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Western Advocate from Omio, Kansas • 5

Western Advocate from Omio, Kansas • 5

Western Advocatei
Omio, Kansas
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U.S. LAND OFFICE, t.V(, Concordia, Jan. 31st, 188:1. otnplaint been filtered at this Office, by Mnriha K. UrtinnemeruKainst Milford Allen, (or failure, to comply with law as to Timbcr-l ultiire Entry No.

t7'j), dated 1 lerember yoth, iHyH, ni-un the Wen half SW quarter Sec tion 30. Township 3 South, Kano West, County, Kansas, with a view lo tin cancellation of said entry; contestant aliening lha' the said Milford Allen has failed to plow, cultivate, plant in timber, seeds, nutsorcuttiiiKs, any portion said land since he made entry upon the wi; the said piirties nre hereby summoned to appear at hi-( Ifhee 011 the 15th day March, 188a, at to t'clock A to rvspond'uiid furnish testimony conceriiinii said aliened failure. 11. H. McECKKOS, KtKistcr.

NOTICE. U.K. LAND OFFICE, iv. Concordia, Kan. Nev.

s8, 1S81. "'y Complaint having been entered at this office by Job" C. Whitmaa against Deloss Ellsworth lor Homestead Kntry No. 11105, dated March neon the SI', quarter nw quarter section Township a Range, 6 West, in Jewell County, Kan sas, with a view to the cancellation of said entry: th raid parties are hereby summoned to appear at th olliceon the 13th day ot itrts, alio cioi A. to respond and furnish testimony concernin said altered abandonment.

H. H. McKCKRON, Register. BLANKS. We wish to announce to the public that we nre prt -pared to furnish blanks of all kinds at wholesale comprising DEEDS, MOKTl.AfJKS, ot k-hooks, ordkr books, receipt- hooks, ahstkact blanks, JUSTICE COURT liLANKS, Certificates of Satisfaction of In fact everything in the line.

Orders sent by mail will receive prompt attention. Address, Western Advocate, Omio, Kansas. ZRA TAYLOR, Dealer in GROCERIES, OMIO, KANSAS Has a complete assortment of Groceries, Notlen- Confec.tionery, Crockery, CJueensware, tetc, whii 1 will be sold at thelowest casti price. WE WILL SEND THE And any of the Papers named below, as follows: Chicago Weekly News $2.00 Leavenworth Weekly 2.30 Journal of Agriculture 2.00 Scientific American 4.0c Washington Citizen-Soldier. a co Western Rural 2.7c U-DU I I loni: iu euriuu aincvirft el the lilood, Mii abfi Bonee, Jiervou ltebl.ll, Ira potency, WrsiuvU-Weukneaik, Uonnfrha-a, cyphilflJe ui Mcnwrlal AlTeerlono apeclully treti ou wieiitiae with Mlti nd Kure reiuediun.

or writ for LIhL of Quu-tion to be anawcred by HiowdMiriuj trosunent by mail. I't-eMiiMMUlferlnfeou RapfrrliUDl4iteal their artdreM. ami Irani wiaultilne lo Uirir advaaUge. II b. unl Iran.

Addrem, If It. lil'TT. 1C N. Mlk St. Loola.

ESTABUSUEW OVKU TUIBTV YKA.HK. FREE! RELIABLE SELF-CUBE A fcM.lta rMarrtnt1nn of ATI A Of ttlH' most noted nd succeasful specialists in the TJ.s. (now retired) for thecure of DebUUp, EplinseaednvlopVe. DruggttufilJ.i Addrett PR. WARD Uoiitni, Mo.

QUE TREATMENT. A certain enre for Nervous Debility, Seminal Weak- n. lmnotflnrn. ntt. The Beeipea used in mr practice for 25 Years itnd an illustratedbookofoOpagei plvlrj for (elf-treatment, sent free.

Address DB. 1. WTLLUXB. 435 I. Wita liitwkee, Wi AND SPEKMATORSHO.

A wOuafcle DiEcovery and lcw I'ojiartnr'? In Hcienee.aae'siirfdy "Nowar.d twsluvpiy etiecthi Kamedv lor Jtie and iMrui nmi Cart- of Semi nal Emiusiona ontl luipofency by ib only trap way, vi ji Dirc' A pplieu 1011 1 prinei pul Rent 01 ill Dise.ict, actlna by and eieriiBg itlspecUlnlnflncncaontoSeiiiiiiii! wlclfrs, Zjac-ulatory inicta, Prostate Clrnd, and Urethra, The neoJ theEemody is attended v. iti; r.n ptlaor incon-vaulsnoe, and does not infsricro witli the ordinary pursmta of Ufa; it is qnioklj; dihsotm! and soon an liiir.icuiuto nx'tlieit uud rttator-tUv upon tbd fc-aiirI and Dervoua organira-th-oiwiocked from anil en stoppieir tan iuLi ivin tee svsteai, thq :r.ind to li'jali li and nonnd ir.ei.iorv, r'noving tbo Dimnees Ijifrht, Kervous DebUity, Coufitioa of Ideas, Aversion to Society, etc, eta, and the appoaranee of pi ((mature old affo nsodl? aorompaii; i0g tmuLlo.and restoring part'et-t Boxual Vigor, where it has been for ypari. 'j hia mode of treat incut to stood the ttt In ry revere raes, and Is now a pronounced auccess. r-rogsaretoo much prc-scrlbtd tn stieso au many can bear witness to, with hut lit de if any permaneutcood. Xbere is no Practical ob-sorrai ioa ernliles us to gunirito that it will give eat ief action.

During tha eighf years it has bef 3 penfcrai uso, wo ave kour andi of test i-nojiulsas to its va Urn, aud it is now conceded by lh IJiKjical i'mfeai-'ton to bo tbo BH.jt. rational deans yet discovered of reaching- and. curing thie very prevalent troublo, that Is well Kaovio. lo be the cause of unt-eil misery to so anu upon wfiom quacks proy with thetr usolE9 nostrums aud big fcea. lh Remedy triroe pbica, Jo.

l.ienougli totast a ruontii.) No. 8. aper- 1 1.. 4 tasting over three uonthi, .11 aniii emieflr ns and pla'tt iii-intn. It'll riRECII023 for 7.

bent Kv-naii. usliiir will Bceompmy EACii BCX. tstfit ttit AnatomimllliHHirattotui 1 ana trft wllcaWHUre most ukruJltui th-zt thru tan be rrstarerf to tM-rfert wuiiihamt.a tut At- i tvA for the He or' tiV-. fcrrwe 4 if I HARRIS REMEDY CO. KF CKCMISIS.1 Karfat ar.d $7.

LOVIC, Mo. 1W live our readers a more interresting and newsy paper, we found it necessary to change our base of supplies, and hence the delay We hope, however, that our readers will find the improvement sufficient' to recompense for the delay of this issue. MOTTf'T' h.iv-f this 2nd davof March. 1882. in Omw.

lewell county Kansas, taken up as a stray, one spotted black anrt white hog, weight about 150 lbs. Owner is requested to prove property ana take it away. AHkV fY (A.ANN. Abie stock of dress soods iust rfppived at Dow's. Go and see them, I Wm.

Mancran has trade-1 his inter- est in the store ot Dow Mangan, to L. Dow for his stock of hard- ware. 'I here will be an extra session of he County Lodge 1. O. G.

1 at Jewell City, on Friday, March 3d, at P. for the purpose of install-1 ng the officers of the present term, and transacting other important busi- ness. All the officers are earnestly requested to be present, as all vacan- cies will have to be filled by election if not present at this session All members of this order are cordialy invited to attend. L. J.

Gould W. C. T. Anyone in search of a good house and lot in a thriving town, will find it to their advantage, to call on Vaughan Bros, Will take a good team, harness and wagon as part pay. So acres of land within two miles ot Omio, for sale $325.

$125 down, 1 .1 A K1nnA Crt Villi rnCr if A dim Liic iaiaut-c iuui vtaia, it nuiu before the 1 st day of teb. 1882. Ail persons kuowiiii: iuciiincivc 111- i it 1 1 Aphtfd fn F. Tavlnrfc nn arc rf- nnrA tn r.nll sftttlfi at once, as we are going out of business. E.

Taylor Son. Two 80 acre tracts of land for sale at a bargain, by Vaughan Bros. Oil cans at cost at A. L. Dow's.

Ten per cent, off, on boots, shoes, and overcoats, at Dow Mangan's "Buckeye" and Tubular lanterns at cost at A. L. Dow's. Several good farms for sale cheap by Vaughan Bros. Call soon.

A new line of pocket and table cutlery at A. L. Dow's, to be sold cheap. I en tnOUSanCl Dollars in LaKh taken in exchange for Hardware, at A. L.

Dow's new sfore. Scoop-shovels at cost at A. L. Dow's. riA V1U JiilJJClS iUI SiWC ill UlliCe, five cents per dozen.

The Northwestern Furniture Co. at Mankato, have the largest and most complete stocic ot turniture in Jewell county; also Coffins, Express Wagons, Wall Paper, Window-shades, Picture-Frames and Class. Call at their store where you will fin 1 I1'. A. Banghman happy to show you goods and prices.

Wanted 5000 bushels of corn, by R. C. Patterson, Omio, who will pay the very highest market price therefore. Parties having corn to sell will do. well to call and sec him before selling.

5,000 Acres of Land For Sale, Including many desirable Stock and Agricultural Farms, at extremely low prices. Purchasers will find it to their advantage to look over the lands I have for sale, before buying. Ab stracts of title furnished free. Parties having land they want to seil can leave the agency with me on very reasonable terms. I).

TllnUK ft TV Office with Judge McRoberts. In order to O.J. Quy an wife Prominent Acton in a new Drama. There is probably no village in the country in which law and order are maintained more strictly than in Omio, but even in this puritanic community, there have been several aclases discovered of late. The fear of punishment and the certainty of the enforce ment of the law, backed by public condemnation, has caused the emi gration of several heretofore promi nent citizens, the last of which is Mr.

O. J. Quy, a furniture dealer who left for fear of prosecution for the crime of forgery. It appears that his domestic relations have not been of the most asrreeable character for some time past, which resulted in hi determination to compel his spouse to return to her fraternal roof, informing her thattheii supposed fortune had dwindled down to three hundred and sixty dollars. This was a great supprise to her, and she determined to have an investigation, which resulted in the discovery tnat a deed given by 0.

Quy and wife to James D. Quy, last April; for a house and about two acres of ground had been altered in a very bungling manner, to include the whole farm It was now Mr. Quy's turn to be sur prised that his crime was so soon re vealed. The affection for his first love suddenly returned, and hastening to Manhattan, he pursuaded her to return, hoping by that means to avert the danger of being compelled to work in the Leavenworth coal mines for the benefit of the state but he soon iearned that he was not. wholly out of the woods, and concluded that discretion was the better part of valor and vanished.

ALLEN ITEMS. A regular blizzard last week. Near Iy everyone says "oh, I've got such a bad cold." No one boasts of a good cold. Charlie William's house looks real nobby. W.

Pelster and A. J. Wiser both have new wells with lots of water. J. Robison sold his personal property at public auction the 20th inst.

Louis Sund sells out on the rst of March. J. F. Fuller has sold out his personal effects. Adkins, W.

Cox, Louis Sund, J. F. Fuller, J. Robinson, and others are talking Colorado pretty strongly. The school house in school district 100, was burned on the 14th inst.

Supposed to be the work of an incendiary. J. O. Westbrook wields the birch rod at West Hope now. The big boys were too many for Mirian Sut- chlf.

Debating societies have all closed for a period of six months. Rev. J. S. Horner preached his farewell sermon last Sunday.

T. S. Linton has moved back on his farm. He has been living in Concordia for the last two years. Evidently somebody's land will have to lay idle this year for want of renters.

Everybody seems suited with the result of the election in Allen which resulted in electing the following tick et: Trustee J. Kilgore, Treasurer P. F. Pierce, Clerk A. K.

Sheik, Justices G. B. Scandlan, and J. F. Fuller, Constables 1).

Mears and C. Christenson. Road Overseers; S. B. Rank Dist, Noi; W.

Hendrix, No J. Shun, No. 4. Mr. Editor, I should like to know where your other correspondents are I should like to see all parts of the country represented in the columns of the Advocate for which we wish in abundant success Acanr.NTAi I Still Another Thousand liottles of Marsh's Golden Balsam.

The Famous Throat and Lung Med icine, to be Sold at 'Jen Cents, in Jewell County. "ur enterprise anu rename cirug gist, Hadskll, will continue to sell ten cent sample bottles of Marsh's Balsam for the throat and Persons who have already tried tins famous Cough remedy can procure me large Domes at 50 cents anu $1.00 .1. A- No one suffering with Consumption, Bronchitis, a Lough or a uui, sore nS Cough Asthma or any Bronchial or Pulmonary affection, should fan to try this truly valuable medicine. For prevention and cure of Conmmp tion 0f the Lungs it is the greatest remedy Nature has ever conferred to medical science or human research Thousands of bottles have been given awav t0 prove its extraordinary merit Two doses will benefit. A Umre bot tle will do wonders.

1 mmm I ThttrA -alorvint coHrlleic or frtl ci I ,6 at hirurcs tnat astonisnes tne natives, by C. M. Canneia, ot ManRato, snop .1 1 (t. LI nlm two uoors CUM. Ul liic 11c uisu caruw a iaic lu U4 ncav u.

tJ WbtVc Mir ry-combs, brushes, which will be sold at panic prices. NOTICE OF ATTACHMENT. B. F. A.

A. Mangan, under the firm name of VowiL Mangao, l'laintitts, vt. A. erafto, JJelena- ant: Before Tames M. Ahhouse, to Rowland Sauncler, justice ot me reacc, in am ior ntk-burn township, Jewell County, State of Kansas: Said defendant is hereby notified that on the isth day of February, iS8a, an order of attachment for the sum of ($29.16) twenty-nine and sixteen one-hun-uredth dollars, was issued by the above named Justice of tac Peace, against goods in the ahoe entitled action, and fiat said cause will be heard ou the 271I1 davof Maic.l.

IbSa. ai 2 C10CI r. M. Attest, IJowiS Maiigan, Plaintiffs. J.

M. Althoise, Justice of the Peace. First Publication Feb. 38, i8i. NOTICE FOR 333.

Land Office at Concordia, Kansas. February 30th. liiija. I Vntire i hereby viven that the followinz-named settler has hied notice oims intention to makenna will be made before the Clerk of the JJistrict Court nroot ill support 01 111s claim, ana inai saiu prooi of Jewell County, at Mankato; Kansas, on Monday, April id. 1833.

vu: IACOH STOFER, Homestead Entry No ima for the SE ouarter Sec. Town 2 South, 6 west. He names te following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon, and cultivation ot said land, viz: Thomas Shuler, Thomas Hunter, William A -I! U. Unrl I I Kansas. MCUMtUA, Kegisut.

First Publication Feb .28, 188s. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION NO. 3633. u. s.

Land okfkk, Coscordm, February 1882. Notice hereby c'iven that tuc following named set tier has filed notice of his intention to make final Droof in suDDort of his claim, and that said proof will be made before the u. s. Land Loncor (tin K.insas in ednesday. Auril uh.

188.2. viz: IOHN A. MAXWELL. Homestead Entry No, 12063, for tlie quarter Sec. 31, Town 3 Range est, tie names tne ionowini; witnesses 10 prvt his continuous residence upon, and cultivation of said land, vu: Ivallian Statiord.ot Prospect, Kepul) lie Charles Howland, C.

1. Howland, S. Pilclier.of Omio. Jewell Kansas. H.

McECKRON. Register. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. Lami Okkhe at C'ONCOKiiiA, Kansas 1 February 14th, iS8s. 4' Notice is hereby given that the following-named settler has tiled notice of bis intention to make tinal proof in support of 11 is claim, and that said proof will be made before the 1'robiite Judije, Jewell at Mankato, Kansas, oil Friday, March 24th, 1882, viz: Klij'ah Myers, Tre-emptiou Filing No.

4822, for the half quarter, and half SW quarter. Sec. 21, Town 1 South, Range 6 West. He names the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon, and cultivation of said land, viz: John Modlin, John K. Doxon, Samuel Whitehoiisc William Stonffer, ail of White Koek, Republic County, Kansas.


Jewell County. In the Probate Court in and for said txmnty. In the matter of the F.state of Klisha Davis Deceased. Notice is Hereby Given that letters of Administration have been granted to the undersigned on the estate of F.lisha Davis, late of said county, deceased, by the Honorable, the Probate Court of the County and State aforesaid, dated the 13th day of February, A. D.

i8Sj. Now, all persons having claims against the said Estate are hereby notified that they must present the same to the undersigned for allowance, within one year from the date of said or they may be precluded from any benefit of such estate; and that if such claims be not exhibited within three vears after the date of said letters, they shall be for- lever barred. 11. P. A PP, Administrator of estate of Fbslia Davis, Deceased.

Dated. Feb. iss3. 6 or of KvtHV 'I'UKSBAV aim; han Editors. SOCIETIES.

HOPEWELL LODGE NO. 2. Ev- 1 1 try Wednesday evening at the sod church, L'er-10 llorito. I.inlni: members arc cordially invited. A.

(Jkkknma.s. W. C. T. H.

M. JohssoK.R.S. AM IO ALUANCK. Meets every nltcrti.ite Saturday, at 3 o'clock, p. til.

Hl nkv Hi -sr. Site, O. W. Hukst, Sec. yiCKSlUJRG ALLIANCE, Meets every two week alternately, at the Marsh uiid Hill Grove School 1 louses.

0 MIO DEBATING CLUB Will meet Thursday nisht of each week lit the liool House, until further hotic. K. W. Tuknkr, Pres. Local Notes.

-Rain is wanted. Mrs. 0. J. Quy is moving into town.

Rev. Tallman preached his farewell sermon last Sunday. II. J. White will move to town in a few days.

Charles Whitford is refitting his residence recently purchased of J. O. Godding. D. A.

Dugger is preparing to build an addition to his residence in this village. Parties wishing to give notice of final proof, can do so by calling at this office. Freeman Miller has moved into the building formerly occupied by Mrs. Whitford. N.

M. Kramer has been plant ing potatoes. He intends to supply the early market. Bare footed boys may be seen on our streets. They are the most forward of early shrubs.

One man died of small pox in Beloit, but no new cases are reported up to the present time. The Good Templars will hold their meetings on Tuesday evenings iu future to accommodate religious societies. Mr. Jos. Stertevant and Mr.

r. Bills, of Endioott, Neb. called at this office this week. They report their town booming. The young folks of this village gave a very successful concert at Center Hill school house Tuesday evening, and were heartily received Harry McCann has bought the stock of furniture of O.

J. Quy, and is moving it into the store-building formerly occupied by E. Taylor "'1 he Domestic Tyrant." "The average man," quoth Mrs. Partington "is a weak and irritable domestic ty- Mrs. P.

iscorrect. Tyrannical to a fault the average man wil enter the blissful Paradise of a happy home, scratch himself in fiendish glee send the baby into convulsions, and for Why, because he has the idling Piles, and is too' mean to buy wayne's Ointment, which is an infal lible cure for the worst cases of that annoying complaint. CONSUMPTION CURED. An old physician, retired from active practice, having had placed in his hands by an East Indian Missionary the formula of a simple vegetable remedy for the Catarrh, Asthenia, and all Throat and Lung affections, also a positive and radical cure for general Debility and all nervous complaints, after having thoroughly tested its wonderful curative powers in thousands of cases, feels it his duty to make it known to his suffering fellows. The recipe with full particulars, directions for preparation and use, and all necessary advice ant' instructions for successful treatment at your own home, will be received by you by return mail, free of charge by addressing with stamp or stamped self addressed envelope to.

)R. M. E. Hell, V.rfi.YiKl ST. A I.TIMOR AID.

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