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Haviland Tribune from Haviland, Kansas • 1

Haviland Tribune from Haviland, Kansas • 1

Haviland Tribunei
Haviland, Kansas
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

1 RIBUNE lAYILANB An Independent Newspaper Devoted the Interests of Haviland and Kiowa County. VOL. 11. HAVILAND, KIOWA COUNTY, KANSAS, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14, 1888. NO.

5 of BMMl Hats, Caps, GMes, Dry Goods and and 4 Notions Furnishing Goods. We have decide that our Stock must be tnrned into cash at once, and to do this we will sell the entire stock AT COST or under, for the next thirty days. The goods MUST BE SOLD and we are going to make prices that will take them ont at once. If you wish to benefit yourself by this sale, which will be the GREATEST SNAP of the season, you had better come early, as we mean business. Our stock is now, bright and salable, no old THE PEOPLES STORE.

EL Goxvin 5c Co. Proprietors CITY LIVERY AND FEED STABLES, Feed Grinder, in connection S. T. Wi Dealer fiOObS EXCHANGED FOR 6 UTTER And eccs. SOUTH ENl MAIN STREET, flAVlLAKD.


Physician and Surgeon. rails at all hour promptly attended to. hAVILAND, KANSAS. W. P.

WALKER, M. 0. Physician Surgeon, Office just nduth of Cot Treasurers office. Residence 1st door north of L. ft K.

Hotel. Kansas. A. FISHER. y' Attorney at Law UdKKifgBURa, KAN6A8.

RAILROAD TIME TABLE THE "NlNNESCAH ROUTE;" TiiK Wichita and WAbtkrk. Abb The KHiaiiA; Pbatt tnd Webtipjc. bUllroadt traverM the noett farming and trarinff country in Southern Kansas. 8E hat your reads via this line. FRANK M.

HILL, SUp't, Wichita; Kansas. HAST BOUND TRAINS. Passenger Trains. First Class. Fr't.

Tralnt. See. Clusf. Nations. I Express.

Mail and i Express. No. 0. Way reign P. 12.

11. 4' 11. 2 10. f. 10.

1 8. 3 7. I. 7. 1 I' 0.

1 5. 4. 4 4. 4 4. 3: 3.

Ij a. 9. or. 8,68 8. 23 MO 137.101 e.

5, aH r. 6M i8 fi. (IT 4.66 4. 45 P.M. 8.BQ 8.42 8.

00 T. S3 7. 40 Wichita, tloug. Ave. bj notion, oil.

Green. Ooddard. (i. Plain. Cheney.

Murdock. King-man. CalintR. Kinnexcah. Cairo.

Saratoga. Prate CulliHon. Wellsfoid. Haviland. Ilrenbam.

ureonshurif Malilnville. T. S3 8. 591 6.44f e. in 6.

03 6. 441 fi.38 ft. 31 4.6i 4. 43 4.83 4. at 4.

10 I 1 a 30 1- 65 NO. 1. A.M. 7.35. 7.43 7.S7 8.21 8.BA 8.49 9,07 P.

BO W. io. i 10.38 10 40 11 31 4i 11 IMV latZOG Id 12 50 1 36 P.M. wfc9T BOUND TRAINS. NO.

3. NO. A.M "bVso" 9. 45 10.43 11.2.1 11. 49 12.28P.

1.23 2. 13 2.40 3. 19 3 64 4 on 4 59 A 35 6 55 A 36 0 60 p.m. Wichita. lHig.

Ave. kll.Orren. Ooddard. (J. 1'lHin.

(Jhaney. -Wurdock. Kinp-maii. ftinnasan. Cairo, ttaratoira.

Prut OuIIIwhu. Wellsford. itrenhani. rwensbiirf MuUinrllln. H.

10 H. IT h.30 I 8. fit d.oh r. 3 10. 02 io.

10. 43 10. r.9 ii it it 34 0SA.M- it 13 is sr. 35 Trains jSaiid 3 will run dally except Sunday i'hsIiix rs provided with tickets wtl be ca freiiflitclralns- as follows; No. between (irpenslmrk jaod Wichita.

No. 8, bo i wwn Klnirman amlYftchlta, ft K. N. E. TIME 0AED, on tho Cbicstro, Kansas ft Ncbi-ask.

I ISLAND- railroad leave Haviland ar GOING EAST. Nj. tt, No. S4, kirmi r't except aunday r.jtw a. ....1:15 p.m pOINO WKST.

express Stop on signal only, 'HtOQ p. fto. Si, a. tn N. at local fr'texobptounday a.

Km. ft S3 ft MM to DodnaCltJfii loii. ft ot to Mettle Center n4 Lib. Silas Comer, was at Greensburg. Wednesday.

Miss Emma Stubbs, will start foi DesMoins, Iowa to-day. Mr. Neal of Pratt, Was in this vicini ty last Satiirday'buying stock. Allen Entwhistle and family, startet 'or Mason City, Hi. last Monday.

A. K. Kemp, and Riley Woodward, vas in Greensbnrg, last Monday. Mr. and Mrs.

John Compton, visitc Vlr. and Mrs. Winters, last Sunday, G. W. Proper, Will pay cash fo ill kinds of hides, pfclts.

and furs. etc. P. M. May anil daughter, returne Tom Gillraan, Colorado, last Tuesday The real estate "transfers in ok own are getting to be quite numeiou W.

G. Commotts and George Greei iad business in Pratt, last Saturdu JternQon. Paris Newlitn had a car load coal shipped into this pla ast Wednesday. Mr. Bell, hftl moVed upon the claii hat he recently gained, in the conte.

vith Joseph Sain. Frank Parser ahd D. W. Rnmse vas in Greensburg. Monday closing i real estate transfer.

Assistant marshal Barns, and ilendenhall, of Grtensburg, was in ot. own yesterday evening. B. P. Canady, BTrivtJd at this pla( ast Friday from Manhattan, he was lisway to his claim in Gray Co.

i 1 Mr. Eddie Stubbs trho left this plar -lOme time ttuo is haying his household ffects shipped to West DesMoini-Iowa. 2. Mr. J.

H. Binford, was confined lis bed moft of last with son hroat, but he recovered sufficiently to Wichita, on Tuesday of thl veek. E. Winters, inC gentleiiian tht vss sent from this place as a delegate the farmers convention held i Vichitn, this week was elected as obn.ii if that honorable body. Itaviland a isual is Hill ahead.

t). W. Ramsey, traded his tow: property to B. F. Parker, for a quarte ection of land six miles north-east town, and Parker has traded tte proper ty hcrot from Ramsey, to Otirney Mills for a TOO acres of land one rVitt north oJ town.

There if no mistaking the fac that the citizens of Haviland, and sur rounding country are men of more ett ergy, and more business get up and go a-iicad, than any other pan of Kiow county, we have many among who are wide awake lo fifty ant! every euterp'ise looking to the inter yss am development of the country f'tid the tip building of the same. SCHOOL REPORT. Report of tfiowa Valley school foi the rtionth ending Dec. 7. Cnses of 'nhaence.

No e'ntore( school, three. Number lelt school, four. left ti account of reMoval. 'Averagi daily attendance 18. deport ment for tin? month pi cent.

Tola, enrollment W. Those who complete one branch of study wort C'risafc Dili Hum, MolH Diflmiin, Kiln fereps, Jaspe; Fish. Those not abstnil during thi mom! were Addic McAuley, Elmei Mills, Lolic Gully. Elme'f Gully, Minnie Fi5, and Jasper Fisk. Visitors present f.n.t...

Li mllh. nnd Writ. 'Anna ifttlglu, Titflhci1. Mrs. M.

E. RILEY. Will attend all calls promptly day or night Special attention given to the treatment of woman and children Haviland, Kansas. SAVE YOUR TEETH. PERKINS MENDENHALL, Have Sdcceeiied Dr.

Mkdbarisi And aui itkpaked to do all kin0s of dkni'al work Okfick. Opposite Queen Citt Hotel. all work warranted Ireensburjc Kansas J. W. Davis, 1TTORNEY and COUNSELOR LA OFFICE IN OPERA.

BLOCK. 1 KANSAS R. M. BAGBYi Attorney at Lavf OFFICE WITH GREAT WESTERN tANl CO VIU practice in all courts. inEENsBcfcbi KANSAf KING BLA0K8MITH.

10R8E SHOEINtl AD REPaIRIN( )ONE TO PLOW WORK A SPECIALTY. UlVE ME A CALL. HAVILAND; KAN. Startzell McNut. Proprietors it EXCHANGE MILLS Floiir, Meal, Oraliani, and Ch'oji, ox-bhanKed for frralh.

GRKF.X8BURQ, KAN. THE TRIBUNE; Published RVery Friday Al laviland, Ziowil County Eaiias. TV. 8. NEAL, Editor.

Entered at.t'hp Tost Offlifo at Invllsnd. as secortd-plass matter, on luly 0th. 1W8. TERMS: ne Year In Mnpitln "hree Minithn Mnfrle Copy .71 41 ADVF.KTIKTXrt t- lineal notices. nixcil with roKulnr ditcnl reading matter 1C lents per lino, flrnt hisortion.

A rPHsonaltle eduction fur continued Insertions. Kates for HIhv ndvertlscmetiU made known on ipplicHtl'm. Local fews. are bound to have sugar plant. H.

Picket, was in t'tilll wn last TucsdST. Joe McAuley, it difoinir. a well for Uenrj Dcavlney, VlcVery of (IrconsburK, was in town last Saturday. Mr. and Mrs.

J. B. Rcett, went to Larncd, Inst Tuesday. Mr. Cavnnf ugh of Edwards county, was in town Wednefday.

LINCOLN" TOWNSHIP. Frank Sedgwick, started to school his week. C. A. Taylor finished husking his last Tuesday.

Z. L. Thompson, repaired Alva jtnliy's well Wednesday. Willis Sanders, is taking in persim-aons. walnuts and opossums, in the ndian Territory.

Boodle Graves, attributes his insane Iterances in last weeks Times, to a 'moralizing mood." Vern Parnell, bought Waited Pier- i n's house roof, with which to cover a nicken house and coW stable. DWn't the farmers turn out at the' ugar meeting. Kiowa Times! rjont you ish you had treated the farmers de-ently last spring? School Report; Dist. 8. Report of school for month ending 'ec.

7th-, 1888. Number enrolled dttring month 19. Average daily attendante 18. Number cases tardiness, 21. Lula Brown and James Dunn were iiither nor tardy during the moth', Tie following are those whose ames have been in Ihe roll of honor superiority in scholarship and WiAie Smith, Wheeler Smith, tmes Dunn, NaVty Dunn, Lula Brown, vnna DunA and Hill Gracy.

All per-ons interested in seeing live hardWork-ig schools Ale cordially invited to visit ts in the Pleasaut Valley school house Gurney Binford, Teacher. The C. N. Ry. Co.

wiU'sell tickets one fare for the round trip, to all oints not more than 200 miles. Dates snlo Dec. 28, 24, 25, 3l and Jan. 1 lood for return passage until Jan. 3rd 889, -The K.

W. ahd W. W. B. Ri.

vill sell roiitd trid excursion tickets to il stntions and return on Dec. the S3, 25, 81, and Jan. 1, on account of One arc for the round trip, cketa to sold on the above days onlv nd to be limited for return Dassaire until li'D'cif rn t4n1r1 tulro attvflll. ige of tiii( very low rate to go to seel heir friends and enjoy the holidays. iimii 'mil 7 t.

i. uuams, r. -Ti, iini. Agent. Supt, 20 Good Books Free 1 Br Fpell tnuinml with tti pnbtliher, ire art jntlilril to offrr tliawtira lt ofTwiitr Vtltwhl Books avRwrAted nd i)MrilM4 btlow, abtoiuulfra to Tt7 wbKrlber to tht for th diuId( year, at tko nlu mibneHftlon pilot.

TheM book tteh ont of vtaieh contains ocomtKU flnt-cltM novel or othrrwotk 6rtweU-kBoatnl poralar author, re pnblUheJ In aet pttnphlet form, printi.J from aood Mailable type on good paper, ami manr of thrm haoilaomeljr lllnitnted. rher romprlne tome of tht flDeat workt mr written br ome of the crenteiit an molt popular wrltrn, both of Vmerica and EnropavEaeli tnt 1 complete Id Iteelf Re. lit. ThcAmtManlrtVocaHita. iytlieaetaef Winow Mborr firmi." Ont of tin faanlnt boekt nrpuMIhl follr IM taBwoepreatceawr," Wleew No.

t'w. mjab Bnfl't ATiile In Hew the alhnr of "Tk Him Huniilae rtntm." Full onr fitnuone, uotnawe mwue rwioiei aorppw. i tree! hunioroal book. fc Mo. til.

l'wfrrt F.tHbrtlel How Iimti Minr, A eoinplw miaul lot leane ent aailemaa. (Irta iMeeiTMtrnleetlcporA" tot all la Ma. in. Valtlrer'a TfceiweMeaOTmeeJ UnHI an I tar anant ma uiupaiiana aaa Muter work Ihaanlr'iwapeaitlw. Re.

Tht People Literal Hlateiy. Cantotetat lalarMMu(eMrrMloM, areameealto lUaiWattaaeef amr-aa beetle, Mrea, realllae, takae eat lewete, with anek earlew lalanBatloa.ratardlac,ialrlllkeB4heMte. Re.m. MeoerwJIeelUHeeie. A larte yllertlaa eMhe moat pooeUr rtcllatloae, aroee at eeree, kotk lor prilaal leael alorMlawlalewet eeiataare, a HeTtaO A Reval.

Me! Wall iflaweee. A Rent. jetow ee. So. Ml.

ThaMaMEutftfMtM. AKoael. rHeaaeM (. etaV Ka.lM. ITeeeieiWC A llml.

SrvT.awOo.., Ja. Ra. lit. Ilaeiieffal ta, Tat Idenaevaa area. A Roael.

BM. T.Atnea. i' Ma. IM. TkelllaaArfwteraeef Jtka Mithtleeab A Hotel.

B1teeaT lnn)Sraaaoea, Ma. tie. TweEUeee. tee tatfeer of "Bert 'saTIi. Urea lae'a ttt Watera.

A Moral. 'Mlet toi. tft illaet.twe. A Halt Otoia "I tit, A Ttabee.4 ARaWI. tt Un.

BnaekUo. AMerel. B.CtAaite jfaTfta, Tkt BWl iTtMa. A KewA Br Wimm jtH'tH. Ceeawt VaalBeM't mt' 7k iKVAUHwUk-t AUttl.

Aeitk aWtWtaa, ItaSStZTA CHEAP mm. Iliamson FOR toffee, Tea, Suga'r, Rice, Lard. At Rinds of Drkfl Whd Caned Fruit and M-ee-. Also A Complete Stock of on MILES WOODWARD, mm ttlGII.

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