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Western Advocate from Omio, Kansas • 4

Western Advocate from Omio, Kansas • 4

Western Advocatei
Omio, Kansas
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ESTERN 'i'lie ci.u.'.us 01 Uiiuo aicuu.M.i; arrangements to entertain a large crowd on the 4th of July. Missouri Pacific Railway. Geo. W. Foster's MISSOURI Business College.

Mercantile Training OF Young Men Ladles A. SAUNDERS, DRUGGIST Apothecary, Mankato, Kansas, Keeps all kinds of Drugs, Paints, Oils, Notions, DYE STUFF.TOILET ARTICLES And the best brands of Cigars and Tobaccos. Prescriptions carefully compounded at all hsurs West Side Commrrciai. Street, Vaughan Bros. LAND, Loan Insurance Agents, Published Every Thursday.

Vauchan Editors. SOCIETIES. HOPEWELL LODGE NO. 2. Ev- JL 1 ery Wednesday evening at the sod church, Cer- Gordo.

Iodg members are cordially invited. F. A. Grkenman. W.

C. T. H. M. Johnson, K.N.

OMIO ALLIANCE. Meets every alternate Saturday, at 3 'clock, p. m. Menry Hunt, Sec. .0, Hurst, Sec.

7ICKSBURG ALLIANCE, Meets every two weeks alternately, at the Marsh Valley and Hill Grove School Houses. Local Notes. Mud plentiful. Rain abundance. Weeds rank, and farmers, arc swearing vengence between shower.

Frank Emanuel is again abie to forge and steel. Chattel morgages and deed fnr sale at this office. Another invoice of cnoice milli nery at Mrs. Whitford's. TheADVOCATK will hercafUT be issued on Thursdav, Henry Hunt started for Monday Morning.

W. G. Large started for Leaven worth this morning on business. Mr. J.

E. Halderman of Warren Co. Iowa arrived here to-day, A cow belonging to Henry -Scr- ick of Jewell City, was killed by lightning a few days ago. There will be preaching at the- Quy school house at 4 o't iuek Hinday, June 25th. Thomas Shedden is movim: his drug store into the stone building north of Dow Bros.

Store. A Brace of Cracksmen paid a visit to Beloit, but the vigilem of sheriff Langford caused them to make a hearty departure, leaving their tools. R. F. Vaughan.

one'of the pro prietors of the Advocate has taken charge of the mechanical department of the Mankato Monitor for a short time. Mrs. M. M. Nelson and another lady whose name we have not learned have rented the building formerly oc cupied by the Advocate, for a tia'ss- makers establishment.

Rev. Geo. Brodrick received the sad intelligence of the suicide of a niece ot his living in Texas, last week by poison, she assigned no reason for the fatal act. Farmers have resorted to yard sticks to measure the daily -mvth of corn, and ten foot poles for that of the weeds. Rust is damaging the grain on the bluffs, no signs of it has as yet appeared on the grain in this locality on the contrary, the prospect is favorable for the largest yield since the settlement of the country.

M. V. Monasmith arrived home from Lead ville yesterday. He left A. and John Shivcs at that place.

All efforts to obtain a clue to the perpetrators of the burgarlery in this place have proved unavailing, and parties who were suspected proved conclusively, that they were not con nected with it. It is now geneaaly supposed that some traveling cracks man paid the town a flying vii-making good their escape. Rev. Warren Mayo, of Mankato, lectured on Prohibition at the school house, in this placedast evening. Mr.

Mayo treated the subject in a very-considerate and logical manner, and Ins remarks were well received by all present. Harry McCann has his r.iore completely filled with furniture to suit all customers, and says that mow is the accepted time to get bargias. EMINENT SUCCESS. Editors, Doctors, Druggists, and All Who Try it, Unite inJPraise, 1 The Greatest Remedy of the Age for Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis and Consumption. "I have used your Golden Balsam with eminent success.

I can fully recommend it." R. H. Ditzler, M. Fort Scott, Kans. "Not one of the thousands who have used Marsh's Golden Balsam in this city, has ever made a complaint that it did not do all claimed for it." Kansas City "Your Golden Balsam is a splendid Cough remedy." Reck Ran.

bin, druggists, Allerton Iowa. "Persons desiring a good Lung medicine should piocure Marsh's Golden Balsam." From The Atchi son Champion. "Your Golden Balsam is doing wonders here." W. A. Delissa, merchant, Liberal, Mo.

Marsh's Golden Balsam is for sale by T. H. Shedden, druggists, Omio, Large bottles 50 cents and $1. Trial size 10 cts. The Northwestern Furniture Co.

at Mankato, have the largest and most complete stock of furniture in Jewell county; also Coffins, Express Wagons, Wall Paper, Window-shades, Picture-Frames and Glass. Call at their store where you will find F. A. Baughman happy to show you goods and prices. Man's Ingratitude.

This is an ungrateful world to say the least. A man will act like a lunatic when he has the Itching Piles, and declare that he knows he can't live another day, yet he applies Swayne's Ointment, the intense itching is allayed at once, he gets cured, and goes down to lodge without one whit of gratitude. When asked why he looks so cheerful, he dodges the question by an indiffer ent answer. Its just like a nwn though, isn't it? WdSHIWTOW ITLXS. Health good as far as we know.

Weather warm and corn growing nicely, According to moon-ology we are to have an unusualy wet and cold sum mer. P. D. Rhodes is peddling hardware and notions. We learn that Rev.

Sellers is to preach at Rockdale the first Sabbath of each month, during the summer, Rev. Griffeth is holding night meetings at the above named place at this time. We think it too hard on farmers, and also their teams to work all day, these long days and then hitch up and drive from one to four miles to a place of meeting or whatever it mav be. I learn that Paisley and Bishop of Maknato, have shipped over thirty thousand dollars worth of hogs since Jan. The mercury here yesterday was one hundred degrees in the shade which was the hottest of the season Corn is nearly all planted, itis now to late to plant and expect corn to get sound.

June corn scarcely pays cost more than one year in ten where I have lived, or north of the thirty- ninth degree of latitude. Lincoln Slaughter is building a new house on his claim. John Taylor who left here last spring for Washington Territory is reported insane he was accompanied by his father, William Taylor and Sim. Slaughter. Sim writes that an overcoat is indespensable even in the heat of the day.

F. This modern built and enterprising Railway, ex-lending from the great State of Kansas departing directly from the cities Atchinson. St. Joseph, Leavenworth and Kansas City its solid steel track reaches the Mississippi River at both St. Louis and Hannibal, entering Union Depots, where close on-ncctionsare always made with Railway Lines leading to all parts the United States.



LOUIS, KANSAS CITY OUT SCOTT, KANSAS CITY and DENISON, LOGAN and ATCHISON, SEDALIA and HANNIBAL, SEDALIA and ST. LOUIS, WITH Re dining Car Chairs -FREE. Besides FIVE lines of Pullman Sleeping Cars and handsome Day Coaches, with Toilet Rooms and the latest improvements, warmed by pipes and thoroughly ventilated, carpeted, and witn colored attendants. The Missouri Pacific Railway has a Steel Track, the Miller Platform, and the improved Automatic Air Brake on all curs in its passenger trains. It is in every respect A First-class Railway For Maps, Time Tables, and interesting reading matter concerning the Missouri Pacific Railway and its connections with other Railways, which will be mailed free, address F.

CHANDLER, As. 0. BROWN General Passenger Agt Ass't Gen'l Pass. Agent. A.

A. TALMAGE, General Manager. ST. LOUIS, MO. PATENTS.

We continue to act as Solicitors for Patents, Cav tats, Trade Marks, Copyrights, for the United States, Canada, Cuba, England, France, Germany etc. We have had thirty-five years experience. Patents obtained through us are noticed in the Scientific American. This large and splendidly illustrated weekly paper, $3.20 a year, shows the progress of Science, is very interesting, andhasan enormous circulation. Address, NN Patent Solicitors, Publishers of Scientific American, 37 Park Row, New York.

Hand Book about Patentssent free BLANKS. AVe wish tq announce to the public tbat we are prepared to furnish blanks of all kinds at wholesale or retail, comprising DEEDS, MORTGAGES, E-BOOKS, ORDER-BOOKS, RECEIPT-BOOKS. ABSTRACT BLANKS, CHATTEL-MORTGAGES, JUSTICE COURT BLANKS, Certificates of Satisfaction of Mortgage. In fact everything in the line. Orders sent by mail will receive prompt attention.

Address, Western Advocate, Omio, Kansas. THE WESTERN ADVOCATE PUBLISHED AT OMIO, KANSAS, Has in connection, a complete assortment of JOB TYPE and material, and are prepared to do all kinds of JOB PRINTING In a manner equal to that done by any office in the West. gLUE FRONT RESTAURANT. WM. M.

ROBERTS, Prop. Mankato, Kansas. also dealer in GROCERIES, CANNED GOODS, Fruits and Confectionery. Butter and Eggs, faxin- prod ce bought and soiJ. The most extensive, thorough and complete institutions of the kind in the world.

Thousands accountants and business men, in the principal cities and towns of the United States, we their uccess to ur course training. THE RIGHT KIND OF EDUCATION FOR YOUNG MEN AND LADIES. WE WILL SEND THE NERN Adv0c4j, And any of the Papers named below, as follows: Chicago Weekly News $2.00 Leavenworth Weekly Times. 2.30 Journal of Agriculture 2.00 Scientific American 4-00 Washington' Citizen-Soldier. 2,00 Western Rural 2.70 NEW HARNESSSHOP IN OMIO, KAN.

IV, G. Barge, Prop, Having opened a Harness Shop in Omio," I am prepared to furnish everything in the line of Harness, Whips, Collars, Bridles, Halters, Curry-Combs, Brushes, And everything pertaining to the trade, at the very Lowest Cash Prices. Give us a call. Shop one door south of Omio House. NEW STORE! P.

Thomas Dealer In GROCERIES, Choice Flour, Salt Fish, Meats CORN MEAL, ETC. OMIO, KANSAS. A full supply the liest winter and spring wheat i.PTt -onstantly on hand and sold at the lowsst market price. PATENTS. obtained, and all business in the U.

S. Patent Office or in the Courts, attended to for Moderate Febs. We are opposite the U. S. Patent Office, engaged in Patent liusiNESs Eyclusively, and can obtain patents in less time than those reroute from Washington.

When model or draw ing is sent we advise as to patentability free of charge; and we make no charge unless We Obtain Patent. We refer, here, to the Postmaster, the Simt. of the Money Order and to officials of the U. S. Patent mice, or circular, advice, terms, and reference actual clients in your own "Mr or "m'ntv, stress U.

A. SNOW Opposite Patent Omce, asiiinifWn JJ. C. First Publication May.17, 1882. NOTICE FOR PUELICATI0N-N0.

23o3. U. S. Lanu Office, Concordia, Mav 11. 1882.

Notice hereby given that the following named set tler has liled notice ot his intention to make final proof in support of his claim, and that said woof will be made before the Probate Judge, Jewell Co. at Mankato, Kansas, on Friday, June 16th, 1882. viz: JAMES G.WATT,Homestead Entry No. 12818, for the in nan in r. quarter bee.

0, and West halt NW quarter section 5, town 3 Range 6 West. names uie following witnesses to prove us cmuiiiuuus resiuence upon, and cultivation of, said land, viz: Wm. Fester, of White Rn-W Rpnnb. lie R. B.

Bond, James Pantier, Robert Pantier, of Delta, Jewell Kansas. li. H. McKCKRON, Register. First Publication March 28, 1882.


Mar. 23, 1882. 2710 Notice is hereby given that the following named settler has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in support of his claim, and that said proof will be made oelore the irooate Judge, Jewell County, at Mankato, Kansas, on Tuesday May 2nd, 1882, viz Harrison rs. l.oggins. riomestead tntrv No.

12ns for the SW quarter Sec. i. Town No. south, range 6 west. He names the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon, and cultivation of said land, viz: Sam.

Dunstan, A. Swaim, N. Gill, B. i Dow, all of Omio, Jewell Countv, Kansas. B.

H. McE'CKRON, Register. SUABLE SELF-CORE fcv.H ta nvMrrlntlnn rtf onfl of tbd most noted and iucccesful 1 racialists in thU. S. (now retired) tor the cure of IKervoun Debimm plalnsMled.

snyoloperec Druggists an fill ii, AddrsiJ DB. WARD Louiiiana, Ma. OMIO, KANSAS. LANDS BOUGHT SOLD On Titles perfected and taxes paid for non-residents. We are prepared to Loan Money On the most favorable terms ever of-f erred in Jewell County.

COLLECTIONS A SPECIALTY, And remittance made on day of payment. Among others we have the following pieces of land which will be sold cheap and on liberal terms: EIGHTY ACRES of and bottom land, 35 acres under cultivation, four miles from town. I'rice $450. EIGHTY ACRES upland one and three-fourth miles from Oniio. Terms and price made known on application.

THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY ACRES and bottom land, two good wells of water; a large frame house, good orchard, 6 miles frm Omio and 6 miles from the3 railroad. Good stables and eut-houses. Will sell cheap QUE TREATMENT. A certtis nnn tat Nervous Debility, Seminal Weakness. IrrtDotanca.

tc The BMtTMS vd in mT practice for SS Yarn and an UlvutrtUdbookof 80 pacM grrinx fall rectloM for Mlf-traaunnt, snt free. AidraM DB. T. WI1LIAH8. 481 1.

iCUnAtt, First Publication June 15, 1882. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. LAND OFICE. Concordia Kan. June 12; 1882.

No 2851 Notice is hereby given that the following named settler has filed notice if his intentiou to inaKe final proof in support of his claim, and that said prosf will ke mde befoJe the Probate Judge, Jewell County, at'Mankato Kansas, on Thursday July 20th, 1882, viz rr.aragtvs M. JUugger, Homestead i.ntry Io. 26685 for the SE quarter Sec. 10, Town No. 1 ssuth, range 6 west.

He names the following witnesses to vrove his coatmuous residence upon, and cultivation of. said viz: James Fogle, Wm Swartz, Joe Monasmith. Joseph W. bwaim, all Omio Jewell county Kansas. B.

H. McECKROU, Register. NOTICE State of Kansas Coustyof Jewell) 88 In the matter of the Estate of Elisha Davis T)r. ceased, the undersigned administrator, having filed his petition ia the prsbate court of Tewell Countv Kansas, praying tor an order ot aleot the following cesenueu iveai estate 10-wit. ine hW quarter ot SW auarter.

Section ia. and The SF. nnart nl ZV quarter Section 15. in'own 4 South ofrange 6, west Containing 80 acres, The nrooertv of the said Elisha jjavis, ueceasea. aaia petition will oc heard bv the Probate Judge on the 22nd day of June A.

D. 1882 H. P. Sapp. Administrator, First Publication March 21, 1SS2.

NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION, U. S. LAND OFFICE. Concordia, March 14, i3S2. 26q1, Notice is hereby given that the following named settler has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in support of his claim, and that said proof will De made Detore tne frobate Judge of Jewell county, at Mankato, Kansas, on Tuesday, April 25, 1882, viz: njnn n.u o.Yfw.u.

nomestead Kntry No. 1305! 1.11 me oc. leaner oicuon 32, 3 south, range wst. He names the following witnesses to prove his con. tmuous residence on and cultivation of.

said Sam.Dunstan, II. li. Loggins, N.Gill, B.F.Dow all of Omio, Jewell Countv. Kansas B. H.M-.K.R0N, Regisisr,.

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