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The McCracken Enterprise from McCracken, Kansas • 4

The McCracken Enterprise from McCracken, Kansas • 4

McCracken, Kansas
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Vwezm Our Washtngtom Letter. TIMELY TOPICS. We are still next to the band wagon, with low prices and first class goods. Hastings. World's Fair rates to Chicago and return via the Missouri Pacific 816.85.

Tickets will be sold Oct. 6, 7 and 8 with final return limit of Oct. 18, 183. Allen, Ticket Agt. We Must Have Money And in order to raise it soon, offer our entire line of and Clothing A greatly reduced prices for CASH.

COST and often less than COST will take the goods. Now is Your Time to Buy. Lowest Priced House, for Cash, in Town. Yours, respectfully, J. W.

COUGHENOUR. THE RYAN DEALERS IN Builders Lumber, Posts and Coal. Call and See us when you need Anything in our line. G-. M.

RYAN, Manager. -FOR- Estej Organs, Crown Sewing M'chine, Windmills, Pumps, Etc. T. C. RITTER.

Pretty cool nights. Fine weather again. like-snow yesterday. Farmers all busy sewing wheat. Quite a stioyrer fell Sunday evening.

Don't fail to hear John. 8. to-night. Try the new sorghum molasses at Hastings'. Al Conner drove Ep to Hays City on II.

S. Haag received a new busgy yesterda.T. the style veiling f.t Mrs. Armstrong's. Remember the Enterprise oSce for sale bills.

"Our Best" flour, every sack warranted, at Hastings'. j. W. Coughenour and family visited in La Crosse Sunday. Most of the schools in the neighborhood began Monday.

T. A. Grum'oeia took charge of his school at Otis Monday. Wm. Lothian is back again, having filed on a claim south of Kiowa.

A small son of L. Comer, north of town, had its arm dislocated Saturday. Veiling in new colors and new styles It is very pretty and cheap too, at Mrs. Kline's. Don't give up advertising because business is dull, but hustle all the harder for npre.

J. P. Warden is selling the best mower in the market. Call and see it before buying. T.

C. Ritter was successful in getting a claim near Kiowa and returned home Sunday night. Ladies' fall and winter underwear, woolen hose, fascinators, corsets, at Mrs. Kline's. il.

Hicks sold four car loads of young cattle to a Morris county feeder, who shipped them Saturday. Johnny Saunders and James Johnson and wife, of Fairview, attended Harry Saunders' wedding atXickerson Sunday. F. L. Snodgrass, E.

S. Chenoweth and J. G. Jefferies represented Hampton township at the republican convention Saturday. Clark Peters, of the Peters Commission of Kansas City, and Frank Zeigler, of Hays City, were in town on Wednesday.

It will pay you to patronize the Elm "alley creamery. They will take the cream right at your door and pay you good prices. C. F. Ceaner is back from the Strip.

He is one of the disappointed ones, not finding anything which he thought was worth keeping. Ed Hall and Dr. Dutton wept down to La Crosse Saturday in the interests of the democratic fusion deal, but the republicans wouldn't mis. The round trip rate to Chicago has been reduced to but. owing to ihe hard times the low rate has but little attraction for our people.

II. got a good claim down in the Strip.but gave it away and walked home In time to commence his nchool at Hampton Monday. Now that heating stoves are being put up it behooves everyone to look well to their tlues. A little care now jaay prevent a destructive fire. E.

McGimsey has moved his meat market into the Forbes gallery will handle the best meat at livinj prices. Fresh meat every day. The McCracken Lumber Co. has just i aceived a carluad of the celebrated Marquette flour, four different grades. Also will keep on hand all kinds of feed.

Everything at Mrs. Armstrong's is jiew and of the latest styles. Call and examine goods and be convinced. We sxrend a cordial invitation to one and 1L Don't wait until fire has visited your own home, but take out an insurance policy in some good company. F.

It. Newton is agent for the best companies. In Millinery, ladies, you will find the very, latest styles and prices; indeed there never was a time "When you could get as pretty a hat for the price as now i T' li juu uuy ai ivuiic The creamery will start up again on Monday and the cream wagons will wtart out on that day. Those wishing to sell cream and run cream routes call and see W. F.

Grumbein, Manager, on Saturday. Clem "West returned from the Strip the first of the week. Like thousand of others be secured a claim all right, but after looking it over decided that it was not worth left it and came home. Mrs. Armstrong has just received l.ry fall stock ot millinery, consisting hais, eaps, bonnets, baby hoods, tips, wiiiKftfeatiiers, ornaments, satins, vl vets and many other things too numer fins to mention.

There will be a caucus of the repub Jicans of Hampton township at McCracken lnrnder office on Saturday, Oct. 7. from 1 to 7 o'clock p. for the purpose of putting in n'imlitaUvo a ticket. 'liii S.

republican ff district judge, will speak in JTi'fr tonight. The office of dis-icf. ji; lire is ao important one and ev- should come dnt and get with Mi. OaWffcll ami hoar A very grave charge has been brov.ght against the President of the United States by his personal and political friends that of having nominated J. J.

Van Alen to be Embassador to Italy, knowing thai the said nomination had been sold to Van Alen by ex-Secretary Whitney for the sum of 850,000, which was turned into the democratic campaign fund last year. It is stated by those who enjoy the closest personal relations with Mr. Cleveland, that he of the $50,000 contribution and the terms upon which it was made, and that the nomination of Van Alen was sent to the Senate until he had refused to relinquish his claim thereto for the return of the 850,000 contribution, which certain friends of Mr. Cleveland offered to contribute, in order to prevent the consummation of the scandalous bargain, and had threatened to make public the transaction. As might be supposed, this charge has created a sensation in Congress.

The nomination of Van Alen is now before the Senate committee on foreign relations, although the chances are that an attempt will be made to hush the matter up by getting Cleveland to withdraw the nomination. To judge from remarks made by Senators it would be next to impossible to get a favorable repori from the committee on this nom ination, and even if a favorable report were secured, the Senate would in all probability reject the nomination by a considerable mojority. To listen to the arguments put forward by the democrats of the House in favor of the bill for the repeal of all laws providing for Federal supervision of elections carries one back to the day of Calhoun and nullification. The democrats are ignoring the fact tnat the blood of a million Americans was shed in determining that this was a Nation, and are trotting out all of the old worn-out State's rights ideas that were used in Congress for a decade previous to the rebellion. The tariff mystery has been increased by the official announcement that no information concerning the new tariff bill would be given out before the bill was reported to the House and that it was altogether uncertain when that would be.

It is evident to all close observers that a hitch in the tariff program has bran It was only a few days ago that Chairman Wilson stated positively that the work of preparing the bill would be hastened by assigning the preparation of the various schedules to subcommittees, a statement that was not in accordance with the views of the power behind the committee, as Mr. Wilosn now announces without a blnsh that no work will be done by sub-committees. The mystery surrounding the preparation of this bill is daily adding to the number of those who believe that the democratic members of the House Ways and Means committee will have little or nothing to do with making a tariff bill, and that all that will be required of them will be to accept without question and report to the House the bill which will be submitted to them by the administration. That being the program it became absolutely necessary to announce that no information would be given out until the bill is reported. By saying nothing members will give away nothing.

Secretary Hoke Smith may find himself oard pushed to explain some queer things about his management of the opening of the Cherokee Strip; likewise Secretary Dan Lamont some of the odd capers of the U. S. soldiers, such as shooting down citizens, if the present i plans for a congressional investigation of the whole business dees not miscarry. Representative Springer of the House committee on Banking and Currency, has heard from the boss, and notwithstanding nis positive announce ment weeks ago that his committee was opposed to the repeal of the ten per cent tax on state bank currency and would not report a bill for that purpose to the House, the committee began an elaborate series of hearings on the subject. Wise democrats in the House do not announce their intention until they learn what the boss intends shall be taken up; they thus avoid hu miliation.

The situation'in the Senate remains much the same, excepl that the person alities which have crept into thedebate during the lust few days have raised new obstacles to anything like a satis factory compromise. Still, compromise seems to the most unpredjudiced ob-" servers the only way to get any legisla tion dealing with silver, but the more the Senators quarrel the more difficult compromise will be. Another attempt is to be made next week to force a vote by keeping the Senate in session twelve hours a day, but nobody seriously believes that it will do more than demonstrate the impossibility of forcing a vote. The committee on Rules has not acted on Senator Piatt's resolution proposing cloture, and it is not likely that it will. 95, 910 and $20 Oenninti Confederate Bills only five cents and 100 bills 10 cents each; $25c and 60c shin-plasters 10 cents each; 91 and 82 bills 25 centa each.

Sent securely sealed on receipt of prico. Address, Chas. D. Barker, 90 S. Forsyth Atlanta, Ga.

DfiWitt's Witch Hazel Salts cores piles. De Witt's Witnh Hazel Salve burns. DeWitt's Witch Haiel Salve enres sores. DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salrs cares nicer. A.

Robertson. Freshour have another ca of flonr and feed on the road. Flour 80c. 90c. and 91-00 per suck.

Also corn meal and goaham tluur. Give them a eaTJ. 1 Gentlemen: I have been a martyr to severe headaches for many, many years, and since coming to this country four years ago, I think the attacks have been even more severe than ever A few months ago a druggist sold a box of your Krause's Headache Capsules, and their effects were magi cal. To-day, while on a visit I had a severe attack and procured one of your Capsules and my suffering was instantaneously relieved. 1 would be gland if you would let me know how much per dozen boxes I could get them for, as I wish to send some to friends in the east where I came as Well as keep a supply on hand.

You can be assured of my recommendation being given to your medicine whenever the opportunity offers. I remain Yours very truly, Herman Schttltz. 35 McFarland Ct, Cincinnati, Ohio. Sold by A. Robertson.

I want all those owing me to see me at once at the old Ryan Lumber office on Main street without fail. This is important as I must close my books as soon as possible. F. P. Starkktt.

We could not improve the quality if paid double the price. De Witt's Witch Hazel Salve is the best Salve that experience can produce, or that money can buy. A. W. L.

King has a good organ to trade for cattle or hogs. One word describes it "Perfection." We refer to De Witt's Witch Hazel Salve, cures obstinate sores, burns, skin diseases, and is a well known cure for piles. A. Robertson. 8t.

Lovis Exposition The Missouri Pacific will sell tickets at rate of 813.25 for round trip. Tickets on sale Oct. 7 and' 8 limited for return to and including Oct. 18, 1893. W.

E. Allen, Ticket Agt. All the talk in the world will not convince you so quickly as one trial of De Witt's Witch Hazel Salve for burns scalds, bruises, skin diseases and piles A. Robertson. If you can afford to be annoyed by sick headache and constipation don't use De Witt's Little Early Risers, for these little pills wiir Cure them.

A. Robertson. Ignorance of the merits of De Witt's Little Kafly Risers is a misfortune. These little pills regulate the headache, dyspepsia, bad breath, constipation anil biliousness. A.Robertson "A remarkable discovery." A remarkable discovery is one of thecliron-ic proclamations of advertisers.

Cubeb Cough Cure is not, it is an established remedy with known merit, made on scientific principles by experienced chemists. It affords instant relief, and is called the sixty kecond remedy, for it stops coughing at once, does not cure but gives instant relief to consumptives, and absolutely cures all other affections of the throat, lungs, etc. Tor croup, whooping cough and colds, Cubeb Cough Cure is invaluable for children. 25 and 50 cent bottles. Sold by A.

Robertson. Those holding policies in the Kansas Farmers Insurance can have them renewed in the new company, the Shawnee Fire, by calling on F. R. Xew-ton, Agent, McCracken. Pueblo and return 10, 1803.

The Missouri Pacific will inake a rate of $12 25 for round trip, tick'' limited for return within 20 days from date of sale. W. E. Alleh, Ticket Agt. All that honesty, skill and experience can do to produce a perfect pill, has been employed in making Dewitt'B Little Early Risers.

The result is a specific for sick headache, biliousness and constipation. A. Robertson. Notary work of all kinds, the drawing up of deeds, mortgages, contracts, and the acknowledgment of the same attended to promptly and correctly at this office. Grand Lode I.

O. O. F. To be held at Topeka, Kansas, October 9 to 13, 1893. The Missouri Pacific will sell tickets at rate of $9.49 for round trip tickets; will be sold Oct.

8, 9 and 10, limited fer'raturn to and including Oct. 14, 1898. W. E. Allen.

NOTICE. The carriage and Machine shops of J. Stock has been opened up and is prepared to do all kinds of wagon and machine work and blacksmithing, Little vegetable health producers; De Witt's Little Early Risers cure malarious disorders and regulate the stomach and bowels, which prevents headache and dizziness. A. Robertson.

All those knowing themselves indebted to H. S. Haag on note or book account please attend to it, as all accounts and notes are in the hands of R. McDonald St Joe, Symms Groc. Atchison, Ks.

E- S. (iJheiibweth, The implement men have been kept busy setting up and selling drills this week. The wheat is being rushed into the ground in great shape. A larger acreage will fce sowed thon was intended before the rain. J.

W. Cougheno'ir displayed to your reporter ye3tereay his new line of carpet samples, which he had just received, and we can safely srv that you can not make a better selection in Kansas City. Do not send away for your carpets when you can do so well at home. The Knights of Pythias lodge of Ness City has made arrangements to get seed wheat through the lodges of that order in eastern Kansas, and will supply their needy members in that way. A most laudable scheme surely, and one which will do much to build up the order.

Mrs. Thos. Temple died at her home near Waring last week Thursday night of dropsy, after a lingering illness. The remains were interred in the Ramsey cemetery Friday afternoon. The'de-ceased leaves a husband and seven small children to mourn the loss of a good wife and a kind and loving mother.

They have the sympathy of the whole community in their hour of sore affliction. Next Monday the whistle of the Elm Valley creamejy will re-awaken the echoes of the Biir Timber, and the sure road to wealth will again be opened to the farmers. Now that the creamery is in the hands private parties it is almost certain to prove a permanent institution, and farmers can safely make arrangements to patronize the creamery all the year round. J. A.

Kline, of McCracken, Kansas, has purchased G. W. TWnrd'a four-year-old stallion, Bmmblt tt.Viy Recorder, and will immediately remove him to that city. The price paid was 8500. Bramblett was raised at Carlisle, Kentucky, is a grandson of the celebrated George Wilkes.and is one of the fastest and best horses ever brought to Pawnee county.

Lamed Chronoscope. The northwest part of the county was successful in getting one place on the republican ticket, the important office of sheriff. II. L. Drown, the nominee, will if elected do a credit to the county and to the office.

During his four years' term as postmaster here he gave general satisfaction by his careful attention to business and his promptness in his settlements. The party and the county will have no reason to regret their choice. We can now make prices to suit nam times on flour, meal, corn chop and bran. We are handling the Sterling flour, which is far superior to any that is handled in the city. STOisEE Store.

Retail Price Lint Of J. T. Anderson Son. Colorado potatoes per pk. Cranberries 3 qts.

for Cabbage per lb. Sweet potatoes per lb. Tomatoes per lb. Onions per lb. Grapes per lb.

Cheese per lb. Butter per lb. Lard per lb. Hens, live, per lb. Spring chickens per lb.

Ducks per lb. Turkeys per lb. Eggs perdoz. Heavy calico per yd. 28 c.

25 c. 3c. 3c. Se. Sc.

5c. 10c. 16c. 10c. 5c.

4C. 6c. 17c. 50c. 60c.

35c. 20c. dress goods per yd. Tennessee sorghum per gal. Best Sugar syrup per gal.

Rambo apples per peck Dressed poultry wanted. Everything in large quantities reduction from above prices. at a A Quintet of Weddlags. Harry S. Saunders, of Fairview, and Miss Elizabeth J.

Disney Nickerson, were married at the home of the bride's parents, where a large number of friends of both parties were in at tendance. A spiendid dinner was served. They took the train there for McCracken, where a reaeption was given them at the Pacific house yesterday. They will reside on the groom's place in Fairview township. J.

M. Purcell aijd Miss Mabel Wbit-tenberger were married at La Crosse Saturday. John's many fmnds here join in him much happiness and prosperity. Oscar Hartley and Miss Clara Vas-tine were married at the home of the borne of the bride's parents near Brow-nell last week Wednesday, and hare gone to housekeeping in the Root. Harper homestead in north.

Waring. Elmer Nickel and Miss Lulu States, two of Hampton's best young people, were quietly married at the home of the bride's mother on Thnrseay, September 28. Elbert Whiteinan and Miss Lulu Dow; both of La Crosse, completed onr pjuintet of weddings" by getting wed ded LUMBER Material, tritljr Mh-arTaf fair i aMhlae, possasjBtBg All nt IsnpraTomeatsj. BEST Price vary Tteaeaattle. OMala aaC nak.

aaapftrf.ieaa. EIDREDGE RMUFACTUlllttfi BELVICCRI. tUL RHEUMATISM neuralgia, and sciatica can always bs successfully treats with Ayer's Sarsaparllla A cure Is sure to follow the persistent use of this medicine. Has Cured Others will cure you. T3a.2 nunc Htm, (ESTABLISHED 1887.) SAUNDERS, PROPRIETORS.

i fee AGENTS WANTED on Salary or Commission for THE ONLY AUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY OF JAMES G. BLAINE, By Gail Hamilton, his literary eiceutor. with the co-operation of his family, unci for Mr. Blames uompiete ttorits, "twenty YEARS OF CONGRESS," and his later hook, POLITICAL DISCUSSIONS." Oneprospecttus for these BEST SELLING books in the market. A.

K. P. Jordan, of Me. took 112 orders from first 110 calls; agent's profit tlfW.oO. Mrs.

Ballard of O. took 15 orders. 13 Seal Russia, in 1 day: profit I20.2S. E.N.Rice of Mass. took 37 orders in 2 days: profit 47.2S.

J. Patridse of Me. took 48 orders from 86 calls; profit (78,25. K. A.

Palmer of N. Dak. took Mt orders in davs; profit 68.2.V EXCLUSIVE TERRITORY Riven. If you wish to make LAK6E homy, write immediately for terms to THE HENRY BILL PUB. Norwich, Conn.

The Rocker Washer has preTcd the most Mtufutort mt any Wsihc dvar placed tpon the market. It ia Weurattuj to wash an orttntry family wuhiai of loopixccsiNomi HOUR, as clean ao washed on the wuhhoart. Writs tor price- and fall description. ROCKER WASHER-CO. FT.

WAYHK 1MM Utonl Muotmtn to UrV Subscriptions taken at this office for all the leading newspapers and periodicals published in the United States. Onr sciai offe of the Topeka Capital and the Enterprise for $1.60 still remains in force. APOLITICAL LIE! AN IMPORTANT ELECTION IS PENDING. It benooYCK al) voters to on their (raard as to camoftiirn Ilea and slanders. Upon this question there can be no doubt, nor upon the more thsi qnestion ot gooa neaitn.

trooa health makes good citizens. Political lies and bogus patent testimonials are alike to be condemned. Is not a guarantee from your home druggist better than any published testimonial? On application we will furnish you confidential tastimoninls from your acquaintance, and return postage. DicLOS' STAR SARSAPARILLA is a specific for Blood Diseases, Pimples, Boils, Ulcers, Kheumatixm, Catarrh, Kidney and Lirer. Trouble, Constipation, Billiousness, Bone Krysipelas.

and all diseases arising from Impure blood. Will positively cure, where a egre is possible. One hundred doses $1. DeLCS MORNING STAR LIVER PILLS are a pleasant Tonic and Cathartic, and will eure Sick Billiousness aad pyspepsia. 40 DOSES, 25 CENTS.

DlLOS' SURE CUP. TOK COUGH Is guaranteed. You take no ehaneee. It eosls you nothing if it faile. DELCS' OIL WITCH HaZIL is tbe nost penetrating and healing liilmeit loia.

All these medicines sold tinder an absolute guarantee. If you are not satisfied after usug any oi taem your druggist win retuna priee fua. FOR SALE BY DR. DUTTON. LEGAL.

WpTICE rOK PUBLICATION NO Land Office at Wa-iteei ey, Ks. July 13. lnitt. Nutit-K i Lrivn thai Inn fiillnwln nsmml selllei' In- II. n.

I notice of his Intention to make Hind iirupi'lti support of Ida claim, and that said will be ivinii before Ihelffglster am iioreifer I1, l.j.nd oiln-e at WaKenney Kaas i.ffW lji.7 tin fir nnmesiead No. mMOfbr IheSoutk Wart Mm II Till DM! kth HI. Hs names the following witness tn peore hUeoattnnene r.sldenee upon and ralttvatieei sain isnn, tisi jacep jinmnarger, rrofi ue aad 9iwak QtrpaatM Caveats, and Trade-Marks obtained, and all Pat ent Duuaees conducted lor Modfrstc feca. Our omee i Oppoits O. s.

Patent Orriet and wean secure patent in less time taan those remote from Washington. Send model, drawing or with description. We advise, if patentable or not, free of charge. Our fee not dae till patent is secured. A panHLrr.

"How to Obtain Patents." with cost of same in the V. S. and foreign countries sent iree. Aaaress, C.A.SNOW&CO, Om. Patent Orncr.

Wabuimatom n. c. rrrerrrfrrrryfyftrrr1 G. L. STOCK.

Dray and Transfer Coal or goods delivered to unypartof the city at reasonable rates Special attention iven to Drummers' trunks. InsurancE "Written in the Best companies and at the LOWEST RATES. F. R. NEWTON.

1 flood table, Qtam bedi, sd wety. Agt. 3. MJUQr uVBoa, I.

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