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Minneola Record from Minneola, Kansas • 3

Minneola Record from Minneola, Kansas • 3

Minneola Recordi
Minneola, Kansas
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THE RECORD, KANSAS GOOD PUMPKIN AND SQUASH RECIPES IMPROVED UNIFORM INTERNATIONAL SundaySchopl 'Lesson7 (By REV. P. B. FITZWATER, D. Teacher of English Pible in the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago.) Copyright, 1922, Western 'Newspaper Union.

o' Xt I 2 LESSON FOR DECEMBER 17 JESUS AMONQ FRIENDS AND F0E8 LESSO NTEXT Lu GOLDEN TEXT-Ye are my friends, it ye do whatsoever 1 command you. John 16:14. X- REFERENCE MATERIAL Luke 2:34, 86. PP'MARY TOPIC-Jesus in the Horn of Fr jnds. A v.v X- ILLUSTRATED BY R.H.LIV1NGST0NE don't want to play his value In money, but him, I tell says the General.

'Say the word, and I'll bet him on one of these He had been losing every bet, and the proprietor knew that It would be safe. So he says: 'All right, go "TLvs General wasn't sober, so he calls th darky and says: 'Dip, stand here with your forefingers on number twenty, right here. The darky did so, and they turned the wheel, everybody laughing. Well, sir, If twenty didn't win, the world Is a puffbnll Won, and the owner of the place turned pale I He knew that he'd have to pay or close up-his house. So he says: 'All right, get at his value, and I'll pay the bet' cries the General.

'I didn't bet his value, but him. I want thirty-five Guinea negroes. Size them up to "What a farce!" commented Drace. "Was It? Well, I reckon not. They had to go out and buy thirty-five Guinea negroes.

It took quite a while, but the General waited. And when they had all been sized up, the General went up the River, with his thirty-flve Guinea negroes, trailing after him." Now Drace could see the picture of it, and he laughed. This was the man, he was going to visit! The Bumblebee was Jointly owned and operated by Major Pewltt and a young fellow named William Hawkins. It 'was a fine steamer, but while It was cunningly masked as a public carrier, Shottle was quick to discover that It was In truth a nomad gambler, profuse COPYRIGHT, THE BELL SYNDICATE Several Unusual Dishes May Be Made From Squash or Pumpkin. JUNIOR TOPIC Jesus Among Frieias and Foes.

INTERMEDIATE AND SENIOR TOPIC Friends and Enemies of Jesus. YOUNG PEOPLE AND ADULT TOPIC -Christ's Methods of Dealing With People. 1. Jesus In the Home of Frlenda spread the top with a tart jelly, plU meringue lightly on top and return to oven long enough to brown the meringue. Serve cold with cream.

If preferred, the Jelly can be omitted (Luke There Is no place where true charac Routed out of bed, the Colonel kept Drace waiting a full half hour before he put in an appearance. Then, however, he offered a faint ray of hope, lie had discovered that a certain Frenchman, a wine dealer, living at an address he produced scrawled on paper, was reported to be an intimate of Stepho. rosslbly from him Mr. Drace might Drace hurriedly explained the decree which had banished him; then he "presented" the Colonel with a check on account, asked him to convey his respects to Miss Lucy and took his departure. On his way to the Frenchman's he ter Is so clearly revealed as at home.

1. Ills Reception (v. 88). Martha it. 1-.

was tne Dead or tne imm, uiuuiuo she received him. It would be a fine thing If ull homes were open to receive Jesus. Mary Sitting at Jesus' Feet (. (Prepared by the United Statea Department ot Agriculture.) Either pumpkin or squash may be used; In the following recipes, which suggest a number of out-ot'-the-ordl-nary dishes made from the sliced or canned vegetables in addition to pie. The recipes have been tested by the United States Department of Agriculture.

To prepare the pumpkin or squash cut it open, remove the seeds and stringy portion, and pare. Very young, tender squash, of the round white or yellow crooknecked varieties may be cut up and cooked without paring. When baking Hubbard squash or pumpkin It may be cut up Into three-Inch squares clean of seeds and baked without 'paring, rind side down. One of the most satisfactory methods of cooking pumpkin or squash Is by steaming It till tender In a colander or stenmer over boiling water. Cooked In this way It Is less watery than when boiled.

Pumpkin or Squash as a Vegetable. In addition to plain mashed steamed pumpkin, seasoned with butter, sail 30). She, of lino spiritual discernment, knew that sitting at the Lord's and the 'pudding Is good even lr you do not serve cream with It. Meringue. Two egg whites beaten stiff, four tablcsponnfuls sugar, a pinch of salt and onp-half teaspbonful vanilla.

Pumpkin and Squash Breads. Several quick breads may be made, using pumpkin or squash. Pumpkin Corn-Dodger. 1V4 cups cormneal 2 tablonpuons sugar IVi cups cooked 1 cup watr pumpkin 2 tciispoons baking 1 teaspoon salt powder 3 tablespoons shortening The pumpkin should be cooked very tender and mashed free from lumps. Put sugar, salt, baking powder and cornmeal together Into a and sift them Into the pumpkin; mix thoroughly.

Add the water last, a third of a cupful at a time; If the pumpkin is quite moist It may not be neces feet and hearing His Word was that which would please him most 3. Martha Cumbered About Mud Serving (v. 40). Both sisters loved "FOUND HIMl" time Is the late '60s or early '70s and the scene a steamboat on the Mississippi river. All the types of the period are present 'and the floating palace is distinguished by merriment, dancing and gallantry.

There are the customary drinking and gambling, also. Virgil Drace, a young northern man, is on his way south on a mission of revenge; He meets an eccentric character in the person of one Liberty Shottle, who is constantly tempting the goddess of chance. They agree to a singular pact. Drace, seeing an opportunity to use Shottle, confides to him that his mission is to find a certain ex-guerrilla, Stepho la Vltte, who had murdered Drace's father. It is his determination to hang La Vitte as high as Haman.

Drace falls In love with a striking young beauty on the boat. The steamer reaches New Orleans, at that time in the somewhat turbulent throes of carpetbag government The young men attend the French ball and Drace unexpectedly meets the girl. She Is accompanied by one Boyce, apparently her fiance. Shottle learns that the name of the girl is Nadinef la Vitte. Drace passes an uneasy night torn by the suspicion that Nadlne is the daughter of old Stepho la Vitte, now an admitted' outlaw.

Now, more than ever, is he resolved to find where the girl lives and to find Stepho. Drace and Shottle begin a search of the city. Drace takes a hand In a carpetbagger nlot He catches a glimpse of one he is sure is Nadine. Drace and Shottle get into bad standing with the authorities, and are given until the next day to board a steamer bound north. Returning to the house where he thought he had glimpsed the girl, Drace finds the place abandoned.

the Lord. It would be impossible to say which loved the more but Martha was bent on providing a flue meul for stopped at the hotel, where he found Shottle strapping up their baggage and a police official paying an Informal but suggestive call. An hour's grace remained. Drace paid his score at the desk, sent his baggage to the boat and then, summoning a cab, drove off with Shottle to the house of the Frenchman. It proved to be a mean abode, both wineshop and dwelling.

Drace knocked eagerly. A small man, his mustache dyed, came to the door, blinking. "I beg your pardon, sir, but I am a friend of Mr. la Vitte, and" "Pardon, monsieur, but you do not 111m. She was trying to do so many things that she was on the verge ol distraction.

This had so completely got on her nerves that she found fuull with Jesus for permitting Mary leave the kitchen to listen to III teaching. Not only did she critlclz her sister and Jesus, but she assume! tne authority to command Him to senc sary to uso the whole cupful of water, Pour Into hot well-greased skillet, cook slowly over the lire, turning when well browned beneath; It will take about 35 minutes to cook thoroughly. Serve hot with butter. Pumpkin Corn Bread. look like him, ze friend." Mary back to the kitchen to help.

4. Jesus' Answer (w. 41, 42. (1 "But I am. And I came with word Itebuked Martha (v.

41). He did till that will be of advantage to him. The police are after him "Aw, he know zat. Monsieur would tenderly, for lie knew that she love Illni sincerely. (2)1- Defends Mar (v.

42). He declared that but pi) 4 teuspoons baking powder 1 teaspoon salt 2 tablesi.uons melted fat 1 cup mashed pumpkin 1 cup milk 1 cup cornmeal Vi cup Hour trouble himself for nothing. Good morning." and or baked squares of pumpkin, this excellent vegetable may he served creamed, glazed or en casserole. Creamed, Pumpkin. Cut the pumpkin meat Into strips about half nn inch thick.

Steam or boll until partially tender. Place strips In baking dish and coat each piece with a sirup made by boiling together: Mi cup sugar 1 tablespoon buttor cup water Corn sirup mny be used In place of sugar. Place In the oven and cook until brown. Diced Pumpkin in Casserole. Cut the raw pumpkin Into small pieces, place In glass casserole dish, or any baking dish with a cover.

"Just a moment, please. You have thing was needful, und that Mary ha chosen that good part which could be taken away from her. II. Jesus Among Foes 2 82; 37-5-1). i no need to look on me with suspicion.

I am his friend and 1 egg Mix In order given. Pour In groused baking pan and bake 40 minutes In a hot oven. Cut lu squares, and serve hot. "If you his friend," Interrupted the man, Know ne gone to Europe, 1. Charged With Being In Leagi CHAPTER '6 An hour later Drace and Shottle re- on steamer to France." With the Devil (vv.

14-23). Being Drace was about to abandon the man RICE IS GOOD FOR CHILDREN willing to ruculv Hba as the Son ramwr rn tnwr nntpi nttpr.n rpre- God, and yet account Uia Whty wcrk-. "7 Cooked in Milk. It Has Rich Flavor In despair when Shottle, who had been staring at a case of wine which stood by the door ticketed and sealed for shipment, suddenly Interrupted. monious visit wun uoionei josn.

xne Colonel knew of. Stepho, had Indeed met him once, and he promised to The-Malor Cleared His Throat mS and is Particularly NourHhino Fine for Lunch. Gently Laid His Hand on Drace's Shoulder. leuuo, we ex liemuaw. i exposed the fallacy Of theiavret'j In entertainment that taxed not the IMce cooked In milk has a richer flavor than when cooked In water, make, discreet Inquiries that should without fall disclose the Creole's whereabouts.

Hardly had Drace reached his room, however, before a visitor was shown in a visitor who Introduced himself by showing that In that case bat would be arrayed against himself, a therefore would destroy his own kli dom. giver. But the entertainment sougnt by this pelican," as the gamesters and Js particularly nourishing, and wholesome for children. As a school lunch dish the United States Depart 2. Refused to Believe Ills Mlraci termed Shottle, was not of wine from France, the fish-egg from Russia or venison fiwrn America's native woods.

ment of Agriculture suggests that rice (vv. 29 32). They asked for a si to which He renlled that they wo ia uii elicit, ui liic iicw untuuo department and who had a most distressing communication to make: may be served with tomuto sauce and but spades', hearts, diamonds and clubs. hi Ri hnva a ulrrn fr-nm hanvOTl In lilR grated cheese, as the main dish of And whilo the Bee still lay at the wharf, breathing low and blubberously the meal, or with nutplo sirup or and resurrection. He reminded tn "Ah," he cried, "can this be the famous Chateau Yquem?" And brushing past the Frenchman, he leaned over as If to examine the bottle.

With a cry the wine merchant shoved him rudely away. "Zat Is ze private stock," he snarled. "He is not for sale. I am not yet open for business, sirs. Good morning." Shottle grasped Drace's arm and drew him away.

A cart had halted outside, and as they entered their cab they saw the carter shouldering the case of wine and bearing toward his vehicle.4 As they turned the corner, a deep-throated blast from the Bumblebee sounded a warning. Shottle turned upon the disappointed Drace with crushed fresh fruit as dessert. however, that their request sho 'Spfinklji) with salt and 'ft little pepper. Allow to each cup of diced pumpkin a half cupful of boiling water and a tablespoonful of butter. Cover closely and cook In oven until pumpkin Is tender and the water absorbed.

Serve hot In the dish In which It was baked. Pumpkin tlmbales are very good when served with ham or cold meat of any kind. Pumpkin Tlmbales. 1 pint mashed hi teaspoon peppet pumpkin ft teaspoon clnna- cup milk mon eggs teaspoon salt teaflpoon mace Mix together and put In buttered custurd cups. Stand In a pan of boiling water and bake in a moderate oven for 80 minutes.

When the Is firm turn carefully from the cups and send to the table. This same mixture may be baked In a shallow dish with cheese grated over the top. In this case omit the cinnamon and mace. The flavor of pumpltln combined One cup of rice will absorb a quart unbelief surpassing that of the hei of milk when cooked slowly In a en queen of the South, and the wic' people of Nineveh. 8.

Wickedness Denounced (vv, 64). He pionounced six woes those who were opposing Him seeking His destruction. double holler. First wash the rice thoroughly In several waters so us to remove all loose starch, then drop It slowly Into the hot milk, and add one teuspoonful of salt for each cupful of rice. Cook the rice until the grains are soft when pressed between thumb (1) The Pharisees (vv.

87-41). Tl 1 It was known that Mr. Drace and his friend had taken part in a recent Mr. Drace was one of the lenders, had severely wounded more than one man, and without cause, being from! the North, Just arrived, and having no possible Interest in the city. However, he was to be treated with more of lenity than would rhyme with tils crime, for Instead of punishment he was only to be banished, along with his friend.

A steamboat, the Bumblebee, bound northward, would leave next morning. The chief of police would grieve if Mr. Drace and his friend failed to register among the passengers. With scarcely twelve hours left In which to find Stepho la Vitte, Drace paced the streets in an agony of anxiety, making a hundred plans to find gleeful countenance. "Master," he He denounced for (a) pun and finger, or for about thirty mln lously observing some minute rites at the same time breaking the said, "I'll thank you for that money again.

I've found him." "Found him exclaimed Drace. "How?" through her nostrils, Shottle had put in operation a quickly contrived "touch," presenting himself to Major Pewltt before he had taken the time to Introduce his friend to that welh known character. Now, however, Major Pewltt strolled up; and Shottle, keen to get to the gaming Introduced Pewltt to Drace and then a moment later him self slipped away. "We are on our way to visit uncle, General Bethpage," ei plained Drace. "What, my old friend and fellovr soldier, Bethpage I Never a nobler man drew sword In defense of what he conceived to be right.

If you like a genial atmosphere and a company that never tires, you will remain with him as long as possible and still too short a time. I earnestly hope that you may find inducement to settle among us." "Possibly I may. I like the Itlver. I utes. Remove the lid of the double holler during the last part of the coooklng, so that the grains will sep Commandments.

They carefully tl the small herbs of the garden arate. practicing Injustice to their fel men and withholding love from "That case of wine was addressed to Stepho la Vitte at Farnum's Landing, Mississippi. That wine Is going to BROILING STEAKS OR CHOPS He pointed out to them the foil attending to these external acts stepno on tne Bumblebee. And so "Pan Broiling" Is Cheaper Way, Sug the heart was filled with wicked with milk in a soup appeals to many palates. Cream of Pumpkin Soup.

Vi butter 4 cups milk to 4 tablespoons cup mashed flour pumpkin 1 to 2 tablespoons 1 teaspoons salt onion Julca Vi teaspoon pupper Melt butter, In saucepan and stir In flour. Add salt, pepper and mashed are we!" An hour later Drace 6at with Shot (b) Desiring public recognitor 43). This is a common sin tie on the deck of the Bumblebee, watching the ever-changing panorama (c) For feigning humility (v. 44) "iii liPV compares their hypocrisy to of the Mississippi and musing upon which are on a level with the gi the sudden shifting of his quest. and may be stepped upon uncons "Liberty," asked Drace presently, "how far up Is this Farnum's Landing? gests the Department of Agriculture.

In brclllng steaks or chops do you use the gas broiler or do you "pan broil" them? The United States Department of Agriculture says the latter Is the cheaper way. Heat the frying pan sizzling hot, brush It with Just enough fat to keep the meat from sticking, turn the meut quickly from side to side to retain all the Juices. Meat cooked In this way Is often more Juicy than when broiled In the oven. ly by someone, and thus defiled, can avoid those who make their Do you recall it?" Uy known by boasting, but som. "Yes," said Liberty.

"I know this filled with this same wickednes river. Farnum's Landing is by golly!" he exclaimed, breaking off, "Far do not thus make It known. (2) The Lawyers (vv. 45-54) strictures on the hypocritical num's Landing is the next stop below Bethpage's Landing! And Gen pumpkin and blend together. Add the milk and bring to the boiling point.

Add onion Juice when almost ready to serve. Serve hot. Pumpkin Used at Dessert. Pumpkin Custard. 1 to 1M cups pump- hi cup sugar kin or squash Mi to 1 teaspoon salt thoroughly Vi to V4 teaspoon cooked (canned allspice squaHh may be Vi teaspoon mace usedi -1 tablespoon butter 1 cup to 1 pint milk to 1 teaspoon cln- 2 eggs namon Instead of pouring this mixture, which very similar to pumpkin pie filling, into a pastxy shell, it can be sees aroused the lawyers, one of eral Betlrpage is my uncle 1 We'll go indignantly declared: "You are there." lng us also." In replying "But," Drace said dubiously, "he's Christ pronounced three woes not my uncle, and I'm afraid It would Of INTEREST TO I HOMFE be Intruding somewhat on his hospi them; (a) for placing burdenst qulrements upon the people to they themselves would not (v.

40), (b) For the murder o. tality to" "Nothing of the sort," averred Lib prophets (vv. 47-51). He erty. "Any friend of mine would be doubly welcome.

You can't know like the study of character. In character there is all history, all philosophy, all" "Just so," the Major agreed. "And we have some remarkable characters here, and some of the most beautiful women In the world to some people It may appear a little singular, but Interesting character among men develops In an atmosphere producing beauty among, women." "And naturally, Major, you are acquainted "with both -characters and beauty. Arid byithe way, did you ever meet an'otd fellowlet me see, what Is his name? Oh, they call him Stepho something. 1 Oh, yes La vitte?" The Major cleared his throat and gently laid his hand on Drace's C.

"My young have told you about the most Implacable-and desperate of men; sir; I know the man, and while nature did not Intend and I beg your pardon for whftt might seem a want of fuodesty thi I should fear any human being, yet confess to an occasional uneasiness In the presence of old Stepho "la Vitte. I have never had any words with Tilm that is, strained words but if I should, I'd await no move on his part but shoot him Instantly. Ila, I wish you to meet my dear yoimg friend and much esteemed partner, William Hawkins." much about the General. Taming, now, but he used to be the most re that their attitude toward Hi' the same that wus shown prophets by their fathers. keeping back the knowledge by false Interpretation of the tures (vv.

52-54). There wickedness perhaps so great markable character, In a quiet way, along the river. And when I tell you Old velveteen makes excellent polishing cloths. Bread flour Is the best for dumplings and noodles, Add a little chopped parsley and onion to the mashed potatoes. To clean a zinc bath, scrub It thoroughly with coarse suit, moistened with paraffin.

'V; about him, Virgil, you'll laugh. Before the war he was professor at Newsome, a little college up In the scrub-oak country. He entered the army as a of supposed teachers of God'y who keep Its precious the people by perverting Its a colonel and came out as a brigadier, "I don't see anything to laugh at In turned Into ramekins or custard tups and baked like any custard, In a moderate oven, set Jn a pan of Jtf case the custard Is.usedTor a pie the amounts of spice and the smaller, amount of milk may be used. If served as plain costard the sthaller amount; of seasoning is more appropriate, i Pumpkin Bread Pudding. 1 cup stalebread 14 cup sugar 1 crumbs.

1 teaspoon salt 14 cups sweet milk 1 teaspoon vanilla I cup mashed 2 ecg yolks pumpkin (boiled 2 tablespoons' but- or steamed and Ur (melted) put through a col- ander) Pour' the milk "over the brea'aand allow to stand until the crumbs- soften. Add pumpkin that bas been cooked and put through" a colander, before measuring. Add egg yolks and the melted" butter, Beat well. 1 Pour into buttered baking dish and bake that." Seek Ye. But seek ye first his klngdc A "No, but wait He had considerable money, and at times used to come The life of baskets can be prolonged by scrubbing them occasionally with hot, soapsuds.

1 his righteousness; and all things shall be added unto Matthew 6:33. down to New Orleans to enjoy him self. On one occasion he lost all his money at roulette." nothing to laugh at." Always finish off the rinsing process of stockings by 'soaking for a few "No? All the property he had with Reaplnj Iniquity. Te have plowed wickedness, reaped Iniquity; ye have ea fruit of lies. Hosea 10:13.

mlnntes in clean, cold water. "Zat HZe Private Stock," He8narled. Stepho to outwit the New Orleans officials tnd prolong his stay, but all in vain. Colonel Josh did not appear, but he seemed to have embarked upon the quest, for hen the distracted Drace called at his quarters about midnight the old fellow was still absent Dawn brought Drocf back again, for all his other' endeavoi bad been unsuccessful, and but twi hours remained before the Bumblebee's departure. him wasa bodyservant, a Guinea negro named Dip.

So what does he do? He says to the proprietor of the gambling house I wish to play this negro, 'AH right; I'll take off the When making rhubarb sauce add the siijgar last when It is to be served, as Jt will Improve the flavor and "Uncle, this Virgil Drace my best friend. In. a mod rate oven until the center Final Permanence. tracter attains final final permanence can r-Joph ,00. mis can ue uone to me ouier I sugar limit and let you play him.

now much is flrinv Remove from the oven, Sauces, as cranberry and apple. 1 he worthf Bars the gambler. TO BS eONTlNT'Jcaj v' I.

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