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Minneola Record from Minneola, Kansas • 4

Minneola Record from Minneola, Kansas • 4

Minneola Recordi
Minneola, Kansas
Issue Date:
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A PART OF THE TOWS TWILIGHT LEAGUE ORGANIZES SPECIAL Anita TAKEN UP -Yearling Red Heifer. Owner tan have same by pay'rg costs A. L. Deniston Last Saturday evening several 'of the, boys interested in base ball met "and organized three teams which will play a series of six panes. The WIVES" "VIRTUO Every man is a part of his town.

The town embraces the fortunes and in some measures at least takes on the character of th! man. So loyalty to one's town is no more than loyally to one's self; and this loyalty Is in the. line of all For 30 days only we will give an extra pair of trousers with each suit order from- the International line. 0. R.

BYERLEY Beginring May 1st, I will sell milk at 1C; per quart L. Sncw. jrames will be played on Tuesday and Fridav ever.inps of each week. starting: at 4:30 P. M.

well shtped human nature. There Th following is the' list of the A Picture of Bf in New York. players on the teams: Cooties CLEAN-UP WEEK I hereby set aside the week-beginning May 16th for cleanup week in the city of Minneola Have your trash in a pile near the alley or a convenient place and the wagon will call for it. W. A.

Ammon, Mayor Hail Insurance, North America National Own adjuster Losses paid by draft in field Notes carried until October 1921 without interest. None better. See J. L. Neal.

'TV Married People Don Mb Seven Hee One Sliev Parties who took four. r. it-- fore it is right to say that the man who does rot stand up for hin town is in some way dwarfed. There is Komeihing wrong about him. His fellows will pass his-judgment upon him, and the chances are, that while he may add to the discomfort of others he will not escape making himself unhappy.

There is nothing that causes so much trouble among neighbors as chickens. Poor chickens! If they are blamed for all the enemies they have made in this world they have scores of black marks against them. It seems strange that people will let their chickens run. They certainly are no improvement to a pretty lawn. Now is the time when chickens can do the greatest damage to flower gardens and vegetable gardens.

Now in hot weather, Is th time when people lose their temper the easiest over trifles. Keep up your chickens and keep the good will of your neighbors. PUBLIC SALE The People's State Bank will sell at public auction, 8aturday, May 7. 1921, 2 P. M.

1 brown gelding, wt. about 1150 1 bay gelding, wt. about 1000. 2 bay geldings, wt. about 120t each.

from my room are known ar.t had better return it Jonas Tay Felly Amy, captain; Kenneth Creswell, D. F. Wyatt. J. L.

N- al, A. L. Lyon, I. E. Cavanaugh, Vern Mortain, F.

II. Wyatt, Taul Cun-niBgham. Robert Thomas. Charles fiowen end J. Corhin.

Klzzlers Ruel Amy, captain; W. N. Wood-side, J. A. Follick.

A. P. Rapp. G. Armstrong, Ed Rogers, Roy "crecellus, Ross Bair, 0.

R. Byerley, Trlstanr Calhoon, Harvey Tauzer, C. McFarland and Cy Omo. Hoon1 Roy Glaze, captain; Sid Harsh-berger, Wm. Tawzer, Howard Mc-Inteer, H.

P. Ntcoll, Willard Me-Connell, Chas. Deniston, 0fs Bair. Eugene Hall, Ed Ramsey, M. 0.

"Wakeman, F. R. Wyatt and A. M. Stateler.

The first was played Tuesday, Cooties vs. Sizzlers. The Cooties won by a score of 7 to 2. lor ingat 8:15 p. rr V.

Anita Stewjirt 1 ME COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS 1 red cow, 8 years old. 1 red cow, 5 years old. 1 black cow 8 years old. 1 jersey cow, 7 years old drill mode pi JUL 1 12-disc monitor wheat 1 Ford touring car 1918 engine No. 175420.

if Admission: Children 25c Adults 35c O. R. Giffin, R. L. Mills, E.

D. Smith, and H. C. Smith were sworn in Tuesday night as city councilmen for the ensuing two years. W.

J. Wallce was not there and did not qualify. A. E. Moore was appointed for city clerk and W.

N. Wood-side for city treasurer. WANT'fADS Dorr HEMSTITCHING Miss, Trlndle, Liberal, Kansas. E. D.

Smith was elected pres FOR SALE 3. C. Buff Orphi ident of the councilmen. ton eggs. $1.00, per 16 or $5.00 per 100.

Mrs. Lester Wakeman. Mr. and Mrs. R.

T. Mclnteer and son Howard returned home from Miami, Tuesday after Beveral months stay on account FOR SALE Pure bred Single have destroyed much prop Comb Buff Leghorn eggs, 5c each from heavy McKissick ml 3 of Mr. Mclnteer's health. They "Dream Electrolyte" For Batteries I am handling the Battery eolution that was first found out through a dream by a man at Elkhart, You may not believe in dreams but this man did and went to work and put them into practice, and many peo-pie over this country are using it with success, Come in and let us fill up your battery and be' convinced. We are convinced, so or those that are using it.

Ask them. stopped in Kentucky for a short visit with relatives on their re turn trip. K. T. is much im erty in the past tesr days.

The necessity of protection against loss by windstorms, tornadoes and SEE US If you want to bny, sell or trade in the Minneola vicinity or in Morton and Stanton counties, Kansas, or Baca county, Colorado, notify C. A. Roberts, care Southwest Land Dodge City, Kansas. proved and seems to enjoy making such trips in a Ford. A FIRE cyclones has again been forcibly im The residence belonging to J.

FOR SALE Oliver 4-wheel lister. Canton 2-whecl lister, Emerson gang plow, cultivator, 3-soction harrow, stalk cutter. Will trade for 2 cows-Bruce Glaze. M6P pressed on us. 4 L.

Riley onFront street caught fire Thursday moraine: from a kitchen stove being to close to Minneola Motor Co. S. J.SCHOTT, PROP. One Block West of Post Office LET THIS AGENCY WRITE THAT the wall. The building was occu- Phone 57 pied by Tom Creamer and' fam PROTECTION FOR YOU NOW WANTED 60 head oT cattle to pasture, J.

L. Evans, Bloom, Kansas. it ily and was 'quite a serious loss to them as it burned all their I II Mill I llll Mill III I II Hall is just as liable to come as furniture and most of their eru uitte moneu wid duu a C555i3i555H83SMSBSSBfl5ifflB8E23HBB that great destroyer FIRE. Protect clothing. The fire departmen did excel great destroyer FIRE.

Frotect yourself against lose to your grow lent work and saved the greater ing grain. Get it now. Alva Moore, Insuranc. part of the house. great deal of protection.

Insure Here Today Ed Ramsay, Agent FARM WANTED Wanted to hear HELP THESE FOLKS from owner of farm or good land for aak) for fall delivery. L. Jones Box 551, Olner, 111. Anyone having furntiture. uwtWMMMwwWf CALL The Minneola Transfer Co.

To Do Your Dray Work PHONE 76 Whitney Perry, props FQR SALE Three registered "HIHIHIIlllllll USUI Ilimmiit! i Roan bulls, Will trade for young stock. G. Espltmd, Bloom, Kansas. tf bedding, carpet or clothing to spare for the Creamer family, leave it at W. A.

Smith's store. The children are a three weeks old baby, a boy of 10 and one of WANTED Cattle for pasture. G. H. Esplund, Bloom, Kansas.

7s 4, a girl of 12 and one of 2, Attend to this at once. con iiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiniiiuuiiiiiiiNiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiJiJiiiniiiiiiiiiiijiiiiiiiiiinMiii iiiiiriiiKniiiiiimniimiitiiiis or WANTED Cattle to pasture -Floyd Smiley M6P Lunch, Candies and Cold Drinks FOR SALE-Lister, single What Do on Sav row sled, double row sled, mow- uiMiinniiiiinHrMiiiHniiiiHriiiinainjniiiiiiHHniiHifniJiHHnjtHiiiiiHiHiiiiHiiiw ine machine, hay rake, cream separator, Short Horn 6 year old imss csssmmssa-saffiss bull L. S. Wood MAHDEEN LUCKY TIGER E0NCILLA A massage endnrspH hT 11111 ef nlrro "RoonfV About That Home You Have Promised Yourself? Parlors and Barber Shops. FLORIDA SUNSHINE butcher It seems mwt that the should innke a big profit a VV I Dead men tell no tales, aud even If The City Barber Shop After much difficulty, we are again able to offer the Old Reliable Mange Cure For Dandruff and Falling Hair G.

R. Davis, Properietor Phone 113 thr ffuild their wlvea wouldn't be- OW! Si Here 'eiu. pilose who haven't a home, look with envyf I on those fortunate individuals who have, Let us figure with you i When a lady steps on your foot says "That's all right 1 don't mind a little thing like that" There's one thing certain a train may be late, but It always gets in little behind the engine. Truth, era-shed to earti, will rise" again, but when pa steps on one of Sin flmvers she has just set out he will be crashed by her, it's a lead pipe, copper-riveted cinch, A bnltet from a big rtm can go throngh a six-Inch wall pretty quick, a bandit can go thrash a fat man swiftly, but a scandal can go through a neighborhood at the speed of a comet Jacksonville Titnes-Unloa Come In T. 1 Let us show you CO, a a 4-L.

TAT- If' rs i nn i yuu iv anis lud iracioin C. Manager I W. S. WRIGHT SAP AND SALT Many poets die young, and some do-serve to. 2 5 mm 3 flve jou tredit for It WMiimijiuHnmmnnmnnKnM.

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