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Burden Eagle from Burden, Kansas • 3

Burden Eagle from Burden, Kansas • 3

Burden Eaglei
Burden, Kansas
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The Cleveland Bloomer Girls Ball Team vs Burden Ball Team at Forest Park, Burden, Tuesday, July 10 WWWWVWVWWVWWWVj'VW Cecal, Persona! and General news of tU meek. ami While I New U'lille Duck Hats at the Raekct. Sea the New Mid. Summer Duck Hats at lh Racket. 1776.

1006. Lew Taylor of the raging Grouse John 8 kin ii or was in Burden Friday. Miss Maltio FJoltmun spent Monday Wintield. Oreuk valley whs In the elty Saturday. Miss Kate Fitzgerald visited her sister Ma tie, and attended the assembly Come Early and Stay Late.

Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Carr went to Wlu-Held Monday.

Miss Ida lleiuiiiwny weot to Win-liold Monday. Mrs. John Fitzgerald aud daughter I Miss Lizzie, went to Wintield Friday family and stay for the fire- has his barb freshly evening. Bring in the works. C.

R. Tredway painted, green. Mrs. R. B.

Sbaoklin and Miss Amelia! Sliauklin atluudud the assembly part of I Rip peaches are beginning to make BORDEN WILL the week. Tuesday July 10 the Bloomer Girls Burden Will CELEBRATE! Get your new Togs now. We can show more Suits, Hats, and Shoes than any store in this part of the county. Howard Collins, THE CLOTHIER tlioir appearance Miss Zulu Prince was a- Sunday assembly attendant. Toiu Tunstall enjoyed the nights at the assembly Sunday.

the Burden Base Bull team. Don't for CELEBRATE -v get the dale Mrs. S. D. Hollow.

II of Lemulon, I Okla. visited the A. Frank family tlur went to New- Mrs. Lizzie Maekey kirk, Saturday. ing the week.

Tie the dog! Feed the Turn the calves out, and make our store your visiting place. Don't, Don't, Don't, Oh! well, we will not to tell you what not to do. But one thing don't forget to come in and look over our TEN CENT counter. It's a part of the big show. REMEMBER here is the place to get Fire, works; Candy; Cookies, Etc.

Barlow Hanna of Sheridan township John Hark inn Is up from; Cresoent City, Okla. making arrangements to was lu Burden Saturday. move to WinO'eldr" The neighbors are taking your pho A. Hoel of WlnHeld, ounie in Tues tograph, Look pleasant. day moruing for a visit with his par ents aud many friends.

1'he Bloomer Girl's Base Ball team 1906. WATCH FOR PROGRAM. at Burden Tuesday July 10. The wheat crop is now all In the sboek and some in slack. The berry is Mr.

Nathan Brooks lias tioisnetl fair and will yield well. cutting a line Held of wheat. Foster Smith enrae home from his J. Ledlie returned Saturday night from his trip to Kansas City, and CASH FOR BUTTER EGGS POULTRY school work at Salina for a few days. BASE BALL other points in the state.

Jake Gates of Cambridge, was in the Geo. Le Forge is making some im city between trains Tuesday morning. ''Pay Less, Dress Better." provements on his residence property It Is much easier to suppress a first in the way of a new barn. desire than to satisfy those that follow. ffffl Paul Rude bad a birthday outing on MissGertrude Hat Held wasamnngthe Grouse creek during the week with a many who attended the assembly Fri number ot bis young friends.

II day. 1 Miss Maude I red way wasseen among Burden Team, Misses Beulahand Myrlte Sheets was the throne at the Wintield Chautauqua 4 Assembly from Burden Friday. among the crowd at the assembly Monday. TUESDAY. JDLY 10 The late rain has insured a large blackberry crop which would have Will Cales was home over Sunday Mr and Mrs.

Doc been scarce had the rain not come. with his parents Cales. AT Mrs J. H. Wood aud daughters Bea HY experiment with new banks, when you can do business with a time tried institution.

One that has "been running successfully for nearly Misses Minnie and Ln Melone, trice and Esther, went to Oklahoma Forest Park, attended the assembly Tuesday at Win- Monday morning for a visit with rela liuld. tives in various parts of the state. Burden. Kansas This will be one of the best twenty-two years. We are equipped with every facility noeded for the convenience of our customers and offer as liberal terms as any bank in the eounty.

We think we are entitled to the banking business of -Eastern Cowley County, and we earnestly solicit the same' games played on the Burden CALL AND SEE diamond at Forest Park Remember the day and date and be sure to come and en- Our fly nets and get prices. joy the sport. A Good Leather Net, regular price $8 50 now $2.90 Pretty new Luces and Einbroideryat INSURANCE WRITTEN, MONEY ORDERS ISSUED, NOTARIAL WORK EXECUTED. the Racket. 1 I 11.

"NT nv.ln.i A An OR 1 he Misses Anna and Ethel Ether- tngton and Sibbie Fliun, engaged Mr See Ilerrin Furniture for Wall Paper. See Herrin Furniture for Carpets. See Herrin Furniture for Center Tables. See Herrin Furniture for Dining Chairs. See Herrin Furniture for Portiere and Lace Curtains.

See Herrin Furniture for Folding Beds. See Herrin Furniture for Office Desks. See Herrin Furniture for Office Chairs. See Herrin Furniture for Side Boards. See Herrin Furniture for Couches.

Ske Herrin Furniture for Oil Cloth and Linoleum. See Herrin Furniture Co for Window Shades. In fact, it will PAY YOTJ to see Herrin Furniture for anything you may need in their line before buying elsewhere. Come and see us. if we havn't got what you want, we will take pleasure in getting it for you, and you will find our price right.

Furniture Repairing, Upholstering, Picture Framing a Specialty Jas. Etherington's pacer and best new Cord Nets, regular price 1.50 now 1.25 fc i xt a. i i rn lie buggy Saturday afternoon aud drove to Mr. Everett Slater's to spend tha night. Ask Mr.

Slater about the re When you are in need of Binding Twine, see our twine turn trip. THE STATE BANK OF BURDEN, F. Stodder, Pres. S. C.

Day, Vice Pres. C. A. Trucsdell, Cashier. HUH JUU UUJ.

E. A. Wilson of Oklahoma was here the latter part of the week shaking hands with his old time friends. K. A.

was at one time a resident of Sheridan W. B. HOEL township. He reports good crops aud farmers happy on account of statehood. HERRIN FURNITURE CO.

Harris Line Phone No. 99 Stores Phono No. 21 Among those who attended the as I Can tile you on good government sembly Saturday, we notioed Mr. and attention to Undertaking. Calls answered day or land la Wood aril and Beaver County.

Mrs. Thos. Ferguson, Mr. and Mrs. W.

Especial night. S. Chsndlor, Uesdames S.C.Day, J. M. Hooker, Lmzle Mackey, H.

Gibson, D. Gatton, Misses Mary Manser Mary Why buy land lieu Uncle Sam will give you 160 acres free. Address: YOUNG the Free Home Locator, Kingsley, Woodard Co. T. I TiD8tll Julia Fitzgerald.

Nina Cun P. H. Albright make farm loaus on long time a specialty will meet any and all competition. This firm is "time tried and lire tested," having been in continuous business in tbe same territory for the past twenty years. Experieuce has shown that in borrowing money It is mucb better to deal with people you know than with strangers.

Offices at Wintield, Kansas, Howard, Kansas, and Newkirk, O. T. tf. w. ningham, Jessie Livingston, Marie Manser, Eleanor Chandler, Messrs Ru fus Livingston, Albert McDaneld, Ru- Fiona every view point the farming olass of this country is in better shape now than at any period since tbe civil fus Gatton.

Will Chandler. Miss Minnie Melo'ne came in frm F. W. CHANDLER. M-D Mr.

Harry Lunt, proprietor of the Macon, Saturday morning for Shady Lane Stook farm, shipped from war. More people own tbelr own homes and little farms; more arar free from the yoke of bondage Initiated by two months vacation with her parents I WRITE FIRE AND TORNADO INSUANCE ON FARM AND CITY PROPERTY. KEPRESENTONLY VERY STRONG Physician and Surgeon, Specialty of PRACTICE OF MEDICINE. I am now closing nut my hats cheap burdensome debts; more are beconi the farm during tbe past week, ten head of bis Poland' China bogs; four head of them went to our old time fel Come in aud see. Mrs.

Belle Jones ing independent each year by making aoomfurtable living for their families; low townsman J. L. West, Hobart, I. T. Miss Josephine James spent part of Bring the news to this oOioe.

We are always glad to have our subscriber! send or bring us Items ot news. If each one of our list of readers would give us one item each week what a grand local paper we could have. Send In anything but politics and we shall be thankful. more are waking up to the necessity of the other sis bead went to Mr. C.

H. the week in Wintield with her sistor Oflloe over M. Henderson's Drug Store. Office Phone No. 20.

Harris. Residenoe with S. Chandler. Goode, I. T.

Tbe orates these hogs Mrs. II. Fluttman, and attended the RELIABLE COMPANIES. See Me. S- DAY.

The Insurance Man. were shipped in was made out of luni assembly. giving their children better education, si advantages, and withal, prosperity and oontentment seems to prevail throughout tbe oountry. ber sawed from timber grown upon tb This pnrt of Cowley county received Luther Brook and Garrett Fitzgerald farm. a copious rain Sunday, morning and got away from their farm duties long enough to come to town Saturday for evening.

It delayed the harvesting Quarterly Meeting Program, little, but will make it up Id other Kotfol Dyspepsia Curb DlgMts what you eat. a short time only. Quarterly Confereno for the 1st quar crops. Mrs. F.

V. Rowland of Blaokwell, ter will be fa.ld at the M. E. elm roll as Mr. ana Mrs.

Johnson of Uonway Oklahoma, came Tuesday moruing for follow! a visit with the W. A. Bernaud family, Friday, June 39: 8:30 p. m. Business Springs, visited with Mr.

B. L. Hoy-land during the week, also with Mrs. I who live near Torranoe. session.

Johnson's brother Jo Hoy laud of Cam Friday 8:00 p. m. Preaching by the 1 believe in boys and girls, the men On imuu cjiuiyl bridge, Kansas. Presiding Elder D. M.

and women of a great tomorrow; what Miss Clara Bernaud who bad been Suturday 80, 8:00 ni. Preaohing tf soever a boy soweih the man will reap by P. L. Renner. attending the assembly at Wintield Edwiu Osgood Grovor.

stopped off here for a short time before Sunday, July 1, 10-00 a. in. Sunday Let us not live in hope with our arms School. going to hor borne near Torrance, folded; fortune smiles on those who at our CTonn IT bLEbLEa VJhXo lEqj Lozi Tuesday morning. 11:00, a m.

preaching by tbe pastor roll up their sleeves and put their followed by lovefeast. What's the good of keeping from him shoulders to the wheel. RcaCziiSdo Any good thing you may sue. p. ra Junior League.

80 p. m. Senior Miss Marie Manser passed the 9th That will lift bis load of labor 8:00 p. m. Preaching and Sacrament, mile stone of her life Thursday, June by Presiding Elder D.

M. Yelter. hilat, wicli was spent pleasantly with Like Rooky Mountain Tea. Henderson. Out of the Cowley County Class of number of her young friends.

Marley Smith was an all day Sunday Closing Out To Quit Business Sale is now on in full blast and nr exchanging goods for cali every day, but thv good are not all gone yet. If you have any loose change Just oom in and the rest will be very easy when you ve the bargains we are offering: Mn 60 Work Glove 8J 75q Work Gloves Wo W)c and 65c Shirt Mc Shirts Mo Four Madras Shirting worth tin 7jc HHventeeo pieces Gingham 'i 10 to 12Jc. mm misIiiI a Cm mm. Mkl afkta Utwmm Raton thai mmIIt Tl SMS aaak at HaMst4aly'JaL OllSW flVPSSsS Mk ws Jsii assay aaas guest of tbe Wintield assembly. The graders along the Southern Kan aririv Ma (SnniM Mm 1906 graduates, Miss Ilila Finuf, stood first in her average and was awarded as are having hard times keeping men Mr and Mrs.

Howard Collins, Mr RADIUMITE DOLLAR RAZOR SHOP to carry ou the work successfully on and Mrs. Frank Stewart, Mesdames R. the gold Medal and oas years tuition TUT sieve account of the wheat harvest. kick is tight, saiMt, SaavMsMraajrtSjMife asa i Ogilvy, R. C.

Jacksou, Misses Edith South West Kansat College. Hutchinson, Nora Willison. Tot Andei Levi Higginbotlom will run an ice David Ogilvy has one of natures ca A RAZC3 tm FREE Tl Til FU.ICHASER tf EACH STR? CALL TODAY AS THEY AXE FAST. aaaaaag mi mU 11 nulTlii i i mm ill nil imi hUMMami 1 mi lm-- son, Messrs J. H.

Jones. Will Cband cream stand at the Park on the 4lh of ler, attended the assembly Wednesday July. This will the place toget riosities bottled up and covered with aloohol, in the form ef a four legged from Burden. I your ice areas aud lemonade. chicken, it liyed four days after hatch 7 mi ni awiiaiiitjiakiiiiiinaki aw.

ww wnmliMMiMiiiMMMiiHiinMiaMSt pa hlMiWlli ki Mat) II tetfn fctit mill I I Mrs. Kat. Quier who has been visit Mrs. R. C.

Jackson returned from ng; the two eitra legs growed on tbe UliiHiHi mf mi arMgiir mm MaMinmMiaii ing relatives here for some time, re back of the chicken. 12 Douglas. Kansas, Thursday evening, Kitra heavy Blue Deaiius Medium weight Blue Denims, MM. fcMVma-MSMMl turned to ber home at Crescent City. 3S) tm tlSl gmmmm.ttftt where she had been to visit bor mother who has been sick for some time.

Mrs. Abbie Winchester, of Sedan. Wednesday morning. Kansas, sister of Mr. Robert Parniley, We can also show yon many other bargains when you coitie ia.

(iKOCKUY priees the same a quoted last week. To refuse a paper at the postoffice is i. im mmf tmmm, am Mr ima rut wlt rtnrrwT mrm rrr iumnmmvrt simply a cowardly way of insulting the made hi in visit during the past woes, vory much to his surprise, but of ninoh ploasnre, it being over 26 years siooe SM fsalpltt. 7 wmwm pj editor, and to thus refuse it wben in nfch. 9tj 9m4tvmm tmt MM sW Nh they had seen one souther.

debted to it only doubles the insult. Don't be fooled and made to believe When tbe baby talks, it is lime to Mr. W. J. Marks one of Atlanta's influential citizens and business men, died from heart failure Sunday.

Minaes Alpha Smith and Ruie Smith, of Deiter were in the city Tuesday (hoping. Medley Paine accompanied by hi sister Fay and Miss Ltila li drove out ia tbe country Saturday evening rutuming in ttterain. 'J. Nuckolls give Hoilister's Rocky Mountain Tea. that rhenniatUm can be oured with local appliances.

Hnllislrr's Rocky It's the greatest mudicine known to loving mothers. It makes tlit-m eat. J. HENDERSON rCSClsTION DRUGGIST. Ivansa.6- Burden, Motiotjtin la ia the only positiya cure lof rlieumaiii-m.

85 cents, Tea or Tablets, i Henderson. teep arrd grow. 85 cents, Tea or Tab lets. Henderson..

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