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Toronto Register from Toronto, Kansas • 4

Toronto Register from Toronto, Kansas • 4

Toronto Registeri
Toronto, Kansas
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LOCAL. THE REGISTER. M. F. Moore, one of our Toronto drug gists, informs us thr.t his permit expired Wednesday and that he would not take Tn memory of Mrs.

Minnie Sherrill, who died April 6th, 1SS7. In the quiet graveyard sleeping, Tn a cold and narrow bed, Cool weather this week. Free from pain and free from weeping-, 1 out another one. This is commendable in Mr. Moore for we believe that very little whiskey is needed in this city for FRIDAY, APRIL 22, 1887.

Our schools close to-day. Minnie slumbers with the dead. Ladies, Look Here! We offer advantages to cash buyers that will never be found in the beaten path of regular trade. We buy immense job lots from bankrupt concerns who are forced to and our prices are final, decisive and CRUSHING! Following we give facts and figures that will not and cannot lie! Ladies elegant plush hand-bags, 40c; Russia pocket-books 28c (worth 75c); Alligator specie purses, nickle frame, ball Oh, wo could not keep from weeping Corn is up and growing nicely. W.

P. DICKERSON, Editor, medicinal, mechanical or scientinc As we stood around her bed. Dry Goods House Jahu Truman went to independence When we saw that she was dying. And her farewell words were said. yesterday.

New Bakery for fresh Oldil hps? tali. As the twilight falls in summer. Go to the bread. Our streets look some what cleaner At the settinsr of the sun. A few more days for "Bargains" since the rain.

So the night of death closed o'er her, And her earthly race was run. The most painful rheumatism may be rcleived by a few applications Quincyhas some prospect of securing snap, laige size 22c; Ladies' two-blade a flouring mill. Oh how lonely and deserted iabseriptlon price tl.50 per year in advance. Office sertheast corner ef Main and itreeta, ever J. D.

Cannon's grocery iere." RATES OF ADVERTISING. with us. We will soon leave Toronto, then Bargains will Is the home of Minnie kw. in the cooler Where her sweet and gentle mannsr of Chamberlain's Pain Balm; its continued use will cure any case, no matter of how long standing. The record of rain reviving medicine is wonderful.

A tramp took lodging Wednesday night. pen knife, shell handle 20c: Manicure knives, for the finger nails 15c; charm knives 10c; "Gem" carpet stretcher the best, 35c; Madame Louise hair crimpers 10c; baby pins, fine gold plated, with Drove the care from every brow. Husband, weep notfor your Minnie; B. F. Gallagher returned from Inde 1 It is equally beneficial for lame back, be few and far between.

Mexican Mustang Liniment You will meet her by and by. pendence Tuesday. cut letters, "Baby," "Darling," "Pet," ISO 80 4 90 00 tela flolama. On the shores of that bright river SO 00 luHllimn 80 00 48 00 pain in side, shoulder lameness, and in all painful effections requiring an exter- Wes Buchanan has been quite sick a 'Mid the glories upon high We will close our doors April 18. 14 00 00 00 3 00 1 00 20c per pair (wrth 50c); stereoscopes, fancy hoods 40c (worth 1); stereoscopic views, American, foreign, 80 00 14 00 8 00 00 nal remedy.

A trial will convince any few days this wee k. -nair uu cu -quarter Oat'a. 0 10 20 00 Col'B to 00 14 00 'Jr4 0 t0 Shed not for her bitter tears. Nor srlve thy heart to vain regret, person that the above statement is cor Mr Millikan. of Carlvle.

Allen comic, statuary, and actresses 50c per Tls but the -jasket that lies there, rect. Chamberlain's iain lialm is sola by C. H. Starrett. county, is in the city.

doz. (worth $2); gilt edge playing cards The gem that fills it sparkles yet. My room will be for Sale or Rent. W. W.

CURDY. 30c a pack (worth 75c); Tern Thumb J. H. Afflerbaugh and Alex McLeod Farewell Minnie, not forever. 3TLoaI notices eot per tine lor each and ry Insertton.

00-All la! la black fao lyp fr Id tor ah and every laaertloD. ST8pUl contract on local apac. For we hope to meet again. went to Virgil Wednesday. playing cards 10c; handsome leatherette photo album, gilt edge 25c; music hoxes Soon beside the "Crystal river" Sugar Cured Hams at Cannons.

400 samples for suits made to order at E. B. Rail's. ComtraeteA 09 Hoc! Ail, Eorew Bvriaaey, Saddle 62 Gerrit Smith, of the Humbeldt Flour We wiU join your glad refrain. Scratched Sprains.

Etraina, Stitehe Staff Joints, Backache, Galls, Sores, Spavin Cracks. very fine "Mikado" bangle bracelets, latest thin a in ladies' jewelry. 30e; Sciatica, Lumbago, amatkm. 2 urns Scalds, Bttnga, Sites, Bruises, Bunions, Coras, ing mills, was in the city Tuesday. A Friend.

Toronto Kansas. Opera feather fans, cardinal, blue, pink Subscribe for the Regsster, the best For nice Candies and Fruits go to Wittich's bakery. L. L. Byington, one of the leading or white, bone sticks 00c (wortn rues.

local paper in the Verdigris valley. hnsiness men of the bustling, thriving BUSINESS. Fanners are happy. A great variety ot Gasoline at Byington Ladies' shears, nickle plated, 20c; village of Toronto was in town Monday Stove Old papers for sale at this office for 40 Why not make some move toward se colored rhotos of actresses. 10c each, 8 HARVB S.

JOHNSON, for a short time. ialis ost. curing a canning factory in this city. for 25e: Sewin machine oil (best sperm) Uncle Billy Whips and family en joy 3 large bottles Lubm's Complexion Bananas go to A number of persons went to Coyvillts nn an excursion on the new cents per hundred. Special to the Ladies.

Don't fail to see the Victor Improved Steam Washer at work. Soap 10c. 3 cakes for 2oc; I ed a mess of new potatoes Easter Sun- THIS GOOD OLD STAND-BY eoompllshes for even-body exactly wht leelsimvL fori. On. of the reason, for tie grrmt popularity 1Bq Hustang Iislmest to tm ltt mWeri applicafcility.

ErerytKyBeedsBncl.aBJ. The L-mbema. needs to case The He-ewife needs The Canaler needs It forhlB temand The Mechanic needs It alway. on his wor For Oranges and TVittich's. The South Side Drug Store! tifvino- nowder 13c: "Cosmeticque" lor ja, uvuwwj road.

dav. Thev were raised on Mr. YVMpps v. rrr the hair 12c; Lyons tooth powder, large D.11 nani-. tn Pftrertn hfi nrsi or I Tn order to close out his stock of Iowa sure bottles 15c; Petroleum jelly pomaae, tnkinor advantage of the season Washing Machines.

Try them and buy them, buy them before you try them. on business and returned Don't For bottles for -25c: Geranium cologne, potatoes, J. D. cannon will sell them at enough. Garnett Republican.

the week Tuesday. TORONTO, KANSAS. new and lasting perfume 30c (worth One of the most pressing needs of the 75c1: "Stolen Kisses," an extra fine per Alfrpr! Mauk. of Ouincv. went to ILi ti.w firfi-nroof court House.

wittirh will eive as mucn Dreaa in fnnip. 40e worth $11: French shoe nois Tuesday with his celebrated horse six loaves as you can get anywhere in Onr famous yault is ruining me rectus blackinsr. best quality, 3 bottles for 25c power. of the county. As dry as it has been, These are all areat bargains.

Jso order Everything in the Drug Line! many of the books are damp, and it is filed for less than one dollar. Hand A. C. Settle and E. C.

Dickerson, of a iun.n nm over to Toronto Wed- eight. i New styles of white dress goods at B. Rail's. The Miner needs to case of cmerBeacr-The M.neerneedslnngtalonan a rll Farmer needs It In hte house, hi. end his stock yard.

od The Steamboat man ar the Boatman needs Bin liberal upplyafloatand ashore. The Herse-fancier need tt-It la hl friend and gaf eat reliance. Stack-srewer need it-H wffl Mm thousand of dollars and a world of "le. The RailroadmanneedsKdwfflneedttW The Backwoodsman needs 1U There Isnot Ice like it as an antidote for the dangers to lite, limb and omTort whicH surround tbe P'ff; The Merchant needs it about his hti hnnnm. and waea only a question of time when they win some nickle watch locket, chain and AllU uwi) nesday.

be ruined. No precaution can oe taKen charm all beautiful satm-lined case-, now that will save them. While we ain.n free with every trial order amount- Clark and his friend Mr. Dillon, Wp nre Kellins- Cultivators lower V. R.

WITTICH, -Practical Baker and Confectioner. tj lniliong (rari! IIS a nleasant call sale by L. L. Byington ou.i. For a good palatable 1 5 cent Lunch jo to the New Bakery.

A good house and lot for salt at a bargain. Inquire at this office. For Sale. Horse, Buggy nd Harness. Cheap for cash.

Horse weighs 1000 lbs. Inquire at this office. Itch Prairie Mange and Scratches of every kind cured minutes by TI OOlfOrdS bciTl-itary Lotion. This never fails. Warranted by Starrett Culver, Druggists, Toronto, Kansas.

ing to overdye dollars received during i right now than was ever heard of be are not able to build at present, it is a very good time to begin to get ready. matter should be discussed. Y. C. Tuesday.

the next 30 days. As all goods not sat fore. L. L. Byington 6r son.

Ufantcrv man be returned, vou run no Wo Uorn fht the Missouri road News. v-r risk in sendins: us a trial order. Ad The nrouer treatment for eruptions will Vm iM a new deoot instead of mov dress. Thk Empire News Syracuse, Candies, Fruits, Huts, Cigars and Tobacco, Specialties. North side of Main street.

and blood diseases, is to remove the nanse. St. Patrick's Pills cleanse the ing the old one. ITEMS FROM NUMBER N1SK. (By Jayhawker.) his employees, aixih- fbese eLe fee M-stang Liniment to wanted lto Keep a Bottle inthe House, lis the best Ka Bottle in the Tact.rr.

Italmnia. nsetocase of accident save. paandlootwaea, Keep a Bottle Always in the Stahle N. Y. system and blood of all impurities and Miss Ida Jones closed a very success fn nf school in the Mullenix dis Corn is about all planted.

stimulate all the organs to heanny act A Gift For All. School was out last Friday. when vrante. trict last Friday. ion.

Sold by C. H. Starrett. In order to give all a chance to test it W. A.

Dawson went to Eureka Fri and thus be convinced of its wonderful Thp crrentest labor saving machine L. E. Smith started on the "cannon ball" Saturday evening for Clyde, Ohio, of Queensware at day. Dickerson curative powers, Dr. King's New Dis A beautiful line the Star Grocery.

'S. H. Dewitt started to Girard Man to over worked women is the ictor stpiim Washer Be sure and see it coverv for Consumption, Coughs, aud si-. and will be gone tor a few days. ila to work on the K.

railroad. Colds, will be, for a limited time, given wash. For sale by J. M. Dickerson.

Kansas will always welcome the mor sinw the. rain, crons of all kind3 are Bucklan's Arnica Salve. TWst Salve in the world for Cuts, nwav. This offer is not only liberal, bu al, the upright, the intelligent, the law- ahidme and the industrious ironi au fins Just Received. A new lot of Men and Woman's shoes.

coming right out. There is the best prospect for a fruit crop there has ever been. T. Carlisle thinks he will have 1,000 bushels of shows unbounded faith in the merits of this great remedy. All who suffer from Coughs, Colds.

Consumption, Asthma, Bronchitis, or any effoction of Throat, Chest or Lnngs, are especially requested climes. Mr. and Mrs. M. B.

Lockard returned from Kansas City Tuesday evening. Mr. Lockard now owns some real estate Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and positively cures Piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price, 25 cents per box.

For sale by Starrett A Culvor. Ml PIS TIHS TAILS St. Louis, Ft. Scott Wichita. GOING WEST.

Before you Start, On a ionrnev. call and sret a bottle of I p. Km fea I Mrs. Ann Dewitt is visiting in Wilson to call at C. II.

Starrett's Lrug btore, and geta trial bottle bottles ft, county with her daughter, Mrs. Luther Knox. Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, as a safeguard against an attack of bowel complaint. Many No. 3 Daily Mail a v- intendent.

Miss A car load of Northern Potatoes tor sale at Cannon's. i per bu. IHSDBABCEis o. 1 Daily K. C.

Exin-ess 4:33 a. m. prudent and caretul persons never travel without it. Hundreds of traveling Kate Rhea, visited the school last week, o. 5 Daily Ex.

3i9 p. hi. Warrantedto Cure Scabies, Prairie Itch, and Kansas Scratches, and all Itchy Affections of the Pkiu. Sold by Starrett Culver. in that city.

Last Saturday's Eureka i'epnblican was an excellent paper. It contained six pages and was replete with interes-: ting reading matter. 1 Mr. and Mrs. H.

P. Kellogg started forCineinnattiTuesday evening. From St. Louis they will go the remainder of the trip by steamboat. Our old friend L.

G. Porter, of Eure- Xo. 7 Daily Thro. It. ae'n a.

m. OOIXG EAST. Sulriio Lotio S. A. Brown sells the Saw Vsll.v AlWed Taint at the Lumber men are never without a bottle oi it in their grip.

Many lives and much suffering has been saved by its limely use. JSTo one can afford to travel without a bottle of this pleasant, safe and reliable Yard." tf I'aily Daily No. 4 Xo.2 Pt. L. Mail 123 p.

to- K. Express 11:12 p. rait. ac'n 9-3S a. m.

AGENTS and also called on the district board. T. R. Carlisle has built a house on his farm for his son-m law, J. R.

McVey. Certain parties living on and owning land in sections thirty-five and thirty-six had better be careful as a certain nartr ia threatenins to have their en- .41 Thro. can live at home, and make mere money A fine present in Queensware is given with each can of Baking pow at work for us. than at anyuims this world. Capital not needed you are started free.

lioth sexes: all aires. Any St. lyonis. St. Louis.

Nfis. 1 and 2 run sleejrs To Jnos. 3 and 1 run chair cars to THRIINTII, KflNSfiS. der at the btar Orocery. t- wnsinthesrem city last Saturday tries canceled.

NOTE Passengers, are not allowed to rid onfreifc-ht trains without tickets. J. E. Popkess, Affent. preparation.

C. H. Starrett Uruggist. If you are going to buy a Cultivtor, we will certainly save you money if you will give us a chance. Byington Son.

i and e-ave us a pleasant call. He reports one can do the work. Large earnings sure from first start. Costly outfit and terms free. Hetter not delay.

Costs you nothing to send your address and find out; if you are wise you will do so at once. H. Hallett Portland, Maine. of Flour at the The best grades Star Grocery. Eureka to be growing rapidly.

About May the Eureka Republi. will issued as a daily paper. There appears to have been a misconception of the municipal suf-fro- law oassed by the late, lamented Farms and City Property for Sale. Money invested at a good rate of interest on Real Estate Security. rrk.

rimvnrth Ttnihi Times and Renews Her Youth. Fruits at h.l RrnKTpn nnpvear for j. or tne te Nice Candies and choice legislature, and it is not quite certain i E. Doud is a rustler and we predict that ld tD.e i v.a nmdit to the eitv. will be a credit to the city.

TCicebe Chesley. Peterson, Clay- P.pkhl 1 MilCS an Mr City Toronto. Frank Hall. the daily the New Bakery. Now is MA YOU.

ItEdisTEit one year for the time to ubseribe. G. W. lowa.teilStne lOllowinj; rfinama. story, the truth of which is vouched for C.Kind blade.

We have just received a car load of We Have a Large List of Lands in Woodson and Jas. Hautey bv tho residents of the town: I am Champion Binders, Reapers ana Mowers that will be sold at prices adioinincr counties. VStiU loan you -monujr cocxcilmi -n li notice. and on the snortesu notice. yars old, have been troubled with Kid- Call at L.

L. Byington Son's for the old reliable Weir Cultivator that never fails. that the kinks have been straigns-ened out yet. In Osage county, where all the towns are cities of third class except Osage City, they so misunderstood the law that a portion of the cities allowed the women to vote and the others did not. The Monitor thinks it would be well enough to have the attorney eeneral trv his hand on another opinion J.

Sheild Gilson will soon be at home in liis new office in the rear of the Register office. He is just finishing it and will have a very neat and tasty room. The beautiful Verdigris Valley was visited by a heavy rain last Saturday and Sunday. The farmers are greatly nev complaint and lameness tor many -rpte of interest Monrail, j.HarP. CaTinsre your property tHo oldest and most amci, j.g- 77, 1 p.Trn.rninfititlesand nay taxes.

never heard of before. years; could not dress myself without L. L. Byington bon. rtJiXcLUiu m.

w- Woodson County. to be made. Cut this out and return to us. and will send you free. help.

Now lam free from all pain ana soreness, and am able to do all my own housework. I owe my thanks to Electric Bitters for having renewed my MOSS! Clothing. Seersucker and Spring Suits at Rail's. UIDPCB'T1T1VI-' ometblim of irreat value and iin- H. Havens.

ton all fenced. 60 acres first class bottom land, 4.j acres unuei aI; Stewart tHfipfi to vou. that will start you No. 47. 1 1 I I eiTt'tl -1 ri I IT 5i 111 It 1 it i and clear up the dart points in me ouestion Osage City has developed nn HereS OI Ulliuer auu uiuju.

i.r.orv I' I 1 fl VTipntr of smtll fruit This farm is watered by a creec register of lEEP mow. cherry trees and plentv ot small iruit. i snri ns. House 11 1 CLERK -1ST. CVCKT w.

E. Hivufiod. onntiipr nninl this same law. me encouraged and every thing promises big crops. Will Owens went to Coy ville Tuesday and returned Wednesday accompanied bv two of Coyvilles charminsr young youth and removed completely all ease and pain.

Try a bottle, only at Starrett Culver's Drug Store. Notice of Appointment. Thn State ef Kansas, Woodson county ss. running turougn it nuu. ixt.

Aii" wpoeiiura rpopnt citv election that city submitted Kate Hhea. ,.,00 choH vnom l'ix'. all luasiereu. 5 ujhc auu. i f-o i-r-r ninrv I 11 11 ti 1 in business which will bring you in more mon-r riirht away than anything else in the world.

Anv one can do the work and live at home. Kither sex, all ajfes. Soraethiugnew, f.ndl"!i coins money for all workers. will start you; capital not needed. This i one of the ionuine, important chances of a lifetime.

Those who are ambitions and enterprising; will not delay. Grand outttt free. Address Xbck Augusta, Maine. V. annad.r.

nd church. Price. 2,500, part time a proposition to vote bonds for the pur In the matter of the estate of Seth K. deceased, late of Woodson County Kan SHEIUFF PKOBATE COROXEH br. C.

K. Jones. I ros of erecting a city building ana No. 52. ion a-res all under fence.

80 acres under cultivation 20 acres timber. acrefbottoS land. The farm is watered by a creek runmng through Ifl Sf fruit in abundance. House 22x28 one story, rooms arid "porch Good well. Barn 22x20 with mow, corn cribs and hog lots.

brary, and the women voiea on tne nrouosition. ow they are not satisfied Ladies Guide to Fancy Work. This work contains nearly 300 hand ladies, the Misses Steele. They are visiting with their brother John. Mr.

Millard, a friend of Mr. E. Rail, who was visiting here last week pontpmnlates eroinsr into business in this sas. NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT. Notice is hereby given, that on the 15th lay of March, A D.

1887, the undersigned was, by the Probate Court of Woodson County, Kan-sna. dnlT arjrointed and Qualified as Adminis that their bonds were legally voted Ft Ckv.rches, rRFSBYTERIAX Preachinj? evpry tw weeks, toorninsr and evening-, at The Presbyterian ehurc-u Praver mectinsr on Wednesday evening Eev.Hesry Farwkll, ETHOD1ST Preachinp every two weeks, mnminir am) preninff. Prarer meetinc- en Price, a.uuu pan time, ui uuc Scott Monitor. some illustrations with instructions for making hundreds of beautiful things, either fo-adorning your home or pre The Burlington Insurance company of Burlington, Iowa, takes mercantile as well as live stock and building risks. vr fnrfli.r narticulars.

call at this of ill No. 25. Ann res all under fence, 120 acres cultiyation, bottom houses isi-oV thP other 1 story 14x22, barn, 14x40, 25-acre hog-tight li story, 18x24, the otner i siorv, ia other fruits. T.pst Tuesdav John Alvis and his city in a short sime. Surely bo other rvri- cncli inducements as evening-.

Sunday school erery Sun tratrix of the estate of Seth K. Kellogg; late of Woodson County, deceast d. All parties interested in said estate will take notice, and gov sents for your friends, at a most inning of this creek YoVct; SrSThuztzox. Thurlay I DUllUlUgS uct.caaaij expense, including all kinds ot tancy Kev.J V. Smith, Factor.

in ymoi terms tn suit nurcnaser. 1 terms ro suit puicuas. assistant clerks commenced packing W. W. Curdy's stock of goods preparatory to shipping them to Topeka.

Mr. this. k-iis Pi ice.i;20 per acre.witu ern themselves accordingly. 10x14, 12x16. kitchen N.F.Follettand G.

R. Stephenson 80 acres, all tencea. goou iramo acres in cultiva 1 No. 34. work, artistic embroideries, lace worh.

knitting and net work; contains designs for monograms, initials, tidies, lambre Alvis has conducted Mr. Curdy dusi- i i i ri mnu' i sii i i i 1 ncii wv looking-over the Toronto state ness in this city during the last two nients for July and August for 1885 and 1886. It did take some beer to build the quins, ottomans, counterpams, rugs, months and has sustained his reputa 00-3 MBS. KATE KELLOO.G, AUin Jt Legal Notices. Geo.

W. Shannon 1 Before C. W. Pollard a jns-VS I tiee of the peace of Toronto W. C.

Dodson. township, Woodson county Kansas. Said defendant is hereby notified that on the BAPTIST Sundav schoel every Sunday 12 o'clock. B. F.

Gallagher, Sup'L Preaching- every Sunday. Rev. Mb Ellis, Pastor CHRISTTAX Preaching- the 1st and Srl Sundavs of every month in the school house at 11 o'clock. Sunday school ever Sunday at 10 o'clock. E.

U. Ball, Superintendent. 1r. Dodsox, Pastor. Secret Societies.

tion of being a good business manager carriage robes, brackets, wall pocKets, waste paper baskets, work boxes, work bridge. Was it used in leveling? C. News. mber0 and water, splendid young orchard of fine MJJ. ftSOO cash balance due in annual payments of C0 at 8 per cent, mier est possession will be given at any time.

iect to mortgage at 7 per due 4 yeais. and. the business men and citizens general will be loth to part with him. He will take charge of ons of Mr. Cur-dy's stores in Topeka.

Mrmdsv fveninff many of our peopl 7th day of April, 1887, an order of attachment for the sum of thirty-three dollars and forty- fice. Wanted Men and Women To subscribe for the Leavenworth Daily or Weekly Times, in connection with the Register. The place occupied by the Times in Kansas journalism and politics is too well known to need commendation from the Register. It is a fearless, outspoken, independent, Republican paper; In fact the State paper. It favors the enforcement of law and order.

We can furnish our paper and the Daily Times for a year. We can furnish our paper and Week-j Times for $2.00 a year. Send for the Times Premium list. were treated to a delightful serenade seven cents was issued by the above named Rtonecinher and Ed Kelly TnatiV of the Peace aerainst hiB goods in the baskets, work bags, pen wipers, nang-ing baskets, catch-alls, pin cushions, footstools, handkerchief boxes, glove boxes, card baskets, sofa pillars, table coyers, work stands, table scarf screens, scrap bags, hand bags, table mats, toilet mats, lamp mats, lamp shades, pillow shams, pillow sham holders, cur nprformed on guitars and harmoni above entitled action, and that said cause will .1 V. 1 be heard on the 13th day of May, 1887 atO Thw will nerform in me uauu meets Sarurdav evening-, on or before 'he fa.1 moon, and two weeks thereafter.

C. H. SXABKETT, Se-. L. L.

BrrNGTOX. W. M. I. O.

O. F. Toronto Lodge Xo. -07, meet Friday night of each week. H.

A-Testland, V.G. C. H. Starrtet, Treas. J.

D.CAxso.t, Sec. K. OF H. Verdigris Lodge, Xo. Z.G56.

Regular trains have not commenced running on the new road yet. The tracklayers have been engaged on the sidetracks, of which there will be three and perhaps four long Dnes. This road will one of "the main lines of the Santa Fe concert. The Richest Humorous Book of th Agei o'clock a. m.

Geo. W. Shannon, Attest Flaiiitiff Chas. W. Pollard, J.

P. wnnka rrr PITT ooo AGENTS WAHir-u: ocloj The Lord's Supper will be celebrated tains, toilet stands, slipper cases, letter cases, picture frames, toilet sets, cloths, at the Presbvterian Church on Sabbath Beecher morning April 24,1887 in connection brush holders, hassocks, cigar noxes, VS. tlceof the peace of Toronto W. C. Dodson.

toumship, in Woodson county OFFICERS; lYei ntnr Saraanlha at Saralnrja bv Josiah Allen's Wife. Miss Holly spent all lit seasonamid the whirl of toMowj Saratoga, end takes off its tollies, flu-talion, low neck dressing Pr dogs in her inimitable mirth-provoking style. The book is Profusely illustrated by Upper the nmowned artitt of puck. Will sell immensely. Price BIUGHT AGENTS WASTED.

Address Hnb-bard 194 V.9tU Kansas City. S. r. Kindblade. IjIEI OP- sachels, faucy purses, slippers, dressing I Kansas.

with trie usual services, a will be taken up for Home Missions. Vice Dictator Said defendant is hereby notified that on the Assistent Dictator- inlnfinitely the most valualde because com-iSsoclosely from the family circle and by a system and is of incalculable value to Toronto. There is a largo amount of subscription due this office and we request those owing us to. call and settle for we need the money. It is but a small amount to gowns, music port! olios, knite cases.tans, flower baskets, plantstands, flower pots, 7th day of April 1837 an order of attachment Preparatory services Saturday even for the sum of six dollars and sixty cents was Kaster nana engraeu iu i-ichlv TllJistrated steel portrait, will sell J.

A. VanlandinehaKi L. G. Porter Robt. W.

S. Lockard. Alex McLeod. S. N.

Bronsno. Wash Joh nston. Henry Gies Henry Has ing previous. covers, shawl dress trimmings, window shades. feather work, spatter work, issued by the above named Justice of ine Reporter Vinauoe Treasurer Guide Chaplain Guard Sentinel immensely, Millions want this stanaara OF THE DEEP.

Wonders Peace ajrainst his goods in the above entia The C. K. W. railroad running from Attention of the (rreatest prearaer auu Quick fs the word. Territory in rreat demand nircnlara p.nd 50c for outfit to HUD- lAnf nhotooraDhi and many other pction.

and that said cause will be heard on you but taken collectively it is quite a Af 1 1 H. I 1M LT Li lx rtorj rjO are Neosho Falls to Yates. Center is being latter nlace to this i things. the 13th day of May, 1887, at 2 o'clock p.m. bard 104 W.

9th Kansas City. sum. BULvUJCU liViu It is handsomely bound, containing CORAL SHELLS, and other "MARINE CURIOSITIES. We have agents constantly employ-mA in Hoeurtnir rare specimens of the above city with the probability ot tne roaa pc- G. A.

R. Regular meeting-s of Toronto Post, No. G. A. R-, Dept.

of Kansas, are held on the first Saturday in each month at m. S. C. Kimvblape, Commaadar. J.

Dickerson. Adjutant. now prepared to furnish ail classes with em-plonnent at home, the whole of the time, or spare moments. Business new, Hgtit and profitable. Persons of either sex easily earn from 50 cents to $5.00 per evening, and a proportional sum by devoting all their time to i i.

'i nnA o-irita ertrn neariv as 64 larsre 3-column pages, and will be Fresh Garden seeds and fine Seed Potatoes at McLeod Glover's. ino- built to this point to connect nl offer to the public as fine Closing out Sale attest W. C. W11.L.E, i-laintiir. Chas.

W. Pollard. J. P. A Wann 1 Before W.

Pollard, a jus-Vs. jticeofthe peace of Toronto C. Dodson. township, Woodson county, Kansas. Said Defendant is hereby notified that on the Coal Belt sent post paid for 30 cents.

It is the finest work ever published, and every adv interested in fcou3e hold art should pniiMHonforOKE DOLLAR as they can lue uut.iirao. i shell store for double much as men. That all wno see xnis may HOARDING HOCSE, their address, and test the business, we make i 1 1 Sale bills printed at this office are attractively displayed. OF- tha OurOXE COLLAR CABINET this otter, xo fucn coon rnnv nt. once.

Address The No action was taken by the commissioners last week on the bridge to be built across the river at this place except to postpone the consideration of the subject untill the first week in May, containing over tweniy varieties of Shells, rviri. will nlpfise both old and youngr. Empire News Syracuse, X. Y. we will send one dollar to pay for thetrouoie of writing-.

Full particulars and outfit tree. Adress Gkohgk Stissos Portland, Maine. Short Horn fettle 0fWE L18HT RUHH1MB riirefull Tracked, and mailed to any address Kioti.a in. rnnii.i:i. ou receipt of First-class Boarding and Lodging furnle4 at reasonable rates.

North side of Main street. Onion sets at Mcleod Glover's. the 8th day of April 18S7 an order of attachment for the sum of twelve dollars was issued by the above named Justice of the Peace ag-ainst his poods in the above entitled action and that said cause will be heard on the 14th day of May, 1887 at 2 o'clock p. m. Attest A.

H. Manx, Plaintiff. C. W. Pollard, J.

P. JU IIJU ONE DOLLAR. Address: Marine Curiosity Supply (Box 15) Key West, Florida Toronto. Kaxsas. On my farm two miles southwest of Fort Scott, Kansas.

Another Art Craze. at which time it will be brought up. A large number of ornamental, shade and fruit trees were planted in this city this spring. This is commendable, for nothing will more clearly reflect the nnt.An.nri culture of the people of a The latest art work among ladies is Thursday, May 28, '87 JOHN HURD, Proprietor of th known as the "French Crazo," for decoration china, glassware, etc. It is to starrett 1 Before C.

W. Pollard a justice VS 1 of the neace of Toronto to wn- W. C. Dodson. ship, Woodson county, Kan- sas.

Paid defendant is hereby notified that on the ethincr entirely new, and is both I will, on day aboye mentioned, sell highest bidder my entire herd of Short Horn Cattle, consisting of community than the judicious planting nrofitable and facinating. It is very 1 1.1 I 1 of tree3. 8tb day of April 1387 an order of attachment for the sum of twenty-four dollars and ten popular in New York, tioston ana otner Eeastern cities. To ladies desiring to as raw h. yfm mu: V.

A Sunday school convention of Green, wood county will be held in the Luthern church of Eureka, next Friday, April Mm 22nd, beginning at 9 o'clock a. m. ana Cures ell open sores on Animals Jtepresenting Josephines, Lady Elizabeths Ianthes, Belle of Republic, and other families. The Prince of Clarence No. 44,629, bred at Side View, and for which I paid $500 when a yearling, ill included in sale.

I have bred learn the art, we will send an elegant china placque (size 18 inches,) handsomely decorated, for a model, together with box of material, 100 colored designs assorted in flowers, animals, soldiers, land-scapes, complete with full instructions, upon receipt of only SI 00. The placque alone is worth more continuing its session throughout the day. A S. S. mass meeting will be held at 7:30 p.

m. S. S. workers are urged to cents was issued by the above named justice of the peace ajrainst his goods in the above entitled action and that said cause will be heard on the 14th day of May, 1887 at 10 o'clock a. m.

Attest C. H. Starrett, Plaintiff. Chas. W.

Pollard, J. P. E. B. Rail.

Bargains in Lawns, all colors. Churns. Don't fail to try one and give us Owner and Operators of tlia Who iell the ntir product of their immense factory direct to the public. thca ea purchss upon liberal test THE BEST ORGiHS MiKUFlCTURED. City Livery tram any cause, sore snuuium cuts, kicks, rcpe burns, sore backs, scratches, cuts from barb-wire fences, etc.

No smell to attract fiies: does not burn a sore like liniments easily applied and aJ- liniments; east'! applied and MsMAffcaBBLa EWW HAS NO EQUAL. than the amount charged, an imitation these Cattle for many vears with great care, and without, regard to cost in securing the best Bulls. Rale Positive, Kcjfarlless of weather as it will be held under shelter. C.trTTfT79.nni'a will hfi in readiness to nabited brass rjlaeoue. Instruc i I aJ-I 1 ways ready.

9 For Burns, Chafing, Sores cr Cuts on Persons it has no equal. TRY IT! 15 and 50 Cts. your opinion of it, even if you bring PERFECT SATISFACTION Kan. Toronto tion book in namting, 15 colored pict it back. or sale Dy uyington son ures only 15c.

Embroidery silk, WARRANTED FOR SIX YEARS. mmiitv nil colors. 80c ner 100 be present. And the S. S.

children the evening. The attention of stock men is directed to the advertisement of Charles Kel son's closing out auction sale of short-, horn cattle, to be held at Fort Scott, Tuesday, May 26, which appears in this issue. Nelson is determined to close out these cattle without regard tt price, and a favorable opportunity will be afforded fatmers to supply themselves with thoroughbred cattle at beef Hew Hems Sewinff MacMne Co. ORANGE, MASS. The old reliable Standard Mower always on hand at L.

Byington Son's. KJ, lZ- i skeins. Tinsel braid, gold or silver, for art embroidery and needle work, large hall, onlv loo. Macrame cord, white; Catalogue and full particulars free. Write us before purchasing.

Address, mentioning name of this paper, 3(1 Union Sauar8.l!.Y. St.lou!s, Ko. GOOD RIGS AT BEAJOXABLE PKICIS. Give me a convey strangers to and from my farm. Catalogues ready May 1st, and will be sent on application to undersigned.

Terms of Sale: A credit of six months without interest. Five per oent discount for cash Sales Commences Promptly at I 'o'clock. CHAS NELSON. Col. J-.

F. JtriR, AnettoMeer. Atlanta. 6a. Dallas.

Tex. San Franclwo. Cl. r6a SAUff nt iwr lb-, anv color. 60c per lb.

Other C. H. STARRETT. Call and see our hew" hay rake and tell us if it is not the best made rake you ever saw, L. L.

Byington goods at equal low prices. Address The EMriKi: New Syarcuse, Y..

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