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The Omio Mail from Omio, Kansas • 7

The Omio Mail from Omio, Kansas • 7

The Omio Maili
Omio, Kansas
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ATOl CUING INCIDENT. KANSAS NEWS. Beautiful tidies are made by painting tp PURGATIVE fQ) NBH 'Hmj OIL Positively cure SICK-HEADACHE, Biliousness, and all LIVEa and BOWEL Complaints, MALARIA, BLOOD POISON, and Skin Diseases (ONE PILL A DOSE). For Female Complaints these Fills have no equal. "I find tueTn a valuable Cathartic and Liver Pill.

Dr, T. H. Palmer, Monttoello, Fla." "In my praetioe I use no other. J. Dennison, M.D., DeWltt, Iowa." Sold everywhore, or cent by vail for 25 ets.

in stamps. Valuable information FEES. 8. JOHNSON BOSTON, MAS 9. WsH BKt flowers in bright colors on black satin trim the edge of the tidies with white lace.

The St. Louis, J'oat-Dkpakh savs that Mrs. Phoebe Kice, 1208 Madison street, a sister of Hon. H. Clay Sexton, Chiet bt.

Louis rire department, had been a sufferer from inflammatory rheumatism for seven years; the muscles of her bads and limbs were contracted and she used crutches. By a single application of St. Jacobs Oil she was benefitted instantly, and finally completely cured. Yankton, Dakota, is to have a pork-packing establishment, with a capacity of one thousand hogs per day. Composed of genuine French Grape Brandy, Extract of Smart-Weed and Jamiaca Ginger, with Camphor Water, Dr.

Pierce's Compound Extract of Smart-Weed excels as a remedy for colic, cholera morbus, diarrhoea, dysentery or bloody flux, or to break up colds, fevers or inflammatory attacks. SKINNY MEN. "Well'i Health Renewer wstoree health and rigor, enrol Dyspepsia and Impotence, 1. Her true pleasures are in the happiness of her family. Rousseau.

The Lives of Blaine and Logan. The Commonwealth has made arrangements with the publishers of the "Lives of Blaine and Logan" to furnish it at reduced rates to subscribers of the Weekly Commonwealth. It is a book of 678 pages, elegantly bound. Besides the complete lives of Blaine and Logan, it gives a short sketch of the lives of each of the Presidents of the United States; a bird's eve view of the Presidential contest; tables of Presidential elections; qualifications of voters in every a list oi Presidents and Vice Presidents; Cabinet officers under each President; Commanders of the Army and Navy since the organization of the Government; Speakers of each Congress; Congressional Representatives of States from the first; Su- Ereine Court of Justices; pensions paid; alance of trade; reviews; National debt; political divisions of Congress; Constitution of the United States; 42 illustrations and a mass of other political information. It is a book that should be in the hands of every family in the land.

The regular price of this book is $2.00, but we have made arrangements to furnish it and the Weekly Commonwealth one year for the sum of $2.25. All subscribers can avail themselves of this ofier by paying $2.25, when they will receive the book (postage paid) and a receipt for the Weekly Commonwealth for one year from the time their subsoription expires. Send all money by registered letter, money or postal order to The Commonwealth Topeka, Kans. It is easier to make all Europe agree than two women. Louis XIV.

Those persons who do not need Iron, but who are troubled with Nervousness, and Dyspepsia, will find in Carter's Little Nerve Pills a most desirable article. They are mostly used in combination with Carter's Little Liver Pills, and in this way often exert a most magical effect. Take just one pill of each kind immediately after eating and you will be free from Indigestion and Dyspepsia. In vials at 25 cents. Sold by all Druggists.

Women deceived by men want to marry them it is a kind of revenge as good as any other. Beaumanoir. Women Ewallow at one mouthful the lie that flatters and drink drop by drop a truth that is bitter Diderot. Without a Scar Is the way that Veterinary Carbolisalve cures Galls, Cuts and Wounds. Always brings the Hair in its original color.

tOc. and 100 cans at Druggists or by mail. J. W. COLE Black River Falls, Wisconsin.

The Negroes of Northern Georgia are in a great commotion over the presence among them of a female tramp named Mrs. Glauter. She pretends to have visions and to tell fortunes. She is' treated with great respect for several reasons, but principally because she has a habit of firing pistols promiscuously when angered. "Isn't that Mrs.

Holmes? I thought the doctors gave her up. Sue looks well now." "She is well. After the doctors gave up her case she tried Dr. Pierce's 'Favorite Prescription' and began to get better right away. I heard her say not long ago that she hadn't felt so well in twenty years.

She does her own work and says that life seems worth living, at last. said she, 'I feel as if I had been raised from the dead, Thus do thousands attest the marvelous efficacy of this God-given remedy for female weaknesses, prolapsus, ulceration, leucor-rhcea, morning sickness, weakness of stomach, tendency to cancerous disease, prostration, general debility and kindred affections. The sweeter sound of wo mon's praise Macaulay. EUCnU-PAIBA." Qnick, complete cure, ill annoying Kidney and Uriaary Dijeaaee. fl.

When a young man complains that a young lady has no heart, -it is pretty certain that she has his. Prentice. Delicate diseases of either sex, however induced, speedily and permanently cured. Book of particulars 9 cents, in stamps. Consultation free.

Address, World's Dispensary Medical Association, Buffalo, N. Y. A Rowley, woman of forty is the mother of thirteen children, including three pairs of twins. Thousands, yes, millions, of bottles of Carboline have been sold, and the sale still goes on. If there were no merit in this great natural hair renewer do you suppose that the people would still buy it, as they continue to do? A Young Girl'i Dementia How It Was Occasioned Some New aud Startling Truths.

The St. Louis express, on the New York Central load, was crowded one evening recently, when at one of the way stations an elderly gentleman, accompanied by a young lady, entered the cars and finally secured a seat. As the conductor approached the pair, the young lady arose, and in a pleading voice, said: "Please, sir, don't let him carry me to the asylum. I am not crazy; I am a little tired, but not mad. Oh! no indeed.

Won't you please have papa take me back home?" The conductor, accustomed though he was to all phases of humanity, looked with astonishment at the pair as did the other passengers in their vicinity. A lew words from the father, however, sufficed, and the conductor passed on while the young lady turned her face to the window. The writer chanced to be seated just behind the old gentleman and could not forego the desire to speak to him. With a ead face and a trembling voice the father said: "My daughter has been attending a seminary in a distant town and was succeeding remarkably. Her natural qualities, together with a great ambition, placed her in the front ranks of the school, but she studied tco closely, was not careful of her health, and her poor brain has been turned.

I am taking her to a private asylum, where we hope she will soon be better." At the next station the old man and his daughter left the cars, but the incident, so suggestive of Shakspeare's Ophelia, awakened strange thoughts in the mind of the writer. It is an absolute fact that while the population of America increased thirty per cent, during the decade between 1870 and 1880 the insan ity increase was over one hundred and ihtrty-hve per cent, lor the same period. Travelers by rail, by boat, or in carriages in any part of the "land see large and elaborate buildings, and inquire what they are Insane asylums Who builds them? Each State every country hundreds of private individuals, and in all cases their capacity is taxed to the utmost. Why? Because men, in business and the pro- iessions, women, at home or in society, and children at school overtax their mental and nervous forces by work, worry and care. This brings about nervous disorders, indigestion and eventually mania.

It is not always trouble with the head that causes insanity. It far oftener arises from evils in other parts of the body. The nervous system determines the status of the brain. Any one who has periodic headaches; occasional dizziness; a dimness of vision a ringing in the ears; a feverish head frequent nausea or a sinking at the pit ol the stomach, should take warning at once. The stom ach and head are in directsympathy and if one be impaired the other can never be in order.

Acute dyspepsia causes more insane suicides than any other known agency and the man, woman or child whose stomach is deranged is not and cannot be safe from the coming on at any moment of mania in some one of its many terrible forms. The value of moderation and the imperative necessity of care in keeping the stomach right, must therefore be clear to all. lhe least appearance of indigestion or mal-assimilation of food, should be watched as carefully as the first approach 'of an invading army. Many means have been advocated for meeting such attacks, but all have heretofore been more or less defective. There can be but little doubt, however, that for the purpose of regulating the stomach, toning it up to proper action, keeping the nerves in a normal condition and purifying the blood, Warner's Tippecanoe The Best, excels all recent or ancient discov eries.

It is absolutely pure and veee table; it is certain to add vigor to adults, while it cannot by any possibility, injure even a child. The fact that it was used in the days of the famous Harrison fam ily is proof positive of its merit, as it has so thoroughly withstood the test of time. As a tome and reviviber it is simply wonderful. It has relieved the agony of tne siomacn in thousands ot cases, soothed the tired nerves, produced peace ful sleep and averted the coming on of a mania more to be dreaded than death itself. Missionary Tribulations iu China.

Boston Journal. Trotestant missionaries are still sub ject to violent treatment in China. he Chinese Recorder received by the last mail reports that an American elder in the Presbyterian church at Tengenhow-foo was set upon and killed while making a short iournev. He was a vcrv quiet, inoffensive man, and no reason is i i' ii i in. Kiiuwu ior iub uiuruer.

nis name is not piven. The follnwinc is also ed: Kev. A. Dowsley, of the Church of Scotland Mission, has met with persist ent opposition irom the literati in his attempts to secure a chapel and Itoo, a small city lying a few miles below Ichang. He has been Etoned and otherwise abused.

A house was finally rented and ready for occupancy, when upon the 12th of April, raid was made upon it, and the house was pulled down. Iltadache if immediately relieved the use of fiso'f Remedy tor Catarrh. When once the young heart of a maiden is stolen, the maiden herself will steal after it soon. Moore. We think we can cure a bad case of Backache quicker with one of Carter's Smart Weed and Belladonna Backache Plasters than by any other application, and after the Backache is cured you can etill wear the plaster without discomfort for two or three weeks longer.

This combination ol Smart Weed and Belladonna is a great hit, and it is hard to find any pain or ache that will not yield to it. Price 25 cents. Sold by Druggists every where. A Bteam elevator ia to be established at Hanover. A Sunday School convention was held at Clyde recently A liquor dealer in Crawford county has been fined $150.

Jas. T. Reed, of Topeka, was adjudged insane a few days ago. The fines of the Topeka Police Court amounted to $1,150 lor the month of August. The City Council of Florence has licensed' saloons at a rate of $50 per month.

A Girard firm has shipped 1135 cars of of coal monthly on an average for the past six months. Eight persons have been 6ent to the insane asylum from Cherokee county since February 1st. Wa Carter, a prominent citizen of jjyou uuuuty, uieu iivin uijuuts reueiveu from a fall a few days ago. The total tax on real estate in Leaven worth county is muls. On personal property, one mill less.

Private Rov. of the 22d infantry, won the silver medal in the shootiner contest at Fort Leavenworth, making loo points in a possible ibo. Frank Dalton stabbed Kief Dalton at Osage Mission a short time ago. The trouble which lead to the stabbing was a little dimculty over some work. 2 One of the leading business men of Uolumbus, Cherokee county, named Thos.

Lawrence, has absconded taking with him all the ready cash which his hrm possessed. Cherokee Sentinel: A lump of coal was raised from the shaft Tuesday, that weighed with the trutk on which it rest ed 2,110 pounds. It was exhibited on the streets and sold at auction for $5. A man by the name of Chase died in a well near lurwin. lie inhaled some car bonic acid which rendered him unconscious and while in that condition, being una we to help mniselt, he died.

Quite a severe wind storm and cvrlonfi visited Shawnee and adjoining counties a iew aays ago. uonsideraoie damage is reported as a result. It scattered haystacks and fences, and in several in- tancess carried away outbuildings and Kinea several head oi stock. Wichita Eagle: Superintendent Ham mond has just made his semi-annual distribution of school funds, placing the money $5,260.40 in the hands of the (Jounty Treasurer, where it will be dis tributed in proper amounts to the various school districts of the county. It amounts to 79 cents per capita for every person in the county oi proper school age.

Wichita Beacon Mr. Klentz has a silver half dollar coined in 1794, which he got in Independence, Kansas, being given to mm in payment ior a wire tence. JUr, Klentz would like to know what it is worth as an old coin. It has 15 stars, and was coined after the admission of Vermont and Tennessee. The eagle looks like a scare crow, and not like the fat bird now in the half dollars of the dadies.

Winfield Courer: During the electric storm a few days ago, Sampson Johnson's barn in Pleasant Valley township was struck by lightning. The bolt passed down through the hay mow, burning a clean cut hole in the hay and knocking a rafter to splinters. Mrs. Johnson who was sleeping in the house, was knocked out of bed by the shock. It was a very close call for Mr.

Johnson's property. An accident on the Santa Fe near Topeka as reported: The engine and seven cars were totally wrecked. Three cars were loaded with hogs, Texas ponies and eheep, The latest reports are that eleven Eonies, fourteen hogs and about twenty ead of sheep were killed. The engineer was severely scalded about the head and face, neck, hands and feet, and received a contusion of the left side. During the month of July, 1S83, the receipts at the Kirwin land office were a little less than $2,000.

In the same month this year they were over $7,000. In May the receipts were over $10,000, and in June over $8,000. Messrs. Hays and Eissell, register and receiver, report a gradual increase of business, and anticipate the largest immigration to Northwest Kansas next year that has been for many years. Abilene Reflector A son of Isaac Lantz living ten miles northeast of Abilene, a few days ago, went up to the top of the wind-mill tower to oil the machinery, and the wind caused the fan to turn, striking the boy and kocking him to the ground, a distance of 35 feet.

The fall fractured the left femur, the bone protruding from the leg and being driven into the ground three inches. He was also injured internally, from which injuries he finally died. Wichita Eagle The State Superintendent of Public Instruction has notified Superintendent Hammond that the State cannot buy any more school bonds before the first oi next January. This is likely to check the building in several districts in this county which have voted bonds for the building of new school houses, principally those at Cheney, Goddard, Greenwich, Clearwater, and several other districts. The bonds, however, may be negotiated with other parties.

The enumeration of inhabitants in the State on March 1st, of this )'ear, as returned by township assessors through county clerks is 1,135,614, in one year of ten per cent, or 106,885. The largest proportion of this increase has been aJded to the rural population, but little of it going to the towns and cities. Clay county had in 1883, 14,32 inhabitants, in 1884, 15,753, and increase of 1,433. Clay Center is the seventeenth city in the State in point of population, having 3,646 inhabitants. BEST WATERPROOF RIDING COAT.

the entire saddle, and ill keen voo drr In any etorm. everywhere. Illustrated catalogue free. A. J.

Tower, Benton. SSS89S S8SS8t GIVEN AWAY GIVEN AWAY I A Purse of Gold I A Bundle of Greenbacks! A Bag. of Silver! and the best Farm and Family Journal in America. A rare offer, a new offer, an offer thai vou should read. The publishers of the Kl'Ktli 9iE JIHABKA will give theae piizci to subscribers, lie-ad the following The regular aubecrtptlon price nf the UCllALII 11.00 per year.

During the next txty dnya every let ter containing tl.00 for a year's subscription and tba names and addresses of ten reliable farmers. In aw wertotbls advertisement, will be menctng with number one. Every odd number, or every other letter, will receive a due-bill for one dollar, which wlil be foi warded at once to the luck subscriber, the number of whose letter was an oda number. Hv this it will be seen that 5 subscribers la every in, 10 In ere.ry 30. 50 in everr lOn.

Mm In every l.iwu, and so on, will receive a due-bill fur S1.1W. This due bill may be applied on lhe holder's year's fubscriptiun, or may be turned Into cn-h it tha holder will get his neighbor to subscribe for tha lei put the money In his pocket and for-wiinl ibe due-bill, which will be taken as cash by tha publishers. COLD, SILVER GREENBACKS. In addition to this offer every fiftieth subscriber will receive Oti la sillver, everv oi.e hundredth subscriber will receive W1O.O0 in Gold, and every five hundredth subscriber will receive la l-rfeiilitbl. The publishers do not offer tfOO In gold nor 12,000 ta gold they offer oniy what they can afford to give aud what they will send out.

Do not fortiet to fnin the 10 rnms. TIIE 15 tit A I. NEUKASliA If a neat, re liable Farm and Family Journal, stttched and cut, BiaSMine lonn. it uas pnm's, tu minus, ana an attractive cover. The Tribune says: "Tha Kl'Klli NiillKASK Is the I.eadlnir A-r'c-ultural and I.lve Slock Jam .1 the) Weet It na been established over fourteen years, during which time it has been a constant and welcome 'visitor to thousands of homes.

It is a journal you want it is a journal yeu need; it is a journal you cannot afford to be without, even at a cost of ten times the subscription price much leas when you can secure it for the small sum of ll.OO and havew many chances of securing a duo-bill or a prize, IMPLR do not approve of giving anything, unless it be to a deserving object of charity an ice cream festival, for Instance, therefor do not ask us to send vou a sample copy frkb. It you are anxious to see a sample copy before subscribing, enclose ten cents in your letter and then deduct the amount when you remit your subscription. Address II. 8. SMITH Ai 106 and 108 8. CB. Mention this paper and give your full address. 8 8 8 a O'I'U ft A Relieved immediately ant HIYiii cured by using Conkasthiu o.vtiiiEKoR. Price Sii.OO per bottle or 8 bottles foe delivered. Address Dr.

C. Mabkt, man Hamilton, Ohio. WHTTXEY DOWNING BABY CARRIAGES Wholesale) lugt AttertaM Fill Stt'i, Ini for Citsfsp KTTCHELIt MARBURG, kgu KfSJLEYSOLLjSl SKATZ1 I l.tUJf n0WIU3nent employment and yuod Siiary selling Qutx'U tit Kklrt andmtockinih-uppar'ers, etc. Sample outfit Free. Address Qneeei City Mnspendcr Cincinnati, O.

DR. HENDERSON, 06 608 Wyandotte KANSAS CITY, M0. A refjar graduate In m-tdicin. Owr 10 years' practict 12 in Chicago. Authorized by the Stat to treal Chronic, Nervous and Private Dia eease.

Seminal Weakness (night Umet), Sexual Debility, (lihtsnf sexiui pouw) and all impediments to mar rlago. Also, Piles, Tape-worm Rheumatism, Asthma, Epilepsy, Urinary and Skin Diseases. Ilb. "nra niiN anteed or money refunded. Charges low.

Over 20.QOI) eases oured experience Is important. All medicines, furnished ready for use no running to drug stores. Patients treated at a distanoe by letter ana express; medicines sent everywhere, free from gaze or breakage. No injurious medicines nsed. No detention fro.m business.

State your ease and send for terms. Consultation free and confidential, personally or by letter. A BOOK for both sexes illustrated aaq circulars of other things, sent sealed in plain envelope, for two 3c stamps. tSTMy Free Museum to now cen see description in above book. LYDIA E.

PINKHAM'S VEGETABLE COMPOUND IS A rOSITIVE CLUE FOB All those Complaints and IW'iikti esses so common to our best FEMALE rori'LATIOX. rvtrr 1 in It'iiiiiL nitl nr fnm. Tts purpose is nclchi for the legitimate healing of liaease and the relitf of pain, and that it does all claims to do, thousands of ladies can gladly testify. It will cure entirely all Ovarian troubles, Inflammation and Ulceration, Falling ami Displacements, and consequent Spinal Weakness, nud is particularly adapted to the change of lhe. It removes Kaintness, Fletuli ni v.di troys-all craving-for stimulant, and relieves vi the Stomach.

It cures Headaches, Scrvous IVostration, General Sle. pioA-nis, l'i pres-ion and Indi--s-tion. of bearing down, causing pain, bakacln-. is always pernutnently cured by its use. Semi staiiiD to for puinnhlet.

letters of inquiry conatleiitiaily answered. ah uttiruygists. BUS Fill! MACHINE WORKS. R. L.

COFRAN, Proprietor, Cor. Second and Jefferson Hni Bant Fe Railroad Shop. TOPEKA, KAN. aae) Staler is Alt Km4 af MILL MACHINERY. BEND FOR PRICES.

AGENTS WANTED nan sostirraey fitted lillKtiSk fai iht Market, "GATia.l'le ITflTKHSAI, EDl CATOK," 1100 par T0 prion tm rrar 60000 aold, Inclusive Vsrrttory ana mort liberal tenai otfored. Address, Crrr Pva. Gex.lC Wast Kinta it. KanMaCKfcU Akrt.iaie vnuit ltti-oa In tottOday. No n-r till Cares.

ha. J. fcutu-UKNs, Lebanon. UbJot CUBES WHERE ALL ELS I Best Couch Syrup. Tastes gooit usein imic.

isoin oy omir ist. K. V. T. 69.

7. twin applying to any of tba abor advertisers, do not forgat to amy that jom aw um ciTwtlMMnt ta Hum i i SO THE Cortn Bold STINGING, irritation, inflammation, all Kidney and Urinary Complaints, cured by "Bncliu-faika." 1. The mistake of many women is to return sentiment for gallantry. Jouy. A CAR.

To who are suffering from er rors and Indiscretions of youth, nervous weakness, early decay lossof manhood, Ac. 1 will send a recipe that will cure you, FK EE OK This great remcdyiras discover'! by missionary in South America. Send eelf-addr. ssed envelops to Rev. Joskfh T.

Inman, million 1), Afic York, God created the coquette as soon as He had made the fool. Victor Hugo. TAPE WORMS Eemoyed alive in two hours with head complete, or no charge, with a pleasant and harmless remedy. Charges reasonable. Over 120 removed in Kansas alone.

Prof. Field's Anti-Bilious Worm Powders Never fail to remove all worms except Tape Worms, and are excellent lor bil iousness. Trice per package, U. 00. bent to any address on receipt of price.

For full particulars, circulars and guar anteed list of references address PROF. FIELD, 214 Kansas Topeka, Kansas. A woman who has surrendered her lips has surendered even thing. Viard. NERVOUS Weakness.

Dyspepsia, Sexual cured ey "Wells' Health Renewer." $1. Delility, Her stature tall I hate a dumpy womanLord Byron. A woman who pretends to laugh at love is like the child who sings at night when he is afraid. J. J.

Rousseau. Girard is to have a new flour mill to cost $16,000. CUBES ALTj DISEASES OP THE KIDNEYS, LT7EK, BLADDER, AND TJEINABT ORGANS, DROPSY, GRAVEL, DIABETES, BRIGHT'S DISEASE, TAINS IN THE BACK, LOINS pR SIDE, NERVOUS DISEASES. KIDNEY. 5MEDYJ By the use of this REMEDY, the Stomach and Bowels speedily regain their strength, and the blood is purified.

It is pronounced by hundreds of the best doctors to he the ONLY CURE for all kinds of Kidney Diseases. It is purely vegetable, and cures when other medicines faU. Over 100 Physicians in the State of Rhode Island on record testifying in its favor and who prescribe it regularly. It is prepared expressly for these diseases, and has never been known to fail. One trial win convince you.

For sale by aU druggists. PRICE 1.25. Send ior Pamphlet of Testimonials. SXTITT'S EEMBDT ritOTIDESCE, B. I.

A. W. Brown, M.D., of Providence, R. says: "I have need HUNT'S Kidney and Liver REMEDY in my practice for tne past sixteen years, and theerfully recommend it as being a safe and Viable remedy." 8 The reputation of Hirstetters 6tom-ach Bitten as a preventive of epidemics, a stomachic, an invgorant, a general re'torative, and a specific for fever and ague. in-digestion, bilious affections, rheuma-iiervous debility, constitutional weakness, is established upon the sound basis of more than twenty years experieneeand can no more be shaken by the clap trap nostrums of uii-scientific pretend ers than the ever lawhij; hills by the wind that rustles through their ilt fi': s.

l- rsale by all Druggists aud Ueal-. rs gen- kiU Oft i Are itnequnllfil EXALTIXQ SUnVlCE. Used by the cniei work and W. sfSf. Engineers, and Kail-fVTcJ irYf way men.

They are recounizetl as miPMSAvfw all uses in which close Till nnA durability are re-I UV lf 'iuisites. foiii principal I 111 Hi il I 'ps nd tow.ns the CM-I Ilk UhU 3 PANT'S exclusive Asents The Oldest Medicine in the VL'USIS ffiCESELl il. HUE UWilVl ELLBMTED LIE WATE This article il a carefully prer-arsd pfcytlclas's pmerlrtloa, and l.ajb en in constant tu for neatly a Mntnry, mi no. irhjtsnding the- many other preparations that bar boos ta trodticc il into tin market, tli nle of this article li mutant iracreatinr, If the direction! ere followed it will serer hlf. We farticularly invite tba attutiea phyeJcianJ It Hi meriu.

ohn L. Thompson, Sow 4 Troy, T. TIP? IN Borinsf 1 I IT I Ilia Rock Driliin MACHINERY! For Horse or Steam Power Hundreds of the best men in 30 states and Territories use it and will have no other! RELIABLE! DURABLE! SIMPLE! Established over 85 vears.we have ample facilities to fill orders promptly, and I to saueiacuoD oi our customers, free. Addrtws LOOillS M'MAN, Tiffin. Ohio.

i XV. 1 A tfOSrHTED'c CtllBRATE9l jj ins. ttt Iff WffPMf A V. S. Coast Survey i the Admiral JTv rummamHns in the.

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