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Burden Eagle from Burden, Kansas • 3

Burden Eagle from Burden, Kansas • 3

Burden Eaglei
Burden, Kansas
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High School Chorus Organized. PERSONAL. Maia'l O. Day uiude flying trip to Burden Eagle- MERGERS' "We Are Stuck Is not a very elegant expression, but it conveys the idea we wfolu This story: On Underwear, WE went to market early and unfortunately allowed the exceptidrially low prices at that time, influence us to overbuy, and the nice weather we have been having; being unfavorable to the Underwear business we have yet in stock a complete line of Men's Underwear, which we must dispode of. "Prices Speak Louder thai! Words." Men's $1.00 Garments, 7 bo 50o 38e 17c Winter is yet to come, and yoii COLLINS, to view.

in wlieftiil and mak headquarters. CO. Tho pupils of tho Bunion High school end A fgraminnr room have long been the advisability of or gnniztng chorus from the school, such us would bo a permanent and lasting organization; but until last week no definite steps were taken In the mutter. Last Wednesday evening a number of scholars met nt the homo of Prof. S.

Coulson and perfected a periiianont or gsnization aud elected Mrs. Coulson diroetor. Mrs. Coulson Is an excellent musical director and in this capaclty will no dbtibt make tho chorus class one of the finest iu the county. The object the chorus is to prepare priu clpally for an enteilainmcnt to be given nt the opera house in the near future, bcsidos qualifying themselves to furnish uiusin for socials and entertain iiicnts of all kinds, both in school and out.

Thero is no reason why this or ganization cannot become a nne one and a credit lo Burden and all parties interested. We expect to bear some tllltig from the chorus class soon. If you are; contemplating tllo pur tihitse a cook i stove, D. B. Cuuuing has a tine line and can furnish you one at a reasonable price.

Give him a call Work Resumed. After a week's vacation spent in var ious ways, the chool3 of Burden re sullied work- Monday morning under most favorabls oircumstaiices. Christ mas week was an Uoal ouo lor all kinds of nniuseraents except skating, whieh was rather a disappointment to the young men and boys; however, all the scholars from the lirst primary grade to the seniors spent tbe holidays enjoynbly and returned to school feeling much refreshed Monday morning. Burden has ouo of tho best schools for a town of its sizu in tho state (nnd when a. young man.

or woman graduates from its school be or she is well anal iliod as far as a practical education is concerned. Tho present corps of teachers are S. S. Coulson, principal; A. W.

A grammar; Minnie 'Eduiinston, B. grammar; Sallio Snow, intermediate; Ada B. Woolsey, 2nd primary; Uattie Edmlnstoo, 1st primary. Il is easy to catch a cold and just ns easy to get rid of it if you commence early to use Oue Miuuto Cough Cure. It cures coughs, colds, bronchitis, pneumonia nnd all throat uud lung troubles.

It is pleasant tn take, snfn to use aud sure to cure. Heuderson Purdy. K. Woods Meets With an Accident. Mr, J.K, Woods, of Burden, while working on his farm about three mile north of town one.

day last week, met with nn accident which might have re sulted in his death. He was ddt load ng hny by himself and had gotten the lond on and was elimbing up. on tho rack when one of the top cross pieces bloke letting hitii fall' to tho ground under the horses1 'heels. This fright mod the team tutd they ran away rampling upon bim and bruising him up considerably ''Nd Serious injuries were sustained, hdweVor, but it was almost a miracle that he "vas not killed Mr. Woods is a very old man and can not stand the knocks of former days, but he Is gelling Klou- nicely now nnd it Is hoped nothing serious will result from the accident.

It is not what a manufacturer says about his own meilimne that cures a patient, but what I ha medicine does Ballard's Horehound Srup does tho work and does it well. It cures coughs and colds in a day. Its healing, soothing and quieting 25c and 50c. Heu derson Purdy. i Mr and Mrs.

Kowland Entertain. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kowland living near the Southern Kansas depot, gnye a very pleasant party to a number of the young people of tho city New Yonr's eve. there were about a dozen present to enjoy asocial evening and partake of their hospitality." A good time was enjoyed in games and various other amusements until midnight when refreshments were served and heartily partaken of by all.

After a cordial groining of the new year and a lasting farewell to tho old, the guests departed for homo unanimous iu their declarations of a pleasant evening well spent. A few nice Jackets aud Capes left yet at Chapman's. Will be sold at less than cost, to close. Masame Bi'hool. (ieo.

F. Pond, of Ft. Scott, Kansas, has been in the city tor the past ten days working in behalf of Masonry, and as a result of his labors tbe mem bers of Clinton lodge, No. 233. are en joying a rare treat, llo is conducting a school of instruction, and before be leaves will have the burden lodge In as Una condition as any In the state.

Mr, Pond says Burden lodge Is in fine shape rtndjin point of knowing stands second J.0 none. He will be her for a few days yet. Mrs M. B. Ford.

Ruddell's III suf ored fur eight years ffonf dyspepsia-fand cbrouic constipation and was final Iv cured by ing UcWitt's Little Eafy Risers, the famous little pills tor all stomach aud liver troubles. -Henderson Purdy. Clarence Kempton Hurt. Clarence Kempton, living two miles north of Burden, piet wilb nn accident the other day which will probably lay bins up for some lime. He was driving some cuttle and is some way ti Horse slipped and fell, throwing him violently to thegronnd.

His wrinti "and foot were sprained besides receiving numerous scratches. As a result be is out on crutches, but we hope for bis speedy recovery. See Davis bail. Friday night at Lyceum fro i an. Following is tbe program of the Borden University Association Center for January 10th, IW8: it.

Mr4k Fiwttiim Mhw Hnttte Rrfmlstrm Th. IVnpte K. A. Melon K'tl(rtm Miss Mlnniw r-lmltm K(lrl imr Orx-le. Mi Wluilcld Monday.

Litton returned io Blackwell one day last week. Miss Old Prino was la Wlofleld Monday visiting friends. Ad Smith was In town Saturday transacting business with lour nicr chtfhis. John Rundy, of Harvey township, was in towu Tuesday with a load of nici fat hogs. Mart Merry, a prominent cattle man of Dtxter, was In town Tues day on business.

Miss AIM Like returned from Oklahoma Tu' slay olgbt where she spent tbe holidays with friends. D. Mcintosh is taking a Vacation in the east. He left Monday for an ex tended visit with his brother tit Maren go, Ind. Mrs Troeedell, who has been vis Itiog ber son, Charles, during tbe holidays, returned to ber home In WinfUld Monday.

John Mcintosh, son of Mr. and Mrs. D. Melnto-ili. returned to the Institute for the blind at Kansas City Monday night whore he has been studuat for several years.

John Fitzgerald, living north of town, got bruised up a little the other day while iu town, till) result of his horse falling on bim In front of J.H. Wood's store. He got qtiitp a shaking up but was not seriously hurt Tbe Burden Roller Mills shipped a carol niurto Atlanta, ua, tui week, This Is one of tbe flbset mills of the west and people at a dlstanc are finding it out. It speaks well for tbe ruinsgSment of this Industry. Miss Blanche and Robt.

W. Dougan iirrived Sunday evening from the Otoe Agency, I. to attend school. They are Moppiiig' with their grandfather, Judge Walton, of this city. So tho re port of our excellent schools is bringing scholars from afar.

Mrs. O. V. Cutler nnd mother, Mrs. D.

W. Wilson, of Winricld, Here in the city a few days last week visiting with the farailv of Dr. Chapman, enronto from Cambridge. They left for home New Years evening after haying en- oved a very pleasant visit. Ed.

Reed, late chairman of the republican county central committee, Is moving hi 4 family and be longings to Wlofleld, where he Is now engaged in the livary business wtta ex Hberiff Skinner. Mr. Heed bas lived on hU farm sotitbSust of Burden for several yeirs, and we sincerely regret losing ao valuable a this township. We wish for him the greatest success possible la his new enterprise. J.

A. Pet kins, of Antiquity, was for thirty years needlessly tortured by physicians for the euro of eezennt. IIi was quickly cured by using DeWitt; vv iteli tlaze; oalvo the famous healing snivu tor files anil smb. -Heu dcrsbn Purday. nil II See Dayis, Hie uystngogue, Friday night.

If you need any goods in tho line of hardware don't fail to ace D. B. Cun ningham before purchasing. The case of E. Appleby vs Albert Sterling has been continued in Justice Crawford's court until Jan lTlli ut 10 o'clock.

A general line of hardware at prices to suit all at D. B. Cunningham's. When in noed of printed stationary, don't furget that the KaULA office has now type for that class of work and guarantees satisfaction. 1 will be nt tbe gallery in Burden the lirst aud third Mondays in each month.

D. B. Dott, Photographer. A little boy in school was recently asked by bis teacher how the earth was divided. He promptly replied: "Be tween the sugar tf'rtot; the coffee trust and the Standard Oil company.

Why sudor with rheumatism when you have a sure remedy in Chapman's Rheumatic aud Kidney Cure or money refunded. The infield Free Press has changed hands. J. C. Ilrsdshaw, private secretary to Congressman J.

D. Botkin taking charge January 1st, J.E.Riley, the former editor and proprietor, re tiring. Skates, stoves; lamps, guns, snd In fact anything you want at D. B. Cun ningham's Hardware store.

A new show is billed for town. Davis, the Mystagogtio, will appear at Lyceum hall, Burden, Friday evening, January 7th. This will be a good entertainment. Come and see it. The llolman Mayview company of Vaudevilles played in town at tlio opera house last Thursday aud Friday even ings, and from all reports gave good satisfaction, although, through some oversight they failed to supply the Eagle ollice with "comps." Those what attended tbe meeting of the county agricultcrrtrl society at Hackney last Thursday report a very spirited meeting.

Tbe house was crowded and serfs of tbe best speakers that could be found a ere in attendance. An excellent dinner was also served. On the third page of this paper will be found tbe rard of Mr. J.U.Crawford, who will be found hereafter In his new ofiice over D. Collin's store.

Mr. Crawford will retire from the newspaper business, but will still deal out justiee to tbe unruly, and write your insurance. Tbe Eagle has just put in a beautiful line of new type for printing all kinds of stafTunery such as letter beads, note heads, statements, eards, envelopes, receipts, checks, tags, and in fact, anything you have to be printed, the Eaulb can do with neatness and lis-paiffo. Give us a trial. That dark brown taste and horrid breath yon have in the morning is canned by an inselita Jiver.

Some medicines relieve for a while; others fur a fw dsv. but Ilerbine cures Henderson, ft PttH y. Henry Miles wu" iu Wiuliold Monday on biisiuuss. Hiiury Hianson, of Doitor. was In tho oily Monday.

MIm Ai (ititlon returnod to her school ut Box Sunday. Miss Kosu Henhorn returnod (6 her school nt Doxter Sunday. Miss Row Uuttoa went back to her school near Tlsdulo Sunday. M. L.

Morris shipped a cur load of IiJgs to Kansas City Tuesday. Duck McCurty. of Wlnlield, was in thocily Wednesday on business. Miss Mollie Frank returned to her school southwest of Eaton Sunday. Miss Llzzlo Fitzgerald left Sunday to res run her school work south of Dexter, W.

S. Chaudler webt to Wintleld Monday to attend to matters of busi ness. Elislia Freeman, who is working in Wintleld, was home ou visit lust week. Miss Ilnttle Treadway went to Ox ford Sunday to visit a week or SO with Ansen Heiotliorn, who livos dear At- laula, has moved to Burden to spend the winter. MissUcrtio Hanklns returned Tues day to Withheld after a week's visit with friends.

Hugh West returned to Kansas City Saturday night after visiting a few days with home jlks. Mrs Emma Dyer returned to Black- wnll Tuesday alter a pleasant visit with homo folks. Hiram Austin, of Sheridan town-; ship, favored the Eaole Monday with a yearly subscription. Isaac Bowls, of Sheridan township, made the Eagle oilieo a very pleasant call Wednesday. Miss Bertha t'orlcy, of Winfiold, is iu the city Visiting with the family of W.

L. Hutlon on Elm street. William McComas camo home from Lamed Saturday niht where be has been visiting forsomo time. M. J.

Wells, who has been very sick for some timo uilh something like kid ney trouble, ii still very low. Chas Trueisdcll has moved from the corner of Fifth and Oak to tho Canine property on Fourth uud Kim. John. McComas left Tuesday for his home in western Kausas after a visit with his father, V. K.

Comas. MissJoNsio Wycoff lott for Conway Springs Monday morning after pleas ant visit with Burden friends. miss hlla Melone has go no back school ut the M. E. college after spend lug vacation with her parents.

Miss Elizabeth Henlhorn returned (o her school in Vernon Sunday after spending the. holidays at home. (r, Jamioson was In town Tuesday trailing ami among his purchases was a. tine stove from XV. S.

Chandler. Ed Heplor mado Ids regular weekly trip to Burden Tuesday and supplied the merchants with oil and gas. Mrs. E. A.

Moore gavo her respects to the Kaglo ollice Mouday iu the way of a paid up subscription, for "08." Mi', and Mrs. II. L. Osborn and daughter are hero from Garnett visit lug with the family of J. F.

Stoddrr. Harry Tun 1, a prosperous farmer of Harvey towuship, was on the market Saturday with three loads of fat hogs J. II. Anderson, of Winlield, was in the city Wednesday on business, and made the Eagle ollice a pleasant call. Mrs.

Matt Esless is homo from Ells worth, Kansas, where she bits been vis iting herdaughter during the holidays. Miss Lydia Mercer, who has been spending the holidays at home, return ed to her school ut Eutonville Sunday. John Harris, one of the well to do farmers of Sheridan township, paid his respects to this office Mouday, finan cially. Cbloe Sitton, who has been visiting with parents during the holidays re turned to Kansas City to continue school. Frank Chandler came up from Pond Creek Thursday liiglit where he had been visiting with his uucle, V.

T. Walton. Mrs. Freeman li ft Wednesday night for Joplin, in unsivertoa telegram announcing tho serious illness of her daughter. Levi Q'lier was in town Monday and ibMiulu IIiU fcdi a Yety tiu.tul uaii.

We would say mors about bim but it is not worth while. Geo. Brooks, who has been visiting home folks in this city, returnod to Wintleld Tucrdav to feshmo her study the M. college. Mrs.

M. F. Hankius and daughter Gertrude, returned to their home in Winlield Saturday morning after spend irig the holidays in Burden. Mr. Steele, one of Sheridan township's most thrifty and prowrous farmers, was in town Saturday doing business with tba Burden merchants.

Misses Olive West, Lizzie Dyer, Bertha Tate and Mr. Lee Dyer, returned to Black well Mew Year's day after spending the holidays ia Burden. West has bought t.W property located on lot 4, block 29, Park street, in Burden, of D. Mcintosh. The purchase was made Saturday.

W. Young, the veteran liveryman Burden has taken possession of the prrpertyon Oak street, which be recently purchased of C. J. Skinner. Charles Faubion, living dortbofthe city, has purchased W.8.

Chandler's property on Oak and Seventh street and will more le town noon to reside. Gertrmle and Eugene Hawkins were the ciiy wm visiting with the faflrlly of Mrs. fleuthorn on Main street. They returned home this W-efc. Subscription 11.00 a your, In advance.

TOST OFFICE. Tims or Closing Mails. Official tlino card Ilnrdon P. to tftko ef-rcot Sunday; November 1-tli. 12:03, Office open at 6:80 for receiving- mall, for Irlivory a.m.

Tims of closing oflloo, ra. open Oft Sunday from to 10:13 m. Mall west bourm closes at 7:00 a. in. East bound at p.

m. BfciiT Woods. Postmastor. TIME TAtBp. Southern Kansas Railroad, going WEST.

No.HW, Expreos a. No. VtiW. FreiKbt 0:10 p. Ko.

119 Local J-'relslit p. in. ho, 221 Local jFreigbt UOING EAST. Ne. 904.

Express 8:40 p. KwrJSlO, Freight a. rn o. 218 IxwaF FrelRht a. m.

Mo. 22. Local Freight 9:45 a. m. Making- best connections forall points.

We can ticket through and check baggage to all poluUt by the most direct routes. A. 11. 11AUD1NG. Agent.

DIRECTORY. Churches. E. Cliuroh: rreaoUlng' every Sunday IVJ at 11 o'clock a. an4 7:33 o'clock p.

in. Prayer meeting evefy Thursday evening at 7 o'clock p. Sunday school at 10 o'clock a. in. Junior League at 8 o'clock p.

in. Senior League at 1 o'clock p. each Sunday. Hov. D.

H. Switzkh, Pustor. Christian Preaching every fourth Lords day in each nioutn, mor irnlnur and evening. Sunday school at 10 o'clock every ounaay, Elder I. D.

Mofllt, Pastor. fSmitlKt nhnroh: Preut-bing every 1st I) Siindavof each month 111 II a. bud p. m. Prayer ineotlng every Wcduoeduy night, tnnrinv u'honl Ht III o'clock a.

ill. Junior at 4 o'clock p. in, and Senior 11 at Sunday. Elder P. G.

Shanklln, Pastor. T'rustocs M. E. Church. The Hoard of Trus- I IOCS OI tue oiuuwuim.

vuuivu mil tegulal meetings ou the Brut Thursday night eacn nionin at cmh oi i-i uicniun. Those having business witn me oouru win covern themselves accordingly. J. 0. CnAwronn, IIattic A.

Ch.U'MAK, Chuirniun, SccrcUiry. Societies. Ativrinn 1 nil ire Ko. SR. A.

O. T7. W. mcrts ev- cmniuv niirlit lii their hall ooner fitb and Nuln streets, llrelhren of lodges cor- llally Invlled. W.

U. ilauscr, u. A. J. Meiccr, Secy.

nurden Lodge. No. 47. O. 8.

F. meets on 2nd snd 4th Monday nights of each month In A nan. xwew J. Crawford. Secy, nAira Ka IV of meets In A ball on the lst.aud Hit! of Morilay each ir.ontliat il p.

m. ucuu juuco, Liuie Crawford, Iteo. nurden Lodge No. 288. 1 meets In A II nan every neuiiCTiwy in brethren in good standing cordially Invited to attend.

John HurrlJ, N. 0. At Muyee, Secy. fliiitnn f.nrlcA Nn 283. A A meets In the A Kail on tuo 1st and Bid Thursday lights in each uiontu.

J.H. Wood, 3ocy. Leu llrookn, W. Iiurdcn Lodge No. 128.

() 8 meets In the fhainnio hall comer ftu and miilti street on the 2nd and 4th Thursday nlglils of each ti.ontli. Mlniuo Ldiulstou, W.JH' Uttttie Edmiston. jj i. llurden Camp No. 1(27.

A meets In A hall on the 2nd and 4th Friday night of each mouth. T. M. James, V. C.

i. M. Henderson, Clerk. ltebekah Lodge No.SiS), IOOP meets In the lOOF hall corner nth and main street, on the 2nd and 4th edncsday of eueb month. Kena Prince, Secy, Flora Allies, N.

G. Burden Post No, 172, A It meets In A tV hall thcllrd Satuiduyat 2 ni lueucli month. W. L. liuttvn, Adjt.

iliiam Steele, P. C. GRANT PTAFFOKD, Atty. at Law. P.

It Ai.muoriT Atty. at Law. Stafford and Albrght. ABSTRACTS WlNKIELl), OF TITLE- Kansas. titles given prompt attention.

Have a complete se of abstracts to all lands and town lots in Cowley county. OrriOEUOE. Sth Ava Facts About Klondike lucrits of respective routes; what to lake for ooiufort sudforwork; dotini-tiuu of minjnjf terms; descrlpUun of various methods of opcrntioo; mining laws, may be found iu book just Issued Kauta I'u Ilouto. Anuual Woetlng Kansas State Teachers Association, lopcka, iAJO. tli to 80tb.

15 19 for the round trip. Uatus of sale. Deo. 'il to 30th iuulusive. Final return limit Dee.

8Ut. Holiday Exctirsinn Rates to nil stations within a limit of 200 miles One i are for tho round trip. Tickets on sale Due. 24 25 and 31 and Jan. 1st, Kood going 6i ShXI of sale and cobtiunous jttsssge in each direction.

Final return limit Jan. 4th. Cool ISkeeze" srs moct a)rprnciated during the suuimer, when the hot sun makes its presence felt. MILWAUKEE is situated right on breer.y Michi gan's nborea, and the temperature there is usually just ri((ht. If you rxpect to attend the National Ldu rational meeting 'o Im held Jul you nill Hud the shortest and mrmt enmforlaule line to be the arta ii Botie.

W.J. Blaik, U. P. opeka. Kas.

For ticket rstmi snd full particnlars rf the eoiiotry, Hres W. J. Hf.Af.K, A 8 iopeks, Kas. Is ywir rdlld punt, pfkM snd wny )ir it hsva eosfnUinftaf If ft has snmn WhHe's Cream Verrot-fufe i the fnl ssf eni-f. Every bin-t i K'HtriniiH ti bring rm, n.lerm ljf at of (n Wltb the holidays, most of our stock has disappeared, but we still hVe a few sets iidgers 184 i knives Forks; Regular price.

70 OURPRICU 8.05 to 4.00 Napkin Hings. Kegulfff price. 75c, $1 00 to tl 50 OUR PRICE 00c, OOo to $1.00 Goltl Pens. Regular price 1.50 to $3.00 OUR PRICE 1.00 to" 135 Tea Sets (i pieces.) Regular prico $13.50 to Iff 00 OUR PRICE tt.00 to 10.06 Everything discount. Id our store at same MERCERS' Poor Commissioner's EtStcment.

WInflald, Kansas, lanuary 1, 1898. To the Honorable Board of Commissioners of Cowley county, Kan sas. I have the honor to submit to your honorable body'" tbe following statement of expenses In curred for various purposes In curing for the poor of this eounfy for the quarter enaing Decern bet 31st, 1897. Arkansas. City rrovisious, ciominjr, mei, cto flC3 PI Undertaking 17 U) Permit for burial 8 00 i Transportation.

nursiliK. etc 10 31 11M 22 Wlnlinld Provision, clothlmr fuel, eto 1375 11 75 Tiansnoitation. nursliur. cto 11 50 100 70 Durrieu i'ruvisions, clothing, fuel, etc 83 Cambridge Provisions, ciotning, ruei. cto SI 00 21 00 20 15 03 5 18 Dexter Provisions, etc clothing, fual CUnll- ITuvlsIons, clothing-, fuel.

eio Bolton Township rrovisiotis mid Oeswell Provisions and clothlmr ninnoscan Provisions and 4 TO Omnia I'rovls on nnd clotuloc 20 51 Plcnsnnt Valley Provisions, clothing Etta -20 23 Silver i'reek Provisions, clothinir. eta 9 03 Tisdulo Provisions, clotlilnir. 11 03 Vernon Provisions, clothing, 0 50 Windsor Provisions, clothing, 3143 Totul. Sfi'J 94 COMl-AtlAflVS SIrKMKJjrjp Poor oxlwnsos for 4th quarter ending Ufcoinlinrillst, 1SU6 fftil 80 Poor expenses for 4th quarter ending' -Ilooniiherlilst. 18W7 MEI 61 ueorouso lor the 4tn quarter enulntr 1HM7 S7 Poor expenses for the year 1W 3(11!) 2' Poor expenses for the asM Decrease fur the ycur isu; vim H.

HtniiAUOM, Commissioner of the Poor. To The Neighbors of Burden Camp, No 1027 M. W. of A. Tabk Notice: The Annual Loft Roll ing and Inhalation of camp officers will take place at the A ball ou Fri day liiglit, January Htli, 1808.

We expect neighbor E. E. Murphy, State L. II. Consul of Kansas, to be present and deliver tbe address and in stall tho officers.

Yon will greet neigh bor tMurpliy with your presence and a full attendance. Below we give the names of the various conimittes: Coin, on Arrftgement, John Fitzger ald, F. R. Melon, W. P.

Horan, J. Henderson and T. M.James. Com. on Solicitation, Mrs.

A. Brooks, Mrs. J. M. Heuderson and Mrs J.

J. O'Connor. Com. on Table Arrangements, Mrs John Fitzgerald, Mrs. A.

R. Harding, Mrs. J. si Hooker, Mrs. i).

Collins. Mrs. W. t. Collins, Mrs.

T. M.James and Mrs Bert Woods. Snpt. of Tables, W. Horan.

Supt. of Fires, F. R. Muloue. Done by order of Camp, Attest.

T. M. James, V. J. M.

Henderson. Cleric. Prosperity comes quickest to tbe man whose liter Is iti.irood condition. He witt's Litiln Early Risers are famous little pills fur constipation, billiousm-ss, indigestion and all stomach and liver This is the season when our farmer renders select their reading matter for 1898, and it comes tons almost as a duty to advise etety farmer in the country to include The Kaosnt City Indicator iu the list, without fail. We know of no calling that bas a Journal which ferprs smu it better than The Indicator represents good farming.

Its usefulness is manifest on every page and every column, and its Stxtcia! Farmers' Institute editions, published monthly, and sometimes twice a month, consists holly of the experiences of practical farmers who work on tbe farm. There is no editing, bo theoriea, no "sidewalk" farming and no professions! farm writing ia tbem. They are just an interchange of opinions oa farm topics among farmers themselves. By all means see copy of this week's Indies-tor, and the Special Farmers' Jwsirtjte editior? that accompanies it, am then subacribe. Sample copies will be sen! fres" fd sppflftants.

Address tbe Indica tot Publishtng Kansas City, Mo. Ballard's Snow Lionment eons Rhs-n-matium, Neuralgia, Headache, Kick Hendacbf, Sore Throat, Cots, hprains, Hrui, Old Bor, and sll pain and inflammation. Tbe most penetrating Unams-nt in the world. Try it, Purdy. Bring your job printing to the Eaole ofiice and have it done in first class a .75 .50 .23 Our loss is your gain, will need underwear.

D. The? season's greeting We extend to you, Also an invitation, Our splendid stock W. C. "CJ. Declaration of Principles: We believe in the turning of His king dom whose service is perfect, freedom, becuusu His laws, written in our mem ours us well ad iu nature ana la grace, are puriect converting the soul.

Wn believe In tho gospel of the Cold en Rulo, mid Hint each man's habits of life should bo au example safe and ben fliovnt for every other man to follow. Wo believe that God created both man -and woman irt his own image, nnd therefore, we believe in one standard of purity for both men and womon and iu the equal right of all to hold opinions ami to express tbe samo in tho home, on the platform, in the pulpit acd at tho ballot-box. Wo believe in a living wage; in au eight hour day; in courts of conciliation ami arbitration; in justice as opposed to greed of; in "in peace ou earth anil good will to We, therefore formulate nnd for ourselves adopt the following pledge, asking our sisters and brothers of a common danger and a common hope, to make a common cause with us, in working its reasonable and helpful precepts into the practice of every day life: hereby solrmnty promise, God helping me, to abstain from all distilled, fermented, and malt liquors, including IHne, Beer and Cider, as a beverage, and io employ all proper means to discourage the use of and traffic in the same. To conform and enforco the rationale of this pledge, we declare our purpose to educate the young; to form a better public sentiment; to reform, ns fur as possible, by religious, ethical aud scientific means, the drinking classes; to seek the transforming power of divine grace for ourselves and all for whom wo work, that they and we mar will fully transcend no law of pure and wholesome living; and finally we pledge ourselves lo labor and pray that all these principles, founded upon the Gospel of Christ, may be worked out into the Customs of Society and the Laws of the Land. The next rirrhrrM convention the Kausas State Teraperunee Union will be held at Topeka, Tuesday and Wednesday, F'ebruary 1st and 2nd 1898, begin ning at 4 p.

ni of Tuesday. It is urged that each church and society send tbree delegates to this meeting. There will be reduced rates on all railroads, and reasonable board will be furnished all delegates. Tbe call is signed by the president and secretary of the Temper ance Union and indorsed as follows: "Tbe undersigned, believing that tbe time is at hand for a great non pnrtisan temperance revival throughout Kansas, heartily indorse the a hove call and nrge a full attendance at the annual conven tion February 1st and 2nd." This indorsement Is signed by snch en as Hudson, Lx Senator I'rffer, John W. Briedentbal, Samuel Howe, FDCoburnof Topeka; Snow, VV HCarrutb, Janies Marvin, of Lawrence.

Iloch, of Marion; Chas. F. Scott, Iota; John Madden, A Wbite, Biddle, of Emporia; Elder, Ottawa, Geo. Hons. Wichita; A Place of Winlield sflfl many other well known representative inea of oar state.

Let Burden be represented by all means. TO CURE A COLD IN ONE DAY. TaW Laxative Bromo Quinine Tab If ts. All Druggists' rV-fund lbs money if it tails toCnre. 2.Vi.

THOROUGH-BID HOGS. 1 have for sale at rfty residence one west and one rfiile north of Bufden, lot Thorough-bred Poland Cblna pigs, old enough for breeding purposes. Tbis lot are' largely males and are fine animals. J. L.

WEST. Ms Ilnphes. Norfolk. wss fright burned on thefacwand ne-k. Fain was instantly relieved by lev tit Wiwta IIakmI halve, Kbieh mi led the injury without leaving a M-sr.

It is the famous pile remedy. Henderson I J. H. Stop town OUR your WOOD J. G.

tflt iWFORD, Notary Public and Insurance5 Aent. t'f Office in Day Block, over 1). Collins' NOP ust its GOOD- but blatter than' anv llour made is what we claim. Gold Crown to, Hundreds a our beet cooks5 are usinsrit daily and stand readv to substantiate our claim. Call at the Mill or ask your Grocer for this brand it you want the best: 1 (.

Day t4.0 80 YEARS' EXPERIENCE A Tradc Marks r'rtff COPYRIOHTt e. Anyone (Mmdlrtg flketrb ntf dm-wrintton mmf Hmukj afiVrtasin omr opinion free whether art Intrnitlnn tt probably ttatantahlft. Ormmonl trOQH fni dntal. Handbook Pntsmta? aent frtm, Oldeat afronry foraecunnR patents. Patents taken tfaroQfrb Bfvna A Co.

raoaiT friaA nntic, without ebarga In th Scientific Jlctrka. A handaomafy waeklf. Tirreat rtr fmlatton of mny trcntiOe Jnamat. Terms, a yesir foar montba, Bold try all Mwedealeni. Braocfe OSkw, CI at, Waahbatoo, D.G.

pnbllahea Dnrden Kafle Deo. lWT.f KOTICB. To all whom ft may eonprn. J. M.

Hooker of Rnrrtm, Kanaaa, have this Snd Jr nf Dforalin, tlUvl mj pfttltton with J. ottlnrnaia, Prnhat Juitveof ley C-tmnty Kiimm, fr druririKta permit to Hell liw'iilra-tln Hqiiora for WertiKnl Meehanlnil aixt Kclomilie iiirinmnlr. ftalS fmuttnm will ho beard In tbe oftieaor J. W. tttina-taam.

Prrv tiate JiHig Fridmf, January 7th, JH at a m. Id (lie i-ln of WlnfteM. Kiiwm. Mr pi are of tmalneaa located on Wt la Hurdea, Kan. i.

M. Hooaaa. Read Thte. Offer. To the first fire new, jnid nponeyrar in ad ranee snbsvribnrs to the Burdu Eamle, we will give as a'reminm: Tbe Lire Stock Indicator.

Tbe gpfcial Institate Edi-tioa and Tbe PoultT Farmer, from da to' of subscription fb January 1st, VVbal do yon think of it? Fonr paper9 for 11,00. Tbis offer will not gutM afier Mr.h Sam B. -r. ic aid the wwl teswt.4f prii.

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