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Burden Eagle from Burden, Kansas • 3

Burden Eagle from Burden, Kansas • 3

Burden Eaglei
Burden, Kansas
Issue Date:
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Don't forget to attend tho context to be hold lit tho Burden Bur-dew Eagle- A Recommendation frtm Los Ancelos. G32 Cnslt hir Los Angeles, having sull'erod lor a long time SIMS PERSONAL- AND LOCAL. rinnl em-ly. Tick your gooeo. Shear your hogs.

i Cobs for salo nt tho mill. tomorrow -Contest tomorrow night. CONTEST, tomorrow night, l'lojv deep, subsoil if possible. Wallpaper at C. A.

Cunningham's. J. II. WOOD Co. We wish to announce to the public that we have received our fall and winter goods, which lias been selected with care and Ave are euro will please one and all.

We are here to ain the CONFIDENCE RESPECT of every man in every walk of life who -may favor us with their dollars and dimes, and expect to give him full value in every line of goods kept in a gen eral We are prepared to show a full line of fall and winter Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, Drees Goods, Notions and HOES. Your children need school shoes. You see our shoe depart- ment, we think we can pleat you. It is needless to mention our Groceries ah you all know you can get anything in Staple and Fancy Groceries you want at the old reliable. J.

H. OOD CO. Our Closing Out Sale- On Clothing, Hats, Furnishings, Boots, kiioes Dry Goods will save money. Try it. We are keeping up our stock of Groceries to its usual standard of excellency.

Special low prices on all kinds ef canned fruits. Plenty of nice apples and potatoes in stock. and Kerr. 1mm Look a Leetle D. B.

11.00 a year. In acjvanoe. RAILROAD TIME TABLE. Southern Kansas Railroad. going west.

No.WB, a. rn p. p. no. sui rcx RxiliraB.

an. Freight OOINQ EAST. No. 04, Ejrproaa. No.

202. in a. -Making best connections for all points. We tickut tiirouith and check bugtfugo to all iKiluts by the most direct routcis. A.

11. HAUMNG, Asent. POST OFFICE. Time or Cwshio Mails. Official time oard Burden to take ef-rfoct Sunday, November 12th, 12:05.

Offloeopenat 6:30 for recolvlng mail, for delivery a. in. Time of dosing offloo, 8:00 p. tu. open on jkinday from 0:15 to 10:15 a.

m. Mail, west bound closes at 7:00 a. in. East bound at 7:16 p. m.

J. W. Lkdlie. Postmaster. DIHECTGRY.

Churches. "KT E. Church: Preaohlnsr every Sunday IV at 11 o'clock a. and 7:80 o'clock p. m.

Prayer meeting every Thursday evening Rt 7 'o'eluek p. Sunday school at 10 o'clock a. in. Junipr Lcukuo at So'olock p. in.

Boulor League at 7 o'clock p. each Sunday. llev. J. Albert.Hydou, Pastor Christian Church: Preaching every fourth Lords day In each month, mowing and evening.

Sunday Bohool at 10 clock a. ni -ever)- Sunday. Elder I. D. Moflit, Pastor.

Baptist Church: Preaching every second Sunday of each month at 11 a. and t) p. ni. Prayer meeting every Wednesday nirht. Bunday school at 10 o'clock a.

m. Junior at o'clock p. and Senior 1J IT at 0:30 o'clock p. each Sunday. Kov.

X. Floyd, Pastor. Societies. .3 1 XT OO TT 1XT mnnta A.r cry Saturday niirlit in their ball oori er fitn and MhIii streets, Urothreu of other lodges cor- 'laiiy inviroa. j.

i. A. J. Mercer, Socy. Burden I.oiico.

No. 47. 0. 8. F.

meets on 2nd mid 4th Muuduy nltrhu of each month iu A hall. J. 11. Wood, C. 3.

O.Crawford. Secy, Crawford Lodtte No. 15. of TI meets in A hnll on the 1st and 3rd of Monday each montbnt 8 p. m.

liollo Jones, (J oi ii. Lizzie Crawford, lteo. Durden Lodgo No. 288. 1 meets In A nail every euuesaay evening, xruvoi ingrjrethren in good standing- cordially itivi 'ted to attend.

How ai Collins, N. O. A. J. Mayse, Secy.

Lodcre No 2B3. A Jr A meets tho A liflil an the lut ami Hni Ihursduy In each mouth. W. 11. Manser, W.

M. J. 11. Wood, Secy. Burden Lodfie No.

138. 8 meets In the masonic nail cower ana main street im Ihe Slid aud 4th Thursday nlehts of oaob month. Mlunio Kdinlston, w.M llattlo Erluilston. Secy. Jlurden Camp No.

1C27. A meets in A A hull on the ud and 4th Friday nights jt i. i. 1 1 J. M.

Henderson, Clerk. Robekah Ixidfre So.K", lOOf meets in the I bull coi ner Mb and main street, on the Snd and 4th Wednesday or each month. Uolle Jones, Secy. Maud Golorth, N. G.

Burden Tost No, 173. A It meets In A JV hall the lira Saturday at montr, L. Hutton, Adjt. William SUjuIo, P. C.

T.J. RUDE, M.D, Physician and Suigeon. tRBsiDENCE one Block North of Church, Burden, Kansas. OFFICE OF G- CRAWFORD JUSTICE OF THE PEACE and Jotary Public. Collections, executes Deeds Mortgages, draws Leases and Con-(tracts, writes insurance against fire nnd storm.

Special attention given to Pension matters, tho regular price, 15 cents charged for acknowledging votichers, All work done promptly neatly. Oflice over State Bank iu Eagle rooms. J.U.CttAWrORD, Burden, Kansas. For Rent. One five room house, with, good well on premises, Mutes reasonable, enquire of J.

O. at Eagle Oflice. 8 A LB. WviCl Oklphoms stock catflfl Call on or aoui hs F. P.

UOLACK, Jurden, Kansas. COPVIIICMTB. Tar tafnvmfttlna MS frM Hand tratlr writ trt I 1 Bkoibwat, Hrw Vnnit. Olrimt frurmn for ur! nr pou-nta la America. t.T9iy mtnt takn nut for uc Is brotisht tti puUle by a not us gltea trt ul eUrn la turn world.

Mifiniilir Itrititrated, No iutHttti'i-nl hfriil'1 wfthotf It. Vri ft 3 4K) ft art rii rTvmrL Afi-irm, ft rtftUMitsuft, ifruAdwa. Jkttir Vurs City. WANTED-AN IDEATSriS thins; te itnt vonr idnas hrj tray y-j wpallh. Write JOHN WKUUtli-HI'KN t'nint Aitomeym, Vt aaiiiucum, It.

fut tkeir tlJsVH pruie uHar. I kimnrm Zona rrti inf ftjl npfTr we cue-' ar fmr-m u. lea Umm uuut UkueK i Onr fee wr 4m parrt ht n4. c.A.onow&co. (oUntiflo American Agency for I I Lyceum Friday nigWl, Feb.

28th, by the pupils of tho Burden schools. An at! mission Ice of 15 cents. Ten probationers were admitted to full membership At tho M. E. church Sunday and ono pnseon reoivod on pro batiou.

Tho fruits of the revival held at this place last June aud July, Frank Barton harness deal er of Winliold but now a full llodgnd drummor was in tho city Tuesday with a full line of samples of harness oils Frank has struck a slick thing. Farmers are busy rigging out for farm work, numbers of acres are al ready plowed and from tho push and energy put focth, old Cowley is des lined to make a good showing for 1880. Editor Riddle of the Minneapolis Messenger says his wife is tho best wo man in seventeen counties. Wo are ready to bet him 10 to 1 that he can't name the counties without getting his nose peeled. E3TKOTE the change of price in ad' mission to the elocutionary contest at the Lyceum tomorrow night; The price has been reduced to 13 Secure a seat ticket at Henderson drug store and avoid the rush.

Dr. Emerson of Winlluld assisted by Dr's. Pickens and Jacobus of tho same city, and Dr. T.J. Rude of this place performed a very dilfieult, yet success full surgical operation on Mrs.

Craig of this city Monday evening. A convict in the nenitentinry whose time would expire April 10th, has pe titioned governor Morrill to pardon him out Mareh 1st, so ho can get his crop in on time. He should be encour aged. Let him out by all means. YOU CAN COUGH.

Atter taking 8 doses of Beggs' Cherry Cough Syrup. It is oue the most wonderful remedies, ever put on the market for Coughs and colds. Sold and warranted by our popular druggist J. Hooker. Miss Etta Corley closed, a vcrry sue cossful term of school inftho old Baltl more district lust Friday, and left for Wintield Monday evening, to join her father and sisters in their new home.

The best wishes of the community fol low her. Trado is improving at tho lumber yard, every day witnessing teams load cd with lumber bound tor the dfl'crent tarms around and in this vicnity. Fences are buiug lixud, barns and houses repaired. A general spirit of Improvement seems to havo taken hold on tho people. The Kansan, published at Hutchin son, has milled the names of Mckilney and Reed to their masthead for presi dent and v'ce president respectively.

Both good men, but wo would suggost that we nuglit do well to come" Tart her west or south for viqe presidential limber. Cause of Hard Times. Eecause people will pay 23 cents for tho same articles they can buy for 15 cents. Parsons Little Electric Pills, 00 doses only 15 cents. Small, quick iu action, easy to take, always reliable.

Sold by Henderson Purdy. Our city was visited last Friday by a bund of vagabond foreigners supposed to be Italians. One woman carried a jug nnd a bug of somekind on her shoulder accompanied by a moukey. Another woman had bear iu tow aud made sweet melody on a tambourine. Wo leave it to our readers if this don't beat Brother Buck's fight that al most paralyzed business for a short time in Winlield lately.

To avoid sickness, clean up your yards, remove manure heaps and half decayed debris, keep your wells and cisterns In a condition that no Impure water that finds its way from some pig stye, or stable nilje with the pure; see that your cellars are properly drained and ventilated and all rotten or vegetables are removed therefrom. These precautionary measures cost but little nd may save von sicknoss, sulTeriag and consequently a doctors bill. In a recent editorial the Salem, Oregon, Independent says; "Time and again have wo seen Chamberlain's Congh Remedy tried and nayer without the most satisfactory results. Whcn-eyer we ce a person afflicted with, hoarseness, with a cough or cold, we adviae Uieru to (ret Cham- berlnin's Cough Remedy; and when they do, they never regret it. It always doos the work, and does it well." For sale by Henderson Purdy.

Tho services each Sunday evening at 7:33 by the Epworth Lesgne loses none of its interest, each service being better than the proceeding one. Last Sunday night was particularly interesting and impresaive. Subject. "Christs great sao-rilice for and then the Inquiry, what will you do with Jesus personally? The theme was a grand one, aud the leader MisaElla Uo forth, showed by her remarks that t-ka hail given much thought and time lier subject. These meetings are well attended and much interest manifested.

The linest stock of goods in the country is to be found at J. M. Hookers. He hns secured the sale Bcggs' Family Every bottle warranted. Tltey will give you satisfaction.

Dr. Miimaw, of Elk Fall, an old veteran of the 15th Kansas, was Visiting C. W.Jones during the past week. The doctor and C. W.

belonged to the same company during the laie unpleasant neas, but have Dot met tn-fore since musternd out in October W.5. Charley was rejoiced to meet bt comrade of days gone by, am! although presw-d for time enjoy! the innocent pssstime of comparing camp stories and swapping army lif fir a few days. Did yon rtT mMt a comrade r.fur a st-perntioB of 33 ear? If so, ymi eao appreciate lin-ir nifw-tinji, if jou hate notion cn-Hut iKgiti to kiow anjthing it. acuto rheumatism without obtaining relief, 1 used Chambrlaln's Balm and was almost Immediately relieved. I highly recommended this as tho best medicine known.

J). M. Hamilton. For salo by Henderson Purdy. Hon.

J. V. Buck man of Arkansas Cily has been frequently mentioned as a candidate for one of the delgates-at-largo to the St Louis convention. There Is scarcely a better man In the statu for the place. Mr.

Beekman is a true Ro nublican. an eloauent speaker, a wlso counselor, nnd if chosen, as wo think he should be, will be an ornament to the delegation, and a great addition to Us strength. Douglas Tribune. An exchange says is tho most tin fortunate letter in the English alphabet 'because it is never In cash, always in debt and never out of danger." Our ex change forgets that the. aforesaid letter is neyer in war but always in poace.

It is the beglning of existence, the com meneemcnt of ease and the end uf trouble. Without if there would bo no meat, no bread, no water, no lifo, no gospel, no Jesus, no heaven. Pioneer BEGGS' HAIK RENEWER IS POSITIVELY THE BEST HAIR TONIC ON THE MARKET. It will STOP bair falling out or turning; gray Give it a trial: Every bottle warranted to give satisfaction -by your popular druggist J. M.

Hooker. The home of Dan Molt'at near Victor Point was destroyed by fire last Friday, together with all his household furnl ture, beds, bedding, and clothing except that worn by the family at the lime. No one seems to know or even surmise how the lire started. Mr. Mof fat was someplace on the farm, his wife at one of the neighbors and tho children at school when tho Bre started While the loss is a severe one, yet Mr, Moffat by his forethout' had -insurance amounting to $800,00 on tho property destroyed, which is quite help in re building, re furnishing etc.

Dyspepsia, nervous' prostration: ir regular heart actiun and palpitation quickly relieved by Scott's Carbo-Di cestive Compound. See ad. in auothcr column. 1 The Senate acted wisely in cutting the proposed pension to the widow of General Gresham from two hundred to one hundred dollars. His widow is no more loyal than hundreds of others who draw tue sum of eight dollars after months and times years of worry arid wailing.

It Is time this idea of paying large sums to the heirs of government officials was stopped, and especially in pension matters, let there be something like equality in i J. M. Hooker takes tho lead in every thing- They have secured theexolusive sale of Bcggs' Blood Purifier ami Blood Maker, the most perfect medioino made Try it for all blood disorders. For some mouths somo rogues baye annoyed Mr. R.

B. Mulford and family by prowling around the promises, tear, ing of window screens, loitering around the barn with lighted lantern, and only Tuesday uielit they pried the door oil' the burn, scattered corn over tho floor and Into the street, but finally when detected dissapeured in ho direction of the depot. Mr. quite an old man nnd hns no known enemy in tho world, so cannot understand why any ono should thus aumiy hliu. He now gives fair warning ho has secured tiro aims, and the next night prowler that puts in an appearance will receive the benefit of its contents.

Through the courtesy os Prof. Means Ihe pupils of the high school have been allowed to organize a house of repre sentatives aud a United States Semite, where they are tu right the way and manneJ of the orgnniza'ion of these bodies, how their niemla r. arc elected and how to formulate a id present bills either house, the mode of proceed- uro when bills are introduced, parliamentary practices which we bo-lieye to be good thing Mid ought to be encouraged. Here is the text of one bill lately introduced iu the senate: That all foreigners befoM becoming citizens of the United States shall be able toread and write lie glish lang uage, understand the constitution and laws, and shall bare been a resident of the United Slates not leas' than live years." It would be well for some of our solo-is to take pattern from Ibis school senate and not. be in too great a hurry to confer rilixeushlp on every foreigner that dumpe on our shore.

WHf wux.ypu COUGH? J. M. Hooker your uggist you whyf You can be so easily cured. Three doses of Beggs' Cherry Cough Syrup will relieve you at oneo. We en a ran tee every bottle, and no monkey work.

Last Tuesday the monotony ot our little vilage was brokeu by a most in spiring, scientific dog fight. Itoccured just after dinner on Main street and the natives gathered from the four points of the compass thicker tliaD the historic locusts of Egypt. And the dogs continued to fight and the crowd grew larger and more hilanoiia. There has not been such an enthusiastic gathering since the last circus parade. Our people dote on dog hunts, but there "are but few of th canine species possessing the pluck to make an interesting and entert lining, roll and tnmble, bite and gonge dog tight, therefore when two gritty bulldogs mash their jaws together on the ham of each olher, the corporation limiu of rxir beautiful city bobble ojer ilh felicitous joy.

On this occasion the hilarous overflow was terminated by two courageous rilizens grabbing the hind h'gs of the and puliiog them apart, each Aox carrying a piece of the hind quarter of the other about the size of a horde's under I p. But there was fun for the natives while the fijrrht lasted and evervbfidy tu there eswpt the peace ofiieera. Moat any town has dngs, bnt for thoroughbred fighting dogs, we challenge the earth. Icficid Tribune. Positively the one Homed for the treatment of NERVOUS EXHAUSTION, Simple and Aggravated forms of DYSPEPSIA, and PALPITATION OF THE HEART Doo9 your food sour after eating? Are you easily confused and excited? Do you get up in the morning tired and un refreshed, and with a bad taste in the mouth? Is there a dull cloudy sensation, at tended by disagreeable feelings iu the head and eyes? Are you irritable and restless? Does your heart thump and cause you to gaspfor breath after climbing a ilight of stairs? Does it distress you to lio on the left side? Iiavo you impaired memory, dimness of vision, depression of mind and gloo my forobodings? These symptoms mean that yon are suffering from Dyspepsia and Nervous Exhaustion.

There is no other remedy extant that has done so much for this class of trou SCOTT'S CARBO'-DIGESTIVE C0MP0UND. If your case has resisted the usual methods of treatment we are particu larly anxious to have you givo this Com pound a trial. Wo guarantee relief in every case and will cheerfully refund your money should our remedy fail to produce the most gratifying results. Please remember that the appellation Patent Medicine does not npply to Scott's Carbo-Digestiye Compound It is a prescription put np by a leading phvsician who has made stomach and nervous troubles a specialty for years We court investigation and earnestly urgo all physicians to write ns for tho formula of SCOTT'S CABO DIGES- TIVE which we will mail on that they satify themselves of its harmless character and excellent virtues. Scott's Carbo-Digestive Compound Is the most remarkablo remedy that scienco has produced.

It has succeeded where nil other medicines have failed Sold by druggists every were. $1.00 per bottle. Sent to any address in America on receipt of price. Don't forget that cheerfully refuLd your money if results are not satisfao tory. Order direct if your druggist does not have it.

Address -011 orders to Concord Chemical Mfff. TOPEKA, KAS COBS. For salo nt the Burden Roller Mills, 63 cents per load For Sale, milch cows. J. F.

Two fresh Enquire of SfX)lDER. POLL TAX, following Is the list votora of thn cltv of Munlon, who are subject to Poll Ta of ror tne year mvo, Wood. Bert fin urn, A A Woods, A Brooks, W8 Watgonherg-or, Manser, A Mauser, Joe Fry, rooks, Jones, Charles Mcintosh, Howard Collins, Jim Witt. AheFarrls, Charloa Treadway, Charles Thomas, Fred Potior, John Multord, Oirflvv, Wilscy, Hen Byron Potter, 8 Hoylaud, Hoc cafes, Mantel. John Uatton, Bort Chapman, llug-h West, le Dyer, O'Oonnor, Hoi mi, Morris, 8 Chandler, Dan Hyan, Norton, 3 Hooker, -Jlio Coekrura, Gray.

Thomas Blakelr, Jatnt, Cbarlos Norton, A Cunningham, Leu Mo, Henderson, Stodder, ranlne, A Meraor, Ed Mercer, I) Lake, John Treadway. 1 1'olllns. Laforjre, Kd Davis Joe Dyer, II lli.wland I'ayne, Norland. James Walker, Uornlce Mohlor, Wnt Thomas, Frank Treadway, 1 II Troadway, A Mayse Cunninirham. IJ Cuunlnirbam, Arthur eKt, Honry Vilul.

TJ Ktide, Hoel, llert Tituiaons, IMv. Ed Harris, A Frank, Polk TulL Andrew Edmistou, Will Hull. Freeeman, Will alley. CANINE, City Treasurer. DOQ TAX.

AIM M1W IU t. butf the City of Burden, wbo own or arc harboring dogs and Bre subject to a tax of $1,00 for earb male and $5,00 for each fain Me, and ii due iu teu dajs from date of thia publication. A Frank 8a ml bay Ji Chandler John Treadway. Robert Ojrilvr It Treadway Henrf Rowland. Btodilcr.

II Manser. male dog It Lake. one PoikTull Joe H05 land Frauk Treadway. lirneo Chaornan i VV'iUon Lynch A Malone Mart K.I Davia A Uardmsr Charles Thouiaa Norton II Rode. Morris harlea Treadway t'haa Treadway.

female V. XV. City Treasorer. The fte iysteru i wrong in principle viciom in practice and contrary to the b'iiuea method in every private bui-nea. One of the Ihinjr the Lgi'-tnre should fo to appoint irtt to investigate the fee sjntern in representative coiinlieg and report a aalRry bill, fixing anBiinl alanea for every elective county office -1 opt rafits! Uuy the best seed, istha chenpest.

Spring ia coming. So is Joe Church of Dexter wa? In the city Friday Alf Woods was a visitor at the Hub on Tuesday. Contest in elocution at the Lyceum, Feby. 28, 1300. Dr.

George Emerson of Winlluld, was in the city Friday. Mrs, Henry Lake of Victor Point, is ivported very sick. J. F. Stodder was on the Kansas City stock market Friday.

Wallpaper! at A. Cunningpam'sA 'in tc -r FIFTEEN cents admits you to the contest, Only 15 cents. D. Collins was doing business in the oity of Winfleld Tuesday. Rev.

Hydcn will close his years work ut this place next Sunday. P. II. Albright went east on the mor ing passenger train Friday. Mrs.

J. V. Stodder is the happy poss essor of a "bran" now bike. Wootaoy was in from Hill Side farm on Timber creek Friday. Joe Eyre of -Victor Point, was delivering fat hogs to our stockmen Monday.

Mr. Childs living about Ave miles north west of town, is reported very Sick. D. W.Ramage, teacher near Cambridge, wai dealing with our merchants Monday. Edgar, clerk in the Probate Judges oflice was visiting friends in tho oity Friday.

City election will be on the 6th day of April. Plenty of time to select good men. Doit. Henry Rowland, lumber agent found a slack time Friday and took a load of cobs to Wintield. Pur implement men report better sales than for the corresponding mouth for many year back.

T. M. James had the corn in his cribs near the railroad shelled Friday. J. McKee done the work.

I We would call tho attention of our readers to tho locals of C. A. Cunniug- haui in regard to wall per. Treat the poultry question with some consideration, there money in poultry when properly handled. (.

L. Ackles of Iowa, a practical plasterer, is in tho city with a view of locating P. L. Aldtrsou one of Sheridan town ships onergctia go ahead farmers was seen sowing his oats this C.A.Cunningham has the llnest and best assortment of wallpaper ever brought to Burden. Call and see it.

Miss Tirzau of Kcw Salem, utlended the Epworth League services at the M. E. church Sunday night. Dr, II. Manser represented Clin ton lodge No.

233. in the Masonic Grand lodge ut Wichita last week. "KOYAL." "Nature's porfuet plastering mater ial." For sale by Long-Bell Lbr Co. John TiUtgerald has returned from his trip to lovvn, and is perfectly satisfi ed with Kantas and Cowley county. Tho Burden Photograph Gallery will bo open Monday, Mch.

2nd D. B. Dour. Photographer. Mix your crops.

JNt man can be suc cessful in this country that prcsistontly continues to raise only one kind of crop. Cowley county will receivo $4,480, 83 of the state school fund, having 10 202 children of school ago within her boi-rturs. Robert Ootorth is in attendance at the grand lodtcc A at Leaven worth as representative from Burden lodge 88 of this city. Ihe Republican editors at the Lcav en worth Editorial Convention on a bnl lot being taken, stood 80 for Morrill and 20 for Trout man for governor. Frank Parker 4f the firm of Parker brothers of Wintield.

representatives of Joseph Husak, the Chicago tailor, was in tho city soliciting orders Monday. HEDGE POSTS well seasoned and of good size for sale at my residence 2J miles south east of Burden. E. T. Woodle.

Beveral of our high school students have quit their studies to enter ttpon the labors of the farm, the work-shop other employment for the summer. To keep the wind rain and cold ont, nse the "Metalio and Rubber weather (trips" around your doors and windows. For sale by Long-Bell Co. We are glad ta be able to relate the fru-t that our comrade Matt. Ertus has ree ired bark allowance of pension from 18, amounting to quite a snog little sum.

Oar bachelor faf mer friend Alf Woods says he has fooled away all the time he is g'ing to, wailing ir ome leap yf-ar adventurist to ta rnpoo nn him, has determined to goto work on the n-m even ff be has to flip" his on He b-jtieht one 'A I). It. Cunningham lo last WoB-! day. s1 i liarf work. The veteran Hardware Merchant of Hurden, is having hia store repainted and refitted, new racks and shelving put iu and making a general overturing, overhauling and rearrangeing of his large stock of hard ware and shelf goods.

Hardware, Stoves, Tinware Etc. New tinware, new etoves, repairs for wagons, buggies, or machinery always on hand or sible notico, Tin spouting, Grass Seeds, potatoes- and sale in their season. Hog or Poultry wire fencing by the rod or mile, as you can use it. Axes, Hoes, Spades, Rakes and a general assortment of any and all implements needed on the farm or for use in the garden. Anything and Everything hid line at the lowest living Call and see goods and get prices.

2 w. D. B. CUNNINGHAM. Cunningham, produced on the shortest pos roofing done promptly.

garden seeds on hand and for needed for country or city in prices, and of the best quality. The boy who spends bis money for beer, wine, whisky, or tobacco, saddles upon himself an appetite which can never be fully gratified witbont most seriously endangering his life, and Is quite sure, if be lives nntil he is fifty or sixty years of ae, to spend a sum of money which would give biro a comfortable home. Many a householder, and farmer has slowly but surely spent bis money for the above poison until his property has bad to be sold lo pay bis debts; a tad day for bira and his family. Boy and jounjs men do you want lo follow in thti footsteps of sties? If joo do not, keen sway front saloon and let intos'icsting drinks and tobaoco "Tonch not, taite not, handle not The boy vt young mai who eiwnjHieaee'i ipeleJing Uionr-J for to-bswo or driuka. as rule, handit'Spi himself for life, aaJ porrriy ani! sorrrrv rert 1h Is Ihe only positive Cure known lo Ihe Medical Profession for the Care of Acute and Chronic Rheumatism, Gout.

Lumbago. Sciatica, Neuralgia, Ovarian Neuralgia, Dismcnorrtioea, Psoriasis, Scrofula, Liver and Kidney Diseases. A pctive Cure effected in from 6 to IS days. For Sale by J. M.

Hooker, Burden, Kan. Chamberlain a Congh Eemedfi famous for it cures of bad colJa. It opens the secretion, relieves the lungs and aids nature In restoring the system to a healthy condition. If freely' od a noon as the coM has beeD contracted, aud it has beeomo settled in the system, tt greatly lesaens the seveiily ot the attack and has often cured in a single day what would have tx-ea a severe cold. Pur sale by Ilcndursoit ft Purdy.

Nellie Shfock Drop' Dead. Mifg Krllie rfhrwtk, a high chvI '-drit, did at the Ontral rt bril bn ing thw aflernoon about tbf' o' cli ck rf heart disea. She i about yrar rld and fell while stand ms; i.ji lr. Ilnlrrmb was snmiinf tt, but life was eittinet wbe'fe armed. She i the dangbtr nf Mr.

sad JH rihropk. livirg on south aller gtretC Courier, tl..

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