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The Richmond Reporter from Richmond, Kansas • 1

The Richmond Reporter from Richmond, Kansas • 1

Richmond, Kansas
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fltchtttona VOL. 1. RICHMOND, KANSAS, THURSDAY, JULY 27. 1893. NO.

4. Old gsRiMGABniiEHGBAPHic. ye Keep pac8 with the jjarch of Time and Attempt to Elevate tbe People of the Present Age. New Series. 1st tat Of RichiDOiid have turned their stock of general merchandise over for the purpose of paying their debts.

And in order to save expenses we will give you un- on't hesitate, ome and see our offerings. We charge heard of Bargains, you nothing for it. Hard times caU -for extra inducements and here you have them. mu. A if Now is the time.

Delays aro dangerous. So accept this opportunity now and save of your hard earned cash on goods you will need this coming fall and winter. You cannot afford to neglect this great offer. Our loss will be your gain DRESSER, "y' Agent for Mortgagees. recitation by MissBirdie 'd elphenstine.

The lawn social on the grounds of S. E. Frederics the same evening was well patronized and a financial success for the M. E. Ladies' Aid Society.

First. Always be sure that the feed you give your cows-is good and wholesome and plenty of it. and never feed anything that will give a bitter or acidy flavor to the milk. Second. Always see that your cows have easy access to a running stream, or it not draw the water from your well or cistern and have it so that they can drink whenever wanting to.

llaye a "holy terror "for letting your cows drink stagnant water, especially from stinkiuar Bonds. Don't You Know That toh ave perfect health you must have pure blood, and the best way to have pure blood is tot ake Hood'? Sar-saparilla, the best Wood purifier and strength builder. It expels all taint of scrofula, salt rheum and all other humors, and at the same time builds up the whole system and gives nerve strength. Excursions to the World'6 Fair. Special excursion rates have been authorized via A.

T. S. F. to Chi Skirr Notes. There are a good many requirements 'fuf success In managing a farm dairy says a writer lu Practical Farmer.

It is saving the little wastes which put the balance on the right side of the account at the end of the year. Select cows which will test 5 per cent fat in the milk, of whatever breed you choose and use only full blood sires, and you will soon have cows which will do their part toward placing the balance on the profitable side. Give them good food 365 days in the year and plenty of pure water. Provide good pasture in summer and some good soiling crops to feed when the pastures commence to dry up in eai tv autumn. For a ing crou I consider cern the best and Exclusive of Iake3 and nvera and bayous, and leaving out Alaska, tbe superficial areas of the United States aggregate about acres, Of these about 1,000,000,000 acres are within the region of well-distributed rainfall.

The remainder is arid plain or mountain. New York Sun. 1 These are the two vital poiDts for cago and return: Scipio Sayings. They were threshing at the college Tuesday. Father Beck, of Ottawa, was visitiug at the college Monday last.

Our college dim-tors are moving the school house up near the church. Mrs. Steorman's sister, Mrs. Barbara Vatz. visited with her over Sunday.

Our German fnend3 will have a large harvest ot grapes notwithstanding the late frosts and hail storms. A large number of our people attended the great circus at Garnett Tuesday and report a great time. Peter Hastert was at Greeley Monday getting his fall supply of wheat ground into flour. ought to have" a mill. Leave your news items with Fred Stoerman and we will call and get them eyery week until we get a correspondent established at Scipio.

Scipio is a chinch bug station, Fred Stoerman is the agent. Call and get a half dozen infected bugs, and follow directions and every bug you have in Sell July 17th good to return on July 28th. Sell on July 24th good to return on producing milk and everybody interested in dairying shobld consider them carefully as they have a very close connection with the money result ot dairying. There is no scientific process nor any chemical preparation that will give July 28th or August 4th. Sell July 31 good to return on Aug.

cheapest. I give them six hills of corn 4th or 11th Sell Aug. 7th good to return on Aug. How is This Explained 1 A very curious number is 142,857, which, multipliedby 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6, gives the same figures in the same order, beginning at a different point, but if seven it gives all nines. Multiplied by 2 it equals by 3 428.571; hy 4, by 5,714.825: by 6, and, as I have said, by 7, 999,999.

Again, it yon multiply by 8 you have 1,142,856, and by adding the first figure to the last you get the original number. Leeds (England) Mercury. to milk a good flavor, it must have it 11th or 18th. when drawn from the cow. i Kate $15 for round trip.

In regard to the keeping qualities; the main source for shortening them is unclean I iiiess, The remedy is no very EVERY READER Franklin County complicated science and can be mastered by any one who has plenty warm Should read the Richmond ukportek your corn field will soon turn np his toes. water and does not consider elbow grease too high priced to use for cleaning purpose. A good many would try and apply the remedy. The result and the KANSAS WEEKLY CAPITAL and FARM JOURNAL. each day after they have become accustomed to it.

For my earliest soiling use Early Cory corn planted in hills 2ix2i feet apart, It matures sufficiently for feeding in about 60 (lavs from the time of planting and is good for table use as well as for cow feed. Estimate the amount of it you will need tor three weeks' feeding, riant Enough Early Minnesota sweet corn for the next three weeks and enough Mammoth Sweet to last until winter. Only a small percentage of tbe dairymen of the country realize the value of sweet com as a food for milk cows. For winter feed I consider ensilage valuable, furnishing cheap and succulent food, flan for ensilage the lar- Rest growing variety of corn which will mature in your locality. Eaise ns much of yonr grain feed on the farm as possible and feed a good grain ration during the winter.

They will together give you all the Old Operator Phillipey who has been telegraphing most of the time since the old Morse register system of operating came in vogue, is reported as now be-employed as flagman at Topeka by the Santa Fe. His right hand is all drawn out of shape by paralysis. He speaks five different languages and still hopes to go back to the key. The O. E.

T. news of your county and slate, and we will take your subscription for both pa Princeton Items. Tramps and peddlers are town. School meeting this week Thursday. Considerable interest manifested.

The ladies have decided to exercise what right they have, of suffrage. Mr. Jno. Huff has been appointed pers for one year for the very low price of $2.09, Subscribe now! should pension this old veteran of the For thirty-nine years the Kansas key. Ottawa Republican.

City Journal has been tbe consistent would be better and less sour milk. As a further preventive against sour milk, I would suggest the following treatment. Immediately before pouring the milk in the can, rinse it well with cold water. After pouring In the milk take a dipper and pour some cold water over the out side ot the can and stir the milk thoroughly. This process wil I cool the milk about ten to fifteen degrees and expol the animal heat.

In ordinary warm weather one cooling and stirring will suffice, but sultry nights I would suggest the process repeated two or Un te times. N. U.S. friend of the Went. It is a newspaper in the full sense of the word, interest Here is a list or words that our Post of Mr.

E. Masters. Mr.Amos Lingardhas returned from Chicago. Got tired of the Fair before young pupils shotid cut out and learn how to pronounce: The farmers will find enough in Apricot creek these nates alone to pay the for sub scribing for the Reporter. debris he left there.

Mrs. Fred Wingrrd took the train Saturday morning for a two weeks visit to her parents and friends in III. The population of our town has been increased to the extent of one, a boy to our depot agent, Mr. UundilT. In spite of financial stagnation, Mr.

John Loyd and Mr. Fred Garst keep the air lilted with the ninsm of lowing Have you been clipping these notes and pasting them in your scrap book vagaries tirade peremptory for future reference? vehement There are two problems that are ing, instructive and deservedly popular. Its subscription rates are as follows: Dally and Sunday, one year $7.50 Daily and Sunday, six $3.75 Daily and Sunday, three months. .2 00 Daily and Sunday, per month 6 Daily without Sunday, one 6 00 Sunday Journal, one year 150 Tri-Weekly, one year 3 00 Tri-Weekly, six months 1 60 SPECIAL NOTICK. The Weekly Journal and Agriculturist, the best weekly in tbe west, eight pages, will be sent to any address with in the postal union for 50 cents a year.

Address the Journal Company, Kansas City, Mo. Gasoline Stoves at Aiken's. working the brains of the dairymen, or been bellows bade reparte subtle vehement advertisment adveitise exquisite laugh bustle eclat cupola oblicalcry lenient finances liuale advertising exhaust plebeian grass at least they ought to, viz: low to produce good wholesome milk and how to keep It sweet until it is to be worked The CEEA.ME1.1V is moving right aloug just as if nothing hud happened. There were some rumors afloat that the creamery would have to stop owing to the bank failure; but such rumors were without foundation. It is true that we have sooje money tied up, but that will not hinder our business.

We have arranged to meet our payments promptly on time. G. C. Aiken, Manager. for the up into final product.

kirie and squealing swine on their way to Kansas City and Chicago markets. The W. C. T. U.

was re -organised hero last Friday with nn efficient corps' of oCL-ers. The lecture that night by Mrs. Smith, ol Ottawa, was good and listened to bV an attentive audience who were also edified with a beautiful humble buoyant equipoise lethargic industry gallows iiuis In regard to the production of milk enough could be said to fill a good size volume, but books on the subject can be had at a very small expense and I nill onbj five a few pointi:.

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