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The People's Friend from Athol, Kansas • 1

The People's Friend from Athol, Kansas • 1

Athol, Kansas
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i THE PEOPLE'S FRIEND. VOM'MK TIIKKE. Live, and let live. MM It Kit 41. By M.

L. Locitwoon. ATIIOL, KANSAS, THURSDAY, MARCH 29., 1888. 11.25 per annum in advance. 4mm W.

Harris. C. Harris, Harris Bro's, HATES OF ADVERTISING. Display "ails," first inwrtUm, lft centa per Ineli, and 10 oouts kt Inch fur euuli miliHoquunt limortloii. Iooul advortlMmeutn, Uli'Krol umonirtho rcmlltiK matter, any place In tlio paper, II vu ctH jwr Hi 10, caoh Insertion.

Prices are fur titular column. All advertising and Job work must bo paid tbo llrnt of vault month. ATHOL, Kansas, DKAI.KIIS IK rangements-for proceeding with the building of the proposed church house. Everybody is corddially invited to attend and take part in the proceedings of the day. Rring all the chairs you can with you, to aid in seating.

Song service 20 minutes before the hour of preaching. L. M. Bonnkt, l'ustor. We have received a sample set of single harness from the National Harness of Buffalo, N.

and it is worth your notice, if you need anything in that line. Call and see it. As soon as we get located and things properly arranged in our new shop, we will try and give you a dslferent sheet. Everybody Is busy and our time is mostly occupied outside of the ollice- Mr. S.

Hudson is going up and down through the country, in his official capacity, seeking to find the real value of Lane tp. There is some talk of erecting a furniture store and also a millinery Bhop here soon. Work will commence on Mr. Slade's dwelling house next Moiiday.The lumber Is already on the ground. Henry Goings, and T.

S. Clark, each favored us with money to the amount of a year's subscription, just as we were going to. press. Hay is getting to be a scarce article. I.

N. Vanausdall has canvassed the territory at large for a few tons, and at last accounts had not found it. Preaching at depot next Sunday, April 1st, at ten A. m. jHOIOE fi- oTION Local As wo see, or hear It.

Joe Weil, bus left Kirwin, and talks of starting a butcher shop at Smith Centre, or some other place. C. II. Moody, contemplates moving back to his farm in Jewell this spring. Mr.

I. 8. Irvin, our new station agent, arrived from Phillipsburg today. Samuel Hudson favored us with money to the amount of 4 years' subscription. One to G.

W. Itussell Ced-ron Kansas, one to Hamilton Hudson, Ft. Wayne undone to Abraham Eldridge, Gorwfn Iowa. J. L.

Maze commenced lathing to-day in Latta's hardware store. Mr. Maze has the contract for lathing and plas-teri'g two large stores, postoflice building, a dwelling bouse and a large hotel all in this place. L. Engle has another large job.

That of building a house, for which he is to receive 51,180. Mr. Engle is a first-class workman as well as a No. 1 XOTICH FOR PtTHUCATlON. 11WH.

U. B. Land office, Ktrwln, Kansas, Feb. 28th, 1KWI. Notice Is hereby given that the following named settler bus filed notice of Ills intention to make Unal proof In support of his claim, and that said proof will bo inado before Itcirlster or Receiver, at Klrwlu, Kansas, on the 14th day of April, im, viz: JAMES MOW5HEAD; U.K.

No. 19100, for the W.j N.W.4 See. 11, N.K.' Boo. 10 Town 1, Uaiure 15. Ho names the following witnesses to prove Ills continuous residence iixn and cultivation of said land, viz: Win.

Ingle, Charles A. llaird of Tyucr, Kansas, llonino Savery and C. L. At- terborry, of Hardllee, Kansas. H.

A. Vosok. 1st publication March s. Register worn. flour, I WONDHU.

I wonder which child left her book In the way I'or Hover, (food fellow, to capture In play. He's tossed it, and irlud It, and torn out a puKo; It was all done in frolic, though looking like nure, I wonder who left It? My dear little Prue, Wc pay the highest market price for Eggs, and Produce. Call and see us. School Dist. No.

60. To TnK Fmknd: We have been having all kinds of weather here within the past week. Not much has been done towards farming herding cattle seems to be the order of the day. As a general You don't mean to tell me! 'twas surely not you? Stable G. W.

ADAMS, Athol, Kan. thing, feed is very scarce. man, in every respect. Rev. Estep closed bis protracted meeting last Tuesday evening, on the Rain, Hail, Thunder and lightning iccouut of scarlet-fever being reported last Saturday night.

in the neighborhood. Fred lade Co. The cold weather retarded our pro Good Rigs at Reasonable Prices. Quite a nice time is reported to have iken place at Mr. Kirkendall's last gress, but now we boom.

Eud Sauvain, one of the best har Tuesday, at the surprised family re union and prayer-meeting. ness makers in the North-west, is now stationed in the harness shop of A. W. R. Morgan and wife are contem IT Montgomery, in Smith Centre.

Mr. plating taking a trip down to Arkau- Have purchased a Large and Complete Stock of Sauvain has been spending several as this summer after he gets bis corn laid by. months in California, and speaks very highly of that state. School was in session last week. So guess our teacher has got all right Dr.

13. W. Single who has been re ood ported sick for some time is again again, rv 2' I wonder which child of a gay, gleeful four, Must always be called thus, "Come back, shut the door!" I wonder who sometimes, thus summoned forgets That people havo nerves, which a sudden nolso frets? I wonder! What blushing, my dear little May, Was it you did that same naughty thing but to-day? I wonder which child cried at bed- ttmo butt nlgth, And sulked with a face that quito clouded the light, And said ho thought eight o'clock eamo before seven, And wished ho was big, to sit up till eleren? I wonder if such a boy feels very grand? Why Jack, wa3 it you? That I can.t understand. I wonder which child aiadc a fuss at the cold This morning, and shlvurcd till nurse had to scold; Which biites nloo cleat water, and fidgets about And always got washed with a frown and a pout I wonder if Harry will own It Is wrong, And try to do better, and that before long? I wonder It Aunty, who sits In her chair And writes this all down, herself thinks it 1 fair To tell of these children, when Harry and May, Dear Jack, and sweet Prue, have assured her to-duy They will turn a leaf over, mid presently show How careful and thoughtful and good they Mr. McCrackan'8 daughter from about his work.

His Drug store is located on west side of Maiu towards the south end, and its name, Iowa arrived here last week via Athol on the C. K. N. Ry. Her husbhnd is I'alace Drug Store), is very appropri ate, and the Dr.

is truly an honor to expected in a few days, as he is coming through with teams. It is rumored they are moving with the intention of locating in this neighborhood. the city. Rut if you call for a drink be will give you niee fresh water in ill Home Grown. The undersigned, having decided to close out his Nursery stock in the Spring, will sell at the following low prices: Aiti-k Trkkh, phis 100.

First-class 2-year-old, $10. Second-class 2-year old, 8. Small, o. Yearling, 1 to 2 feet, 8 4, Crah trees 3-year-old, each 20 cts. I have about 1,000 3-year-old ap-pla trees, which I will sell at same price as first-class two's till sold.

Fifty at 100 rates. Other stock equally low. Would advise early planting. Nursery mile South-east of Athol. D.

N. Puaiuk. Of Mr. Frazier at Athol is the place stead of alcoholic poison. F.

O. Henry has been making con to buy your coal. You are sure to get good weights, and also good coal. siderable improvements on his farm, and will move thereon in a few days. He also continues to aid in the sup Mr.

Murphy has removed from the port of the Fkiknd. arm of M. E. Wells, and Mr. Blake- A.B.

Zinu, who has held the position man has moved there instead. Mr. Boots Shoes, Hats. its ticket and express agent at this Wells has finished enclosing his farm with a fence, and has also placed a herd of his cattle on the place. place since the station was established has gained the friendship and respect of this entire cominunnity, and we are sorry to note that on account of his will grow? Mrs.

M. Sakusitkii. There is some talk of Mr. Haskell, of 88-5-1 Prop. In Youth's Companion.

Gaylord, erecting a residence on his health he has resinged the position and farm here, formerly owned by J. M. Courton. SILK RIBBONS! Thore of our ladv readers who would will be relieved on April first by I. .8.

Irvin, now night operator at Phillips GLASSWARE AND QUEENSWARE, Which they expect to Open up in their New Store about April 20th, 'S8. It will be to the advantage of the People of Athol and vicinity, to wait and purchase their Spring supply of them. From all appearance, Athol will soon burg, a man of a small family and good like to have an elegant, large package of extra tine, Assorted Ribbonslby be quite a city: C. S. Harris, CONTRACTOR BUILDER ATAOL, KaN.

reputation. Mr. Zinn has accepted a mail), in dillierent widths and all the latest fashonable shades; adapted for job on the frontier as foreman of a IJonnet Strums, iscarts, company of track layers. We hope the open-air exercise will restore his Trimming for Hats and Dresses. Bows, Fancy Work.

can get an astonishing big bargain, owing to the recent failure of a large wliolesare Ribbon Manufacturing by sending only health. Nail, boys, nail, nail, Never uiiiiit the gale, Sunny days, or indy weather. Cheerful labor all together, Soon our town will hail! hail! Briskly nail, boys, nail. Kamblku. WOMER ITEMS.

Who ever saw a Kansas winter Notice the new ads" of Jos. Frazier and Elias Strum and also the change att 'Si cents (stamps), to the address we give below. As a special offer, this house will in Mr. Slade's "ad." 9 If you have a Kale to cry don't fail to give double the amount of any 'other see Elias Strum, before you employ an die so hard? mm America it you win semi tne auctioneer. Call at this ollice.

J. L. MAZE, PlasterfiP Stone Mason, KAN. Will make estimates free of charge, and guarantee satisfaction. The cattle in part of, the names ami I O.

address of ten newly marritd ladies when ordering and men A valuable article from our Martin tion the name of this paper. No county are in a poor condition on tp. correspondent will appear next nieces less than one yard in lengtl account of the owners not having week. Satisfaction is guaranteed or money cheerfully refunded. Three packages If you owe us on subscription or the feed jo winter them as they usu ally do.

otherwise, don't fail to settle at once for 110 cents. Address, I.onuox Hill uon Aoknx'y, City, N. J. as we need it in the construction of John Jones lost three he: til of tiw our new olfice. in this last storm, makiug fifteeu'this C.

L. ENGLE, STATE LINE ITEmS. Our Hoard of Trade. Has sold his stock and moveable property, and as soon as he can get his large store building completed in Athol, he will fill it with HARDWARE, Farming IMPLEMENTS MACHINERY. To be sold at prices that will compete with anyihouseinthe county.

winter. The weather is nice but lots of Athol, March 20, '88. The Andy Eiskins arrived at Womer citizens of this vicinity met at the last Saturday. He Ins been in Iowa Wrack! Bn Me depot building as per call; ollicers this winter. were all present except treasurer, lion.

J. C. Davenport has taken to House called to order by chairman Athol, KantuiH, crying sales. Latta, and the following is a sum Mr. Maduu is still confined to his mery of the business transacted.

room, but wc hope to sec iiimarouud $17.00 was raised towards defray First-class Work, and Satisfaction Guaranteed. ing expenses of advertising our vil mud. Alonzo Lipp starts for Arkansas iu a few days, for the purpose of lookup a stock farm. Ulr. E.

W. Morgan has been down to Kensington the last two or three days, performing some of the duties of a constable. Messrs A. Richardson and Geo. Wade, have gone down to "No Man's land," but will return iu a short time.

Mr. Stine has moved back to Ileamsville. We learned that Mrs. John Hums was quite sick. We were down to Kcamsville to-dav, and found the merchant doing quite a lot of business, and the streets were full of teams.

Mr. John Solomon, our To. As lage- Uy request of the editor, Messrs, I'lans, Specifications, and Estimates and Nicholas were appointed to assist in preparing the language for the advertismews. before many days. We noticed the political issue that the Fkik.nk has adopted, and can say that we can follow its towellings, way prosperty hail its god work, and help the laboring class of our people.

Let every one in this county help to put down the money kings, and then where we now have hard usuries, abundance, joy, and contentment will reign. Aox. A. J. Ilennon was elected to solicit Executed on Short Notice.

Employs none but First-class Workmen. EXHAUSTED VITALITY means to swell ihe amount of adver Using funds. The Mill question occupied con Every word my we can itaad by. Dear Sir Do you want to see the latest WONDER of '87. ANSWER TODAY.

A $35 Single Harness reduced to $25. The finest Harness MADE for the money. Handsome nickel or imitation rubber gold finish mountings. HAND made from oak stock, unsurpassed for style and durability. If you will allow us we will send you a sample for your inspection to show you what progress we have made by making a SPECIALTY and getting out over 800 setts each month.

You cau keep the sample at only $20, $5 less than price here or return at OUR EXPENSE. Can we make a more liberal offer? We shah expect to hear from you nt once saying YES send on your Harness. Folded or single strap style. National Harness Minufactnrvrs, sessor, is out grinding out statu- incuts, lie is giving pretty general siderable time, but was finally drop satisfaction of course he taut ed for the present for lack of neecs please them all. Noktii Poi.k.

fl'HE SCIENCE OV LIFE, th -I great Medical Work of til ate oo Xaafcnod, Nervoui awl Vajilcal DcMIHjr, Premature ltecliiM, Erron 0 Youth, and theuetold mUwUloonMuent sary contributions. Our Association was thristenot For the best Harness and Sadlery, call on A. Montgomery, at Smith Centre. He sells as cheap as lirst-clitss goods can be Ixiught anywhere. 4ltf The ollice of surn'riiiteiideut of schools for the present will be' open: "The P.oard of Trade of Athol," Friday and Saturday of week.

1 tlx-rvoa, pag tTO, 125 prMcrliIu for all dlwase. Cloth, full only fl.00, b) whose duty should be to look aft the ceneral interests of the town. Breaching next Sabbath at 10 o'clock The remaining days ill be devoted to A. at the depot building in Athol. jsititig sci.ools.

Also the vote of Fuirvie Congie-; If in my absence any thing should br g.ttional Chinch to change the plate of nettled, call on ti.e Probate Judge, meeting from Fairview to Athol, and KcswdtfiiliV. fcV. to i 1 'ells St. I. A.

ANDERSON. Collar anil 52 Extra, so Ereait Collar matt, sealed, llluitratlr (ample free to all young and middle agvd nm. 8nd now. The Gold and Jewelled Medal awardrd to the author tijr the Na-tloniU Kedlcal Aiwtallon. Addrett r.

O- box MB, Bortnn. W. U. PAKKKR, (rnvl-Uatrof Harvard years' practice la Boston, who may be consulted eonfldcDtlally. 8peclltT, DIsoaaos of ll.iu.

Office No. 4 Bulliuclj st. Ajouracd to meet Friday, April Clh at 1 r. 5i. K.

V. Latta, M.L.Lockwook, Klnf of Harness Manufacture. Manswr of ta. National Habmess Wholesale Itouhle for two 35.11. V.

M. to elect trustees, and make other a. Chin. Sec. 1.

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