur- the waterman blows into it through, hind tube, and ties up the opening. A double thin cord is fastened around the inflated skin, across which the waterman places himself on his chest, holding the string with his left hand, whist with his right he manages a short onr, assisting his passage with his hands and feet, Sometimes a piece of stick is tied in one of the legs, and left projecting from it for the waterman to hold instead of the string. The passenger, with as much baggage as he can carry, sits astride the ferryman's back, with his knees bent and resting on the skin.

When heavy and bulky articles are to be transported, two skins arcj together, the ferryman of each laying hold of one of the projecting legs of the other slcin; and a frame or raft supporting the burden lies across the backs of both. When not inflated the skin is slung over the and carried about without any inconvenience. No expedient seems equally well adapted for the transport of largf bodies cf men 'and baggage over th' most rapid rivers, or as likely to bi serviceable as a wreck-buoy or float be carried on board ship. A ouplc of dvri-mvn tiMially accompany persons of rank while hunting in the hills in order to carry them across the mountain- streanls, the rapidity and depth of which fender the crossing impossible without such assistance. Youth's Companion, G.

C. AIKEN SON, -DEALERS IN- NOTTOJ5. Every ne knowing themselves indebted to Carson Bros will please call immediately and settle. Read W. JS.

Masters -ad" iu another colurnn Oarsou Bros will take your oats on Account. Lale Staly was the guest of E. C. Uurliugham yesterday. J.

A. Hutchison was atOttawa Tuesday attending to business. The Republican central committee meets Saturday 19th iust. John Schaub went over near Williamsburg after a load of coal Saturday last. Miss 11.

A. Ilammon, of San Jose, is visiting her sister, Mrs. D. R. Smiley.

Oapt. Housmer sent us a half bushel of sweet com which he says was raised on Sunrise farm. lioru Wednesday, Au. 19, to Mr. and Mrs.

Ed. Gray, a line boy. Ed. is recovering U.

0. Aiken Son will do the tin yvork for T. Scott on his new buddings near Princeton. Saai Fuson has anew Graphopln ne hich is working th iJellon, iair illi. Success LoliiUi.

ilui cattle bioke out of his pasture last Thursday ami did quite a Jot ut'Uauiage to Alia. Uouleiy's crop. Tripe Cleaner Fields has moved his jdaiidfut of tpe to Kansas Citv. The nrliule country is rejoicing over his exit. E.fifBurlinghaui is suffering from couple of sores on Ir.s right limb be-Jtf the' knee caused by a lever some years ago.

The elocutionary enUrtaiument last Saturday night given by Alias Jes-pi ltymus and her class ts repot ted as being good. A iiiend of ours, G. Thompson ivas blowu up Tuesday while on a fiteamer on a river iu idalio. lie was killed ij'Stantly, Mr. JJavid Houston's father and mother returned to their home in I'a.

fast Friday after a two mouths' visit here with their sou. The creamery people had a liu.e HARDWARE AiD TINWARE Pocket and table cutlery, bird cages, We make and repair tinware and repair gasoline stoves. Tin roofing and spouting a specialty. Agents for Wire Picket Fencing. Do you want to save J.X OU W.

E. MASTERS, Princeton, Kansas. I sll'goods cheaper than anybody, and don't yon forgat iuy gtods re sit ani clau, and are reliable. Less than Ottawa pricu Ttrythiifr LIVERY STABLE. EUROPEAN RAILROADS.

Call ou the agent for particulars. Good rigs always ready on short notice. Boarding, feed and sale stable! A good dray" line in connection. John A. Kirkland, Richmond Residence for Sale, I have a very comfortable 5-room house, with good well of water, cave, hen house, fruit, barn, and 100 feet of grouud.

Will sell the same very cheap. Wm. A. Avicuv, Kansas Richmond, Ta The Public. Since we have been business In Richuiou I we have felt that there are many things that oupht to ne kept here, and yet lor lack of ieoni we could not carry in stock.

In the last -sreek we have put in a small supply of stoves which we ask you to call and see when needing anything in that line. If we do Hot have what you want we can get it for you on short notice. We were well pleased with our trade on gasoline stoves and we think we will do as well ith our cookers and heaters. We hope sometime to invite you to a more roomy roomy room well supplied for the trade G. C.

Aiken Son. Mileage of the Several Countries Compared with Those of the United States. The total length of railway lines In Europe at the end of last year was miles, or 2,590 miles more than at the end of 1891, this being equivalent to an increase of 1.85 per cent. The 142,638 miles of railway are distributed as under: Germany, 27.130 miles, with an increase 16 mijes; France, 23.715 miles, an increase of (555 miles; Great Britain and Ireland, 20,435 miles, with an increase of 50 miles; Russia and Finland. 19,420 miles, with an increase of 85 miles; Austria-Hungary, 17,540 miles, with an increase of G55 miles; Italy.

8,240 miles, with an increase of 175 miles; Spain, 0,330 miles, with an increase of 155 miles: Sweden and Norway, 0,150 miles, with an increase of 100 miles: llclgium. 3,815 miles, with an increase of 62 miles: Switzerland, 2,045 miless with an increase of 50 miles; Holland and Luxemburg. 1,925 miles, with an increase of 11 miles; Rouraania, miles, with no increase; Portugal, 1.4.(0 miles, with an increase of 105 miles; Denmark. 1,320 miles, with an increase IS miles; Turkey, Uulgaria' and Roumanian, 074 miles or no change; Greece. 572 miles, with an increase of S7 miles; Servia, 837 miles, and Malta, 7 miles, in neither of the two latter cases there being any change.

The present mile-ago in the United States is about The cost on paper of the railways of Europe and the' United States is about equal, but half the American cost on the books consists of water. Two-thirds to three-fourths of all the stock issued represents nothing but water, The original subscribers paid in noth ing for it. About a third of the bonds issued during tha last twelve or fifteen 3ears represents promoters' swag. The actual niony used fo build the roAds represents but two-thirds of the bonded indebtedness, and all the stock Issued since 1883 represents water oAly. Y.

Advavtjuar Then come the American cowboy. lie saw the river, heard its ravine, and, translating it into hisoWn tongue, dubbed it 'Ticket Wire, river." tiourmilk yesterday on account of the fact thiit their water supply gave out and it was near nine o'clock before they succeeded in getting some naulwd. Rev, C. H. Strong, of Lawrence, will give one of his interesting Bible studies on next Tuesday evening at the 1J.

F. church. Every one is cordi-itlly iivited. The lejtuie will be liee. Two dudes from Lane were here several weeks ago and it is said they kept two young ladits out quite lale.

Our towu boys should look a -tleedle out' and head thews fellows ft in the future Mr. Kiler, of the Peopled Bank, of Ottawa, and C. A. Smart, also of Ottawa, we re here yesterday assisting Receiver VV, C. Hutchison to make a statement to file with the court.

Our editor is under th weather this week, so if you see anything the paper this week that does not quite suit you, just give the printer the the credit for it and pass it by unnoticed. The water mel on colicy times are here and you cm see the fellows hurrying themselves away to the alleys with the large ripD melons under their arms. The doctors of our town sing the good old iong of thirty years ago and every once in a whilo will hear escaping from their musical montlig. "Ami the water melon's growing on the vines. Here is the health reform war of making (canned corn soup, Try it) Turn the contents of a can of sweet corn into a graune-ware pan, and mash thoroughly with a potato masher until every kernel ir broken.

Then rub through a colander. To the pulp thus obtained, add sullicient rich milk to make two quarts in all. Add salt if desited, heat to boiling, ana thicken with a little flour braided in milk, tjfrve hot, Subscribe for the REPORTER- The 27lh annual fair of the Franklin County Agricultural Society will be held Sept, 12, 13. 14 and 15. The premium list is one of the best ever offered, livery Franklin county resident should contribute to make It a success.

The county fair should be attended by every timer with his family. We will admit that from time to time parties connected with the maDtige-uieut have gone out of their way to do things they should not do. but the Agricultural Society In general are actuated by the good motive to pro-mot the agricultural u'diHtry of is county and should be encouraged despite the little unpleasant things that may unfortunately arise, The nssoci-ation is heayily in debt, and therefore every effort should be made by the people at large te make the county faiv a success. Ottawa Journal. mw 4.

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