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The Lovewell Index from Lovewell, Kansas • 3

The Lovewell Index from Lovewell, Kansas • 3

Lovewell, Kansas
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WEBBER. Stetson Hats We Advertise in newspapers but our best advertising is giving value giving you more for a dollar than other stores offer. You're cord Walk-Overs Shoes and Oxfords here in the very latest summer styles. PRICES $3.50 to $5.00 and Mrs. John Revelle and also to attend commencement exercises.

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Revelle, of Bostwick visited with relatives in Webber Thursday and attended commencement exercises. Tom Dye and wife and daughter Minnie were Superior visitors, Wednesday. Miss Winifred VanGilder will teach at the Guard school the coining term.

Mrs. C. E. Gossard and daughter, Marie, of Republic were calling on friends in Webber, Thursday. Mrs.

John Fringer and daughter, Dollie, of North Branch spent Sunday at the T. E. Sing The frost the other night turned several patches of potatoes black. Anna Humiston came in from Talmage, Kansas last week to spend the summer with home folks. Mrs.

Belle Stockton, of Leavenworth, Kansas left for her home Saturday morning. She has been here helping care for her father, Mr. Kirkpatrick. Several from Webber and vicinity attended the fire sale at the Olimohr store in Superior, Friday and Saturday. Mrs.

Taylor Lewis, who has been quite sick for some time with lung trouble, is reported bet ter at this writing. The graduating class of the Web ber high school went to Superior, Friday to have their class picture taken. Frank Humiston was in Superior, Friday having dental work done. Mr. and Mrs.

George Graham went to Mankato, Saturday to spend Sunday with Mrs, Graham 's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Wilson.

Mrs. Scott, of spent Thursday with Mesdames Meis-inger and Browning and attended commencement exercises. Mrs L. N. Heltman was a er home.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hutt and family spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ashley Ilutt.

ially invited to come, inspect and price goods here whether you buy or not. Men's Suits $10 to $25 Young Men's Suits $8 up Boy's Knickerbocker Suits $2.50 to $7.50 Mr. Mont Harding was in Belle-jville, Kansas, Saturday to a mail carrier convention. 1 Martha Niteher, of Lovewell spent the latter part of the week I with her aunt, Mrs.F M. Hall, iof Webber.

1 I Walter Davidson and' Roy Sav- 1 age were Superior visitors, Thurs-: 'day night. I Raymond Stratman spent Sat- i and Sunday at Bobbie Reid's. Boy's Shoes and Oxfords $1.50 to $2.75 SHOE SNAPS for Men and Boys. Ask to see broken lots at way down special prices. Maybel Cortner returned to her home' at Republic City, Saturday, YOU'RE in line for a new Stetson! Here is a bright Spring assortment such as you won't find in every store, and hats as only Stetson can make them.

Stetson Hats $3.50 up. Extra value felt hats $1 to $3. Panama hats $3.50 to $7. Straw hats 10c to $3. Summer caps for all ages 25c to $1.25.

Santa Fe passenger to Superior, Friday noon for a short visit with her daughter, Mrs. Clarence Bennett. Mrs. Gertrude Batehelder and son Gerald were shopping in Superior, Tuesday. Mrs.

Roy Savage and daughter, Lucile went to Grand Island, Wednesday for a visit with Mrs. Savage's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Williams. Clifton Lundy is home again after several months stay at Wallace, Neb.

Charles Larmer is remodeling Copyright Han SduSacr ft Mul FREE with each Boy's suit a valuable pocket knife, also the usual belt, tie or J. S. Fleisher Co. Men's and Boy's Clothiers for Jewell County. Mankato Kansas Shirley Melvmney spent the I latter part of the week with her i aunt, Mrs.

Alen Oyler. i Mr. and Mrs. W. I.

Good, Anna Humiston and Minnie Fair spent Sunday at the W. I. Good home. i Mr. and Mrs.

Frank Wall spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Renshaw. Harold Humiston spent Sun- day at the home of his grand parents, Mr. and Mrs.

George Tlurgins. I Mr. and Mrs. James Thomas snent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.

Ray Humiston and family, i Mr. and Mrs. Sim Ballard were calling on friends in Saturday and Sunday. Grace Marple spent Sunday with Gladys Kirkpatrick. 0.

B. Renshaw and Lola Olson were visiting at the Kenshaw John Vestal and Charley Hen NEWS AND ITEMS FROM THE COUNTY SEAT. dricks were county seat visitors, James Cline, of Otego was here, Saturday transacting business. Try one of those big Cat Fish dinners at Hank's, Saturday. ian church in Webber, Thursday afternoon and Friday evening.

The orations by the ten members of the class were well given and showed careful thought on the part of the pupils and careful training on the part of Mr. Smith The class song was a complete success. Friday evening Dr. Blainey Gussie Bales, of Formoso was shopping here, Saturday. It is reported that Guilder Hanson is on the sick list at his farm on route six.

Monday from Webber. Ollie McBroom, of Montana was down to the hub Monday to meet the Board of Equalization. Just received seventy five new-Lingerie dresses, no two alike, from $4.50 to $15.00 at Mrs. Frank Georgia was in Esbon, Friday looking after his political fence. home, Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Vale and Mr. and Mrs. George Higgins were Superior visitors Saturday, Walter Davidson took Mr.

Morgan to Northbraneh, Thursday at'-, Florence Mutnert came home from her work Thursday and went Peter Ramsey, Sr. was up from Formoso, Tuesday and spared One good thing about dried her ring, you do not forget for a week that you ate them. Mr. and Mrs. B.

F. Duncan were visiting relatives in Esbon. Friday. mSE'JMATifO SUFFERERS SHOULD USE asrain Saturday evening. Walter Davidson, Earn Gra time to call upon the Monitor.

Not many secrets are really kept, if you tell them "to anybody. There is always somebody to tell. Lester Painter and Gerald Hayes, of Norton visited the last of 'the week at the J. W.Falton home. Tho Best Ranmd? Fop oil forms cf his home northwest of Webber.

Frank Hall is doing the work. Azel Meisinger was able to attend commencement exercises, Thursday and Friday. He was very unfortunate in getting his foot hurt the first of the week. Mrs. Will Kirkpatrick spent Tuesday night at the Charley Sweet home in Mankato.

The spring house cleaning is almost a thing of the past. Wonder what the ladies will find next to occupy their time. Mr. Jennings' brother and niece, of Hastings, Neb. autoed to Webber, Thursday to attend commencement exercises.

Ella Kirkpatrick is staying in Superior with Violet Reid while Mr. and Mrs. John Reid are visiting in Smith Center. Mesdames, Dick, Kirkpatrick, Wilson, Wishart and Joe Dick attended a meeting of the W. C.

T. U. in Mankato, Tuesday. They were the guests of Mrs. A.

S. Wilson, returning home Wednesday- Buford Thompson is visiting relatives in Colorado at present, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Meador, formerly, of Effingham, Kansas came in last week and went to house keeping on the Will Kerbaugh farm. Jean Kerbaugh was delivering sweet potato plants in Webber, Friday.

Mr. Kerbaugh had bad luck with his plants, when sprouting them. He burnt up about seven bushel. Mr. and Mrs.

Carl Rice and grand children, Fern and Fay Harding, were shopping in Superior, Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Knapp and daughters, came up from Republic, Thursday for a short visit with Mrs. Knapp 's parents, Mr.

Lots of folks "come back" to look after the old folks who really need the old folks to look after them. It is wonderful how long it takes a man to recover from an accident if he carries accident No matter how hard you try to save, there is always somebody trying to take everything away from you. AND KIDNEY TROUBLES. STOP THE PAIN 5 I AcivMQulckRalUfAJ1 ham, Cecil Paynter and Frank Davidson were Superior visitors. Sunday afternoon.

Rev. Morgan preached two excellent services at the M. E. church Sabbath morning and ever ing. His morning lesson was taken" from the fifth chapter of Paul's first letter to the Thess.

Two weeks from last Sabbath morning. Re.v. Morgan will exchange pulpits with the minister from Republic City. In the evening of the same day Rev. Morgan will preach from the text, 'Young men and Religion." Everyone is cordially invited to come and worship with us.

Mr. Adams and family and Mr. Sasse and family were welcomed among the congregation Sabbath morning. The M. E.

Ladies Aid Society will meet with Mrs. I. E. Good, Thursday afternoon. Cliff Lundy is papering the Webber hotel this week.

The annual commencement exercises for the Webber high school Seniors was held at the Presbyter Florence Spencer returned from Cedar, Monday, where she has been visiting with relatives for the past week. Mrs. O. D. Sellers and daughters arrived Monday evening from Colorado, for an extended visit with hef uncle, Fred Gimple.

am fix "amors" ran on mqwcst Swanson Rheumatic Cur Co tM-IM W. Lata St, CMCAM Mrs. Andy Lintz, of Fairbury is here this week visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Gundy and also attending graduating exercises.

of Abilene gave a very interesting and helpful class address. If the Seniors follow Dr. Blainey 's advice they will miss many of life's hard struggles and temptations. Marguerette Larmer is working at Ross McKeown's in Superior at present. WEST LIMESTONE.

(Too Late For Last Week.) Mrs. Willard Ransom returned from her Mankato visit, Sunday. Mr. Joe Morrow is (jutte poorly with rheumatism, this spring. Mr.

and Mrs. August Good and family, Mr. Edd Good and lady took Sunday dinner with John Good and wife. Miss Phoebe Brennan visited the home folks, Sunday. We hear that Maud Cortner will teach in the Ransom district the coming term.

Most of the corn planting will be finished this week. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Black and daughters, Lona and Mona attended Sunday School at Pleasant View, Sunday. Mr.

and Mrs. Frank MeCam-mon intend going to Mankato, Sunday to visit Mr. McCammon mother. J. W.

Bossen went to Mankato Friday. Mrs. Mullen called on Mrs. Strom. Friday afternoon.

Wm. Fry put his horses and mules in the Claud Workman pasture, Monday. Vera Moyer spent Sunday with her schooL friend, Elva Congor. The visitors at the Strom home, Sundav were: Mr. and Mrs.

Geo. Howe and daughter, Helen and Newell Bossen. Anion Tipton made a trip to Mankato, Tuesday. P. A.

Moyer helped Joe Black finished his corn planting, Monday and Tuesday. The frost Tuesday night injured Mrs. Fry's garden considerably. Mr. and Mrs.

Joe Black called at the John Brennan home, Sunday to see Mrs. Brennan, who has been quite ill for some time with the inflamatory rheumatism. McCarthy was in this section last Friday with the DeLaval Mrs. C. A.

lluntsinger, of route left for McCook, Tuesday for an extended visit with relatives. Media George, of Esbon was attending the graduating exercises and visiting with friends and relatives, Monday. W. P. Shaver and Chas.

Poole, I wo of the real live boosters, of Lovewell, were down Monday to ueet the Board of Equalization. The Monitor enjoyed a call. Mrs. II. G.

Stewart, of Concordia, formerly, of Mankato is home from a visit with her people -a Fort Worth Texas. She gave her regular lessons in music to lur Mankato pupils, Saturday. PARASOLS, PARASOLS. Parasol season is now here. All shapes, colors and prices 25c, 75c, $1.00, $1.25, $2.00 .2.50, ifti.00.

Come and see for yourself. S. C. Smith Co. Mere Will You Spend Your Summer Vacation? The mountains, the woods, the seashore, all offer the maximum in outdoor life.

Colorado and the Rockies fill KEEPS YOUR HOME Fred Wheeler, of East Jamaica Vermont writes that he thinks the Monitor story, "Tarzan of; the. Apes" a great story and he wants missing chapters. Prof, and Mrs. II. O.

Sutcliff, of Wheaton are here for a visit i with Mrs. Sutcliff 's parents, Mr. and Mrs, J. C. Walker.

Harry has been re-employed for next year at an increase in salary. FRESH am rCLEANCTaaS! every requirement there are also Yellowstone Park and Pacific Coast, if one has time 'hancellor Oeschger, Elder and Mrs. Loyd, Mr. and Mrs. C.

E. i 'Lynn and Misses Lucile Loyd and i Mildred Lynn were entertained to dinner and luncheon, Sunday Don't subscribe for the Kay See Star Times until you see what rate this paper can make you la combination with this paper. We have a special clubbing offers one that will save you more money than you were ever saved before on a similar club. tf. Combination Pneumatic Sweeper "THIS Swiftly-Sweeping, Easy-Running DUNTLEY Sweeper cleans without raising dust, and at the same time picks up pins, lint, ravelings, in ONE OPERATION.

Its ease at the J. T. Guppy home. Rolla L. Skinner, of Portland, for a more extended tour.

North and east are the woods and lakes of Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, offering for enjoyment every phase of outdoor life. Further east are the Great Lakes, St. Lawrence River and Atlantic Sea Coast. Ltw Fares will be in effect daily all summer via tit Rick Island Lints. Finest modern all-steel equipment Oregon writes the Monitor that "Tarzan of the Apes" is the most interesting story I ever read" and he wants it in book form.

The makes sweeping a simple task quickly finished. Ft reaches even the most difficult places, and eliminates the necessity of moving and lifting all heavy furniture. The Great Labor Saver of the Home Every home, large or small, can enjoy relief from Broom drudgery and protection from in 3 the danger of Hying dust. Duntley is the Pioneer of Pneumatic Sweepers "nHm the combination of the Pneumatic Suction Nozzle and Beware of Ointments for Catarrh That Contain Mercruy as mercury will surely destroy the sense I of smell and completely derange the whole system when entering It through the mucous surfaces. Such articles should 1 never be used except on prescriptions from reputable physicians, as the damage they will do is ten fold to the good you can possibly derive from them.

Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney Toledo, contains no I mercury, and is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous snr-faces of the svtsem. In buying Hall's i revolving Brush. Very easily operated and absolutely guar 5C2 It anteed.

In buying a Vacuum Cleaner, why not give Monitor never ran a story that takes hold like the present one. NOTICE TO DAIRY OOW OWNERS. Lucyra De Jong, No. 95948 a pure bred Holstein bull will BiAJfce the season at the Kyle farm. This animal has proven himself an extra fine breeding animal and this will be your last opportunity to use htm.

Terms $3.00 cash the the uuntley a trial in your home at our expense 5r) mi lit Write today for full particulars Let me help you plaa a delightful outing. Mankato Fur. Co. Catarrh Cure be sure you, get the genuine. It is taken Internally and made In Toledo, Ohio, by P.

J. Cheney Co. Testimonials free. Sold by Druggists. Price 75c per bottle.

Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation. It must be disgraceful to be stingy, since nobody wants it known if he is stingy. E. C. GREEN, Ageat..

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