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Florence Bulletin from Florence, Kansas • 3

Florence Bulletin from Florence, Kansas • 3

Florence Bulletini
Florence, Kansas
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The Florence Bulletin, Thursday, Dee. 26, 1918 Pgt 'souvenirs yet, I have the money and THE RYAN GROCERY CO. Soldier Letters Nov. 22 1918. Somewhere In Belgium.

Dear Hick: I am now on my way to Germany. We crossed the Belgium border yesterday. Now that the war is over, we have another big task before us. I went over the top the last time, Phone 44 the notion but have bo much stuff tied to me I can't get to the souvenirs. I would like to get each of you a real nice one but can't promise for sure.

You know I can lay here on my sweet little back and see you there at home as plain as can be, and 1 look you over a heap too. I can see you, mamma, double timing around Ihe stove and sailing around ihe back yard and then sitting down reading and look over them glasses, just as plain as Mary Pickford in, "Get your feet out of the And your favorite pose, dad, is reading and smoking, or gathering a couple of winks of sleep in I ho corner by Ihe stove. Also got a few places marked between Florence and Hampson, where I know you've traveled when it was a hundred in the shade or ten below zero in winter. I wish I was at that culvert just this side of bridge 6, looking a skunk right square in the eye, right now, because, if I was, I'd only be an hour We Wish You a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year two daysbefore peace was signed. It was almost as bad as Chateau Thierry.

Ping and I have been recommended for a D. S. but don't know when we'll get them. I received a letter from Shamus O'Brien. He is seeing some hot time also.

The 35th did some good work on this last drive, so did the 89th. That is Hie one Herman Scherer is in and also my brolhcr-in-law. Well Hick, it will be a long time before you hear from me again, but I will write when I get into Germany. So long. Trig.

Corp. Walter Davis, 80 Co, 6 reg. U. S. M.

A. E. F. For Rifles, Shotguns and Ammunition you would go a long way to find a better stock than we have. We have .22 Rifles in all styles and prices, and Shotguns, Say man! they sure are the stuff.

Any man is proud of the gun he "totes" away from our store. Come in and see. All are priced right and there is a big bunch to choose from. Still Somewhere in France Thanksgiving Day Dear mamma and dad: Mrs. Orville Betty came ih from Emporia Friday to spend until after Christmas with her parents, Mr.

and Mrs. McCombe and family- Extra copies of the Bulletin, 5c They haven't got any orders here at this particular hospital unit yet to stop censoring mail or allow any more facts to be mentioned than as T. P. Alexander Estate How's This? We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for any case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Medicine. Hall's Catarrh Medicine has been taken by catarrh sufferers for the past thlrty-flve years, and has become known as the most reliable remedy for Catarrh.

Hall's Catarrh Medicine acts thru the Blood on the Mucous surfaces, expelling the Pol-son from the Blood and healing the diseased portions. After you have taken Hall's Catarrh Medicine for a short time you will see a great improvement in your general health. Start taking Hall's Catarrh Medicine at once and get rid of catarrh. Send for testimonials, free. F.

J. CHENEY Toledo. Ohio. Sold by all Druggists, 75c. from home, th a cinch.

Next time you write tell me how Berhl is. I'm sure glad he went in the navy instead of the army, just awfully glad because they used to fill the air with hospital tickets, and worse. I have stayed around the house pretty close today and haven't gathered much news, so will quit for now, hoping you are fine and have a Christmas without a worry, just eats and laughs. With Love. Earl Hardin.

of old, so can't tell you where I am, Florence, Kansas H. L. Watson, Mgr. Mr. and Mrs.

Fred Robinson have moved to town and are living in the Battey property on the hfll formerly occupied by Dr. Reich. The boys will run the farm. where I have been or where I expect to be. A couple days ago they pronounced one of my wounds heal ea, Dut i sun nave tnree that are Mrs.

Park Riley of Emporia spent Xmas with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Abe McCombe and family. An advertisement in Tke Bulletin will sell it for you. Luther Grist went to Kansas City on Saturday to visit a few days with relatives.

open and expect it will be severa1 days before they are healed. I cannot see where I can possibly be able to waltz by Xmas, in fact, I know I can't, so am figuring on storming in with Ihe March, and so I told dad when I got tangled up with that German joy destroyer it took all the Santa Claus ideas out of my bean, so didn't get to send you a slip for a Waddel Props. CITY DRAY TRANSFER LINE Prices Right For Prompt and Carful Service Call 204 Emil Mercet lost one of his little driving ponies last week. One of the larger horses kicked it, breaking its leg and Mr. Mercet was forced to shoot it.

Phone Jellies Make Good Drink. With la grippe and feverish cohla, cooling drinks are in demand. Chilled fruit juices are always acceptable, whether It Is the juice of raw fruits, such as lemons, limes, oranges er grape fruit or the cooled liquids around cooked dried fruit or preserves. Mix with water, sweeten slightly, and put in a teaspoonful of shaved ice. Tart jellies make a refreshing drink, especially currant jelly.

A nourishing drink is made by mixing the water off boiled rice with orange juice or currant jelly and water. Lemonade Is Bade tasty with a dash of nutmeg. O.lice Tel. G2F2 Residence Tel. 62F3 R.

A. West, D. D. S. DENTIST- Established 1903.

Office at 404 Main Office Hours: 9 to 12 a. m. and 1 to 5 p.rr FLORENCE. KANSAS When you have visitors, or go visiting, or your neighbors have company, call us up (nhone No 8) or write it down and send in. Xmas package.

So you save some chocolates, cake, pie, pudding, sauce, jam, jelly, bananas, pears, oranges, doughnuts, pancakes, syrup, cream, chili, tamales, roast pork, chicken, rabbit, turkey, mashed spuds, macaroni cheese, biscuits, crackers, tea, gravy and some real coffee and I'll call for them personally, and if Mrs. Brake and Mrs. Winchester know anything about cakes or noodles, will test their goods too. I haven't had mail for over seven weeks and of course am very anxious to get one letter anyway since I have heard and read so much about the sickness over there, but, am' hoping and making myself believe you are all of you alright, but I realize the chances that you might Sol Sager, Proprietor CITY DRAY TRANSFER LINE Prompt and careful service at reasonable prices Res. E.

5th St. or phone 11 1195 Series Tl Half a Century Ago A A THE SMALL COST of running an Allen car together with its roominess, comfort and unlabored performance make it an ideal car for people who need an automobile to fret about and get thincrs done. It is neither not be so of course want to be satisfied until I hear you are 0. K. I don't think there is any need of you writing to me until I send you an address, which time, I think, will too large nor too small for maximum utility.

We will gladly demonstrate anytime, anywhere. Contractor Builder Estimates Furnished Florence Kansa Robinson Bros. Oil be in the next two weeks. All mail sent to me is sent to American p. o.

in France and I will be able to get mail directly from you soon as I can get it from there, so wait until I send my address. Haven't landed any STANLEY W. HOWE Attorney at Law Marion Kansas DRINK EOT TEA FOB A BAD COLD HARRY M. WADDEL Carpenter and Builder Residence on West Sixth Street Phone 131 Get a small package of Hamburg Breast Tea at any pharmacy. Take a tablespoonful of the tea, put a cup of boiling water upon it, pour through a sieve and drink a teacup full at any Haifa Century Ago, every community could be supplied to some extent with locally dressed meat, drawing on live stock raised nearby.

Now two-thirds of the consuming centers, with millions of people, are one to two thousand miles away from the principal live-stock producing sections, which are sparsely settled. The American meat packing industry of today is the development of the best way to perform a national service The function of providing meat had to develop accordingly. Those men who first grasped the elements of the changing problem created the best facilities to meet it large packing plants and branch houses at strategic points, refrigerating equipment (including cars), car routes, trained organization, profitable outlets for former waste which became the natural, inevitable channels for the vast flow of meat across the country. If there were a better way to perform this necessary service, American ingenuity and enterprise would have discovered it, and others would now be using it During 1918, Swift Company has earned a profit on meats (and meat by-products) of less than 2K cents per dollar of sales too small a profit to have any appreciable effect on prices. time during the day or before retiring.

I It is the most effective way to cold and cure grip, as it opens the pores of the skin, relieving congestion. DR. W. PARKER IRWIN Physician and Surgeon Office in Horner Building Phones: Office 167 Res. 161 Florence Kansas 1 Also loosens the bowels, thus driving a cold from the system.

Try it the next time you suffer from a cold or the grip. It is inexpensive and entirely vegetable, therefore afe and harmless. LUMBAGO RIGHT OUT Notice-Shoe Repairing Bring me your shoes when they need repairing. I do only first-class work. Do you want me to put buttons on your shoes? Black Oil Dye for old tan and brown shoes.

Don't throw your old tan shoes away. Scissors Sharpened. Bert C. Dalzell FOGARTYBLDG. FLORENCE.

Nothing will please your Soldier Boy more than a picture from home. They are easy to take, and are Inexpensive. We Have Kodaks and Film And Will be Pleased to Show Them to You. Come In. Swift Company, U.S.

A. Anti-florse Thief Sfssoet'ati'oH Join the fed Gross Rub Pain and Stiffness away with a small bottle of old honest St Jacobs Liniment When your back is sore and lame or lumbago, sciatica or rheumatism has you stiffened up, don't suffer! Get a 30 cent bottle of old, honest "St. Jacobs Liniment" at any drug store, pour a little in your hand and rub it right into the pain or ache, and by the time you count fifty, the soreness and lameness is gone. Don't stay crippled This soothing, penetrating oil needs to be used only once. It takes the ache and pain right out of your back and ends the misery.

It is magical, yet absolutely harmless and doesn't burn the skin. Nothing else stops lumbago, sciatica and lame back misery so promptly Store nb. Order No. 493. Meetiug Firt Sat.

Eve of Each Month. $25.00 REWARD will be paid for the Detection and Conviction of any thief stealing any proper-t from any member of this order. Florence. Kansas O'Brien Bros..

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