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The Ionia Independent from Ionia, Kansas • 2

The Ionia Independent from Ionia, Kansas • 2

Ionia, Kansas
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THE IONIA INDEPENDENT Shippers who for a fortnight have TUSCANIA LIST IS NOT YET COMPLETE IN ALL LANDS CONCISE REVIEW OF WEEK'S NEWS Win the War by Preparing the Land Sowing the Seed and Producing Bigger Crops Work in Joint Effort the Soil of the United States and Canada CO OPERATIVE FARMING IN MAN POWER NECESSARY TO WIN THE BATTLE FOR LIBERTY The Food Controllers of the United States and Canada are asking: for greater food production. Scarcely 100,000,000 bushels of wheat are available to be sent to the allies overseas before the crop harvest. Upon the efforts of the United States and Canada rests the burden of supply. Evory Available Tillable Acre Must Contribute; Every Available Farmer and Farm Hand Must Assist Western Canada has an enormous acreage to be seeded, but man power is short, and an appeal to the United States allies is for more men for seeding operation. Canada's Wheat Production Last Year was 228,000,000 Bushels; the Demand From Canada Alone for 1913 Is 400,000,000 Bushels To secure this she must have assistance.

She has the land but needs the men. The Government of the United States wants every man who can effectively help, to do farm work this year. It wants the land in the United States developed first of coursej but it also wants to help Canada. Whenever we find a son we can spare to Canada's fields after ours are supplied, we want to direct him there. Apply to our Employment Service, and we will tell you where you can best serve the combined interest.

Western Canada's help will be required not later than April 5th. Wages to competent help, 250.00 a month and up, board and lodging. Those who respond to this appeal will get a warm welcome, good wages, good board and find comfortable homes. They will get a rate of one cent a mile from Canadian boundary points to destination and return. For particulars as to routes and places where employment may be had ipply to: U.

S. EMPLOYMENT SERVICE, DEPARTMENT OF LABOR Dry Town and Dry Vegetables. A dehydrated or dry vegetable Is one- Sounded Like Lying. The kid cnnie home from school and said "Hazel Smith Is nn awful Ilur or else her brother Jimmle Is." "Why, llohert," exclaimed the mother, "you mustn't ttilk Unit way, What do you mean?" "Well, I ast Jimmle how many sisters he had, an' he said two. An' then I ast Hazel the same thing, an' she said she hud only one sister, nn' Jimmle stuck to It that he hud two sisters.

So one of 'em's a lhir GREEN'S AUGUST FLOWER has been household remedy nil over the civilized world for more than half a century for constipation, intestinal troubles, torpid liver and the generally depressed feeling that accompanies such disorders. It Is a most valuable remedy for Indigestion or nervous dyspepsia and liver trouble, bringing on headache, coming up of food, palpitation of heart mid many other symptoms. A few doses of August Flower will Immediately relieve you. It Is a gentle laxative. Ask your druggist.

Sold In all civilized countries. Adv. Sugar for One. The announcement of Mr. Justice Bray that bigamy Is rampant at the present time has been drawn to tho notice of the food controller, who wishes it to be clearly understood that under no circumstances will the bend of a family be allowed a sugar ration for more than one wife.

London Punch. At the Reception. "What strange manners that author has." "Yes. If you didn't know he was a literary lion you'd mistake him for nn educated pig." Boston Traus-cript. Dr.

Tierce's Pleasant reliefs are the original little liver pills put up 40 years ago. They regulate liver and bowels. Ad. When fox occupies the judge's bench the goose on trial had no earthly show. been wrestling with costly delays in cident to the Immense congestion of freight at New York piers and unusually severe weather are now facing the problem of shortage of dock men and freight handlers.

fr 4 4 Three persons wore killed and, nineteen overcome by gas fumes In various sections of Brooklyn recently. It was announced later that an Investigation would be started to fix responsibility for tho alarming increase in the number of accidental asphyxlations, An army balloon from the training school near Macon, was fired upon recently during a flight near Eastman, Ga. Its tackling was struck, but the crew escaped Injury. The authorities arrosted Clem Clements, 45 years old. An operation performed recently on Col.

Theodore Roisevelt In- a hospital at New York, the second within a week, for tho removal of abscesses, was successful, according to a bulletin issued by his physician, Dr. Walton Martin. 4" 4- Judge K. M. Landls granted a temporary restraining order to Henry Veeder, general counsel for Swift against Francis J.

Heney, attorney for tho Federal Trade Commission, to prevent him from seizing further letters and documents In Veed-er's vault after Heney had conducted a sensational raid. Southwest. Mine workers will not be given deferred classification in the draft under a ruling of Provost Marshal General Crowder, approved by Secretary Baker. Such classification was suggested by Fuel Administrator Garfield. Walter T.

Swan, 21 years old, mechanic at Hicks' Field, of the 182d Air Squadron, was instantly killed, and Lieut. Joseph Lorsch, attached to the sahie squadron, was severely injured when they crashed one hundred feet to the earth In an airplane in the city limits of Fort Worth. 4- 4- Smallpox closed the term of circuit court at Wahlron, and the county health officer vaccinated all officials, Including the presiding judge, prosecuting attorney and attaches and a score of others as a result of a prisoner discovered 111 with the disease. 4- 4- 4-Lieut. Lofton Stamps and Lieut.

Dudley A. Loomis were killed recently In tho latest and worst of a series of airplane accidents at the Fort Sill aviation field. Their plane fell 500 feet and was a mass of flaming wreckage when the first person reached it. 4- 4 4- A strike of 3,000 employes of the United Railways Company, which has been in progress at St. Louis for a week, was halted when representatives of the company and the men agreed upon a basis of settlement.

41 4" 4- Pike Johnson, a civilian mechanic of Bay City, was instantly killed at 1:30 o'clock the other afternoon, when an airplane in which he was riding with Cadet Warner of Ellington Flefd fell a distance of more than two hundred feet near Van Vleck, Tex. 4. .1, 4. Federal warrants charging conspiracy and violation of tho espionago act have been issued against twenty-seven members of the Industrial Workers of the World, who were arrested in a raid on their meeting place in St. Louis recently.

4- Foreign. Dr. Von Seydler, the Austrian premier, has tendered the resignation of his entire cabinet to Emperor Charles. The resignation of the Von Seydler cabinet, it is understood in parliamentary circles in Vienna, is due to tho opposition of Polish deputies against special debates and the provisional budget. The British admiralty informed the Associated Press that the latest figures available on the Tuscania disaster showed that 2,233 persons had been saved and that about 1C0 were missing.

The saved, it was added, Included 133 American officers and 1,917 American men. 4. 4- Andrew Bonar Law, government spokesman in the House of Commons, recently announced' that a generalissimo would not be appointed as a result of the recent conference of premiers and generals at Versailles. 4- 4 The mist lifted from the American sector with the result there was fairly lively shelling at several points, as well as considerable aerial activity. Several air fights occurred above the trenches and the anti-aircraft guns on both sides were extremely busy.

4 4 4- Germany favors issuance of an ultimatum to the Russian Maximalists, demanding immediate acceptance of the Teutonic peaee terms, and In case of refusal will march on Petrograd, was the belief expressed in diplomatic circles in Switzerland. 4-4 The Finnish railway authorities at Torneo have received a report the allied missions have been expelled from Petrograd and that they have already departed. There Is no confirmation of this. The American minister at Stockholm, Ira 'Nelson Morris, has heard nothing to that effect. 4-4-4- William S.

Tailor of Roslyn, Long Island, flying in the French escadrllle while, awaiting an American commission, was killed the other day in an encounter with Germans, who brought down his plane behind their lines. Unaccounted for Number 345, Bnt Further Names of Sur vivors are Expected. NAMES ARE COMING IN SLOWLY War Department Officials Believe Former Estimate of 113 Dead Soldiers Will Stand. Washington, Feb. 11.

Eighteen hundred and thirty-twoi names of American soldiers rescued from the torpedoed liner Tuscania had been reported tonight to tho War Department, leaving 345 of the soldiers on board unaccounted for. No official report has reached the department to change the estimate that all except 113 of the men were saved, but the names have been coming in very slowly over the cables and there is no assurance as to when the list will be complete. 200 May Be Safe. From the names so far received and the passenger list of the lost steamer the Associated Press has compiled the record of those still not reported. Probably more than 200 of the men whose names appear on this record are safe in Ireland and will he so reported soon.

The preparation of tho list even in Its incomplete form represents an aggregate of 140 hours of labor. The war department has only issued an official roll of those on the ship. The committee on public information has made no effort to compile a list of the missing, merely issuing lists of survivors. In order to compile a list of missing and unreported it was neccs-' sary to search for each name in both lists, a laborious process In dealing with more than 2,000 names. 36 Names Not on Roster.

Thirty-six names on the list of survivors given out by the public Information committee do not appear on the War Department roster of those on board. It Is assumed that some soldiers pos- Bibly were sent aboard the steamer at the last moment without having their names reported for the passenger list recorded on this side and also that some members of the ship's crew may have been erroneously reported among the military survivors. CUT OKLAHOMA GAS BILLS State Utilities Commission Scaled Down Charges Because of Low Pressure During Winter Months. Oklahoma City, Feb. 11.

The order of the corporation commission in the case of the Nowata County Gas Company, in which a reduction in bills of gas consumers for December and January was directed, for the reason that inadequate service was given, is something new in commission orders. If It stands the test, If there be one, probably the same principle will be applied to other cases. Commissioner Russell makes his computations based on actual service from pressure readings furnished by the company. The order places a four-ounce pressure as the minimum which may be designated as service. Less than that It is only partial service.

TO FORCE PEACE ON RUMANIA Field Marshal Von Mackensen Sends Ultimatum Demanding That Negotiations Begin Within 4 Days. Basel, Switzerland, Feb. 11 German newspapers arriving here say that Field Marshal Von Mackensen sent an ultimatum to the Rumanian government February 6 demanding that peace negotiations be begun within four days. The Rumanian cabinet thereupon resigned. London, Feb.

11 The Associated Press learns that confirmation has been received In Russian quarters in London of the German ultimatum to Rumania. These advices say the ultimatum was presented Tuesday and expired yesterday. The foreign offices also has received word that the Rumanian cabinet resigned Friday. Their Demands to Packers. Chicago, Feb.

11. Demands of workers on the packing firms of the country were outlined, today at a conference attended by an attorney for the employees, John Fltzpatriek, president, and Edward Nockels, secretary of the Chicago Federation of Labor and fifteen representatives of the unions. Robbers Kill Store Manager. Chicago, Feb. 11.

Entering the offices of the Fidelity Portrait Company, in the heart of the West Side business district, two robbers today shot and Instantly killed Orville H. Travis, t'le manager, and escaped without securing a payroll. To Tell of Prisoners of War. Washington, Feb. 11.

Agreement has been reached betwetu the German and American governments and the American Red Cross for interchange of information as to prisoners. War News. There was a considerable artillery (Ire along the Italiuu mountain front between Bronta and Tiave recently, although unfavorable weather affected the operations of both the artillery and the Infantry, the war office announced. Italian aircraft carried out an effective raid on the rear of the Austrian Hues, dropping a ton ot bombs. The American artillery continues hammering tiermuu positions with marked success.

A destructive fire on enemy buildings and works was maintained. A German battery position was struck by a shell from our large guns and caused a heavy explosion of ammunition. Operations on the western front con tinue to be marked by heavy artillery exchanges in conjunction with raiding attacks on the opposing trenches. Paris reports active cannonades on the Alsne and Verdun fronts and In Al sace, and a half dozon forays of the Germans were repulsed In which the enemy lost men and material. Rome reports slight artillery activ ity on all the Italian fronts, but that hostile aircraft renewed their bom bardments of Italian towns.

The num ber of enemy machines brought down by the entente airmen on the Italian front from January 2(5 to February 6 was 50. 4- 4- The British steamship Tuscaula, with 2,170 American officers and soldiers on board, has been torpedoed and sunk off the northern coast of Ireland. Survivors to the number of 1,912 have been landed at two Irish ports, Iluncrnnua and Larne, leaving 2C7 unaccounted for. Tho Germans are stronger on the western front now than at any time during Ihe war, but they are numeri cally Inferior to the Franco-British forces, General Maurice, British director general of operations, declared in his weekly interview. A wireless dispatch received at Ber lin from Kiev says that the Poles have occupied Mohilev, the Russian main headquarters, and have arrested Ensign Krylonko, the commandor-ln- chlef of the Russian Bolshevist forces, and bis entire staff.

The message adds that tho Bolshevist uprlsiivg at Kiev lias been suppressed by the Ukrainians. Washington. J'o insure prompt Identification of enlisted men who may he killed or wounded, a number tag system similar to that in tho British and French arm ies, has been adopted by the War De partment. Adjutant General McCain announced that a number would be stamped on tho metal identification tag each soldier Is lequired to wear. Latest official advices to Ihe War Department accounted for all except 101 of the 2,150 American soldiers who wore on board the British liner Tus-cania, sent down by a submarino off tho Irish coast.

This figure was not final and high hopes that the loss of life would prove much smaller wcro built up on cabled reports. Traffic congestion throughout the country was blamed on the railroad managements at the railroad wage hearing in Washington by union leaders, who said the managements desire to discredit operation of the 8-Hour Law and to make government operation of the roads a failure. Blanket authority to President Wilson to reorganize, consolidate, abolish or rearrange in any way he sees fit and believes will contribute to war efficiency, any of the existing legislative agencies, commissions, bureaus or offices of the government is asked from Congress by the White House. Domestic. Vencll Malicky, 66 years old, a farmer living four mileB south of Barnes-ton, was killed recently by falling from a load of straw.

His neck was broken by the fall. He leaves a widow and ten children. The Senate has'' passed the Moratorium bill to protect the civil rights of soldiers and sailors during their period of service. There were no dissenting votes. The House has already passed the measure, which now goes to conference.

A captain and two enlisted men were killed and two enlisted men seriously Injured late the other afternoon when one cf the French 153s, a big 6-inch gun, exploded on the artillery range at Camp Doniphan. Chairman Smith of tho Senate interstate commerce committee, In reporting favorably to the Senate the administration Railroad Bill, estimated that under the measure the government will guarantee annually to railroads of the country 943 million dollars, which will represent a return of 6.32 per cent. Health conditions at all camps and continments In the United Stages showed continued Improvement during the past few days with decreasing deaths and hospital admission rates from which all the wnter has been ex tracted, but a dry town Is a town, where there's nothing but water. Portland Press. RECIPE FOR GRAY HAIR.

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N. KANSAS CITY, NO. 7--1918- rvnrm anafV rvlu rt frAii IN POSITION. ANYONE CAN PUT THEM ON I State witncuticiira Soap and Ointment 25ceach Everywhere I WASH THE KIDNEYS! AH tlin blood In the body pus.ipx thru the kldticjN every few minutes. Tills la why the kidneys piny such im Important role In liealth or disease.

lly some mysterious process the kidney selects hat ought to come out of the blood and takes It nut. IC the kidneys are not good-workmen and become congested jiolsons accumulate and we sulfur from backache, headache, lumbago, rheumatism or pout. The urine Is often cloudy, full of sediment channels often Ret sore and sleep Is disturbed at night. So It Is that Dr. I'lerce, of the Invalids Hotel and Surgical Institute In Huffalo, N.

advises "Washing the Kidneys," by drinking six to eight glasses of water between meals and then If you want to tnko a harmless medicine that will clonr the channels and cure the annoying symptoms, go to your druggist and pet Anurlc (doublo strength), for GOe. This "Anurlc," which Is so many times more potent than lithla will drive out the uric nvld poisons and hat be the kidneys and channels In a soothing liquid. If you desire, write for free medical ml vice and send sample, of water for free examination. Experience has taught Doctor I'lcrre that "Anurlc" Is most powerful ngent In dissolving urle acid, as hot water melts sugar. Send Dr.

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Lindsay said In an address before a wayfarers' lodge in Chicago "The mini who gets on, the man who ellnibs up, Is to be neat num. "There's no armor against fate, but clean shirt Is a good substitute." Literal. Agnes, aged three, had got some butter on her band, and to get It off she put her band around her mother's waist and wiped her band on her mother's apron. Her mother said: "Is this an embrace?" "No," Agnes replied. "It's butler." Oyster Beds for Great Salt Lake.

I'lans have been made to begin Ihe propagation of oysters In Hear lllver bay, Salt Lake, Utah, this spring, says Popular Mechanics Magazine In an illustrated Experiments and scientific study of local conditions have Indicated, to the of the ntnte fish and game commissioner, that the enterprise Is a thoroughly feasible one. Analysis has shown that tho percentage of salt In the water is practically tho same as in ocean oyster beds. In searching for a desirable section of (lie bay to commence operations, those In charge of the work used an amphibious craft built particularly for navigating shallow waters and negotiating salt and mud bars. The boat, a long, narrow motor-driven scow, is provided with side wheels that propel It through the water and across mud tour comfortable healthy well-to-do INSTANT POSTUMi instead of coffee. Ever ask him the Might be wortfl' while-especialty if you are one of those with whom; coffee jfeiit agree "There's a Reasoa" "Rajah Terminal" Transformers FIT ANY MAKE OF SPARK PLUG Fftr Motorcycles, Cars and Tractors Using Gasoline or Kerosene Increases Power and Efficiency Idles the motor Quickens the pick up.

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