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The Republican Banner from Greensburg, Kansas • 1

The Republican Banner from Greensburg, Kansas • 1

Greensburg, Kansas
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DiSDj At Omaha Nebraska, July IS, Mrs. Maud Conroy, nee Winslow, The lady was tbe daughter of W. S. Winslow of Mulljnville. and Is well and favorably known to many of the people of the cpunty She leaves a husband and a son aged flvo years to grieve oyer her departure.

The sorrowing friends and father have the sincere sympathy of a large pip-Je of i P. Again we rise to sav that we wpfe Cooked op the first ballot. Mr. Ooog will, make a good superior tendontt and family were a( Greensburg, Saturday, Mfsres Love and Pyle weye guests of Mrs. McQuey on Saturday.

-8ome of the over-pioqa ones seem to Coates, Win, Henshall Jr. liincoln; L. A opes, Clarence Bem-is, II F. flames. Garfield; W.

H. Harris, Walter Per-bracbe, W. L- Henderson. Martins P. E.

McDonald, 4. N. Reed E. W. Warrington; Q.

E. Lewis, H. W-Hodges, C. A- Watson, T. Gossett, G.

H. Bidwell. Valley; Frank Luard, 8, J). Smith, congress from the Big Seventh, was then-introduced by Chairmap Bidwell. He spoke for two hours to a large and enthusiastic audience composed of Republicans, Democrats and Populists.

In a masterly manner Mr. Long showed the manner in which prosperity followed iu tbe wake of the enactment in to laws of the Republican idea of proteoioa and the dire consequences tbat result from the low tariff theory GRRATRST FAMILY WERKLYi Tbe Natioual Jribtme, Washlngtop, 9, 0, Thb NATWtUi Tuibumb now Mteriny upon its 17th yew of phenomenal sacots. Ko other family veekly In fee country ba had such growth, nd malntis4 it steadily, It goe Into every oouqty io the Dnite- Stats aqd hag cluba of sgbserlMrS near, every pogtofllce, j- It has guinea this prowl nesttfee Sfilely its merits tig a highly interesting-fUr OSWSi Paper. For the Year 1804 It will be inurt better and mora tractive than orei. While retaining all of present popular fMtUI, it Will aonftantl' add new ones, MTSJMTDRES, war art wta ttrra-i and fought in the Wrutfg-le.

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A. Lepu bag been on the sick list. Mrs. Junes Napper ii on the sick; list Win. Barlow of Glick.

was iq the icity Monday. W. D. Eastman was iu Wichita last week on business. Sheriff BoushU on pur streets asrain after q.severe illness.

Mis. W. A. Lawton is on the sick list this week. Japan and China bid fair to take a little tilt st war.

Dr. W. L. Moon of JJavilaud was ip the city Monday. i Chanoy fontua is in.

Kansas pity on business. Jno. York Tuesday, wag up from bis farm County Surveyor Stookwell was up from Glick Wednesday, Geo. Williams was down from But ler township, Tuesday, A horse belonging to Geo. Duncan was killed one day last week by light samuel Uennlnger and son were up from the Horsebead Ranch Monday on business.

Our friend Jesse Thompson made tho Banker office a pleasant call one day this Turee partial games of ban wore played on the diamond in this oity gat urday. Attorneys J. Q. Thompson and J. King of Pratt were transacting legal lousiness in tbe district court Wednesday Wasted: Boarders, During tb County Normal, Enquire of Lee Ken yon.

3t ll. VV. liodges or Mullinvilie was in tbe city yesterday shaking bands with bis many friends. Squire Staples Of Staples P. was transacting business in tbe city tbe first of the week.

Jurors Ashley and McQuey wore up Tuesday and obtained their final dis charge papers as members of the regular panel. To Mr. and Mrs. T. C.

Eberly a daughter, Saturday July 21st. May tho little lady life be a pleasant one is tbe wish of tim writer. Theladiesof the M. E. Aid Society who served ice cream and cake to tb people last Saturday netted about $15.00 as a result of tbe enterprise.

James Startzel and wife of Wichita been visiting tbe former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Startzel of this city this week. Sam Booth is taking down the Hawk building. The material will bo used to erect a school bouse iu the Booth district.

Foot pads in Oklahoma City are get ting so hard up that they waylaid a prin ter the other evening. They secured a plugged penny. J. O. Dorland bad tbe misfortune to get two of bis ribs broken lust Frid ay while playing with his son John.

He is again able to be on our streets. "Have tried others, but like Ayer" best" is the statement made over andov cr again by those who testify to the ben cfit derived from tbe use of Ayer's Sar saparilla. Disease never had a greater en cmy than this blood purifier. It makes the weak strong. ICE! ICE! Parties wishing ICE can obtain it of W.

E. Ilalstin All orders must be in by 9 o'clock A. M. if Word was received this week of the death of Jno. a former residentof this county.

He was io California where he was living in hop es of regaining hit health. U. A. Wilson a brother our esteem il townsman J. C.

Wilson was nominal wn MC9AIV And Pfploma Awartte) AVER'S CHERRY PECTORAL FOB THROAT and LUNO 60U -The Irrigatlpn- Tarsw- the name of a new paper published by L. Bristoe Secretary of the Inter-State Irrigation Association. It will be devoted wholely to the cause of irrigation as related to the plains and every month will have valuable art! cles on tbe subject from the ablest students of irrigation iu the whole oountry, and also the experience of men who are now Irrigating their farms, both by pumping aqd by ditch es. farmer in tne west should have this journal. It will save bim much time and money, for through it bo will get the advantage of tbe experience of others.

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A club should be formed in every neighborhood. Uet up a club iu your com. munity. Address. Tbb Iukigation Farmer, Sa Una, Kansas- great hsgk mm mm TO THE EAST.

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Chicago, E.St. John, Genl Chicago 111. rn 'raw Court Proceedings. Tbe adjourned term of the Disr triqt Court convened in this City Tuesday, In tbe case of E. L- Smyre vs.

the Receiver of the Bank of Greensburg an action to recover on a draft in transit at the time the Rank was closed. Considered by the Court as a preferred claim and Receiver was ordered, to pay the same in full. Jn the case of School Districts 1,4, and 87 the Receiver of the Bank of Greensburg, Tbe receiver was ordered by the court to pay tbe full amount that the trews urers bad in the Bank at the time was closed, The draft of 1,. Cr. Gar- man deposited for collection at the time of the closing of the bank, was ordered paid iu full.

The motion for a new trial in the case of the State vs Myers was over ruled' and will be taken to tbe supreme court, as soon as the bill of exceptions can bo pre pared. Soma little foreclosure busi-in ess was transacted and court ad' journed until next Tuesday, Frsgraa' Martin Sunday School Convention to be held at Mullinvilie. Kansas, August, 5. 1894. Devotional Exercises.

Rev. Burrell Address of Welcome, J. A. Sherer, Response of Welcome. J.

A Chandler. Singing. How can we get the most good out of this convention? Rev, Manning. Singing. Work and Workers, Supt.

and Officers Wbon should temperance be taught? Rev. Burrell Basket Dinner. Afternoon Exercises. Normal Lesson. Mrs.

Parker Courage, When and Where? C. F.Trick What preparation should teachers make A. J. Olson What three things should a teacher know? A. N.

Reed How can we best secure the attention of the small children? Mrs. Burrell, How to make good teachers? Mrs. Parker bbould we continue the Sunday School through winter season? T. Cox Discussion. Singing.

By order of Committee, J. Sherer, Chairman icans Meet. In ConTenUon Anenblti the Bgsubll- Mnioiuu County nominate Strong Ticket. Promptly at 11 o'clock last Saturday the Republican County Convention ffas called to order by Chairman Doug lass, of the Central Committee. George Bidwell of Mullinvilie was elected Temporary Chairman and A.

N. Beed Temporary Secretary. On motion of Greenleaf of Reeder, commutes con sistingof three eacb'on Permanent Op ganization, Resolutions. Order of Business and Credentials were appointed by the chairman as follows; Organization, E.M. Eastman.

Wells- ford. W. L. Heuderson of Garfield, and Geo. McQuey of Glick.

On order of business, 8. J. Echols of Ursula, G. Brown of Center and C. A.

Watson of Martin. On Resolutions, J. A. Milligan of Center, C. Dinsmore of Valley and II.

W. Hodges of Martin. On Cre dential O. J. Greenleaf of Reeder, Burges Barnes of Butter and Earl Car penter of Haviland.

The contention then adjourned until 15 P. M. At 1:15 tbe gavel of Chair man Bidwell sounded and tbe Kiowa County Convention came to order for tbe transaction of its important busi uesi. Tbe Committee on Organization presented their report recommending that the temporary organization be made permanent. The report was un animously adopted.

Tbe report of the committee on Credentials was present ed and read and on motion of its adoption the following persons were declared entitled to seats in tbs convention as delegates: The following is the report ofcie dentials: Brenliam; C. W. Isham, C. E. Pear son, M.

Shuck. J. Ellis. L. O.

Bovan. Butler; B. C. Olson, L. Stombaugli.

Center; Frank Bertram, Geo. Brown, P. S. Abbett, Uriah Clapp, M. Nelson, Lou A.

Gurley, C. M. Hop kins, W. II. Henshall, J.

B. Kane, ames II, Lewis, Martin Monro, Wit Ham Russell, John 8teffen, Geo. Boott, John L. Porter, J. A.

Mllllfan, Ed tnink that their characters were fearfully shattered on the Fourth of July from be ingiq a grove where there was dancing going on. Any persons rinding any pieces of tbe above mentioned character will please leave them at the pfcst bouse or in quarantine. Mr. Alter is a pleasant, courteous and capable maq aqd wil make a good facer. Mr.

Andy Olson will have tbe pleasure of polling tbe jury after next November, Andy al a perfect gentlemen, a good scholar and will be elected. By the way. if we remember right we were completely Cooked the first ballot. ine new bridges west of town are very substantial looking structures. The township ticket placed in uomlpa (ion on Friday is one of tbe best we have ever had, Mr.

McQuey is. a thorough business man. competent and careful and as trustee will guard the interest of tb luwnEnip. air. layior nas oeen a mem ber of the board for a long time.

He is largely interested iq the township and careful and painstaking. Mr. Wilson Howard for clerk is a good selection Bp is a good penman a fins accountant and is also interested in tbe township and will work for the good of Glick Any township would be proud of such trio ot officers. They are honest men will get good majorities no matter wh tbe Pops put against them Let us give tbem a big majority. Mr.

Wm. Hodgson is fixing the roads up in fine shape. It is better to fix the bad roads than to have a large damage suit. State of Kansas i Kiowa County tie anown to an men by tbese pres ents that on the 31st of July 1894 between tbe hours of three and four we were com pletely Cooked on the first ballot. Old 76.

The above Is Old 78 as he appeared after being Cooked on tbe first ballot We have no fault to find. Tbe gentle men in the convention thought tbat Mr, Cook was tbe strongest man and govern ed themselves accordingly. We were beaten and we have ao howl to make about any ring or combine although we lost where we thought we were strongest Our bead is not sore in consequence of defeat and we intend to work for the success of tbe ticket. Of course we would have been glad to secured the nomination and of course the air castles we built came down with a fear ful crash but the directions say, take your medicine and we are taking it without making any wry face. Charles Cook is a good fellow and if we have got to be defeated we know that it is by a good man We expect to do all we can for Hr.

Cook. Tne convention said Old 76 we think that we will turn you down so we were completely Cooked on the first ballot. We take our medi cine, we gracefully submit, we humbly bow and without soreheadedoess or spir it of revenge, without any bolting we abide by the decision of the convention and sincerely hope and trust that Mr, Cook will be tbe next superintendent. In conclusion let me drop a word of advice to candidates in general. First, Don't believe everything that men tell you.

Second, If yoo believe that everything is gold that is a 1 1 your name will be PANTS In gigantic The WESTERN TRAIL is published quarterly by the Chicago, Rock Island Pacific Railway. It tells how to get a arm In tbe West, and It will be sent to yougratls for one year. Bend name ana address to "Editor Western Trail. Chlca go, and receive It one year free. i.

T. 4 F. R. TIME CARD. 'est Bound last Bound Man.

nan. Daily Meept Sunday. im a. k. SJS 4JB P.H.

11-00 A.M. Uat. I Dally soapt Station. Malllarnto--Orwniburf HsrtlMd --Welltford Pratt King-nun -Wlobiu-' Tnpta -KaSM Cilr MJ1 r. M.

ftii 9 'lUW A. M0 L.T. Sjiitb, C. pinspiore. Ursula; 8.

3. Ecbois.Ben Cranio, Browo, Charles McKinley, Thomas Taylor, William Hu bert, A L. geuuet, George McQuey, U- Roberts. Haviland; Bevan Binford, E. Br Car penter, A.

Kemp, Josiah Binford Wilson; Weilaford; Anthony, Swan Andersoq, Yowg, E. M. East man, Jf- Sapp. Kiowa; J. Hennipger, Cbas, A Burr, W.

T- Snider. Reeder; Samuel Booth, O. J. Green leaf, Bart Newljq. Union; M- Binford.

J. GbjcknlkaF-Jl. Caki-entjcu. BAitjaps. Committeemen IB.

The report of the committee on or der of business was then presented re commending the nominations bemAde in the following order and the report was adopted as real viz; Representa tive, Register of Deeds, County Attor ney, Probate jdge, County Superten dent, Clerk of District Court and Com missioners of tbe 2d District. The Committee on Resolutions pre sented the following which were read and adopted: R80I.UTIQNg. We, the Republicans of Kiowa County, Kansas, in Convention as sembled, do hereby renew and reaffirm our loyal and steadfast allegiance to tbe Republican Party, We reaffirm our devotion to Repub lican principles as declared in tbe na tional Republican Platform of 189: and the State Republican Platform of Kansas of 1894. we ueneve mat Kepubjican princi pies, us get forth in these two Plat forms are the only safe guide of the American people to follow in the State and in the Nation. We believe in Republican principles.

Republican measures, and Republican men. We denounce tbe cowardly extravi gant and lawless administration of Governor Lewelling and his gang of treasonable, anarchistic followers. We deuqjince and warn tbe people of the county against the reckless and unscrupulous manner in which the Populist officials of this county have conducted their offices, and creating tbe most unnecessary expenses. We waru the Republicans of this county against the desperate and un scrupulous leaders of the Populist par ty iu this county, and against tbe cunning and malicious falsehoods which they have been and are now in dustriously circulating over the county regarding Republicans and Re publican candidates for the purpose of iujuringtbe Republican We hereby unanimously bind oursel ves one and all to elect those nomina ted here today, and to do our best to wipe the earth with the desperate and treasonable organization known as tbe People's Party, which has brought so much disgrace and discredit to our commonwealth.


W. Hodges. On motion it was decided that tb nomination be made by ballot and that the Chairman, of each delegation an nounce tbe result. Hon. W.

Davis was then re-nominated by acclamation for Representative, he being the only candidate before tbe convention. -For Register'of Deeds, the name of E. Alter was presented by E. M. East man of Wellsford and that of Mrs.

Eaton by A. X. Reed of Mullin vilie. The result of the ballot showed 45 votes for the former and 26 for Mrs. Eaton T.

Alter was declared the choice of the Convention. Wm McK Mllligan for County Attorney and A Douglass for Probate Judge were nom iuatedby acclamation. For Supt. of Public Instruction the names of W. E.

Ashley and C. Cook wen presen- tad. The result of the vote showed Cook 45 and Ashley ItO and C. E. Cook was declared the nominee.

Dr. J. A. Milligan arose and announced tbat the Candidates for District Clerk from Center Township viz: A. R.

Nor ton and Chancy Fenton, in the Inter est of harmony would not be pre sented and A. J. Olson of Martin was declared the choice of the Convention by acclamation. For Commissioner of the Second District, Robert McKlnley of Ursula, was unanimously chosen by the dele gates don the district. Bon.

Chester I. Long, candidate for of tbe Democrats. Taking up each period of protection the speaker from undisputable evidence showed tbe pros perous condition of the country thereafter until the Democrats were again enthroned -and either attempted or succeeded in injecting1- the free trade idea into the laws of this country. Special mention was made of panic of 1837, Thfi'tpeaksr showing from public documents and public utterances at the time that the condition tbe country was Attributable directly to the low tariff policy of tbe Demo. crati.

"It is a matter of history" continued the speaker, "that the low tariff theories of the Democrats whenever enacted into laws have always been followed by depressed financial condi tions, with one exception, and that was when it was followed by the break iqg out of the Mexican wgr and tbe disoovery of gold in California." In speaking of who is responsible for tbe deplorable conditions that exist today in this country Mr. Long held that the Democrats were responsible for the condition of affairs of the nation since March 1893 and the Populists were re sponsible for the conditions that have existed in this state since January of last year. From the best of authority he showed that the Republican admin istration closed with the brightest of prospects and that before the close of the year 1803 the prospects were among the darkest ever experienced in the history of our country. That the threatened change in the financial pol icy of tbe country bad resulted disas trously was shown. The organized agitation of the Populist party in their attempt to create dissatisfaction a-mong the people with the established form of Government and the corrup tion practiced by those in high author ity, as charged by members of their own household was pointed out by the speaker ami thorougly and ably aired vuiiHiiuBKig ir.

4lig B.K6U IV 1)0 18 responsible for the--conditions as they exist iu the nation? Who is responsi ble for the conditions as they exist in Kausasi These be added are the questions that the voters of Kansas are asking. These are the questions tbat are being asked throughout tbe coun try. The Voters will answer them in November at the polls. The vote a- gainst the anti-option bill, by the con gressman from this district was called to the attention of the people, and has furnished the Populist farmers much food for SDlid thought. The ben indent result of the reciprocity was briefly shown and our increased trade with Brazil, Cuba and other countries called to the attention of the audience and especial meution made of the increased demand in tbe markets of those couutries of products raised by the Kansas farmer.

Tbe financial question was treated very ably by the speaker who showed tbe benefits derived by tbe adoption of tbe Republican ideas on tbe matter and tbe harmful results that would follow tbe adoption of the Cleveland single gold standard or the Populist silver standard. The audience was large and one of the most attentive that ever gathered in Greensburg. The speech was one of the most masterly addresses ever de livered in this From start to fiiiisb there was no word uttered at which tbe most stalwart Democrat or the most radical Populist could take of fence, and yet their Ibeories were held up to the audience and discussed in thorough manner, without fear or favor. Every sentence tbat fell from tbe speaker's lips were facts tbat should be duly considered by any man wuo would vote in the interest of his home and good government. Chester Long is a logical thinker, a pleasing orator and will make a representative for tbe Big Seventh that will be an honor to the men who will elect him by their votes next November.

His friends are enthusiastic, and much pleased with bis manner of opening the campaign and feel confidant be will make a much stronger race than he did two years ago and no Republi can bas fears of the result of election day. mvisni nzxst We were Cooked on the first ballot. Mr. Geo. Bidwell makes a One chairman, and Mr.

Beed Is not slow asa secretary. J. W. Davis made a One speech In accepting the nomination and be will again represent us at the legislature. Cavtats, and Trade-Marks obtaintd, and all eatbusioerieonductedforMopraaTC Pts.

i Ovn Ornec Orrosrrt U. Pstiht Orriet and can secure patent in less time uo those remote from Washington. Send model, drawing or with dsscrip- ttac. We adrise, if patentable or not, free of charge. Our fee not due till paUnt is secured, 2 a "How to Obtain Patents." with cost of same in tbe 8.

and fsreiga countries sene rrec awu, C.A.SNOW&CO Omm. Patcmt Omct. WatsuiHaTOH. TO T1IK- l'AKMEU: Take your, honu paper first, then subscribe for the Weekly Edition of THE KAJIS.V8 CITY ZTA 'J?" JL J. J.

A FOB TSE FABMRB. 25 Cents a Year. 1 THS AKSAS CITY STAB, DAILT: 1 VEAtt, $1. 3 UI.NI1IS, SI. The Portfolios of the Magie-City.

Are Printed in Natural Photographic Colors, which gives to tbe illustration a softness and marvelous beauty, of finish never be- -fore attained by any other Publication. Thecomnlele series (16 numbers 1 will constitute a Large and Beautiful Oblong volume 11 181 inches. Illustrated with OVER 800 GRAND VIEWS Specially Representing: All principle Buildings. Great Paint, ings. Foreign and State Buildings, Celebrated Statuary.

General Views. Complete views of the Art Gallerv. Interior Views. Character sketches on the Midway. Curious foreign Types." And all grand and wonderful features of tbe Great worlds i air.

made at the height of the splendor of the exposition. Bf a SPECIAL CORPS of ARTISTS. Including the Official Photograper of tne u. t). government, xne uest Is always the most desirable.

On receipt of a lib Cap sheaf Soda wrapper and ten cents we will mail one number or sixteen wrappers and $1.00 will secure the complete set. Address, DEL AND Fairport, New York. TBS ri for Congress at Bushnell, Illinois. THE BREEZIEST PAPER IN KANSAS, lin in well known to many of our iliz'in having been here in 1887. He is a true blue Republican 'and big many friends in this city wish him success.

The uiiiiual school meeting of the District vwis held ntthe school house yesterday afternoon. A levy of Of teen mills for taeeher's wages and Ave mills for incidentals was made. E. A. Xoithnip wan elected Treasurer and it.

Jl. Clark was re-elected clerk. lib) your duty as well as prlvlcga to liwik young as long si you cnn. One way to do so is by dressing your hair with Ay crs Hair Vigor. It causes the hair to re-lain color and fullness to a late period of life, and keep lbs scalp In good, bcalthly condition- The Pop Investigation of Warden Chase resulted In the thrashing ot the at toroey for the prosecution until he was unable to attend This closed tbe case fur the prosecution with tbe Pop board and then several witnesses were sworn In interest 'of tbe defence.

Nice Is It not for tbe Inteligenl poop ft Ksosai to submit to. THE Kansas BREEZE, AND REPUBLICAN BANNER. BOTH FOR $1-50 PER YEAR. Addrwthlp office, 4,.

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