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Overbrook Herald from Overbrook, Kansas • 4

Overbrook Herald from Overbrook, Kansas • 4

Overbrook Heraldi
Overbrook, Kansas
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Go to Hart's for dress goods, Get your millet at the Grange tor. 1-2 Fix that walk to the depot before some one is hurt. Miss Bessie Kirkwood is home from the State University. Best line of shirts and overalls, at 1 Hart's. Without further damage the peach crop will be immense.

-To Mr. and Mrs. V. V. Ma govern, April 1st, a boy.

of A few first class farm loans wanted. See D. S. Fairchild. 52-t is Mrs.

A. E. Topping spent a few days this week in Topeka. by Best 50 cent overall on earth at Hart's. Mrs.

S. Rich is spending the month with friends in Comauche county. George P. Ware is a candidate for street commissioner in Lawrence. Men's all wool suits from $5 up, at Hart's.

Seth Thomas clocks, warranted for five years, for sale by A B. Phinney. E. J. Hilkey transacted business at go Garnett the first of the week.

I. Stewart is limping around with a lame back--the same old stitch. Just received a new lot of Seth Thomas clocks. Phinney 52-2 The folks who have business out at at night, carry a gun--mad dogs. Farmers tell us that there is an unusual number of quail this spring.

Something unique in the way of a thread box can be seen at Miller Bryson's. Every exchange speaks of the great number of sand hill cranes going north this spring. has Bradley Metealr shoes are the best. For sale only by in. 43t Miller Bryson.

The Grange store is selling the dinat est line of glassware ever shown in Overbrock. 1 Miss Ethel Long will go to Topeka to-morrow to attend the spring term of school. The most effective weapon against a mad dos, it you have no gun handy, of is a pitch fork. We sell Chase Sanborn's Roasted coffees--the best in the world. 49 Miller Bryson.

Eugene and Ivah Holden started for their Arkansas home Sunday. They went by wagon. Dr. Hampshire reports a little girl baby stopping in the family of Ed. York since last Thursday.

Don't fail to plant a bushel or two of artichokes this spring. Get them at the Grange elevator. 1-2 The sparrows have picked all the buds off of A. C. Strain's plumb tree: so there will be no bloom.

J. B. Vandegrift is preparing to move his house onto his lots recently purchased in the Fairchild addition. Frank Stewart was on the sick list a day or two this week, and Albert Fairchild bad charge of the creamery. 2 Brother Grandon of the Gazette is a candidate for city clerk of Scranton.

If there is any money in it we wish him success. Tame artichokes planted like potatoes yield 200 bushels per acre. Great hog feed. Seed only 80 cents, at the Grange elevator. 1-2 At this writing none of the cattle bitten by the supposed mad dog at Bryson's last week, have shown any signs of the disease.

We have just received a full crate of the celebrated Brown Paris Decorated Queensware. Don't fail to see them before I Sheriff Hoover took Chas. Heywood and Jack Moore to the state reformatory at Hutchinson last Remark. It is expected that Governor Leeds will call an extra session of the legislature in June. After a sixty-day session this seems an unnecessary tax on the people.

R. S. Hood, 85 years old, and a citi. zen of Ottawa since 1865, was killed in that city last Saturday by being thrown out; of a buggy, his head striking the sidewalk in the fall. Andrew Westling done some nice range work on the foundation of Frank Snyder's house.

The rock were secured a few miles north of town, and are of a uniform thickness of about six inches. From the following real estate transfer, Dr. Keith seems to be prospering in Donglas county: J. R. Poff to R.

Keith, conveys lets 4 5 6 block 8 and lots 1 2 34 56 block 9, Clinton, consideration $66.50. Rev. Brumbaugh, of Atchisen, who was appointed presiding eider of this district, declined the appointment to remain with his church, and Rev Madison, ef Burlingame was appointed in his place. -Current Remark. Charles T.

Brown, who was caller to Ohio last week on account, of the sickness of his father, did not arrive in time to see his father alive. Mr. Brown will not return to Kansas at present. The dog that visited Bryson's last week, hay been traced as far south as Lyndon, and at several places along the roid cattle and hogs were bitten. The dog attacked Ed.

Shamle's stock and bit several cattle. I THE HERALD. SUBCRIPTION 81.00 A YEAR. SIX MONTHS 50 CENTS, CASH. APRIL 1897.

FRIDAY, 2, CITY AND COUNTRY. New dishes at the Grange store. Fishing parties pow use cork bait, Ge to the Grange store for percales, Newest styles in bats at Hart's. Scranton has revived their board trade. Gardening has commenced, but it.

a little cold yet. Sand hill cranes are going north the thousands. The Carbondale K. of P. lodge have organized a cornet band.

Buy "Never Wear Out" hose, at 43t Miller Bryson. The cyclone season is at hand. How's your cellar. Black sailor bats 25 cents; very nice. Mrs.

Stauffer. See Mason Brothers lumber advertisement at another place. If you want a suit don't fail to to Hart's. The winter wheat in the western part of the state looks well. Miss Nellie Kinney came in this morning from Ridgeway.

The latest styles in summer hats the Grange store. Easter comes on April 25th, which indicates a late spring. If you want a shoe that will fit and wear go to Hart's. Clean white corn is worth 14 cents at the Lyndon elevator. Dr.

Loughridge of Kansas City located in Overbrook. Mrs. Stauffer's new millinery is Call and see the latest styles. They are entertaining a little boy Pratt's, near the depot, since Saturday. Charley Duncan, will be city treasurer of Lawrence; he is on both tickets.

There are several nice flocks of prairie chickens in the neighborhood Overbrook. If you want a good watch you should see the ones Phinney are selling. They are fine. 52-2 J. A.

Kesler now drives a handsome turnout-handsome horse, new harness, stylish buggy. A new supply of fancy rockers just received at the furniture store. Call and see them. 1-1 Farmers, try a few artichokes this season. They are a good vegetable change for hogs.

Cane, millet, kaffir, buck wheat, flax and artichokes at the Grange elevator. Out of clover. Henry Arnold says he feels lost when he goes up in his end of town--so many new buildings. There is nothing like tame artichokes for hogs; makes them cholera proof. Seed at the Grange elevator C.

G. Mason is putting folding doors Tyner's store, to divide the ware room from the sales room. J. M. Hedrick, representative of the Osage City Free Press, spent several days in Overbrook last week.

Albert Fairchild and Will Lose are sinking a well for Dr. Hampshire on his lets in North Overbrook. The M. E. church has sent fourteen delegates to the County Sunday school convention which meets in Lyndan next week.

Our BUSINESS METHODS Our business methods are such that you can send your little tot of a boy to our store and be fitted out just as well, just as honestly treated as though you were along and spent the entire day doing it, because we mark all goods in plain figuress, and don't you think, with 24 years experience, that we know how to buy the right kind of merchandise? And from the day we first opened our store in Ottawa, ten years ago, we have guaranteed our prices, that is this, if we sell you an article in our store and you find you can buy the same grade in another store for less, we will retund your money. This has been a standing offer in our store from the first, and 80 far we have NEVER had a reclaim! Isn't our place a mighty safe place to do business in? This season caps the climax on prices. We offer Mens' Suits, all wool, for $5, Dress Suits at $6, 6.50, 7, 7.50, 8, 8.50, 8.75, 9, 9.50, 10, and on up to $18. G. A.

R. Blue Suits at $7.50, 8.59 and $10, and if they fade in five years we will give you another one for nothing, and if yon will find a man who ever got one in our house that faded we will give you a $10 gold piece. Children's Suits at 50c, 75c, $1, 1.25, 1.40, 1.50, 1.75, 2, 2.40, 2.50, 2,75, 3, and on up to $. A base ball, belt, bat and cap FREE with every suit. Boys' Suite, aged 13 to 19 $2.75, 3, 3.50, 3.75, 4, 4.50, 4.75, 5, and up to $10.

Hats and Caps for men and boys 56 te $3. Shirts for men and boys 25c, 35c, 50c and 75c. Overalls, 25c, 30c, 50c and 75c. Suits made to order from $12 and up. H.

L. T. SKINNER, 51 Corner Second and Main Ottawa. See a sample copy of the Weekly Inter-Ocean at this office; 35 cents with this paper. 38 The HERALD and.

Cosmopolitan magazine one year for $1.75. THE HERALD and the Kaneas City Semi- -Weekly Journal one year for $1.35, cash. THE HERALD and the Chicago Weekly Inter Ocean one year for $1.35, sash. See sample copy at this office. Sailors.

I have a supply of black sailors of good quality and cheap. Mrs. Stauffer. Dr. Rhodes, or assistant, will be at Topping's drug store, April 9th, prepared to fit spectacles.

Eyes examined free. Have you seen those lovely white enamel curtain poles with silver or gold finish trimmings to match? They are beauties. A. C. Strain.

1-1 Mrs. Ella Trueblood, wife of Hon. Wm. Trueblood, died at her home near Barclay, at 7 o'clock p. mI.

March 20th, of pneumonia. -Public Opinion. Charles Redmon and tamily drove to Richland last Sunday, and visited with friends. Charley has a handsome span of Kentucky mares for a carriage team. Make Your Feet Glad" shoes are perfect fitting, well made, up to date in style, and are a joy forever to the wearer.

Get them at the Grange store. 1 James Mitchell and Margaret Cherry. were united in marriage at the home of the bride in Belltown at 3 p. m. Tuesday, Elder Jarvis officiating.

-Scranton Gazette. On Wednesday at three o'clock at the residence of the bride's parenta, six miles southeast of Burlingame, 00- cured the marriage of David L. Moon and Miss Phebe If you are in need of a black suit, don't fail to see those on sale at the Grange store. We can fit any size man or boy. They are very low in price and in quality they are excelsior.

1 Charles E. Henton and Mary Sloop, both of thiscity and well known here, were united in marriage last evening by Rev. W. B. Williamson at his home in this Remark.

Superintendent Greenwood of the Kansas City schools has instructed the teachers to be on the loekout for storms, and if threatening clouds appear to dismiss the schools at once This is timely precaution, and would be well to be observed by schools outside of cities. The Carbondalian says: "We would like to suggest, to the new Mayor and Conneil, that they take up and seriously consider the question of a city It might also "suggest" that the mayor and council alsogive the free drinking places and joints their "serious" consideration. The following letters remain unculled for at the Overbrook pestoffice for the month ending March 31, 1897. Mra. Ethel Banks.

Irvin Chamberlain. Charles Black. George Pressy. T. H.

Miller, P. M. Will Miller, a boy about sixteen years ago, was arrested Saturday on a charge ot assaulting a middle aged woman who is somewhat demented. He was brought before Justice Cham. bers where he plead guilty and was sentenced to the reform schooi.

The boy's parents reside several miles north of the Enterprise. lt, will be an agreeable surprise to persons subject to attacks of bilious colic to learn that prompt relief may be bad by taking Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. In many instances the attack may be prevented by taking this remedy as soon as the first symptoms of the dis ease appear. 25 and 50 cent bottles for sale by Topping. 1 Judge Thompson went to Alma, Thursday, to poss sentence on the Topeka grave robbers.

Martin E. Lowe, the scavenger, was fined $500 and costs and sentenced to six months in jail; Samuel A. Johnson was fined $500 and costs. J. H.

McMahon, the jointist, was sentenced to thirty days in jail and fined $300 for contempt of court. -Chronicie. "Rambler" who furnishes the Free Press some news items must have partaken to freely of duck or fish while in this neighborhood. He speaks of Mrs. Jakesler, and that Bert Topping was married at Arvonia, and that he made a short visit with R.

Kaves of Michigan Valley postoffice. Too much ducking bunting and fishing, it is said, frequently befuddles a person's brain. Up at Holton one evening last week they a church entertainment, and the lady mandolin club was present. During the evening the members of the club were sold at auction. The highest price paid for any young lady was 95 cents, and the lowest.

15 comi4 The financial condition of the song men aroand Holton must be mighty pa can boast of numerous hand na young ladies, Thirty five Sioux Indians, nearly all of whrm have been confined on the reservation at Standing Rock, for participating in the Custer massacre, have made application at the local goverument land office for homesteads. These applications are the first to be made by the Stinding Rock Sioux, whose bloody massacres created such terror twenty years ago. Ripans Tabules cure indigestion. Millinery and Dressmaking. Mrs.

Stauffer. Overbrook, Kansas. Take Notice. This it. the commencement of a new volume of THE HERALD, and a good many subscriptions expired with last week's issue, and also a good many are a year or more in arrears, 'The success of a newspaper to a small town is the prompt collection of subscriptions.

Look out for statemenr and respond promptly New Bank. The Farmers State Bank is the title of the new bank which has just been organised in Overbrook. The following persons are the stockholders, directors and officers of the bank: Hardesty, President. J. J.

Hilkey, Cashier, Jacob Badsky, W. T. Coffman. L. Bryson.

William Baldwin, J. W. Hollis. The capital is $10,000 and will be fully paid np before opening for business. The directors and officers of this bank need no introdnetion to the public as they are all old residents and representative men and own over 5,000 acres of real es tate in the vicinity of Overbrook.

Mr. Hilkey has been closely identified with the banking interests of Overbrook from its infancy as cash ier, until July, 1895. when be sold out his interest and removed from the town, having been nearly seven years in the bank here. Many were the regrets expressed when he decid ed to remove from the town and wishes that he might return and reengage in the business here. The bank has recured the lot on main street just north of Tyner Bros.

store building, and will put in a handsome stone building and vault, and push the work along rapidly to completion. They have purchased a complote outfit of fixtures consisting of latest improved time lock safe, counters, desks, vault door, which was used in a National bank in Anderson county short time, and is now liquidating. This is said to be an elegant outfit and purchased at a ridiculously low price, and are almost new. We bespeak for the new bank a hearty reception and patronage by the public, Millinery. My first invoice of millinery has arrived.

Come in and get first choice. Mrs. Stauffer. Shingles. We have a lot of Extra Star A Star Washington shingles for sale at Stewart's blacksmith shop, $2.35 a thousand.

See them. Mason Brothers. Carpets. Cheap. If you are thinking of buying a carpet, it will pay you to see samples and prices at Miller Bryson's.

46 Thoroughbred Pig. A thoroughbred male Poland- China pig, weight about 125 pounds, to trade for bred sow. Pig is registered stock Call at this office. Hard Times Prices. Light Brahma eggs for hatching from general pens, 60 cents per 13.

50 A. T. Coffey. A Bargain. A Bargain.

For the next week to will offer a few good breeding at 75 cents each or three 50-1 A. Lumber. Lumber. make room, I cockerels for $2. T.

Coffey. We have some fine No. 2 white pine tencing for sale at Stewart's smith shop. This is not No. 4 as is usually sold for No.

2. Call and see it. 1 Mason Brothers. Desirable Town Lots. 1 am about to plot the fifteen acres adjoining Overbrook on the north, and will at once offer these desirable building lots for sale.

Will sell a single lot, or will sell by the block. Call and see me and get prices and terms. D. S. Fairchild.

SHOEMAKING! I have located in the room adjoining H. Webber's restaurant, and will be prepared to do all kinds of shoemakboth repairing and new work. All work guaranteed. 16-96 A. ERICKSON.

A Word to Farmers. Having supplied my shop with all necessary machinery, I am prepared to do all kinds of blacksmithing and iron work. Steam engines, threshing machines, mowers, sewing machines, gisolene stoves, guns, pistols, come under my fine. I have Repairs for all Kinds of Listers. I can put my engine in motion at a moments notice and can do Plow Polishing at anytime without delay.

Call and see me. I. Stewart. Ripana Tabulos cure torpid liver. Ripans Tabules cure constipation.

Ripans Tabules: gentle cathartic. Ripans Tabules cure liver tronvies Ripans Tabules: pleasant laxative. Ripans Tabules: for sour stomach, We Are Abreast of the Season. BARGAINS WE ARE OFFERING. Best L.

L. mushio, by bolt, per yard, 44c Fine lace curtain net, per yard, 124c Superior lace curtain net, per y'd, 30c A full line half wool brocades, A full line all wool serge, 25c 34-inch up to date novelties, 15c 34-Inch silk mixtures, 40-inch silk mixtures, 50c Half wool heavy brocades, 20c 60-inch black serge, very fine, 56c 50-ineh navy blue serge, very fine, 50c No. 12 silk satia ribbons, 10c 52-Inch black silk gloria, 75 cents per yard; this is a bargain. Curtain scrim 5 cents a yard and up. Plain scrim for fancy work.

Indian livens be a yard, and up. Lace curtains, 50c a pair; see them. Beautiful lace gause in latest styles, with fancy color interlining. The latest thing in wash goods. Ladies silk lace end ties, 15c each.

The most complete line of men's ties in town. Bright plaids for children's wear, 54c. A full line of newest things in belts. Ladies' Puritan special vests with sleeve, just the thing for spring wear, 55c each, see them. "Never wear eut" hose 10c a pair.

See our 25c double knee hose for boys. We Guarantee to Give You Better Goods For Your Money Than you can buy elsewbre, and to prove this assertion we only ask an inspection of our goods and prices. MILLER AND BRYSON. Mo. P.

TIME CARD. SOUTHWARD. Mixed train. .9:40 a. NORTHWARD.

Mixed .3:20 p. m. A. T. COFFEY.

Agt. Old papers at this office 25 cents per hundred. Bibles and New Church Books For Sale at Phinney's Tin Shop. These New Church books offer a resonable and sufficient answer to modern criticism of the Bible, a reasonable idea of God, of Heaven and of hell, and I should be pleased to sell or loan them. 40-97-tf Sweden berg's Heaven and Hell, 15c Divine Providence, 15c Divine Wisdom, 20c God, Providence, Creation, 15c And other works.

GEORGE PHINNEY. RIDGEWAY LODGE No. 62, A. F. and meets In Miller': Hall on the Arstand third Saturday evonings of each month.

Master Masons invited. J.D. HARVEY, W. M. 1 C.

H. EASTON, Sesretary, Congregational Church. Regular Services: Sunday--Preaching 11 8. and 8 p.m. Rev.

W. M. ELLEDGN, Pastor. Sunday school 10 p. m.

Y. P. S. C. E.

Junior Prayermeeting 3 p. m. Irvin Platt, President. MR8. A.

C. Strain, Director. Y. P. S.

C. E. Sonior Prayernieeting, 7 p. m. J.

A. Kesler, President. 8 p. In. Y.

8. C. E. regular social f.nd business meeting first Thurday evening of each month. in W.

H. WEBSTER, D. D. The Baldwin Dentist's dates in Overbrook are Friday and Saturday, April 9 and 10. A New Tinner in Town.

Redmon Brothers bave employed Henry Scott of Yates Center, a tinner of 25 years experience, to manage the tin shop they are now putting in. They will do roofing, spouting, repairing, and a general tin business. When in need of tin work give them a call. 50 Everything that Up to Date, and Has received our most striven so much to goods, as to present Goods of the Very Latest And at Lowest Popular is New, Seasonable, careful attention. We have net gorge the community with cheap Style, Prices.

DRESS GOODS. We are Showing a Large Line of Dress Goods Consisting of Henriettas, Serges in Black and Colors, Mohair Novelties, Wool Novelties, At from 12, to 50c per Yard. CLOTHING We are Headquarters Men's and Boys' Clothing Our stock in this And up to date in every and HATS: for and Hats. department is larger than ever before, particulr. We Can Please You in Fit, Quality and Price.

SHOES. We handle a Full Line of the Celebrated Giesecke Priesmeyer Shoes, None Better for Fit or Wear. If you want a nice, stylish shoe that will stand the wear, try a pair of the Giesecke Priesmeyer Shoes. It would take too much space to complete in all departments: Come WE ARE STILL HEADQUARTERS tell of all our goods. Our stock is and see us.

FOR LOW PRICES HARTS CASH STORE! Anti-Combine Lumber. We have Extra Star A Star Washington Cedar Shingles At $2.35 Per Thousand, For Sale at Stewart's Blacksmith Shop. We also have some 10-foot grooved roofing boards for sale, and can furnish anything in the line of Lumber, Pickets, Lime, Sand, Cement, or Building Material. We are here to stay. If you are opposed to combines give us a trial and see if we don't use you right.

MASON BRO'S. Lou Jarboe had a good set of heavy double harness stolen from his stable north of town last Saturday night. Yesterday Lou purchased a new set of double harness. and this morning received word that the set he had stolen Sunday was found in Topeka in the possession of one Warren Lewis, a colored man formerly of this place.Burlingame Enterprise. J.

H. Smith lost four head of horses last -a yearling, one two-yearold, one of his best work horses, and the old grey family driving mare. It bas been reported that they were bitten by a mad dog. Such is not the case Ant least Mr. Smith has no such idea.

The animals had been running in the timber and cornfield, where they could get all the corn and fodder they could eat, and be thinks it was from eating too much smutty or wormy corn, or some such Remark. At Quenemo two tickets are in the flela, the citizens ticket and tho people's ticket. The first favors licensing joints and billiard halls, the latter is opposed to both. The claim is that the monthly fines from the joints could be used to repair the streets. George W.

Logan heads the "joint" ticket and J. A. Parkinson the temperance ticket. Our opinion is, it would be a bad move to license billlard halls and saloons; the damage would be much greater than the benefits. Cyclone.

On Tuesday evening the city of Chandler, Oklahoma, a place of about 1,500 Inhabitants, located fifty miles east of Guthrie, was swept by a cyclone, every house but the PresbyterIan church, Mitchell hotel, and two other buildingf, was totally destroyed. Twenty-three persons were killed outright and possibly 25 more will with upward of 200 wounded, The loss is estimated at haif a million. The sterm seems to have originated a few miles from town and was dissolved on the prairie a short distance from the town. Mrs. Rebecca Whitney died at her home in Burhngame on Tuesday The Chronicle says: "Mra.

Rebec ea Whitney died at her bome on Seward avenue, near the depot, last evening at half after nine o'clock. The illness which proved to be fatal was of shert duration. A few days ago she was taken with inflamation of the bowels but was not thought to be seriously sick. She leaves four children, three girls, Lydia, Hattie, and Lulu, and one son, Albert. Mrs Whitney's maiden name was Rebecca Daniela.

Ripans Tabules; one gives rellet. Ripans Tabules cure biliousness, The Kansas City Weekly Journal and Agriculturist is an 8-page, 7-column, paper, published Thursdays. It contains all the news of the world and is but 50 cents a year. Send in your name to the Journal, Kansas City, Mo. 1 Ripana Tabules.

Ripana Tabules cure nausea, Ripans Tabules: at druggists. Ripans Tabules cure dizziness. Ripans Tabules cure dyspepsia. Ripans cure flatulence. Ripans Tabules cure headache.

Ripans Tabules assist digestion. Ripans Tabules cure bad breath, A Miserable Condition. Doctors Could Not Relieve. CURED by One Bottle. MAS.L.E.

STRAIGHT. "FREDONIA, N.Y.. July 9, 1894. Dr. M.

M. FENNER, Dear 1887 I had been afflicted with a complication of ailments. inclu ling pain in left side, kidney and bladder trouble and leucorrhoea. I lost flesh and became SO miserable that I could not be around. In this distressed condition I sought the aid of an eminent physician, but he did not seem to be able to find a remedy that would reach my case, and I received no benefit.

Finally I was advised to try your Kidney first and Backache Oure. I felt better the day after beginning its use. Within three days I was much better and by the time one bottle was taken I was wholly relieved. A slight return a few months later was cured by one-half bottle of No return since. A.

E. Topping will refund your money if not satisfied after using one hotele of Dr. Fenner's medicine. 38 W. Q.

HYATT, OENERAL AUCTIONEER Crying sales 8 specialty. Prices Reasonable. Satisfaction guaranteed. Office with D. S.

Fairchild. S. J. Hampshire. M.

Physician and Surgeon, Overbrook, Kansas. Day odice at Drug Store, Night office at Residence. A. J. M.

OFFICE AT RESIDENCE, Overbrook, Kansas. All calls, day er night, answered..

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