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The McCracken Enterprise from McCracken, Kansas • 4

The McCracken Enterprise from McCracken, Kansas • 4

McCracken, Kansas
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HOME HAPPENINGS. THE eCRACKEN LUMBER Yard, All Kinds Lumber, Sash, Doors, Blind, Lath, Lime, Plaster, Cement, Coal, Paints, Oil and Varnishes. SUTTON, MTJRPHY MILLER, MAIN STBEET, McCracken. Dealers In all Kinds of Builder's Material and Coal. E.

L. Williams, Manager. Ladies' Implmii ol Fashion. -DEALER IN and Mens Drugs, Patent Medicines, Paints, Choice cigars, Clothin Handsome and Stylish Line in Millinery Goods. Look Here! A Northern-bell Sim-hat for 35 cents.

Dress-making, Ladies' wraps, Boy's clothing and Plain Sewing done to order. MRS. WILLIAMS KLINE. Toilet Articles, Musical Instrurr oys ry oots, to Goods. Shoe Xotlce for Publication.

County Treasurer's Office, La Crosse, Rush County, April 11, 1888. The following is a list of unredeemed land and and town lots sold at tax sale September first, 1885, and must be redeemed before September 2, 1888, or a tax deed will be Issued. ScCRACKEN B. H. HICKS, Proprietor, TEMPLE'S Must be OLD STAND.



H. TAX INTEREST. Hannah Urio S-E 14 17 20 20:09 13(71 Mel. Marqui3 ST-W 13 16 19 31100 16 11 do S-W 13 16 19 6 44 Jesse Gee S-E 24 19 19 29,64 16 10 Out Cault wjN-ES-ES-E 33 17 18 lj44 103 TOWN LOTS IN WALNUT CITY. LOT BLOCK James McClughlen 4 2 73 2S do 5 2 73 23 do 6 2 72 23 Mrs.

J. Tennemt 17 8 92 15 do 18 22 15 Bishop Smith 12 12 18 12 do 23 12 13 12 Wm. Bishop 23 22 9,1 do 24 22 3 1 LCT.3 IE LA CROSSE. O. M.

Miller 3j 13" ill To do 7 I 13 16 10 J. W. Parker 6 13 17 ll KENNEMURB MOTT'S ADDITION. J. Kennemurr 12 12 TT do 14 12 13 10 do 15 12 15 10 C.

A. McCord 13 13 IS 10 do 14 13 15 10 do 15 13 1 do 16 13 17 11 J. R. Kennemurr 17 13 i7 11 M. E.

Mott 9 22 ID 7 do 10 22 Kj 7 LIVERY, FEED Fine Rigs Furnished on Short Notice. S7 4- C7 B. Fi C0UGHEK0UR, PRESIDENT, ANDREWS, VICE-PRESIDENT, BANK OF MC CPACKEN, CORNER MAIN ST. 5 -V 5 S' -V 3" o' 4,0 Money loaned on chattel and personal security. Real Estate Loans from three to live years negotiated.

Acconnts of individuals, The hotels are doiDg a good business. Dr. R. E. Darnell was in La Crosse Tuesday.

Mr. Grumbein has a car load of flour he la selling on commission. A. Eobert3on and R. K.

Armstrong were in La Crosse Tuesday. Messrs. Ptoniey and Shoemaker are both smiling papas of bouncing boys. C.A. Durbin and E.

E. Darnell were in Pueblo Sunday and Monday. T. G. Ryan, of Kentucky, arrived Wednesday morniDg, and is visiting relatives in and about town.

Frank Waugh has sold his stallion to some parties northeast of Hays City. The amount realized was about 800. The Abilene Chronicle is getting to be a power In the newspaper field, rather bordering on sensations and the sort. The bond petition and mayor's proclamation for a special election appears in another column. There will be no opposition.

Report has it that the dispatcher's office will be moved to Pueblo, but as yet there is no definite order given; merely supposition. Hoisiugtou has had a murder, and the citizens are all excited over the event. The young man who commit ted the deed was bustled off to Great Bend to prevent lynching. M. N.

Beatv has lost his official head. He got mixed up in a little ecandal at Pueblo, and his superiors exchanged him for O. A. Derby, who has been train master for some tim9 Mrs. Crum, of Barton county, was in town Tuesday.

She was trying to teach some of our ladies how to make an ugly photograph lookpretty. We believe there were none that wanted to learn the art. We are in receipt of an invitation to attend an editor's convention to be held at McCracken to-day. The Monitor extends cordial greeting and wish es success to the enterprise. Marquette Monitor.

The editor and family were invited guests at the Pacific house for dinner last Sabbath. We heartily thank Mr. Grumbein for the idvitation and will Bay that his hotel rivals any in west em Kansas for fine eatables. The ta ble was loaded with the finest of fresh vegetables from Pueblo. The sad intelligence reached us last week Thursday morning of the death of Thomas Ryan, at the residence of his son William at Elm Valley.

He and Mrs. Ryan had just arrived in McCracken ten days before from Ken tucky. Mr. Ryan was 78 years cf age and has ten children living. Mrs Ryan was also taken sick about the eame time, but is 3lowly recovering.

T. D. Kerr, while playing ball at Alexander Saturday collided with a man named Williams, and it resulted in a broken leg for Mr. Kerr. Both bonea of the left leg were broken.

He was brought to McCracken and Dr, Cook was called. The patient is get ting along nicely, but it will be a good while before he will play ball or follow the plow. He has the sympathy of his many friends. While attending the real estate con vention at La Crosse last Saturday, we had the pleasure of stfjpping at the fashionable hostelry ofC. H.

Wellman This hotel was erected by the present proprietor about two years three stories high, large, fashionable and well-kept. The success of this hotel Is largely due to the efforts of Mrs Wellman, who has put forth every ef fort to bring about succes3. The effort has been more than her constitution could stand, and she is now visiting her mother in the east, while Mr. and his daughters are successfully conducting the business with masterly hands and seems to be moving along like clock work. It is seldom that McCracken is both ered with swindlers, but once in a while they arrive in our midst and It is well to be always on the lookout Tuesday evening a tall, well-dressed, fine-looking, eilk 'hat man of about thirty-five years.arrived from the east and put up at the City hotel.

He rep resented to be employed by some St Louia millinery house and called at Kline Williams' store. He explain ed his plans minutely, promising to make them agents for notions and giving them rare bargains. After get ting the matter pretty well worked up he suggested that the sum of $20 was required in advance for a showcase, sign and circulars, which were all tc be returned when they were done with them and money refunded. At this the ladies "smelt a mice," but told him he could call and get hia ana wer aiter supper, out ne aia not come near. He Is no doubt a regular sharp er and the public should steer clear of him.

Council Proceedings. April 16th, 1888. Council met pursuant to adjournment. Members present, Mayor Tritt; Councilmen Warden, Ryan and Temple. Minutes of last meeting read and approved.

Bill of J. W. Anderson for cleaniug etreets, $8.00, was laid on the table for investigation. T. C.

Ritter submitted a proposition to the city to erect a new windmill over the well on Main street. The matter was discussed pro and con and no definite action taken. A petition of the citizens for a special election to vote bonds in aid of, and to be subscribed to, the capital stock of the McCracken Prospecting Company, to prospect for coal, gas, was presented by Councilman Temple. It was read and the names canvassed. The petition having the requisite number of names was, on motion, granted, and a special election was ordered on the 14th of May, 1888, to vote on said petition.

On motion council adjourned to meet in regular session on the first Monday Ja May, 1SS8. PHOTOGRAPHS! firms and corporations solicited, commcdations granted consistent banking. Bananas, Bananas, at Starrett Haag's. Miss Walker, of Alexander begins school next Monday. Fresh corn meal and graham flour, at Starrett Haag's.

The finest line of gent's furnishing goods at Starrett Haag's. The railroad commissioners passed through town Wednesday going west. Starrett Haag have the "Oh, My" chewing tobacco, at 40 cents pr pound. Try it. Few more of those nice Colorado po tatoes left, Early Ohio and Early Rose at Starrett Haag's.

Rev. Wagner has been carrying on a series of meetings at the old school-rooom this week. Starrett Haag are having an active tea trade. Tycoon tea and true merit win in the long run. The post held their regular monthly meeting here Wednesday with quite a large number of comrades in attendance.

If you want the old reliable bottom onion sets call at Starrett Haag's Also onion seeds, cabbage and beans in bulk. Anything in the building line can be had of Win. Ryan Sons at hard times prices. and quick cash sales is our motto. Rev, the Methodist faith, will make his head-quarters at McCracken.

He is recently from Illinois and conies well recommended. Remember that the best bulk roasted coffees in this country are always to be found at Starrett Haag's. No poor drinkers are bought of any brand. The McCracken lumber yard, notwithstanding the close times, are selling lots of building material, and offer special inducements to their many customers during 1888. Our business extends tor miles around.

We are now better prepared than eyer to sell you lumber and building material We have iust received an other large stock from the east and keep the largest supply west of Salina McCracken Lumber Yaed, Sutton, Murphy Miller keep the celebrated Petersburg, Illinois, coal constantly on hand. It is the best coal in the market and compares favorably with the Canon City coal. We have several carloads on hand, and hereaf ter will be constantly supplied. Roscoe Conkling the great lawyer and politician, died at his home in New York Wednesday- morning. He had been suffering for same time from the effects of exposure during the blizzard of March 12.

Conkling was one of the smartest men of the day and his death is mourned by the whole nation. Mr. C. W. Battell, a travelling man representing Messrs.

S. Collins' Son printing inks, New York, after suffering: intensely for two or three davs with lameness of the shoulders and back, completely cured it with two applications of Chamberlain's. Pain Balm. It cures lameness and rheumatism when all other treatment fails. Guaranteed and Bold by A Rob ertson.

We are having an exceptionally fine trade in syrups. They please the con sumers because they are very nice goods and reasonable in price. Starrett Haag. Wm. Ryan Sons wish their many customers a happy and prosperous New Year.

We will endeavor to merit your patronage in the future as in the past. Another invoice of C. M. Henderson Co's, Chicago, fine shoes at Starrett Haag's. Wm.

Ryan Sons will sell their stock of Rich Hill and Minden coal at $6.50 per ton to make room for Canon City coal. Come and see our full stock of dry goods, ginghams, points and white goods. Starrett Haag. Notwithstanding the hard times we are selling lots of lumber and it will pay you to figure with us before purchasing elsewhere. Wm.

Ryan Sons. Plenty of corn meal, white and yel low, at Starrett Haag's. Potatoes. We havejust received a car load of fine Colorado potatoes for seed and for the trade. For sale cheap.

2tf Starrett Haag, Jfotice. All persons indebted to the late. firm of F. S. Rowse Co.

will please call at the Bank of McCracken immediately and settle. 2 Flour! Flour! Flour! One car load of Salina Flour. Pat ent Golden Belt. I Peerless; also corn meal. W.

F. Grumbein, Agent for Salina Mill Elevator at low prices for cash. Dissolution Notice. This is to certify that the partnership hitherto existing between William H. Mansfield and J.

J. Swanzy is this day dissolved by mutual consent; William H. Mansfield to collect all accounts and pay all debts. W. H.

Mansfield. 6-6 J. J. Swakzy. McCracken, April 13, 1888 Nothing better than the DIAMOND, BUFFALO, REINDEER, LONE STAR FLOUR.

Just received car load. All the above brands are a 'warranted flour, at Haag's. Photo work of all kinds done on terms. Satisfaction guaranteed. and Enlarging a Specialty.

J. P. WARDEN, STUDIO; Forbes' Old Stand, DEALER IN McCracken, Kansas. G- Schupp, ZPxrsiLidr Land and Loan Agent. Large list of lands in Rush, Ness, Ellis and Ei S.

CHEK0WETH, CASH! ER. AND BEECH AVE, iberal ac- xxr "WW assortment of Churns, etc. ivy UADW ''r taxes and collect claims for Non-residents. G. Stullsek, County Treasurer.




VIA THE oradoS 4 Daily Trains Kansas City to St Louis H. C.TOWNSEND, Oen'l Pass. T.Ag'i, St. Louis, Mq. IIOTEL, 41 7 tort Lino MB Carpet warp in all colors at Starrett Haag's.

McAllester coal 57.50 ton at Wm. Ryan Sons. If you want corn, oat3 or chop feed call on B. H. Hicks, 50 Colorado potatoes for seed at Str.r rett Haag's.

Another car load of fine Michigan salt at Starrett Haag's. A carload received. Colorado pota toes for seed and to eat. 2tf Starrett Haag We are constantly supplied with coal and it will be delivered any place in town. Call and see us.

Wm. Ryan Sons. Whooping Cough may be kept un der complete control and all danger avoided by frequent deses of Chamberlain's Couzh Remedv. No better treat ment can be prescribed for it, Sold by A. Robertson.

I want to sell or trade my house and lot for a business lot on Main street Will give somebody a good bargain, 5-4 A. T. Brewer Pedrequcr Raisins. We claim to furnish our customers with the choic est cooking raisins imported. Quality and crice cannot be equaled else where.

Starrett Haag No dutv should be left undone. If you have a smarting skin disease it is not your duty to scratch and irritate it but to apply Chamberlain's Ointment and cure It. Guaranteed and sold by A. Robertson. C.

F. Scranton is running a deep well drill, and parties wishing deep wells will do well to see him at La Crosse. Price. 80 cents per foot, and guarantee plenty of water. Vaccine Virus.

Drs. Dutton Hogsett havejust re ceived a large supply of vaccine virus. If you are. not vaccinated, do not de lav. as small pox is spreading in! the eastern part of the state.

ltf CHEAP FARiii LOAHS! $200 to $700 on 5 to 7 years time. An unlimited amount of money to loan at seven (7) per cent interest on Rush county farms by J. G. Schupp. Gems, Gems.

I am now prepared to make gems by the instantaneous process.the latest known to the art. 4tf A. E. Kuns. Notice.

The undersigned, naving nau a large experience in auction and com mission business, tenders his services to the people Ness Rush counties to sell property at auction when re quired. Chas Hun toon, McCracken, Kansas Farm For Sale. The southeast quarter of section 17, range 20, 2 miles northeast of McCracken; 22 acres wheat, fenced pastures, gran ary to hold 600 bushels wheat, frame house, cood and abundant water, 50 acres in cultivation, orchard and forest trees; land deeded; price $9.00 per acre; would take good team, balance cash. 48 Alfred Wright. Mr.

J. B. Boswell, one of the best known citizens of Brownwood, Texas, contributes the following item as his personal experience. "After having suffered from Diarrhoea for some time and having tried different madlciues with no good result, I tried a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, which relieved me at once and I recommend it to all who may be suffering from this troublesome complaint." Sold by A. Robertson.

L0YETT NURSERY GO McCracken, Kansas; L0VITT SON PR0RIET0RS, -si- for Sale and Exchange Trego counties. Pay R0GK tock DOWN list lie time to buy rice oM handle all kinds of Fruit, Forest and Ornamental Trees, and are prepared to furnish goods on short notice. Satisfaction guar a Full and Complete Line of GREAT WESTERN STOVES. Also Agent for the Celebrated Jewel G-soxjIe Stove, anteed. When you want nursery stock buy The Best Gasoline Stove now in the World.

I carry a fine A clean and well selected stock of of your home nursery. BED DOWN, These oods Now is the Bankrupt Go the Tinware, G-ranite Ironware, Wire and Steel Nails, Courtland Wire Cloth, Screen Doors, Garden and Tree Seeds, Woodenware, Shovels, Spades, Forks, Garden Bakes, Hoes, Boys Wagons, Gasoline always on Hand, AT THE STONE STORE J. M. SHEPHERD, Trustee. WOOD AND IRON PUMPS AND BARBED WIRE..

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